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Panama - Caravan Tours - Panama Canal

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Panama - Caravan Tours

We took Caravan Tours to Panama Canal Feb 2013. It was a wonderful tour beautiful experience. Few things lacking: our tour Director Vivi was an immigrant to Panama she was not at all enthusiastic about the tour, at the outset she mentioned English was her 3rd language and she did struggle to explain...she had her left and right all mixed up so when she said look to the left meaning right we missed out on some tourist spots as the bus passed by! A tour Director/Manager should always be a local, who is passionate about his/her country and wants to "show off" their country to tourists...Vivi was extremely monotonous in her tone, didn't care if the tourists were happy or not...there were many vegetarians in the group who continually requested some change in the menu Vivi's answer was: I told them, if they don't do can't help"...she was never around the dinning area or such places once she got off the bus Vivi would just "disappear"...on the other hand David the bus driver was extremely wonderful!! A great experience riding with him...did a great job. Overall a good trip but could have been excellent if the tour Director was more enthusiastic about guiding the tour and not just kind of reading off the note book in a monotonous voice! Caravan Tours are you listening?


It was educational and the theater presentation and simulator (of passing on a big ship through the locks) at the Miraflores Locks was worthwhile. The buffet at lunch was also great.

Visiting the canal was very interesting and it was exciting to see the work on the canal expansion. This site is a must see if you go to Panama City. If you do not want to rent a car the Hop on Hop off bus has a stop on their route that will give you access to see the canal.

The way the ships cross from ocean to ocean via vaious locks were fascinating. We took the "Panama canal and tours" which was a third party arrangement with our primary tour company. the boat has 3 decks and they reallly pack it well. Foods was provided which was fair but the waiting can be long from bus ride to boat ride

The whole idea of coming here is to watch the ships pass by the canal, unfortunately there is no schedule whatsoever and it can happen that you do not see any like me. I've been told that most ships pass by the locks at night and it could be a good suggestion for you to have dinner at the only restaurant that is there. ($29.99) for dinner excluding beverages, not a bad deal. Bottom line if you want to see some action, go there after 2PM

Went to the Mira Flores locks, and saw huge barges criss cross in front of your eyes! You get to watch the little tugs ensure nothing hits the sides since there appear to be only inches. And then you get to watch a myriad of small ships that include everything from barges, ferries and personal sailboats tethered together go through at tone time. Really very interesting watching the technology of so long ago still serve it's original purpose and the mastery of it. They are still building the other side and that was cool to hear and feel the explosion and then see the dust come over the wall/dune. It was by no means dangerous or overpowering. They did a great job. There is a very nice restaurant there but I don't know the name of it. Food looked pretty darn good too, but was rather pricey. It is an awesome place to sit, drink a glass of wine and watch the boats go through. 2nd floor - eye level view of the large barges.

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Caravan tours in Panama - Panama Canal

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  • Panama Canal

Caravan tours in Panama

Took a Caravan tour this past week, Jan. 2015. Far exceeded our expectations. Hotels got better as the week progressed. Loved seeing the canal, the museums, the jungle. The beach resort was a nice respite. I know we saw some things that did not particularly interest me, but when you are in a group, you go with the flow. Met some nice people along the way.


We definitely enjoyed viewing the canal from the Miraflores Locks Visitors Center. Go early to avoid crowds as much as possible. We crossed the canal at night so it wasn't as impressive as we imagine it would be during the day. There are great books to read regarding the construction.....definitely worthwhile prior to a visit

The Panama Canal is a symbol of conquering nature, changing world economics and even shady politics. Because of its world-famous history the canal brings visitors from all over the world to marvel at its feats of engineering. Is the "Canal" itself the most interesting thing to look at, not really. You get to watch big stinky barges pass through the locks as you listen to someone narrate what's happening. It is oddly mesmerizing but doesn't thrill most viewers. The canal is a symbol and a famous landmark which makes it a destination, something you check off on your list of things to do while in this part of the world. The museum is very interesting a focuses on various aspects of the canal from its history to the biodiversity that surrounds the canal itself. The very top deck provides the best views of the canal and the landscape so be sure to make it all the way to the top. Allow yourself two hours for a full experience and a chance to watch a barge, or if you're lucky a cruise ship, fully make it through the locks. The museum is also a must-see which will put everything into context. Entry is $15 and includes the museum and movie theater. Take a bus if you have a bus card to save money on transportation. Do not pay a taxi driver a penny over $15 to get you back into the city center. You can buy tickets as well as souvenirs with your credit/debit card so no need to carry a lot of cash.

You do not go in Panama without visiting the Canal (a part of it) and the Museum they have in Panama city. I liked to hear the story about how they built it, to see this big ship going through the lock. Unfortunately we didn't have time to view the movie about it. We were with a group and we didn't have enough time.

A must see in Panama. Without a doubt an engineering feat. Much still remains the same. Get there early to view the ships passing through the Canal.

Great trip being I the locks worth the time. Food on boat not good bring your own food. Relaxing and interesting even if you're not into history

caravan panama tour reviews

Caravan Tours

Regional operator

Service level

Travelers age

Trip prices

$1,095 — 1,695

Tour languages

Quick Links:

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Age Range: 50+

Average Tour Price: Under $2,000

Average Tour Duration: 8-10 days

Travel Style: Sightseeing at natural attractions

  • Group Tours
  • North America
  • Central America & Caribbean

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Caravan tours reviews & ratings.

Joan from NYC

It was wonderful!

I can’t even describe how wonderful our trip is, since we are still here in Costa Rica. Never again will you have the opportunity to learn so much history by their ...

I have travelled all over and this tour will stay with me forever. Our historian, Giovanny, is the best of the best and the Jose, our driver was able to drive the narrow roads effortlesslyl

THis is without a doubt, one of my nicest tours. We were fortunate and the valcano was active! We also saw so many wild animals. Remember this is not a zoo. Some ...


They promised to accommodate Vegitarians but with fixed menu policy no veg choices. While generally 2 meats and fish offered to the rest. Restaurants mede up what th...

Have taken the Canadian Rockies trip twice and loved it both times.

Everything was perfect!

Very disappointing

If you read all the info from Caravan regarding what you will see you will be unhappy with the tour. Monkeys, birds, sloths, etc. The most birds we saw were at the h...

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Editoral Review of Caravan Tours

Caravan Tours Quick Facts

Age Range:  50+

Average Tour Price:  Under $2,000

Average Tour Duration:  8-10 days

Travel Style:  Sightseeing at natural attractions

Caravan Tours, founded in 1952 and based in Chicago USA, provides escorted group tours to countries in the Americas. They are one of the oldest group tour operators and focus on value vacations with a no-frills.  

Yosemite National Park.

What Makes Caravan Tours Stand Out?

  • Competitive prices
  • No additional expenses
  • Complete sightseeing

Mount Rushmore.

Caravan Tours offer affordable prices for the avid budget traveler . These competitive prices are possible because of the volume of their suppliers who offer the best prices to Caravan. In turn, Caravan passes these budget friendly prices onto their travelers.

Tours are kept reasonable and transparent. Caravan doesn’t include any optional activities that travelers can have for an additional price. They include all activities within the initial price instead of forcing travelers to pay hundreds of more dollars to make their tour more enjoyable.

Caravan Tours is the complete sightseeing experience. Travelers will get to visit many tourist attractions and sites with more included features. Local guides will offer a rich insight into the destination. These guides are hand picked by Caravan for their knowledge, friendliness and command of English so you can rest assured that you will be in good hands the entire time.

Who Will Enjoy Traveling With Caravan Tours?

  • Budget travelers

Caravan is not the most flashy or inventive tour company. Tours visit standard sites, groups are generally large - transportation in comfortable yet basic motorcoaches. If you are looking for an immersive cultural experience, you will probably won’t find what you’re looking for with Caravan. 

However if you are looking for an affordable trip to some of the most incredible natural attractions and national parks in the USA , Canada , and Latin America - this could be a great fit.

Caravan’s tours tend to attract a slightly older crowd, primarily Americans. They are a well known budget brand for 50+ and senior travelers. Families looking for an easy, relatively comprehensive, and inclusive tour will also enjoy the Caravan experience.

Top Destinations

Tikal, Guatemala.

Caravan Tours operates exclusively in North America and Central America , including trips to the United States , Costa Rica , Guatemala and Canada . They offer nine tours in total.

Caravan Tours Travel Style

A comfortable hotel like the ones offered by Caravan Tours.

Caravan Tours handles all accommodations. Travelers will stay in hotels centered in cities as well as park lodges and scenic resorts.These accommodations are chosen based on ambience, service and location to the entirety of the tour.

Meals are included on most trips although some excursions offer flexibility for dining out at restaurants of your choosing. In Latin America , Caravan includes airport transfers in the tour price. Flights are not included in the price of most trips, but Caravan does provide resources to popular airlines with affordable airfare to the destinations they travel to. Accommodations are in basic lodges and hotels, often with large national chains such as Hilton. 

When traveling with Caravan, expect a more slow travel pace. They know the value of a balance between seeing exciting sights and relaxing in a beautiful destination. Their itineraries are specifically paced so you never feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed.

Why Choose a Tour with Caravan?

California coast, United States.

Caravan has many years of perfecting their itineraries to specific destinations, such as Yosemite National Park , the California coast , and Costa Rica . 

Their escorted vacation packages truly offer great value for the money and you are assured to see the highlights in any destination you visit. If you want an all-inclusive tour experience and don’t mind traveling with a larger group, Caravan is perfect for you.

Caravan Tours Covid Safety Precautions

Caravan has cancelled all tours scheduled for 2020 and states that they will be providing full refunds. They are now accepting pre-registration for those wishing to travel in 2022.

Some countries are beginning to reopen to international visitors with entry restrictions while others have remained closed. See a full updated list  »

Want more information about travel safety and the coronavirus?  Read about where it's safe to travel to in 2020  »

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About the company.

Caravan Tours began selling fully escorted tours in 1952. We have been under the same management and ownership ever since. In 1965, Roger Mudd hosted a two hours CBS TV special on Caravan Tours. This TV production took about one month to make and was so successful it inspired the 1968 romantic comedy movie “If it’s Tuesday this must be Belgium.” In the early 50’s the Mayor of Dublin presented Caravan with the Key to Dublin for bringing the first American tour to the city after WWII. Since then Caravan has been recognized as a pioneer in travel.

Great Value, Book Early

Caravan’s strong buying power gives you great vacations at prices much lower than you can find anywhere. Last year many of our tours sold out quickly. Book early for the date you prefer and the best airfare.

How does Caravan Tours sell these tours for such a low cost? Caravan delivers volume to our suppliers, who in turn reward us with their very best  prices we, in turn, pass these savings on to you, and you reward us by buying our tours.  As volume continues to rise, we then receive even better prices from our suppliers, and  we pass even greater savings on to you. This year our tours are better than ever. How satisfied are Caravan clients? The short answer is “very.” Our surveys are uniformly very positive. However we  continually strive to improve our tours, (they are often updated several times in the  course of one year), we study all client surveys and suggestions for improvement very  carefully. Pitch-Free Travel : Caravan includes all activities listed in the tour itinerary page. Caravan does not  sell any optional activities which can add hundreds of dollars to your tour price. Your  free time is scheduled in great settings where there is no need to buy additional  expensive activities.

Tweets by caravantours19

Caravan Tours Trips & Specials

Canadian Rockies and Glacier Park

Canadian Rockies and Glacier Park

Costa Rica Natural Paradise

Costa Rica Natural Paradise

Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

Guatemala with Tikal, Atitlán and Antigua

Guatemala with Tikal, Atitlán and Antigua

Grand Canyon, Sedona, Lake Powell, Bryce & Zion

Grand Canyon, Sedona, Lake Powell, Bryce & Zion

Panama Canal Cruise, Rainforests & Beaches

Panama Canal Cruise, Rainforests & Beaches

Mt Rushmore, Grand Tetons & Yellowstone

Mt Rushmore, Grand Tetons & Yellowstone

California Coast and Yosemite Park

California Coast and Yosemite Park

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Top Caravan Tours Trip Categories

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Caravan Tours

Photo of Caravan Tours - Chicago, IL, US. Grand Canyon sunsets - two of them

Review Highlights

William F.

“ Tour Director: Caravan simply could not have done better when it selected Cinthia Cuadra as a tour director . ” in 9 reviews

Love C.

“ Our bus driver , Rafa, was awesome and managed to squeeze our huge-ass bus through the smallest streets and mountain side roads. ” in 9 reviews

Betty C.

“ Our tour guide, Cinthia , gave so much information about the country, the people, and set us up for successful events every day! ” in 4 reviews

Location & Hours

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Chicago, IL 60611

River East, Near North Side

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Just wondering how many people are on the bus? Is it really crowded?

We had about 35 people on our bus. They normally are not filled to capacity. Hope this helps. Happy travels.

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Photo of Coleen P.

Just got back from Costa Rica, with Alejandra Guevara as our tourguide and Rollo as our busdriver. This was a wonderful trip and I credit it all to Alejandra! Her knowledge, her eloquence of sharing that info, we had a few health issues crop up with our fellow travelers, she handled it with expertise and empathy. Having the layover of three days at the Barcelo Gamble Resort was a nice touch to relax and enjoy the resorts amenities and be off the bus for a bit. Good staff, welcoming and helpful, good food,and lovely grounds were found there. We were cautioned this was not the usual resort and it was older, it was fine. They only issue was the rooms could have used a deeper cleaning and we had to ask for face cloths and towels each day to have enough. That was minor compared to the experience we had traveling in this wonderful country. I would recommend this Caravan trip to all who want to travel to Central America. We were well taken care off, superior customer service.

Photo of Laura B.

This has been my third Caravan Tour and my husband has celiac and a shout out to our tour director Tom who was truly concerned about his restriction in advocating this situation as well as giving us advice and tips on the trip. Also Joel our bus driver with a spotless bus and getting us to our destinations timely. A great group of people. I have made friends on other trips who I still have but this group is special. Thank you so much Tom and Lisa frim the BROMLEY Market and caravan for a great dinner. Your friend Laura Bisignano

Photo of Tommy E.

Fantastic tours at a very affordable price point. The support from the office in Chicago when anything goes amiss is fast, efficient and memorable. Their efforts to please their tour passengers over the years has helped build their tremendously-loyal following.

Photo of Joe N.

What can I say, they are the best. I've been on other bus tours and they blow them all away. We had flight problems our first day and I called them to let them know. On their own they set up a private tour of Mt. Rushmore for both me and my father. They were in contact with me throughout whole flight in problems. Our tour guide Tom was awesome, funny and very knowledgeable. Any issues he handled for us. Out bus drive Ray was very professional and took pride in his job. They have made a customer for life. I really appreciate what they did and answered the phone at all hours to help us. Thank you so much

caravan panama tour reviews

First time tour with Caravan and was not disappointed. After waiting 3 years for our tour to get available post COVID it was great to finally get on the road. The tour hit a lot of the highlights through the canyons and parks and was as enjoyable and relaxing as a tour could be. 2 nights per hotel stay gave us time to explore on our own and chose our meals at our times. We only had 27 people on the tour so the bus was wide open and all the on/off/luggage/"trading post" breaks moved quickly due to the smaller group. A big shout out to our guide Captain Kirk who filled us in with great info on upcoming stops as well as knowing when to give us quiet time with either a movie or music on the bus. His humor, sense of adventure and openness made him fit in with our active and fun group and saying goodbye was difficult for all of us. Will definitely consider a tour with this company again.

caravan panama tour reviews

I requested 4 travel brochure 9 of my friends were interested in 2 tours you offer. The Grand Canyon tour as well as the New England Fall Colors tour. We wanted both this fall. I sent the brochure request 2 months ago. We were coming from different parts of the country. None of us received brochures. I called Caravan 2 days ago and was told there were no brochure's for 2023 tour season and probably no brochure's for 2024. For those of us that took the time to request your brochure. Caravan should have been courteous enough to have email us, letting us know there were no brochures coming. I called today to reconfirm as to the status of brochures for your 2024 season. I spoke with Lydia she informed me that we are now in the digital age and could have to book online. The have traveled on your tours, the reason I have is because of your beautiful brochures, that I can read and study at my leisure. Making plans with friends from all parts of the country to meet for these tours. To now have to go online to look at, study & decide while front of a computer screen for 9 people, is disappointing to say the least. Good Customer Service, I don't think so......

Photo of Anil A.

Mexico's copper canyon tour - It was a very disappointing tour by Caravan. I would not recommend this tour to anyone. The booklet says it is a 7 hour bus ride from El Paso to Creel where the train departs. In reality it was a 12.5 to 13 hour bus ride. It was very uncomfortable and we did it all in one day. Food was well below average , there was no options for Vegetarian food , it was was very bland and poor. They did not even have a welcome dinner on the first night in El Paso. Hotels were nice. The train ride was very uncomfortable where the heating was not working and our Executive class coach had very dirty windows where we could not see the Copper canyon from our windows. Restaurant selection was average and in many cases they provided cold lunch boxes on the train ride. Overall this trip was not worth it ... our guide was average .

Photo of Todd F.

Great group of people on the bus. We were told to sit by family/friends on first day because there would be a rotation on the bus throughout the tour. This allows family to remain together as the rotation occurs. After the first rotation we were put in the back away from our family?! Other groups seemed to remain together? There were people who always got the very back because they needed two seats. Unfortunately, one of which was coughing so much that other passengers were constantly offering cough drops. She refused and said she had them. Adding to the problem, she wouldn't wear a mask. Halfway, she felt too sick to continue and supposedly tested negative. Asymptomatic or just not showing yet, she went home. Since we were in the back during most rotations, we both tested positive when home. Fortunately, my other family, who we should have been with were never stat near us are fine. Our first Caravan tour was on a very nice bus. On this tour the bus was run down, less quality/functionality. Some seats were broken and many seatbelts didn't work. Sadly this is our last trip using Caravan. Save up some money and splurge on a better company.

Photo of Allen R.

Caravan Tours.... Sedona, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Lake Powell, Bryce, and Zion. This is our 6th Caravan Tour and 1st in the USA and we had a fun trip with enjoyable sites and plenty of coach time. Hotels are satisfactory for the cost but expect parking lot or rear views from your room. Most days start with luggage out at 7:00 and a departure at 8:00 following the complimentary breakfast. There was considerable traffic in Sedona accompanied with lots of people. Our 20-person tour group stayed in the Maswik Lodge at the Grand Canyon and we had complimentary breakfast there and dinner at the Arizona Restaurant. The Arizona is quiet expensive if you are on your own. We were lucky and spotted 4 California Condors at Bright Angel Trail. Monument Valley was fun while riding on the back of the seated pickup with our Navajo Indian guide who sang songs to us in her native language. I'm still trying to figure out why we stayed at Lake Powell since there is little to keep one occupied. We did take a boat trip to Glen Falls Dam, however. Bryce Canyon is interesting with spectacular views of the "hoodoos" but pales in comparison to Zion where we walked the Riverwalk Trail and the Grotto Trail. during the Zion adventure we stayed for two nights at the Fairview Inn in virgin, Utah. The hotel is very nice but located 30 minutes from Zion NP. There are no convenience stores within several miles and the nearest restaurant is over a mile away. The Fairview does not have a restaurant that serves lunch or dinner. God only knows why Caravan did not book the group at Springdale just outside of Zion and full of hotels and restaurants. Our trip ended in Las Vegas with a quick trip down "The Strip", and the group was deposited at the airport at 10:30. We chose to rent a car and drove south to Primm to see the Bonnie and Clyde "murder car" at Buffalo Bill's and returned to see Hoover Dam. Caravan trips are fun and certainly worth the cost. Our trip was $1695 and we went in early May before a cost increase...and, the summer crowds arriving.

Photo of Lauren A.

We just got back from our second Caravan Tour. In 2020 we went to Costa Rica. This year, we went to Panama. Both tours were fantastic. I highly recommend both of these and Caravan. I love that all their tours have a highly knowledgeable tour guide and a great bus driver. You stay at lovely hotels and eat delicious food. I also love that everything is included in these tours other than your air fare. The meals are buffet style, so you can try a little of everything and go back for more of your favorite items at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The excursions are fantastic. You see some extraordinary things and learn a great deal about the culture of the country and the various cities/communities you visit. They also have some wonderful entertainment one or two nights of your trip. The people on these tours have all been very friendly and fun to be around. We are already trying to decide which Caravan tour we want to do next.

35 other reviews that are not currently recommended

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Caravan Tours to Panama - Panama Canal

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  • Panama    
  • Panama Province    
  • Panama City    
  • Panama City - Things to Do    
  • Panama Canal

Caravan Tours to Panama

If you love exploring Central America, may I suggest going with Caravan Tours (out of Chicago). I took their Panama Tour first part of May this year and it was excellent. Everything was first class, including the resorts, 3 meals a day, partial transit through the Canal, dance recitals, museum entrances, boat trip to feed the monkeys and a visit to an indigenous Indian village. To see the big ships come thru the Mira Flores Locks is something I will never forget! The motor coach was beautiful and drove us all through the country in comfort. The resort we stayed in for 2 days on the Pacific side was breathtaking and all inclusive! The total cost for this trip for me as a double was $1333.00 for 7 days and included all meals and gratuities except for driver and tour director. Our tour director, Vivi, and absolutely brilliant and captivating!. Amazing price for the value. Their website Caravan Tours has all the information. I have used them with great success to visit Costa Rica and will use them to visit Guatemala in November.


Very interesting, museum is nice and very clean, short visit. Do not go midday as the ships do not cross at that hour.

I can't argue with those who say that this is an architectural wonder. However, I doubt I would ever return to the Canal. The place was packed with other disrespectful tourists who would shove cut line, not to mention not even let you appreciate the view of the canal. Besides that, the heat was unbearable. Rumor has it the museum is very good, I would recommend people to check it out.

It was just amazing to see a huge container ship pass through the Mira Flores Locks. Especially cool for me - I was able to look-up my great grandfather in their data base and confirm that he actually did work on the Panama Canal! I also recommend reading The Path Between the Seas before visiting the Canal.

I was pretty bored by visiting the Canal, honestly. It's an engineering feat, which is very impressive, but being there was kind of boring. It also cost US$8 to enter, which is pricey. It takes each boat about an hour to clear the locks, and it was crowded with pushy people all jostling for a place to view from. However, all the men I've talked to about my trip were fascinated by the locks and really want to visit the Canal. I'm sure my dad would be impressed by it.

We got to see a ship pass through. It was interesting to learn the mechanics behind it. Make sure to get there early as the seats fill up quickly.

Caravan Panama Canal Hotels

Take an all inclusive, fully guided Panama vacation with Caravan Tours and your Panama Canal hotels are included.

Our Caravan Panama Canal tour is one of the most economical options for vacationing in this beautiful Central American country. Our tour guests stay at some of the finest hotels in Panama including:

  • Marriott Courtyard Panama

Gamboa Rainforest Resort

Westin playa bonita resort.

  • Intercontinental Miramar Panama

For one low, all inclusive tour price, your Caravan vacation includes all Panama Canal hotel accommodations plus all itinerary excursions, transportation, food, and hotel transfers.

In fact, the tour price for this fully guided Latin America vacation is usually less than the price you would have to pay just for hotel accommodations if you were travel this tour on your own.

Below is an overview of the all inclusive Panama Canal hotels you’ll get to enjoy as our guest.

Marriott Courtyard Panama City

Guests of the Courtyard by Marriott in Panama City can enjoy luxurious hotel accommodations along with the modern flair this Spanish city has to offer. A short half hour drive from Panama City Airport, the Marriott Courtyard hotel is in the heart of Panama City’s business district and features upscale shopping within a five-minute walk. This Panama Marriott Hotel features many modern conveniences:

  • 24-hour business center
  • Fitness center
  • Outdoor pool
  • Restaurant bar and lounge
  • Air-conditioned rooms with access to WiFi and laundry amenities

Following your cruise to Colon on the Caribbean coast , you’ll head back for a 2-night stay at Gamboa Rainforest Resort. This is one of the most unique eco-lodge resorts near Panama’s Soberania National Park Rainforest. There are just 166 rooms. The suites have a rustic-elegance yet, they are outfitted with all the modern comforts you would want, including:

  • 24-hour room service
  • Flat screen satellite television
  • Sensory Spa by Clarins

This beachfront five-star Panama Canal hotel is located just 16 km from downtown Panama City and offers 611 Spanish colonial-style rooms. This spectacular new Panama beach resort hotel is located on the Pacific Coast and offers guests:

  • WestinWORKOUT® Fitness Studio
  • Rotating schedule of activities
  • 4 beachfront swimming pools
  • Playa Bonita Beach (just steps from the resort hotel’s pool area)

InterContinental Miramar Panama

This is one of the most luxurious Panama Canal hotels overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Bay of Panama. The InterContinental Miramar Hotel offers spacious suites with ocean views allowing you to watch vessels enter the canal. InterContinental Hotels & Resorts are known around the world as an international luxury hotel brand and Caravan tour guests are treated to all the finest amenities during their last night in Panama City. Amenities include among others:

  • Tennis Courts
  • Sauna, Jacuzzi, Turkish Bath
  • Air-conditioned rooms

About Caravan Tours

Caravan Tours is a second generation, family owned tour company that has been offering all inclusive, fully guided vacation packages throughout North and Central America since 1952.

Fully escorted, all inclusive  Panama Vacations  by Caravan Tours currently feature these four Panama Canal hotels. While our all inclusive tours are filled with exceptional site seeing and adventures, guests can still relax and enjoy 2 consecutive night stays.

Visit Caravan’s  Panama tour reviews   page for more details about this all inclusive Panama Canal vacation.

Or, call our Caravan office at 1-800-CARAVAN (227-2826)   to book your tour today!

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Panama Tropical Adventure

Dear Traveler, Welcome to a great vacation at an affordable price. Your Panama tour is fully guided and includes most meals, all hotels, and all activities. Happy Travels! Caravan

All-Inclusive Panama Canal Boat Ride

The Panama Canal is the world’s most important commercial waterway and a vital link between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. If you are searching for the best all-inclusive Panama Canal Boat Ride, consider cruising the Panama Canal with Caravan Tours. Climb aboard and enjoy daytime cruises through one of the greatest engineering feats in history.

Tour Includes 2 Panama Cruises

Bird Watching Cruise – Located on the Atlantic side of Panama near Colon, Gatun Lake is a large man-made lake that is essential to navigating the Panama Canal. As you cruise Panama Canal, you’ll enjoy a guided boat tour through the lush jungle canals. The many hilltop islands were created when the Gatun Dam was built, and the valley was flooded.
Chagres River Cruise –Take an unforgettable small boat cruise up the Chagres River where you will explore the tropical Panama rainforests and visit an authentic village of the Embera Indians , of which there are only 33,000 in Panama.

Best All-Inclusive Panama’s Hotels

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"Amazing. This was our first trip with Caravan and we will be taking another adventure with you. Couldn’t ask for better accommodations, the hotels were all topnotch. Enjoyed all the meals, something for everyone. Friends told us about Caravan and they were 100% right. We will be telling all my other friends about Caravan Panama." Mr. & Mrs. G.S., Ormond Beach, Florida
"This was our third Caravan tour and once again, it was wonderful. The detailed schedules and activities allow us to enjoy the tour with no concerns about logistics. Wonderful job of providing background and history. Every meal offered tremendous variety and diverse regional cuisine of Panama. Thanks to our Director and the many people helping with the tour, we learned a lot, experienced wonderful opportunities, and enjoyed local culture." Mr. & Mrs. M.L., Brussels, Wisconsin
"Panama is a spectacular place. The hotels were beautiful, the last one being the best I’ve ever stayed in. The food and drink was great. We had such an informed director, he knew history and current affairs. Very helpful and always there if needed. This was a wonderful tour that I will remember." Ms. M.N., Buffalo, New York
"Panama: a WONDER of the world! A fantastic week - expertly planned and executed! From history, observation and riding through the canal, with additional side events...awesome!! A most memorable experience." Ms. P.M., Winnetka, Illinois
"This was my fifth tour with Caravan. They have all provided wonderful opportunities to see spectacular scenery, enjoy the cuisine, and interact with local culture. The guides are professional, personable, competent and enhance the tours. Our canal transit was great." Mr. J.D., Upton, Massachusetts
"I selected this trip as an alternative to taking a cruise which visited the canal. What’s not to like about this trip? It totally went beyond my expectations. It provided so much more than the cruise we were considering. I am glad I found Caravan to give you a try. Our party of four would at dinner each night, review and evaluate the day, giving each other a high point or low point of the day. This was the first time trying to come up with a low was extremely difficult. Caravan has got traveling down to an artform." Mr. & Mrs. D.G., Rockville, Maryland
"We have fallen in love with guided tours. We don’t know how Caravan does it. We wanted to see the Panama Canal and we got to see every angle. Everything planned perfectly. The entertainment at night was very interesting, showing pride in the Panama culture. There is not enough space about our amazing tour director. His heart and soul was into the tour and travelers, his experience shows. Not only did we learn from the trip, we learned from fellow travelers. They became our family for a week." Mr. & Mrs. D.M., Tampico, Illinois

Why Travel with Caravan?

Excellence since 1952, caravan care, caravan's proud history, great hotels, complete sightseeing, fully guided by tour directors, all-inclusive, shopping freedom, great value, book early, how does caravan tours sell these tours for such a low cost, trade association memberships.

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