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  1. What are the best countries for Cancer treatment

    Uncover the best countries for cancer treatment in this comprehensive guide for medical tourism professionals. Explore top destinations, advanced therapies, renowned facilities, and expert medical professionals. Make informed recommendations for optimal patient care. medical tourism, cancer treatment, best countries, healthcare destinations, cutting-edge therapies, renowned facilities, medical ...

  2. Chasing the Cure Around the Globe: Medical ...

    The recent commentary by Benedetti et al 1 in Journal of Global Oncology accurately identifies and describes the growing, underestimated, and under-researched area of medical tourism for cancer care 2 and the associated ethical issues arising when patients seek care in international settings. Having been involved on both sides, as the accepting physicians during our practice in the United ...

  3. Travel for Leading Cancer Treatment Centers

    Discover essential insights into traveling for cancer treatment at top international centers. This guide covers choosing the best destinations, evaluating treatment options, and organizing your medical travel for optimal outcomes. cancer treatment abroad, medical tourism for cancer, best cancer centers worldwide, planning medical travel, international cancer treatment options

  4. Understanding and comparing the medical tourism cancer patient ...

    Introduction Medical tourism is characterized by people seeking treatment abroad for various medical conditions due to varied reasons, many of whom benefit from specialized care for non-communicable diseases. Conversely, there are associated negative effects such as medical complications and weakened health systems. Currently, there is paucity of scientific evidence on patient-related factors ...

  5. Oncology Care Marketing Techniques in Medical Tourism

    The medical tourism industry has experienced significant growth, with oncology care emerging as a key specialty attracting patients globally. This sector's expansion necessitates a nuanced understanding of marketing strategies specific to oncology care, which not only involves promoting services but also entails addressing the unique needs and ...

  6. Best Country for Surgical Oncology in the World

    As medical tourism continues its upward trajectory, discerning the leading countries for such specialized surgeries becomes imperative for patients and healthcare professionals alike. Let's journey through the esteemed nations, understand the essence of surgical oncology, and embrace the value of patient experience.

  7. Understanding and comparing the medical tourism cancer patient with the

    Medical tourism is contingent on the capacity in home country to provide specialized health care with key resources being, highly skilled medics and advanced medical equipment . In light of the findings of this study, and in a bid to reverse outward bound medical tourism to cancer patients and strengthen the health system, the country will need ...

  8. Medical Tourism

    Medical tourism is a worldwide, multibillion-dollar market that continues to grow with the rising globalization of health care. ... Non-Cosmetic Medical Tourism Cancer Treatment. Oncology, or cancer treatment, tourism often is pursued by people looking for alternative treatment options, better access to care, second opinions, or a combination ...

  9. International medical tourism of US cancer patients for alternative

    Department of Radiation Oncology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, New York, USA. Contribution: Writing - review & editing (equal) Search for more papers by this author. Skyler B. Johnson, ... The international medical tourism industry is estimated at $100 billion and expected to reach $165.3 billion in 2023, ...

  10. Cancer Treatment Abroad

    ADATIP Hospital. Private Hospital, Turkey. Our hospital is a leading medical facility in Turkey, with highly specialized doctors, advanced technology, and 40+ procedures. Our facility has 200 beds, 81 doctors, and 50 ICU units. We prioritize patient well-being with VIP services, including hotel stays, checkups, and transportation.

  11. Navigating Oncology Care in Qatar: Finding the Best Cancer Specialist

    Disclaimer: The content provided in Medical Tourism Magazine ( is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

  12. Qatar's Leading Hospital for Oncology: Providing Hope and Healing for

    Disclaimer: The content provided in Medical Tourism Magazine ( is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

  13. Global Medical Tourism Hotspots for Alternative Cancer Treatment

    Explore top global destinations for alternative cancer treatment. Learn about innovative therapies and holistic approaches available abroad. Find hope and healing beyond conventional options. alternative cancer treatment, global destinations, integrative oncology, holistic therapies, innovative cancer care, medical tourism, hope and healing

  14. Challenges Associated with Medical Travel for Cancer ...

    27.1.1 Background, Medical Travel, and Cancer. Medical travel is the practice of traveling abroad to seek healthcare services [].This practice has been growing in developing countries and people travel seeking healthcare for different reasons [].Since the Gulf Corporate Council countries are high-income countries, on many occasions' governments cover their patients for seeking healthcare ...

  15. Oncology

    Medical Oncology is dedicated to the study and treatment of different types of cancer, such as breast, lung, prostate, colorectal, among others. Specialty provides all pharmacological treatments such as Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapeutics. It integrates physicians, oncology managers, specialized nurses, administrative ...

  16. Oncology

    Oncology and nuclear medicine treatment in Turkey is definitely the main focus of medical tourism also. Due to modern technologies, it possible to conduct painless and safe surgical interventions to eliminate tumors of various sizes and classes and to carry out effective treatment of cancer. All treatment methods are carried out in accordance ...

  17. Gynecology Oncology

    Gynecology Oncology. GET A QUOTE TODAY. Stem Cell Orthopedics. ... Our mission is to provide a central portal where patients, medical tourism providers, hospitals, clinics, employers, and insurance companies can all find the information they need. Our site focuses on patients looking for specific knowledge in the fields of medical tourism ...

  18. Top 15 Destinations for Medical Tourism in 2024

    The country offers many specialized and multidisciplinary medical centers that provide services like oncology, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, cardiology, and robotic surgery. 9. Taiwan

  19. Top Destinations for Health and Medical Tourism in 2024

    Health and medical tourism has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many people traveling abroad for high-quality medical treatments, wellness retreats, and alternative therapies ...

  20. Experts Weigh In On The Risks Of Medical Tourism For Aesthetics

    Medical Tourism, whether it is traveling domestically or internationally, is on the rise. A year ago, several doctors who provided their opinions to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for a ...

  21. Triomics wins $15m for oncology GenAI software

    After developing an OncoLLM with the Medical College of Wisconsin, a Triomics trial found that within minutes, the platform could identify 90% of eligible patients for clinical trials - a process that could potentially take weeks for qualified nurses to determine.. The trial also found that OncoLLM surpassed the performance of other large language models (LLM), including Mixtral, Qwen and ...

  22. Nutrients

    Although evidence-based nutrition care is recommended for patients with cancer, current nutrition care practices provided by nutritionists and dietitians in Southeast Asian countries are not clearly reported. The aim of this scoping review was to describe nutritionists' and dietitians' current oncology nutrition care practice within Southeast Asia by identifying access to dietetic services ...

  23. Rakuten Medical Announces Poster Presentation and Booth Exhibition at

    SAN DIEGO, May 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Rakuten Medical, Inc., a global biotechnology company developing and commercializing precision, cell-targeting photoimmunotherapy based on its proprietary ...