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AHOY MATEY’S and welcome aboard the Carolina’s largest pirate ship, Blackbeard’s Treasure Hunter, for an hour long interactive family adventure that you and your family will never forget!

Our One Hour adventure begins on the dock, where we will transform your little mates into buccaneers, as our super friendly crew will give them a pirate mustache, pirate tattoo, and dress them like pirates.

Once under way we will be on the lookout for Blackbeard’s Treasure. Aaaarrgghh! we will be havin’ some unwanted company, Bad Billy Bones (the dirty rotten scoundrel) is also hot on the trail of the lost treasure and has stolen the key to the treasure chest. Our fearless pirate crew, along with your little buccaneers, must find the booty (treasure) before Bad Billy Bones & force him into surrendering the key (by any means necessary). During the encounter with the scallywag Billy Bones, we will be firing the 16 high powered water cannons. He has a water gun of his own that he will be firing back at us, shiver me timbers!, so prepare to get wet and have fun. Once we defeat the enemy and capture the treasure, we will celebrate like the pirates we be. Yo ho ho we will raise the Jolly Roger (victory flag), sing & dance, play some games, open the treasure chest and all our buccaneers will share some of the booty.

PLEASE arrive 30 minutes prior to departure so we can assure our crew will have time to get the kids transformed and our staff has time to get all you swabs together for a family photo!!! ARRRRRR!

FREE! Each Swab will receive a pirate mustache, pirate tattoo, and whatever booty they earn.

Adults / Teens $28 Kids (3 – 12) $28 Kids (1 – 2) $13 Kids Under 1 FREE

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Pirates Are Not Afraid of the Rain!

blackbeard treasure cruise

Blackbeard's Pirate Cruises

Fun for the whole family.

A fun-filled adventure with sword fights, singing, a chase on the high seas and water cannon battles for treasure.

Custom charters for a variety of occasions and will work with you to accommodate your group event.

Birthdays, School Groups, Church Groups, After School Programs, Youth Sports Teams, Family Reunions, Tour Groups, Corporate Outings, and Private Functions.

Private Charters

Privately charter the "Treasure Hunter" for larger events. Accommodations up to 70 passengers with ample seating.

Blackbeard’s Pirate Cruise 141 Fantasy Harbor Boulevard Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

“On The Intracoastal Waterway Behind The Boathouse Restaurant and Sheraton 4 Points Resort”

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Blackbeard’s Pirate Cruise

141 Fantasy Harbor Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579    843-231-0088

blackbeard treasure cruise

Description About Blackbeard’s Pirate Cruise

Blackbeard’s Treasure Hunter is the Carolina’s largest pirate ship! Climb aboard for an hour-long interactive adventure that your family will enjoy and never forget! 

Your adventure will begin on the dock, where the kiddos will be transformed into little buccaneers! This is where they will get a pirate mustache, tattoo, and outfit!

Once aboard the ship, the crew will be on the lookout for Blackbeard’s treasure! Never let your guard down because you may come across some unwanted company like Bad Billy Bones. You have to find the booty (treasure) before he can and make sure he surrenders the key! Get ready to use high-powered water cannons to fight Bad Billy Bones, and he may even shoot back with his water gun! Once he is defeated, you will celebrate your treasure like true pirates! You will raise the Jolly Roger (victory flag), sing & dance, play some games, open the treasure chest, and all of the buccaneers will share some of the booty.

Make sure that you show up 30 minutes early for your pirate transformation and a quick family photo! For the lowest price, book directly here.  

Blackbeard’s Pirate Cruise does hold group events too! From Birthdays to School Groups and Church Groups, after-school programs, Youth Sports Teams, Family Reunions, Tour Groups, Corporate Outings, and Private Functions. They can accommodate up to 70 people for these events! For groups with children 12 years old or younger, they have a full pirate show that lasts an hour and 15 minutes, and the Pirate Ship will be available at the end of the cruise for 30 minutes to serve cake and ice cream. Please call 843-231-0088 for a quote on your specific event!

Adults/Teens: $25

Kids (3-12): $25

Kids (1-2): $10

Kids Under 1: FREE

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Blackbeard’s Pirate Cruise

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blackbeard treasure cruise

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Blackbeard's Pirate Cruise

blackbeard treasure cruise

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blackbeard treasure cruise

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blackbeard treasure cruise

Blackbeard's Pirate Cruise - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)


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Blackbeard's Pirate Cruise in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Climb aboard the largest pirate ship in the Carolinas for an engaging adventure your family won’t soon forget. Be on the lookout for unwanted company as you embark on a journey to claim Blackbeard’s infamous treasure. Blast the cannons, ward off the scoundrels, and retrieve the key back from Bad Billy Bones to complete your quest. And that’s only the first part of your voyage! up to 1.5 hrs 1 or more people

Good To Know

  • Kids receive a pirate moustache, face painting, pirate tattoo, and whatever treasure they find/earn.
  • Features pirate games, dancing, and singing for constant entertainment.
  • Cruises last approximately 60-90 minutes.
  • Appropriate for all ages.
  • Don’t forget your camera to capture the swashbuckling memories.


Blackbeard's Pirate Cruise in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Blackbeard's Pirate Cruise Reviews

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Blackbeard's Pirate Cruise is located at Myrtle Beach Water Sports • 141 Fantasy Harbor Blvd. • Myrtle Beach , SC 29579

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Frequently Asked Questions about Blackbeard's Pirate Cruise

Where is the ship located.

The ship is located at 141 Fantasy Harbor Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579. Located on the Intracoastal Waterway behind the Boathouse Restaurant and Sheraton 4 Points Resort. Please use designated Blackbeard Parking only.

What time should I arrive?

Arrive at the ticket office no later than 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. Due to limited space on the boat, seats cannot be reserved if you are late. Make sure you allow adequate time for traffic and parking.

Does the ship cruise offshore?

No, the cruise navigates the calm waters of the Intracoastal waterway the same as Blackbeard did during his treasure hunting days.

How long is the pirate cruise?

Your pirate adventure will last approximately 60-90 minutes.

What is the capacity and what safety equipment is on board?

Blackbeard’s Pirate Cruise is coast guard certified to carry a maximum of 75 passengers. There is plenty of seating available. Safety equipment on board includes radio, life jackets, state of the art electronics, and full compliance of all USCG required equipment.

What should I wear or bring on board?

Wearing comfortable clothing and bring sunscreen.

Can I purchase pirate gear or merchandise?

They offer a variety of costume pieces for sale including swords, eye patches, hats, telescopes, t-shirts and authentic Caribbean pirate necklaces.

Is alcohol served on board?

No, however, you are allowed to bring a small soft side cooler with the beverage of your choice. Please refrain from opening or consuming beverages while not on board. Consuming beverages anywhere other than the boat is strictly prohibited.

What happens in inclement weather?

The ship sails rain or shine. If Blackbeard’s Treasure Hunter must cancel due to inclement weather, you will notified as soon as possible and rescheduled at your convenience or issued a refund.

Can we take pictures or video?

Absolutely. Guests are encouraged to take as many photos and videos as they like.

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One Piece Treasure Cruise tier list

One Piece Treasure Cruise tier list

If there’s any franchise that Bandai Namco loves to promote in their games, it’s One Piece. This is no surprise, given it's been the biggest of the "big three" shonen manga series for decades. And with a huge roster of characters and a decades-long publishing cycle covering anime, manga, movies and even a live-action series, there’s plenty of content to pull from.

This is especially true of Namco’s One Piece Treasure Cruise, a mobile RPG that’s been going strong since 2014, and has been constantly updated with the new characters added to the Straw Hat Pirates since. But, with such a massive roster that means that picking the wheat from the chaff can be difficult, so we’ve done our research and compiled our own tier list ranking the different crewmates and captains of One Piece Treasure Cruise!


So, for example, when you play the tutorial you play as a child version of Luffy, and one of your first actions on starting the main story proper is to evolve Luffy into his iconic young adult version - straw hat and red vest included. That means that functionally you can knock a few thousand characters off that list, although you’ll still have a comfortably numbing amount to choose from.

For the  One Piece Treasure Cruise tier list, we’re going to come at it from the angle of characters with the most potency, the best synergy and the best evolutions. To keep things at least somewhat feasible, we’ll name the characters in general - assume that this covers their evolutions and unique variants as well. So a character with one very good variant may not be ranked high, even if their one variant is extremely good, but won’t rank bottom based on their lacklustre variants either.

Essentially, we’re grading on an average with each tier set out in no particular order, so don't worry if your favourite is the bottom of S tier because they're still S tier - but without further ado, let’s set sail!

blackbeard treasure cruise

It shouldn’t be surprising that the Straw Hat Pirates and their close allies are mainly at the very top of the One Piece Treasure Cruise tier list. Given the iconic nature of the series, Luffy, Nami, Zoro and the others are constantly receiving new unique variations. Not only that, but the fact that the crew is canonically so close means that the synergy behind their different slot types (STR, INT, and PSY) is incredible, so if you want a simple and effective set of characters to shoot for, the Straw Hats are a great choice. Not only that but since you acquire Luffy and the others to begin with, evolving them - and in some cases needing them for story progress - is basically your default progression path anyway.

As for Gol D. Roger - he’s the king of the pirates, where else do you expect him to go? Right, in all seriousness his abilities of his default variation - causing true damage and ignoring any effects to the contrary - has earned many cries of OP, congruent with his rarity.

blackbeard treasure cruise

A tier is where you’ll find a large number of characters; One Piece boasts a massive cast, and many of them are fan favourites who are well-represented in Treasure Cruise. The Admirals in particular boast a vast variety of evolutions and variant cards, while the famous pirates (Shanks, Mihawk, Buggy etc.) outside the central Straw Hat crew boast unique cards and evolutions too. If you want to move outside the comfortable familiarity of the Straw Hat Crew then exploring the options these characters open up is a great pick.

blackbeard treasure cruise

Characters relegated to this tier either have convoluted evolution paths, or simply not straightforward ones and lacklustre lower-rarity cards. Coby and Helmeppo top this list, as despite having interesting career paths in the series - going from background characters with the more cartoonish designs seen earlier in the series to genuinely capable fighters on their own - their evolution paths only go up once. They still have strong variants, but not necessarily as easily acquired, or worthwhile on their own as upper-tier characters.

blackbeard treasure cruise

This tier is where you’ll find characters that are named, and are useful if you pull them but can be superseded by better characters or are only useful in certain circumstances. They’re still useful in areas like the early and mid-game and are well worth learning to use, although they aren’t exactly ones you’ll be excited to pull.

Nevertheless they’re not instant sales, and if you’re interested in gathering as many named characters as possible it’s more than worth knowing that these are available for completion's sake. It’s also strangely fitting for Usopp that his absentee father only has a single variant in Treasure Cruise, even compared to other Red-Hair pirates like Roux.

blackbeard treasure cruise

Characters in this tier are somewhat more useful than the ones relegated to the E tier. They’re still likely not going to be a lynchpin or even journeymen characters you use for any significant length of time, but they’re not immediate sells and can be useful in special circumstances or are needed for story missions.

Note: Characters in italics are part of a series - for example; there are different variations of the navy ensign with damage types, but they all fall under the same ranking. The Mr-series are individual agents of Baroque Works, and have their own independent variations but fall under the same category for the purpose of brevity.

blackbeard treasure cruise

  • Bandits (Pistol, Sword)
  • Seaman - Navy (Pistol, Cannoneer)
  • Apprentice - Navy (Pistol, Cannoneer)
  • Fishman - Arlong Crewmember (Sword, Karate)
  • Yellow Pirates (Shooter, Slasher)
  • Red Pirates (Shooter, Slasher)
  • Black Pirates (Shooter, Slasher)
  • Green Pirates (Shooter, Slasher)
  • Blue Pirates (Shooter, Slasher)
  • Bodyguard (‘Sunglasses’)
  • Black Cat Pirates
  • Group Leaders
  • Billions - Baroque Works
  • Skypeia Enforcers
  • Captain Skypeia Guard (yellow, red)
  • Skilled Gunner
  • Cannoneer Skilled
  • Triceratops
  • Brontosaurus
  • Banana Gator
  • Jigoro of the Wind
  • Minorhinoceros
  • Nola - Giant Snake
  • Hiking Bear
  • Gangster Carne
  • Gangster Patty
  • Street Punk - Bounty Hunter
  • Nefeltari Cobra King of Alabasta Kingdom
  • Sea Animal Pirates
  • Risky Brothers
  • Bear Skin Rug
  • Zombies (Wild)
  • Saint Charlos
  • Saint Roswald
  • Saint Shalria
  • Saint Mjosgard
  • Birdie Kingdom Roc
  • Longarm Kingdom Tribesman
  • Tequila Wolf Guard
  • Lip “Service” Doughty
  • “Gashed” Albion
  • Fish-Man District Outlaw
  • Sturdy Security Officer
  • Punk Hazard Sentry Squad Member
  • Punk Hazard Gas-Mask Sentry
  • Toy Soldier
  • Mariejois Guard Soldier
  • Land of Wano Officials
  • Chess Peacekeeper
  • Millions - Baroque Works
  • Germa Kingdom Clone Soldier
  • Donquixote Pirate Crew - Low-level

Characters at the bottom of the One Piece Treasure Cruise tier list are, to use the nomenclature of the fandom, “trash”. These are functionally useless with next to no levelling potential and are simply there to fill out rosters and provide synergy before you get a named character that can then be used for that space in your crew if even that. Advice is to sell, sell, sell as these characters can’t even be used for evolutions.

Generally, any generic tier character that’s part of a series is useless except if you’re literally just starting out, although even then you’re likely to roll at least one much better character before you leave the tutorial proper.

This includes lower-tier generic characters, but as you can see in the next tier up, there are generic characters that have utility. However, characters in this tier rarely if ever are needed even for story missions. Generally, many “animal” characters that aren’t named fall under this category too.

Note, the world nobles, the “Saints” have an extremely high sell value compared to the usual fodder. So they can be an easy way to big money.

7 Special Mention - Partners

blackbeard treasure cruise

  • Luffy & Law - Those Who Destroy the Facade of Peace
  • Luffy & Ace - High Seas' Pirate
  • Luffy & Law - Miracle-Making Generation
  • Kizaru & Fujitora - Admirals After the Diva
  • Shanks & Buggy - The Same Old

8 Nil Tier - Evolvers & Boosters

blackbeard treasure cruise

9 Further Resources

Fortunately, with almost ten years of development and fandom growth under its belt (makes you feel old doesn’t it?) One Piece Treasure Cruise has a wealth (pun intended) of resources available. Check out sites like the One Piece Treasure Cruise wiki for a comprehensive overview of the currently available characters and notes on their utility.

Also, with One Piece Treasure Cruise tier list in mind, do remember that with many gacha games, older characters are likely to drop in usage as you get to higher-tier content or newer content. Meanwhile, characters which will likely be lacklustre in a few years still have their niche. So give newer characters a chance if you don’t find their placement on this list agreeable.

Naturally, since these are fan resources we can’t guarantee they’ll always be correct, but given the mind-bogglingly huge variety of things to do in the One Piece Treasure Cruise, they’re a great place to get started.

  • Metria tier list
  • Sea of Conquest tier list
  • Reverse 1999 tier list

Iwan Morris

Did Archaeologists Uncover Blackbeard’s Treasure?

Cannons. Gold dust. Turtle bones. For archaeologists researching the notorious pirate’s flagship, every clue is priceless

Abigail Tucker

Blackbeard the pirate

The vessel believed to have been Blackbeard’s flagship is currently occupied by octopuses, which turn a pale, disgruntled green when nautical archaeologists approach. Black sea bass nip at the excavators’ ears, and moray eels spill out of the mouths of cannons, many of which are still loaded.

But after nearly 300 years in the North Carolina shallows, the remains of what may be the Queen Anne’s Revenge are surfacing, plank by worm-eaten plank. The site, discovered in 1996, is 25 feet underwater, less than a mile and a half from shore. But long weather delays during diving seasons and uncertain funding have slowed the excavation—this past fall’s expedition was the first since 2008—and it can take years to clean and analyze artifacts corroded beyond recognition. Still, with objects recovered from 50 percent of the site, archaeologists are increasingly confident that the wreck is the infamous frigate that terrorized the Caribbean and once blockaded Charleston, South Carolina, for a week before running aground in June 1718.

“We’re not going to find anything that says ‘Queen Anne’s Revenge’ or ‘Blackbeard Was Here,’” says Wendy Welsh, manager of the state-run Queen Anne’s Revenge Conservation Laboratory in Greenville, North Carolina. “You have to use all these little clues.”

Mike Daniel, the sea captain who first located the ship, introduced me to Welsh. Daniel is a successful treasure hunter who, in 1972, helped find Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas —a gold- and gem-laden Spanish galleon that sank off the Bahamas in 1656. But it was Welsh who most evoked the persona of a pirate, wearing skull and crossbones earrings and a galleon-like charm around her neck. She stormed through the lab, peeling tarps off cannons with such ardor that Blackbeard might have welcomed her aboard.

The heavily corroded cannons—some eight feet long and meant to spit six-pound cannonballs—were soaking in various chemical baths to restore them, a process that takes roughly five years. Some cannons that hadn’t undergone chemical treatment were barely recognizable. When a metal artifact corrodes underwater, sand, seashells and other objects adhere to its sides—which then provide attachment points for marine life, such as barnacles. These outer layers, which grow thicker over time, are known as “concretions.” Before breaking them apart, lab workers try to identify what lies beneath with X-rays, but some objects are undetectable. If technicians aren’t careful while cleaning the concretions with air scribes—a type of mini-jackhammer—valuable pieces can be destroyed, especially small ones.

“Once you touch a glass bead, it shatters, and you’re done,” Welsh says.

“Same thing happens with emeralds,” Daniel says.

“I wouldn’t know,” Welsh says a bit wistfully.

Except for a sprinkling of gold dust—less than one ounce so far—no treasure has been found aboard the vessel likely piloted by Edward Teach, the British-born pirate known as Blackbeard. According to 18th-century depositions, Blackbeard—named for his impressive facial hair, which he styled in braids—seized his best and biggest warship from French slave traders in 1717, one hundred miles off Martinique. Capable of carrying about 300 tons and armed with 16 cannons, the vessel carried hundreds of slaves and 20 pounds of gold dust. It was called La Concorde , but Blackbeard, who’d served the crown in Queen Anne’s War against France (1702-13) before going into business for himself, promptly renamed his prize in honor of the English monarch. After offloading most of the slaves and the captured crew, and relieving them of their gold, Blackbeard spent months marauding in the Caribbean, acquiring a miniature navy of smaller boats and amassing a huge crew.

In May 1718, the Queen Anne’s Revenge blockaded the port of Charleston, holding prominent citizens hostage in return for a chest of medicine. After collecting the ransom, Blackbeard retreated to North Carolina, which had plenty of hiding spots in obscure coves and inlets behind the Outer Banks. Alas, in early June, as Blackbeard and his fleet advanced on the sleepy fishing village of Beaufort, North Carolina, the Queen Anne’s Revenge foundered on a sandbar.

The details of how the ship ran aground remain a matter of dispute. Some experts believe Blackbeard was just another victim of the treacherous sandbanks at the mouth of Beaufort inlet, which tend to shift during storms, confounding even modern captains. Others, however, think Blackbeard deliberately abandoned the ship, which was far too large to navigate North Carolina’s shallow sounds, in an effort to downsize his crew (some of whom later testified as much) and travel light, transferring his treasure to the smaller ships in his fleet. Whatever the scenario, the demise of the Queen Anne’s Revenge was what archaeologists call a “nonviolent wreck event,” meaning that the pirates had ample time to offload plunder.

Luckily, the archaeologists have a different notion of treasure. They’ve found hundreds of historical objects including a diminutive signal gun, turtle bones (possible remnants of a favorite pirate food), a pewter syringe, a funnel-shaped spout that served as a urinal and an intact piece of window glass, blue-green and rippling like a sculpture of the sea. The 2010 dive yielded an ornate sword hilt made of iron, copper and an animal horn or antler.

The trouble is, none of these proves the ship’s identity. Though the datable artifacts can be traced to the decades before the vessel’s sinking (any dates after June 1718 would be powerful evidence against the ship’s claim to fame), so far there is nothing conclusive.

By contrast, the wreck of the Whydah Galley , the best-established American pirate ship, which sank in a storm off Massachusetts in 1717, yielded a bell inscribed with the ship’s name. Without a similar trophy, it’s challenging to make an airtight case that Daniel’s discovery is the Queen’s Anne’s Revenge . “We’re trying to get into the minds of piratical characters from 300 years ago with limited historical and archaeological evidence,” says David Moore, an archaeologist with the North Carolina Maritime Museum, in Beaufort, where many of the wreck’s artifacts are on display. But the clues keep mounting.

First, there’s the general location of the wreck, which is consistent with the historical accounts and antique maps that Daniel used in his search. “In the world of shipwrecks, our basic philosophy is that it is where it’s supposed to be,” he says. “Here’s the sandbar, here’s the channel coming in, and in that channel sits the QAR .” Then there’s the sheer size of the three-masted ship, which would have made it an unusual, if not unique, visitor to the little-traveled Beaufort inlet. The boat was also armed to the teeth—excavators have recovered some 225,000 pieces of lead shot and identified at least 25 cannons (though La Concorde carried only 16, the pirates would likely have added some of their own). The guns were apparently kept loaded at all times, a typical scofflaw practice. And then there’s the stuff with which they were loaded. At least one has iron bolts in its bore, and there are other suggestions of deck-clearing ammunition, like the remains of canvas bags full of broken glass, nails and other shrapnel. “A proper Englishman would not do that,” says Jim Craig, the head geologist for the project. “But a pirate is a pirate and he does anything he wants.”

Researchers are also finding potential links to the ship’s past as a French slaver. Manacle-like restraints and glass beads of the sort frequently traded in Africa have been recovered. Divers siphoning sediment from the wreck site have found dustings of gold that might have been part of La Concorde’s cargo. Archaeologists have salvaged several objects inscribed with fleurs-de-lis—a symbol that was often, though not exclusively, associated with France.

But since pirates acquired loot from everywhere, the best clues may be in the bones of the ship itself.

There isn’t much timber left to examine, since wood that isn’t buried deteriorates in salt water. Fortunately, part of the vessel remained covered in sand. When the team recovered a 3,000-pound piece of the stern, they found two draft marks meant to show how much of the vessel was below the waterline. While such measurements were vital to navigation, this ship’s seem curiously off—there are 12.75 inches in between the markings, as opposed to a standard foot. But, Moore realized, 12.75 inches was the French measurement for a foot at that time.

The most compelling argument against the shipwreck being Blackbeard’s is found on a cannon barrel marked rather crudely with three very large numbers–1,7,3–and a slightly smaller 0. If these numbers signify a date, 1730, it would be the death knell for the Blackbeard theory. But researchers say the figure more likely refers to an antiquated weight system or perhaps a catalog number.

Blackbeard lived only six months after the abandonment of the Queen Anne’s Revenge ; a Royal Navy lieutenant from Virginia ambushed him at sea and sailed home with the pirate’s head dangling from his bowsprit. The pirate’s legend, though, swashbuckles on. His popular exhibit at the North Carolina Maritime Museum is soon to be supplemented with dozens of never-before-seen artifacts, and Blackbeard—played by Ian McShane—and the Queen Anne’s Revenge will both be resurrected in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film, On Stranger Tides , due out this spring.

Meanwhile, archaeologists are itching to start work on the largest concretion of all: a huge pile of cannons and anchors still on the seafloor. They hope the mound is big enough to contain preserved material for micro-organic analysis. Bits of food, sediment or insect parts could tie the ship to the Caribbean or Africa. Or perhaps they’ll just discover “some hooks and wooden legs,” jokes Mark Wilde-Ramsing, a state archaeologist working on the project. “Parrot bones, maybe.”

Staff writer Abigail Tucker last wrote about lynx in the February issue.

blackbeard treasure cruise

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Abigail Tucker | READ MORE

A frequent contributor to Smithsonian , Abigail Tucker is the author of The Lion in the Living Room: How House Cats Tamed Us and Took Over the World and Mom Genes: Inside the New Science of Our Ancient Maternal Instinct . More information is available at her website:

  • 3 Socket Characters
  • Marshall D. Teach
  • Shield Reduction
  • Threshold Damage Reduction
  • Barrier Reduction
  • Resilience Reduction
  • Attack Boost
  • Limit Break

Blackbeard Former Warlord of the Sea

  • Edit source
  • View history
  • 1 Tips for New OPTC Players and Roadmap
  • 2 Crystal Skulls
  • 3 Limit Break


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  5. The LEGENDARY pirate Blackbeard #shorts #history #pirates #treasure #blackbeard #interesting

  6. G5 Release Legend Tier List! Meine besten Legends im Game! (One Piece Treasure Cruise)


  1. Blackbeard's Pirate Cruise

    Welcome aboard Blackbeard's Treasure Hunter! view cruises Book Directly With us for a Guaranteed Lowest Price. AHOY MATEY'S and welcome aboard the Carolina's largest pirate ship, Blackbeard's Treasure Hunter, for an hour long interactive family adventure that you and your family will never forget!

  2. IS HE WORTH IT? Super Class Blackbeard Legend Showcase! (ONE ...

    IS HE WORTH IT? Super Class Blackbeard Legend Showcase! (ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise)What's going on my broskiis? Official Patreon (For Goodies): https://www.p...

  3. Blackbeard

    Captain of the Blackbeard Pirates and former member of the Whitebeard Pirates' second division, Teach is the man who scarred Shanks' eye. In order to obtain the Dark-Dark Fruit, he broke the only iron rule of the Whitebeard Pirates: He killed a fellow crewmember and fled. ... One Piece Treasure Cruise Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View ...

  4. One Piece Treasure Cruise Character Table

    Booster filters Treasure Map Boosters [Zoro] Kizuna Clash Boosters [Shanks] Pirate King Adventure Boosters [Edward Newgate] Blitz Battle Boosters [Yamato VS Kaido] Specific Captain filters Double Boosted Katakuri Units Double Boosted Katakuri+ Units Double Boosted Katakuri V2 Units Double Boosted TM Law Units Double Boosted Sulong Carrot ...

  5. Blackbeard's Pirate Cruise

    Blackbeard's Treasure Hunter is the Carolina's largest pirate ship! Climb aboard for an hour-long interactive adventure that your family will enjoy and never forget! Your adventure will begin on the dock, where the kiddos will be transformed into little buccaneers! This is where they will get a pirate mustache, tattoo, and outfit!

  6. Walkthrough for Blackbeard 40 Stamina Raid [One Piece Treasure Cruise

    A full walkthrough video for 40 Stamina Blackbeard Raid Boss on the Japanese version of One Piece Treasure Cruise. This raid can be difficult if you are unpr...

  7. Blackbeard's Pirate Cruise

    We celebrated our 3 year old grandson's birthday by searching for treasure on Blackbeard's Cruise. They allowed him to put up the flag since it was his birthday! As stated in many other reviews, the pirates interact with the kids the entire time! My grandson talked about it for the rest of the day and told everyone he came into contact with ...

  8. Clash!! Blackbeard!

    24 hours Limited-Time Event You can recruit Blackbeard at 100% probability beating Master difficulty He will drop on 30 stamina as well, but it is much lower odds. Bandai doesn't publish the numbers but it's estimated to be between 15-30% How to Beat Clash!! Blackbeard! FAQs See Tips for New OPTC Players and Roadmap General Information

  9. Blackbeard's Pirate Cruise

    Welcome aboard Blackbeard's Treasure Hunter, the largest pirate ship in the Carolinas! Join us for an hour-long interactive adventure your family will never forget it! ... Blackbeard's Pirate Cruise is coast guard certified to carry a maximum of 75 passengers. There is plenty of seating available. Safety equipment on board includes radio ...

  10. Black Raven Adventures

    The one-and-a-half-hour cruise on the Black Raven pirate ship in St. Augustine, FL, a colorfully painted genuine reproduction of a pirate ship, offers the opportunity to partake in a battle with another ship.

  11. 6+ BLACKBEARD COMES TO GLOBAL! New Super Evolution! (ONE PIECE Treasure

    6+ BLACKBEARD COMES TO GLOBAL! New Super Evolution! (ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise)What's going on my broskiis? Official Patreon (For Goodies): https://www.patre...

  12. Blackbeard Blackbeard Pirate Captain

    Blackbeard Blackbeard Pirate Captain. Captain of the Blackbeard Pirates. He appeared toward the end of the Paramount War to announce that he was renouncing his position as one of the Seven Warlords. He also took Whitebeard's Tremor-Tremor Fruit abilities after he died. His body has the mysterious ability to take in not one, but two Devil Fruit ...

  13. Legend Blackbeard Team Guide

    Here is a team guide for the newest legend, 6* Blackbeard. If you pulled him in one of the recent OPTC Jp sugofests, then you'll definitely want to check thi...


    The anime story of ONE PIECE is yours to explore with a crew of your favorite characters! Download ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE today! ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE FEATURES: ANIME GAME FROM THE ONE PIECE WORLD. • The ONE PIECE anime story comes to life, from the beginning through all the hit story arcs. • Battle and recruit anime stars from every ...

  15. One Piece Treasure Cruise tier list

    For the One Piece Treasure Cruise tier list, we're going to come at it from the angle of characters with the most potency, the best synergy and the best evolutions. ... Buggy, Shanks, Eustass Kid, Silvers, Rayleigh, Bartholomew Kuma, Gecko Moria, Eneru, Blackbeard/Marshall D. Teach, Sabo, Little Oars Jr, Boa Hancock, Corazon, Carrot, Olin ...

  16. Did Archaeologists Uncover Blackbeard's Treasure?

    Abigail Tucker March 2011 Archaeologists have been recovering historical artifacts from the vessel possibly stolen by Blackbeard since 1996. Granger Collection, New York The vessel believed to...

  17. Treasure Map Blackbeard Walkthrough [One Piece Treasure Cruise]

    43.6K subscribers Subscribe 12K views 3 years ago Giveaway Link: Marshall D. Teach is out on the Japanese version of One Piece Treasure Cruise!...

  18. Blackbeard Emperor

    Blackbeard Emperor | One Piece Treasure Cruise Wiki | Fandom in: Characters needing description, Powerhouse, The New Emperor's Seismic Strike, and 5 more Blackbeard Emperor Edit Blackbeard Emperor Tandem N/A How to Obtain Unknown

  19. 6+ Blackbeard : r/OnePieceTC

    6+ Blackbeard: < Special: > Ignoring defensive effects, reduces all enemies' HP by 30%. Reduces bind by 5 turns, changes block orbs into matching < Captain: > Allows crew's normal attacks to bypass all defensive effects but negates crew's defensive effects.

  20. One Piece Treasure Cruise Wiki

    One Piece Treasure Cruise is a mobile (iOS and Android) game under development by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Gameplay Guide; Gameplay. Learn more about Gameplay and Mechanics. ... Moving Darkness Blackbeard Pirates? Read more > Pekoms and Baron Tamago's Retrieve the Candy! Pekoms and Baron Tamago's Retrieve the Candy! Read more > Lightning ...

  21. Treasure, ghosts, and the legacy of Blackbeard in the Cape Fear

    Rackley says that in the mid-1900s, a New York treasure hunting group came to the gold hole, in search of the lost loot. "These treasure hunters came down, and identified the 'gold hole' as ...

  22. Blackbeard Former Warlord of the Sea

    Blackbeard Former Warlord of the Sea | One Piece Treasure Cruise Wiki | Fandom Community in: Powerhouse, Signal of the Changing Times, Characters, and 12 more Blackbeard Former Warlord of the Sea Edit Blackbeard Former Warlord of the Sea Captain of the Blackbeard Pirates.