Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

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Cast & crew, irwin allen, walter pidgeon, joan fontaine, barbara eden, peter lorre, robert sterling, photos & videos, technical specs.

voyage to the bottom of the sea 1961

As the U. S. O. S. Seaview , a mammoth glass-nosed atomic submarine designed by scientist Harriman Nelson, makes its trial run near the polar icecap, the Van Allen radiation belt suddenly bursts into flame and threatens to destroy the Earth. Nelson is convinced that the only hope for survival is to shoot a Polaris missile into the belt and thereby cause it to explode backward into space. When the United Nations rejects his proposal as being too dangerous, Nelson commandeers the Seaview and heads for the Marianas, where he plans to launch the missile. Also aboard the submarine are Susan Hiller, a psychiatrist studying the effects of prolonged confinement on human behavior; Cathy Connors, Nelson's devoted secretary; Lucius Emery, a noted physicist who concurs with Nelson's theory; Capt. Lee Crane, the Seaview 's skipper; Miguel Alvarez, a civilian scientist; and Chip Romano, a brash young officer. Once the vessel is underway, several of the personnel begin to question Nelson's sanity; and there are repeated attempts at sabotage. After a run-in with a giant squid and a passage through a World War II mine field, the Seaview is attacked by U. N. submarines sent to prevent the launching of the missile. But Nelson, knowing that the Seaview can withstand depths far greater than any other undersea vessel, takes his craft down deeper and deeper until the tremendous pressure causes the pursuing submarines to explode. When the Seaview reaches its destination, Susan is revealed to be the saboteur. Convinced Nelson's actions will destroy the world, she makes a last effort to prevent the launching; but she is accidentally killed. Crane then sets the detonator, and the Polaris is sent into space. The wild experiment proves successful as a shattering explosion restores the burning sky to a tropical stillness.

voyage to the bottom of the sea 1961

Michael Ansara

voyage to the bottom of the sea 1961

Frankie Avalon

voyage to the bottom of the sea 1961

Regis Toomey

voyage to the bottom of the sea 1961

Howard Mcnear

voyage to the bottom of the sea 1961

Henry Daniell

Charles tannen, delbert monroe, anthony monaco, robert easton, jonathan gilmore, david mclean.

voyage to the bottom of the sea 1961

George Diestel

Michael ford, l. b. abbott, charles bennett, herman a. blumenthal, george boemler, alfred bruzlin, warren b. delaplain, russell faith, albert gail, winton hoch, paul sawtell, ad schaumer, walter m. scott, bert shefter, jack martin smith, john sturtevant, helen turpin, paul zastupnevich, fred zendar, photo collections, voyage to the bottom of the sea on blu-ray.

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea On Blu-Ray

Alvarez... are you saying that Man must accept destruction even though it's in his power to prevent it? - Admiral Nelson
It's not for us to judge, Admiral. - Alvarez
Not to judge, maybe; but we can reason. If God ordains that Man should die without a fight, then why does He give us the will to live? - Admiral Nelson

Miscellaneous Notes

Released in United States Summer July 1961

Released in United States on Video August 25, 1988

Released in United States March 1975

Film spawned the 60s television series of the same name.


Released in United States March 1975 (Shown at FILMEX: Los Angeles International Film Exposition (Science Fiction Movie Marathon - Selection of Trailers) March 13-26, 1975.)

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voyage to the bottom of the sea 1961

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voyage to the bottom of the sea 1961

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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

1961, Sci-fi, 1h 45m

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Voyage to the bottom of the sea   photos.

Harriman Nelson (Walter Pidgeon) is the creator of a revolutionary nuclear submarine. After testing its capabilities in the Arctic Ocean, Nelson and the commanding officer (Robert Sterling) surface the vessel, only to discover the sky ablaze. Learning that the Van Allen radiation belt has caught fire, Nelson conceives a plan that could save the planet from destruction, but the U.N. shoots it down. Nelson is convinced it will work, but an onboard psychiatrist (Joan Fontaine) questions his sanity.

Genre: Sci-fi

Original Language: English

Director: Irwin Allen

Producer: Irwin Allen

Writer: Charles Bennett , Irwin Allen

Release Date (Streaming): Nov 30, 2016

Runtime: 1h 45m

Production Co: Twentieth Century Fox

Cast & Crew

Walter Pidgeon

Adm. Harriman Nelson

Joan Fontaine

Dr. Susan Hiller

Barbara Eden

Lt Cathy Connors

Peter Lorre

Comm. Lucius Emery

Robert Sterling

Capt. Lee Crane

Michael Ansara

Miguel Alvarez

Frankie Avalon

Lt (j.g.) Danny Romano

Regis Toomey

Dr. Jamieson

Vice-Adm. B.J. Crawford

Howard McNear

Congressman Llewellyn Parker

Henry Daniell

Seaman Jimmy "Red" Smith

Charles Tannen

CPO Gleason

Seaman Kowski

Anthony Monaco

Robert Easton

Jonathan Gilmore

Seaman George Young

David McLean

Ned Thompson

George Diestel

Irwin Allen

Charles Bennett


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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

  • When the Earth is threatened by a burning Van Allen Radiation Belt, U.S. Navy Admiral Harriman Nelson plans to shoot a nuclear missile at the Belt, using his experimental atomic submarine, the Seaview.
  • Admiral Nelson takes a brand new atomic submarine through its paces. When the Van Allen radiation belt catches fire, the admiral must find a way to beat the heat or watch the world go up in smoke. — <[email protected]>
  • US Navy Admiral Harriman Nelson evokes extreme views. Some believe he is the greatest scientific mind around, while others see him as a lunatic. His latest project, an atomic submarine, the Seaview, which he designed and built, is evoking as many divergent views. The Seaview is going through its final tests in the Arctic region. One day, the Seaview unexpectedly goes through a dangerous underwater ice shower - the ice pieces the size of large boulders - which Nelson and his crew ultimately learn is due to the Van Allen Radiation Belt being on fire, causing the break-up of icebergs on the surface. If the fire is not contained, it could mean the destruction of the Earth. At a UN meeting in New York to discuss what to do, Nelson states that he believes the fire will not burn out as many other scientists believe, and that he can extinguish the fire by shooting a missile at the belt in exactly sixteen days from the region of the Marianas Trench in the Pacific. His view is supported by his friend, fellow scientist, retired Commodore Lucius Emory. Unable to get orders for or against from the US government, Nelson proceeds to sail the Seaview to his intended destination, which is against the wishes of the UN. Despite being generally loyal to the admiral, many aboard the Seaview believe his action is irrational, foolish and/or reckless. Among those are: Captain Lee Crane, the sub's commanding officer; Dr. Susan Hiller, a visiting psychiatrist on board to do research of the effects of stress on the crew; and Miguel Alvarez, a civilian scientist and religious zealot, who believes that if the world is to end that it is God's fate. Caught in the middle is Lieutenant Cathy Connors, the admiral's secretary, who is still seemingly loyal to her boss, but who is also engaged to Captain Crane. These internal struggles are not the only obstacles Nelson faces, but also the regular perils of the ocean, the UN who they learn has issued a seek and destroy order of the Seaview, and a potentially mutinous crew, one of who seems to be sabotaging the mission even at the expense of some of the other crew member's lives. — Huggo
  • The Seaview is an atomic submarine designed by Admiral Harriman Nelson. On its initial launch some politicians are visiting it to see if all the money they poured into it is worth it. It is while they are at sea that they learn that the belt of radiation covering the Earth is on fire. Nelson is asked to attend some kind of international conference to determine what to do. It is while on route that Nelson comes up with a plan which he presents at the conference. Nelson proposes that if an atomic missile is launched from the Seaview at a precise moment, it will cause it to blow up. Another scientist claims that the belt will burn itself out when it reaches a certain temperature. But Nelson says that if they wait for his proposal, they will miss the window of opportunity that he told them of. Nelson leaves, boards the Seaview, and heads off to make his rendezvous with radiation belt. However, Nelson's driven manner, causes friction between him and Captain Crane, whose relationship with him is more paternal. As they push on, some of the crew members don't want to follow the admiral, and if that wasn't enough, there appears to be saboteur on board. — [email protected]
  • The new, state of the art nuclear submarine Seaview is on diving trials in the Arctic Ocean. The Seaview is designed and built by scientist and engineering genius Admiral Harriman Nelson (USN-Ret) (Walter Pidgeon). Captain Lee Crane (Robert Sterling) is the Seaview's Commanding Officer. One of the on-board observers is Dr. Susan Hiller (Joan Fontaine), studying crew-related stress. The mission includes being out of radio contact for 96 hours while under the Arctic ice cap, but the ice begins to crack and melt, with boulder-size pieces crashing into the ocean around the submarine. Surfacing, Admiral Nelson and Captain Crane discover fire burning in the sky. After the rescue of a delta flow scientist, Miguel Alvarez (Michael Ansara), the sub receives radio contact from Mission Director Inspector Bergan at the Bureau of Marine Exploration. He advises that a meteor shower pierced the Van Allen radiation belt causing it to catch fire, resulting in a world-threatening increase in heat all across the Earth. Nelson's on-board friend and scientist, retired Commodore Lucius Emery (Peter Lorre) concurs that it is possible. Bergan informs Nelson that the President wants him at a UN Emergency Scientific Meeting as soon as possible. Nelson and Commodore Emery calculate a plan to end the catastrophe. The USOS Seaview arrives in New York Harbor in two days. At the meeting Nelson informs the UN that according to their calculations, if the heat increase is not stopped, it will become irreversible and Earth has "a life expectancy of about three weeks." The Admiral and the Commodore have come up with a plan to extinguish the Skyfire. He proposes firing a nuclear missile at the burning belt from the best calculated location, the Marianas. Nelson posits that when fired at the right place and time, 1600 hours on August 29, the nuclear explosion should overwhelm and extinguish the flames, away into space, essentially "amputating" the belt from the Earth. The Seaview has the capability to fire the missile. But the Admiral's plan is rejected by the chief scientist and head delegate, Emilio Zucco (Henry Daniell) of Vienna. His reasons are that he knows the composition of gases in the belt and he believes the Skyfire will burn itself out at 173 degrees. Zucco's plan is to let the Skyfire do just that and he feels the Admiral's plan is too risky. Nelson claims that Zucco's burn-out point, however, is beyond that date and time if the current rise rate is maintained. But at Zucco's urging, Nelson and Emery are shouted down and the plan is rejected. Despite the rejection, the Admiral and the Commodore quickly leave the proceedings, advising that his only authorization will be from the President himself. It is a race against the clock as the Seaview speeds to reach the proper firing position, above the trench in the Marianas in the Pacific. During this time Nelson and Crane agree on tapping the Rio-to-London telephone cable to try to eventually reach the President. However, an unsuccessful attempt on the Admiral's life makes it clear that there is a saboteur on board. But the confusion over who the saboteur might be revolves around rescued scientist Miguel Alvarez, who has become a religious zealot regarding the catastrophe, and Dr. Hiller, who secretly admires Dr Zucco's plan. Other obstacles present themselves: a minefield and a near-mutiny. And Crane himself begins to doubt the Admiral's tactics and reasoning. During the telephone cable attempt, Crane and Alvarez battle a giant squid. Although the London cable connection is made, Nelson is told there's been no contact with the States for 35 hours. Also, a hostile submarine follows the Seaview deep into the Mariana Trench, but implodes before it can destroy the Seaview. Near the end of the film the saboteur is revealed to be Dr. Hiller. Captain Crane happens by as she exits the ship's "Off Limits" Nuclear Reactor core, looking rather ill. She has been exposed to a fatal dose of radiation: her detector badge is deep red. Walking over the shark-tank catwalk, she falls in during a struggle with the Captain, and is killed by a shark. The Admiral learns that temperatures are rising faster than expected. He realizes that Zucco's belief that the Skyfire will burn itself out is in error. At the end, Seaview reaches the Marianas. There, in spite of the threats and objections of Alvarez, Seaview launches a missile toward the belt and it explodes the burning flames outward, saving the world.

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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961)

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voyage to the bottom of the sea 1961

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voyage to the bottom of the sea 1961

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

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voyage to the bottom of the sea 1961

Cast and Crew

Irwin Allen

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