Fine Schedules and Rules

Here are all of the team fine schedules that are available for public viewing. Use them to get ideas for your own Kangaroo Court rules, create a schedule of your own, then share it! .

Aussie Rules - Western Districts B grade

Aussie rules - palmerston falcons.

Palmerston Falcons AFL Masters

Aussie Rules - Flagstaff Hill FC

List of Fineable Offences

Aussie Rules - Belco 3rd Div

Aussie rules - victoria pt redlands sharks senior women’s team.

OK ladies - here are our list of fineable offences for the season. Let’s see how we go!!

Aussie Rules - Colac Imperials Div 3 Women (Ultimate Ressies)

Updated after training/games. Money to be collected at season's end by the court judge, the Honourable Ruby Manson. Court session to be completed at season's end.

Aussie Rules - Woden Blues

Aussie rules - belco magpies senior mens, aussie rules - philip island vets, baseball - wellington sluggers.

Wellington Sluggers fines for the season. We based ours on the list from - plus we added a few extras. We also have a tonne of other miscellaneous fines (for being an idiot, swearing at the coach, bad haircuts etc) that we just record as they happen as we like to add more information specific to the offense that took place. This list is just the regular fines that happen often.

Baseball - 16U USAthletics Legault

List of Fines for the 2020 16U USAthletic Season. Additional offences and fines can be added per the Sheriff(s).

Basketball - EC Hoop Squad

Basketball - wallan panthers 2018 youth league.

List of fines for the 2018 Wallan Panthers Youth League season. 4 Technical Fouls = 1 Game Suspension, Any subsequent technical fouls = 2 Game Suspension Double Pay on Away Games for all team members Double Pay for Captains, Taxi & Brad All Fines due on 2nd monday after the game/training.

Basketball - Lakeside Lightning

This is the list of fines for the 2018 SBL season.

Cornish hurling! - Opus Ultimate

List of fines for the Opus Ultimate Frisbee Team. Currently being refined. Each 1 point is equal to $1 which will be tallied up at the end of the season for food and drinks. If you are in the negative by the end of the season the points will be transferred to the next season.

Cornish hurling! - Dynamo Dugout

Fines to be recorded and collected on an ongoing basis by the Sheriff Fines can be contested in Court by appeal to the Jury Jury consists of a rotating panel of three people with majority rules Unsuccessful appeals will result in fines (x2) All further disputes will be settled by VAR (MB) Fines can be amended/ added to by the Jury (again – majority rules) Positions rotate on a monthly basis VAR is also subject to fining All funds accumulated over the course of the window to be used for team refreshments at the end of said window/ start of the next R&Rs Sheriff to manage/ own fines list. He/ she also always sits on the Jury Jury to rule on appeals VAR to rule on any further disputes/ escalation

Cricket - VUW Stubbies

The time-honoured Stubbies fines schedule - refined over 13 years of use! "At the end of the season we have a court session, where everyone has to repay their debt to society by drinking the equivalent of their total fines for the season. 1 fine usually equates to one cup of beer, however, any individual fines worth more than 1 are often liable for harsher forms of punishment, in the form of 'mystery spirit', which is usually provided by either the Sheriff or VC. There's usually some room for leniency/cruelty - depending on the nature of the offence, whether the accused has previously offended, how the rest of the team view the crime etc." These are just a few of many possible fines...

Cricket - Norths Centurions

This is an example fine schedule for the Norths Centurions. For our end-of-season court session, each player has to contribute $15 for food/booze. They also have to donate their fine money to the team's chosen charity, where 1 fine = $1. E.g. If Jeff has 10 fines, he has to pay $25 ($15 for the court session, and $10 donation). Failure to show up or pay up results in additional fines for the next season....

Cricket - Manifold heights CC 1st

Fines for the 1st, 2nds and the 3rds

Cricket - Rotorua Central Cricket - Reserves

fines for the central cricket club reserves team 2016/2017

Cricket - Clarence District Cricket Club

Tomorrow we look forward to the new sheriff in town. All fines must be paid before ball 1 from last week no excuses, failure to do so it's automatically doubled. Tomorrow expect sore cheeks and lips! Sam Rainbird you still owe the group so a bag of lollies post game is required.

Cricket - Team Boon

Team Boon fines list 2019/20

Cricket - OSCC

Cricket - bickley park cc.

Bickley Park 2022

Cricket - Babbacombe CC 2nd XI

Main Fine List

Cricket - Punters XI

Golf - flog.

FLOG 2014 Fines

Golf - Liverpool 2020

Fines for the Liverpool/Preston trip 2020

Golf - Duffy Tour

Duffy tour fines

Golf - Mo8se

Hockey - somerville div 2 gals, hockey - mcc mpd.

MCC MPD Hockey fines for on and off field behaviour. All proceeds go to end of season event

Hockey - BOPISC

The is a list of fines for QBT 2018.

Hockey - USPHC Men 2

Usphc men 2 fines for the 2018/19 season

Hockey - Old Willies 1s

OW1 standard fines 2022/2023

Hockey - Mongrels

Mongrels Fines for players Fund

Hockey - KLHC Ladies 1's

Hockey - falmouth m1 xi.

Fines for on and off field behaviour. All proceeds go towards 2 annual social events. Umpiring a game will revoke individual’s fines from previous session.

Ice hockey - Sting 17/18

Late for training/ game

Ice hockey - Peterborough Phantoms 2

Ice hockey - sydney ice dogs.

The Sydney Ice Dogs are looking to have a bounce back season with player and management all being held 'accountable'. The funds collected will be used to pay for our end of season function.

Korfball - Tockwith

Netball - kongorong a reserve 2021, netball - pitch slap, netball - unda netty gals, other - a very storky stag.

List of fines for the very Storky Stag

Other - HCM Division

This is the fine schedule for September 2016

Other - Ecreo

Other - bergenbk elite team, other - facebook game club.

The Kangaroo Court takes place on the Saturday evening and is organised to punish all involved for errors or mistakes on or off the field. It dually acts as a means to drink as much piss as possible in a short amount of time. Each club or tour has its own variations of the rules of Kangaroo Court, however to ensure order as well as swift and harsh justice for the Facebook Game Club the following procedure is suggested (all those in favour say “Aye”): The Short Explanation: The accused will: choose his own representation; face “The Prosecutor”; be judged by his peers; and ultimately either walk away unpunished or pay the penalty invoked by “The Judges”.

Other - Dodgers

Dodgers Fines

Other - Seneschalstown GAA

The idea of the fine system for the year is for the team to take greater responsibility for their actions during the season. We need a complete buy in from the team in order for it to work, that means once it starts you are responsible for your own actions and must agree to adhere to the system and the punishments!

Other - Qld SOO 40’s 21

Other - tao united nations, other - clarity.

Who's rocking accuracy and accountability and our Clarity values?

Other - Los Jugadores

Los Jugadores Fines

Other - Hunks in Trunks

Fines will be paid at Team socials. 0.1 refers to 1 sip of a drink, 0.3 refers to 1/2 drink, and 1.0 refers to 1 full drink consumed.

Other - CUAMMA Comp Squad

Hello CUAMMAs, this is your fine schedule in the run up to varsity...

Rugby union - Pally Pigs Rugby Union Club

The Pally Pigs are true believers of piglets needing a firm hand in discipline. As part of this we have maintained our longstanding tradition of fines (both monetary and alcoholic). This is how we (and you) keep track of your fines and your games played this season. Stay on the right side of the Fine Master and you'll be ok. The wrong side will see you lighter in the pocket, cloudier in the head and booking an appointment and the inaugural Kangaroo Court at the end of season.

Rugby union - Melbourne Unicorns

Fines for the Melbourne Rugby 2017 court session

Rugby union - #caneseffect

The Canes are true believers in having a firm hand in discipline. As part of this we have introduced this season a fines tracking system. Not only will this improve our discipline to therefore performance on the pitch, but setting a platform for behavior off it. This is how we (and you) will keep track of your fines. A fines report will be generated and shared on a monthly basis, failure to settle these fines as advised will have repercussions. All fine money generated will be going into team social events and a planned end of season tour. Stay on the right side of the Fine Master' and you'll be ok, the wrong side will see you lighter in the pocket! WDYP4 #caneseffect

Rugby union - Old Hales 1st Team

Rugby union - woodlands rugby, rugby union - celtic.

Fines for footy

Rugby union - Colchester Kings

Rugby union - east dorset dockers ladies.


Soccer - Waterside Karori Boomers

Boomers Fines 2015

Soccer - AYSC U14 Boys

List of fines for the AYSC U14B Indoor/Outdoor Season

Soccer - CMC Vicrtory Glory Roar Fury FC

These are all the fines you can get done for

Soccer - Halswell United 1st Class

In order to promote team culture and personal assessments the Ministry of Discipline Dept (M.O.D.D) has adopted the following actions and misdemeanors to 'fineable'. RESPECT.

Soccer - Brockworth AFC 2nds

Fines list for bafc seconds.

Soccer - Bristol & West LFC

Fines for members of Bristol & West LFC season '17-'18

Soccer - Strokers 2019

Strokers 2019 Fines

Soccer - Berwick Churches Soccer Club

This is the list of fines for the Berwick Churches Soccer Club (Premier League and Reserves) for 2019. If you believe an offence should carry a fine, please let Daniel Prins know. Fines can be disputed and sent to the Leadership Group for review, but if the fine is upheld, the amount of the fine will be doubled.

Soccer - Old Melburnians SC

2019 Fine System

Soccer - Ball green bulldogs

Fine list 19/20

Soccer - Beragh Swifts Fc

Soccer - bonnyrigg white eagles, soccer - adelaide wanderers, soccer - quanzhou spartacus.

Spartacus Spring 2021

Soccer - Strathfield FC U21

Soccer - bay 1 legends, soccer - north sydney united.

NSU 2021 Fines List

Soccer - Timsbury FC

Forgetting Kit

Soccer - Coed Darcy FC

Soccer - bluepool fc.

Late to Game/Training

Soccer - NYU Senior Mens

General Fines

Soccer - Alkimos Masters 2022

End Of season Slush Fund

Soccer - Deakin Dragons - Futsal

Soccer - tbtk u15.

Fine List TBTK U15

Soccer - Mfl Keflavík

Soccer - eew pl.

Game Day Fines

Soccer - Southern spirit 2023 Reserves

Southern spirit 23

Soccer - Test FC

Test Description

Soccer - Tooting Bec

23/24 season fines

Soccer - The Oxford FC

Oxford Fines list 2023/24 season

Soccer - Swan Lounge FC 🦢

Gaffer coming out of retirement

Soccer - Sands United FC Thanet

Soccer - pontprennau pumas.

Fine List with Payable Ammounts

Soccer - Westexe Park Rangers

Fine List for Westexe 1st Team

Soccer - New Lambton Eagles

Eagles 2024

Soccer - U17 PEIFC

U17 FC Fines

Softball - Blackhawks

This is the list of fines for the Blackhawks Wednesday night team. All fines are at the discretion of the sheriffs and the judge. Fines that are disputed will go to Court. Fines that are not overturned will be doubled. Video evidence will be utilized at all games. Fines will be used for an end of season BBQ and/or equipment for the following season.

Softball - Legends Div 3 (White)

This is the list or fines for Legends White 2019/2020

Softball - Smithfield Marlins

This is the list of fines for the Smithfield Marlins . Fines will be agreed on by the team and you have a chance to defend or plea your case if you think your fine is unfair. If you it is not overturned you will be penalised with double payment. Fines will be used for an end of season BBQ/Trip or drinks.

Volleyball - Cardiff University Volleyball Club

This is the list of fines for the purchase of a plastic item while representing the CUVC during the 2019/20 season

Volleyball - VUW Tertiary Volleyball

Late to games, meeting or travel arrangements

Volleyball - Esat

Want to share your team's list of common fines and help others? Go ahead and join , add your team, then add your very own fine schedule for all to see. Many thanks to those who have already shared their schedules for others.

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Kangaroo Court Proceedings

by Phat | Aug 21, 2014 | News | 2 comments

The Kangaroo Court takes place on the Saturday evening and is organised to punish all tourists for errors or mistakes on or off the field. It dually acts as a means to drink as much piss as possible in a short amount of time. Each club or tour has its own variations of the rules of Kangaroo Court, however to ensure order as well as swift and harsh justice for the M.O.B. Byron Bay 2014 the following procedure is suggested (all those in favour say “Aye”):

The Short Explanation: The accused will: choose his own representation; face “The Prosecutor”; be judged by his peers; and ultimately either walk away unpunished or pay the penalty invoked by “The Judges”.

Who is involved?

All tourists take part in varying capacity, whether as the Prosecutor, Judges, Jury or Clerk of the Court.

Selection of the Judges Three judges shall be selected by the tour captain, ideally reflecting a cross-section of the touring community along with a desire to punish their fellow teammates.

Selection of the Prosecutor The Prosecutor will be chosen by the judges from the large pool of bullshit artists on tour. This should be a player who would be able to bluster, sputter, question, cavil, and present an argument intricate enough to confound the court. A guilty finding by the court is of utmost importance. All else is secondary.

Selection of the Jury It is useful to have the whole party act as the jury in all cases, because everyone knows drunks make the best jurors.

Selection of the Clerk of the Court As the Clerk is the member of the Court that will ensure the punishment is dealt and carried out (typically in the form of a beer bong), he  should be able to exhibit a foreboding, yet gimp-like demeanour. The Clerk will also bring the defendants and witnesses to the floor.

Recording of Charges Throughout the tour, members will enter charges against their teammates by submitting them to any of the judges prior to the commencement of Court proceedings. They will detail the individual’s flagrant acts of misconduct or behaviour, and suggest a fitting punishment.

It is also of benefit if those laying allegations are able to produce concrete evidence that can be produced at the Court in support of a particular charge (i.e. photographs, documentary evidence, witness statements, etc). This is particularly effective if the accused is denying the charge and is gaining some misguided sympathy from the jury.

Trial Proceedings The Clerk of the Court will name the defendant(s) and state the case at hand. At this time the judge will ask the defendant how they plead to the stated charges. If the defendant pleads guilty, the judge will then hand down the sentence. If the defendant has retained counsel and pleads innocent, we will proceed with the case. The Clerk will ensure that each defendant swear on the IRB Rugby Law book that they will “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me Rugby Gods.” The accused will present their defence and submit their evidence to the court.

Defence of a Charge It is, of course, only fair that a tour member accused of an act of misbehaviour be given an opportunity to offer a defence (as these are often entertaining fabrications). Defences can also be useful in that they entrap others who were involved but not seen, or they may lead to the laying of additional charges by the prosecution, such as contempt of court. All defence witnesses and evidence must be presented before the Judges when the Clerk of the Court calls you to the floor. The accused will be encouraged to hire a defence attorney to appear with them and speak on their behalf at Court. In selecting a defence attorney, look for one that you feel would be skilled in circumvention of the law (perhaps you have witnessed them commit many unnoticed penalties on the pitch). The accused will also be allowed to represent themselves, however:

“He who represents himself has a fool for a client and an idiot for a lawyer.”

The prosecution will follow with their case against the defendant. They will present before the court a  direct and concise argument, the chronology of events, and their supporting evidence (including documents, eye witness accounts, and photographs). The Prosecutor will then present the suggested sentence to punish the accused, and/or to recompense any victim of the crime.

Judgment The Clerk will call for the decision of the jury, and will record the majority ruling (“yea” for guilty, or “nay” for innocent). The judge will then weigh the merits of the case, the arguments of the defence and prosecution, and the ruling of the jury. The judges can either uphold the decision of the jury, or overturn the decision – specific reason to do so must be provided. During the trial, the Judges will have ultimate control of all court proceedings. If a member of the Court engages in conduct unbecoming a member of the Bar of the Court, the Judges (with approval from the Jury) will take disciplinary action against the member. The form of punishment will be at the Judges‟ discretion

Sentence If the accused is found guilty, the judges will then specify his sentence (which may or may not be the punishment that the prosecutor recommended). This sentence must be immediately carried out. The Clerk of the Court is responsible in seeing that the sentence is completely fulfilled, and the guilty party will not be excused until the Clerk is satisfied.

Mandatory Charges A range of mandatory charges will apply to for the following indiscretions.

  • Tour uniform breaches
  • First instance i.e. first tour, first try
  • Non-players

Behaviour in court

Silence in court – anyone wishing to address the court must gain the attention of a judge or the clerk by standing and raising an elbow and waiting until being acknowledged before speaking. Buffalo – Drinks shall be drunk whilst being held in the left hand by right-handers and in the right hand by left-handers. Any drink taken contrary to this rule is „buffalo‟ and can be called out by any tourist at anytime. The foolish tourist in question will be subject to ridicule and other tourists may dip any bodily appendage in the fool’s drink before or during consumption without the right of objection or protest from the foolish tourist. The guilty party must skull the sullied drink and organise himself another. False Accusation – strongly associated with buffalo justice, anyone believing themselves falsely accused of Buffalo can call false accusation whereupon the two tourists nearest to the person having made the false accusation court will instantly convene themselves into a tribunal and pass summary judgment. The penalty for a false accusation is the skulling of the drink held by the false accuser and the purchase by the false accuser of a drink for himself and another for the innocent defamed party Scuba – All pointing must be done with an elbow.

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rugby tour kangaroo court

It may look like fun and games, but Kangaroo Courts play a serious role on Lions tours

FATHER’S DAY — ON 18 June in case you had forgotten — will prove that there are a lot of books written about Lions tours.

Some are great, some — as the returns section in Easons will likely attest on 19 June — are not so great.

But few ever go into a huge amount of detail about what happens at Kangaroo Courts, usually because those tasked with writing books about Lions tours are also the most likely to fall ‘victim’ to this particular brand of justice.

One exception is Brian Moore’s book — What Goes On Tour, Stays On Tour — which explains the concept and describes how court sittings would usually take place after each Test, sometimes occurring in makeshift courtrooms on buses or planes.

A team huddle during the training

There’s no such thing as a perfect Kangaroo Court, because you often have to make the best of your circumstances whether on a flight or in the team hotel.

However, besides the accused, it should always involve six key components; a judge, prosecuting counsel, court clerk, enforcers, defence counsel and a chief sneak.

1. The Judge

Ideally, this role will be held by someone who is universally popular on tour so that everyone respects his decisions and abides by them. Usually this role doesn’t fall to the captain in an effort to show that nobody is “above the law.”

It is also the judge’s role to decide what the punishments should be and can range from drinking fines to forfeits involving wigs and fancy dress.

2. The Defence Counsel 

Sometimes the defendant might want to argue his own case, but more often than not he’s going to be represented by another member of the touring party.

Unlike an episode of Matlock, this role in a Kangaroo Court is generally accepted as helping the court to find the player guilty.

3. The Prosecuting Counsel

Perhaps the easiest role in the Kangaroo Court set-up, this player will again be a respected member of the tour group and tasked with ensuring a successful prosecution.

Prosecutors who don’t get their man normally face a forfeit of their own.

4. The Court Clerk

Playing an essential role in organising the day’s proceedings, the clerk’s job is to read out the charges against each defendant and keep the session rolling along.

A senior member of the tour party normally takes this job.

5. The Enforcers

The clue is in the name as somebody has to enforce the punishments handed out by the judge.

It usually falls to the second-row forwards to take this job as the biggest men on tour.

6. The Chief Sneak

The poisoned chalice of Kangaroo Court jobs, the chief sneak is the person whose role it is to give information on potential cases to the court officials.

However, he has to be careful who he decides to report on as he might not want to annoy anyone who could have a say in his selection for a Test match.

The court in action

That’s the make-up of a Kangaroo Court, but what does it actually look like in action?

Well, outside of the world of tour diaries, the court phenomenon really came to public attention 20 years ago, during the 1997 British and Irish Lions tour to South Africa with the release of the documentary, Living With Lions.

The Honourable Judge Keith Wood presiding:

While the above footage hasn’t aged particularly well, the concept of the court lives on.

Though we don’t know who is playing what role in 2017, we do know that English prop Kyle Sinckler is likely to face justice after he got carried away during a table tennis game during the Lions’ first week in New Zealand.

The 19 stone prop is understood to have been desperate to return serve at the team hotel, but tripped and fell on to the table which broke under his weight.

While we don’t know what his punishment might be, we do know the court will continue to revolve around fancy dress, drinking — though maybe not as much as 20 years ago — and, perhaps most importantly for a group of players who spend two months every year trying to beat each other, team-bonding.

Kyle Sinckler

A bonding experience

The importance of team bonding should not be overlooked says Dr. Ciara Losty, a lecturer in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology at  Waterford Institute of Technology and who has worked with many Irish Olympians ahead of both the London and Rio Games.

“The thing about the Kangaroo Court is that it’s fun, that’s the main thing I’d take away from the examples I’ve read about and seen,” she told  The42 this week.

“It’s about the group setting their own culture and norms and really creating that whole ‘band of brothers’ spirit on the tour.

There’s a famous quote from Martin Johnson that goes ‘forget your nationality, you’re all Lions now’ and that adds to the uniqueness of the group.

“The Kangaroo Court is something that’s unique to rugby and, once it’s done in good spirits and everyone enjoys it — which they seem to do — it really creates the ties that help bond the team together,” says Dr. Losty who has just help launch an  MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology in WIT .

After a defeat like today’s, a Kangaroo Court session might be exactly what the team needs to regroup but also key will be different personality types coming to the fore.

“It’s not a simple as introvert and extrovert. Personalities are far more complex than that and it’s actually the accepting of other people’s personalities that’s key to team spirit.

“Working as part of a team comes down to suspending judgement, empathising with each other and working to your team-mates’ strengths.

“In a group like the Lions you have to accept other people’s differences — maybe in terms of how they prepare or how they react to adversity — and you just roll with those differences.

“It’s not opposite attracts in situations like this, it’s the exact opposite. Even traveling on the bus to a game — you’ll have nervous talkers and nervous non-talkers — so it’s important to put the talkers all together, etc.”

Sam Warburton speaks to the players in the dressing room ahead of the game

Dr. Losty also says that no team contains the perfect mix of personalities but you’ll generally find with groups like the Lions that bonding between players will occur if facilitated by the coaching staff.

“Teams don’t exist in perfect universes so you’ll never get every type of personality but you will definitely get clear leaders — the ones with the strong communication skills who are very clear of the team goals.

“Sometimes you’ll see their mental strength is such that it helps them to push themselves physically to the limit too and are willing to step up in do-or-die situations and maybe kick that last-minute penalty, etc.

“You also have more team-orientated players. You’d often hear coaches saying ‘oh, he’s just a really good guy to have around the team’ and they might not be the big initiators but they are more than happy to follow along and buy into the process.”

And, as long as Lions tours continue, so too will the process of team-bonding through Kangaroo Courts.

Whether or not we read or see  exactly what forfeits are handed out in future, remains to be seen.

‘It was the greatest tour I was ever on but there’s still a huge amount of pain and regret’

Pressure mounts on gatland’s lions as brilliant blues win in style.

rugby tour kangaroo court

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rugby tour kangaroo court

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Tour court punishment

  • Thread starter Elburko
  • Start date May 7, 2017

Academy Player

  • May 7, 2017

heading on tour in a few weeks. One of the lads attending has not played an away game all season, only home games. This will be brought up in court but trying to think of an original punishment which fits the crime. Any suggestions?  




rugby tour kangaroo court

Hannover 78

I had to eat lard once  


'Ark at ee mun!

rugby tour kangaroo court

  • May 8, 2017
Elburko said: heading on tour in a few weeks. One of the lads attending has not played an away game all season, only home games. This will be brought up in court but trying to think of an original punishment which fits the crime. Any suggestions? Click to expand...

Every Time Ref

Every Time Ref

rugby tour kangaroo court

It's got nothing to do with that particular crime, but I'm a huge fan of taping people together as a tour punishment. Endless fun to be had with a roll of masking tape on tour!  

Vieux Talonneur

Vieux Talonneur

Make him find 20 married women and tell them he doesn't play away from home, but wouldn't mind if they did...... Other options Fine him booze at every turn for breaking tour rules that have been made up in the spot - for wearing a blue shirt, for not wearing a blue shirt.... Make him carry around a cuddly toy (like Itoje's about to ). Set him a challenge like acquiring a sign post, preferably one set in concrete. (c) Dublin 1995. Nick his jeans and run them up the hotel flag pole. Dublin again! My favorite was the Bath trip where one of the guys failed to mention that his 40th birthday fell on tour. Heinous in the extreme, but nothing a quick stop at a charity shop and an over sized judo suit that he had to wear for the rest of the trip couldn't sort out.  


Bench Player

rugby tour kangaroo court

  • May 9, 2017

Every time you go into an establishment he has to speak to the manager and offer to buy the place so as he always has a home  

Mackem Falcon

Mackem Falcon

rugby tour kangaroo court

Newcastle RU

  • May 10, 2017

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rugby tour kangaroo court

Ashes series, Kangaroo, Kiwi tours revived in International Calendar

  • International Rugby League has agreed an International Calendar to 2030.
  • The return of the Ashes, with England Men and Women to tour Australia in 2025.
  • Kangaroo and Kiwi tours to resume.
  • International tours for other nations are back on the agenda.
  • Dedicated Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere Tri-Nations and Four Nations tournaments.
  • Greater emphasis on Regional Championships and World Cup qualifying process, including a new World Series to help nations develop.
  • Men’s and Women’s games to grow under new International Calendar.
  • Change to World Cups cycle, with the next World Cup for Men’s, Women’s and Wheelchair teams to be staged in 2026.
  • A World Cup every two years, with a stand-alone Women’s World Cup in 2028, followed by the Men’s World Cup in 2030.
  • No World Cup 9s in the calendar as IRL focuses on developing 13-a-side and Wheelchair games.

An IRL board meeting in Singapore has agre ed to a new calendar to 2030 aimed at capitalising on the growth of the international game.

Tonga’s historic end-of-season series against England and the anticipated announcement of new tournaments in both the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere are set to signal the start of an exciting new era.

The development of Tri-Nations or Four Nations tournaments in each hemisphere will be key features of the first five years of the International Calendar.

There will also be more international tours, with the return of the Ashes in 2025 when England Men’s and Women’s teams travel to Australia.

The Kiwis and Kangaroos will head north to play England in 2027 and 2028 respectively.

The next Rugby League World Cup for Men’s, Women’s and Wheelchair teams has been moved to 2026 and will be staged in the Southern Hemisphere after France’s withdrawal as hosts for the scheduled 2025 tournament.

A stand-alone Women’s World Cup will be staged in 2028, with the next Men’s World Cup, after RLWC2026, to be held in 2030.

Regional Championships and World Cup qualifying tournaments for the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Middle East-Africa will take on greater emphasis, while a new World Series format is also being developed.

Further details about those tournaments and other international fixtures in the next five years will be announced by participating nations in coming weeks after consultation with IRL member nations.

There will also be announcements about the International Calendar beyond 2027 during the international window later this year.

IRL Chair Troy Grant said: “It is no secret that the Achilles heel for international rugby league for far too long has been the absence of an International Calendar.

“The ad hoc nature of tournaments and international matches, and the absence of any clarity for nations, players and fans to plan their seasons, is over.

“The International Calendar respects player workloads and importantly also reduces the impact on professional clubs.

“The standards have improved dramatically in recent years regarding player welfare and player workload issues, and they were key considerations in the calendar design.

“After we secure the future of international rugby league, our calendar will help rejuvenate and allow the game to grow globally, recognising the elite in our game and providing pathways for development of the game across all levels.

“I saw first-hand during RLWC2021 in England last year how much it means for players in each of our three disciplines to be able to represent their country of birth or heritage, put on that jersey and play with such pride for their family and nations.

“I couldn’t be happier that we have finally arrived with our much-anticipated calendar.  It’s been frustrating and I’ve shared the frustrations of fans, our nations, our clubs and the game broadly that we have failed to realise the potential the international game offers.

“Our calendar will allow us firstly to secure the future of international rugby league, with quality and consistent matches that are competitive, build on traditional rivalries and showcase the greatest game on earth.

"The Ashes return, with England Men’s and Women’s teams to tour Australia in 2025, while international tours are back, with Tonga heading to England in 2023 in an historic start to the new era.

“We have had some well-known legacy issues and world impacting events that have disrupted and destabilised our best efforts but its onwards and upwards from here.

“I want to sincerely thank the Chairs of the Australian Rugby League Commission, England’s Rugby Football League, the Asia-Pacific and European confederations, and the New Zealand Rugby League for their contributions and coming together for the good of the game to make our calendar a reality.”

ARLC Chair Peter V’landys AM said: “The Commission has a focus on growing the international game, with a strong desire to grow rugby league in the Pacific in particular. That starts with having an International Calendar for at least the next five years.

"Accordingly, I thank the Chairman of the IRL Troy Grant, who has been tireless in his pursuit of having a calendar that will grow the international game. His efforts have been rewarded and I’m excited with the opportunities the International Calendar will provide.

“Of equal importance is that there is now a strong plan in place to grow the women’s game at international level. This aligns with the growth of the NRLW competition and the growth of the women’s game at grassroots level.”

RFL Chair Simon Johnson said: “I am delighted that we have been able to bring certainty and growth opportunities to the international game by agreeing a long-term calendar.

"I am grateful to all my colleagues on the IRL Board for the constructive and collegiate spirit displayed in our discussions that have enabled us to confirm such exciting tours and enable the international game to fulfil its potential.

"This is a very exciting day for the game of Rugby League.”

rugby tour kangaroo court

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YP Threads - Welcome To The Party!


The complete idiot's guide to kangaroo court.

Posted by Sebby Shape Shifter · April 15, 2019


Order! Order!

There has been a deeply disturbing trend sweeping the nation in recent years. A trend that threatens to undermine one of the pillars that props up this great nation of ours.

We are, of course, talking about the misconduct happening in Her Majesty's Kangaroo Courts. At kick-ons everywhere, the holy reputation of the Kanga Court is being tarnished time and time again.

The Kangaroo Court is meant to be a sacred institution, one where our grievances towards our fellow man be aired, and justice be served.

YP Threads, as pillars of society, are here to right this wrong. We want Kangaroo Courts all across the country to be functioning as they were meant to.

From the 3am garage session in suburbia to the trashed Air BnB, all the way to the pre-drinks that nobody makes it out from.

This is a sacred institution and must be treated as such.

As servants of the people of Australia, and indeed the world, we have penned the official laws of the Kangaroo Court. These laws must be obeyed, respected and preferably printed out and laminated.

rugby tour kangaroo court


For justice to be served among the lads, you will need a:

The Judge's role is to control and mediate the court house. He decides when defendants, prosecutors and witnesses have had their fair and lawful time on the stand. When the judge slams his beer can, his decision is final. The Judge generally remains The Judge throughout the entire court proceedings. If The Judge, however, has a charge laid against him, he must recuse himself. In this instance, a new Judge must take the stand.

Keep in mind The Judge does not actually dish out, nor choose the punishments. He is an extension of the people's will. Go against what The Judge says, and you are holding the court in contempt.

This role is not suited to the nut jobs of the group. Chose the bloke with his head screwed on the tightest and who has the most respect for the ancient rites of law.

rugby tour kangaroo court


The prosecution's role is to lay a charge against one of the boys, and then if needed, supply enough evidence to have him convicted by the jury. The prosecution must also details what he wished to be the punishment for the alleged crime.

The defendant must counter the claim or claims made against him by the prosecution. If he convinces the jury that he is indeed innocent, then he is able to choose a punishment for the defeated prosecution.

One or two of the boys must be assigned the role of bailiff for the proceedings. It is the bailiffs job to keep order within the courtroom and the enforce the court rules. Often, the bailiff's role will become more important the further into the court proceedings. It may be a good idea to employ the services of the biggest members of the group. This is due to the fact that drunk, disgruntled defendants have been known to get physical in the courtroom.

The rest of the lads in the courtroom must assume the role of the jury. It is up to the jury to decide whether the defendant is guilty or innocent.

The majority vote wins.

Additionally, if a jury unanimously feels the punishment is too severe or too lenient, they are allowed to change this punishment how they see fit.


The form of punishment is truly at the discretion of the court. The people may be as sever or as lenient as they wish. In general, however, punishments revolve around the consumption of booze. Generally, a certain amount of beer for misdemeanours and spirits for serious crimes will suffice. However, corporal punishment has been known to be enacted for the most heinous of crimes.

rugby tour kangaroo court

If a charge is serious enough, both the prosecution and the defendant may bring a witness to the stand. Each side is allowed one witness per case, and this witness may speak once. The witness is now required to be in the courtroom, as witnesses may take the stand via telephone or video link (to protect their anonymity) .

In the Kangaroo Court you are 100% guilty until proven innocent. The onus is on the defendant to prove his innocence.

In the Kangaroo Court, you do NOT have the right to an attorney. Each participant must self-represent in both the prosecution and defence.


The Judge must be addressed as "Your Honour". Additionally, The Judge must wear a wig or head wear of some description (the Steve Menzies style Albion head gear is recommended) , to show is high position in society.


Each defendant, prosecutor and witness must swear on a photograph of Shane Warne prior to taking the stand. While a photograph of the Sultan of Spin is tradition and preferable, an equivalent cultural icon will suffice eg. Beaver Menzies, Ben Cousins etc.


While each state and territory may have their own interpretation of the most holy laws of the Kangaroo Court, there is a solid list of rules which govern most courtrooms across the country.

The are as follows:

  • No talking out of turn (The Judge will nominate who is given the floor. If you wish to speak, you must raise your hand and then be given permission at the discretion of The Judge)
  • No pointing
  • No swearing
  • No toilet breaks while court is in session
  • To enter the courtroom, you must have a crime you wish to charge someone with
  • If a defendant refuses to drink booze, he must drink milk, because beer is for men and milk is for babies.
  • No drinking with your right hand (known colloquially as "Buffalo")
  • No first or last names. If you, for some unnatural reason, do not have a nickname, one will be appointed to you by the judge.


*** Penalties for breaking any of the court rules, as stipulated in the Constitution of the Lads 1821 Sec. 12 Par. 4:

"Anybody found to be breaking the rules of the court will be charged with 1 count of contempt of court. Penalty for contempt of court is the consumption, to completion, of whichever beverage one holds in one's hand."

Furthermore, if somebody is found to be breaking more than one rule, they will be charged for all additional rules they have broken.

These sentences will run back to back.

In other words, break three rules, finish three drinks back to back.

However, the final decision for punishment rests with the jury. The jury must decide on a standard punishment before court presides. The jury however is able to change the punishment throughout court proceedings, provided the majority wishes to do so.

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2022 Kangaroo Kourt

The facts presented below are based on the events that occurred during the Kangaroo Court on the way to Kelowna on the 24 th  of April.  The names of the defendants have been changed to protect the innocent.  

Due to the skill and tenacity of the Public Defender, (You can’t handle the truth)  Chuck, five Twits had their charges dropped and were set free.  The others were not so fortunate.  They served their sentences and it is hoped that they learned from their indiscretions.

We would like to thank all the defendants for being good sports and Nick, Malcolm, Chuck, Craig and Falky  for their roles in the court.  A special thanks goes out to Lolly and Peewee for organizing the event.

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Senior members and staff of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) share news, views and opinions on the latest industry and society developments.

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Kingsley napley defending professionals law blog, kingsley napley regulatory blog, the national archives: case law: upper tribunal (lands) (ukut lc), digging the dirt.

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Musings on tax avoidance, from Jolyon Maugham, barrister specialising in tax whose practice consists in large part of litigating high profile alleged avoidance transactions.

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The national archives: case law: uk supreme court (uksc), bailii: recent decisions: uk privy council (ukpc), bailii: recent decisions: uk supreme court (uksc), bailii: recent decisions: england and wales court of appeal civil division (ewca civ), bailii: recent decisions: england and wales high court (administrative court) (ewhc admin), bailii: recent decisions: england and wales high court (admiralty division) (ewhc admlty), bailii: recent decisions: england and wales high court (chancery division) (ewhc ch), bailii: recent decisions: england and wales high court (commercial court) (ewhc comm).


  1. Kangaroo Court

    rugby tour kangaroo court

  2. Kangaroo Tours to the UK could make a comeback

    rugby tour kangaroo court

  3. Kangaroo Court

    rugby tour kangaroo court

  4. Australia propose Kangaroo tour in place of 2019 British Lions tour

    rugby tour kangaroo court

  5. Rugby League Kangaroo Supporter Tours

    rugby tour kangaroo court

  6. The Rugby League Experience. NRL Travel

    rugby tour kangaroo court


  1. Fine Schedules and Rules

    Here are all of the team fine schedules that are available for public viewing. Use them to get ideas for your own Kangaroo Court rules, create a schedule of your own, then share it! . Aussie Rules - Western Districts B grade Aussie Rules - Palmerston Falcons Aussie Rules - Flagstaff Hill FC Aussie Rules - Belco 3rd Div

  2. What are some appropriate Kangaroo Court fines for a young ...

    Dice of destiny: roll of the dice decides the punishment. This is normally a far boozier affair, but some options could be: 1 - bite out of raw onion. 2 - Run round far posts. 3 - Eat dry Weetabix. 4 - Spin round on stick before kicking at goal, if they score then escape punishment, if not roll again. 5 - Roll again.

  3. Kangaroo court punishment ideas : r/rugbyunion

    Take a paprika, cut off the top, fill it with beer and make them chug it. It sounds nasty, it is nasty. Another great one is the "4 B's". Beer, banana, beschuit (a type of rusk), balloon. Chug the beer, then eat the banana, then eat the beschuit, then blow up the balloon until it goes bang.

  4. Need help planning first Kangaroo court. : r/rugbyunion

    Need help planning first Kangaroo court. After a very long and fun year, I want to host the clubs first kangaroo court. The club fell apart 4 years ago, and a few of us rebuilt it from the ground up. We went from having 4 players to winning tournaments and gaining a reputation for being one of the hardest teams to play in just a year.

  5. Kangaroo Court Proceedings

    The Kangaroo Court takes place on the Saturday evening and is organised to punish all tourists for errors or mistakes on or off the field. It dually acts as a means to drink as much piss as possible in a short amount of time.

  6. It may look like fun and games, but Kangaroo Courts play a ...

    3. The Prosecuting Counsel. Perhaps the easiest role in the Kangaroo Court set-up, this player will again be a respected member of the tour group and tasked with ensuring a successful prosecution ...

  7. Kangaroo Court

    IN FINAL WHISTLE. KANGAROO Court is the court session after matches where the games are dissected, analysed, studied and reviewed in some detail by supporters - who better to get an accurate opinion on how fantastic or diabolical certain players were, what the ref could have done better, and who really deserved the win...

  8. Great Lions rugby moments: The Kangaroo Court

    Great Lions rugby moments: The Kangaroo Court The band of brothers spirit that epitomised The Lions victorious tour of South Africa in 1997 was no better highlighted than in the famous...

  9. Tour court punishment

    #1 heading on tour in a few weeks. One of the lads attending has not played an away game all season, only home games. This will be brought up in court but trying to think of an original punishment which fits the crime. Any suggestions? McTallshort International TRF Legend TRF Supporter Joined Jul 15, 2011 Messages 7,697 Country Flag Yugoslavia



  11. Essex County Bulldogs Rugby

    The Bulldogs hold court in Gilford England.

  12. A Guide to Rugby's End of Season Kangaroo Court : r/rugbyunion

    Any fine exceeding the $2, the member MUST spin the wheel. The wheel will have categories such as: $1. $2. $10. $20. Serenade a barmaid for 60 seconds. Neck a drink of the captain's choosing. Neck a drink of the president's choosing.

  13. Ashes series, Kangaroo, Kiwi tours revived in new International Rugby

    International Rugby League has agreed an International Calendar to 2030. The return of the Ashes, with England Men and Women to tour Australia in 2025. Kangaroo and Kiwi tours to resume. International tours for other nations are back on the agenda. Dedicated Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere Tri-Nations and Four Nations tournaments.


    The Kangaroo Court is meant to be a sacred institution, one where our grievances towards our fellow man be aired, and justice be served. YP Threads, as pillars of society, are here to right this wrong. We want Kangaroo Courts all across the country to be functioning as they were meant to.

  15. 2022 Kangaroo Kourt

    2022 Kangaroo Kourt. The facts presented below are based on the events that occurred during the Kangaroo Court on the way to Kelowna on the 24 th of April. The names of the defendants have been changed to protect the innocent. Due to the skill and tenacity of the Public Defender, (You can't handle the truth) Chuck, five Twits had their ...

  16. Paul Whelan: The strange case of the ex-marine jailed for spying in

    Getty Images. In Room 3324 of Moscow's Metropol hotel, Paul Whelan was getting dressed for a friend's wedding when Russian intelligence officers burst in. The American disappeared without trace ...

  17. kangaroo court

    January 21, 2014, 12:21:59 PM. you can always offer a role of the dice option, we have the below punishments but can always be altered 1. Silent mask (30 mins minimum) 2. butler in the buff 3. Sing a song (awful CD provided by court) 4. Dance for a song (awful CD provided by court) 5.

  18. Best Rugby Tour rules/fines you've heard of? : r/rugbyunion

    21 Uter_Zorker • 2 yr. ago Guys caught calling their gfs were deemed to have separation anxiety and at kangaroo court were required to have their hand duct taped to another guy caught doing the same thing for the entire night 91Mason • 2 yr. ago About ten of our club went to Lanzarote for one of the guys stag.

  19. Paul Whelan: The strange case of the ex-marine jailed for spying ...

    Paul Whelan's sentencing in court. The American, whose glasses, side parting and blue sweater that he wore to each court appearance gave him the look of a neat, middle-aged librarian, looked back ...

  20. Touring with a rugby club

    • 10 yr. ago Get a set of yellow and red cards. Appoint a referee. Issue fines on the spot rather than having to wait for a kangaroo court. You'll probably want to change referee every so often, make sure your designated ref always looks like Clive Norling so people can keep track.

  21. Resources

    Family Court reporting pilot rolled out to 16 more courts across England - 22 January 2024 Proposed law change would make it easier to prosecute sex in the presence of a child - 22 January 2024 Children with complex needs can wait years for a stable home, Ofsted report finds - 22 January 2024

  22. Do You Think Nintendo Planned on Adding a Moscow Themed Course

    That's 9 tracks. This would be 9 tracks on top of the missing Singapore 3, and Bangkok 2 and 3. We will also most likely be getting 3 new nitro courses to go in each wave (yoshis island, bathroom, and one more). I think it's more realistic that we will receive 1 more City track. Nintendo tends to try to space out city track releases.