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Come join us for your ultimate polar bear viewing experience. Travel with our guides in the most luxurious custom built Polar Rovers, where you will see arctic wildlife including arctic fox, caribou, snowy owls and of course the magnificent polar bear...all in their natural environment. Stay at our custom built Tundra Lodge, sleeping with polar bears under the awe inspiring northern lights.

The year 2018 marks our 30th anniversary

Since turning a love for the community and wildlife of Churchill, Manitoba, for photography, adventure, and the challenge of improving each new Polar Rover, into a thriving family-run business. We're excited to commemorate such an important year and share the journey we've taken since the days of 'Old Blue' (the first Polar Rover)!

When you ask the people who have been deeply connected to the growth of Great White Bear Tours over the past 30 years, you will hear many of the same words of endearment and strength about its owners Marilyn and Don Walkoski, and about the business. Yet, the same can be said about each and every individual who –throughout the years – have been there to support and guide the endeavours of Great White Bear Tours. It goes without saying that due to their dedication, Great White Bear Tours would not be where it is today.

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A Look at What You May Experience in Churchill

Take a look at some of the wildlife you may see during your Great White Bear Tours adventure: From polar bears to other wildlife. Also have a look at our Polar Rovers, as well as what Churchill has to offer.

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Ranked as the top polar bear tour in Churchill and well as one of the top "Things to Do" in Churchill. While visitors rate the tour as "Absolutely Amazing", we hope to give you the "Experience of a Lifetime". Click on the link below to see what others are saying about Great White Bear Tours.



Polar bear tours.

tours to churchill polar bears

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Churchill Polar Bear Safari - Fall

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Polar Bear Safari

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime, one-day , all-inclusive excursion to the remote northern seaport of Churchill, Manitoba, to witness Polar Bears in their natural environment as they migrate toward the coast in anticipation of freeze-up and access their favourite diet of ringed seals.

Your adventure begins with a non-stop flight from Calgary, Edmonton or Saskatoon with a naturalist onboard, who will provide valuable insights on this iconic mammal. Upon landing in Churchill, you will board a Tundra Buggy® for a guided 5 - 6 hour excursion in the polar bear country. A Tundra Buggy® will transport you across the terrain to view the polar bears comfortably and safely. We will end the day by stopping in Churchill to visit the gift shops. Supper will be served on the aircraft or at the Churchill community centre. A relaxing flight back to your origin completes a captivating day in Canada.

Fall 2024 Polar Bear Safari Tour dates from:

  • Friday, October 25th - Guest Naturalist Brian Keating
  • Saturday, November 2nd - Guest Naturalist Brian Keating
  • Sunday, October 27th - Guest Naturalist Brian Keating
  • Friday, November 8th - Guest Naturalist Susan Blum

For an overview of the Tour, select "Itinerary" on the menu bar to the right or choose "Request Polar Bear Safari" if you would like to place a reservation request.

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Churchill Polar Bear Tours

Churchill is the ultimate destination for polar bear tours. The Manitoban town is known as the polar bear capital of the world. Prime polar bear season in Churchill is from October to mid-November when 900 to 1,000 polar bears eagerly await the formation of sea ice on the Hudson Bay. This concentrated population provides an extraordinary opportunity for observing polar bears in their natural habitat. Churchill's abundant wildlife also includes Arctic foxes, beluga whales, seals, and various bird species. With thrilling Tundra Buggy expeditions and other tours, visitors can explore the area and marvel at the tundra landscape.   

Three polar bears walk across the snow in Churchill

Our team at Canadian Train Vacations help travellers plan trips to Churchill for polar bear viewing.  Continue reading to learn what it's like on a polar bear tour in Churchill .  

Table of contents

Best churchill polar bear tours 2024, the polar capital of the world.

  • Tundra Buggy Experience for Polar Bear Watching 
  • Dog Sledding Adventures 
  • Experienced Guides and Safety Measures 
  • Natural Environment of Churchill's Arctic Wildlife  

Accommodations on Polar Bear Tours

Tundra-inspired cuisine .

  • What to wear on a polar bear watching trip?

Can you see polar bears during summer?

Frequently asked questions.

tours to churchill polar bears

Keep reading or chat with one of our local travel experts. We’re passionate about Canada and can help you at any stage of your vacation planning.

Canadian Train and Polar Bear Experience  

This trip includes two nights on VIA Rail's sleeper train from Vancouver to Winnipeg and three nights in Churchill, the polar bear capital of the world. In Churchill, you'll search for polar bears on a Tundra Buggy. Other exciting activities include dog sledding, a guided tour of Churchill, and an evening cultural presentation.

Lords of the Wilderness Bear Viewing  

Our two-week Lords of the Wilderness itinerary includes two amazing bear-viewing experiences. Fly to a remote wilderness lodge in the Great Bear Rainforest for the chance to see grizzly bears Then, travel across Canada by sleeper train. End your vacation with a trip to Churchill to view polar bears from the comfort of a Tundra Buggy.  

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Get inspired with sample itineraries, train information, route maps, and travel advice from our local experts.

Polar bear cartoon looking through a pair of binoculars

As polar bear central, Churchill acts as a home base for conservation and outreach efforts.  Polar Bear International House  is a public center, which people can visit to learn about polar bears and polar bear research.

For the best polar bear viewing experience, you’ll need to board a specially designed Tundra Buggy and journey out into the Churchill Wildlife Management Area (CWMA). It was the creation of this original tundra vehicle, the Tundra Buggy, that allowed venturing amongst polar bears in Churchill. Specially designed for the northern landscape, these all-terrain vehicles allow access to remote locations, which are best for  safely viewing and photographing wildlife .

Since the number of visitors to the CWMA is highly restricted, your chances of seeing the bears up close is excellent. As well as capturing incredible, up-close photographs of polar bears, you’ll see other wildlife such as arctic fox, ptarmigan, and snowy owl.

Tundra Buggy Experience for Polar Bear Watching  

Two polar bears sparring in front of a Tundra Buggy

The Tundra Buggy offers an unparalleled experience for witnessing polar bears in Churchill, Canada. These remarkable vehicles are designed to provide a safe and immersive experience for polar bear tours. The unique features of the Tundra Buggy ensure that visitors can view polar bears while respecting the natural environment. Additionally, if polar bears approach the Tundra Buggy, the vehicle's height means that visitors are safely out of reach. This protects both polar bears and visitors.  

Features of the Tundra Buggy include:   

  • Large, reinforced windows 
  • Elevated viewing platforms for unobstructed views
  • Spacious, comfortable seating
  • Sturdy construction and oversized tires for navigating the challenging terrain of the tundra 

  Important notes about Tundra Buggy tours:  

  • Safety and well-being of passengers and polar bears is a priority
  • Expert guides offer valuable insights into polar bear behaviours and conservation efforts
  • Vehicles adhere to strict guidelines and maintain a respectful distance to ensure minimal disturbance to the bears' natural behaviours

Tundra buggy tours give visitors an extraordinary opportunity to witness polar bears up close in their natural environment, creating memories that will last a lifetime.   

#1 Travel tip: When to visit Churchill

The best time for viewing polar bears in Churchill is during the fall, but it is possible to see them in the summer. If you visit in August, you’ll likely see beluga whales too.

Blog Author - Hannah Poaros-Mcdermott

Dog Sledding Adventures  

Close up of a happy dog with tongue out, ready for a dog sledding trip

You can also go dog sledding in Churchill, Manitoba. A dog sledding experience adds an extra layer of excitement to polar bear tours. Dog sledding has a rich history and cultural importance in Manitoba, dating back to the time of the Thule people. Modern-day dog sledding tours in Churchill provide visitors with an opportunity to immerse themselves in this age-old tradition while exploring the pristine wilderness. Riding across the snowy landscape, pulled by a team of energetic and well-trained huskies, is a n exhilarating and immersive way to appreciate Churchill's natural environment.

The swift and agile huskies demonstrate their skill, strength, and symbiotic bond with their human companions. Interacting with these remarkable animals, learning about their training, and witnessing their teamwork is awe-inspiring . Dogsledding adventures are the perfect complement to polar bear tours.  

Experienced Guides and Safety Measures  

Professional guides to lead your tour:     .

Professional guides lead polar bear tours in Churchill. These knowledgeable guides provide expert insight into the area, ensuring visitors gain a deep understanding of the wildlife and landscape around Churchill. Guides ensure the safety of all participants, navigating the Arctic terrain and polar bear encounters with caution. These guides enjoy sharing fascinating stories and answering questions about the remarkable wildlife of Churchill.   

Safety Measures to Protect Visitors and Wildlife:     

When it comes to Churchill Polar Bear Tours, strict safety measures are in place to protect visitors and wildlife. Manitoba Conservation sets guidelines that limit the number of tundra vehicles, reducing the impact on the environment.

These measures include restrictions on travel routes and designated areas, safeguarding the delicate Arctic ecosystem. By adhering to these guidelines, visitors can safely explore the wilderness with peace of mind, knowing that their adventure protects the natural habitat of polar bears and other wildlife.   

Natural Environment of Churchill's Arctic Wildlife    

Polar bear walks along the snowy shore of the Hudson Bay

Churchill's Arctic wildlife thrives within a diverse ecosystem. The region is defined by its proximity to Hudson Bay, the expansive tundra, and the sprawling boreal forest.   

Unique Features: 

1. hudson bay:.

Hudson Bay provides a crucial habitat for various marine life, including beluga whales and seals. It also influences the seasonal movements and behavior of polar bears. This is one of the reasons why Churchill is a prime location for polar bear tours. 

The vast tundra of Churchill is a land of rugged beauty, characterized by low-lying vegetation, lichens, and mosses. This treeless expanse supports an abundance of species, including polar bears, Arctic foxes, and Arctic hares. Migratory birds flock to the region during the summer. 

3. Boreal Forest:  

The boreal forest surrounding Churchill showcases a different facet of the region's natural environment. This vast woodland is home to diverse species, including black bears, wolves, moose, and a variety of bird species. The boreal forest provides a vital habitat for these creatures, offering shelter and sustenance within its dense canopy.   

Key Species: 

1. polar bears :.

Churchill is known as the polar bear capital of the world. A significant population of these majestic creatures inhabit the area, particularly during the fall months. These months are prime polar bear season.

2. Arctic foxes :  

With their small ears and thick, white coat, these foxes are well-suited to the Arctic tundra, where they blend seamlessly into the snowy landscape. Their coats change to brown in the spring or summer.

3. Arctic hares :

Arctic hares can be found darting across the tundra, their white fur serving as camouflage against the snow, protecting them from predators.   

#2 Travel tip: Crossing the street

Churchill has a small population and only a few shops and restaurants. Don’t worry too much about looking for traffic before you cross the street, but always look left and right for a polar bear!

tours to churchill polar bears

As Churchill is a small town in a remote location, there are limited accommodation options. There are cozy inns and simple bed-and-breakfasts, rather than 5-star resorts. For example, the Tundra Inn is a charming family-run property offering comfortable, spacious rooms. For the months of October and November, during peak polar bear season, it is best to reserve Churchill accommodation early.

Winnipeg is usually the starting point for polar bear tours, since it’s easy to catch a flight to Churchill from here. Our polar bear packages often include a night in a Winnipeg airport hotel before your flight to Churchill. If you want to extend your vacation, you could stay in Winnipeg longer — add on nights before or after your polar bear viewing adventure.  

Download our Brochures and Mini Guides

Download our Brochures and Mini Guides

Tundra-inspired cuisine in Churchill, Manitoba incorporates local ingredients and flavors that reflect the Arctic landscape. 

Arctic Char : A popular fish in tundra-inspired cuisine, Arctic Char is known for its delicate texture and rich flavor. It is often prepared using traditional methods such as smoking or pan-searing, highlighting the natural taste of this cold-water fish.

Bison : As a sustainable and locally sourced meat, bison features prominently in tundra-inspired dishes. From hearty bison stews to succulent bison steaks, this lean and flavorful meat adds a taste of the wild to the cuisine.

Wild Berries : The tundra is home to an abundance of wild berries such as lingonberries, gooseberries, and blueberries. These berries are used in various desserts, jams, and sauces, providing a burst of natural sweetness.

  Game Meats : Tundra-inspired cuisine often incorporates game meats such as venison, caribou, and muskox. These meats offer a unique and robust flavor profile, perfectly complementing the ruggedness of the region.

Foraged Ingredients : The tundra offers a treasure trove of edible plants and herbs. Foraged ingredients like Arctic sorrel, Labrador tea, and fireweed add distinctive flavors and textures to dishes, infusing them with a taste of the wild.

Traditional Indigenous Dishes : Tundra-inspired cuisine in Churchill includes the culinary traditions of the Indigenous communities in the region. Traditional dishes like bannock (a type of bread), pemmican (a dried meat mixture), and wild rice reflect the deep cultural heritage of the area. 

Tundra-inspired cuisine in Churchill Manitoba celebrates the unique flavors and ingredients found in the Arctic landscape, creating a culinary experience that embraces the ruggedness and natural beauty of the region. From fresh fish and game meats to wild berries and foraged ingredients, each dish offers a delicious connection to the tundra and a taste of the local culture.   

What to wear on a polar bear watching trip ?

  • Layered clothing: Dress in layers so you can adjust your insulation levels as needed.
  • Insulated and waterproof outerwear: Wear a warm, insulated parka and waterproof pants to protect against the cold and potential moisture. 
  • Thermal base layers: Choose moisture-wicking, thermal base layers to keep you warm and dry. 
  • Warm accessories: Wear a hat, gloves, and scarf to protect exposed areas from the cold. 
  • Warm, waterproof boots: Choose insulated, waterproof boots to keep your feet warm and dry. 
  • Thermal socks: Wear thick, thermal socks to provide extra warmth and comfort. 
  • Hand and foot warmers: Consider bringing hand and foot warmers for additional warmth during outdoor activities. 
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen: Protect your eyes and skin from the glare of the snow and the sun's rays. 
  • Binoculars and camera: Bring binoculars to enhance your polar bear viewing and a camera to capture unforgettable moments. 

Wearing appropriate clothing ensures you are comfortable during a polar bear watching trip. You can embrace the Arctic environment while staying warm and protected. Some polar bear tour packages offer winter clothing rentals. Options include snow pants and snow boots. Please ask your Vacation Advisor about these rentals at the time of booking.

#3 Travel tip: Always have layers

The Tundra Buggy has an outdoor platform which is great for when you want to take photos of polar bears. Wrap up warm though as it gets very cold!

tours to churchill polar bears

When you imagine viewing polar bears in Canada, a warm sunny day might not be what you’re picturing. But summer is when polar bears first return to Churchill, Manitoba. After spending the winter hunting seals on the ice of Hudson Bay, these impressive animals make their way back to the Churchill area in early to mid-summer, when the sea ice begins to melt.

Along with the opportunity to see Canada's famous polar bears, a visit to the Hudson Bay region in summer offers warmer weather than in the traditional fall viewing season (October/November). There’s also plenty of chances to see other Canadian wildlife up close and personal in the ruggedly beautiful tundra and taiga — the forests of cold, subarctic regions — landscapes of the Manitoba coastline. During the months of July and August, the Churchill area is also a fantastic place to see beluga whales who migrate into the warm, shallow waters of the Churchill River to give birth and feed on fish.

Why book your luxury rail trip with Canadian Train Vacations?

tours to churchill polar bears

We take care of all the details

You want to relax and enjoy your trip, not get overwhelmed by the planning. Let us make all of the bookings for you, including rail tickets, hotels, excursions and activities, meals and transfers.

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Independent travel with expert support

Enjoy local expertise and guidance with a personalized itinerary. Your preferences and needs are our priority. We take care of you from the moment you land until the moment you leave.

tours to churchill polar bears

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You’ll receive the inside scoop before you even leave home. And you can relax during your vacation because we’re only a phone call away if you have any questions while you’re in Canada.

Where do polar bears live in Canada? 

Polar bears live in the Northern parts of Canada, in areas near the Arctic Ocean. Churchill, Manitoba holds the title of being the polar bear capital of the world. The town's unique location along the shores of Hudson Bay means that a significant number of polar bears inhabit the area in the fall when polar bears are waiting for sea ice to form.

When is the best time to see polar bears in Churchill?

The best time to see polar bears in Churchill is from October to mid-November. 

How much do polar bear tours cost? 

Our Canadian Train and Polar Bear Experience starts from $8,590 USD per person. This trip combines the VIA Rail sleeper train from Vancouver to Winnipeg with a 3-night polar bear adventure in Churchill so you can see more of Canada's beautiful scenery and wildlife. Our Lords of the Wilderness trip offers you the chance to see grizzly bears and polar bears. Prices start from $13,430 USD per person.

Is the Tundra Buggy Lodge right for me? 

The Tundra Buggy Lodge is a unique accommodation option. The mobile lodge is situated at Polar Bear Point in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. There are two sleeping units, a lounge, and a dining hall. Sleeping arrangements are dormitory-style — bunk beds with privacy curtains. If you are interested in staying at the Tundra Buggy Lodge, please contact one of our Vacation Advisors.

About the author: Katherine is Product Manager with Fresh Tracks Canada. Having worked in the Canadian travel industry for almost 20 years, she enjoys sharing her local expertise with visitors. She is based in Calgary and one of her favourite Canadian destination is the...   Read more

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Churchill Polar Bears

Churchill Polar Bears is your central resource for everything you ever wanted to know about polar bears, Arctic wildlife and the Churchill community they co-exist with. From polar bear behavior to conservation work on their behalf, from Churchill’s colorful history and culture to natural phenomena like the aurora borealis, you’ll find plenty to learn about when you explore .

Northern Lights Parting Shots

Northern Lights Parting Shots

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Northern Lights Reflections

Northern Lights Reflections

Mar 4, 2020

      These awesome northern lights images from Alex de Vries-Magnifico and Discover Churchill, as well as a cool Creek Cabin shot from GWB's Don Walkoski capture the intense aurora borealis we have seen this season in Churchill. Sad to see the...

Hudson Bay Quest 2020 – Churchill to Gillam

Hudson Bay Quest 2020 – Churchill to Gillam

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The Hudson Bay Quest is proud to announce our official line up for the 2020 race starting in Churchill on March 19. 1-David Daley 2-Mary Martin 3-Jesse Terry 4-Peter McClelland 5-Tom Terry 6-Kevin Malikowski 7-Shawn McCarty 8-Janet Bahe 9-Ed Obrecht 10-Blake Freking...

Churchill Weekly Photos – Hudson Bay Line

Churchill Weekly Photos – Hudson Bay Line

Sep 24, 2018

          The Arctic Gateway group, new owners of the Port of Churchill and the 100 mile stretch of track known as the Hudson Bay Line, are working diligently to repair all the washouts and problem spots along the line. Weather is cooperating...

Hudson Bay Line Repairs Going Strong

Hudson Bay Line Repairs Going Strong

Sep 19, 2018

Arctic Gateway is committing extensive man hours to the cause of bringing the Hudson Bay Line north to Churchill once again! it seems like a distant memory now of the drama of the deadlocked stalemate between Omnitrax, the Canadian Government and any prospective...

Derailment Shocks New Rail Owner Arctic Gateway

Derailment Shocks New Rail Owner Arctic Gateway

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Arctic Gateway Group, the new owners of Churchill's Port and the Hudson Bay Railway (HBR), have been greeted with a rocky start to their new venture. Saturday evening a freight train with three engines and 27 cars carrying petroleum derailed in the remote town of...

Nunatsiavut Wildlife Manager Optimistic on Polar Bears

Nunatsiavut Wildlife Manager Optimistic on Polar Bears

Apr 25, 2018

Despite frequent heart-wrenching images of starving polar bears in the news recently, populations of polar bears are apparently thriving in the Nunatsiavut region of northern Labrador. This is some welcome good news on the status of polar bears in the Arctic. Based on...

Churchill Wants Polar Bears to Stay Home

Churchill Wants Polar Bears to Stay Home

Dec 6, 2017

Churchill is famous for its polar bears and has been dubbed the Polar Bear Capital of the World for a destination to see numerous polar bears in and around the town. Now Churchill Mayor Mike Spence wants to have serious conversations with the provincial...

Retired Canadian Mountie Sentenced to Prison

Retired Canadian Mountie Sentenced to Prison

Sep 22, 2017

Retired Canadian Mountie Gregory Logan, 60, of Saint John has been sentenced to five years and two months in a United States federal prison for smuggling nearly 300 Narwhal tusks with a value of $1.5 - $3 million US into Maine. The contraband tusks were hidden in...

Red fox in Churchill, MB.

Book a Polar Bear Tour

Small-group adventures to Churchill get you closer to more polar bears, in exceptional comfort and safety, than any other option out there.

The Town of Churchill

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Polar bears of churchill.

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Our Distinctive A+R Style

  • Step aboard our Coast Guard certified-boat, the Matonabee,the only Arctic vessel with underwater viewing, to see Polar Bears in their summer--we may encounter them swimming in these coastal waters or sunning on the western shores of Hudson Bay.
  • Experience for yourself the intelligence and curiosity of Beluga Whales: Venturing out in our maneuverable Zodiacs, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the pods of whales that come in summer to mate, feed and raise their young. 
  • A local wildlife photographer will share his personal photos and insightful tips on capturing unforgettable images of the Polar Bears and Beluga Whales of Churchill - An A+R Exclusive! 
  • Choose a guided Kayaking or Beluga AquaGliding ™ adventure for another thrilling up-close experience with Hudson Bay’s resident Beluga Whales. 
  • Step into the pioneering fur-trading days of the Hudson’s Bay Company on guided sightseeing tours including the Prince of Wales Fort and historic Cape Merry where the town of Churchill was founded in 1717. 
  • Gain insight into the local Métis community and the life of Churchill’s nearly 1,000 hardy residents during our a cultural talk with a lifetime Manitoba resident—then ride behind his team of energetic sled dogs!
  • Step aboard our Arctic Crawlers™ to explore the wildly beautiful and rugged landscapes of the Tundra, home to diverse wildlife including a variety of migratory birds, Arctic Hares and Arctic Foxes. 
  • Learn about polar bears from an expert at the Churchill Northern Studies Center—then tour its “Green Building” with an exclusive view from its elevated outdoor platform—two A+R Exlcusives!
  • With 2 nights hotel + 4 nights lodge; 16 meals; sightseeing; extensive nature activities to view Polar Bears + Beluga Whales; exclusive A+R cultural encounters; all transfers; both internal flights; all gratuities except Trip Leader. 

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Our Canada Tour begins in Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Inn at the Forks - Winnipeg, Canada

On arrival at the airport this morning, you’ll be met and chauffeured to the Inn at The Forks . Distinguished by its casual sophistication, our contemporary luxury boutique hotel offers a privileged location in the heart of Winnipeg. Just outside our hotel’s front door, The Forks is a National Historic Site at the confluence of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers. With a fascinating past dating back 6,000 years to ancient aboriginal settlements, the area has witnessed waves of history from European fur traders and buffalo hunters to 19th-century railway pioneers. This afternoon, you’ll join our in-the-know resident guide for a sightseeing tour of the city. You’ll see St. Boniface Cathedral, a well-known landmark in Winnipeg’s vibrant French Quarter, and drive along Broadway to marvel at the Manitoba Legislative Building. Built in the early 1900’s, the cupola of this impressive provincial building is topped by the Golden Boy , a gilded statue of the Roman God Mercury. Then learn more about Winnipeg’s long history as you get to know The Forks, still a popular gathering place as it has been for centuries. Here along the banks of the two rivers, not far from your hotel, you’ll find tree-shaded parks, promenades, and outdoor sculptures along with cafes, shops and restaurants – many of them set in restored architectural landmarks. After sightseeing, you’ll have time to refresh before this evening’s Welcome Dinner.  Meals D

Flight to Churchill, the Polar Bear Capital

Lazy Bear Lodge - Churchill, Canada

After breakfast, we’ll take you to the airport for our flight to Churchill. Set along the Churchill River where it flows into Hudson Bay, this remote and inviting northern town of 1,000 residents is uniquely situated between two distinct eco-systems: The Boreal Forests to the south and the Arctic Tundra that stretches north toward the Arctic. On arrival at the airport, you’ll be met and escorted to the Lazy Bear Lodge where you’ll find a welcome bottle of wine in your cozy log and wood-paneled guestroom. This afternoon, join your fellow Lodge guests for a Culture + Heritage Sightseeing Tour of Churchill. You’ll see the legendary Polar Bear Jail where rogue bears that come too close to town are safely housed until they can be released deeper in the wilderness. At historic Cape Merry, you’ll learn about the town’s founding in 1717 when James Knight sailed up the mouth of the Churchill River and built a fur trading post for the Hudson’s Bay Company. In the midst of the boulders and hardy pine trees that dot the shores of Hudson Bay, you’ll also see Miss Piggy , a Curtiss C-46 freight plane that famously went down in 1979 – landing in the wilderness, well short of the runway, without any fatalities. This evening, A+R guests will join a local wildlife and nature photographer for a specially arranged private presentation. Viewing his mesmerizing photographs of the Hudson Bay region offers an excellent introduction to your own upcoming explorations. Photographers, regardless of your experience level, will find his tips insightful and helpful. Tonight you’ll dine at the  Lazy Bear Café , an inviting venue with a vaulted log-beam ceiling and stone fireplace. If fresh homemade specialties like Roasted Manitoba Bison or Braised Peppered Elk don’t appeal, the chef is also well-known for his fine pasta dishes, vegetarian stir-fries, and Arctic Char fresh from the waters of Hudson Bay!  During your stay, Lodge staff will invite you to an exciting late night venture to observe the dancing Northern Lights..  Meals B+L+D The order of your included excursions at Lazy Bear Lodge may change during your stay, but all excursions will be provided.

Polar Bears Capital of the World

The western coast of Hudson Bay is one of the best places in the world to encounter polar bears in their native habitat. This morning, you’ll step aboard our Coast Guard-certified, custom-built boat to go in search of these amazing creatures.  In late summer, the polar bears are a little bit lazy, gathering on the shore and giving us an amazing opportunity to watch as they lumber among the rocks and wildflowers that dot the shoreline. Often, we’ll also see them swimming in the pristine waters of the Bay. Local conditions permitting, you might even have the chance to go ashore to walk with the bears! With insight and guidance from our expert wildlife guides, it’s not unusual for guests to have remarkably up-close encounters that allow for truly once-in-a-lifetime photographs! Today’s expedition lasts 6 to 8 hours and includes a boxed lunch.  Meals B+L+D

Beluga Whale Watching

Today’s 3-hour expedition finds you in our highly maneuverable Zodiacs, exploring the waters of the Churchill River and Hudson Bay. In summer, up to 60,000 beluga whales come here to feed, mate, and raise their young. Belugas are highly intelligent and curious, and they will often swim surprisingly close – as if to investigate our boats and their 2-legged passengers! You’ll also step ashore for a guided tour of the Prince of Wales Fort, built by the Hudson’s Bay Company during the fur trading days of the 1700s.  Later today, A+R guests will have a chance to get even closer to the beluga whales with their choice of an included Beluga AquaGliding ™ or kayaking adventure:   Beluga AquaGliding™ Adventure : Get up-close with these gentle giants under the experienced eye of our guides. Starting with an instructional session, this 3-hour tour includes an Arctic dry suit and all gear; it is shared with other Lodge guests and subject to weather and water conditions.   Kayaking Expedition : This 3-hour guided adventure begins with a short instructional session. Venturing onto the Churchill River in single or double kayaks, you’ll have a chance to closely observe beluga whales in their natural environment. This excursion is shared with other Lodge guests and includes wet suits, life jackets and equipment. Meals B+L+D

Tundra Tour on our Arctic Crawlers™

Today you’ll hop aboard our Lodge’s exclusive Arctic Crawlers™ for a guided tour across the Tundra. With massive all-terrain wheels and large windows that open, these vehicles are prefect for exploring the rugged landscapes outside of town. In addition to the more-famous Polar Bears and Beluga Whales that you’ve already encountered, the lands along the western coast of Hudson Bay are home to many other species - including a variety of migratory birds, Arctic Hare, Arctic Fox, caribou, moose and eagles. Accompanied by our expert naturalists, you and other Lodge guests will spend 3 to 4 hours getting to know the geology, flora and fauna of the wildly beautiful Tundra. Spend some time with a local resident and dog musher, Dave Daley. In the 1960s, Cormorant, Manitoba was a small Métis community accessible only by the Hudson Bay Rail Line – and dog sleds. They are proud of their Métis heritage and strive to give their visitors a glimpse of the Métis lifestyle. Congenial discussions with Dave promise unique insight into the life, people and traditions of Manitoba. Then ride behind his team of energetic sled dogs—it’s a terrific way to appreciate the beauty of the countryside and to experience a slice of Manitoba life. You’ll also learn how the dogs are trained and gain insight into the local dog-mushing culture. Meals B+L+D

The Life of the Polar Bear + Return to Winnipeg

After breakfast, A+R guests will enjoy a private presentation at the Churchill Northern Studies Center, a highly regarded field station founded in 1976 to sustain research and education regarding the subarctic. This morning’s presentation will focus on both individual bears as well as some of the family groups that come to here to the western shores of Hudson Bay. Delving into the lives of these animals and the mounting challenges they face, you will come away with an even deeper appreciation of the magnificent creatures that you have come to know over the past few days. Then we’ll take you on a tour of the CNSC’s “Green Building” to learn about the Center’s history and its environmentally friendly 27,000 sq. ft. LEED-certified research station.  Enjoy exclusive views on the elevated outdoor platform and the indoor Aurora dome, all while discovering the innovative features that permit unprecedented self-sustainability in Canada’s subarctic. Then transfer to the airport for our flight back to Winnipeg. On arrival, you’ll be met and escorted once again to our deluxe boutique hotel in the historic Forks district of the city. Your evening is free to enjoy downtown Winnipeg as you wish. Meals B+L

Homeward Bound

You’ll be chauffeured to the airport today for your homeward flight.  Meals B [ Please Note that all activities in Churchill are dependent upon local weather and water conditions. These included excursions may need to be rescheduled during your stay, but every effort will be made to ensure a complete program as per our itinerary. Local staff, crew and naturalists have the final authority to make decisions to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests. A more final itinerary will be given to you when you arrive at the Lazy Bear Lodge .]

Extend Your Trip

Add a pre-night in winnipeg.

Only $269 per person

Extend your tour with another night at our luxury boutique hotel in The Forks, Winnipeg’s historic riverfront district. We include dining certificates for The Forks Market, a lively food and shopping emporium set in redesigned turn-of-the-century stables, and prepaid entry for the outstanding Manitoba Museum. Both are within easy walking distance of our hotel.

Arrive Winnipeg

On arrival at the airport, you’ll be met and chauffeured to the  Inn at The Forks . Your overnight stay includes a $50 voucher to be used at the shops and restaurants at the Forks, a nearby and popular site for dining, entertainment, and lovely walking trails.

Explore Winnipeg

Entrance to the nearby Manitoba Museum is included in your stay.  The immersive Museum Galleries tell the human and natural history of Manitoba from north to south, from ancient to contemporary times. Here you can feel the thunder of stampeding bison, unearth rare geological finds, and explore the Arctic and Subarctic. Experience the rich diversity of Manitoba’s ever-changing landscape and step back in time to delve into the dynamic history of Manitoba. The Museum is open 10am-rpm, Tuesday to Sunday. Greet fellow travelers at tonight’s welcome dinner.  Meals B+D  


Prices are per person, land only.

Family + Friends


Every A+R Journey is carefully crafted with more than 7 decades of expertise helping our guests to experience the world in a more authentic and caring way. Choose from more than 105 Original Journeys With Never More than 16 Guests or book your tour as a Completely Private Experience – whether it’s just the two of you, a small group of friends, or your entire family.

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tours to churchill polar bears

Wild + Wonderful Alaska

With the smallest groups in Alaska, deluxe rail journeys through remote wilderness, two nights alongside Denali, and a wildlife cruise in Kenai Fjords National Park, our unique adventures show you more of Alaska’s extraordinary landscapes and abundant wildlife. Native culture, farm-to-table dining and spending time with lifelong residents plumb lesser-known facets of life in the Far North.

Accredited Business


Churchill Polar Bear Photography Tours

World class ground level polar bear photography tour in Churchill designed to offer the serious photographer the very best chances to capture stunning eye level polar bear photography in small five person groups.

The location for the polar bear photography tour is Churchill Manitoba. Churchill is home to the largest concentration of polar bears in the world. Relax and let Michael & Julia Bertelsen organize your meals accommodations and pickup at the Churchill airport. Michael Bertelsen is a trained and very experienced Manitoba licensed guide with WMA permits. Michael has worked with National Geographic , Love Nature  as well as  BBC Films . He will offer you the very finest possibilities to capture stunning images of the animals that call Northern Canada home.

This is more than just a Polar Bear Photography Tour. Cross, silver, red and arctic fox photography is also possible along with ptarmigan, arctic hare, snowy owls, gyrfalcon, wolf and even a small chance for wolverine.

Quality Not Quantity

Small groups of 5 photographers shooting on the ground, thus allowing:

  • The ability to move and choose a better background or angle for photographing polar bears and other wildlife
  • Overall feeling of the workshop is more intimate
  • Feel more in tune with the surroundings and its species


The Churchill lodge is exclusive to our small group of polar bear photography enthusiasts. Each room has a private 3-piece bath and refrigerator along with comfortable beds and individual thermostats for personal preference. There is a communal kitchen and room for gathering and working on images and sharing stories about the day. Quiet times are between 9pm and 5:30am (no doors slamming & people talking in the hallways) thus allowing everyone a restful sleep.

Safety and Experience

Michael has 13 years experience guiding and guarding polar bear photography tours in Churchill. 5 years was spent in Northern Hudson Bay working and learning from Inuit guides. Understanding bear patterns and behaviour is the key to success and safety when photographing these enigmatic creatures. Michael carries a firearm for your safety, and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to photographing polar bears on tour.

Equipment Recommendations

Wide angle lens for landscapes & northern lights photography. Your most used focal length for wildlife will be in the range of 300 to 600mm. If possible bring 2 camera bodies and a sturdy tripod on your Churchill polar bear photography tour.

Suggested Clothing

Temperatures range from +2C to -20C in Churchill during the time we will be on tour photographing polar bears. Bring:

  • Insulated boots
  • Warm winter coat
  • Insulated pants to wear over your inside pants
  • Large warm mitts
  • Thin gloves you can use camera buttons with
  • Warm hat and wool socks

Other Considerations

Low to medium level of fitness is required for particular polar bear photography tours in Churchill. Very short walks in snow depth of less than a foot. Icy conditions may occur. Bathroom breaks are available throughout the day.

Morning fly from Winnipeg to Churchill, Manitoba. Michael & Julia will pick you up at the Churchill airport and take you directly to the private lodge. Once arriving at the lodge, Coffee, tea, and a light snack is provided along with a short safety and orientation and some winter photography tips before you head out in search of polar bears. That evening a dinner is planned at one of Churchill’s finer restaurants.

Polar Bear Photography Tour Shoot Days

Early breakfast then at first light we are out touring for polar bears to photograph (and other arctic wildlife) in a 4X4 Tundra van with aggressive tires that carry 5 photographers very comfortably. All polar bear photography is on the ground. Landscape photography is also offered if light and clouds permit the opportunity. Break for a short lunch in the field. Driving back to town wastes too much of an already short day. Dinner together and review the day. Northern lights are a possibility when the sky is clear. Michael will offer an in-field Aurora Borealis workshop.

Breakfast then more polar bear photography touring in the morning. Midday, Michael, and Julia will take you to the Churchill airport where you will fly back to Winnipeg.

Pricing for a Polar Bear Photography Tour Includes:

All WMA permits and licenses. Personalized photography instruction always offered. Continental Breakfasts. Use of communal kitchen and common room. Trips to the town of Churchill to pick lunch and snacks to have in the field.

6 Day trip includes 5 nights accommodations. 5 Days of polar bear photography tours in Churchill (4 full and 2 half days).

7 Day trip includes 6 nights accommodations. 6 days of polar bear photography tours in Churchill (5 full days and 2 half days).

Not included: Alcoholic drinks, Hotel rooms in Winnipeg, All flights to and from Churchill, Lunch and Dinner. Please join Michael and Julia for every meal. Michael has lots of good stories and bad jokes to share with you.

Available Dates & Pricing for Churchill Polar Bear Photography Tours

October 12 - 18, 2024, october 18-23, 2024, october 23-28, 2024, oct 28 - nov 2, 2024, nov 2 - nov 8, 2024, nov 8- nov 13, 2024.

Please contact me if you are interested in 2025 dates.

Booking Terms

6 Day Trip Cost $5,745.00 cdn funds + 5% Manitoba tax $2,000.00 cdn deposit required at time of booking. Remaining amount  due 90 days prior to departure date. Single occupancy available for an additional $1,025.00 + 5% Manitoba tax.

7 Day Trip Cost $6745.00 cdn funds + 5% Manitoba tax $2000.00 cdn non-refundable deposit required at time of booking. Remaining due 90 days prior to departure date. Single occupancy available for an additional $1,200.00 + 5% Manitoba tax.

Payment, Registration and Refund Policy

A deposit is required to reserve your spot. Once the deposit is received your spot on the trip is confirmed, and an email that includes a detailed itinerary will be sent to you. Balance in full is due 3 months before the tour start date. A reminder will be sent to you via email, but it is the sole responsibility of the participant to remember this due date. If the balance is not received in time, we will attempt to fill your spot from the waiting list. If the spot is filled, you will receive a credit towards another trip of your choice. Fees are based upon double occupancy. Single rooms can be arranged for an additional cost if they are available. We do our best to pair participants up with a roommate, but if a roommate is not found, the single occupant will be charged for the single supplement. Checks can be made payable to Wild Outdoors Limited and sent to Michael Bertelsen P.O Box 1012, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, R0B0E0. Payment can be made through Paypal (add 3.5% surcharge) or e-transfer

Travel Insurance

Whenever travelling with Wild Outdoors Photography travel insurance and health insurance is highly recommended.

Wild Outdoors Photography does not accept responsibility for any losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in air or other services, sickness, weather, strike or other causes. The tour participants shall bear all such losses and expenses. Wild Outdoors Photography will take all reasonable steps to ensure that services provided are of high standard. Wild Outdoors Photography will not accept liability for physical injury, loss, damage or expense resulting from circumstances beyond our control. By agreeing to participate in a Wild Outdoors Photography workshop, each participant agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless Wild Outdoors Photography, its agents, employees, shareholders, directors, attorneys, and contractors as more completely set forth in the liability waiver that will be provided. The waiver must be signed and received by Wild Outdoors Photography prior to participation. Contact Michael if you have further questions or to check availability and to request a booking.

"An Exciting and Fantastic Trip"

It was an exciting and fantastic trip. You and Julia did a fantastic job making all of us feel at home and comfortable in Churchill. My guys couldn’t be happier. In fact you were able to put together a group that was fantastic. I am still missing my daily poached eggs!! BTW, I am getting some great shots but the silver fox on Saturday afternoon was not the same fox we saw in the week! Please keep in touch.

– Bill B.

"The Photo Opportunities Were Fantastic"

Michael, A short note to say THANKS! I had a great time. The photo opportunities were fantastic. Your help on where to stand or kneel was invaluable in taking some great photos. Let the post processing begin.

– Randy S

"Exceeded My Requirements"

In my opinion, a great photography guide is knowledgeable not only about the area visited, but how to best capture a given subject. In addition, they must be able to make people feel comfortable with their settings and with each other. You guys exceeded each of my requirements. I look forward to having another fantastic experience with you in the future!

– Curtis

"So Many Memorable Photo Ops"

I am a first time participant in one of Michael’s workshops and boy did I luck out and choose the right one. First of all, I am veteran of photography workshops and this was by far one of the best for many reasons which I will summarize. We had a small group of wonderful people who got along extremely well (large groups are hard to shoot with). The transportation and lodging was prearranged including airport pickup personally. He arranged our wonderful meals and he was our driver, guide, bear guard and entertainer all in one. Michael is extremely affable and easy to talk to and ask questions and he pointed out tips in technique when necessary. He always ensured we got first crack at the shots before he even pulled out his camera. Foremost, he is an honest and ethical nature photographer. We had such a great time together and had so many memorable photo ops that I am going to sign up for more of his workshops. Thank you Michael!

– Karl C.

Churchill Polar Bear Tours Photo Gallery

tours to churchill polar bears

Churchill Wild Polar Bear Tours

Happy Mother’s Day! A Mothers and Cubs Gallery.

Polar bear mom and cub snuggles. Seal River Heritage Lodge. Allison Reimer photo.

Polar bear mom and cub snuggles. Seal River Heritage Lodge. Allison Reimer photo.

by George Williams

Happy Mother’s Day from our Churchill Wild polar bears! We’ve had so many wonderful Moms at the Churchill Wild ecolodges over the years and we’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to all Moms for all that you do! You are very much loved and appreciated!

We hope you enjoy the selection of photos in the gallery at the end of this post, captured by both guests and professional photographers taking part in our Birds, Bears & Belugas , Nanuk Emergence Quest , Cloud Wolves of the Kaska Coast , Hudson Bay Odyssey , Great Ice Bear , and Polar Bear Photo Safaris at Seal River Heritage Lodge and Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge . The loving bonds we see between the mothers and cubs at our lodges represent nature at its finest.

Polar bear cubs playing on Mom's back. Fabienne Jansen / photo.

Polar bear cubs playing on Mom’s back. Fabienne Jansen / photo.

A Testament to Mothers Everywhere

In the icy silence of the Arctic, baby polar bears are born blind, deaf, and weighing less than a pound. In the seclusion of their snowy den, cubs are nurtured by their mother’s unwavering care, relying entirely on her protection, her warmth, and milk potent enough to spur rapid growth. The cubs’ existence teeters on the brink of vulnerability, and the bond that forms between a mom and her cubs during this period is a force of nature.

Nestled against mom, the cubs learn the rhythm of her heartbeat, the familiarity of her breath. For the next few months, the den will be their entire world. Mom does not eat, drink, or leave the den during this period, focusing solely on her cubs’ survival and growth. Her dedication is profound, mirroring the deep bond of love and care that exists in every corner of the animal kingdom.

Polar bear cubs cuddling at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Ellen Zangla photo.

Polar bear cubs cuddling at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge as Mom naps in the background. Ellen Zangla photo.

Soon the eyes will blink open, unveiling a realm of stark allure and crystalline splendor. The first sight? Mom’s adoring gaze, a beacon of security amidst what will soon be an unending expanse of white. Exploration of the den commences, a world ripe with novel scents and unfamiliar textures for the cubs.

When the cubs are about three months old, they emerge from the den, their curious eyes taking in the vast, white expanse of the Arctic for the first time. Though they are still small and vulnerable, they are ready to learn the ways of their world. And who better to teach them than their mother?

The outside world is an onslaught of sensations: the fierce bite of the wind, the blinding reflection of sunlight against the snow, and a never-ending icy horizon. With a soft prod from mom, the cubs venture forward into the sprawling whiteness.

Muddy cub with Mom in the fireweed at Seal River Heritage Lodge. Richard Voliva photo.

Muddy cub with Mom in the fireweed at Seal River Heritage Lodge. Richard Voliva photo.

The world beyond the den unfurls like an epic novel, brimming with trials and tribulations. The cubs learn to maneuver on the ice, to sprint, to joyfully slide down snow-coated slopes, and mom becomes their mentor, teaching them how to hunt and survive in the Arctic. Each action mom takes is a survival lesson, each movement a masterclass in hunting seals.

The cubs try to mirror mom, often with comical outcomes, yet every blunder is a stepping-stone towards survival. From playful wrestling to mock hunting, the cubs learn the crucial skills they need, and mom’s patience and dedication never wavers. It’s as if she understands the enormous responsibility on her massive shoulders – the survival of her cubs, and ultimately, the survival of her species.

Relaxing in the sun at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Ann Fulcher photo.

Relaxing in the sun at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Ann Fulcher photo.

The cubs will face many challenges including brutal weather conditions, dangerous shape-shifting sea ice, lack of food, and predators, including adult male polar bears. Mom plays a crucial role in protecting her cubs from potential threats, teaching them both survival skills and how to defend themselves.

The first year is a whirlwind of growth and discovery. The cubs have increased tenfold in size. They have learned the basics of hunting, swimming, and surviving. No longer defenseless infants, the young polar bears are prepared to traverse the icy wilderness they call home.

A kiss for Mom. Dymond Lake Ecolodge. Rimma Aronov photo.

A kiss for Mom. Dymond Lake Ecolodge. Rimma Aronov photo.

In the second year, the bond with mom remains potent, a beacon of love and support, but slowly the ties begin to loosen as the cubs grow more self-reliant and venture away from mom, sometimes vanishing from sight for hours, hunting solo, learning from their own successes and failures.

By the close of the second year, the cubs have grown nearly to match their mother in size and are almost independent. At some point, usually between the ages of two and three, the time arrives for the cubs to part ways with mom and venture into the wilderness alone.

Mom and cubs in the boreal forest at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Steve Pressman / photo.

Mom and cubs in the boreal forest at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Steve Pressman / photo.

It’s a bitter-sweet goodbye that can sometimes include lingering gazes and hesitant steps, but ultimately, the cubs leave their childhood behind and step into the beautiful but often harsh world of the Arctic as young adults.

The young polar bears begin to shape their own path through their Arctic playground. Each ice floe becomes a stepping-stone, every snowdrift a potential hideaway. The wind carries a thousand stories in each gust, every ripple of water hides a myriad of secrets. The landscape, once daunting and expansive, now beckons with the promise of adventure and discovery.

Polar bear mom nursing cubs at Seal River Heritage Lodge. Dirk Van-Dosselaer photo.

Nursing and nurturing at Seal River Heritage Lodge. Dirk Van-Dosselaer photo.

The young polar bears learn to trust their instincts, to interpret the subtle signs written in the snow, to attend to the whispers carried on the wind. They learn the language of the ice, the lore of the sea, and become one with the land, solitary figures against the expanse of white, creatures of ice and snow, of wind and water.

Beneath their growing confidence, the thrill of the hunt, and the joy of discovery, there is a poignant undercurrent of nostalgia. There are moments when the young bears may pause and look back towards the horizon, perhaps reminiscing about the warmth of mom, the safety of the den, the simplicity of those early days. It’s a heart-tugging reminder of the fleeting nature of childhood and the relentless march of time.

A testament to mothers everywhere. Mom and cub at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Ramona Boone photo.

A testament to mothers everywhere. Mom and cub at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Ramona Boone photo.

The bond between a mother polar bear and her cubs is a tale of love, survival, and sacrifice formed under the harshest of conditions, strengthened through shared experiences, and ultimately loosened to enable the next generation’s survival. It’s a story that resonates with us, reminding us of the deep bonds of love and care that bind us together, whether human or animal, and a testament to mothers everywhere.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Moms and Cubs. A Mother's Day Photo Album.

tours to churchill polar bears

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    Churchill Polar Bears is your central resource for everything you ever wanted to know about polar bears, Arctic wildlife and the Churchill community they co-exist with. ... Book a Polar Bear Tour. Small-group adventures to Churchill get you closer to more polar bears, in exceptional comfort and safety, than any other option out there.

  18. Town of Churchill

    Tundra Vehicle Tours (Polar Bear/Wildlife Viewing) Ph: 1-800-663-9832 or 204-949-2050, email or check out their website. Individual and packaged tours are available. Ph: 1-866-262-6202, email or check out their website . Ph: 1-866-687-2327 or 204-663-9377, email or check out their website.

  19. Churchill Polar Bear Tundra Lodge Adventure & Photo Tour

    Tundra Lodge Adventure. Stay on the Tundra Among the Bears in the World's Most Remarkable Hotel. 6 or 7 Days / Oct & Nov. 29. $12895 (+air) Photo Expeditions Available. Carbon Data. This is simply the most extraordinary polar bear experience available! Stay at the Tundra Lodge, set seasonally on the tundra near the edge of Hudson Bay, with ...

  20. Churchill Polar Bear Tours

    Our Canada Tour begins in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Inn at the Forks - Winnipeg, Canada. Day. 2. Flight to Churchill, the Polar Bear Capital. Lazy Bear Lodge - Churchill, Canada. Day. 3. Polar Bears Capital of the World.

  21. Churchill Polar Bear Photography Tours

    6 Day trip includes 5 nights accommodations. 5 Days of polar bear photography tours in Churchill (4 full and 2 half days). 7 Day trip includes 6 nights accommodations. 6 days of polar bear photography tours in Churchill (5 full days and 2 half days). Not included: Alcoholic drinks, Hotel rooms in Winnipeg, All flights to and from Churchill ...

  22. Polar bear safari: Creating memories for a lifetime

    The Polar Bear Safari is held during the height of polar bear viewing season in October and November. Once guests arrive in Churchill, they hop aboard a large all-terrain vehicle called a tundra buggy for a five- to six-hour tour to view polar bears and other spectacula­r Arctic wildlife along the Hudson Bay shoreline.

  23. PDF Polar Bears & Beluga Whales

    site, Polar Bear "Jail," and Cape Merry Overnight: Lazy Bear Lodge Day 3: Churchill / Boat Tour / Prince of Wales Fort / Dog Mushing (B) Zodiac boat tour providing up-close whale watching and photography opportunities, dog cart ride Overnight: Lazy Bear Lodge Day 4: Churchill / Hudson Bay Coastal Tour (B,L) Full-day bear- and whale-spotting

  24. Happy Mother's Day! A Mothers and Cubs Gallery.

    The bond between a mother polar bear and her cubs is a tale of love, survival, and sacrifice formed under the harshest of conditions, strengthened through shared experiences, and ultimately loosened to enable the next generation's survival. It's a story that resonates with us, reminding us of the deep bonds of love and care that bind us ...

  25. Polar Bear Tour Price

    Limited to 16 Travelers. An important feature of our Churchill polar bear expeditions is the limited group size. Nature is always best experienced in smaller groups, and it is particularly important on this expedition to ensure that our guests have plenty of room on board our Polar Rover tundra vehicles, for comfort and easy access for photos.

  26. Polar Bear Tours

    Meet the King of the Arctic! Our flagship polar bear tour is an expertly guided small-group adventure to see and photograph the world's largest concentration of polar bears along Hudson Bay. 6 or 7 Days / Oct & Nov. From $7795 (+air) 16. Photo Expeditions Available. Make it Private.

  27. When Polar Bears Knew "Penguins": Meet the Great Auk

    Once upon a time, a polar bear and a penguin were sitting on an iceberg... Well, sort of. Although polar bears have never traveled south to Antarctica and penguins have never made the swim north to the Arctic, there was a time when Ursus maritimus, the polar bear, and Pinguinus impennis, the great auk, inhabited the same ecosystem.