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9 Best Safari Extensions of 2024

Add more functionality to Safari

shopping extensions safari

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shopping extensions safari

Like Chrome , Safari isn't just a stagnant web browser, it also has additional functionality via its Safari Extension plugins which take seconds to install . A form of add-on, Safari extensions now come bundled with relevant Mac apps, as well as via the App Store. 

Whether you're looking for productivity hacks, easy ways of saving money on your shopping, or ways to make your browsing experience more pleasant, there's a Safari extension for you.

Looking for great Chrome extensions? There are plenty out there.

Grammar Checker: Grammarly

Simple and clear writing suggestions.

You need a subscription to get the most from it.

Grammarly is there for those times when you're not quite sure if your spelling or grammar is up to scratch. It highlights issues via a red line underneath a word and allows you to easily correct them, whether you happen to be typing a Facebook status or a blog post. It's a useful service that's like a little nudge in the right direction when trying to improve your writing ability. 

Cinema Style Lighting Effect: Turn Off the Lights

Neat atmospheric lighting effect.

Need to load the separate app to change settings.

One of the most effective things at the cinema is how the lights go down and you can focus solely on the cinema screen. Turn Off the Lights offers that same kind of effect on your laptop or desktop.

When on YouTube or another video based site, click the lightbulb icon on Safari, and the lights around the video playing are immediately dimmed. You can focus on the screen itself rather than everything going on around it. To get the full effect, you need to tweak some settings, but it's a neat way of adding some atmosphere when watching a video.

Price Comparer: PriceBlink

Easy to compare prices.

Only works in the U.S. and U.K.

PriceBlink keeps an eye on prices so you don't have to. Go to somewhere like Amazon or eBay, and the moment you load an item, PriceBlink pops up with its price elsewhere. You can instantly see if Amazon really is offering the best price or if there's somewhere cheaper you could switch to. If a better alternative is listed, click the site, and PriceBlink loads the alternate option in a separate tab. This simple extension could save you a lot of money over time. 

Password Management: LastPass

Extra layer of protection for passwords.

Little convoluted to setup.

Safari has built-in password management, but LastPass is much better at the job. It works across multiple devices and also gives you somewhere to store files and notes securely.

A lot of the time, you'll need to delve into the separate app to use it fully, but the Safari extension gives you the ability to generate secure passwords, quickly fill in forms, or add notes, all directly from your browser. It's a real game changer for security and privacy concerns.

Easy Coupon Codes: Honey

Easy to browse.

Most coupons are for the U.S. only.

Online, you can find thousands of coupon codes and offers, but it's likely that you forget to look them up until you've already ordered something. At the touch of a button, you can open Honey to the side of Safari, and check out the coupons available to you.

The extension offers up plenty of popular retailers such as Macy's, Bloomingdale's, eBay, and Sears. Just tap on the name of the retailer, and you can look up coupons, as well as details on how long ago they worked correctly. Honey also has a reward scheme for extra bonuses. 

Link Saving: Pocket

Great for storing links for later reference.

You need to sign up first.

How often do you find yourself looking at a great long-form article and realizing you don't have the time to read it right now? With Pocket, you just need to click the "Save to Pocket" button, and the link saves to your account so you can easily consult it later on. It works across multiple devices and you can tag and label articles so that everything is neatly organized. 

Ad blocker: Adblock Plus

Easy to set up.

Settings can be a little tricky.

No one likes obtrusive ads when trying to read an interesting article online. Adblock Plus makes it simple to block ads and tracking ads that bug you, while "safelisting" websites that you want to see all the ads for. Adblock Plus takes a responsible approach to ads with an option allowing for "acceptable ads," appreciating that website owners still need to generate revenue, while saving you the hassle of the worst kind of adverts.

Picture in Picture: PiPer

Supports many different video sites.

Liable to dent your productivity.

Being able to multitask is always a valuable skill. While you can switch between windows and tabs, it hasn't been possible to have YouTube or Netflix running alongside what you're working on in Safari.

PiPer changes all that. Via its extension, you can easily place a video in the corner of your screen, allowing you to continue working while the video plays to the side. It's a great tool for juggling multiple things together.

Translation: Translate

Translates from dozens of languages.

You need to poke around in settings to gain full benefits.

One of the best things about Chrome is its ability to translate websites for you. Translate brings that functionality to Safari. Simply go to a website, tap the translate button, and Translate converts everything to English via Google Translate or Bing Translate. It takes a moment or two but you can see it being converted before your eyes which is neat. Translations are reasonably accurate too.

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The best Safari extensions for saving money when you shop

Safari Shopping Extensions - Rakuten Cash Back Safari Banana Republic

We could all use a helping hand now and then, and when it comes to saving money, who wouldn’t want a little help? With the number of people shopping online now more than ever, it makes sense to use coupons and get discounts where you can.

So when you jump on your Mac, open Safari, and start looking for products you need or want, have a useful extension ready to help you shop! These are the best Safari extensions for saving money when you shop your favorites stores online.

Safari shopping extensions

Honey for safari.

Honey for Safari Toolbar Button

Honey for Safari is a fantastic extension with extra features you’ll appreciate. See an indicator on the toolbar button with the number of deals for the site you’re visiting. Or, click the button to see online shops with some of the best discounts.

Honey notable features:

Follow your favorite retailers so you’re always up to date on deals.

Earn Honey Gold with purchases at participating stores and referrals of friends. Then redeem your Gold for a gift card at a store you love.

Save products to your Droplist to be notified of price drops. When you see a product on a shopping site, click the Save button on the page. Then, complete the details for the product like color, size, or other attributes. Select the number of days for Honey to keep watch, the percent of savings you need, and hit the Add to Droplist button.

Honey for Safari Save to Droplist

If you’re looking for a simple way to save money when you shop online, Honey for Safari is the perfect way to do it.

  • Availability : Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, and the web
  • Cost : Free

Rakuten Cash Back

Rakuten Cash Back Safari Toolbar Button

If you’re interested in getting cash back for shopping at your favorite stores, check out Rakuten Cash Back for Safari. You’ll not only accumulate money for purchases but can enjoy upfront savings with coupons and discounts.

Rakuten notable features:

Browse deals by clicking the Rakuten button in your toolbar. Select an offer and you’ll be taken right to the online store for your savings.

Refer friends and earn even more. You’ll get $25 for each friend refer to Rakuten and your friend gets $10 too!

Keep an eye out for Double-Cash Back offers from stores like Gap, Belk, Adidas, shopDisney, and more.

Use the Search box right in the browser extension if you’re looking for discounts at a specific retailer.

Visit any online store and then click the Rakuten button in the toolbar to see if there are great deals available.

Rakuten Cash Back Safari Shop Discount

If you’re a frequent online shopper, then getting cash back for purchases you make regularly is awesome. Rakuten also offers in-store discounts and hot daily deals on their website.

  • Availability : Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, mobile apps, and the web

Price.com Safari Amazon Discount

Price.com is a different type of Safari shopping extension than Honey and Rakuten. There is no toolbar button or anything for you to do to use Price.com because it works for you.

With this tool, you’ll see if there are better deals out there for the specific product you’re viewing. If there are, Price.com will display a big red button at the top of the screen.

Price.com Safari Walmart Discount

Click that button and you’ll see where to get the lower prices along with additional coupons for those locations. Then, head directly to the retailer to make your purchase.

Price.com notable features:

Set up price alerts , view the price history , and see related products and deals .

The Price.com website offers plenty of discounts and coupons to browse, price comparisons, a universal product search, and more.

Price.com Safari Shopping

Once you install Price.com, you can just sit back and see if there’s a better price on the product you’re looking at. Then, save a buck or more and know you’re getting the best price available.

  • Availability : Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and the web

Wrapping it up

There are many great ways to save money and get good deals and discounts; especially on your mobile device. But if you shop with Safari, then why not use one or all of these handy extensions to make sure you’re not spending too much?

Do you use one of these Safari shopping extensions already or do you have a different one you’d like to recommend that saves you money? Let us know in the comments below!

To make sure you’re ready to shop, take a look at the best shopping list apps for iPhone as well as those for Apple Watch .

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You’re our first priority. Every time.

We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. And while our site doesn’t feature every company or financial product available on the market, we’re proud that the guidance we offer, the information we provide and the tools we create are objective, independent, straightforward — and free.

So how do we make money? Our partners compensate us. This may influence which products we review and write about (and where those products appear on the site), but it in no way affects our recommendations or advice, which are grounded in thousands of hours of research. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. Here is a list of our partners .

5 Browser Extensions for Easily Finding Coupons

Tommy Tindall

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list of our partners and here's how we make money .

Driven by the pursuit of a great deal, you’ve downloaded bar code scanning apps on your phone and clipped coupons from your local newspaper. But even you — a savvy deal seeker — may not know that your computer can replace both of those money-saving activities .

Browser extensions are plug-ins you can download on web browsers like Chrome or Safari, and these tools can do your bargain-hunting homework for you.

These are our picks for five of the best browser extensions for online shopping . Each coupon finder covered is available for Chrome and other popular desktop web browsers. (Note: NerdWallet also offers a browser extension for shopping deals and coupons , but we chose not to include ourselves as a "pick" in order to present an unbiased view.)

shopping extensions safari

1. PayPal Honey

PayPal Honey is a household name when it comes to browser add-ons that automatically find coupon codes at online retailers, and for good reason. It works! Rather than open a separate tab to search for coupons and sales from deal aggregator sites, simply shop as usual and let Honey work in the background. If Honey finds coupons, you can easily apply them at checkout.

The Honey browser extension also promises to compare seller prices at Amazon . Additionally, Honey members can earn cash back on their eligible purchases through a rewards program, now called PayPal Rewards. Simply activate rewards while shopping, complete a transaction and earn a percentage back at eligible retailers.

» MORE: What to know about cash-back shopping sites

2. Rakuten Cash Back Button

Shopping rewards website Rakuten calls its browser extension the Cash Back Button. Members can use the button to activate cash back directly at store sites (rather than clicking through from the Rakuten portal first) and automatically apply coupon codes at checkout.

Rakuten has rotating offers of various cash-back percentages from a wide selection of retailers, so you can compare exactly how much you’ll get back depending on where you shop and choose accordingly. To make earning cash back easier, the extension will display offers right in the Google search results when products at participating stores come up.

Video preview image

3. The Camelizer

The Camelizer is the brainchild of CamelCamelCamel , an Amazon price-tracking website. CamelCamelCamel tracks the price history of items sold on Amazon so shoppers can get a sense of any given product’s regular price — and thus can judge when a sale is really better than the ordinary selling price.

The Camelizer extension provides users with price history charts without having to leave a product page on Amazon. So while you’re scoping out that Beats Bluetooth speaker, you can quickly glance at price changes over time before you check out.

» MORE: Is Amazon Prime worth it?

4. CouponCabin Sidekick

Similar to other shopping extensions mentioned, CouponCabin’s Sidekick browser add-on combines coupon codes with opportunities to earn cash back on purchases. And it works at more than 6,000 retailers, according to the company’s site. Like Rakuten’s browser extension, Sidekick shows cash back and coupon offers in the Google search results too.

5. Capital One Shopping

Capital One got in on the cash back and coupon game too, and you don’t have to bank with the company to use its deals site and browser extension, called Capital One Shopping . You know the drill by now. Add the extension to your browser and create a free account. Then voila, the coupon codes come to you as you shop, and there are chances for cash back at many retailers.

Check out the websites for these online shopping extensions for more information and for links to download them in your compatible browser of choice.

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Our top picks of timely offers from our partners

Choice Home Warranty

The 5 best browser extensions that automatically find coupons at checkout

Before you checkout online, download one of these browser extensions that automatically search for and apply coupons at checkout..


Searching for coupons before checking out online is a hassle. Signing up for email lists, following brands on social media and scouring random websites in hopes that a coupon code will help you score a discount can be stressful. But thanks to technology, there's an easier way.

Coupon browser extensions can save you hundreds of dollars when you shop online — and in some cases even in-store. You can download most extensions for free and add them to your web browser, like Chrome or Firefox, or use the mobile app.

These extensions automatically search the web for coupon codes then apply them at checkout. Some of the best coupon browser extensions also perform price comparisons, so you can make sure you’re really getting the best price.

Before you complete your next online purchase, consider downloading one or more of these money-saving coupon browser extensions.

Best coupon browser extensions

Capital one shopping, paypal honey, couponcabin, what do coupon browser extensions do, how much do coupon browser extensions cost, best browser extensions to save you money online shopping.

Yes, in the form of Capital One Shopping Rewards.

Coupon codes

Price comparison, works with in-store purchases, welcome bonus, how to redeem your savings.

Capital One Shopping Rewards can be used to purchase gift cards.

See our methodology , terms apply.

  • Offers at over 30,000 online retailers
  • You can build a watchlist of favorite products, and Capital One Shopping will alert you to price changes
  • Reward redemptions are limited to gift cards
  • You can't use the app to save in-store

Earn $15 after you spend $50 shopping with Ibotta.

Redeem cash back once you reach $20 as a deposit into your bank account, PayPal account or for gift cards.

  • New users can earn a $50 welcome bonus
  • Offers at over 300 participating retailers
  • You can activate savings, then shop and save on in-store purchases
  • You can only redeem cash back after you reach $20

New users can earn a $10 welcome bonus after spending $25 within 90 days of becoming a member.

Cash back is awarded every 3 months by check or PayPal payment.

  • New users can earn a $10 welcome bonus
  • Offers at over 2,500 online stores
  • Cash back is awarded every 3 months

Yes, in the form of Honey Gold points.

Redeem Honey Gold points for gift cards.

  • Offers at over 30,000 participating merchants
  • You can’t use the app to save in-store

Yes, through printable coupons.

Redeem cash back once you reach $10 by check, PayPal, Venmo, e-gift card or Chase payments.

  • Offers at over 3,500 online stores
  • You can print coupons out online, then save on in-store purchases
  • You can only redeem cash back after you reach $10

The best coupon browser extensions can save you money and allows you to compare prices across multiple websites. Here’s more detail on what they can do:

  • Scan the web for promo codes, then automatically apply any found when you checkout to see if you qualify for discounts.
  • Award you cash back for eligible purchases.
  • Tell you if an item you want to buy can be found for less on another site.
  • Aggregate product reviews and weed out those that seem fake so you can make an educated purchase.
  • Provide you with a combination of coupons, cash back, price comparisons and reviews to make you a more savvy shopper.

All of the coupon browser extensions on this list are free to use.

Our methodology

To determine which coupon browser extensions offer the best discounts, Select analyzed 10 programs. We compared each program on a range of features, including:

  • User experience
  • Money-saving features
  • Customer reviews, when available

Cost was the first feature we reviewed. The coupon browser extension had to be free to make it on our best-of list.

All of the coupon browser extensions offer automatic coupons and a form of cash back, but those with even more money-saving features, link price comparisons, ranked higher.

Next, the extensions had to be user-friendly and require minimal work from consumers. After all, a coupon browser extension should save you both time and money.

Customer reviews were also taken into consideration.

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  • Do you lose your unredeemed rewards when you close a credit card? Senitra Horbrook
  • How to refinance a car loan in 5 simple steps Ana Staples


  • Services & Software

These Browser Extensions and Apps Can Save You Money When Shopping Online

From the Honey extension to CNET's own shopping tool, these services will slash your online shopping bills.

Updated Sept. 30, 2023 3:00 p.m. PT


  • Apple software beta tester, "Helps make our computers and phones work!" - Zach's grandparents


  • National Silver Azbee Award for Impact/Investigative Journalism; National Gold Azbee Award for Online Single Topic Coverage by a Team; National Bronze Azbee Award for Web Feature Series

CNET logo

CNET’s expert staff reviews and rates dozens of new products and services each month, building on more than a quarter century of expertise. Read how we test products and services .


CNET Shopping


Try out the CNET Shopping extension for free.

Here at CNET, we've got our very own browser extension for Chrome that helps you get the best prices on your favorite products: CNET Shopping . Our extension uses technology previously implemented by popular services Invisible Hand and PriceBlink -- both of which are owned by CNET's parent company Red Ventures but are being phased out following CNET Shopping's launch.

If you're after a specific product, you can use CNET Shopping to search across thousands of supported retailers for the lowest price, or you can use it to receive alerts and let the discounts come to you -- and it's free to use.

Payment processing company  Klarna  acquired browser extension Piggy and relaunched it  under the Klarna name . It still allows you to find the lowest prices available and automatically applies coupons and cash-back options at checkout. The extension works at over 20,000 online stores including Macy's, eBay, Walmart and Nike.


Honey is one of the many browser extensions that can save you some money while shopping. 

Honey  can automatically scan for and apply eligible coupons while you shop online and track prices on items that you add to your Droplist, alerting you if they meet your desired price. It also offers a neat Amazon tool that can compare prices between Amazon-sold items and those from Amazon's third-party sellers and other online retailers, factoring in estimated shipping costs and Prime status to find the best deal. 

And since Honey is owned by PayPal, as you shop using the extension you'll rack up PayPal Rewards (assuming you have a PayPal account to link with). These can be redeemed for cash, gift cards or PayPal shopping credits. While it might take a while to accrue enough PayPal Rewards to turn into something you can spend, it's another way to save on future purchases. 

Similar to both Honey and CNET Shopping, Pricescout can find coupon codes for you, while also comparing prices across different retailers. While you're shopping, it scans the sites of over 21,000 retailers and will pop up with better prices. 

Rakuten , formerly known as Ebates, is an e-commerce site that gives customers cash-back for shopping. Former CNET editor Rick Broida described it as " easy to use and comes with no strings attached ." Rakuten, however, does collect data about where you shop and what you buy. 

Available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari, the Rakuten browser extension alerts you when cash-back savings are available and saves you the detour to Rakuten's site when actively purchasing. It sometimes finds coupon codes for you as well and there are even some ways to save in-store.

Like many other browser extensions on this list, Slickdeals shows customers the best deals, coupons and cash-back options available at the time of purchase from the online retailers that support it. 

Cently for Chrome

Cently , formerly known as Coupons at Checkout, is a Chrome extension that finds coupon codes for thousands of online retailers and shows you the best ones at checkout. Cently also has a feature called Amazon Best Price, which tells you when a product is cheaper from another Amazon seller.

Amazon Assistant for Chrome


The Amazon Assistant for Chrome is Amazon's official browser extension. 

If you're an Amazon fanatic, you'll love this extension. The Amazon Assistant for Chrome is Amazon's official browser extension. It finds you the Deal of the Day, offers product and price comparisons and saves products from any website to your Amazon wish list.

The Camelizer from Camelcamelcamel

Most savvy shoppers know that shopping at certain times can snag you the best deals. The Camelizer is an extension that shows you the price history of an item you're browsing on Amazon to help you decide whether to buy now or wait for a better deal. It will also send you price drop alerts via email or Twitter, and you can import your Amazon wish list so that you'll know when your heart's desire goes on sale.

Ibotta  is another  cash-back service  with a browser extension for Chrome, Edge and Firefox. As well as getting a fraction of your online or in-store purchases back, it also has a neat ability to notify you when a product, like the  Xbox Series X ,  PlayStation 5  or  Nintendo Switch OLED  are restocked, thanks to the company's acquisition of OctoShop.


RetailMeNot's  Deal Finder browser extension  automatically applies the best available discount codes and cash-back options at checkout. The extension is supported by more than 20,000 retailers, including Target, Macy's, Lenovo and DoorDash. CNET has been singing the tool's praises since 2010 for making  online coupon hunting less annoying .

Offers.com  is a place to check for special deals such as free shipping, buy-one-get-one-free and other perks that can save you money when shopping online. This Firefox extension also finds coupon codes. When it finds a code, it saves it for you and adds it to your shopping cart. The extension also opens another browser page and displays all of the sales for the site you're viewing, so you never miss a great deal.


This dashcam has a 4.6-star average rating from over 100 customers, but Fakespot gave those reviews an F.

User reviews give you an idea of the quality of a product before you buy. The problem is, many companies hire people to post good reviews for bad products on sites like Amazon. Fakespot is an extension that analyzes reviews to see which ones are baloney and which you can trust so you're less likely to waste your money on a dud.


CouponCabin is different from other money-saving browser extensions because it gives you little tips every time you do a search on Google, whether you're wanting to buy or not. Say you're Googling information on the latest Stephen King book. CouponCabin will give you a little alert in your search results that it's on sale. You can also earn 10% cash back by using this extension.

The ShopSavvy app uses your phone's camera to scan barcodes to find the best price from physical and digital retailers. Its website also offers "Best Time to Buy" guides, which chart price fluctuations on products like computers, cameras and televisions over the past 90 days.

ShopSavvy is free to download in the App Store and the Play store , and it has a free browser extension for Chrome, Edge and Safari. 

Looking for more ways to save? Take a look at our guide to couponing the right way and common mistakes to avoid at Amazon .

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10 Most Popular Shopping Extensions in 2023: A Savvy Shopper’s Guide 🛍️

  • August 24, 2023
  • 7 minute read

In an era where convenience is paramount and digital commerce reigns supreme, browsers are more than just portals to the web; they’re tools we use to streamline our shopping experiences.

These tiny software tools, effortlessly integrated into your online browsing experience, can transform you from a regular buyer into a savvy digital shopper.

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you shop? Let’s dive into the most popular shopping extensions .

Table of contents

2. the camelizer 🐫, 3. rakuten (formerly ebates) 💰, 4. invisiblehand 🤚, 5. priceblink 💡, 6. popcart 🛒, 8. klarna 🛍️✨, 9. ibotta 📲💸, 10. fakespot 🕵️‍♂️, faq (frequently asked questions) 🤔, insights & recommendations 🧠💡, how to add extensions in different browsers 🌐💡, conclusion 🌟.

Honey is nothing short of digital nectar for online shoppers. This extension automatically searches for and applies the best coupon codes available when you’re about to make a purchase.

Pro-tip: Beyond the standard discounts, Honey also offers a rewards program called Honey Gold. Shoppers can redeem this “gold” for gift cards.
  • Automatic Coupon Application : No need to scour the internet for promo codes.
  • Wide Merchant Support : Works with thousands of online shops.
  • Trustworthy : A large and satisfied user base that vouches for its authenticity.

When shopping on Amazon, price fluctuations are frequent. This is where CamelCamelCamel ‘s extension becomes a lifesaver. It tracks the prices of Amazon products and gives you historical pricing data, ensuring you buy at the optimal time.

  • Price Drop Alerts : Get notifications when your desired products get cheaper.
  • Price History Charts : Make informed buying decisions.
Did you know? CamelCamelCamel also has a neat feature that lets you see the price history directly from Amazon’s site.

Rakuten offers a straightforward proposition: shop and earn cash back. With partnerships spanning a vast array of merchants, it’s like getting a rebate on almost every purchase.

  • Broad Merchant Base : Earn cash back from over 2,500 stores.
  • Bonus Deals : Regular promotions for extra cash back.
  • Referral Bonuses : Get rewards for inviting friends.

InvisibleHand ensures you’re getting the best deal by notifying you if a product is available at a lower price elsewhere. It’s like having a personal shopping assistant.

  • Real-time Price Comparison : Always get the best deals.
  • Flight and Hotel Comparisons : It’s not just for products; save on travel too!
  • Unobtrusive : It only shows up when there’s a relevant deal.

Continuing on the theme of price comparisons, PriceBlink is another excellent tool in the arsenal of a budget-conscious shopper. It compares prices, offers coupons, and even provides reviews.

  • Comprehensive Price Comparisons : Works across numerous retailers.
  • Coupons and Promo Codes : Always get the best deal.
  • Integrated Reviews : Make informed choices.

Ever been in a dilemma over which size of a product to buy? Popcart compares unit prices, making sure you get the most bang for your buck.

  • Per-unit Price Comparisons : Ensure you’re truly getting the best value.
  • Automatic Notifications : Instant alerts when better value options are available.
  • Wide Range of Products : Everything from cosmetics to groceries.
Shopping Hack: Combining the per-unit insight from Popcart with discounts from Honey can lead to significant savings.

Another Amazon-focused extension, Keepa provides comprehensive price history charts. Its depth of data and range of features make it indispensable for the regular Amazon shopper.

  • Price Drop Alerts : Never miss a good deal.
  • Deal Finder : Discover great discounts with ease.
  • International : Supports various Amazon marketplaces.

While many extensions focus on finding the best deals, Klarna takes a different approach. It offers smooth payments, allowing you to shop now and pay later.

  • Flexible Payments : Choose between instant payments, short-term installments, or longer financing.
  • Safe & Secure : Klarna offers buyer protection, ensuring your purchases arrive as expected.
  • Instant Shopping : Get the luxury of trying before buying.
Shop Smart : Klarna also provides price drop notifications, ensuring you always secure the best deals.

Focused primarily on in-store and online cashback, Ibotta has a mobile app that works seamlessly with its extension.

  • Cashback : Earn real cash, not points or virtual currency.
  • Vast Partner Network : From grocery stores to travel sites, get cash back almost everywhere.
  • Bonuses : Frequent bonus offers and promotions amplify savings.
Savvy Tip : Always check Ibotta before making a purchase, even in physical stores. Snapping a quick picture of your receipt can lead to unexpected cashback!

In an age where reviews guide our purchase decisions, the authenticity of these reviews becomes crucial. Fakespot uses AI to analyze reviews on major shopping sites like Amazon, Yelp, and TripAdvisor, providing a grade based on the trustworthiness of reviews.

  • Review Analysis : Understand the credibility of product reviews quickly.
  • Guard Against Fake Products : With fake reviews often come counterfeit products. Fakespot helps you avoid these pitfalls.
  • Browser Integration : Automatic alerts when browsing products ensure you make informed decisions.

Remember : Not every negative review is genuine, and not every glowing review is true. Fakespot helps you discern fact from fiction.

Shopping extensions can significantly enhance your online shopping experience. They can help you save money via discounts, cashback, and price comparisons, make informed decisions using genuine reviews, and experience more seamless and flexible payment options.

Yes, all the extensions listed in this guide are popular and have been used by millions of users worldwide. However, always make sure to download extensions from the official browser stores, regularly check reviews and ratings, and ensure that the permissions requested by the extension are reasonable.

Yes, you can. However, having too many active extensions might slow down your browser. It’s advisable to enable only those extensions that you use frequently and disable others when not in use.

While these extensions significantly enhance the chances of securing a better deal, no tool can guarantee savings on every single purchase. Factors like regional pricing, limited-time offers, or stock availability can influence outcomes.

Most shopping extensions earn money through affiliate partnerships. When you make a purchase using a deal or link from the extension, they get a commission. Some, like Klarna, might also profit from the financial services they provide.

The extensions in this guide are some of the most popular and trusted. If you come across another one, make sure to, research its reviews and ratings, check its official website and see if it looks professional, understand its permissions and ensure they’re reasonable, and start with a trial run, making a small purchase to test its efficacy.

While the extensions mentioned above are among the most popular and highly rated, it’s essential to pick those that best align with your shopping habits. Here’s what to consider:

  • Utility : Does the extension offer features you’ll regularly use?
  • Compatibility : Some extensions work better with specific sites. Match your favorites.
  • Trustworthiness : Always check reviews and do a quick Google search to ensure the extension’s authenticity. Safety first!
  • Overlap : Some extensions offer similar features. For instance, both CamelCamelCamel and Keepa focus on Amazon. Choose the one that resonates with you.
  • Extension Management : Browsers have a limited memory. Too many active extensions can slow it down. Use extensions like Extensity to quickly enable/disable extensions.
  • Regular Cleanup : Every few months, audit your extensions. Remove those you don’t use to keep your browser snappy.
  • Read Permissions : Extensions request certain permissions. Always review these. If an extension requests more permissions than it needs, think twice before installing.

Remember : The best extension is not the one with the most features, but the one that’s the most useful for your individual shopping needs.

Google Chrome

  • Open the Chrome Web Store : Navigate to the Chrome Web Store .
  • Search for the Extension : Use the search bar to find your desired shopping extension.
  • Click “Add to Chrome” : Once you find your extension, click on it, and then click the “Add to Chrome” button.
  • Confirm Installation : A prompt will appear detailing the permissions the extension requires. Review and click “Add Extension” if you’re okay with the permissions.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox Add-ons : Head to Firefox Add-ons .
  • Search & Select : Input the name of the shopping extension in the search bar.
  • Click “Add to Firefox” : After selecting the extension, click “Add to Firefox”.
  • Grant Permissions : Review the permissions and confirm by selecting “Add”.
  • Launch the App Store : Open the Mac App Store.
  • Search for Extensions : Type the name of your desired shopping extension.
  • Download & Install : Click on “Get” and then “Install”.
  • Activate in Safari : Open Safari, go to Preferences > Extensions, and ensure your new extension is enabled.

Microsoft Edge

  • Open Edge Add-ons : Visit the Microsoft Edge Add-ons site .
  • Find Your Extension : Use the search function.
  • Click “Get” : This will download and add the extension to your Edge browser.
  • Review & Accept : Check the permissions and click “Add Extension”.
  • Open Opera add-ons : Navigate to the Opera add-ons site .
  • Search for the Extension : Use the search bar.
  • Click “Add to Opera” : Once you’ve found your extension, click on it, and then select “Add to Opera”.
  • Review Permissions : A prompt might appear, detailing the permissions required. Confirm if you’re satisfied with them.

The digital age has transformed how we shop, making it vital to harness the tools at our disposal. With these online shopping extensions, not only can you save money, but you can also enhance the overall shopping experience, making it more informed, efficient, and rewarding.

So, gear up, integrate these extensions into your browser, and empower your online shopping escapades.

Shop smarter, not harder! 🌟🛍️🎉

shopping extensions safari

Dealhack is a team of savvy online shoppers that run a deal search engine and browser extension. We collect and verify promo codes, sales, and helpful shopping tips from popular stores to help you save online. Have a promo code, deal, or shopping tip to share? Send an email to [email protected] .

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shopping extensions safari

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shopping extensions safari

Gardening Tips For Kids

Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

7 Cyber Monday Shopping Tips to Help You Get the Best Deals

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Easy Ways to Celebrate Halloween on a Budget

Fair Trade

The History of Fair Trade Buying and Selling of Product

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Best Safari extensions for iPhone and iPad

iMore Open In Safari in iPone

Language Translator by Mate

Cardpointers, mapper for safari.

Apple released iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 a few months ago, and these huge releases got some major new features, like Focus, SharePlay, and more. One of the new, but smaller features are Safari extensions — that's right, you can finally use Safari extensions as you do on your Mac. These extensions can help you write better, give you quicker access to your secure passwords, save you money while you shop, and more.

Here are the best Safari extensions for iPhone and iPad.

Grammarly is a popular tool for writers, including many of us here at iMore. With Grammarly, you get real-time writing feedback, including spelling and grammar, so everything looks good, and you don't look like a fool. While Grammarly is a standalone app, it now has a Safari extension that you can add. So whenever you're writing something out in Safari, the Grammarly extension will help you out with spelling, grammar, and even punctuation. You'll be able to win all of those internet arguments without looking silly.

Grammarly makes sure that all of your spelling, grammar, and punctuation are correct, no matter what app you're using.

1Password is one of my most-used apps, and plenty of my colleagues here at iMore use it as well. It's a fantastic password manager for your favorite iPhone , iPad , and even Mac, that lets you generate random, secure passwords; save all of your password info, secure notes, software licenses, email info, and so much more. And now it's even better for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 with Safari extension support.

That's right — 1Password now works on mobile Safari just like it does on the desktop version. You get password suggestions directly on the page, automatic filling across multiple pages, integration with third-party services, and pop-over access to all your items. And everything is safe behind your master password, Touch ID , or Face ID .

1Password keeps all of your passwords and other sensitive information safe and sound. Now with full-on Safari extension support.

Have you ever come across a webpage that's in a different language than your own, and you just want to read the information on the page? If so, then Language Translator by Mate is a good option, and it can even work offline.

While it was originally just a standalone app, Language Translator now has a Safari extension. This means automatic website translation for 40 languages. And everything is done automatically — no taps required. Everything works directly in the browser, and you can translate highlighted text or full pages. There are also plenty of other actions that you can take with this app as a whole too.

Language Translator by Mate can translate complete web pages in about 40 languages, even offline.

Do you like to save money? Of course, you do. I mean, who doesn't? Regardless, Honey is an app with that goal in mind, making it the perfect tool for shoppers.

Honey's Safari extension for iOS 15 can automatically apply money-saving coupons, and even cashback offers when you shop. It can also search the web for the best promo codes to use, helping you save some dough whenever possible.

Save money with the Honey Safari extension. Clip coupons, apply cashback offers, and get promo codes as you shop.

These days, every major tech company feels like they want to be a publisher of news. And with Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages format, that's pretty much the case. With AMP, it's supposed to work like Facebook's Instant Articles and Apple News. But here's the thing — not everyone likes AMP links.

Amplosion is a Safari extension that aims to fix all of that. Created by Christian Selig, the creator behind the popular Reddit app, Apollo, Amplosion, easily redirects AMP links to their normal counterpart. And once you enable it, everything happens automatically, so you don't even need to do any heavy lifting with your fingers. Of course, there's an option to whitelist sites you like, and there is a counter that lets you see how many times Amplosion has saved you from an AMP link.

Amplosion will save you from those annoying AMP links when you browse the news.

Ever wish you could inspect the HTML for pages you're viewing on mobile Safari? Surprisingly, Apple has not implemented an inspector in mobile Safari like you can on the desktop version, but once again, Christian Selig saves the day with Achoo.

With Achoo, you can easily view the HTML source code for any webpage in mobile Safari, and you can take it a step further and even tweak it if you need to. Achoo displays HTML, inline CSS, and JavaScript, and all of it is displayed in beautiful and fast syntax highlighting. The HMTL code can be shared, too, whether it's to an external device, a friend, or just your device clipboard. And when you make tweaks to the code, it's not permanent — it's just a visual editor for the page's contents.

View the HTML source code for web pages and tweak it as you see fit.

Do you have a lot of credit cards and like to maximize the rewards and cash back you earn with them? Then the CardPointers Safari extension is a must-have for you.

The CardPointers Safari extension for iOS 15 will work with a ton of shopping websites out there. As you shop, the extension will notify you of which card to use for the best possible deal, and it can inform you of any special offers that are currently running. And if you're worried if your cards are included, don't! CardPointer supports over 3,000 cards from 600 banks, so what you have is likely covered.

Be in the know of which credit cards get the best rewards and deals with CardPointer's Safari extension.

Have you ever found yourself looking up an address on Google in Safari, and then tapping the address for directions? Well, if you do, then you may have noticed that doing so takes you to the Google Maps app, instead of Apple Maps. If you rely on Apple Maps for turn-by-turn directions, then this is annoying, because you'll have to copy-and-paste the address into Apple Maps, or even just look it up again.

Mapper for Safari is an extension that eliminates all of that. When you have this extension, it will auto-redirect Google Maps links from Safari directly to Apple Maps instead. So much easier, right?

Get Apple Maps links for directions instead of Google Maps when searching in Safari.

Dark Mode has been a thing for a few years on iOS now, but when you're browsing the web on Safari, not every webpage has Dark Mode. Unfortunate? Absolutely. Thankfully, Noir is a handy Safari extension that fixes all of that.

With Noir, you can enable Dark Mode on every site that you visit, even if they don't offer it natively. And Noir doesn't just invert the colors — the dark appearance is based on colors that are already used on the webpage, so it's different for every site. And you can even customize Noir so that it works only on certain sites, or you can leave others alone; it's up to you!

Noir brings Dark Mode to every website, even if they don't offer it themselves.

While the iPhone now has Picture-in-Picture mode, it's not the best because it doesn't work for everything (notably YouTube). But if you have PiPifier, you can play any HTML 5 video in PiP mode. That means from YouTube to Vimeo, any video that you watch, as long as it's in HTML 5 format, can be in PiP. All you need to do is play the video, tap the Extensions icon, and then select PiPifier. Once you exit out of Safari, that video should continue playing as you go into another app.

Play any HTML 5 video in Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode.

1Blocker: Ad Blocker & Privacy

When it comes to browsing the web, there are a lot of things that you may not want: ads, trackers, comments, and more. With 1Blocker, you can block these and any other annoying elements on websites with ease.

It's easy to start blocking ads and trackers with 1Blocker — just flip a couple of switches on. But 1Blocker is also very customizable, as you can create custom rules, whitelist certain sites, block specific URLs, and more. 1Blocker is also updated on a very regular basis to stay up-to-date and current on new annoyances and trackers, giving you peace of mind. Plus, 1Blocker is very lightweight and doesn't drain resources or battery, so there's little reason to not have it.

Block ads, trackers, and other annoying elements on all of your websites with ease.

Another great all-in-one web solution is the Hyperweb Safari extension. Think of it as a Swiss Army Knife for Safari. You can block ads, trackers, disable cookies, manage dark mode for sites, open links in certain apps, and so much more. And if you know CSS and JavaScript, you can add custom scripts to any page to make your life easier. While you browse, Hyperweb can automatically suggest enhancements for you, and there are hundreds of other enhancements to pick from in the gallery.

No matter how you use the web in Safari, Hyperweb will improve the experience.

Improve your overall web browsing experience with Hyperweb, the Swiss Army Knife of extensions.

Your favorite Safari extensions?

You can always trust iMore. Our team of Apple experts have years of experience testing all kinds of tech and gadgets, so you can be sure our recommendations and criticisms are accurate and helpful. Find out more about how we test.

These are some of the best Safari extensions that we've found so far, with full support for iOS 15. Safari extensions are designed to make your web browsing on your best iPad or iPhone more efficient and streamlined. There are a good amount of apps with Safari extensions, but these are our favorites right now.

Updated January 2022: Added Mapper for Safari, Noir, PiPifier, 1Blocker, and Hyperweb to the list.

Master your iPhone in minutes

iMore offers spot-on advice and guidance from our team of experts, with decades of Apple device experience to lean on. Learn more with iMore!

Christine Chan

Christine Romero-Chan was formerly a Senior Editor for iMore. She has been writing about technology, specifically Apple, for over a decade at a variety of websites. She is currently part of the Digital Trends team, and has been using Apple’s smartphone since the original iPhone back in 2007. While her main speciality is the iPhone, she also covers Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac when needed. When she isn’t writing about Apple, Christine can often be found at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, as she is a passholder and obsessed with all things Disney, especially Star Wars. Christine also enjoys coffee, food, photography, mechanical keyboards, and spending as much time with her new daughter as possible.

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shopping extensions safari

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Crediful is committed to helping you make smarter financial decisions by presenting you with the best information possible. We are able to present this information to you free of charge because some of the companies featured on our site compensate us.

Compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including the order in which they may appear within listing categories.

While Crediful does not feature every company, financial product, or offer available, we are proud that the information, reviews, guides, and other tools found on our site are entirely objective and available to you free of charge.

Our #1 priority is you, our reader. We will never ever recommend a product or service that we wouldn't use ourselves. Our reviews are based on independent research.

What does this mean for you? It's simple: we will never steer you in the wrong direction just because a company offers to pay us.

10 Shopping Browser Extensions That Can Save You Money

Jamie Johnson

Online shopping is growing in popularity, offering the convenience of buying what you need from your home. It’s understandable why many prefer this way of shopping – it’s quick, easy, and you don’t have to leave your couch.


However, this convenience can also lead to overspending. The good news is that, just like in physical stores, there are effective ways to save money when shopping online.

10 Best Browser Extensions That Can Save You Money

The best way to save money with online shopping is by finding the right money-saving browser extension. This is a plug-in you can add to browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

These browser extensions allow you to compare prices, quickly apply promo codes, and qualify for cash-back deals. If you’re just getting started, here are 10 browser extensions you can try.

Honey logo

Honey is one of the best free browser extensions available. The extension works with over 3,000 retailers and compares prices so you can find the best deal possible.

Honey automatically seeks out and applies available coupon codes to your shopping cart. It also shows the price history and tracks price changes on Amazon and can alert you when the price drops.

Certain users can also access Honey Gold, which helps you earn cashback rewards from participating sites.

Every time you shop online at one of these sites, you’ll earn points for every dollar you spend. Once you reach 1,000 points, you can cash these points in for a $10 gift card.

There is really no downside to using the Honey extension. And when you sign up, you’ll earn a welcome bonus at one company’s partner stores. You can use the extension on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari browsers.

2. Acorns Found Money

Acorns Found Money logo

If you already use and love the micro-investing app from Acorns, you should definitely check out the Acorns Found Money extension. This program rewards users for shopping at certain partner stores.

Every time you make a purchase through a partner store, that company will deposit a certain sum of money into your Acorns account.

You can either shop from within the Acorns app—which is a bit tedious—or download the Found Money Chrome Extension.

Having money deposited into your Acorns account is an easy way to add a little extra money to your savings every month. And that bit of extra savings can make a big difference over the long run.

You can read our full review of Acorns here .

3. Amazon Assistant

Amazon Assistant logo

If you love shopping on Amazon, you will certainly want to check out the Amazon Assistant extension. This browser extension helps you compare prices on other websites with prices on Amazon.

Say you’re looking for a particular item on Target’s website. The Amazon Assistant will let you know if you could find the same item on Amazon for less money. You can also view the ratings for that item, without ever leaving Target’s website.

The browser extension also includes a 30-day price tracker. This feature lets you see how much the price of that item has changed over the past 30 days.

This is Amazon’s official browser extension. It finds you the Deal of the Day, offers product and price comparisons, and can be used on a Mac and a PC. It’s also available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

4. Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping logo

Capital One Shopping, formerly known as Wikibuy, is another browser extension that acts as an online shopping assistant.

You can use Capital One Shopping’s price comparison tool across various stores to snag deals. When you’re shopping online, Capital One Shopping automatically scans the web to see if there are any better deals available.

Once you’re ready to check out, the extension will search the web for any coupon codes and automatically apply them to your order. You can also earn rewards at the company’s partner stores and turn them in for store gift cards.

The Capital One Shopping extension is free to sign up for and use, and there are no additional charges you have to worry about. It is available for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari browsers, and there is even a mobile app available.

5. CouponCabin Sidekick

CouponCabin Sidekick logo

The CouponCabin Sidekick is a free extension you can add to your Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge browser.

The plugin works in two different ways: it tells you if there are any coupon codes available, and lets you know about opportunities to earn cashback rewards.

The company works with over 18,000 retailers to help you find the best deals possible. You could earn up to 10% cashback just by using the plugin.

6. Gumdrop by Goodshop

Gumdrop by Goodshop logo

Gumdrop is another free browser extension, and it is similar to Honey in that it finds coupon codes for you. But Gumdrop is unique in that it helps users save money and donate to their favorite charity at the same time.

After you download the extension, you’ll receive a notification every time there is a coupon available. Once you click to activate the coupon, it will be applied to your balance.

And in addition, Gumdrop will donate a small percentage of what you spend to your favorite charity. The extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

7. Rakuten Cash Back Button

Rakuten Cash Back Button logo

You may already be familiar with the cashback website Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates. The company also has a browser extension called the Cash Back Button.

Instead of clicking through the Rakuten portal to receive cashback offers, you can use the extension to automatically activate these deals at checkout.

One of the nice things about using Rakuten is that, unlike Honey, the cashback offers aren’t a surprise. Rakuten has partnerships with over 2,500 stores, and you always know exactly how much cashback you can earn.

You can also choose between receiving a gift card and having the funds deposited directly into your Rakuten account. The plugin is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browsers.

8. Fakespot

Fakespot logo

Several of the browser extensions on this list allow you to compare customer reviews across different retailers.

But there’s just one problem, how do you know if the reviews are real or fake? It’s not uncommon for Amazon sellers to add fake reviews to bolster their product’s visibility.

That’s where Fakespot can be useful. The free Chrome plugin will grade product reviews on a scale from A to F so you know whether they are real or made up. However, the extension only works if you’re logged into a Google account.

9. CNET Shopping

CNET Shopping logo

CNET Shopping (formerly InvisibleHand) is a must-have for anyone who loves to shop online for the best travel deals.

If you search for flights, hotels, and rental cars on websites like Travelocity, the extension will automatically show you if there is a better deal available elsewhere.

CNET Shopping can even find out prices that aren’t advertised on the retailer’s site. The extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

10. PriceBlink

PriceBlink logo

PriceBlink compares prices and finds coupons across thousands of online retailers. The extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Every time you visit a retailer’s website, the PriceBlink toolbar shows you the best deals available on that site.

You can also compare product ratings across multiple sites to help you make up your mind. And if you’re not ready to buy just yet, PriceBlink allows you to make wish lists for future purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do shopping browser extensions do.

The best browser extensions for shopping compare prices across multiple websites, which can help you save money. They scan the internet for coupon codes, then automatically apply them at checkout to see if they still work.

Some money saving browser extensions also award you cash back for eligible purchases. Others tell you if an item you’re shopping for can be found for a lower price on another site and offer price drop alerts.

How much do coupon browser extensions cost?

All the coupon browser extensions that we’ve listed above are free to use. The browser extensions earn money by charging commissions to participating online retailers or affiliates.

What is the best browser extension for saving money?

We like Honey the best, but to get the best coupon codes, we recommend using numerous browser extensions. Each of the browser extensions listed above offers unique features. At the very least, you should use two or three to save you the most money on all your online purchases.

Bottom Line

Every one of these browser extensions could save you some money, but you can also use several at once to maximize your potential savings. For instance, you could use Acorn Found Money to add a little extra money to your investment savings every month.

And you could use Amazon Assistant or Honey for price comparisons across multiple stores. No matter how you choose to utilize it, the right browser extension can help you save money and earn cashback rewards on items you were planning to buy anyway.

Jamie Johnson is a freelance writer who has been featured in publications like InvestorPlace and GOBankingRates. She writes about various personal finance topics including student loans, credit cards, investing, building credit, and more.

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Use Safari extensions on your Mac

Safari extensions enhance and customize the browsing experience on your Mac. Here's how to install them, uninstall them, or share them across devices.

Safari extensions add functionality to Safari, so you can explore the web the way you want. Extensions can show helpful information about a webpage, display news headlines, help you use your favorite services, change the appearance of webpages, and much more. Extensions are a great way to personalize your browsing experience.

Install extensions

Turn on extensions, turn off extensions, uninstall extensions, share extensions across devices.

Use the App Store to conveniently download and install Safari extensions. All extensions in the App Store are reviewed, signed, and hosted by Apple for your security, and they're automatically kept up to date.

Start by installing the latest macOS updates to make sure that Safari is up to date. You need Safari 12 or later to get Safari extensions from the App Store.

Open Safari and choose Safari > Safari Extensions from the menu bar.

The App Store opens to the Safari Extensions page. To download and install an extension, click Get or click the price. You might be asked to sign in with your Apple ID.

Click Install.

After the extension is installed, click Open and follow the onscreen instructions provided by the extension.

After installing an extension, follow these steps to turn it on.

Choose Safari > Settings (or Preferences).

Click Extensions.

Select the checkbox next to the extension's name. Learn what to do if you can't turn on extensions .

If you're browsing privately, or using a profile or web app

When browsing in a private window in macOS Sonoma or later, all extensions that require website access are turned off by default. To use an extension when browsing privately:

Choose Safari > Settings.

Select the extension in the sidebar, then select “Allow in Private Browsing” on the right.

Whether or not you're browsing privately, you can also restrict the extension's access to certain websites. Click the Edit Websites button to view the extension in Websites settings. From there you can allow access, deny access, or require that websites ask you for access.

When using Safari profiles , extensions for the default profile are managed in the main Extensions tab of Safari settings. Extensions for other profiles are managed in the Profiles tab, which has its own Extensions tab for each profile. By default, extensions are turned off for each new profile.

Share button

Choose Safari > Settings (or Preferences), then click Extensions.

To turn off an extension, deselect its checkbox.

If you can't determine what an extension does, or you don't expect to use it again, you should uninstall it.

To uninstall an extension, select the extension and click the Uninstall button.

Starting with macOS Ventura, iOS 16, and iPadOS 16, you can share extensions across your Mac, iPhone, and iPad:

On your Mac, open Safari and choose Safari > Settings, then click Extensions. Select “Share across devices” at the bottom of the window.

On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Safari > Extensions, then turn on Share Across Devices.

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To uninstall an extension from all devices, you must uninstall it on each device.

Safari no longer supports most web plug-ins. To load webpages more quickly, save energy, and strengthen security, Safari is optimized for content that uses the HTML5 web standard, which doesn't require a plug-in. To enhance and customize your browsing experience, use Safari extensions instead of web plug-ins.

Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. Contact the vendor for additional information.

shopping extensions safari

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Capital One Shopping Extension 4+

Save in seconds, wikibuy, llc.

  • 4.4 • 2.7K Ratings



A simple and free way to help you save online Here’s how it works: Available coupons are instantly applied to your cart at checkout. Capital One Shopping searches for a better price while you shop at Amazon, Target, Nike and over 100,000 other stores. So just shop like you normally would and you'll get automatic deals on tech, clothing, travel, gaming, qualifying energy bills and more. It's that easy. Earn Capital One Shopping Rewards while you shop, then redeem those Shopping Rewards for gift cards. Cha-ching! Forget multiple tabs and browser windows, and stop spending time looking for deals online. Let Capital One Shopping do it for you. It's kinda genius. Capital One Shopping is 100% free to use and dedicated to watching out for you and your money. In the last year alone, we’ve saved users over $160 million (!!!). Time to cash in. Don’t buy without Capital One Shopping. Add the Capital One Shopping button to your browser today and stop overpaying online. By installing, you agree to our terms of service at https://capitaloneshopping.com/our-terms/terms-of-service. Some services may not be available outside the United States. Capital One Shopping has approximately 100,000 stores worldwide; not all merchants ship internationally. Estimated $160 million savings based on worldwide users.

Version 1.0.55

Automated coupon fixes

Ratings and Reviews

2.7K Ratings

I've saved so much money!

I have saved so much money using this app! I can't tell you how much time this app has saved me. I used to search the common apps looking for coupon codes when making purchases (especially larger purchses), half of which never work. So frustrating! Other times, I simply wouldn't bother looking for coupon codes knowing that they simply don't work. This app does all the work for me and it's been awesome, even finding better coupon codes than I had on my own. Thank you, Capital One, for offering this product!

Mixed Feelings

I've been using the Capital One Shopping Safari Extension for a while now, preferring it over Honey primarily due to its more intuitive user interface. The layout and ease of navigation are highlights, making it a breeze to find and apply deals. However, it's not all smooth sailing. One major downside is that it recognizes fewer shopping sites than Honey. This limitation often leaves me missing out on potential savings, which is a bit of a letdown considering the extension’s purpose. But my real deal-breaker has been its impact on my device's performance. The extension significantly drains power and escalates CPU usage. Despite its user-friendly design and decent deal-finding capabilities, the toll it takes on my device’s resources is too high. It got to the point where I had to weigh the benefits against the costs, and unfortunately, the costs won out. I've since disabled the extension because it isn't worth the strain on my device.
Like some of the others writing reviews, I frequently online shop but didn't know how comfortable I felt with a company having access to my browser... Not to mention I never write reviews, so the fact I'm taking time to write this should speak for itself in how highly I recommend it... The Capital One Shopping tool checks for discount codes and automatically checks to see if they apply to my purchase. Just now I got over $30 in discount codes plus 4% cash back on a purchase. Well worth the download.

App Privacy

The developer, Wikibuy, LLC , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Used to Track You

The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:

  • Search History
  • Browsing History
  • Identifiers
  • Diagnostics

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


  • Developer Website
  • App Support
  • Privacy Policy

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Capital One Shopping: Save Now

10 Best Browser Extensions for Online Shopping to Help You Save Money

David Joz

Online shopping can get a little hectic. With hundreds of stores selling the same item at different prices, you are always left with a feeling that you might have missed out on the best deal. And what about sales and offers – are you sure you are shopping at the right time? Fortunately, there are a number of extensions for your browser that can enhance your online shopping experience and save money by getting the best prices possible.

1. Retail Me Not

2. capital one shopping.

  • 3. Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker

4. The Camelizer

8. avast safeprice, 9. fakespot, 10. couponcabin, frequently asked questions.

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When it comes to finding coupon or discount codes for online retailers, Retail Me Not is one of the best names around. The site includes nearly every retailer you can think of, from a multitude of categories, including fashion, home, food, more fashion, Target, Walmart, Amazon and more. With the browser extension, you can skip having to copy and paste codes, as the browser will do all the work for you.

Online Shopping Browser Extensions Retailmenot

The site claims more than 5,000 retailers take part in its services, including Best Buy, Hotels.com, Macy’s, Sephora and more. When it comes to speciality holidays like Black Friday, Retail Me Not even adds a speciality page so that you can jump from the browser extension to the page and look for the best deals. Visit those online shopping sites, and the browser extension will handle the rest. Should you find a coupon on your own, you can even submit to the site so that others can enjoy it.

Also read: 12 Chrome Security and Privacy Extensions to Stay Safe Online

Capital One Shopping is a browser extension available for Chrome , Firefox , Safari and more that makes bargain hunting a breeze. This extension uses real-time data from other users to find you the best deals. First, when you view a particular item on a website, Capital One Shopping automatically scours the Web to see if any other online retailers have the same item for a cheaper price. It collates its results and displays them on a single page so that users can quickly scan the list and find the best price. In addition, it also shows users the top alternative products, which may snag them an even better deal.

Shop Extensions Capital One

Furthermore, when you pick a retailer and add an item to your cart, Capital One Shopping checks all of the available coupon codes it can dig up from the depths of the Internet. Additionally, it will automatically apply the one with the biggest savings. Finally, using Capital One Shopping will earn you Capital One Shopping Credits that can be redeemed for gift cards! The only downside to using Capital One Shopping is allowing the app to track your shopping habits. That being said, it can save you a ton of time and money.

Also read: Top 5 Android Wallets to Store Gift Cards, Tickets, and More

3. Keepa – Amazon Price Tracker


If you like shopping at Amazon.com, then this is a must-have extension for you. Keepa is an Amazon-only extension that adds a new section under the product details where you can see the price history of any product. A graph will show a complete history of the product price from the day it was listed, including Amazon price, new market price and used market price.


Furthermore, if you would like to wait for the price to drop, you can set your desired price, and Keepa will notify you when the product reaches that price via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It will also notify you of great deals every day in your favorite category, or you can check out related deals on its website to get recommendations. Browser extensions are available for every popular browser type including Chromium, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

Also read: How to Find the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

The Camelizer is another Amazon price tracker that works similarly to Keepa by showing you the pricing history of items listed on Amazon. Users can view the price history of millions of products via easy-to-understand charts. These pricing charts are incredibly useful in determining when something may go on sale, which can help you save a ton of money. Furthermore, The Camelizer can help you curb impulse buys, as you may reconsider a purchase if you know you can get it cheaper at some point down the line.

Shop Extensions Camelizer

In addition to handy pricing charts, The Camelizer also allows users to create product watch lists. When the price of an item in your watch list is reduced, you’ll receive an email notifying you of the sale.

Also read: How to Use Google Pay to Track Your Spending and Budget Your Money

Like Retail Me Not, ibotta is a site that helps online shoppers save by utilizing its browser extension to automatically save. In fact, the site claims shoppers save more than $150 a year by relying on it to help locate the best deals. The service works by activating cash back offers and clipping digital coupons, which will help you get cash back on all sorts of purchases. Like CouponCabin, ibotta is part cash back, part coupon site, so it’s the best of both worlds.

Online Shopping Browser Extensions Ibotta

Retailers like Lowes, Walmart, REI, Gap, Cabela’s and more all take part in assisting customers with savings. There are more than 300 retail chains, movie theaters, restaurants, etc. that take part nationwide in the U.S. That’s more than 500,000 potential locations for saving online. Signing up is free, as is the Chrome-based browser extension. What differentiates ibotta from the competition is that it supports grocery delivery services like Instacart. Once you’ve earned up to $20, you can transfer the cash back balance to any account of your choice.

Honey is one of the most well-known and well-reviewed shopping extensions out there. The Honey browser extension automatically finds and applies the best promo codes at checkout. This meansers can focus on finding the right items rather than chasing discount codes into the far reaches of cyberspace.

Online Shopping Browser Extensions Honey

The biggest appeal of Honey is the sheer amount of retailers it works with. There are approximately 30,000 shopping platforms where Honey to sniff out promo codes. This includes everything from grocery stores to travel websites. Furthermore, users can opt into Honey’s loyalty program, Honey Gold. Honey Gold awards users shop at supported retailers with points and can use redeem the points for gift cards.

Rakuten is another browser extension that scours the Web for better deals and automatically applies coupon codes. However, the big draw of Rakuten over other extensions on this list is its robust cashback system. Boiling it down, Rakuten rewards you for shopping. The way it works is simple: users create an account with Rakuten and install the browser extension. When you place an order, cash back is accrued in your Rakuten account once the order is confirmed.

Online Shopping Browser Extensions Rakuten

Rakuten is able to do this thanks to its partnership with over 2500 major retailers, such as Kohl and Nike. These retailers pay Rakuten a commission for sending shoppers their way. Rakuten then cuts its users in on that commission in the form of cash back. Users can be paid through PayPal or via a check. Rakuten also notifies users when cash back is available. This makes it easy to shop around to try and maximize your cashback rewards.

This one is just amazing when it comes to finding the best deals (and safe deals as well). Avast SafePrice comes from reputable antivirus software creator Avast, so you should expect a little focus on “safe” online shopping. It finds the best deals on multiple websites and offers you the lowest prices from one of the most reputable dealers. I have tried it on multiple websites, including Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Groupon, etc., and clicked on random items. 80 percent of the time it managed to find a better price while saving at least 30 percent.

Online Shopping Browser Extensions Avast

If it finds any lower prices, it shows it on the top of the website you are browsing. You can click on the lowest offer to go directly to the page and also see a list of all the lower prices. It will not recommend anything if it doesn’t find any better prices. For me, it took approximately three seconds to show the better deal after the page loaded. Furthermore, it will also find and add coupons automatically if available.

One of the ways consumers are fooled is through product reviews. Sellers can pay people to leave glowing reviews of their products to entice potential customers. As its name implies, Fakespot identifies these fake reviews on Amazon and other online retailers. Furthermore, Fakespot also conducts real-time analysis of third-party sellers. This lets you know if they’ve been less than honest in the past, so that you can reconsider buying from them. Overall, Fakespot gives consumers peace of mind and provides much-needed quality assurance in eCommerce.

Shop Extensions Fakespot

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At first glance, Coupon Cabin might look like yet another coupon site. Where it both exceeds and differs is that it doubles in alerting you to cash back opportunities along with helping you uncover coupon codes. Think of a combination of Rakuten and Honey in one extension! There are more than 4,000 cash-back partner stores with up to 20 percent cash back available (amounts will vary).

Online Shopping Browser Extensions Couponcabin

On top of that, you can shop with more than 18,000 partners for coupons, deals, offers, codes and more. Better yet, some of these deals help you find special buys on gift cards, allowing you to save even more by buying gift cards at less than face value. It’s a win-win for online shoppers. One limitation to be aware of is that you cannot earn cash back on orders placed online and picked up in store or through an individual retailer’s mobile app.

1. Don’t most of these sites duplicate functionality?

In many cases, these sites offer duplicate functionality even as each tries to differentiate itself. Ibotta supports online grocery shopping, Retail Me Not lets you add codes for the whole world to try, Fakespot helps you shop on Amazon with confidence, etc. For the most part, the coupon codes between sites should be the same, but each one offers something a little different. All of these sites will help you save, so use all of them or just one.

2. Can you still save money if you don’t use any of these sites?

Of course, you can always look for online advertisements that indicate upcoming deals or wait for specialized sale weekends like Black Friday . Realistically, using these sites helps take a lot of the guesswork out of how to save online – it does all the work for you. All you need to do with any of these browser extensions installed is shop as you normally would. The additional steps are limited at best, and at worst, require one or two additional clicks.

3. What about using a site like Acorn?

Great question! Acorn’s Found Money extension is a really great way to save and invest. In this case, instead of getting cash back directly to an account of your choosing, Acorn rounds up all of your purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the balance. For example, if you spend $42.33 at Walmart, Acorn would take the remaining 67 cents and place it into an investment account that you set up. You can then withdraw the money as part of a checking account to an IRA or even use a robo-advisor that can help guide you on investment strategies.

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David Joz

David is a freelance tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He loves all things Nintendo.

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Looking For a Deal? Citi Launches New Browser Extension for Savvy Shoppers

New Citi Shop Program Will Appeal to Consumers Who Want to Save Money While Shopping Online

NEW YORK - For consumers looking to score a deal, Citi introduces Citi Shop℠, a free shopping desktop browser extension for eligible U.S. Citi(R) credit cardmembers. Once downloaded, Citi Shop automatically searches behind the scenes for offers and available coupons at over 5,000 online merchants. This is the latest example of how Citi continues to provide additional value to its cardmembers by saving them time and money. 

Time is one of the top barriers for consumers looking to find a deal. According to a recent Citi study , more than one-third (35%) of Americans say it takes too long to find coupons or promo codes when shopping online and 74% have abandoned an online purchase because they couldn’t find a deal. 

The Citi Shop program helps cardmembers find savings instantly when shopping online across nearly 30 different categories including clothing and apparel, beauty products, consumer electronics, household items, pet essentials and more.

“We are always looking for new ways to make our cardmembers’ lives easier and help maximize the return on their purchases,” said Pam Habner, Head of U.S. Branded Cards and Unsecured Lending at Citi. “Citi Shop is a great solution for cardmembers who want to save money but don’t always have time to search for deals themselves. Plus, they’ll continue to earn rewards like ThankYou® Points or miles on their purchases when using a Citi rewards credit card.”

Cardmembers will simply need to add the extension to a compatible desktop browser such as Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge and enroll their eligible Citi branded U.S. credit card to begin using it. As cardmembers shop online, they will be alerted about available offers. 

Cardmembers will receive a statement credit to their enrolled Citi credit card that they can track in the Citi Shop dashboard available in the Citi Mobile® App or online. The Citi Shop extension also searches for available coupons that cardmembers can apply towards their purchases for instant savings directly at checkout. 

“With Citi Shop, we are making it easier than ever for our cardmembers to save on purchases from a trusted source with a seamless experience at the point of sale,” said Anthony Merola, Head of Proprietary Products Management for U.S. Branded Cards at Citi.

The Citi Shop extension is powered by Wildfire Systems Inc., which expands Citi’s existing relationship with the shopping rewards platform. Citi Ventures, one of Citi’s three venture investing vehicles, invested in Wildfire in 2022 to support the company’s ongoing efforts to innovate, expand and drive rewarding online shopping experiences for consumers.  

Eligible Citi credit cardmembers who are interested in downloading the Citi Shop browser extension can visit Citi.com/CitiShop to learn more. 

About Citi 

Citi is a preeminent banking partner for institutions with cross-border needs, a global leader in wealth management and a valued personal bank in its home market of the United States. Citi does business in nearly 160 countries and jurisdictions, providing corporations, governments, investors, institutions and individuals with a broad range of financial products and services.

Additional information may be found at  www.citigroup.com  | Twitter:  @Citi  | LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/company/citi  | YouTube:  www.youtube.com/citi  | Facebook:  www.facebook.com/citi  

Courtney Klopfer: (718) 704-4637, [email protected]

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Billions of cicadas bring buzzy magic to missouri in 2024.

shopping extensions safari

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Billions of cicadas will buzz this spring as two broods emerge at the same time. These broods last emerged together in 1803 and won’t appear together again for 221 years.

That means that your grandchildren’s great-great-great grandchildren likely will be the next group to experience the dual emergence of these cicada broods that appear in 13- and 17-year life cycles, says University of Missouri Extension specialist Tamra Reall.

“It will be crazy,” she says, and she can’t wait. Reall is a horticulturist in the Kansas City area and an entomologist known as “Dr. Bug.”

Periodical cicadas have the longest known life cycle of any insect. Broods are groups of cicadas that share the same emergence years. Broods receive a number listed as a Roman numeral. Brood XIII only emerges every 17 years while Brood XIX emerges every 13 years.

The last time these two particular broods emerged together was when Thomas Jefferson was president, decades before Missouri statehood. The next event will be in the year 2245.

Periodical cicadas belong to the genus Magicicada . “No surprise that it’s called the ‘Magicicada,’ because it’s magical,” says Reall.

Emergence will occur in 18 Midwestern states. For the most part, most Missourians will only experience Brood XIX, the Great Southern Brood, which last appeared in Missouri in 2011. Expect them to emerge in late April to early May, says Reall.

Those in northeastern Missouri near the Illinois border might see – and hear – both broods.

Cicada nymphs stay in the soil for 13 or 17 years, depending on their brood. They emerge when the soil warms to 64 degrees and dig their way out of the ground. They subscribe to the “safety in numbers” approach and emerge all at once. They climb trees, fence posts or anything vertical before shedding their hard skins. Then they head to treetops to mate, lay their eggs and die within four to six weeks.

Expect to see cicadas after a spring rain, and expect to see a lot of them – as many as 1.5 million per acre, says Reall. This creates a feeding frenzy for predators and litter so heavy that the sidewalks and highways may need shoveling.

Brood XIX, a 13-year brood, has four species. Other states that will see Brood XIX include Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. These will emerge late April through the second week of May.

Brood XIII, the Northern Illinois Brood, is a 17-year cicada with three species. It will appear in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and possibly Michigan in 2024. Some stragglers may make their way into southern Illinois and the St. Louis area. Expect emergence mid-May through June.

The loud sound you hear is from male cicadas as they send out their mating call, which can be as loud as a lawnmower and is unique to its species, Reall says. The synchronized male singing can be louder than a jet engine.

With five eyes each, they truly are on the lookout for a mate. They have only four to six weeks from the time they emerge from the soil to ensure the next generation of offspring. Once they mate, the males soon die.

After the female lays her eggs in the tree’s branches, her work is done as well, and she also dies. Her nymphs fall to the ground, burrow into the soil and begin the process all over again.

Cicadas are drawn to the vibrating sounds of power tools and lawn mowers.

Cicadas, while loud and messy, are harmless to humans and their pets, says Reall. They don’t sting or bite. She warns against using pesticides that will harm birds and beneficial insects such as butterflies, bees and moths. If there is concern about new trees or bushes, protect them with a loose cover of cheesecloth.

Reall urges Missourians to help map the cicada emergence using the Cicada Safari app, https://cicadasafari.org , created by entomologist Gene Kritsky.

Reall also recommends these sites for those who want to learn more:

  • https://www.fs.usda.gov/foresthealth/docs/CicadaBroodInteractiveMap.pdf
  • https://cicadas.uconn.edu/broods

https://extension.missouri.edu/sites/default/files/legacy_media/wysiwyg/Extensiondata/NewsAdmin/Photos/2024/20240129-cicada-1.jpg The annual cicada, left, and the periodical cicada, right. Photo by Tamra Reall.

https://extension.missouri.edu/sites/default/files/legacy_media/wysiwyg/Extensiondata/NewsAdmin/Photos/2024/20240129-cicada-2b.png Missouri will be a hot spot for cicada emergence in 2024. MU Extension horticulturist Tamra Reall encourages Missourians to get out to enjoy this noisy, magical emergence that won't happen again for many years. Brood XIII is shown in brown, and Brood XIX is shown in blue. Map from U.S. Forest Service.

https://extension.missouri.edu/sites/default/files/legacy_media/wysiwyg/Extensiondata/NewsAdmin/Photos/2024/20240129-cicada-3.jpg Once they emerge from the ground, cicadas head to the trees. Photo courtesy of Gene Kritsky, Mount St. Joseph University.

https://extension.missouri.edu/sites/default/files/legacy_media/wysiwyg/Extensiondata/NewsAdmin/Photos/2024/20240129-cicada-4.jpg Known for their red eyes, cicada eyes actually can be several colors, but not green. Photo courtesy of Gene Kritsky, Mount St. Joseph University.

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Daniels Marketplace shopping center celebrates groundbreaking

shopping extensions safari

Bluemercury cosmetics, Fidelity Investments, Lovesac furniture, J. McLaughlin apparel and VIO Med Spa are confirmed future tenants.

shopping extensions safari

Pruébalo gratis

Explorar los tipos de extensiones de Safari y sus ventajas

Con Speechify, ya puedas acelera tu comprención de la lectura para los documentos, artículos, PDFs, correos electrónicos – cualquier cosa que leas. Somos el líder en tecnología texto a voz y lector de pantalla.

Sir Richard Branson

“ Speechify es absolutamente brillante. Al crecer con dislexia, esto habría supuesto una gran diferencia. Me alegro mucho de tenerlo hoy . “

Señor Richard Branson

Cliff Weitzman

  • por Cliff Weitzman
  • Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify
  • en Productividad
  • el January 29, 2024

Table of Contents

Instalar una extensión de Safari parece muy sencillo, pero hasta que no quieres hacerlo. Es un poco único con Safari. He aquí cómo Instalar, Administrar o Eliminar extensiones de Safari.

Safari, el navegador web de Apple, es conocido por su diseño elegante, su rendimiento fluido y su compromiso con la privacidad del usuario. Con la introducción de las extensiones en Safari, los usuarios pueden ahora personalizar y mejorar aún más su experiencia de navegación. En este artículo, vamos a profundizar en los diferentes tipos de extensiones de Safari, sus beneficios, y echar un vistazo más de cerca a la Speechify Safari Extension.

Las extensiones del navegador Safari han transformado la forma en que los usuarios interactúan con el navegador web de Apple, mejorando sus experiencias de navegación y ofreciendo una mayor versatilidad. Estos pequeños complementos o plugins se pueden encontrar en la App Store, tanto para macOS como para iOS, y están diseñados para añadir funcionalidades extra a Safari. Tanto si utilizas un iPhone, un iPad o un Mac, las extensiones de Safari se adaptan a tus necesidades y preferencias específicas.

Para explorar e instalar extensiones de Safari, abre Safari en tu Mac o dispositivo iOS y navega hasta el menú Safari. Aquí encontrarás la opción “Extensiones de Safari…”, que te llevará a la sección dedicada a las extensiones de Safari del App Store. Desde allí, puedes buscar, instalar y gestionar tus extensiones sin esfuerzo. Instalar extensiones es un proceso sencillo, y puedes activarlas o desactivarlas en cualquier momento para adaptarlas a tus necesidades de navegación.

Las extensiones de Safari han evolucionado a lo largo de los años, haciéndose más potentes y ricas en prestaciones. Con la introducción de iOS 15 y iPadOS 15, las extensiones han ganado nuevas capacidades, incluyendo una mejor integración de Atajos e incluso compatibilidad con el Apple Watch. Estas mejoras han hecho de las extensiones de Safari una parte integral del ecosistema Apple, garantizando una experiencia de navegación consistente y personalizable en todos los dispositivos Apple.

Además de las ventajas que ofrece la App Store de Apple, las extensiones de Safari ofrecen a los usuarios la posibilidad de adaptar su experiencia de navegación a su gusto. Estas extensiones van desde bloqueadores de anuncios, gestores de contraseñas y herramientas centradas en la privacidad hasta potenciadores de la productividad y creadores de atajos. Con las extensiones de Safari, los usuarios pueden sacar el máximo partido a sus sesiones de navegación, agilizando las tareas y añadiendo prestaciones que se adapten a sus necesidades específicas. Desinstalar extensiones es tan fácil como instalarlas, asegurando que tu navegador Safari permanezca libre de desorden y optimizado para tus preferencias. Con cada nueva iteración de iOS, incluyendo iOS 17, las extensiones de Safari continúan evolucionando, brindando a los usuarios aún más opciones y flexibilidad cuando se trata de personalizar sus experiencias en línea.

Cuándo utilizar las extensiones de Safari

Existen varios tipos de extensiones de Safari, cada una de las cuales ofrece funcionalidades únicas para satisfacer las distintas necesidades de los usuarios. Estas son algunas de las categorías más populares:

1. Bloqueadores de anuncios:

Los bloqueadores de anuncios, como AdBlock y uBlock Origin, evitan que los anuncios intrusivos y las ventanas emergentes saturen tu página web. Puedes activar estas extensiones para optimizar tu experiencia de navegación y reducir las distracciones.

2. Gestores de contraseñas:

Los gestores de contraseñas como 1Password y LastPass te ayudan a almacenar de forma segura y rellenar automáticamente tus credenciales de inicio de sesión en todos los sitios web. Aumentan tu seguridad online y facilitan la gestión de varias cuentas.

3. Privacidad y seguridad:

Extensiones como DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials y Ghostery protegen tu privacidad bloqueando rastreadores y proporcionando información sobre las prácticas de privacidad de los sitios web. Garantizan la confidencialidad de tu información personal.

4. Potenciadores de la productividad:

Grammarly es una opción popular para mejorar tu escritura con revisiones ortográficas y gramaticales, mientras que Honey te ayuda a encontrar cupones y descuentos cuando compras por Internet. Estas extensiones aumentan tu productividad y te permiten ahorrar dinero.

5. Imagen en imagen:

Extensiones como PiPifier habilitan el modo imagen en imagen para vídeos, lo que permite ver contenidos en una pequeña ventana flotante mientras se navega por otras páginas web.

6. Gestores de marcadores:

Los gestores de favoritos como Bookmarks de Raindrop.io te ayudan a organizar y sincronizar tus favoritos en todos los dispositivos, facilitando el acceso a tus sitios favoritos.

7. Gestores de pestañas:

Las extensiones de gestión de pestañas como Tab Snooze te ayudan a mantener tus pestañas organizadas y a reducir el desorden suspendiendo las pestañas inactivas hasta que las necesites.

Ventajas de las extensiones de Safari

Ahora que hemos explorado los distintos tipos de extensiones de Safari, vamos a profundizar en sus ventajas:

Funcionalidad mejorada:

Las extensiones de Safari amplían las capacidades de tu navegador web, permitiéndote realizar tareas más eficientemente y acceder a funcionalidades que no son nativas del navegador.

Navegación personalizada:

Puede adaptar su experiencia de navegación a sus necesidades específicas instalando extensiones que le ofrezcan las funciones que le resulten más útiles.

Mayor seguridad y privacidad:

Las extensiones centradas en la privacidad protegen tu identidad en Internet bloqueando los rastreadores, mientras que los gestores de contraseñas refuerzan tu seguridad digital.

Aumento de la productividad:

Las extensiones que mejoran la productividad le ayudan a mantenerse concentrado y organizado mientras realiza tareas en línea, lo que en última instancia le ahorra tiempo.

Coherencia entre plataformas:

Muchas extensiones de Safari están disponibles en iPhone, iPad y Macbook, lo que garantiza una experiencia coherente y permisos compartidos en todos tus dispositivos Apple.

Interfaz de usuario optimizada:

Las extensiones suelen añadir nuevas herramientas a la barra de herramientas del navegador, simplificando acciones como hacer capturas de pantalla, traducir texto o capturar contenido web.

Manténgase a la vanguardia con las nuevas funciones:

A medida que Safari y la aplicación Safari evolucionan, se introducen nuevas funcionalidades y mejoras con cada versión. Las extensiones te ayudan a adaptarte a estos cambios y a añadir las funcionalidades que necesites.

Speechify: Una de las mejores extensiones de Safari

Una extensión destacada de Safari es Speechify, una versátil herramienta de texto a voz que transforma el contenido escrito en palabras habladas. Disponible para iPhone, iPad y Mac, la extensión Speechify para Safari ofrece toda una serie de ventajas:

1. Accesibilidad:

La extensión Speechify para Safari es un recurso inestimable para los usuarios con deficiencias visuales o problemas de aprendizaje. Les permite escuchar contenidos web, haciendo internet más accesible.

2. Multitarea:

Con Speechify, puedes leer en voz alta artículos web, noticias y trabajos de investigación mientras realizas otras tareas en tu dispositivo. Ofrece una experiencia multitarea fluida y productiva.

3. Ayuda al aprendizaje:

Tanto si eres estudiante como profesional, Speechify puede leer en voz alta materiales educativos, artículos de investigación y libros de texto. Esto ayuda a la comprensión y la retención.

4. Personalización:

Puede ajustar la velocidad de habla, la voz y otros parámetros para adaptarlos a sus preferencias, lo que garantiza una experiencia auditiva cómoda.

5. Accesibilidad sin conexión:

Speechify te permite guardar versiones de audio de artículos web para escucharlos sin conexión, lo que garantiza que puedas acceder a los contenidos incluso sin conexión a Internet.

6. Opciones de idioma:

Speechify es compatible con varios idiomas, lo que lo hace accesible a un público mundial.

7. Voces que suenan naturales:

La extensión emplea voces de texto a voz de alta calidad que suenan extraordinariamente naturales, proporcionando una experiencia auditiva atractiva.

En conclusión, las extensiones de Safari ofrecen un mundo de posibilidades para que los usuarios mejoren su experiencia de navegación. Ya sea para mejorar la productividad, reforzar la privacidad o garantizar la accesibilidad, estas extensiones responden a diversas necesidades. La extensión de Safari Speechify, en particular, destaca como una potente herramienta para convertir contenido escrito en palabras habladas, ofreciendo accesibilidad, personalización y funcionalidad de texto a voz de alta calidad. Es una valiosa adición al creciente ecosistema de extensiones de Safari, que enriquece la experiencia de navegación de los usuarios en toda la gama de dispositivos de Apple.

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Moscow parks – leisure, nature and historical

Moscow is the most green megapolis in the world. There are over a hundred parks and green spaces like gardens, squares and boulevards. You will definitely bump into a few of them wherever you go. Whether you are interested in memorial, historic parks, parks of wildlife or you just want to have a calm break from the speedy city life – city parks have something special for everyone.

Moscow leisure parks

The leisure Moscow parks are undoubtedly the most popular and famous with the locals and travelers. Today such parks provide a great number of exciting entertainments for Muscovites and city guests, adults and children.

The Gorky Park

The Gorky Park

Gorky Park opened in 1928 and was the first holiday park in the Soviet Union with playgrounds, a sports stadium, exhibition halls and attractions for kids. Today it has a fresh, vibrant appearance. The park features bike rental stations, a comfortable business area with Wi-Fi, an outdoor movie theatre and a greenhouse where you can buy fresh greens such as basil and lettuce. To contemplate the sky and the stars, go to the observatory and look through the telescope while listening to fascinating stories from astronomers. Enjoy many sports in the park: volleyball, handball, football or a peaceful jog around the beautiful surroundings.

Zaryadye Park

Zaryadye Park

Opened in September 2017, Zaryadye is the youngest on our list. Located just a few minutes away from Red Square, it includes various activities like the floating bridge with its thin V-form extension, an ice cave, also concert hall and an amphitheater. The entire territory of the park was divided into four zones of Russia: forest, steppe, tundra, and the floodplains.

Neskuchny Sad

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By walking along the Moskva River’s bank from the Gorky Park towards Vorobievy Gory (Sparrow Hills) you’ll reach Neskuchny Sad («Not Boring» garden), a wonderful place in the Moscow center, one of Moscow’s oldest parks, charming slice of wildlife. The park mostly consists of pristine forest, dotted with old summer pavilions, ponds and quaint little stone bridges. There are a lot of opportunities for different activities lots of children playground, a ping-pong and chess clubs, football fields and tennis courts, horse riding, tree climbing and having rest in one of the nice cafes.

Museon Park

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Hermitage Garden

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Hermitage Garden has always been known as an amusement, entertainment center with theatres, shows, cafes, summer pavilions, pergolas since 1830. Shalyapin, Sobinov, Nezhdanova – great Russian opera singers starred on the garden stage. Famous Russian composer Rakhmaninov conducted the orchestra. Sara Bernar, Maria Yermolova, outstanding actresses, played in the open air performances. Tolstoy and Lenin had a stroll in the garden. So lots of celebrities from different epoques liked it a lot and spent their time in Hermitage Garden. You can find here three theatres in the garden: Hermitage, Sphere and New Opera. During winter an ice rink works here and in summer a musical stage is assembled to host jazz and brass band festivals.

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In Sokolniki Park visitors can play billiard, chess or draughts, table tennis, as well as go cycling, roller blading and swimming in the summer and ice skating or skiing in winter. Each season is highlighted by special memorable and bright events, for example, Summer Jazz Festival or Baby Fest (for future mums), open air beach disco parties, Ice Cream Day, International Clown Festival and many other shows and exhibitions. The park has an observatory, kids center and a co-working zone with free Wi-Fi which is really nice for spending high quality work time there.

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Moscow nature parks

The nature parks are national reserves with the amazing forestry and incredible variety of animals and plants there. The breath of wildlife and the chance to be closer to the virgin nature excites both children and grownups. Hundreds of different species of animals can be found in Moscow nature parks. The richest woodlands with old and even ancient trees, like a 200 years pine-tree in the Elk Island National Nature Park, are the point of passionate interest for visitors.

Aptekarsky Ogorod

Aptekarsky Ogorod (Apothecary Garden)

Aptekarsky Ogorod (Apothecary Garden)

Aptekarsky Ogorod (Apothecary Garden) is one of the oldest gardens in Moscow. It was founded in the XVIII century by Peter the First (great Russian emperor). A larch that he planted himself still grows in the garden, so it’s more than 250 years old. At the time of its foundation, it was a garden with herbs and medicinal plants and was used as an educational center for doctors. Today there are the orangery with its tropical palms, the carp pond, and the immense trees that dot the landscape and turn wonderful golden shades in the autumn. Several restaurants and cafes work here making it a very nice spot for relaxation no matter what season it is. You can book a special tour or join the guided excursion group.

Losiny Ostrov

Losiny Ostrov (Elk Island Park)

Losiny Ostrov (Elk Island Park)

Losiny Ostrov (Elk Island Park) is located at the north of Moscow. It covers 22 km from the west to the east and 10 km from the north to the south and it’s one of the most beautiful national parks in Moscow. Two rivers, Yausa and Pechorka begin here. You can find lots of fields, ponds, meadows, streams in the park as well as elks. Here you can enjoy guided tours, available in English. You can choose a guided tour about flora and fauna of the area, you’ll learn why elks are there, which animals are their neighbors. Or enjoy another excursion, which is totally devoted to historical past of ancient tribes once lived there, you’ll know about old Russian mythology, rituals and traditions.

Serebyany Bor

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Serebyany Bor (Silver Forest)

Serebyany Bor (Silver Forest) is a famous pine forest in the west of Moscow. The park has 230 forms of plant life, and is also home to watersports complex, providing a lot of activities for visitors. The layout of Serebryany Bor is unusual, as it is located on an artificial island between a meander in the Moscow River and a channel. There is an artificial lake, the Deep Gulf and picturesque Bezdonnoe (Bottomless) Lake in the depths of the forest. Serebryany Bor’s beaches are the cleanest in the city and very popular among Muscovites. On weekends it is difficult to find a free spot here, especially because a whole range of services are offered to visitors, from simple deckchairs to catamaran and yacht rides. Driving is prohibited on the territory of the island so be ready to use trolleybus to reach the entrance.

Botanichesky Sad

Greenhouse of Botanical Garden

Greenhouse of Botanical Garden

Main Botanical Garden of The Russian Academy of Sciences is the largest and most famous is Moscow. The garden is a real museum of nature with a very rich (more than 18000 types) collection of plants. The park was founded in 1945 at the place of the 17th century Apothecaries’ Gardens. The garden’s collection is turned into botanical expositions, made with use of modern receptions of landscape architecture. Here you can see a tree nursery, a shadow garden, hothouse complex, collection of flowers, a rosary, exposition of coastal plants, garden of continuous blossoming, Japanese garden and expositions of cultural plants and natural flora plants. The biggest part of Garden is the Tree nursery occupying the space of 75 hectares. About 2 thousand wood plants grow here. Another big exposition of the Garden is nature Flora, divided into six botanic-geographical collections: European part of Russia, Caucuses, Central Asia, Siberia and Far East. Pride of the Main Botanical Garden is the collection of tropical, coastal and water plants, which is considered as the best in Europe. The Japanese garden, a great model of Japanese landscape gardening art has a 13-level stone pagoda of the 18th century, stone Japanese lamps, ponds, falls and streams, tea lodges and more than 100 species of the most character Japan plants. It is especially decorative in spring, during Oriental cherry blossoming and in fall, when foliage blazes in crimson colors.

Moscow historic parks

Historic nature parks and estates once were the mansions of the Moscow aristocracy. At that far times the estates were outside the Moscow city limits, but after the city expansion and urbanization, they became easily accessible.



Kolomenskoye Museum and Park

The chief attraction of the park is undoubtedly the stone Church of the Ascension of the Lord. It was constructed in 1532 by order of Tsar Vasily III to commemorate the birth of his son and heir, Ivan the Terrible. But there is a lot more to see in the park: the pretty Church of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan – with its bright azure domes and plenty of gold. Further into the park there is a charming Church of the Beheading of St John the Baptist, built by Ivan the Terrible to mark his coronation.


Kuskovo Park

Kuskovo Park is one of the oldest country estates in Moscow. It was given to General Sheremetev by Peter the Great in 1715, but was left to fall into neglect before being plundered by Napoleon’s troops in 1812. Nowadays the estate has been restored to its former glory and is a good example of Russian 18th Century imperial architecture. The palace is a fine and rare example of wooden neoclassicism. It was completed in 1775, and the rich interiors remain unchanged since 1779. It includes a room hung with exclusive exquisite Flemish tapestries, an abundance of silk wallpaper and an impressive collection of 18th century European and Russian paintings. The palace looks onto the lake, which is surrounded by smaller pavilions: pretty Italian, Dutch and Swiss Cottages, Blank’s Hermitage and the old Orangery, where the State Ceramics Museum is located now, an extensive and absorbing collection of porcelain from the 18th century to the present day. On the other side of the lake is a large wood popular with local cyclists and joggers.

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THE 10 BEST Moscow Shopping Malls

Shopping malls in moscow.

  • Gift & Specialty Shops
  • Art Galleries
  • Shopping Malls
  • Antique Stores
  • Flea & Street Markets
  • Farmers Markets
  • Department Stores
  • Shopping Tours
  • Factory Outlets
  • Fashion Shows & Tours
  • 3rd Transport Ring (TTK)
  • District Central (TsAO)
  • Garden Ring
  • District Western (ZAO)
  • Good for a Rainy Day
  • Good for Kids
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good for Big Groups
  • Good for Couples
  • Honeymoon spot
  • Good for Adrenaline Seekers
  • Hidden Gems
  • Adventurous
  • Things to do ranked using Tripadvisor data including reviews, ratings, photos, and popularity.

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1. Central Children's Store


2. Aviapark Mall


3. Gostiny Dvor


4. Mall Yevropeyskiy


5. Crocus City Hall


6. Okhotny Ryad


7. Vegas Kashirskoye Shosse


8. Shopping-Entertainment Complex Atrium


9. Afimoll City

shopping extensions safari

10. METROPOLIS shopping mall


11. Mall Columbus


12. Tsvetnoy Central Market

shopping extensions safari

13. Riviera


14. Bagration Bridge


15. Zolotoi Vavilon

shopping extensions safari

16. Paveletskaya Plaza Mall

shopping extensions safari

17. Russian Watches


18. Kuznetsovo Plaza

shopping extensions safari

19. Crocus City Mall

shopping extensions safari

20. Raikin Plaza

shopping extensions safari

21. Shopping and Entertainment Center Gagarinskiy

shopping extensions safari

22. SM Okeaniya

23. techno mall gorbushkin dvor.

shopping extensions safari

24. Tishinka Trade and Exhibition Complex



shopping extensions safari

26. Shopping-Entertainment Center Festival

shopping extensions safari

27. Shopping Center Kaleidoscope


28. Mall Nikolskaya Plaza


29. RIO Dmitrovka

shopping extensions safari

30. Mall Modny Sezon

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  • Aviapark Mall
  • Central Children's Store
  • Gostiny Dvor
  • Vegas Kashirskoye Shosse
  • Shopping-Entertainment Complex Atrium
  • Techno Mall Gorbushkin Dvor
  • Mall Yevropeyskiy
  • Okhotny Ryad
  • Afimoll City

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  25. Moscow parks

    Losiny Ostrov. Losiny Ostrov (Elk Island Park) Losiny Ostrov (Elk Island Park) is located at the north of Moscow. It covers 22 km from the west to the east and 10 km from the north to the south and it's one of the most beautiful national parks in Moscow. Two rivers, Yausa and Pechorka begin here.

  26. THE 10 BEST Moscow Shopping Malls (Updated 2024)

    11. Mall Columbus. 93. Shopping Malls. District Southern (YuAO) By 475vladimirm. Located almost on the outskirts of Moscow, at the crossroads of the Warsaw highway and the Red Lighthouse street... 12. Tsvetnoy Central Market.

  27. 21 Things to Know Before You Go to Moscow

    1: Off-kilter genius at Delicatessen: Brain pâté with kefir butter and young radishes served mezze-style, and the caviar and tartare pizza. Head for Food City. You might think that calling Food City (Фуд Сити), an agriculture depot on the outskirts of Moscow, a "city" would be some kind of hyperbole. It is not.

  28. Burrata is the most popular dish in Moscow this summer

    So why burrata? My theory is simple: in Moscow, it's all about the cream. It's not just the sushi rolls with cream cheese. It's also the mayonnaise and cream cheese salads for New Years, the endless creamy desserts served from Red Square to the suburbs—tiramisu, cheesecake, creme brulee and panna cotta.