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3 North St. Waldwick, NJ 07463

bounce safari reviews

Open Bounce and Camp

Open Bounce Schedule: Weekly Open Bounces 

Wednesday ……..  4-5 pm ….. ..$20.00/bouncer

Friday………………4-5 pm….. …$20.00/bouncer

       **** Please call in advance to reserve your spot for our popular, reservation-only, open bounce sessions at 201-857-4000 . Kids must be 34″ tall and wear socks to bounce. Parents accompanying a child are free. No high heels in our arenas. Space is limited and sessions often sell out!

Open Bounce Participants under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. All sessions are pre-booked/pre-paid and reservation-only to avoid disappointment (sessions often sell out). Open Bounce and Camp sessions are Non-Refundable events. We will issue a credit toward a future open bounce with advanced notice of a cancellation.

Summer Safari Day Camp 2023   -We’re now booking for our popular summer camps.

At Bounce Safari, the sun is always shining, the temperature is perfect, and healthy, active fun never has to take a rain check.

We’ve designed a terrific summer session of engaging themes, activities and challenges for your three to nine year old.  They will travel the globe, through time, and even to outer space!  Camp is 9 am to 12 pm Monday through Friday.

Our summer program takes advantage of our incredible facility and adds a generous dose of small group activities designed to make learning and being creative exceptionally fun.  Schedule will include active play on our incredible, 3 story Crazy Maze, obstacle courses, slides, and bouncers; arts and crafts; cooking; building and problem-solving with giant Legos; music; and learning about the incredible animals that share our planet!

Based on enrollment, campers will be placed into the following age groups:

Explorers – 3 to 6 year olds

Adventurers – 6 to 9 year olds

2023 Weekly Themes: 

June 26th        Super Hero Training

July 17th:        Medieval Times- Knight and Princess Training

July 31st:        Rock Star Training

$225 per week  Includes a t-shirt, all snacks and crafts.   

Download our Summer Safari Camp Registration Form 2023

Summer Safari Camp 2023

“Know Before You Go”

What should my camper wear?

Campers should wear comfortable, washable, play clothes, including socks .  Campers will be sliding, climbing and jumping, so clothes that allow free movement are recommended.  Fun is sometimes messy!  We’ll be painting, sculpting, and cooking.  So please choose clothes that can be washed. Each camper will receive a camp t-shirt on the first day of the week. When attending multiple weeks, other choices (water bottles, hats, etc.) are available, if preferred.

What should my child bring to camp?

We provide all snacks and drinks.  You don’t need to pack anything!  Occasionally, we’ll have a theme-oriented “show and tell,” which we’ll remind you of the day before during dismissal.

My child still wears diapers.  May he/she attend?

Children must be able to use the restroom independently to attend our “drop-off” camps.  We are not licensed to change diapers.  For both the comfort of the campers (three hours is too long to be uncomfortable in a soiled diaper or pull-up) and the hygiene of our super-clean facility, please only enroll children that are fully toilet-trained.

What time should I arrive to drop off and pick up my child?

We have a 15 minute arrival and dismissal period built into our schedule.  Please drop off between 9am and 9:15am, so that children can enjoy some “Open Play.” Pick up between 11:45am and noon after our “Story Time”.  Children thrive in a structured environment – Please drop off and pick up on time!

May we enroll for a partial week?

While absences may occur due to illness or an early weekend departure, camp enrollment is by the week.  Our curriculum and theme carry throughout the week, with projects often spanning several days.  We must staff our camps assuming attendance of all enrollees and cannot provide refunds for illness or other absences.

May I tip the counselors?

Tipping is not expected, but is always appreciated if you feel that a counselor has gone “above and beyond” and made the week of camp extra fun for your child.  

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Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt & Bunny Bounce is Back!

Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt & Bunny Bounce is Back!

Featuring an Easter Egg Hunt in our bounce rooms with giant inflatable rides followed by a holiday treat, drinks, and an… read more

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Melissa T.

“ I had my son's 3rd birthday party there and then went 2 more weekends in a row for his friends' parties ” in 29 reviews

Jaszyy J.

“ I was skeptical on how this experience would be due to Covid-19 , but it was nothing less than amazing. ” in 2 reviews

P M.

“ My cousin who was the party mom felt that Diego, Gianna and Nick were extremely attentive! ” in 4 reviews

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70 Eisenhower Dr

Paramus, NJ 07652

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Enjoy a 100% Private Party for your chilkd, family and friends! Check out all of our Party Packages: Save more than $150 off our standard packages with our Weekday Party Packages! …

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Photo of Jackson V.

Came here a few weeks ago for a birthday party. The attractions seemed all too similar. For example, the first room has a slide and voice house with some other stuff for the kids, and the second room had a slide and bounce house with some other stuff too. Also, there is almost nothing for the adults to do in the first room (not even enough seats). The second room was a lot better. The food and service is where it all changes. First off, the service was excellent. The hosts were friendly and communicated with the children and adults well. The food was delicious and so was the cake (it was an ice cream cake). They even had foreign food, which was good. Overall, it was an amazing place for the little ones, and an ok for the adults and older kids.

Photo of Viktoriya Z.

Looks like this location is running a scam during final payment time. I had a feeling I was overcharged at the time of final transaction, and "to save me money on extra kids" I was bumped into the next price package. The staff counted newborns in car seats, and when I mentioned that they shouldn't be added to the count at all, they "subtracted" them, but the final count still felt like too many. After the event, I asked numerous times to send me a list the venue had as attending, so that I could reconcile with my list. About 7 emails and 3 phone calls over the period of 2 months yielded no reply, which makes me think it's a common practice. If you are going to book your party here, instead of relaxing and enjoying your time with kids I suggest you have a tight count on the guests attending. It's a shame really, because otherwise the party was pretty good and kids had fun. One note on adult food - coffee wasn't ready for at least half of the "food time", and since it was a 9am party, adults were getting grumpy. When it finally came out, there was no milk, just creamers, and a lot of folks are allergic to creamers. Repeatedly asking for milk (and not taking no for an answer) yielded an open carton from a previous party, which was a day prior. Not ideal. We added an extra photo package - what can I say - you get what you pay for. It's fun to get these moments captured if you are not taking pics yourself, but they are really REALLY terrible quality. We had to move the party as my son got sick. The brochure they sent in the mail mentions that the venue allows for a one time move in case the birthday child gets sick, which is very nice. However, to get the party moved took a lot of phone calls back and forth, and asking the staff to familiarize themselves with their own policy, as they were holding me on stand by for good 12 hours before confirming that they can move it, which resulted in me telling my guests about the move with a very short notice. They were also "very booked" for the next 2 months (which is the max time for rescheduling), giving me the most inconvenient times, which also sounds like a practice. It did work out at the end, because we were there as the first party at 9am, and at least there was a hope of the venue being clean from the night before, as I didn't see them clean the rooms between parties, which are back to back. Overall, kids and adults had fun in the bounce rooms, the incident with coffee is upsetting, given the prices this place charges for food, and the possibility of being overcharged, with the venue not being proactive about resolving the situation, has unfortunately ruined the experience. Sad.

Photo of Dan D.

I am giving this review 1 star simply because BounceU makes it somewhat easy to invite everyone via their online portal. Other than that, the service was horrible, the pictures taken of the children were not displayed on the TV in the party room as promised and paid for. The balloons were dropped as soon as the kids walked into the 2nd bounce room, which did not give everyone time to get under the net. The decorations and balloons in the party room were not setup correctly even though we were promised they would be. The food order was wrong, and last which is by far the worst part, they gave the birthday boy a melted piece of cake with the candle basically falling off of it. - They didnt even tell us that the cake was coming out at all! It was basically an after thought. The ENTIRE point of doing a party here is to have the staff step up and do things for you CORRECTLY. For instance we purchased the picture package, we were promised that they would be taking pictures so we wouldnt have to. This was NOT DONE, no pictures of the party room, NOTHING! Instead you have a bunch of kids running the place who do not care at all. To top it all off they have the nerve to ask for a tip? Seriously? Dont bother with this location. For the money go elsewhere in the area.

Photo of Rachel S.

So, today I had my son's 5th birthday party here. Rooms are clean and spacious and accommodate the kids and parents with ample play space and sitting arrangements. My son felt super special that they used every opportunity to make group birthday chants or somethingorothers. It was cool. The 3 girls who helped run the party were stellar. I did nothing. These girls kept track of the kids and were on top of taking coats and gifts so I didn't have to. We left the bounce arenas and made our way to the party room where everything was already set up. Music and strobe lights greeted my guests and then the party girls got everyone amped up to cheer for my son as he was introduced like a superstar. They served all the kids and kept everyone full on drinks while I sat and chatted with the parents. A limbo game ensued before they led the group in singing Happy Birthday and dished out the ice cream cake. They handled the clean up and brought both his bins of gifts to our car for us. They were amazing. Now, here is my one, and I think big, issue. We paid a little extra for a service of having the pictures taken for us. I was pretty excited about not having to stress photos. I could play with my kids and host parents without worrying about photos. They took 154 photos. The problem is that maybe 20 photos were at all usable. After an amazing afternoon celebrating his birthday, I was mildly devastated to see I had almost no usable photos. Almost all the photos were blurry or had severe red eye. They took photos with what looked like a camera from 2000 that cost $30 THEN. All the photos were garbage. The 3 photos they took of the group were completely blurred. And the kids were sitting. They took no photos of the parents. So all I have is whatever friends took with their phones. Their phone photos were INFINITELY better than what I paid them to take. It was ridiculously disappointing to see the piss poor quality of what I hold most dear from the experience. Dont waste your money. Just ask a friend to take pics on their phone so you won't be disappointed.

Photo of L L.

Went there yesterday during an open bounce event. 2 boys, 13 and (just turned) 9. The website doesn't specify what age is appropriate for this place, and we have not been there before. Should have read the reviews. The older boy could not participate in anything, just way too big for the contraptions in the place. Even the younger one got bored after 15 minutes. It might be ok for kids up to 7, but anything older, stay away. 1 hour in 2 bounce rooms, place was very hot, thermostat showed 79 degrees. Half an hour at the end in the party room, eating undercooked pizza and drinking apple juice. Again, younger kids might not care, but mine didn't like it. Spoke to the management about the age appropriateness, they said they'll put something on the website. Refund was not offered, apparently computers are not allowing it. Anyone who stands behind their business would offer a refund. Gave me a pass in case I wanted to come again, but how does that help? Kids only get bigger, so at most I could give it away to someone. At least, it wasn't that crowded on a Saturday night.

Photo of Melissa T.

Well oiled machine. This place knows how to get the kids in, have a blast and get them out. They do party after party and I haven't been to one once where it didn't seem as if it all went off seamlessly. I had my son's 3rd birthday party there and then went 2 more weekends in a row for his friends' parties. They keep the place very clean. They have monitors in every room and every section making sure kids are having fun but being safe. The offer a full menu of options and add-ons for birthday parties and were even able to accommodate me when I requested a second cake the day of my son's birthday. They have an arrangement with one or two local pizzeria's and the food comes in hot. They gave ton's of options and the food was great. They also offer open play times and special events when kids are out of school, themed days, night bounces and more. You can call ahead and reserve a spot so you never have to worry if you will or won't get in to those events. They also offer special opportunities and programs for kids with special needs. I think that is wonderful. They are constantly upgrading and changing things out so if you go today and then go back a month later your kids will not be bored. Thanks for making my son's birthday a blast.

bounce safari reviews

See all photos from Melissa T. for BounceU Paramus

Photo of Lisa H.

I bought open bounce pass from Groupon and it was so useless. I have pass worth for 10 visits and can't use it because they say Friday is weekend and this pass can be only used on weekdays. Who consider Friday as weekend? Very misleading promotion they have.

Photo of Whitney L.

I recently booked a party at BounceU and let me start by saying...COULDN'T HAVE BEEN BETTER!! The party coordinators and all staff involved were pleasant, helpful and very attentive! Everything we ordered for the party was above all of our expectations! I really couldn't have been happier with how things worked out! The best part of the experience was seeing how excited all of the kids were and how much FUN they really had! I would host another party or attend another party here any day! Thanks BounceU for such a perfect experience ... I've already recommended my friends to come host a party with you!!

Photo of meredith g.

Booked my daughter's 8th birthday party here because she had been to another party and had fun. Unfortunately, this was one of the most disorganized, poorly managed parties I've ever thrown--and I have three kids! They were not ready for us when our guests arrived and had never told us that parents would need to sign a waiver, so we had a huge backlog at the laptops trying to get the kids signed in as the guests arrived. Many of the guns for shooting balls were broken and they didn't have enough goggles for all of my guests, so one little girl got hit in the eye with a ball. The staff running the party were very unorganized and unprofessional. I would not do a party here again.

Photo of MyPinkLush ..

My nephew Mason's Birthday party was there last night and we all had an amazing time. Erica at the cashier was ver nice and had great customer service when we questioned anything. The girls that took care of us were Angela, Jamie and lisa. They always had a smile and made the party so much fun. I would recommend this place for parties.

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My Complete Review: Is Bounce Luggage Storage Worth It?

bounce safari reviews

As a frequent traveler who‘s constantly lugging bags from the airport to hotels to trains stations and back, I‘m always on the hunt for services that make transit less stressful. I recently discovered Bounce, which offers convenient, affordable luggage storage in over 1,000 cities globally.

In this comprehensive review based on first-hand experience, I’ll give you the complete lowdown on Bounce, how it works, what other travelers say, and most importantly – is it actually worth using? Spoiler: it 100% is!

What Exactly is Bounce Luggage Storage?

Founded in 2018 by veteran travelers and digital nomads Cody Candee and Aleksander Rendtslev, Bounce is a luggage storage service that‘s swapped out lockers for local shops and stores.

Here‘s how it works…

Bounce partners with over 8,000 hotels, restaurants, dry cleaners and other businesses that have spare secure space to store travelers‘ bags. Using Bounce‘s website or app, you can:

  • Search locations nearby
  • Book storage reservations
  • Safely drop off luggage during selected times
  • Explore hands-free!
  • Swing by to pick up bags whenever needed

So rather than dragging all your stuff around a new city, you conveniently stash it at Bounce for just ~$5-6/day. Then enjoy sightseeing unencumbered!

It‘s basically like having friend at your destination who doesn’t mind keeping your extra baggage at their place. But instead of imposing on a buddy, Bounce pays local shops to provide this service – it’s a win-win!

My Experience Using Bounce Luggage Storage

As a self-proclaimed overpacker constantly struggling to cram souvenirs into exploding suitcases, I‘ve relied on Bounce many times.

On recent trips to Dublin, Austin and Seattle, I used their mobile app to book bag storage near my hotels. The user-friendly interface made finding partners quick and easy.

I loved having the freedom to freely wander without worrying my stuff would get stolen or I’d have to rush back to retrieve it.

For less than the cost of airport locker, my luggage stayed safe while I packed activities in from morning to night. Then I simply popped by to pick up my awaiting bags!

Without fail, the staff at locations like dry cleaners, print shops etc. were friendly. Most had dedicated storage rooms to keep items secure.

I had zero issues – everything stayed safely stowed until I swung by to collect it. No more wasted vacation time arranging logistics and schlepping unneeded items!

Why People Are Raving About Bounce

With glowing reviews across the web, rave articles in Forbes and Entrepreneur, and rapid expansion worldwide, it’s clear savvy travelers have wholeheartedly embraced Bounce.

A few stats that reveal their meteoric rise:

  • Trustpilot score: 4.3 out of 5 stars (470+ reviews)
  • Google rating: 4.7 stars (2,800+ reviews)
  • Over 145,000 positive customer ratings averaging 4.9/5 stars
  • Raised over $10M funding from leading VCs
  • Year-over-year customer growth rate of 300%
  • Services offered in over 1,000+ cities globally

Impressed yet? Here’s a look at the biggest benefits Bounce offers travelers:


Toting luggage on subways, up stairs, in taxis…no thanks! Bounce partners are conveniently located near train stations, attractions, apartments etc. Making storing bags enroute seamless.

Their long hours (some open 24 hours) ensure you can drop off/collect items when needed too.


Station lockers often charge ~$10 per bag daily. But Bounce starts around just $5-6 – almost half the price!

When travelers spend so much on flights, hotels, food and activities at destinations, getting luggage storage this cheap is pretty incredible.


Bounce doesn’t impose annoying rules like requiring multi-day storage. Stash bags for a just few hours even!

As long as you pick up gear within business hours, there’s no rush. Enjoy the freedom this provides.

Safety is a common concern when handing bags off to strangers. But Bounce eases worries by carefully vetting each location, requiring locked storage rooms not publicly accessible.

Additionally, $10,000 insurance is included to cover loss/damage. Between rigorous oversight and robust coverage, you can truly travel at ease.


From major hubs like NYC, Paris and Sydney to smaller towns that still attract travelers, Bounce spans 1,000+ destinations worldwide.

Wherever wanderlust takes you, there’s likely a partner located conveniently nearby!

Bounce By the Numbers: Growth Timeline & Facts

Still not convinced to give Bounce a try? Maybe these remarkable stats around their explosive expansion will persuade you:

Customer signups within just the first few months after Bounce launched in 2018

Happy travelers served across 6 continents as of 2022

Vetted hotel, restaurant and shop partners to conveniently stash luggage

Cities across 90+ countries and territories globally

Industry-leading safety record – less than 1 bag lost per 10,000 stored!

Year-over-year customer growth rate as of 2020

Venture capital raised to fund technical buildout and global expansion

Bounce awarded “Top 50 Startups to Watch” distinction by LinkedIn

With remarkable growth, almost perfect safety track record, expansive network and satisfied customer base – Bounce has totally disrupted luggage storage for the better!

Real Bounce Luggage Storage Reviews: What Travelers Like Me Are Saying

With hotels, restaurants and transport booked online, savvy travelers like myself read reviews before making any purchase decisions.

So what do people who have actually used Bounce luggage storage have to say? I combed the internet to find great testimonials that sum up why so many love Bounce, including:

“We travel a lot and Bounce is the easiest and most affordable option for storing luggage. Partner locations are so conveniently located which saves a ton of time schlepping bags around.” ~ Jane, 5 Star Google Review
“My husband was skeptical at first but felt reassured once he went to drop off and collect our bags – super easy to use and excellent value for money.” ~ Mary R, Trustpilot Review
“Gamechanger for travel! Bounce took all the hassle out of our recent trip…Having our bags stored safely + conveniently gave us so much more freedom." ~ James, App Store Review
“This was actually one of the best travel services I’ve used. So simple, fast, cheap and trustworthy. More cities need this!” ~ Katie, 5 Star Yelp Review

Reviewers on every platform praise Bounce‘s affordable rates, security, friendly staff, awesome convenience and overall exceptional service.

It just perfectly solves the universal headaches of managing extra baggage while trying to freely explore destinations. This luggage hero is every traveler‘s dream!

Is Bounce Luggage Storage Really Safe Though?

Naturally many wonder if handing bags off to some random deli or dry cleaner is actually secure. Short answer – it truly is.

Bounce doesn‘t just let any old shop sign up as partners. Each one is thoroughly vetted to ensure:

✅ Dedicated secure rooms away from public access

✅ Responsible ownership and reputable business

✅ Top-notch safety protocols for accepting items

✅ Only accessible by staff during operating hours

On top of rigorous screening, Bounce provides up to $10,000 coverage for loss/damage under their BounceShield protection plan.

Between stringent partner oversight, secured storage methods, insurance coverage and a 99.99% perfect safety track record – travellers can truly have peace of mind.

Millions of bags have been stored without incident. Rest assured your belongings are safe in Bounce‘s hands!

Bounce Luggage Storage Cost, Discounts and Promotions

What good is an ultra convenient service if the fees rob you blind though?

Bounce keeps costs reasonable for travelers:

  • Starts around just $5 per bag per day
  • Add $2 per day to enable $10K BounceShield protection

With hotel WiFi alone charging $15-20 daily, that’s an incredible value. And rates are often lower than old school station locker storage too.

For extended storage, you can email Bounce at [email protected] to request discounted weekly and monthly pricing.

The brand also occasionally offers promos like referral credits when you share with friends. So a little hunting can yield some savings!

Overall though, Bounce luggage storage itself is already cheaper than most alternatives. Yet so much more convenient and reliable!

When to Use Bounce Luggage Storage?

Wondering when paying to store bags is worthwhile? Here are prime use cases:

🚙 Early flight but late hotel checkout

🚆 Multi-destination trip with multiple bags

🛫 Long layover in a new city

🧳 Too much luggage to conveniently tour a new place

⛱ Beach vacation where you have valuables/electronics stored safely while out

In my experience, Bounce is always useful anytime I have extra bags that would be a pain to haul around all day!

It buys you precious time if you need to store stuff pre-flight after checkout too. No more panicking about logistics.

And I love using it when I go a bit…overboard shopping on trips. Just drop souvenirs off as needed instead of destroying your back carrying piles of stuff!

How Does Bounce Compare to Airport/Train Luggage Storage?

Savvy travelers want to know – how does service, security and pricing stack up against other options? Here‘s a quick comparison:

Airport Storage Lockers 🛫

Pro: Very secure. Available if already at airport.

Con: Typically $10+ per bag daily. Inconvenient if not flying same day.

Train Station Lockers 🚆

Pro: Sometimes less expensive than airport.

Con: Not as readily available. Still requires going out of your way.

Left Luggage Counters 🧳

Pro: Also very secure.

Con: Very limited hours. Inconvenient off-the-beaten locations.

Hotel Bag Storage 🏨

Pro: Nearby.

Con: Unreliable. No dedicated storage areas. Putting staff in awkward situation.

Unlike these options, Bounce offers thousands of vetted locations actually convenient to travelers exploring a city. No wasted time/money commuting to storage lockers or stress finding overworked hotel employees to assist.

Bounce partners welcome storing bags securely onsite. No need to chase down staff because they have spare rooms specifically for this purpose!

Between unparalleled convenience + flexible timings + budget pricing + extensive reach globally – Bounce dominates when it comes to accessible, reliable luggage storage.

Key Tips For Safe + Stress-Free Luggage Storage

While Bounce does extensive vetting and takes ample precautions to secure belongings, travelers should still be careful.

Follow these tips for safe, smooth storage:

🔒 Leave true valuables at home rather than risk storing

💡 Take photos of all items at drop-off in case of disputes

📱 Save partner location details + receipts in phone

⌚ Arrive promptly within stated operating hours

🔍 Inspect luggage carefully at retrieval before leaving

🙅‍♀️ Never store cash, medication, electronics unsecured

As long as you take basic precautions, Bounce makes storing luggage abroad amazingly simple. But it never hurts to be extra careful!

The Bottom Line: Who Should Use Bounce?

If convenience, reliability and affordability are priorities when seeing the sights, Bounce luggage storage is a no brainer.

Globe trotters who relate to ANY of the below should certainly give it a go:

👜 Checking out museums, shops with bulky bags is a pain

🕰 Layovers feel way too rushed trying to store luggage elsewhere

💸 Airport storage is absurdly overpriced!

🛂 Checking bags on trains/buses causes stress about reunited with them

🚉 Lugging suitcases up metro stairs makes me sweaty + cranky

🛒 My souvenir haul never fits coming home without massive overage fees

Or more simply…anyone who hates dealing with extra bags! Why needlessly hassle schlepping unneeded items?

Bounce frees up travelers to fully immerse themselves in destinations explored rather than struggling with burdensome luggage logistics.

It‘s affordable, idiot-proof and lets you save energy for what matters – creating amazing trip memories.

With top notch service garnering glowing praise from reviewers, Bounce has totally transformed travel. Give them a try next time you‘re visiting somewhere new!

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Inflatable Safari Splash Bounce House

See More by WonderBounz

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Inflatable Safari Splash Bounce House

What We Offer

bounce safari reviews

5 Year Protection Plan for $95.99

bounce safari reviews

One-Stop Shopping

Find everything you need for your ultimate back yard!

Product Overview


Durability: Puncture Resistant

Maximum Number of People

Maximum Number of People: 5


What's included.

  • Storage Bag
  • Anchor Stakes
  • 1 Play Balls
  • Basketball Hoop
  • 2 Water Sprayer Nozzle
  • Built-in water cannon and basketball hoop
  • Light decor with starlights (long press for 3 seconds). starlights are removable and can be repositioned in multiple places in the inflatable.
  • Double stitching and strong reinforcement in load bearing seams
  • The weight limit on the slide platform: 120 lb individual weight. Max 720 lbs on product
  • Constant air inflatable made of durable puncture resistant material
  • Powerful UL blower
  • Weather Resistant: No
  • Age Group: 5 to 6 Years; 7 to 8 Years; 9 to 10 Years; 11 to 12 Years

Weights & Dimensions

bounce safari reviews

Other Dimensions

  • Jungle leaves decorated inflatable slide with net-enclosed platform 56" H with climbing wall


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New Bern, NC

Verified Buyer

Summary of review for

Rated 3 out of 5 stars.

I love it for the kids, takes some time to set up and get things going..... also mine came with a hole in the inside where the slide is so I am going to have to sow it myself because sending it back would be too Dag on difficult and having to wait for another one..... 3 stars because of hole in fabric...... they have patches but no patch kit included


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Recieved fast and in discreet packaging which is amazing because its a surprise for the kids. We are very excited for this summer with Covid-19 we will bring the water park to the house.

woodstock, GA

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Loads of fun for our grandkids!

Just as described. My kids love it

Get products everything was included easy set up thought is was a little bigger but the toddlers enjoyed it... can’t wait to reuse it

Sunset beach, NC

The perfect quarantine gift for my kids! They love it on a hot day!

Orangeburg, SC

It was great. My son birthday was a success!

Danial Worley

I haven’t set it up yet, cause it’s Winter, Will review in Spring time.

The kids absolutely LOVED this, but there were leaks that prevented the water from filling all the way, to which Wayfair explains is ‘normal’. I want to return this to replace it. There was also a tiny rip in the seam it looked like once we opened. Regardless, still super fun for kids!

pittston, ME

Verified Business Professional

Kids love it but, I thought it was kinda small for the price....

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Herokiddo enchanted forest commercial grade bounce house water slide (with blower and pool).

by HeroKiddo

Rated 5 out of 5 stars. 131 total votes

HeroKiddo® presents the Inflatable Bouncer in a Box! This inflatable bounce house and a water slide with attached pool are functional and fun. At 140 pounds, it won’t require more than 2 people to move it from your storage space to the ideal party place. The attractive forest theme and popular blue/purple color scheme are sure to attract the attention of everyone in your neighborhood. You won’t find an inflatable with this combination of quality and design at this price point! HeroKiddo provides everything you need to set up, operate, and take down this inflatable as quickly and easily as possible.

  • ♥ Rental Grade Construction: This inflatable bounce house and slide can handle both adults and kids for hours of wet or dry sliding fun
  • ♥ Commercial Grade PVC Vinyl: We only use Dura-Lite™ Vinyl which has much higher tear strength, fewer contaminants, and is better for the environment than Nylon
  • ♥ Durable Without Excessive Weight: At 130 lbs, this inflatable is easy to move around and store when it’s not being used while still durable to hold up after many uses
  • ♥ Easy to Clean: Our water repellent rip-stop vinyl inflatables can be easily and simply cleaned with a damp cloth so they shine like new each time you use them again
  • ♥ Ready To Play: Your purchase comes with an Air Blower, Pool, Vinyl Patches, Stake Set
  • ♥ Unique Design: Our design team in California takes pride in making one-of-a-kind inflatables that will impress your kids- or customers.
  • The maximum weight is 200 lbs per person

Slam 'n Curve Slide (7P)

by Little Tikes

Rated 4 out of 5 stars. 84 total votes

Slide down the curving slide and shoot out into the cool waters of the splash pool

  • Includes stakes anchor the bouncer firmly in place while heavy-duty blower with GFCI provides continuous airflow. Repair kit, storage bag and roomy splash pool with an inflatable basketball hoop and ball.
  • Challenging inflatable rock wall leads to a slippery slide with a gentle curve at the end for a fun ride into the refreshing pool
  • Step-down in side wall for easy entrance and exit

JumpOrange OJ Bounce House Water Slide with Pool for Kids (with Blower)

by JumpOrange

Rated 4 out of 5 stars. 83 total votes

The OJ Water Slide and Bounce House feature a large splash area along with a bounce house, water slide, basketball hoop, and a climbing structure that can accommodate up to 5 children at one time. Hook up a garden house in the summer for splash fun and replace water with play balls in the pool when the weather gets cold. The commercial-grade PVC vinyl makes it ultra-durable and rip-stop netting helps create a safe play area where children can be supervised at all times. Include an air blower for easy and convenient inflation.

  • Not recommended for rental heavy usage

Inflatable 8.5' x 17.5' Bounce House Water Slide and Air Blower

by Bounceland

Rated 4 out of 5 stars. 180 total votes

The Bounceland Water Slide with Playstation Bounce House is the perfect summertime playmate for your kids. If you are under constant worry that your pool is too deep for your kid, this bounce house is perfect to let your kids have fun at the pool party. When not being used as a pool, it can be used as a ball pit as it comes with 30 plastic balls. It also has a tunnel, hoop shooting, and a basketball hoop to add to its appeal. Made from laminated and coated vinyl and nylon, this bounce house is sturdy and durable. These materials are heavy-duty and puncture-proof. The Water Slide with Playstation Bounce House from Bounceland can be easily set up within minutes using the bouncer included.

  • Includes basketball hoop, wet or dry slide, ball pit with 30 plastic balls, tunnel, hoop shooting, ground stakes pack, large carrying bag, repair kit, and instructions
  • 14 - 16 oz. heavy-duty, laminated, and coated vinyl and nylon
  • Heavy-duty puncture-proof materials with double to quadruple stitches
  • Materials comply with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) toy safety standards
  • Easy setup and take down. Inflates in less than a minute
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use (no need to use stakes or sandbags indoors)
  • Powered by a strong UL blower (included)

17' x 18' Jungle Bounce House with Slide and Air Blower

Rated 0 out of 5 stars.

The commercial-grade Jungle Bounce House by Cloud 9 is a large inflatable bounce house with climbing ramp and slide. Features a capacity of approximately 8 children (800 pounds total). Measures approximately 18 ft. x 17 ft. at its base and is 14 ft. tall. After the day of playing is through, zippered flaps allow the bouncer to be easily deflated and taken down for storage. Bouncer is constructed from 100% PVC vinyl, from its upright pillars and beams to its slide walls. All high-stress areas, including the bouncing surface, mattress sides, bottom, and slide are made from industrial strength, 18-ounce (0.55mm) PVC. This puncture-proof PVC material is much stronger (approximately 5X stronger) than nylon used in lesser-quality units as it won't tear, fade, wear out with use, or get moldy, and it is far easier to clean. Additional belting reinforcement is used at key stress points, and extra heavy-duty, multilayer stitching is used throughout, further strengthening this tough bouncer. All materials are high-quality, fire-resistant, and comply with the Lead Free Toys Act. Includes repair kit, ground stakes kit, and an upgraded, 2.0 horsepower UL-Listed blower with grounded power cord and covered on/off switch. Always use GCFI-protected receptacles/circuits and take caution to keep blower and power cords in dry locations. Make sure bounce house is secured to the ground prior to use. Never use in windy or other inclement weather.

  • Approximately 18 x 17 x 14 feet total inflated size.
  • Includes powerful 2.0hp UL-Listed blower.
  • Complies with the Lead Free Toys Act.
  • Made of 100% commercial grade PVC.
  • Fun slide, huge bounce room, basketball hoop, and large mesh windows

JumpOrange Octopus Water Slide with Splash Zone and Dual Slides for Kids (with Blower and Cannon)

Rated 4 out of 5 stars. 73 total votes

The monster octopus water slide includes a lot of fun and safety features with a sea creature theme. Kids can climb the center wall with its widened ramps and then race down two inflatable slides on either side of the octopus’s legs. The legs serve as bumpers to provide extra protection as kids slide into the pool. A water cannon sprays them as they slide down. This water slide can accommodate 6 children. Perfect for those hot summer days! The commercial-grade material makes it ultra-durable and helps create a safe play area where children can be supervised at all times. Includes air blower for easy and convenient inflation.

JumpOrange Ninja Commercial Grade Bounce House Water Slide with Splash Pool for Kids (with Blower)

Rated 5 out of 5 stars. 133 total votes

The Inflatable Ninja Warrior Bounce House with Slide Combo is one of our most popular units for good reason! Whether you are in the market for a party rental showstopper or a great home unit that is sure to last many seasons, this JumpOrange inflatable has something for everyone. This bounce house and slide offer the following activities which are sure to keep kids entertained for hours: Jumping area, Basketball hoop, and Slide. Safety is our number one concern! We included large mesh windows on three sides of the unit so that adults could directly see into the unit from the outside to make sure all kids are safe. The entrance ramp comes with a snap-shut door. Our commercial-grade units always come with a roof that not only provides shade during the hot summer months but also serves as an emergency exit. The commercial-grade PVC vinyl and ripstop netting make it ultra-durable. We used extra reinforcement for the bouncing floor to ensure that it would hold up to the most rigorous use. Your purchase includes a suitable air blower for inflation. JumpOrange is the preferred manufacturer of the party rental industry due to our innovative products, marketing support, and transparent policies. We have the only party rental membership club in the industry (JEM). We have been in business for over 15 years and have sold over 50,000 units worldwide.

Banzai Cyclone Splash Park Inflatable with Sprinkling Slide and Water Aqua Pool

Rated 4 out of 5 stars. 144 total votes

Turn your backyard into a water park adventure with the Banzai Inflatable Cyclone Splash Water Park. This outdoor toy features a slide zone with a sprinkling arch to keep kids refreshed and sliding fast as they rush down the runway. As kiddos whoosh down the slide path, the splash pool is positioned at the end for a big splashin' finish! When you need a break or want to lounge, the side-wading pool is great for hanging out and lounging all summer long. Enjoy the water that flows into the kiddie pool for splashing and staying cool. The whole splash water park can be inflated in just 2 minutes with the included blower motor. Recommended for ages 3 to 12, your bigs and littles will be slipping, sliding, and having a ball all day! Get your kiddos outside this summer to enjoy the thrill of a water park in their backyard with the Banzai Inflatable Cyclone Splash Water Park.

  • The slide and pool combo gets kids sliding into summer in the coolest way possible with sprayers and sprinklers for a smooth ride
  • Offers hours of play thanks to the extra long slide, cushioned splash pool, sprinklers, and separate wading pool
  • Durable construction and sturdy materials provide lasting use year after year
  • Quick inflate time of fewer than 2 minutes flat; Blower motor, hose attachment, and repair patch included
  • Kids aged 3 to 12 years old will be loving this ultimate summer setup; Recommended only 1 child use the slide at a time
  • All of the fun of a full-size water park that takes up a fraction of the space
  • Age: 3 and up
  • Maximum weight: 110 pounds
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 192 x 84 x 31 inches
  • Weight: 6.3 pounds

JumpOrange Kiddo Red Castle Inflatable Slide and Bounce House with Splash Pool for Kids with Blower

Introducing the Kiddo Castle, an inflatable water slide and bounce house combo designed for ultimate fun and safety. This inflatable masterpiece boasts a spacious bouncing area, basketball hoops, and thrilling water slides, catering to the excitement of up to 6 children simultaneously. Safety is our top priority, with features like mesh netting for clear visibility, allowing adults to monitor activities within the unit. A secure landing is ensured by the inflatable bumper in front of the pool, providing a safe play environment for the little ones. Crafted from commercial-grade PVC vinyl and reinforced with ripstop netting, the Kiddo Castle is built to withstand the test of time. Extra reinforcement in the bouncing floor guarantees durability even during the most vigorous play sessions. Your purchase includes a dedicated air blower for effortless inflation. Jump Orange is the preferred manufacturer of the party rental industry due to our innovative products, marketing support, and transparent policies. We have the only party rental membership club in the industry JEM. We have been in business for over 15 years and have sold over 50,000 units worldwide.

  • *Not recommended for rental heavy usage

Splash'N Play Water Slide

Rated 4 out of 5 stars. 31 total votes

This residential water slide has it all and is designed to fit in small backyards! Climb the rockwall, zip down the slide, splash around in the tunnel and splash pool then do it all again for endless hours of summer fun. This water slide will fit in just about any backyard.

  • Features a water slide, a climbing wall, a basketball hoop, a splash pool, a tunnel and a water cannon.
  • Included air blower plugs into any standard 120V outlet and makes for fast inflation
  • Simply hook up to your garden hose and you’ve created a cascade of water that makes this water slide doubly fun
  • Pieces Included: Includes air blower, stakes, carry bag, water hose, patch kit, and instructions
  • Age Group: 3 to 4 Years; 5 to 6 Years; 7 to 8 Years; 9 to 10 Years; 11 to 12 Years; 13+ Years

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Zhivopisny Bridge in Moscow

Searching for a new adventure in Eastern Europe? Consider a trip to Moscow. Russia's capital and largest city, this frigid megacity is known for its political, scientific, and literary pursuits. With traditional Russian architecture, unique cultural traditions, and several world-class museums, Moscow is a city that should be on everybody's bucket list.

With a population exceeding 12 million, Moscow is one of the world's largest economies and one of the richest cities in Europe. Moscow is also a very popular vacation destination and has four international airports, linking the Russian capital with locations worldwide. Check in at a Russian luggage locker, and check out some of the best sights Moscow has to offer. 

A weekend in Moscow

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Saint Basil's Cathedral

8 Best Ways To Experience Moscow In 2024

From the Red Square to the Bolshoi Theater to the Red October Chocolate Factory , Moscow is overflowing with unique and diverse attractions as well as endless examples of eye-boggling architecture. Moscow is not just the biggest city in Russia, but one of the largest in the world and has a history covering over eight centuries. For those two reasons alone it makes sense to explore it with people in the know. The companies and guides detailed below will make sure your visit to Moscow is as fascinating and exciting as the Russian capital itself. Don’t forget to drop off your luggage at a Bounce luggage locker in Moscow so that you won’t be carrying more than you need to.

Best Free Tour – The Guide In Moscow

Keep more rubles in your rucksack by taking a free tour of Moscow with The Guide In Moscow . You'll find the guide under the statue of Karl Marx in the Red Square holding a white umbrella. Once the group of the day has gathered, you'll set off to go around all the best sights by foot while the guide narrates interesting facts and anecdotes about the famous landmarks you're seeing.

To find out more details of this free tour of Moscow send an email to [email protected] or call The Guide In Moscow on 79-670-273-002.

Best Food Tour – Moscow With Locals

The best way to learn all about the gastronomy of a city is to experience it with a local. Try a food tour with Moscow with Locals and you'll be amazed at the eateries and dishes they introduce you to. It definitely beats eating in McDonalds every day because you haven't got a clue what the food on the restaurant menus contains. Once you've eaten Russian dumplings, you'll never eat a burger again.

Prepare for a food adventure in Moscow by emailing Moscow With Locals at [email protected] or call them on 79-032-400-786.

Best Sightseeing Tour – Lovely Moscow

There are as many interesting monuments outside of Moscow as there are in it. Head away from the city with a guide from Lovely Moscow and they'll take you on a journey of discovery to see the Kremlin of Suzdal, the Golden Gates of Vladimir, and the monastery in Sergiev Posad. This tour is also a great way of getting to see rural Russia where the landscape is dotted with scenic lakes.

Get ready to explore rural Russia with Lovely Moscow by calling them on 79-267-253-159 or by emailing them at [email protected].

Best Off-The-Beaten-Path Tour – Spasibo Tours

Sometimes doing something totally different from the regular touristy things makes for a more memorable visit no matter where you go. You can take an off-the-beaten-path tour of Moscow with Spasibo Tours that will give you a real insider view of the city. By the time you've finished photographing several metro stations or visited half a dozen vodka museums, you'll feel just like a local yourself.

Plan to do something different in Moscow by contacting Spasibo Tours on 79-036-194-438 or email them at [email protected] for more information.

Best Metro Tour – Maria Moscow Tours

The metro stations in Moscow are an underground world of amazing architectural finesse. Take a tour of ten of them with Maria Moscow Tours and you'll be impressed from the first to the last by the elaborate Art Deco and Baroque designs. There are incredible mosaics, giant marble columns, and even stained glass panels, so plenty of opportunities for some great social media-worthy photos.

Get in touch with Maria Moscow Tours by calling 79-096-903-661 or by emailing [email protected].

Best Private Tour – We Heart Moscow

If your free time in Moscow doesn't coincide with the day of the tour that's caught your eye, take a private tour with We Heart Moscow instead. They have a super range of tours covering all of the city's main attractions and then some. You can choose the pre-organized itinerary that suits your schedule and interests or arrange your own tailor-made tour.

Make the most of your time in Moscow by contacting We Heart Moscow by email at [email protected] or call them on 74-951-667-269.  

Best Cultural Tour – MoscowMe

Moscow is world-renowned for its ballet, theater, and art. To learn more about all three of these aspects of the city's culture, and some food too, go out and about with a guide from MoscowMe . They have in-depth knowledge of the history of the arts in Moscow and enjoy nothing more than sharing their knowledge with interested visitors.

Get arty with MoscowMe by calling them on 79-100-965-565 or email them at [email protected] for more details.

Best Adventure Tour – Travel Real Russia

Forget all about sedate sightseeing and go off-road in a pimped-up UAZ van along mud trails in the Russian forests. You'll ford rivers and go below ground with a session of caving before taking a break while your hosts cook you a big barbecue lunch. This tour is great fun but definitely only for the truly adventurous.

Plan your off-road adventure with Travel Real Russia by emailing them at [email protected] or by calling them on 79-263-614-981.  

Home to several world-famous landmarks and fascinating museums, planning a weekend away in Moscow is no easy feat. Maximize your time by dropping your cumbersome belongings at a Moscow luggage storage service, and head to some of these top attractions in Moscow.

  • Plan a tour of the world-famous St Basil's Cathedral. Constructed in the 16th century under orders from Ivan the Terrible to celebrate military victories over Kazan and Astrakhan, St Basil's Cathedral is one of the finest examples of Russian architecture globally. 
  • Take a stroll through Red Square. Moscow's central plaza is a must-see and is flanked by two of Russia's best-known buildings, the Kremlin and St Basil's Cathedral.
  • Catch a show at the iconic Bolshoi Theatre. Home to the world's largest ballet company, the Bolshoi Theatre is one of the most highly respected venues in the world. 
  • Chow down at one of the top restaurants in the Russian capital. Moscow is home to dozens of classy eateries, including Tkemali, Sabor de la Vida Restaurant, and Dzhumbus.

Moscow lockers

Moscow is a sprawling city, and during icy weather, the chances are you won't want to lug around anything heavy through snow-covered streets. Save yourself any unnecessary hassle by booking a spot at a Moscow suitcase storage service. Bounce provides the best luggage storage services in Moscow , with easy-to-locate and secure facilities across the city. Book online via the Bounce app, and before you know it, you'll have a safe spot to stow your suitcases while you explore the Russian capital. 

Off the beaten path in Moscow

Surprisingly, Moscow is one of the greenest cities in Europe, with around 40% of the city consisting of parks and green spaces. This makes Moscow the perfect place to relax and escape large crowds. Step off the beaten path and check out some of these parks and hidden gems dotted across Moscow. 

  • Take in views of the city from Sparrow Hills. Located 260 feet up on a hill on the banks of the Moskva River, this parkland provides some of the best natural panoramas of Moscow's skyline. 
  • Get some brief respite from the crowded streets at Gorky Park. Moscow's main public park is located at the center of the city, covering over 110 acres along the Moskva River. Challenge your fellow travelers to a game of volleyball, or peruse the park's modern art exhibitions. 
  • Go for a romantic ramble with a loved one through the Apothecary Garden. Moscow University's botanical gardens date back to the 18th century and are meticulously laid out, featuring exotic flora from across the globe.

What to do alone in Moscow

Moscow skyline at night

Travelers who find themselves in Moscow on a Russian road trip or happen to be in town on business may be wondering how to kill time during their visit. Thankfully, Moscow offers a plethora of activities for solo adventurers. Keep your luggage safe by visiting a Moscow storage locker, and add these activities to your itinerary.

  • Climb to the top of Europe at the Ostankino Television Tower. Standing at over 1,700 feet, the Ostankino Television Tower is the highest free-standing building in Europe. Enjoy the best bird's eye views of Moscow from the observation deck, or book a table at the 7th Heaven Restaurant for dinner in the clouds.
  • Pay a visit to Lenin's Mausoleum. The final resting place of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin, visitors can come face-to-face with the embalmed body of one of the most important political figures in Russian history. 
  • Discover the largest art collection in Europe at The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. This massive art museum has a collection of over 700,000 objects, with artworks by the likes of Picasso, Rembrandt, and van Gogh.

The best souvenirs in Moscow

With a unique culture and long history, you'll find plenty of interesting souvenirs to pick up during your travels to Moscow. By far one of the most popular inexpensive mementos you can pick up is a Matryoshka or Russian nested doll. Another great souvenir you can pick up is a fur hat to keep you warm during your vacation and when you return home. 

If you're looking to splash out on something special, pick up an ornate samovar, a type of traditional kettle dating back to the 18th century. Moscow also has plenty of culinary treats that you might want to buy as gifts for folks back home. Muscovites are famous for their love of vodka, and you won't have trouble finding a unique bottle in the capital. Russia is also known for producing world-class caviar, in case you're looking to indulge in the finer things.

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A Magazine for Those With a Passion to Travel in Style

Moscow: An Honest Review of this Amazing City

“ You’re going to Russia?!?! Why? ” I heard these words pretty much every time I announced my upcoming trip to the east.

This reaction is understandable. Most people in Europe and the United States have a Putin-provoked distaste of the Russian Federation, which is growing by the day. Politicians claim that Russia’s sole mission is to diminish and undermine western powers to strengthen its own. After all, the name Vladimir comes from two old Slavic words, which together mean “great ruler of the world.” Make of that what you will…

Even the non-political vision of Russia is unfavorable. Most think of a cold, grey, backward place with Soviet architecture or battle-hardened, weather-beaten people. However, arriving at the sleek Moscow Domodedovo airport, I was impressed. I had been right to rebut popular notions of an unwelcoming and stony place.

However, almost immediately after leaving the airport, the ground for my righteous vindication became shaky. Driving into the outskirts of Moscow, my mind drew comparisons to television images of North Korean suburbs. Miles of uniform houses and bleak tower blocks lined the roads.

LuxeGetaways - Luxury Travel - Luxury Travel Magazine - Luxe Getaways - Luxury Lifestyle - Russia - Moscow - Michael Sturrock

At the Izmailovov Delta Hotel next to the famous market of the same name, things were not looking much better. Truly peculiar decorations and violently colored walls competed for one’s gaze in the hotel lobby. Luckily, the rooms themselves were perfectly comfortable, though not particularly noteworthy. I’d stay central next time.

After dropping bags, I ventured toward the Izmailovov market for a look at how the locals live. From a distance, the buildings that encase the market are vivid, intricate and quite something to behold. As it was late in the day, the market was empty. Shop shutters were closed and stalls were folded up. I got the same uneasy feeling I get when walking through Disney Land – as if this was what remained after the recent collapse of a utopian society.

While nearly all the vendors had packed up and gone home, a few stalls remained opened for business. All that was left was an abundance of satirical matryoshka dolls containing various countries’ political leaders in historical order.

A tattooed burly salesman came over to me as I withdrew François Mitterrand from the wooden bowels of Valéry Giscard d’Estaing.

“ Where are you from, friend? ” He asked.

Ignoring my response, he launched into a speech about his armed forces days and the political situation in Russia.

“ You really ought not to trust the government, ok? Putin is a dangerous man, you see. Someone’s always watching in this city. ”

The whiff of Glühwein that carried with each sentence made me doubt the erudition of his analysis. Then again… this is what we hear in the news. I was not sure what to believe. After thanking the man and hastily filling Charles de Gaulle with the rest of the presidents of the Fifth Republic, I made my way back to the hotel.

LuxeGetaways - Luxury Travel - Luxury Travel Magazine - Luxe Getaways - Luxury Lifestyle - Russia - Moscow - Michael Sturrock

Emerging from the underground we rounded the corner and immediately found ourselves in Red Square. The sight demands you stop and stare.

The insurmountable walls of the Kremlin line the length of one side; halfway along lies Lenin’s tomb and opposite is the lavish exterior of the Gosudarstvennyi Universalnyi Magazin shopping center (or GUM, as it’s referred to, thank God). The architectural marvel of Saint Basil’s Cathedral stands at the south end, with the State History Museum at the other. Even though the foreboding structures radiate a rouge pastel hue into every corner of the square, there is a sense of openness. No-doubt there was a somewhat different atmosphere when thousands of Soviet soldiers goose-stepped through the square. Interestingly, the Russian army still marches like this today.

Walking around central Moscow, history oozes from every spire and pillar. Buildings seem to lean over as you walk past, as if peering down on whoever dares to enter these austere places. For every moment or event in Russian history, there is a dedicated museum.

The quality of each museum is notably high. In particular, the Armory inside the Kremlin holds astonishing collections of royal carriages from across the world and throughout the ages. The world-renowned Fabergé Eggs are displayed here too.

LuxeGetaways - Luxury Travel - Luxury Travel Magazine - Luxe Getaways - Luxury Lifestyle - Russia - Moscow - Michael Sturrock

Having wandered around for so long during the day, we had no time to eat before attending the Ballet that evening. Sitting in the Bolshoi, the long day began to catch up with me.

It is now that I must make a confession: while attending a performance by one of the world’s greatest ballet companies, I fell asleep.

Thankfully, I woke up later in the second half and was treated to the final leaps and prances of Shostakovich’s The Bright Stream. As someone who is not a ballet aficionado, that was probably enough.

Feeling significantly perkier afterward, a late dinner was in order. Just behind the Bolshoi is VOGUE Café , a gastronomic outpost of the famous magazine. It claimed to serve an eclectic mix of Japanese, Italian and Russian dishes. Intrigued, we entered.

Adventurously, we accepted the offer of some Russian wine. Full bodied and berried, it was delicious. Our evident surprise led the waitress to explain that Russian food and drink has improved hugely over the last few years. As it turns out, since the United States and the European Union placed sanctions on Russia after their annexation of Crimea, food imports have been scarce. As a result, Russian producers have been forced to meet the demand and quality expected today. As a result, Siberian wines and cheeses now win awards around the globe.

When we left the restaurant, it was late. Only a day had passed, yet we had filled every minute with history, culture and food. The next three days followed a similar format and we continued to make our way down the list of museums and sights. A boat ride along the river is a must-do for alternative views of the Kremlin and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Afterwards, sit on the rooftop Strelka bar opposite the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and watch the 3-mile-long line of pilgrims move slowly forward.

On the third day, we were due to board an overnight train to Saint Petersburg, but there was still so much left to do. Truth be told, it was probably too much for another three days, let alone one.

Nonetheless, I was satisfied. Moscow had revealed itself to be a fascinating and impressive city. While the city infrastructure isn’t as up-to-date as most capitals, the needs of every modern traveler can be met. It certainly isn’t the cold and unfriendly place envisioned by most in the west. Moscow’s winning attribute is its omnipresent sense of untouched history. This is a feature that is so often lost amongst hordes of tourists in Europe’s capitals.

It goes to show: what we hear about places we haven’t been in the news or through general hearsay, we can formulate pretty strong prejudices in our mind. While the political realities may still be ugly, by visiting, you can learn to separate and appreciate the everyday, the culture and the history of a place. On one side of a great red wall in central Moscow, a tyrannical leader works. On the other side, wholly separated, lies a magnificent Red Square where an overwhelming sense of history reveals the essence of Moscow and of Russia. And it is truly remarkable.

Russia Tourism:

LuxeGetaways - Luxury Travel - Luxury Travel Magazine - Luxe Getaways - Luxury Lifestyle - Russia - Moscow - Michael Sturrock

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bounce safari reviews

Moscow Tours & Travel Packages 2024/2025

Our 60 most popular moscow trips. compare tour itineraries from 45 tour companies. 308 reviews. 4.7/5 avg rating., popular moscow tours.

St Petersburg & Moscow in Style - Winter

St Petersburg & Moscow in Style - Winter

  • Explore the majestic St Petersburg & Moscow on private city tours
  • Admire the rich Russian history, art and architecture
  • Travel to Moscow on a highspeed train
  • Enjoy the local cuisine in stylish restaurants

Lower Volga Voyage

Lower Volga Voyage

  • Visit magnificent Red Square and Kremlin and examine the collection at theKremlin’s State Armory.
  • Experience Russia’s diverse musical traditions at lively folk music performances
  • Explore Volgograd, the site of the decisive battle of World War II’s eastern front

Volga Dream Russian River Cruise

Volga Dream Russian River Cruise

St Petersburg & Moscow in Style - Summer

St Petersburg & Moscow in Style - Summer

White Russian - 7 days

White Russian - 7 days

  • Discover Moscow's UNESCO-listed Red Square, home to spectacular St Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin's Mausoleum and the historic GUM Department store
  • Explore the grounds of Moscow's mighty Kremlin, with its numerous governmentbuildings, gold-domed cathedrals and the giant tsar bell
  • Celebrate New Year's Eve in Moscow!
  • Take in the highlights of St Petersburg including a guided tour of the exquisite Church on Spilled Blood, Peter & Paul Fortress and Cathedral
  • Take a guided tour of the remarkable Hermitage Museum at the Winter Palace

Vodka Shot - 6 days

Vodka Shot - 6 days

  • Explore the beautiful city of St Petersburg, including the exquisite Church on Spilled Blood, Peter & Paul Fortress and Nevsky Prospekt
  • Marvel at the dazzling array of art and exhibits in the world-famous Hermitage Museum, at the Winter Palace in St Petersburg
  • Discover a lavish residence of the tsars on a day trip to Catherine Palace at Tsarkoe Selo (winter: mid-October to April) or Peterhof Palace and gardens (summer: May to mid-October)
  • Take in the highlights of the capital on a walking tour, visiting Moscow's famous Red Square, home to the historic GUM Department Store, Lenin’s Mausoleum and spectacular St Basil’s Cathedral
  • Take a guided tour of the Moscow Kremlin, Russia’s political power house. Stroll around the grounds of this fortified complex, visit the Kremlin's cathedrals and see the mighty Tsar Bell

Route of the Romanovs - 10 days

Route of the Romanovs - 10 days

  • Learn about the last days of the Romanovs in Yekaterinburg, visiting the sites where Tsar Nicolas II and his family were assassinated and buried
  • Straddle two continents at the famous obelisk Europe/Asia border marker in Yekaterinburg
  • Experience the Trans-Siberian railway on an overnight train journey from Moscow to Yekaterinburg

New Year's in Moscow - 9 days

New Year's in Moscow - 9 days

  • Visit Catherine Palace at Tsarkoe Selo on Christmas Day and marvel at the incredible Amber Room
  • Spend a night in Novgorod, an ancient city by the Volkhov River - explore the kremlin, cathedral and other sights and enjoy a traditional Russian banya (sauna)

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Small Group Moscow Tours

Small Group Moscow Tours

Back in the USSR - 7 days

Russian Revolution - 9 days

Russian Revolution - 9 days

  • Visit historic Novgorod, an ancient city which straddles the Volkhov River. Explore the attractive riverside kremlin and experience a traditional Russian banya (sauna)

The Snowball - 6 days

The Snowball - 6 days

  • Visit Catherine Palace at Tsarkoe Selo and marvel at the incredible Amber Room

Mood for Moscow - 4 days

Mood for Moscow - 4 days

  • Head underground to visit a Stalinist-era Soviet Bunker on an optional excursion
  • Stroll to the vibrant Izmailovo Market, which lies behind the walls of an ancient Kremlin, and shop for an array of souvenirs

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Moscow Tours & Travel Guide

Moscow Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Moscow reviews & ratings, capitals of the north.

some hotels could have been better

It was jam packed with every place I wanted to go and see. I especially love my photo of us setting out on the night time river cruise in St Petersburg and the Peter...

I really did not buy much and what I did buy was small gifts for others .


Good hotels, some better than others. Interesting itinerary

Too rushed. Optional tour rather too short

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