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8 best shoe racks, according to professional organizers

Illustration of a little boy putting on his shoes in a mudroom and a Get Open Spaces shoe rack

As the seasons change, it’s usually a good reminder to swap out your clothes. But while you’re in your closet, take a good look at the shoes, sneakers and heels scattered all over the floor and consider whether you want to keep them or donate them to Goodwill instead. If you decide you want to keep them, a shoe organizer could help. We spoke to Nancy Meck, a professional organizer and owner of Meck Organizing , who said that you have a much better chance of wearing — and appreciating — your shoes when you can easily reach them.

SKIP AHEAD How to decide what shoe storage solution to buy | How to properly store shoes away

In order to find the best shoe storage options to consider to help you get the most use from your current shoes, we consulted professional organizers like Meck, as well as Caroline Solomon (founder of home organizing business Caroline Solomon Home ) and Kelly McGreevy (founder of home organization business Styled Neatly ) for their shoe rack, shelf and organizing recommendations. Below are recommendations from easy-to-locate stores like Ikea and The Container Store — and advice on how to keep shoes in their best condition after they’ve been stored.

safari mall shoe rack

Shopping How to tell if a laundry detergent is really eco-friendly

Best shoe storage: shoe racks, shelves, organizers and more.

Here are a few shoe storage solutions to consider, recommended by professional organizing experts.

IKEA Billy Bookcase

While it may seem unconventional to use a bookcase for a shoe rack, Solomon said the Billy Bookcase from Ikea is one of her favorite “no-nonsense” ways to store her heels and show them off for visitors. The bookcase comes with adjustable shelves so you can move them around according to the height of your shoes — boots, for example, will need more space than a pair of sandals. But each shelf is only about 11 inches deep (about a size 11 in men’s shoes or a women’s 12), so make sure that works for your shoe collection. There are six shelves, and assuming you can place around three pairs of shoes per shelf, it should fit 18 pairs of shoes. Solomon also recommended the shorter version of the bookcase for those with half the pairs of shoes.

IKEA Billy Bookcase

The Container Store 2-Tier Bamboo Stackable Shoe Shelf

Meck prefers a classic shoe shelf: She feels it’s a no-fuss fix for lining up shoes easily, efficiently and neatly. Even better, you can find shoe shelves in many different flavors, from custom builds to those that have been repurposed (like we mentioned above) or ready-made. For those who don’t want to spend the time or money on customized builds, Meck recommended this stackable shoe shelf from The Container Store . It’s made from bamboo, which the brand says “is easily renewable, so it’s an environmentally friendly material.” It has two shelves that can typically hold around eight pairs of women’s shoes or six pairs of men’s shoes, according to The Container Store.

The Container Store 2-Tier Bamboo Stackable Shoe Shelf

Open Spaces Entryway Rack

Thanks to its minimalist, sleek design, the Open Spaces Entryway Rack is a “real cut above the rest,” Solomon said, able to make even the most well worn shoes look good. ”It also allows you to comfortably fit 10 to 12 pairs of shoes — more than you’ll wear in a week, '' she added. Open Spaces says the rack is made from a powder-coated steel that’s easy to clean. Plus, it’s available in a few different colors: Black, Dark Green, Navy and Cream, plus limited edition colors like Light Blue or Light Pink. (The limited edition Lavender color is currently out of stock).

Open Spaces Entryway Rack

The Container Store Large Drop-Front Set of 6 Shoe Box Case

McGreevy said this Large Drop-Front Shoe Box Case from The Container Store made “organization a breeze.” Part of the appeal of a box like this one is that you can keep your shoes safe from external forces while also letting you see them. (And if this particular profile or aesthetic doesn’t fit your closet, The Container Store has lots of other options, too: check out its Tall Side Profile Drop-Front Shoe Box and the Cambridge Drop-Front Shoe Box in Linen . No matter which you buy, the store doesn’t recommend stacking more than seven or eight boxes on top of each other for stability.

The Container Store Large Drop-Front Shoe Box Case of 6

The Container Store Large Drop-Front Shoe Box Case of 6

Bed bath & beyond 2-tier boot and shoe organizer.

Sure, it’s not the most glamorous of shoe racks, something Solomon admitted herself, but she recommended this option for its functionality and durability — especially for bulky boots. Even though it looks more like a plastic gardening bed than it does a shoe organizer, Bed Bath & Beyond’s 2-Tier Boot and Shoe Organizer is colored black, made from polypropylene and easy to wipe clean if you happen to get it dirty (which is, after all, what shoe racks are for).

Bed Bath & Beyond 2-Tier Boot and Shoe Organizer

Bed Bath & Beyond 2-Tier Boot and Shoe Organizer

Simply essential 26-pocket over-the-door organizer.

Hanging shoe pockets can be ideal for kids’ shoes, flip flops, flats and other clunky shoes, according to Meck. This over-the-door shoe bag from Bed Bath & Beyond is great for anyone who wants to be able to see their shoes easily — and doesn’t mind having them prominently displayed over the back of their door (don’t worry, it includes hooks for installation, too). This shoe storage option can hold up to 26 pairs of shoes (though boots would be a tight squeeze), more than any of the other options listed here, so check it out if you have a big shoe collection.

Simply Essential 26-Pocket Over-the-Door Organizer

ClosetMaid Stackable 15-Unit Organizer

Meck mentioned this 15-Unit Stackable Organizer from ClosetMaid for those who want cubbies, which can be great if you want order and division between pairs of shoes (or single shoes). Because the height of each cubbyhole doesn’t reach very far, the organizer is only good for accommodating flip flops, sandals and other low-profile shoes, it says. ClosetMaid specifically singles out any that measure smaller than 5.75 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide by 11 inches deep. The organizer comes in three colors: White, Espresso and Dark Cherry.

ClosetMaid Stackable 15-Unit Organizer

Seville Classics 2-Tier Iron Stackable Shoe Storage Rack

This shoe storage rack from Seville Classics — which also makes Select favorite standing desks and laundry baskets — is a favorite of Solomon’s. It has interlocking shelves that can be stacked horizontally or vertically, depending on your shoes’ needs. In addition to the espresso color of our recommended shoe rack, Seville Classics makes it in other colors , too. The lower shelf on the Seville Classics can be raised in order to create more space and each shelf can hold about six pairs of shoes total.

Seville Classics 2-Tier Iron Stackable Shoe Storage Rack

Shopping Looking for bed sheets? Start here.

How to decide what shoe storage solution to buy.

Before buying any kind of shoe storage, McGreevy encourages a shoe cleanse: categorize all of your shoes first and then place them side-by-side, donating or otherwise getting rid of all the pairs you don’t need anymore. “Going through this step is important so that you don’t end up organizing extra pairs of shoes or buying more storage than you need,” she said. “Count how many pairs — and how many of each type — you have after decluttering. Purchase storage based on those numbers.”

After you assess which shoes need to go in the shoe case, look at your space on the whole. The type of shoe organizer you buy should also depend on what the size of your space is and how often you wear each pair, McGreevy said.

Solomon agreed and added that the frequency at which you wear your favorite pairs is especially important when searching for shoe storage, since you won’t want to tuck away shoes into individual storage bins if you plan on wearing them frequently. Instead, opt for open storage like a shoe cubby or shoe rack that allows for easy access, Solomon suggested. An over-the-door shoe bag could work for someone who doesn’t need their collection in plain sight, she said. Plus, it frees up floor space.

How to properly store shoes away

Generally, you should make sure you’re storing shoes somewhere that isn’t directly hit by sunlight but is well-ventilated and cleaned regularly, according to Meck. This can help prevent shoes from becoming damaged or collecting dust.

For shoes that you want to pack away, Meck explained that wrapping them in tissue paper (and even old clothes) can keep them from scraping or scuffing together.

For those shoes you reach for regularly, Solomon recommended leaving them around an entryway to prevent dirt from traveling further into your house or apartment.

Here are a few other expert-recommended tips to consider when arranging your shoe storage:

  • Boots : Both McGreevy and Solomon suggested using shapers in order to help maintain their shape and keep them standing straight. The two recommended this affordable option from The Container Store . For seasonal shoes like winter and rain boots, Solomon the best place for storage is in an entryway closet or mudroom, especially if you don’t want to drag in dirt from outside.
  • Sneakers : Avoid sealed storage like storage bins for sneakers since these shoes need to breathe to look fresh and new, Solomon said. She’s a fan of stocking sneakers in shoe cubbies, especially for someone who has a larger collection that they want to show off.
  • Heels : Those who have a bigger selection of high heels should look in between the shelves of a shoe shelf. Solomon recommended avoiding shoe racks with slats, as they “always lead to heels getting stuck in between the rungs” or slanted shelves “as shoes tend to fall off the racks more easily.”

safari mall shoe rack

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Catch up on Select's in-depth coverage of personal finance , tech and tools , wellness and more, and follow us on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date .

Ambar Pardilla is a former reporter for Select on NBC News. 

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We independently evaluate all of our recommendations. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation.

  • Home Products

The 8 Best Shoe Racks of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

For organized entryways and closets.

safari mall shoe rack

In This Article

  • Our Top Picks

Final Verdict

Our testing process.

  • More to Consider
  • How to Shop

Take Our Word for It

What is real simple selects.

Real Simple / Henry Wortock

Whether in your closet, entryway, or mudroom, a shoe rack will keep your floors clutter-free and make it easy to quickly find your favorite pairs when you’re rushing out the door. While functionality is essential, shoe organizers come in a wide range of designs and styles to suit any household’s needs.

“Having a shoe rack provides a designated spot so that hopefully you don't have shoes strewn all around the house,” says Brittani Allen , owner of Pinch of Help, a professional home organization service. “If it is by the entry and promotes the habit of removing shoes when you enter the home , it will also lead to a cleaner, more sanitary house by not dragging everything from the bottom of your shoes all around your living spaces.” 

To find the best shoe racks, we tested 31 models in our Des Moines lab and in real-world conditions, including benches that double as shoe storage and over-the-door options that maximize every square foot. We evaluated each rack on its setup, design, stability, ease of cleaning, capacity, and value.

Best Overall Shoe Rack

Open spaces entryway rack.

  • Design 4.5 /5
  • Stability 4.5 /5
  • Ease of Cleaning 5 /5
  • Capacity 5 /5

It comes in a variety of colors and will last for years.

It's on the heavy side.

This three-shelf organizer from Open Spaces is much more than just a stylish shoe rack . Its chic design makes it super versatile, as it can be used in an entryway or hall for storage and decor purposes. We found it extremely easy to set up this shoe rack, noting that no extra tools were required and that it was very user-friendly for any skill level.

Although the manufacturer doesn’t outright list the capacity of this shoe rack, we were able to fit 12 pairs without a problem. We also found the steel shelves to be exceedingly durable after six months of use—the quality and appearance remained consistent throughout, and we were fond of how the elegant design complemented our home.

This rack is also easy to wipe down, which makes long-term maintenance hassle-free. Though the light color shows dirt more quickly, it took very little effort to clean (plus, you can always opt for navy, black, or green instead). The arched overhanging handle allows you to move the unit from room to room (although the unit is pretty heavy at 30 pounds). Overall, we think this pick is an elevated shoe rack offering high-quality construction and a minimalist look perfect for any space.

Dimensions: 33.8 x 12.5 x 26.1 inches | Capacity: 12 pairs | Material: Steel

Best Budget Shoe Rack

The container store stackable shoe shelf.

  • Design 3 /5
  • Stability 4 /5
  • Capacity 3 /5

It has a durable steel construction and comes fully assembled.

You may need to scrub the mesh with a bristled tool to thoroughly clean.

Sometimes, a simple, no-frills shoe rack can organize your footwear just as effectively as a more expensive option. The Mesh Stackable Shoe Shelf from The Container Store has a basic, one-shelf construction, and it’s just a fraction of the price of our best overall pick. In our testing, we found it had enough space for about eight pairs of shoes when utilizing the space on the floor underneath the bottom shelf. You can also purchase additional organizers separately and stack them on top of each other to create a larger storage solution.

The steel construction is durable and comes fully assembled, and we found that no shoes fell from the rack when we jostled it—it just wobbled a bit. It is also easy to clean with a damp cloth, but you may need to scrub the mesh with a bristled tool for a very thorough cleaning. Though the capacity is limited in comparison to some of our other selections, this affordable, durable design can add shoe storage to just about any room or closet.

Dimensions: 31 x 8 x 10 inches | Capacity: 8 pairs | Material: Steel

Best Large Shoe Rack

Vasagle 5-tier shoe rack.

  • Design 4 /5
  • Ease of Cleaning 4 /5

The narrow rack can hold 15 pairs of shoes and can withstand bumps and shakes.

It may be more time-consuming to construct than other options.

This five-tier shelf received perfect scores for its value and capacity, and we think it’s an ideal option for anyone with a large shoe collection. Most of the racks on our list have a maximum capacity of 12 pairs, but we found this unit was able to hold 15 pairs in our testing.

Unlike other options on our list, the shelves of this rack are a polyester fabric material held taut on a steel frame. Even with fabric shelves, this pick stood up well to movement and shaking—we noted that the high heels and other shoes didn’t budge when we shook or bumped the rack with the vacuum. Keep in mind that this rack comes with 30 parts, so it may be more time-consuming to construct than other options on our list.

Despite this slight downside, we think the final product is well worth the added effort. Throughout six months of use, we disassembled, reassembled, and moved the shelf several times, fitting it into different closets and storage areas around our home (it remained sturdy and showed no wear or tear). In addition to being a durable shoe rack, we also found that this pick can double as additional closet storage, and we were happy to find that it could hold more weight than we initially assumed.

Dimensions: 11.8 x 29.5 x 35.8 inches | Capacity: 15 pairs | Material: Particleboard, steel, polyester fabric

Best Small Shoe Rack

Rebrilliant 2-tier 8-pair shoe rack.

  • Setup 4.5 /5
  • Stability 5 /5
  • Ease of Cleaning 4.5 /5
  • Capacity 4 /5

Its simple and elegant design works in most rooms.

Stiletto heels could slip between the slats.

A low-profile shoe rack can clear clutter without taking up valuable space, making this Rebrilliant Shoe Rack an ideal pick for any entryway, mudroom, or hall. In our lab tests, this shoe rack received stellar ratings for setup, stability, ease of cleaning, and value. We used this shoe rack for six months, and it became a valuable addition to our daily storage system. It helped us reduce shoe clutter near the door and survived our move to a new home without sacrificing quality or performance.

Though this rack only has two parts, along with an included tool for assembly, we found that the tool seemed to have a slight design flaw, as it was challenging to get the screw flush with the wood. Still, setting up this shoe rack was fairly straightforward.

While the slats on the shelf might not be ideal for stiletto heels that could slip through the gap, we noted that they are wide enough to provide plenty of surface area for most shoes. The shoe rack may not be large enough to store your entire footwear collection, but it provides enough storage for a few pairs that you like to keep by the door.

Dimensions: 10.23 x 27.51 x 15.75 inches | Capacity: 8 pairs | Material: Wood

Best Bench Shoe Rack

Vasagle shoe bench.

  • Design 5 /5

It's super easy to clean and the compartments are adjustable.

The backing is fairly flimsy and can wobble slightly.

If you’re familiar with the last-minute hustle to find your shoes and tie them properly before running out the door, then it might be time to invest in a bench-style shoe rack like this one from Vasagle.

This product is one of the largest options on our list and requires a bit more assembly than some other shoe racks, but we found that the instructions were straightforward and the parts are clearly labeled. During testing, we also noted that this pick is super easy to clean, with dirt coming off effortlessly with a damp paper towel. 

While we were initially concerned about the flimsy backing during our lab tests, after six months of regular use and wear from the whole family (kids included), we can confidently say that this shoe bench is also a durable option. In fact, it looked and performed as good as the first day we got it.

Dimensions: 11.8 x 40.9 x 18.9 inches | Capacity: 10 pairs | Material: Particleboard, fabric, foam

Best Over-Door Shoe Rack

Whitmor over-the-door shoe rack.

  • Design 3.5 /5
  • Capacity 3.5 /5

It's easy to set up and has an impressive 21-shoe capacity.

It's not suitable for boots and larger shoes.

For those with a closet perpetually littered with a mess of shoes, an over-the-door rack can keep every pair in line—no straggling heels left behind. This Whitmor rack elevates your shoes off the floor, allowing you to select a pair without crouching down or sifting through your collection. We also like that this over-the-door organizer keeps shoes hidden in a closet rather than on display for everyone to see.

In our tests, we found that this shoe rack is easy to set up and has an impressive capacity of 21 shoes, which is the highest on our list. That said, the individual racks aren’t adjustable and cannot accommodate shoes larger than an ankle boot, so it may not be ideal for people who need to store men’s shoes or boots.

Dimensions: 7.5 x 22.5 x 48.75 inches | Capacity: 21 pairs | Material: Plastic, metal

Best Shoe Rack for Boots

The container store natural boot rack.

  • Ease of Cleaning 3 /5

It helps retain the shape of tall boots.

It might not be able to store all your sneakers, flats, and heels.

Even the most high-end boots can lose their luster when they get crumpled and creased in your closet, and that’s exactly why this boot rack from The Container Store earned a spot on our list. Unlike most shoe racks, this pick stores your shoes upside down—just slip the boot over the wooden posts with the sole facing upwards. (It’s also available in an option that’s designed to hold six pairs of boots.)

We think this pick would be a great addition to an existing shoe rack, and we appreciate that it can be folded down for storage when not in use. It also comes completely assembled, so you can skip the instruction manual entirely. While it might not be able to store all your sneakers, flats, and heels, if you’re looking to organize your tall boots and shoes, this rack is a must-have.

Dimensions: 9.63 x 37.38 x 19 inches | Capacity: 4 pairs | Material: Wood

Best Wooden Shoe Rack

The container store bamboo shoe shelf.

The stackable shoe rack is ideal for sandals, sneakers, and flats.

It's harder to clean and not suitable for heavy boots or shoes.

A wooden shoe rack, like this one from The Container Store, is a welcome change to the metal and plastic materials that are so common in this category. We think this stackable shoe rack can suit nearly any space, whether it’s tucked into your closet or on display near an entryway.

The Container Store 2-Tier Bamboo Stackable Shoe Shelf features two bamboo shelves with slats, and you can stack multiple for even more storage space. One rack can hold about six pairs of shoes, though we found that it’s best for sandals, sneakers, and flats—larger boots won’t fit on the shelves, which are only 5.25 inches tall. The limited storage space of this selection makes this rack better suited to children's shoes or as a minimal entryway rack for a few pairs of slippers or shoes for running errands. 

When it came to cleaning, this shoe rack left a bit to be desired. Because it has many slats, we had to turn it over and change angles several times for a thorough cleaning. Thankfully, nothing stained, but there were a lot of little nooks and crannies to tackle. The slatted design will also allow for dirt to fall to the floor, so if keeping your entryway spick and span is a priority, you may want to opt for another shoe rack from our list.

Dimensions: 11 x 28 x 11.63 inches | Capacity: 6 pairs | Material: Bamboo

Our top pick is the Open Spaces Entryway Rack for its durable materials, elegant design, and stability. In our lab testing, this shoe rack received a near-perfect score, making it a great addition to just about any home.

If you’re looking to keep costs as low as possible, then we suggest the Mesh Stackable Shoe Shelf from The Container Store. This basic, no-frills organizer can fit up to eight pairs of shoes, but you can always stack additional shelves on top for even more storage space.

To find the best shoe racks, we acquired 31 models with a wide variety of designs, capacities, and materials to test in our lab. We first timed the assembly of the shoe rack from start to finish, noting whether the instructions were easy to follow and if any required tools were included. 

Then, we placed a variety of shoes and boots on each shoe rack to test its capacity , making sure to use men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes. We tallied how many pairs we could fit on the rack and compared this number to the capacity listed by the manufacturer. We also evaluated whether the shoe rack’s design could accommodate different types of footwear, like boots, high heels, and larger sizes. For adjustable shoe racks, we made modifications and then re-evaluated how many pairs of shoes fit, taking note of whether we needed additional tools and if the adjustments were easy to make. 

To test each shoe rack's stability , we pushed it from the front and side while it was loaded with shoes. We observed whether any wobbling occurred and if any shoes fell off. Then, we bumped into the shoe rack with a vacuum and took note of any damage or shifting. 

We also conducted unique tests for particular styles, like bench shoe racks, closet shoe racks, and over-the-door shoe racks. For shoe racks with bench seats, we sat down and put on their shoes to see if the rack felt sturdy enough. To evaluate over-the-door shoe racks, we opened and closed the door a minimum of three times, and for closet shoe racks, we slid them back and forth on the rod.

Finally, we evaluated each shoe rack’s ease of cleaning . We removed all shoes from the rack and sprinkled one tablespoon of damp soil on the shelves before using a paper towel with an all-purpose cleaner to see if the design was easy to clean. 

After our initial evaluations were complete, we sent out top-performing models for continued evaluations in real-world conditions over six months. We used this long-term testing to assess each rack's durability, performance, and stability over time.

Henry Wortock

More Shoe Racks to Consider

Yamazaki Home Shoe Rack : In our testing, this shoe rack proved to be lightweight yet sturdy and easy to clean. However, we found that heels hung over the edge of the metal bars, making it difficult to put in and take out the shoes below. That said, we still think it’d be a good option for people with mostly flats in their footwear collection.

Brightroom 4-Tier Shoe Rack : This shoe rack is from the same brand as our best overall pick, so it’s no surprise that it also impressed us. Instead of solid shelves, this rack has three wire shelves with a wooden top that can hold small items like keys, mail, and gloves. In our testing, we found that there was some slight wobbling during our stability test—only one pair of shoes moved, but this issue could be potentially fixed by affixing the rack to the wall.

How to Shop for Shoe Racks Like a Pro

To find the best shoe rack for your space, you’ll need to consider its capacity and dimensions. We recommend first doing an inventory of your existing shoe collection to see how many pairs you hope to squeeze on the rack. (Keep in mind that a few open slots can come in handy when you have guests over or impulse buy a new pair.) Compare that number with the manufacturer’s listed capacity to ensure that the rack you select will fit your existing collection (if not more). 

Then, measure the space where you’re hoping to place your shoe rack. This is especially important if you want to stow it in a closet or confined area. “Measurements are your friend when selecting any organizational products and shoe racks are no different,” says Allen. “How tall and wide is the space? How much walking room is available?” 

If you have ample space in a mudroom or hallway, you can opt for a large shoe rack or shoe bench with plenty of room for the whole family’s shoes. But those with limited space may want to opt for an over-the-door design or narrow shoe rack that can tuck away into a closet.

Shoe racks come in a wide variety of styles that can match your existing decor, whether it be an uber-minimalist or a boho-chic style. For those who would prefer to minimize any visual clutter, a shoe bench or over-the-door shoe rack can make for a more streamlined look that keeps your shoes out of sight. If you are prioritizing capacity over style, then a large multi-level shoe rack might be a better option.

While some shoe racks can hold any variety of footwear, whether it be boots, sneakers, or heels, others may have limitations to what they can fit. “Make sure you consider the size of the shoes you will be storing,” says Allen. “For example, my husband wears a size 14 so I have to be extra sure his shoes will actually fit.” 

If you have a plethora of boots and larger shoes, a shoe rack with more vertical space between each shelf might be best, while those with mostly sneakers and flats can opt for an over-the-door organizer or a smaller rack with less space between each shelf.

Questions You Might Ask

What material is best for shoe racks.

During our testing, the most common materials for shoe racks were steel, plastic, particleboard, and wood. Of these materials, steel and plastic tend to be the most durable and easy to clean, making for a long-lasting shoe rack that can withstand wear and tear. For those with a penchant for design, wood options can also be durable and suit most decor styles, though they may be slightly more challenging to clean. Our best overall pick, the Brightroom Rolling Entry Rack, is made of steel, which we found to be stable, easy to clean, and aesthetically pleasing material. 

Where should you place a shoe rack?

One of the best places to put a shoe rack is inside your closet —it hides clutter while keeping your shoes within reach. Most households will require multiple shoe racks, especially if you have a family or share your space with roommates. In addition to a utilitarian closet shoe rack, we recommend a stylish, lower-capacity shoe rack near your entryway for guest's shoes, boots, and your go-to errand sneakers. 

What is the most space-saving way to store shoes?

Vertical shoe storage is one of the best ways to store your shoe collection without taking up too much space. “ With small closets , our go-to product [is] stackable shoe space savers, which allow you to fit more pairs of shoes on each shelf,” says Allen. “Another good option is to use the door for added shoe storage.”

This article was written by Quinn Gawronski , associate commerce editor for Real Simple, who has three years of experience writing and editing product reviews and roundups. To compile this list, we tested 31 shoe racks and evaluated them on setup, design, stability, ease of cleaning, capacity, and value. For expert tips, we spoke with Brittani Allen , owner of Pinch of Help, a professional home organization service.

Next to each product on this list, you may have noticed a Real Simple Selects seal of approval . Any product appearing alongside that seal has been vetted by our team—put through tests and graded on its performance to earn a spot on our list. Although we buy most of the products we test, sometimes we do get samples from companies if purchasing a product ourselves isn't an option. All products go through the same rigorous process, whether they are purchased or sent by the company.

Love our recommendations? Check out more products that have earned the Real Simple Selects , from humidifiers to cordless vacuums.

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The Best Shoe Rack

Jennifer Hunter

By Jennifer Hunter and Katie Okamoto

After spending more than 30 hours researching shoe racks, interviewing professional organizers, and assembling 18 racks by hand, we think the Seville Classics 3-Tier Resin Slat Utility Shoe Rack is the best choice for those who need extra shoe storage in a closet or entryway.

Other shoe racks may save you a few bucks, but the Seville Classics is worth the extra cost. It’s the strongest—yet the easiest to assemble—rack we found.

Everything we recommend

safari mall shoe rack

Seville Classics 3-Tier Resin Slatted Shoe Rack

The best shoe rack.

This rack succeeds where most fail: It’s wobble-free and assembles in minutes. It holds more shoes, and a wider variety, than many freestanding racks we tested, and it feels like it will last a long time.

Buying Options

safari mall shoe rack

Oceanstar 2-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack

A modern, lightweight option.

This bamboo rack strikes a great balance between stability and portability, but it's less customizable and isn’t as simple to assemble as others we tested.

Upgrade pick

safari mall shoe rack

Yamazaki Home Tower Shoe Rack

An attractive, high-quality rack for shoes—or anything else.

This investment-worthy rack is slim enough to fit in a closet and sleek enough for an entryway. It has a wooden shelf on top and can house up to 24 shoes.

safari mall shoe rack

Yamazaki Home Tower Shoe Rack–Tall

A mini shoe rack for the smallest spaces.

This elegant little rack takes up the footprint of just one pair of shoes, but holds five.

May be out of stock

safari mall shoe rack

The best way to hide shoes

Cabinets are the only style we tested that store shoes out of sight, and this one costs a fraction of the price of similar models. It’s slimmer and fits a narrow entryway better than any other we tried.

safari mall shoe rack

Whitmor 36 Pair Over the Door Shoe Rack

A decent over-the-door option.

If you’re short on floor space, the Whitmor avoids the usual over-the-door rack annoyances: Its rubber-lined hooks are more secure than any other we tested, and its configurable shelves hold a wider variety of shoe sizes and types.

The Seville Classics 3-Tier Resin Slat Utility Shoe Rack stacks vertically or connects horizontally to make the best use of your available space, and also allows you to remove or reposition shelves to accommodate tall shoes and boots that don’t fit on other designs. Tiny toddler sneakers, tall heels, and men’s size 12 shoes stay on this rack equally well, and it offers three generously sized shelves whereas most racks in its price range include only two.

If you’re looking for a modern style, the Oceanstar 2-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack is a great choice. Easy to assemble (although not as effortless as our main pick), this model is lighter and easier to move around than our top pick. Like the Seville Classics model, this rack stacks vertically to increase storage, but the shelves don’t adjust or configure in any other ways.

If you can make the investment, the Yamazaki Home Tower Shoe Rack , in steel and wood veneer, is versatile and sturdy enough that it should last years. The rack’s design works only for adult-size shoes. But its five racks, plus space on the floor beneath, will comfortably hold as many as 24 shoes. Plus, it looks nice enough to use in an entryway as a piece of furniture, and you can set your keys and mail on the top wooden shelf.

If you need a place to store five pairs of shoes in the footprint of one, the “tall” version of the Yamazaki Home Tower Shoe Rack fits the bill. Minimalist and sturdy, it’s great for corners, closets, and tight spaces. The handle on top makes the design portable and easy to move around as needed.

Unlike most shoe cabinets, which are many times the price, the IKEA Bissa offers hidden shoe storage for a bargain. It was smaller and slimmer than the other cabinet we tested, and it wasted less space on thick cabinet walls. It was also far, far easier for us to assemble. This cabinet will help your shoe storage area look neater than our other picks, but it still takes up more space and stores fewer shoes than most freestanding styles.

If you don’t have the floor space to use freestanding or cabinet-style shoe storage, the Whitmor 36 Pair Over the Door Shoe Rack stores lots of shoes in a small, unused spot. Its unusual design allows you to configure its shelves to fit different-size shoes, and its nonadjustable rubber-lined hooks are more secure than competitors’ hardware. This rack is more visible and looks messier than our other picks, and like most door racks, it can be cumbersome (especially if you need to use the door frequently). But in a category that generally isn't the greatest shoe storage option, the Whitmor model is the best hanging rack we tested.

The research

Why you should trust us, how to pick the best rack for your home, how we picked and tested, our pick: seville classics 3-tier resin slat utility shoe rack, runner-up: oceanstar 2-tier bamboo shoe rack, upgrade pick: yamazaki home tower shoe rack, also great: yamazaki home tower shoe rack–tall, also great: ikea bissa, also great: whitmor 36 pair over the door shoe rack, the competition.

Before becoming Wirecutter’s senior editor covering apparel, accessories, and pets, Jennifer Hunter was the editor of Wirecutter’s home-goods coverage. She spent nine years writing about decor, home organization, and furniture for media companies such as NBC and Apartment Therapy. She also owns a lot of shoes, which she’s had to wrangle into some very small apartments in both Los Angeles and New York City. For the 2022 update, Katie Okamoto—a staff editor and reformed architectural designer covering home goods, who has also lived in apartments in New York and LA with minimal storage—spent about a year researching, testing, and speaking with experts.

Of all the stuff in our closets, shoes are what often cause the most clutter. You probably don’t need an expert to tell you that you have too many shoes. But just in case, professional organizer Barbara Reich can confirm, and you probably have shoes you don't wear. As professional organizer Naeemah Ford Goldson stresses, visibility is key—so that you know what shoes you own and can better access them.

Before beginning your shoe-rack search, it’s a good idea to take a page out of the general closet organizing book and spend some time sorting through your shoe collection and weeding out the excess. You may have fewer shoes to store than you originally thought.

Even if you don’t manage to get rid of a single pair, it’s still smart to take stock. Organizer Abbey Claire Keusch told us, “Count before you buy something! See what type of storage will hold as many [shoes] as possible in your space.”

The right shoe rack will help you store more shoes in less space. And it will keep them visible, easily accessible, and protected from dust, dirt, and interested kids or pets. A shoe rack in the entry or mudroom will keep things organized and eliminate the “shoe parking lot,” as Reich put it.

Every household is different, but when you’re beginning your search, consider the following general guidelines regarding rack styles:

Freestanding racks

A freestanding wooden shoe rack with two shelves.

Freestanding racks are portable and somewhat customizable; most of the models we tested could stack or change in some way. They work best to maximize floor space inside a small closet—most fit under hanging clothes—or by the front door to keep shoes organized.

A white shoe rack with twelve cubbies.

Cubbies are sturdy, and their individual compartments make them a good option if you want each pair of your shoes to have a separate home. Because your shoes must fit within specific dimensions, cubbies are less versatile than other types of storage we considered. You’ll still see your shoes, however, so cubbies let you show off pretty pairs. This style works especially well in a dressing area or a walk-in closet; it tends to take up more space than freestanding racks but also provides a top surface you can use for other storage.

Shoe cabinets

A white shoe cabinet with its door open, revealing four pairs of neatly stacked shoes.

Shoe cabinets keep footwear hidden, so they work well in an open space. They’re usually taller and bigger than other racks and designed with deep drawers that pivot open and closed. A cabinet is perfect for an entryway or if you’d like to store shoes out of sight in the bedroom (but don’t have space in the closet).

Over-the-door racks

A white over-the-door shoe rack holding five pairs of shoes.

Over-the-door racks can be problematic, but if you have limited floor space, a hanging rack may be your best bet. Our experts strongly disliked the flimsiness of over-the-door racks and their tendency to make it difficult to use the door, but we also spoke to several Wirecutter staffers with kids, who praised these racks as a great way to keep shoes up and away from small hands. These racks also tend to be very inexpensive, so if you need a temporary, disposable storage option, a door rack could work just fine.

You can find lots of other shoe-storage styles, including shoe trees, rolling racks, and under-the-bed storage, but after much research and many conversations with our experts, we concluded that none of those options made sense for our purposes. We also considered adding a section on installed shelving systems, such as the Elfa line at The Container Store or Closetmaid Impressions , but we opted to focus on more portable, flexible shoe-storage options in this guide.

Keep in mind that shoe storage isn’t an all-or-nothing exercise, and the most successful organizers are the ones who realize that shoes don’t all need to be stored in the same place. Organizer Beth Penn told us, “Most people are trying to maximize every inch of storage in their regular closet, so if they do have room elsewhere for fancier shoes or out-of-season shoes—under the bed or in a guest closet—they should take advantage.” This concept came up over and over during conversations with our pros: If you have limited closet space, split up your shoe collection and use extra space where you find it.

This could also mean that you need to buy more than one shoe rack. If you’re planning to store the bulk of your shoes in your closet but want to keep everyday pairs near the front door, you will probably require a rack for each space.

Our four picks for best shoe rack.

You can find hundreds of nearly identical shoe racks out there; our goal was to choose a rack that was not only sturdy and simple to assemble but also useful for a wide range of storage needs.

We interviewed six professional organizers to help us understand the biggest difficulties most people face when it comes to shoe storage: Naeemah Ford Goldson , professional organizer and founder of  the National Association of Black Professional Organizers (NABPO); Katrina Green , professional organizer and board member of NABPO; Rebekah Bashorun , professional organizer and founder of Organize for Love; Beth Penn, author of The Little Book of Tidying and founder of Bneato Bar ; Abbey Claire Keusch, owner of Abbey Claire Professional Organizing ; and Barbara Reich of Resourceful Consultants and author of Secrets of an Organized Mom . We also spoke to sales associate Bonnie Williams about her nearly 20 years of experience in the shoe department at Prada in New York City.

As anyone who has owned a crappy shoe rack can attest, certain factors will quickly turn any rack into more trouble than it’s worth, so we carefully considered the following criteria:

Stability: We wanted to find storage options that could handle the commotion of a regular household and hold up when jostled or bumped. When we scoured reviews, the number one owner complaint we noticed had to do with flimsy, wobbly racks that dumped shoes on the floor.

Capacity: We were looking for a rack that would easily hold a variety of shoe types and provide enough storage space to make it worth the purchase. We learned from reviews that people were often frustrated that a rack they bought online didn’t hold as many shoes as it promised, or that it didn’t hold the specific kind of shoes they needed to store. For men’s shoes, things are a little easier, as those are usually similar in shape, but women’s high heels and boots (even ankle boots) are often too tall or unwieldy for certain racks.

A person placing a pair of shoes into a partially full shoe cabinet.

Ease of assembly: It was important to us that a shoe rack be easy to put together, so we aimed to find models that came with clear directions, needed few or no extra tools to assemble, and included good-quality, well-labeled parts. During testing we especially appreciated extra touches like predrilled guide holes to help us easily find the right place for a screw, and racks that came with the tools we needed for assembly.

Ability to customize: Because everyone owns a different combination of shoe types and not all types fit perfectly on every rack, you’re unlikely to find the perfect, maximize-your-space rack without a little tweaking. That’s why we were especially interested in racks that allowed for some customization. They could be stackable (allowing you to add another unit to increase capacity), modular, or designed with shelves that are adjustable by height. Our experts warned us to avoid “expandable” racks consisting of bars that slide horizontally to create longer shelves. These models usually trade stability for length, and the adjusted shelves often wobble, sag in the center, or pull apart.

Two people examining an instruction manual for assembling a shoe rack. They are surrounded by various disassembled shoe racks, two potted plants, and a large screen TV.

Style: While style wasn’t our top concern, each rack’s styling and finishes did factor into our decision. We think most people use a shoe rack inside a closet, where style isn’t of the utmost importance, but some people also want storage that will look nice out in the open. Even in a closet, racks that were too bulky seemed like they would just waste valuable storage space, and racks without clean lines seemed like they would be difficult to maneuver around in a small area.

We looked at a variety of rack styles and read hundreds of reviews on the sites of Amazon, The Container Store, Home Depot, Overstock, and many others. We then researched more than 50 promising shoe racks before narrowing the field to our testing group of 15. In 2021, Katie Okamoto also tested three additional shoe racks from two companies that advertise widely on Instagram.

We tested how long it took to assemble each shoe rack—ranging from three minutes to nearly two hours—and noted how clear the instructions were, how well the parts were labeled, and what additional tools (or knowledge) we needed. When a rack was able to adjust or change, we tested that, too—stacking multiple units, moving shelves, and adding extensions to make sure that when used at full capacity, the rack would still perform.

A person placing a burgundy suede high heel into a clear plastic shoe drawer.

After we set up each rack, we filled it with shoes in a variety of styles and heel heights, as well as a range of other sizes—from tiny toddler shoes to a men’s size 12—noting how many shoes each rack held. We also checked for other variables such as the space between tiers, the height of the first tier (to see if a bonus row of shoes could fit underneath), and where each rack would work best in a home.

Finally, it was time for the “jiggle test,” during which we bumped, shook, and generally put each rack through its paces to see how stable and useful it was.

Four pairs of shoes sitting on our pick for best shoe rack.

We recommend the Seville Classics 3-Tier Resin Slat Utility Shoe Rack for its winning combination of stability, easy assembly, and versatility. The steel frame is stronger and feels more stable than the structure of any other model we considered, and it’s one of the fastest and easiest racks to set up. This model was the most customizable rack we found, and it can hold a wide variety of shoe sizes and styles.

Right out of the box, the Seville Classics is clearly a good-quality shoe rack. The frame is weighty and substantial, yet its steel bars are slim—about half an inch wide. It’s a combination that we didn’t find in any other rack we tested: Racks with thin frames were wobbly, while racks that were solid and heavy took up more space. We also like the wide, rubber-tipped feet, which allow for leveling on uneven surfaces. This rack will stay steady even on warped floors or lumpy carpet.

Most freestanding racks consist of metal or wood shelving attached to separate vertical leg pieces—the shelves are the only source of horizontal strength. The Seville Classics, however, includes a complete cagelike outer frame in addition to the metal-framed shelves. The combination of those two layers of steel gives this rack much more stability than in any other rack we tried. During our jiggle test, most freestanding racks wobbled enough to let some shoes fall to the floor, but the Seville Classics rack didn’t drop a single shoe.

This model was the only rack we found with a fold-open frame. It doesn’t require screws, extra parts, or tools, in contrast to many of the racks we assembled. Instead, the frame opens like a book and the shelves snap easily and securely in place. And even though the shelves install very securely, they are also easy to adjust or remove. Many shoe racks require you to attach the shelves to the frame with screws—which of course means that any adjustments you want to make later force you to undo that work. The shelves on the Seville Classics model easily snap off the frame for repositioning.

The Seville Classics also offers more customizable storage than other freestanding racks we tried. It comes with three resin slat shelves, but the frame has four levels. We suspect that the very top level is meant to function as a carrying handle, but if you want a little extra room for storing high heels or ankle boots, installing a shelf on that top tier will give you the space for it. If you need even more distance (say, if you want to store tall boots), you also have the option to leave out a shelf altogether.

Several Seville Classics shoe racks stacked on top of one another to create a shoe rack that is six shelves high.

If you need a lot of storage, you can easily stack multiple units vertically with nary a wobble. Other racks we tested grew exponentially precarious as their height increased, whereas the Seville Classics rack was still very solid when it was two units and six shelves high. The shelves are also strong enough on their own to serve as a bridge, connecting the frames of two units if you want to attach several together side by side. Any of the shelves can do this, but if you need extras, Seville Classics sells what it calls an Extra Knock Down Shoe Rack Shelf , which costs about $8 as of this writing and appears to be available only on the company’s website. If you have a lot of shoes to store, this add-on will give you some extra shelf space without your having to buy another complete unit. It also creates a handy space for tall boots, which are notoriously tricky to store.

Several different Seville Classics shoe racks connected together to make a long rack with multiple compartments of different sizes.

We tried many different sizes and styles of shoes on this rack, and it performed well with each one. Depending on the shoe size, the three shelves of the Seville Classics rack hold between nine and 12 pairs of shoes. The shelves are 12 inches deep—roomy enough to accommodate a men’s size 12. In contrast, we found that large shoes often hung over the edge of slimmer shelves. The slats of the Seville Classics model’s shelves were also thick enough to allow our high heels to sit flat, while some competitors let narrow heels fall right through the surface.

As of this writing, this rack has close to 7,000 reviews on Amazon, and nearly all of them are raves . Staff members at Wirecutter who own this rack also agree. One person calls it “perfect”—“inexpensive, sturdy feeling, and very lightweight.”

If something does go wrong, Seville Classics offers a one-year warranty, one of the only warranties we found among our test group. We always appreciate a warranty, not just because it would replace or refund a damaged rack, but also because we think a company that offers a warranty has real incentive to make something that won’t break in the first place. We tested the Seville Classics warranty by calling customer service to inquire about returning a defective rack, and the representative was receptive and helpful. We don’t doubt that the company would follow through and take care of any problems.

If all this sounds great to you, but you want a slightly different option, we also tested the 2-Tier Iron Stackable Shoe Storage Rack from Bed Bath & Beyond. This rack was a surprise because, until it arrived in a Seville Classics box, we didn’t realize it was made by that company. The steel frame is nearly identical to that of our main pick, and we found it just as solid and easy to assemble. The shelf surface is slightly different, with a teak-colored finish (the teak looks nice from a distance but feels more like plastic), and the frame is missing the top “handle” row that we thought was so versatile on the three-tier version. But if you like the look of lighter wood and don’t mind getting two shelves instead of three (for the same price), this rack is a great option.

Long-term test notes

Several Wirecutter staffers use the Seville Classics in their own homes. And the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, whether the rack is used in a bedroom closet or as a designated bike shoe rack for the garage. Lead editor Kimber Streams, who has owned this rack since 2016, told us, “It’s held up great and it’s easy to clean, which is useful for winters in Buffalo when it gets all salty. We bought another one this year because we ran out of room on the first.” Editorial assistant Phillip Zminda said, “Something I didn’t realize I would love is that low-profile shoes like sandals and Sperrys fit snugly beneath the first rack. It feels like I’m really maximizing space.”

Jennifer Hunter, the original author of this guide, used to own two Seville racks and said they looked brand new, even after a move. She said they were sturdy enough for heavy moving boxes and belt sanders, as well as shoes.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

The Seville Classics rack isn’t the most stylish or the sleekest shoe rack in our test group, but neither is it noticeably ugly. It’s simply a plain, nondescript rack that will blend into the background, which, for a shoe rack, may in fact be a perk. If you love high design, other racks looked more stylish in our opinion—we thought The Container Store’s Silver Mesh Stackable Shoe Shelf looked the best overall—but we think a great-looking rack that doesn’t perform is just not worth the hassle.

This model probably isn’t the best rack if you want to move your storage frequently. The units are a bit heavy, and they don’t latch together when stacked. To add a second unit, you simply insert the bottom prongs (where you’d otherwise screw on the rubber feet) into corresponding holes on the other frame. The two frames sit very securely together, but if you pick up the rack by its top handle, the units will separate. Sliding them back together is easy enough, but it can be annoying. We think most people set up a shoe rack and never think about it again, so you probably won’t even notice.

Four pairs of shoes sitting on our runner-up pick for best shoe rack, the Oceanstar 2-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack.

If the Seville Classics 3-Tier Shoe Rack isn’t available or you prefer a solid-bamboo option, the Oceanstar 2-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack is a great alternative. The wood construction makes this rack lighter than the steel-frame Seville Classics, but it’s still very stable. The Oceanstar has less storage—two shelves instead of three—but it still holds many types of shoes well. It stacks easily but is less customizable overall than our main pick.

The Oceanstar model’s lighter weight and built-in handles make it much easier to move around than the Seville Classics rack, especially when loaded up with shoes. If you want to move your shoe storage frequently, you may be better off choosing this model. And despite the lighter frame, this rack was stronger than most of the other freestanding racks we tested, as it resisted wobbling when we bumped it; our shoes, even the heels, stayed put.

Seven pairs of shoes placed across four shelves on our runner-up pick for best shoe rack.

Like the Seville Classics, the Oceanstar can stack vertically, and it does so well—wooden dowels secure the units together, and they don’t easily pull apart. The shelves don’t adjust, but they do have a generous 8 inches of space between them, so most high heels and ankle boots will fit. This rack’s two shelves won’t hold as many pairs as our main pick, but it also costs a little less.

The Oceanstar requires a bit more assembly than our winner. You must attach the two shelves to the end pieces using the included screws and hex key (we appreciated that one comes in the package). Overall, assembly was easy enough and it took us only about eight minutes to get this rack ready to roll, but that hardly compared to the simplicity of unfolding and snapping together the Seville Classics rack.

A close up of the dowels the Oceanstar shoe rack uses to stack vertically.

It’s also not the most elegant design we encountered. On our test unit, the bamboo was sanded smooth, but the squared-off handles had sharp edges that would have been nicer had they been rounded. And since the rack has no stabilizing feet, we imagine it could get rickety on rough terrain. This is a great rack and it definitely does its job well, but in the end it just isn’t quite as impressive as the Seville Classics.

The Yamazaki Home Tower Shoe Rack sits in an entryway with shoes on its metal shelves.

Durable and minimalist, compact yet capacious, the Yamazaki Home Tower Shoe Rack looks more like a piece of furniture than your average shoe rack, due to its powder-coated steel design and ash veneer top. It’s far from being a budget solution, but if you’re able to make the investment, this is a shoe rack that won’t end up as a curbside donation. Its five shelves, plus space on the floor beneath, will comfortably hold 18 to 24 shoes, depending on their size and style. And the wood top makes an attractive shelf for belts, wallets, and other items. It also has two hooks on the side for hanging things like keys or umbrella.

The rack assembles quickly but will require using a screwdriver. We’ve been testing this for more than two years, and it never feels rickety or unstable, despite the steel’s slenderness. The open design is space-efficient—your shoes straddle two lateral steel bars for each “shelf”; this means the rack can also double as a hanger. In our tests, we have used it for more than shoes, draping jeans and bulky sweaters for easy access. However, due to this rack’s design, you won’t be able to use this in a child’s closet, since tiny shoes will tumble through.

The Yamazaki Home Tower Shoe Rack Tall sits in a hallway with a single pair of shoes on each level.

For the smallest spaces, we like the Yamazaki Home Tower Shoe Rack–Tall , the compact cousin of the similarly named upgrade pick , which houses five pairs of shoes but will take up the floor space of just one. The thin, powder-coated steel frame ensures that the rack won’t take up more space than it needs to in tight corners, such as in a bedroom closet, and it comes to just 2½ feet tall. In testing, the rectangular-shaped base gives the rack a sturdy footing, and the U-shape frame doubles as a handle, should you need to move the rack around. This model assembles quickly but requires the use of a screwdriver to attach the two halves.

Our pick for best shoe cabinet, the IKEA Bissa.

The shoe cabinet we like best is the IKEA Bissa . It’s just as useful as shoe cabinets more than three times the price, and miles easier to assemble. It doesn’t come with the customization options of our main pick, and it won’t fit as wide a range of shoes, but we think this model is an excellent option for an entryway, or anywhere else you want to store your shoes out of sight.

The Bissa comes with either two or three drawers, and each one holds about four pairs of shoes—fewer than larger cabinets we considered because, at 20 inches wide, the Bissa is one of the narrowest models we found. It can also accommodate taller shoes if you remove the drawer’s adjustable center divider—a feature common to most cabinet styles. The Bissa is also slim, only 11 inches deep, so it’s great for small hallways.

A close up of a laptop displaying a YouTube tutorial for assembling the IKEA Bissa, with two people assembling shoe racks out of focus in the background.

In true IKEA fashion, the instructions consisted of a series of pictures, which were clear and (for the most part) easy to follow. The parts were well-labeled and the technique was mostly intuitive. We ran into a snag when it came time to insert the shoe drawers into our assembled cabinet, as that step was somewhat unclear in the instructions; it took a helpful YouTube video to get us back on track. We finished the entire project in about 45 minutes, which seemed like a miracle after we spent two hours assembling our other shoe-cabinet contender, the Baxton Studio Simms.

A close up of the interior of the IKEA Bissa's shelves.

The Bissa doesn’t have a closed back panel, since it’s meant to stand up against a wall. We agree with IKEA’s recommendation to attach it to the wall to ensure sure it won’t tip over ( especially if you have kids ). A Wirecutter editor who uses the Bissa confirms that, though stable, the rack does sometimes tip forward when they are removing shoes, especially when its top rack is more full than the one below.

We especially love the bargain price of the Bissa, which was the only shoe cabinet we found in the same price range as freestanding shoe racks. Most cabinets cost many times more. Sitting side by side with the other, more expensive cabinet-style model we tested in person, the Bissa did look cheaper—the cabinet was smaller and the walls were thinner—but in this case we think that’s a pro rather than a con. In addition to being a nightmare to put together, the more expensive Baxton Studio cabinet was just too big and bulky, wasting space.

If you’re worried about your shoes shifting, you may prefer another rack style. Because the Bissa’s drawers pivot open, your shoes will move around more than if you simply set them on a freestanding rack like our main pick. This could mean that to prevent nicer pairs from touching or scuffing, you may want to give them some breathing room, or stow them in a shoe bag, which in turn could reduce capacity. However, if you want to be able to pile a drawer full of sneakers and then hide them away, one Wirecutter editor who owns this rack told us this is the perfect way to do it.

Our pick for best over the door shoe rack hanging over a door holding four pairs of shoes.

In a notoriously bad category, the Whitmor 36 Pair Over the Door Shoe Rack manages to shine. It avoids many of the usual pitfalls that people hate about hanging racks, and it holds more shoes than any of our other picks.

Most over-the-door hanging racks are made from a length of fabric with pockets to hold your shoes. The Whitmor model consists of two end pieces connected by horizontal bars that form shelves. In our tests, assembly was quick (about 10 minutes) and intuitive, but we did need to use some extra muscle when inserting the bars—they were a bit wobbly in the frame until we pounded them together (we used the heel of a boot on the fly, but you can use a mallet).

Other shoe racks we tried had slippery bars that let our shoes fall through the center, but the bars on this rack were textured and gripped our shoes’ soles well. This rack held most of our shoes (even when I slammed the door), but because of the shelf style, it wasn’t as successful with very small or very large sizes. Short toddler shoes reached both bars but felt less stable than larger sizes, and very long soles (men’s size 12) stuck too far off the back of the shelf.

The Whitmor rack is surprisingly stable, thanks to its rigid curved frame and its hooks, which attach securely to the top of a door. Other hanging racks in our test group have loose hooks that cause sag, but the Whitmor’s hooks are constructed of flat, wide, J-shaped molded metal strips. The hooks are strong and lined with rubber so they grip the top of the door well, and they sit flat enough that they should allow you to open and close the door normally. The hooks slip perfectly over a 1⅔-inch-thick door, but they might be too loose on thinner doors and won’t fit over thicker doors.

Finally, we love the ability to customize a shoe rack, and this model was the only hanging rack we tested that let us modify it. It can adjust in two key ways. First, the frame’s three separate sections clip together so you can alter the length of the rack based on the number of shoes you have to store. Second, if you need more clearance than the 5 inches between the shelves, you can fold alternating shelves flat to get them out of the way and make room for taller shoes.

There’s no escaping the fact that having shoes on your door isn’t ideal—the extra weight on the door can stress its hinges, and the hardware may prevent the door from shutting properly, damaging the door trim and making locks and latches too tight. Plus, the racks themselves are bulky and can look messy. But if you need to keep your shoes off the floor, the Whitmor rack is the best way we’ve found to do that.

Two wooden crates being used as shoe racks.

The steel Open Spaces Entryway Rack comes in seven colors. Assembly was a little difficult—we found that some of the tolerances for slotting the steel pieces together made alignment frustrating. But once assembled, the piece was sturdy and surprisingly useful. Though this is advertised as entryway shelving—it has a trendy, minimalist appearance—it easily holds 12 adult pairs of shoes, with over 8.5 inches of shelf clearance and plenty of space for tall styles up top. If you can’t hide your shoe rack away, or you don’t want to, you might like something in lavender, say, or forest green. But since it is $180, we can’t recommend this as an organizing solution, especially if you need to maximize space. The top bar feels more decorative than functional and restricts where you can put the rack. That said, we found the bar was useful for keeping yoga mats and foam rollers on the top shelf from tipping forward. And we have found the rack to be sturdy (holding two 10-pound weights on its second shelf without issue) and useful as entryway storage, due to its generous shelf size.

If you want a very customizable yet unconventional shoe-storage system, the Crates & Pallet Large Wood Crate is a solid, if rustic, option. The divided version is handy for creating more space, but these crates don’t stack securely, and they’re a bit bulky for the amount of storage they give you. We can see these working well if you want to store outdoor shoes on a porch or in a mudroom, but we don’t think they’re ideal for more delicate styles.

We really liked The Container Store’s Silver Mesh Stackable Shoe Shelf , and we came close to making it a pick. This model is a great-looking freestanding rack with a sleek metallic mesh design. Each level is sold individually, but they stack together easily and ingeniously. This rack would be ideal if you have only a few pairs of shoes to store (each tier easily holds four). In our tests, however, as we added more levels, we found the stack to be too wobbly to win our recommendation.

The Langria 5-Tier Metal Shoe Rack Organizer sounds good on paper, as it’s almost endlessly adjustable (you can position the shelves at any height you choose), but in reality the quality just isn’t there. The plastic clips that were meant to keep the shelves secure didn’t install correctly for us, and the rack wasn’t marked with any guidelines, so we were left to guess at where to install them in order to keep the shelves level. The entire frame was a wobbly mess and almost immediately dumped all our shoes on the floor.

The sleek design and narrow width of the Whitmor 20 Pair Shoe Rack make it great for small spaces, but in our tests its shelves—which were slick and consisted of only two horizontal bars—let our shoes slip through the middle and fall.

The Container Store’s 8-Pair Shoe Organizer was the best cubby-style option we found, but it wasn’t good enough to make our final list. The spaces fit a pair of shoes side by side but are too short for heels or ankle boots. In our tests, the white shelving boards seemed to attract dust and lint; this model kept picking up fibers from the carpet in our office, something that didn’t happen with any other rack. Another minor, yet very noticeable, flaw: The body is constructed with black screws that stick out terribly against the all-white surface (this is the same on both Container Store cubby styles we tried). The rack comes with a small bag of white plastic pieces meant to cover up this problem, but it took only about two minutes for them to fall off.

The Container Store’s 12-Pair Shoe Organizer has the same outer dimensions (and proclivity for dust) as the 8-Pair Shoe Organizer but divides the interior area into more, smaller cubbies. This design makes its compartments too small to fit anything except very small and narrow flats or kids shoes.

We had high hopes for the Real Simple Shoe Organizer because it appeared to be a rare cubby-style rack that was also adjustable—removable slats let you customize the height of the cubbies. It’s a great idea, but in our tests the width of the cubbies (which was not adjustable) turned out to be far too narrow to fit a pair of adult shoes side by side. Only one shoe fits per slot, which is a terrible waste of space.

We thought The Container Store's Clear Stackable Shoe Drawers might be a good way to both protect and display beautiful and delicate shoes, and they are. The drawers are made from good-quality plastic, and they stack well, but they also show every fingerprint and wind up looking dingy quickly. We found the women's-size box way too small to store any pair except sandals or flats. The more expensive men's-size box fit some of our heels (on their sides only, which isn’t ideal for display) but not our ankle boots. Overall we concluded that these boxes weren’t a practical option for storing many pairs.

The Baxton Studio Simms Shoe Cabinet was the most expensive model we tested, and we were hoping to find a gem, but this cabinet-style rack was a nightmare to assemble. The directions were unclear, the parts weren't well-labeled, and we had to backtrack and undo work in order to complete certain steps. It took our team of two people nearly two hours to complete the job. The finished product looks very nice and the drawers pivot smoothly, but we expect the flimsy plastic hinges to break quickly.

The Honey-Can-Do 24-Pocket Over-The-Door Closet Organizer had all the problems inherent to the over-the-door style, but it was the best fabric hanging rack we found. The bamboo panel looks nice and helps a bit to keep the panel flat against the door, the hooks fit a standard door securely, and the canvas is good quality. As with most hanging racks, the pockets fit only one shoe each and tend to sag, but if you have lots of kids shoes to get up off the floor (each pocket fits a pair of toddler-sized shoes), this model would be a good budget option.

If you’ve found that most over-the-door racks don’t fit your thicker-than-average door, consider the Misslo Hanging Over the Door Shoe Organizer . The hooks are wider (1¾ inches) than on most other styles. However, if you have a standard door (1⅜ inches), you should skip this model, as loose hooks only increase the sag factor. The pockets are large but still fit only one adult shoe per slot.

This article was edited by Daniela Gorny and Christine Ryan.

Abbey Claire Keusch, owner, Abbey Claire Professional Organizing , phone interview , August 17, 2017

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The 8 Best Shoe Racks of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Our favorites combine form and function (like your shoes!)

safari mall shoe rack

In This Article

  • Our Top Picks
  • How We Tested
  • What to Look For
  • Why Trust The Spruce

The Spruce / Henry Wortock

There's no true one-size-fits-all for shoe storage, just as there's no true one-size-fits-all for shoes themselves. But if our firsthand testing tells us anything, it's that there are some key components and features you can look for to ensure you're getting a shoe rack that'll meet your needs. Whether that includes lots of room for tall boots, compact cubbies for kids' shoes, or versatile storage that can accommodate shoes of all shapes and sizes, we have a recommendation for you, thanks to our rigorous testing in The Lab and in our own homes.

We evaluated nearly 30 different shoe organizers and storage options , assessing each shoe rack's capacity , setup , design , stability , ease of cleaning , and value . We also took notes about other helpful features, as well as any potential drawbacks, that affected our impressions and the rack's performance. Our favorite shoe racks showed up for not just a few hours; they showed they could walk the walk for six months or more, helping us keep our footwear tidy across the country.

Editor’s Note: This review was revised in March 2024 to include updated buying considerations for all eight of our top picks.

Best Overall

Open spaces entryway rack.

Ample storage

Very sturdy, durable design

Simple assembly and maintenance

Handle makes it easy to move if needed

Pricier than other picks

With its contemporary aesthetic, spacious shelves, and durability, the Open Spaces Entryway Rack stood apart from the rest during our tests. We were pleasantly surprised that, while the brand suggests placing six to nine shoes on this rack, we managed to fit 12 pairs comfortably. So, whether you're partial to platform sandals or hiking boots, they'll all stay neatly organized on this three-shelf unit.

In our tests, this shoe rack appeared to be very durable and nicely made, and we weren't nervous that it would fall apart at all. We even hit it with a vacuum, and none of the shoes seemed like they were in danger of falling off. Each shelf is strong enough to hold up to 22 pounds at one time. Notably, there's almost 8 inches of space between shelves, as well, so you can easily fit most shoes, sandals, wedges, and small heels.

There's a bit of assembly required, though the setup process was very quick and user-friendly. The model's durable metal construction makes this freestanding shelf system incredibly sturdy, too, so you'll be able to enjoy it throughout multiple seasons. It's also equipped with a built-in handle, which you'll find helpful if you need to relocate the shoe rack from one room to another.

This shoe rack is pricey, but if you have the budget for it, we think you'll be pleased with the high-quality construction. Even after six months, the high quality and sleek appearance didn't change at all; it's super simple to wipe clean when smudges appear, too. We can see it being a lovely and helpful addition to any entryway, closet, living room, or bedroom, especially since it's available in multiple colors. Capacity: 6 to 9 pairs listed, 12 pairs tested | Dimensions: 33.8 x 12.5 x 26.1 inches | Weight: 28.4 pounds | Material: Steel | Color: Black, dark green, navy, cream, light blue, light pink | Assembly Required: Yes

Vasagle 5-Tier Shoe Rack

Sturdy compared to similar models

Large capacity

Easy to clean

Doesn’t accommodate larger shoes without gaps

Unclear instructions

A narrow shoe organizer that also earns accolades for being spacious may sound like an oxymoron, but in the case of this Vasagle shoe rack , it's a reality, too. We were able to store 15 pairs of shoes on this rack without any issues, making it an excellent option for large shoe collections.

Tip from The Lab

With almost every shoe rack we recommend, our tested capacity of shoes, or the number of pairs we could fit on the rack, was higher than the listed capacity that each rack came with, noted by the manufacturer. The amount of shoes you can store will ultimately come down to the sizes and styles of the shoes you own and whether you're comfortable stacking shoes on top of one another to create extra space.

This rack is a breeze to take care of, too. We had no problem wiping up messes from the top faux-wood shelf with a paper towel in our lab testing. While the shelves below are made with a canvas-like material, we found that they also cleaned up quickly—and we suspect that the dark-colored material makes it simpler to hide or remove smudges.

Large shoes do tend to hang over the front or back edge a bit, but the fabric shelves are taut, making the piece very effective at what it does. Putting this shelf together also requires some effort. With over 30 parts, setup took a bit of time, and the instructions were only so-so. Once you have this five-tier rack built, though, we think you'll appreciate it as much as we did.

Capacity: 12 to 16 pairs listed, 20 pairs tested | Dimensions: 11.8 x 29.5 x 35.8 inches | Weight: 10.8 pounds | Material: Steel, polyester fabric, particleboard | Color: Rustic brown and black, rustic brown and bronze | Assembly Required: Yes

Best for Small Spaces

The container store stackable shoe shelf.

Stackable design

Sturdy construction

Comes fully assembled

Doesn’t accommodate larger shoes like boots

Shelves are not adjustable

Like it says in the name, The Container Store White Mesh Stackable Shoe Shelf is indeed stackable, so it leaves you with room to grow your shoe collection. Each rack features metal, mesh shelves, which comfortably fit four pairs of shoes, while the floor space carved out by the design adds room for an additional four pairs. Even if it's in a high-traffic area, you can count on this shoe rack to be sturdy. No shoes fell off or tipped over when we hit the rack with a vacuum during testing.

It also arrives fully assembled, so all you need to do is set it in place—or stack it, if you're setting up more than one. If you're looking to store a whole shoe collection, be mindful that you have 7.5 inches between the shelves, and they're not adjustable, so only the top level will hold boots or other tall shoes. Still, a clean, crisp design and lower price tag make this piece worth adding to your cart.

Capacity: 3 to 4 pairs listed, 8 pairs tested (including floor space) | Dimensions: 31 x 10 x 8 inches | Weight: Not listed | Material: Steel mesh, epoxy | Color: White | Assembly Required: No

Best Budget

Rebrilliant 2-tier 8-pair shoe rack.

Bamboo material

Easy assembly

Sturdy design

Heels could slip through the slats

Relatively small

If you’re looking for a basic, budget-friendly rack that's comparable to much more expensive choices, consider the Rebrilliant 2-Tier 8-Pair Shoe Rack . While putting it through its paces in the testing lab, we found it to be a great basic rack, and an especially solid option for low-profile shoes like sneakers and flats.

The materials and the construction of the rack make it feel very stable, and this rack didn't wobble much or shake when we hit it with a vacuum. It's made of bamboo and has a natural finish that'd blend nicely with most decor styles and color schemes. The shelves are designed with slats, so it's lightweight and airy, as well. It even promises to be moisture-resistant, a bonus for shoes damp from rain or snow. The slats do mean that it might not be ideal for heels though, since they could slip through and your shoes could end up at awkward angles.

Setup entails just putting two parts together. We didn't need any instructions for assembly, based on the simple design. At such a modest price, you might consider purchasing more than one shoe rack to organize any stashes of sneakers, slippers, and more footwear around your home. Since it's relatively small, purchasing multiples could be a good solution for those with larger shoe collections.

Although we wish this shoe rack offered a bit more height between the shelves to accommodate taller shoes like boots, we're generally very pleased with its performance. We even moved apartments, and it did just fine with the transition and travel. Overall, you can't go wrong with this shoe rack if you're looking for a simple, yet reliable, design on a budget.

Capacity: 8 pairs listed, 7 to 8 pairs tested | Dimensions: 15.8 x 27.5 x 10.2 inches | Weight: 4 pounds | Material: Bamboo | Color: Natural | Assembly Required: Yes

Best for Entryway

West elm mid-century shoe rack.

Made of solid wood

Made in a Fair Trade-certified facility

Stylish design is great for entryway

Only holds six to eight pairs of adult shoes

Rocks back and forth a bit

If you're searching for an attractive shoe rack that you'll appreciate every time you step into your home, then look no further than this West Elm Mid-Century Shoe Rack . It sailed through our tests, and we came away feeling like we'd purchase this piece for ourselves—even with the higher price tag and the lower capacity. It was that good.

Along with the chic design, we were pleased with the setup, ease of cleaning, and stability. Nothing fell off when we jostled the shoe rack, and all the shoes stayed in place when we bumped the rack with our vacuum. Now, to be clear, the shoe rack itself did rock back and forth a bit, because the legs didn't 100 percent line up. While this may seem like a caveat to this rack, our take is that, since the rack consists of just two shelves and is low to the ground, it's a non-issue. With such a strong performance in other categories and stylish design, it remains a standout choice.

Notably, the piece is also made of solid wood and manufactured in a Fair Trade-certified facility. All in all, we think that for the quality of the piece, it's offered at a fair price, and we could see it being displayed in an entryway with pride.

Capacity: No capacity listed, 8 to 12 pairs tested (including floor space) | Dimensions: 27 x 13 x 16 inches | Weight: Not listed | Material: Wood | Color: Natural wood, acorn finish | Assembly Required: Yes

Best for College Dorm

Simple trending stackable shoe organizer.

Large capacity for its size

Not as stable as other options

When you’re storing shoes and decorating in a dorm , something small and efficient is going to do the trick. The Simple Trending 2-Tier Stackable Shoe Rack is just that. We appreciated its basic design, and in particular, its durability and easy setup process. Even with its super modest design, it still holds up to nine pair of shoes, and since it's stackable, you can always add a second to expand your storage space,

The smooth metal makes it easy to clean, and because the shelves are solid, you don't have to worry about heels getting lodged in between gaps. Plus, the shoes did not move, even when we knocked the rack. All in all, if straightforward and budget-friendly are what you're after in a shoe rack, this is a good choice for you.

Capacity: 6 to 9 pairs, 12 pairs tested (including floor space) | Dimensions: 11.5 x 26.8 x 14.5 inches | Weight: 2.29 pounds | Material: Metal | Color: Black | Assembly Required: Yes

Best for Boots

The container store natural boot rack.

Helps boots keep their shape

Compatible with hanging items in your closet

Easy to tuck away when not in use

Dirt and debris can fall through

Not as versatile as other options

If you're looking for a way to store boots and only boots, this 4-Pair Boot Rack from The Container Store is ideal. The rack was able to accommodate four pairs of tall boots easily, and since they're inverted as they're stored, boots keep their shape. Although the shape and style is less versatile than those of other racks in our roundup that double as shelving, this design nails its true purpose of boot storage.

Just know that if you're using the rack with muddy or dirty boots, the area around it may require extra sweeping and cleaning, since the rack's shape won't catch much dirt or debris. We were okay with this though, and don't see it as a deal-breaker. This rack also comes fully assembled and is sized to slide under hanging or longer clothes in your closet for added convenience, or you can fold it down when it's not in use.

Capacity: 4 pairs listed | Dimensions: 37.38 x 9.63 x 19 inches | Weight: Not listed | Material: Natural wood, steel fasteners | Color: Natural | Assembly Required: No

Vasagle Shoe Bench

Looks like an actual piece of furniture

Doubles as a place to sit

Can store decor as well

More involved assembly process

Back piece felt a bit flimsy

If you're looking for one of the best shoe storage benches on the market, the Vasagle Shoe Bench is our top pick. The padded bench is the perfect place to sit to put on or take off your footwear after a trek outside. The shoe rack also has two rows of open shelves, where you can place up to 10 pairs of adult shoes (or more, if they're kid shoes). During testing, we found that this bench really does have it all for a busy household: a comfy bench for perching and adjustable cubbies for shoes of various sizes. Ultimately, we'd be happy to add this piece to our entryway or to a busy mudroom .

The bench is more sophisticated than your average shoe storage solution. It looks more like a piece of furniture rather than an organizational product, because it’s crafted from solid and manufactured wood. It's also fairly stable—we only noted that the back piece felt a bit flimsy, and the bench rocked slightly with our movement. Still, we think this bench is a good product at a good price. It comes in three color pairings, too.

Capacity: 10 pairs listed, 20 pairs tested | Dimensions: 40.9 x 11.8 x 18.9 inches | Weight: 35.4 pounds | Material: Particleboard, foam, cotton-linen fabric | Color: White and gray, espresso and brown, rustic brown and brown | Assembly Required: Yes

Final Verdict

The best shoe rack is the Open Spaces Entryway Rack, because its design is versatile and durable, and it can work in a variety of spaces. For a budget-friendly solution, consider the Rebrilliant 2-Tier 8-Pair Shoe Rack . It holds eight pair of shoes and is stackable, giving you the ability to add to it as needed.

Henry Wortock

How We Tested the Shoe Racks

We purchased 30 shoe racks and tested them side by side at The Lab . The testing process included:

  • The setup of each rack, where we followed the instructions and built each piece with a timer running, to get a sense of the length and difficulty of the process.
  • Just as we would do in our homes, a collection of shoes was placed on each rack to test its capacity . Shoes came from all different categories (sneakers, boots, and more) and sizes (men's, women's, and kid's). Any adjustable components were tried at each modification point, too.
  • Once the shoe rack was loaded, we considered its stability . We nudged it with a medium amount of force and also bumped it with a vacuum to mimic your weekend cleaning sessions.
  • The rack's ease of cleaning was also considered when we sprinkled damp soil on it and then wiped it clean to see how it held up.
  • We also considered the rack's design , as well as the overall value , taking our entire experience into consideration for the latter to decide if it was worth the price it was listed at.
  • We also used our favorite shoe racks from lab testing in our homes across the country for six months to determine how they held up with regular use.

What to Look for in a Shoe Rack

Organization options.

While the styles and designs can vary, most shoe racks consist of either a shelf or a compartment system with designated space specifically for—you guessed it—shoes. Both options can be great solutions, and deciding between them comes down to preference and your household's individual needs. Do you mind tossing your shoes all together or do you like them separated? Do you want all your shoes to be displayed or tucked away?

Other features can factor into the decision, too. For example, the White Mesh Stackable Shoe Shelf from The Container Store is stackable and lets you expand on your vertical storage space, while the 4-Pair Boot Rack , also from The Container Store, has dowels to accommodate tall, inverted boots. Both of these racks proved to work well in our testing. Next, you decide what will work well for you, your home's aesthetic, and your shoe collection.

Shoe Storage Tip

If you have a large collection of shoes, we recommend rotating your most-worn shoes by season. Try keeping your in-season pairs on the rack for easy access and stowing off-season options in a plastic storage bin.

Material and Color

The material and color of your shoe rack are the main contributing factors to its appearance, so your personal taste will likely be a big influence on your decision. The material can also be a significant factor for the overall durability of your rack. Shoe racks made of metal and wood can be sturdy and easy to maintain, while lighter-weight materials and fabrics can be less hardy, but still attractive and sometimes even less pricey.

If you're making an effort to add more eco-friendly products into your life, you'll be happy to know that you'll find lots of options when you're shopping for shoe racks. Bamboo, a renewable material that grows super-quickly, is found in a variety of shoe racks, including our best budget pick, the Rebrilliant 2-Tier 8-Pair Shoe Rack . Not only is bamboo good for the environment, it's also attractive and often moderately priced.

Assembly and Setup

Most shoe storage solutions require some assembly. We rated assembly and instruction details for the racks we tested to help you factor that in. While the majority seemed to suit most skill levels, be sure to double-check the requirements before making your final purchase, so you won't find yourself with a project that you're not comfortable completing. In that case, don't hesitate to loop in a trusted friend or call on a pro to support you.

While the majority of shoe racks are stationery pieces, the ability to move them can certainly come in handy. For anyone who likes to rearrange their furniture and adjust their organization system regularly, or even for people who anticipate a move in the near future, wheels and handles can make things so much smoother. As always, be sure to double-check weight limits, and be careful carrying heavy loads.

To maximize your shoe storage , consider an item that is adjustable or just really works for your living space and collection. Ashley Murphy , co-founder of  NEAT Method , notes, “You can also implement a stacking shoe rack, so you can store as many shoes as possible.” We loved this feature in the White Mesh Stackable Shoe Shelf from The Container Store.

Don’t forget about shelves on the top of your closet, which are a great place to store out-of-season or rarely worn items, she adds. Making use of this space can free up space on your shoe rack, as well.

The key to keeping your shoes in great condition is to take care of them after each use . ”Wipe off any dirt or dust with a cleaning solution appropriate for the shoe material, and use shoe shapers for dress shoes and boots to maintain their form,” says Murphy. If your shoes have accumulated any moisture, "be sure to let them dry out completely before putting them away, to avoid potential mildew," she adds.

Of course, messes happen, which is why we tested the ease of cleaning each shoe rack. If you expect to track in a lot of dirt and mud, opt for a pick that's easier to wipe clean with a damp cloth and doesn't allow for mud to slip onto the area below. If you're worried about the longevity of your shoes, consider a pick that keeps them secure or helps them keep their shape. We love The Container Store's Natural Boot Rack for this reason—it helps boots stay nice and upright rather than folded over.

You might be sensing a trend that many of the choices presented come down to personal preference, and the question of an open versus closed rack is no exception.

While simple to use, an open shoe rack means that shoes are on display—yep, even the dirty ones, but they're easily accessible, too. On the other hand, closed racks keep shoes (and potential odors) behind doors or in drawers, but they pose an extra step to put them away or retrieve them. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but know that if you're looking to limit you (and your guests') exposure to your shoe collection for any reason, a closed rack will be your best bet.

Why Trust The Spruce?

Dena Ogden  is an associate editor for The Spruce who’s been writing professionally since 2016, and with The Spruce since August 2022. She's written about everything from baskets and bins to carpet shampoos and robot vacuums. For this piece, she reviewed and assessed the detailed responses from our shoe rack testing, where we got our hands dirty by setting up and testing nearly 30 different shoe racks in The Lab . Ogden currently uses a hall tree and cube system to manage her family's shoes.

Our Experts:

  • Ashley Murphy , co-founder of  NEAT Method .
  • Emma Phelps , associate editor for The Spruce

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Safari Rack Complete Kits

Gear up for adventure with our safari roof racks. The complete kit comes with roof top mounting adapters. Perfect for extra storage on your journeys, these racks are durable, versatile, and easy to install.

S5084VGM100 Includes 4 - 60" Cross Bars and 8 Mounting Adapters.

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 84" x 5" | Complete Kit with 4 60" Crossbars | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5084VGM100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 84" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5084VGM100 This kit fits vehicles with Factory Roof Racks Complete kit includes 4 60" Cross Bars, and 8 mounting adapters. Mounting adapters are year, make, model...

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 84" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5084GM100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 84" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5084GM100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 84" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5084GM100 This kit fits vehicles with No Factory Roof Rack Complete kit includes 1 basket,  4 Cross Bars, and 8 mounting adapters. Mounting adapters are year,...

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 84" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5084ER100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 84" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5084ER100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 84" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5084VER100 This kit fits vehicles with Factory Roof Racks Complete kit includes 4 Cross Bars, and 8 mounting adapters. Mounting adapters are year, make, model specific...

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 84" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5084CH100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 84" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5084CH100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 84" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5084CH100 This kit fits vehicles with Factory Roof Racks Complete kit includes 4 Cross Bars, and 8 mounting adapters. Mounting adapters are year, make, model specific...

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 84" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S50841101

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 84" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S50841101

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 84" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S50841101 This kit fits vehicles with Factory Roof Racks Complete kit includes 4 Cross Bars, and 8 mounting adapters. Mounting adapters are year, make, model specific...

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072VGM100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072VGM100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with no Factory Rack - S5072VGM100 This kit fits vehicles with no Factory Roof Racks Complete kit includes 4 60" Cross Bars, and 8 mounting adapters. Mounting adapters are year, make, model...

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072J200

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072J200

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072J200 This kit fits vehicles with Factory Roof Racks Complete kit includes 4 Cross Bars, and 8 mounting adapters. Mounting adapters are year, make, model specific...

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072GM100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072GM100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072GM100 This kit fits vehicles with Factory Roof Racks Complete kit includes 4 Cross Bars, and 8 mounting adapters. Mounting adapters are year, make, model specific...

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072ER200

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072ER200

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072ER200 This kit fits vehicles with Factory Roof Racks Complete kit includes 4 Cross Bars, and 8 mounting adapters. Mounting adapters are year, make, model specific...

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072ER100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072ER100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072ER100 This kit fits vehicles with Factory Roof Racks Complete kit includes 4 Cross Bars, and 8 mounting adapters. Mounting adapters are year, make, model specific...

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072DU100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072DU100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072DU100 This kit fits vehicles with Factory Roof Racks Complete kit includes 4 Cross Bars, and 8 mounting adapters. Mounting adapters are year, make, model specific...

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072CH100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072CH100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5072CH100 This kit fits vehicles with Factory Roof Racks Complete kit includes 4 Cross Bars, and 8 mounting adapters. Mounting adapters are year, make, model specific...

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S50721101

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S50721101

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 72" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S50721101 This kit fits vehicles with Factory Roof Racks Complete kit includes 4 Cross Bars, and 8 mounting adapters. Mounting adapters are year, make, model specific...

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 60" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5060TR100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 60" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5060TR100

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 60" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5060TR100 This kit fits vehicles with Factory Roof Racks Complete kit includes 2 Cross Bars, and 4 mounting adapters. Mounting adapters are year, make, model specific...

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 60" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5060J600

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 60" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5060J600

Safari Roof Rack | 50" x 60" x 5" | Complete Kit | For Vehicles with Factory Rack - S5060J600 This kit fits vehicles with Factory Roof Racks Complete kit includes 2 Cross Bars, and 4 mounting adapters. Mounting adapters are year, make, model specific...

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safari mall shoe rack

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Black Yamazaki Home Adjustable Shoe Rack, Spacesaving Storage Solution, Steel, Expandable, Stackable

See More by Yamazaki Home

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Black Yamazaki Home Adjustable Shoe Rack, Spacesaving Storage Solution, Steel, Expandable, Stackable

Select Finish:


What We Offer

safari mall shoe rack

Professional Assembly for $84.99

safari mall shoe rack

3 Year Protection Plan for $4.29

safari mall shoe rack

Storage in Every Size

Find storage solutions to fit shoe collections of any size.

Product Overview


Assembly Required


What's included.

  • Shelf/Shelves
  • An excellent way to keep shoes organized.
  • Simple classic design.
  • Suits any room.
  • Made of steel.
  • Each rack holds up to six pairs of shoes.
  • Stack up to three units on top of each other to double or triple shoe storage space.
  • Steel clips keep the frames securely in place.
  • Weight capacity: 6.6 lbs.

Weights & Dimensions

safari mall shoe rack

Other Dimensions

  • Adjustable width: 16.1" - 27.6".
  • The height from the floor to the shelf is 5 ¼ inches.


More about this product, ratings & reviews.

Our Community Guidelines help customers write honest reviews.

238 Reviews

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Showing 1-10 of 238 reviews.

San Tan Valley, AZ

Verified Buyer

Summary of review for

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

This expandable shoe rack will work for what I need. I have it expanded and the height is perfect since I couldn’t go any higher. I would have liked it better if there was a rod on the bottom so the shoes wouldn’t be sitting on the floor. All and all, it’s fine if you don’t have room for a higher.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars.

Works on the upper self in my closet. Expensive for what it is. Cost must be in packaging. Easy assembly. Bows in the middle.

franklinton, NC

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I have a very large storage space for most of my shoes. I keep my running shoes and a pair of dressier shoes here for easy acdess. Works well at the bottom under my long dresses.

Nashville TN

Easy to put together and love that we can easily adjust based on the number of shoes and closet space.

La Habra, CA

This shoe rack fit perfectly in the top shelf of my closet and helped me get rid of the bulky shoe boxes. Now I can see my shoes!

Cerritos, CA

I've ordered this twice since I like it so much. It holds approx 8 pairs of shoes for us per rack.

Los Angeles, CA

Perfect for my small space! I bought one for my entryway and another for my closet. I love that it is adjustable. It also seems sturdy enough for boots.

Columbus, OH

This is perfect for small spaces like hallways. It holds a good # of shoes for its size. It may be small but it is sturdy!

Cardiff by the Sea, CA

Super easy to put together. Simple and sleek design.

I bought this shoe rack and another at the same time. I didn't open the box because I decided to keep the other shoe rack. No issues with this one.

Shipping & Returns

Your order means a lot to us. That’s why we offer fast, safe and reliable delivery options for every item.

30-Day Return

Not loving it? We offer returns for most items within 30 days of delivery for a refund or store credit.

Customers Also Viewed

Yamazaki home steel upright 5 pair shoe rack with handle.

by Yamazaki Home

Rated 4 out of 5 stars. 291 total votes

This vertical shoe rack is capable of holding 5 pairs of shoes and is the answer to your shoe storage needs. Consider a larger option if you’re looking to store large shoes (men’s size 13 or over). Check out that you might also need a section for an alternative.

  • Material: Durable metal
  • It boasts 5 tiers to hold your shoes
  • Easy assemble
  • This version holds five pairs of shoes stacked vertically

Shoes Rack Shelf for Closet Stackable Shoe Storage Organizer, Metal Mesh, 3-Tier

by Hokku Designs

Rated 5 out of 5 stars. 34 total votes

This 3-tier metal mesh shoe shelf carries an elegant look and is a perfect solution to keep your entryway, closet, dormitory, living room, and garage away from a mess. This shoe organizer is specially designed with densely spaced metal mesh and is fit for spike heels. It is adjustable in height and vertically stackable with the connecting pins provided and maximizes storage space in the same footprint. The shoe rack has a powder coating on the surface and is shiny and rust-resistant.

  • Holds up to 15 pairs of shoes for men, women, and children, the perfect size for a closet.
  • Is stackable to save space and adjustable in height to better fit your particular needs.
  • The densely spaced metal mesh is specially fit for high heels.
  • Super easy assembly, with all tools included.
  • Rubber feet to prevent it from sliding or scratching surfaces.

9 Pair Shoe Rack

by 17 Stories

Rated 4 out of 5 stars. 552 total votes

Rejuvenate your entryway or any other space with the functional and stylish design of this 4-Tier Shoe Rack. The three integrated shelves offer ample storage for multiple pairs of shoes, while the rectangular top provides a convenient spot to store bags and accessories. Simply position it against a wall in a mudroom or bedroom closet for effortless access to your footwear.

  • Versatile Shoe Rack - In addition to placing your shoes, this shoe shelf is also suitable for organizing living room, bathroom, and bedroom essentials, even fitting into your closet. Unique but not alternative, and fits well into your home decor.
  • Large Capacity - The 3 built-in shelves can easily store up to 5 to 6 pairs of shoes for women, men, and children, such as slippers, sandals, high heels, and sneakers. While the rectangular top can be used to hold your bags and other accessories. This attractive shoe rack provides you with a space-saving solution.
  • Sturdy Construction - Constructed with a sturdy metal frame and premium wood top for modern flair, this shoe rack has thin metal rod shelves for a sleek look that lets you air out your shoes. Denser mesh shelving than regular shoe racks allows each shoe shelf to hold up to 11 lbs. of weight, making it more durable and providing a sturdy and secure storage solution for your shoes.
  • Space-saving Design - Utilizing the vertical areas, this shoe storage unit is aimed for more shelving in the same footprint. Moreover, featuring a compact outlook, you will find it squeezes into high-traffic areas or narrowed closet spaces with ease.
  • Effortless Assembly - This shoe rack comes with detailed instructions and labeled parts. The illustrated instructions make assembly a manual pleasure.

Yamazaki Home Rolling Shoe Rack, Steel, Holds 4 shoes, 6 heels, Wheels

Rated 4 out of 5 stars. 56 total votes

You'll get a kick out of this. Rolling, two-tier storage for those with vertically challenged storage spaces. Roll this shoe rack under a credenza, the bottom of a closet, or any other low-down space. The front panel also minimizes the business of shoe storage, offering a sleek, minimalist shoe rack solution that you can kick around.

  • Consider a larger option if you’re looking to store large shoes men’s size 13 or over. Check out that you might also need a section for an alternative.
  • Shoe Rack: Its strong steel construction, clean design, and quality make this the perfect shoe organizer that can hold from four to six pairs of shoes across two levels.
  • Small Space Saver: This low-profile shoe rack is suitable for any entryway, closet, or even the office. Helps keep shoes organized in any area or room as it fits in or under small spaces. The provided casters/wheels make it easy to move around when needed.
  • Design: It is made of durable metal and is strong and sturdy to hold any kind of shoe. The front, solid panel has a handle that makes wheeling it out simple and the panel itself offers a clean, simple, and stylish design.
  • Load-bearing And Assembly: The shoe rack supports up to 4.4 pounds. Assembly is completed using the hardware pack, Allen wrench, and Phillips screwdriver.

Stackable Organizers 6 Pair Stackable Shoe Rack

by ClosetMaid

Rated 4 out of 5 stars. 2383 total votes

The shoe rack is a convenient way to hold shoes, hobbies, media, and office supplies. Use in or out of the closet to store t-shirts, shoes, and accessories like scarves, sweaters, and denim. Suggest use with other stackable organizers. Consider a larger option if you’re looking to store large shoes (men’s size 13 or over) or high heels. Check out that you might also need a section for alternatives.

  • For use inside or outside of the closet to store t-shirts, shoes, and accessories like scarves, sweaters, and denim
  • Single shoe racks can be used as standalone storage while multiple shoe racks can be stacked

Whitman 9 Pair Stackable Shoe Rack

by Rebrilliant

Rated 4 out of 5 stars. 665 total votes

Blending functionality and modular design, add a new shoe storage option to any closet. The stackable shoe rack creates stylish space savers for homes, businesses, dorm rooms, etc. This rack is the perfect organization tool for shoes, sweaters, and more. The shoe storage rack is easy to assemble and saves valuable floor space. This is so simple, both in design and assembly. Shelves are made of particleboard with a paper veneer covering and have wood dowel connectors for easy adjustability. The collection is easy to clean and will offer a lifetime of reliable service. Don't forget, that this organizer has duplicate units, so feel free to order as many as you need. Customize your space with 2 or 3 shelf versions of this stackable shoe rack. Consider a larger option if you’re looking to store large shoes (men’s size 13 or over). Check out that you might also need a section for an alternative.

18 Pair Solid Wood Shoe Rack

by Sand & Stable™

Rated 4 out of 5 stars. 1756 total votes

Stack your flats, boots, and sneakers all in one place with this 18-pair shoe rack. This freestanding piece is made from solid wood with a weathered brown finish for the perfect amount of coastal farmhouse charm in your bedroom or mudroom. It features six tiers of shelf space with inset detailing and raised edges on the bottom that prevent your shoes from falling over. On the side, its 35" tall frame has an open design that brings a light and breezy look to your space. Plus, we love that you can also use the top shelf to hold your bags and accent pieces.

  • The maximum shoe size: 13
  • This shoe rack is made from 100% natural bamboo, it is stable, durable, non-toxic, and Eco-friendly.
  • This shoe rack can be suitable for many places, such as entranceways, living rooms, bedrooms, and balconies.
  • Dimensions: 26.77’’ (L) x 9.84’’ (W) x 35.43’’(H),Height between shelves is: 5.91’’. Each tier can store 3-5 pairs of shoes, a total of 15 to 18 pairs.
  • It is easy to assemble and comes with a tool, you don't need any experience. The compartment of the shoe rack is easy to clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth.

8 Pair Shoe Rack

Rated 4 out of 5 stars. 4328 total votes

Organize your entryway or mudroom in effortless style with this understated shoe rack, the perfect piece for any foyer. Featuring an openwork bamboo design awash in a medium brown finish, this understated shoe rack adds a rustic touch to your look, while its two-tiered design offers up ample space to keep up to eight pairs organized. The finish is certified as non-toxic, making this the perfect pick for new parents. Consider a larger option if you’re looking to store large shoes (Men’s Size 13 or over). Check out the You Might Also Need section for an alternative.

  • Displays up to eight pairs of shoes; more for smaller sizes.
  • Open slats allow air circulation to keep odor away.
  • Bamboo makes for an eco-friendly purchase and is moisture-resistant.
  • Durable construction so it can double as storage for towels or baskets.
  • A natural finish is a stunning addition to any décor.

16 Pair Shoe Rack

by Andover Mills™

Rated 4 out of 5 stars. 406 total votes

This 4-tier shoe rack has space to store up to 16 pairs, so it's ideal for adding extra storage to your closet, kid's room, entryway, and more. It's made from solid wood with a classic finish that's endlessly versatile and easy to pair with a variety of different decor styles and color palettes. Five slatted shelves offer space for all sorts of different footwear, while the arched details on the sides add a charming touch. Best of all, this free-standing design doesn't require installation – just assemble it when it arrives.

  • Made of high-class bamboo material, with delicate treatment, environment friendly and sturdy
  • 4 tiers bamboo rack & storage shelf for shoes, bags, plants, and toiletries in the entryway, bedroom, bathroom, balcony, closet, etc.
  • Four-tier slatted shelves make shoes breathe from the gaps, preventing any odor
  • Smooth finish, rounded corners, protect your family from being scratched, especially the children
  • Antirust and durable screws can be installed and disassembled repeatedly, and tools are provided

Wooden Rack Collection 12 Pair Solid Wood Shoe Rack

by Millwood Pines

Rated 4 out of 5 stars. 129 total votes

Millwood Pines’ wooden shoe rack, shoes rack for home, shoe storage bench, shoe bench, entryway bench, shoe storage, shoe rack storage, shoe organizer, narrow shoe storage, shoes organizer, shoe shelf, outdoor shoe bench, entryway bench with shoe rack, entryway shoe storage, small entryway shoe storage, small shoe storage, shoe storage entryway, entryway shoe rack, entryway shoe bench, outdoor shoe storage, shoes rack, closet shoe rack, garage shoe rack, narrow shoe rack, vertical shoe rack, shoe storage rack, shoerack, storage shoes, shoes storage, storage for shoes, small shoe rack, wood shoe rack, shoe holder, shoe stand, shoe rack for closet, closet shoe storage, shoe storage for closet, closet shoe organizer, shoe storage closet, wooden shoe shelf, shoe shelves, garage shoe storage, shoes stand, shoes shelf, shoes organiser, covered shoe storage is sturdier and more durable than its normal counterparts because they are made of the finest quality solid Acacia wood. Thanks to plenty of storage space, The 3-tier shoe rack with 6,8 inches high space helps you to organize your shoes in a neat and space-saving way. The classic appearance makes it perfect to match all kinds of decorating styles. Besides, thanks to their simple design, these shoe racks, shoe organizers can be used for multi-purpose. For example, it is also a bench with a finely polished surface and you can sit to change shoes comfortably. Moreover, it can be used as a shelf for the space you need, such as: storing toiletries in the bathroom, or decorating the bedroom and the living room,...

  • Saving Space: This shoe rack bench can store up to 12 pairs of shoes for kids and 10 pairs of shoes for adults. Therefore, this product can make your home space-saving, neat and tidy. The shoe rack also can work as a bench with a weight capacity of 265 lbs.
  • Eco-friendly, Strong, and Durable Materials: This shoe rack is made of high-quality Acacia wood, which is hard, durable, mildew and mold resistant, and recyclable. Plus, the woods are covered by Water-based coating, which makes the shoe rack water-resistant and color-fast. The woods are fixed with galvanized steel screws, so this can assist the shoe rack to have a firm and stable structure.
  • Multi-functional Use: Thanks to its simple and classic design, this shoe rack is suitable for various purposes. It's not only a shoe rack or a bench in the entryway but also can be used as a storage shelf in the bathroom, living room, kitchen, shoe cubby and plant rack in the garden, shoe tower, organize, shoe rack wooden, outdoor shoe rack bench.
  • Natural Color: It is a natural color with attractive natural grains, giving a sense of comfortable space and nature to your home.
  • Lightweight and Easy Installation: This shoe rack weighs 10 lbs and its design is simple and easy to assemble. Moreover, Millwood Pines provides clear instruction which includes very concise and detailed installation, it will not take much time.
  • Support and Warranty: We are confident in the high quality of our products. All screws and tools are provided. If there are any missing screws or damaged parts, please contact us. Within 1 year of your purchase date, if there is any problem from the manufacturer, we will gladly replace the new one free of charge.

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  5. Shoe Rack For Small Spaces

    9 Tiers Shoe Rack,Vertical Narrowness Shoe Shelf ,Storage Rack,Rugged Pergola,Space Saving,Tall Narrow Shoe Rack for Hallway and Corner. 94. 300+ bought in past month. $1999. Typical: $22.99. FREE delivery Sun, Jun 30 on $35 of items shipped by Amazon. Or fastest delivery Thu, Jun 27.

  6. The 8 Best Shoe Racks of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

    Open Spaces Entryway Rack at ($184) Jump to Review. Best Budget Shoe Rack: The Container Store Stackable Shoe Shelf at The Container Store ($20) Jump to Review. Best Large Shoe Rack: Vasagle 5-Tier Shoe Rack at Amazon ($45) Jump to Review. Best Small Shoe Rack:

  7. The Best Shoe Racks of 2024

    The best shoe rack. This rack succeeds where most fail: It's wobble-free and assembles in minutes. It holds more shoes, and a wider variety, than many freestanding racks we tested, and it feels ...

  8. Shoe Racks in shoe storage

    Save with. Shipping, arrives tomorrow. $ 3299. MISSLO Long 2 Tier Shoe Rack for Closet Metal Wide Stackable Shoe Storage Organizer for 18-Pairs, Black. Save with. Shipping, arrives in 2 days. $ 4599. VASAGLE 4 Tier Shoe Rack for 15-18 Pairs,Shoe Organizer with Fabric Shelves and Wooden Top, Rustic Brown/Black. Free shipping, arrives in 3+ days.

  9. Safari Mall

    Safari Mall. Shopping / Malls / 4.2 21688 Rating. Call Now Send Mail. Share. Safari Group of Companies is an umbrella brand envisioned to cater to the complete needs of the state of Qatar. Delivering quality goods at the most competitive rates has been the motto of Safari and the brand focusses on fulfilling needs commencing from the basic ...

  10. Safari Hypermarket UAE

    Order online grocery UAE with Safari hypermarket for fast home delivery. Shop from our wide selection of high-quality fruits, meat, vegetables, baby products etc. Close. ... Please choose your nearest store CONTINUE. By changing location you will lost all cart products. CHANGE LOCATION. We're Always Here To Help. PHONE +971 65066999. EMAIL ...

  11. The 8 Best Shoe Racks of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

    The best shoe rack is the Open Spaces Entryway Rack, because its design is versatile and durable, and it can work in a variety of spaces. For a budget-friendly solution, consider the Rebrilliant 2-Tier 8-Pair Shoe Rack. It holds eight pair of shoes and is stackable, giving you the ability to add to it as needed.

  12. Shoe Racks : Closet Shoe Rack and Storage Solutions : Target

    5 Tier Shoe Rack Black Metal with Natural Wood - Brightroom™. Brightroom Only at ¬. 33 reviews. $65.00. When purchased online. Add to cart. 4 Tier Shoe Rack White Metal with Natural Wood - Brightroom™. Brightroom Only at ¬. 45 reviews.

  13. Safari Rack Complete Kits: Adventure-Ready Storage

    Store Locator; Contact us: 310-323-2520; Home. Roof Racks. Safari Rack Complete Kits. Safari Rack Complete Kits. Gear up for adventure with our safari roof racks. The complete kit comes with roof top mounting adapters. Perfect for extra storage on your journeys, these racks are durable, versatile, and easy to install. ... Safari Roof Rack | 50 ...

  14. 2-Tier Expandable Shoe Rack for Closet, 18"-33" Adjustable Shoe Rack

    EXPANDABLE SHOE RACK FOR CLOSET: Perfect for closet, this 2-tier shoe rack stretches from 18 to 33 inches and holds up to 8 pairs of adult shoes. Designed to freely stretch and adapt to your small space, ensuring a perfect fit with its easily adjustable length. SIMPLE, TOOL-FREE SETUP: Assemble in under 5 minutes without tools.

  15. Shoe Racks

    3-Tier Expandable 24-Pair Non-Slip Metal Frame Shoe Storage Rack Organizer. $50.00. (3) Costway. 12 Cubic Portable Shoe Rack Shelf Cabinet Storage Closet Organizer. $60.99. (2) Tribesigns. 25 Pair Shoe Cabinets with Doors, 5-tier Modern Shoe Rack Organizer Cabinet, Freestanding Wood Storage Cabinet for Bedroom Hallway Living Room.

  16. SURCO: Safari

    Surco S4050 40" x 50" Safari Rack. 10. $29499$393.05 (25% off) Get it by Friday, January 12. Only 2 left in stock - order soon.

  17. Yamazaki Home Adjustable Shoe Rack, Spacesaving Storage ...

    This 4-tier shoe rack has space to store up to 16 pairs, so it's ideal for adding extra storage to your closet, kid's room, entryway, and more. It's made from solid wood with a classic finish that's endlessly versatile and easy to pair with a variety of different decor styles and color palettes. Five slatted shelves offer space for all sorts of ...

  18. Safari Shoe Rack White

    General. Article Number. 90036815. Model Number. 90036815. Buy Safari Shoe Rack White from the convenience of your home! Choose from Safat Home's easy and secure payment options and delivery across Kuwait, right up to your doorstep.

  19. Elektrostal

    In 1938, it was granted town status. [citation needed]Administrative and municipal status. Within the framework of administrative divisions, it is incorporated as Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts. As a municipal division, Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction is incorporated as Elektrostal Urban Okrug.

  20. State Housing Inspectorate of the Moscow Region

    State Housing Inspectorate of the Moscow Region Elektrostal postal code 144009. See Google profile, Hours, Phone, Website and more for this business. 2.0 Cybo Score. Review on Cybo.

  21. Electrostal History and Art Museum

    Art MuseumsHistory Museums. Write a review. All photos (22) Suggest edits to improve what we show. Improve this listing. Revenue impacts the experiences featured on this page, learn more. The area. Nikolaeva ul., d. 30A, Elektrostal 144003 Russia. Reach out directly.

  22. Elektrostal

    Elektrostal is a city in Moscow Oblast, Russia. It is 58 kilometers east of Moscow. As of 2010, 155,196 people lived there.