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The Best ATV Tours in Iceland

ATV tours are a great way to get up close to Iceland’s natural wonders at blistering speeds. On an ATV bike, you ride through rough and wet terrain and get as dirty as you want. The best ATV tours in Iceland let you get close to nature while keeping you safe.

The average price range of an ATV trip tour in Iceland is between $100 and $400. These tours will last an average of two hours. Each year, between 20 and 50 ATV tours open across Iceland in different regions. Most tours will provide an expert guide you will meet at an ATV base camp. You will be outfitted with safety gear and given instructions on how to stay safe during the tour. Many tours have a set destination in mind when setting out but are more relaxed and just exist for people to wander around. The rough terrain of some ATV tours can be dangerous for someone who is an inexperienced driver. 

All ATV tours in Iceland require a driver to be 17 years old and an international driver’s license. Many ATV trip tours in Iceland will start from base camps near Reykjavík or the southern part of Iceland. However, there are ATV trip tour start stations in every region in Iceland.

If you are interested in ATV tours, keep reading to find out why some of them are the best ATV tours in Iceland!

1. ATV Ride on South Coast to the DC Plane Wreck Tour (Mýrdalsjökull, Year-Round)

The ATV Ride on South Coast to the DC Plane Wreck Tour is an exciting ATV adventure where you can explore the beautiful nature of Iceland and a historic plane wreck. People who took this tour liked how knowledgeable the guides were and the combination of unique sights that makes this tour perfect for adventurous types.

This tour costs $160 per person and lasts for two hours. Children aged 8-17 cost slightly less at $117 per person. The tour has a minimum age requirement of eight years old, so some families might be unable to include all their members on the tour. This tour is not recommended for couples who want private time alone because it has a maximum of eight members per session. There are only two departure times available: 12:30 and 15:00, so make sure you account for this when planning your trip to Iceland. 

This ATV tour is open all year round, so you don’t need to worry about missing out on it. The tour includes an experienced and qualified ATV tour guide, ATV riding gear, bike, helmets, balaclava, and insulated overalls. The tour guide is only available in English. This tour is considered easy to finish and not very dangerous. It might cover some rough terrain, depending on the time of year and the weather conditions, so care should be taken to follow safety instructions.

Your tour begins once you meet at the base camp near Mýrdalsjökull glacier at Arcanum Adventure Tours. You should arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of your departure time, so you and your group have time to equip your riding gear and listen to the safety briefing. Once all preparations have been completed, you and your guide will start your journey through this glacial area of southern Iceland. You will trek across many landscapes and encounter many sights in the distance, including the following:

  • Dyrhólaey peninsula : The southernmost tip of Iceland. It originated as a volcanic island before it drifted to become part of the Icelandic mainland. Its name means door hill island, and in ancient times sailors used it as a gateway to Iceland’s mainland.
  • Mýrdalsjökull glacier: An ice cap that covers an active volcano . This volcano is called Katia, and erupts every 40-80 years. The last eruption occurred in 1918, and scientists have been monitoring it closely as it exceeded its normal eruption cycle.
  • Black Sand Beaches: These beautiful beaches result from Iceland’s volcanic activity. They are beautiful to look at and are formed when boiling hot lava mixes with the sediment and icy water of Iceland’s shores.
  • DC3 Plane Wreck: The highlight of the tour, this exposed plane wreck offers some beautiful photo opportunities. This plane originally crashed in 1973 for unknown reasons and has since become a local attraction and tourism site.

After traveling out of the plane wreck, your group will make their way back to base camp. You should bring warm clothes and sweaters regardless of the time of year. You will also want to bring your driver’s license if you intend to drive one of the ATVs. The minimum age to drive an ATV is 17 years old in Iceland. Airport transfer is not included in the tour package. This tour will still run in the event of rain or snow, but thunderstorms and hurricanes will cause the trip to be canceled. In the event the tour is canceled, you will be entitled to reimbursement or rescheduling. This tour requires that you pass a COVID-19 test upon entry to Iceland.

The Best ATV Tours in Iceland

2. ATV Tour in the Mountains (Reykjavík, Year-Round)

The ATV Tour in the Mountains is an all-year open tour that takes adventures on a private mountain ATV tour with many wonderful attractions and photo opportunities. Guests who have taken this tour complimented it for its privacy and how off the beaten path it goes.

This tour costs $145 per person and lasts for three hours. Children aged six to 16 only cost $66 per person. The tour has a minimum age requirement of six and a maximum capacity of four travelers. Because of these limits, this tour is excellent for couples who enjoy privacy or smaller families of four or less that can satisfy the age restrictions. It is available year-round, so it is easy to fit into a tour itinerary. The tour only has the departure time of 12:30 offered, so you will miss out on the midnight sun if you go during the summer. This tour is considered moderately difficult because of the rougher trails you will go on. Some travelers may find finishing difficult if they are not in the best physical shape. 

The tour includes an expert mountain guide in English, Icelandic, or Swedish. This guide is very knowledgeable about the area and will be able to provide commentary during the tour. Also included in the tour on rental ATV bikes, helmets, gloves, and riding overalls. You will want to bring a driver’s license if you intend to ride a bike and good hiking shoes for some parts of the tour. Also bring a camera to capture the breathtaking vistas along the way.

The tour begins at a designated pick-up point in Iceland’s capital of Reykjavík. Airport transfer to this point is offered as part of the package via a shuttle from Reykjavík airport. After you are picked up, you will take a short trip to the base camp outside Reykjavík. Here you will meet your tour guides and be given a rundown of how to use your safety equipment and drive your ATV. After the short introduction, your group will explore the surrounding Iceland wilderness. You will be able to experience several unique locations, including the following:

  • Hafravatn Lake: A small lake filled with water from the nearby Seljadalsá river . It is a known launching site for paragliders and its fishing opportunities in the form of arctic char. This fish is a delicacy in Iceland.
  • Hafrafell Mountain: A mountain with an unparalleled view of Reykjanes and Snӕfellsnes. Once you ascend its peaks, you also get a clear view of Reykjavík, Mount Esjan, and the blue mountains.
  • Úlfarsfell Mountain: A beautiful mountain surrounded by a sprawling landscape of forests and lakes. Its peak offers one of the most private and clear views of western Iceland.
  • Mosfellsbær : A town of 12,000 people that is located above sea level. It is a historic town that is famous for its writers and poets. Egil Skallagrimsson is a renowned Viking warrior poet buried here along with a stash of his conquered treasure.

A great thing about this tour is that it is one of the few places in western Iceland with no significant attractions or crowds. You will be able to enjoy these locations in relative privacy no matter what time of year you are visiting. After your tour, you will return to base camp and conclude your thrilling adventure. This tour will require you to pass a COVID-19 test upon landing in Iceland. If you test positive for COVID-19, you will have to reschedule your tour or be reimbursed if that isn’t possible.

3. Buggy Adventure through the Countryside Tour (South Iceland, Year-Round)

The Buggy Adventure through the Countryside Tour is an exciting ride on an ATV bike through Iceland’s south coast. It is a tour popular among its guests for its wet and wild trails, zippy buggy ATVs, and safety features.

This tour costs $196 per person and lasts two hours. The tour has a maximum capacity of 15 people to be included in a group at this price. If you prefer a private group, you can pay $436 per person with a tour group minimum of three people. The minimum age to go on the tour is five years old. Extra booking options combined with a low minimum age make this a great trip for families who enjoy traveling in a group or who want a private countryside tour. This tour is available during all months of the year, so you can enjoy the highs of the summer sun and the dark hunt for the northern lights without missing out. Travelers who book this tour will find that it includes an insulated overall, helmet, balaclava mask, expert area guide, and anything else you need for a safe ride.

The tour starts once you arrive at the Southcoast Adventure camp at Brú, located on Route 249. This ATV tour offers an extra fee for pickup and dropoff packages, including airport transport. For $19, you can get a Hella drop-off or pickup, and for $37, you can get a Selfoss pickup or drop-off. After you arrive at the meeting point, your expert guide will take you through all the safety procedures and instruct you on how to put on your safety gear. After the quick orientation, you will be set to start driving or riding your buggy ATV. 

These buggy ATVs are safer than the standard ATV bikes. They include a safety roll cage and a canopy that blocks out the elements and weather. On your ride, you will encounter waterfalls and undergo some intense gravel road driving. After two hours, your group will hold back to the starting point, where you are free to leave or catch a ride to a drop-off point.

You should bring warm outdoor clothing and a waterproof jacket on this tour. Large parts of the tour will have guests riding through splashing water and other wet trails that expose you to nature. You will also need to provide your own food or snack if you get hungry while on tour. Since this is an outdoor tour, you must bring adequate shoes for the terrain, like hiking boots. You will also want to bring a camera to capture the one-of-a-kind landscapes you will be experiencing.

Another consideration for this tour is that you must pass a COVID-19 test when entering Iceland. If you test positive for COVID-19, you will be restricted from participating and have to reschedule the tour for another day. This tour company does cover reimbursement in the case of a cancellation due to COVID-19 or weather.

4. ATV Tour of Reykjanes Peninsula & the Blue Lagoon (Reykjanes Peninsula, March-December)

The ATV Tour of Reykjanes Peninsula & the Blue Lagoon is a day tour that takes you on an exciting journey through some of the more exhilarating sites of southern Iceland. Guests who have taken this tour have described it as a mixture of a relaxing and thrill-seeking tour.

This tour costs $117 per person and lasts for one hour. Children 6-12 can book for a slightly cheaper $59 per person. The minimum age to participate in this tour is six years. This tour has a maximum size of 50 people, but the average number of people on this tour will usually be much lower. Travelers on this tour will find there aren’t that many physical demands and will have an easy time completing this tour. There are two available departure times for this tour: 10:30 and 14:30. This ATVC tour for Iceland is excellent for any kind of group. Families will enjoy the flexibility of people and slow pace, while couples will like the Blue Lagoon treatment spa you get dropped off at. People who book this tour will have access to a bus transfer to the blue lagoon and ATV overalls, masks, helmets, and boots. This tour is also unique because it provides free pickup from accommodation in Reykjavík or Keflavik.

The tour begins at the meeting point in Grindavík. You will be briefed by your expert guide on all the functions of your safety equipment and how to mount your ATV. Once everyone is up to speed, then it’s full speed ahead. Along the way, you will get to experience some of Iceland’s unique sights, including the following:

  • Hagafell mountain: The goal of the tour is to reach the top of Hagafell mountain to get a good look at the surrounding landscape.
  • Lava fields: These are characteristically lumpy fields unique to the nature of Iceland. Thanks to its status as an active volcano area, you will see breathtaking green landscapes that occasionally have steam rising from them. They make for a great photo shoot.
  • Blue Lagoon: This lagoon was an artificial creation thanks to the excess water from a geothermal power plant. A process which led to a spa forming from the steam and hot water that is created from the plant. Since then, the Blue Lagoon has become a bathing spa that is one of Iceland’s most relaxing attractions.
  • Eldey Island: An island made out of sheer rock visible from Hagafell mountain. It is home to the largest Gannet colony in Iceland. Gannets are a type of seabird with colorful beaks and white plumage.

After experiencing all the sights within the distance and experiencing a thrilling rush on your ATV, the tour group will head back after the hour is up. Next, you will be taken to the Blue Lagoon spa and get a chance to soak and dispel your adrenaline. After relaxing for a bit, the tour will then return you to Reykjavík or offer complimentary airport transport back to Keflavik Airport if you are catching a flight home.

Before arriving on this tour, you will want to pack proper hiking shoes and warm clothes. You’ll also want to bring a camera to capture the scenery. The tour offers a GoPro camera for rent if you don’t mind paying a little extra. This tour will require you to pass a COVID-19 test before you are allowed to go to the meeting place. If you plan to drive an ATV, you must also bring your driver’s license.

ATV Tours for Iceland

5. Combination 10-Hour Golden Circle & ATV Sightseeing Tour (Reykjavík, Year-Round)

The Combination 10-Hour Golden Circle & ATV Sightseeing Tour is a great way to get an extended look at the famous Golden Circle area in the south of Iceland. Travelers who have taken this tour have complimented it for its thoroughness and unforgettable experiences that give tourists the whole story of this area of Iceland.

This tour costs $206 per person and has a duration of 10 hours. Kids need to be a minimum of six years old to participate in this tour. Kids between six and 12 years old only cost $155 per person. Whether child or adult, this tour has a maximum capacity of 35 travelers and only allows a 9:00 departure time. The 9:00 departure time makes sense since the trip lasts 10 hours; there can only be a single time slot per day. This tour is offered only in English, so for anyone who wants to hear the tour in another language, this ATV trip might not be the best fit. 

The tour is available all year, which makes booking it easier. Since it has a large trip capacity, this also aids in booking it since it will be unlikely that the spots will fill up too quickly. This ATV tour also offers free pickup from most accommodations in Reykjavík. They do not provide a transfer from the nearby international airport, so you will need to either find your way to Reykjavík or head to the meeting place of the tour yourself. The tour will provide all the equipment necessary for your ATV, including helmets, gloves, and waterproof overalls.

Your ten-hour combination tour experience begins at the ATV base camp meeting point in Reykjavík. This base camp is only 20 minutes away from the center of Reykjavík. After getting a safety briefing from a knowledgeable instructor, you will mount your ATVs and follow your experts onto the trail. On your way through Iceland’s raw natural trails, you will encounter some iconic scenes, including the following:

  • Gullfoss waterfall : Known in Iceland as the ‘Golden Falls’ because the sun’s reflection on the water gives it a golden shine during the summer days. This color change is due to the sediment deposits that the Langjökull glacier is constantly carving out of the land.
  • Geysir geothermal area: A still active hot spring with over 1,000 years of history. The earthquakes in south Iceland periodically cause the formation of several new hot springs and hot water holes in the area.
  • Þingvellir National Park : A historical national park that many consider to be the most important area in Iceland. It was the sight where Iceland established its parliament over 1,000 years ago. This area is also the place where two major tectonic plates are slowly drifting apart.

You will spend much time out in nature compared to the other tours. There will be lots of time for relaxation and photo taking, but there will also be intense moments on rugged terrains if you are an ATV driver. Be sure to bring a camera, so you don’t miss out on a single moment. Like many others in Iceland, this tour will require you to pass a COVID-19 test before you are allowed to go out onto the trails.

6. 8-Hour ATV and Boat Trip Tour of Reykjanes (Reykjavík, Year-Round)

The 8-Hour ATV and Boat Trip Tour of Reykjanes is a combination tour with great accommodation features. People who have taken this tour consider it an excellent combination of land and water exploration that leaves you feeling awe-inspired.

This tour costs $234 per person and lasts for eight hours. The departure time is at 9:00, and this tour supports a maximum of 35 members. This ATV tour for Iceland has an age restriction as travelers need to be at least seven years old. Any kid between seven and 16 years old will receive a discount on their ticket. A kid only costs $176 per person to participate in the trip. 

The buggy tour is available all year round and is offered only in English. People with families will enjoy this tour the most since there are plenty of exciting animals for the kids combined with the relaxation of a relaxing drive through nature with the adults. The tour includes tour guides for every step of the way, a free transfer to and from your hotel , all the necessary ATV equipment, and one set of overalls that can be used both on the boat trip and the ATV tour.

The tour begins with a shuttle bus picking you up from Reykjavík and taking you to a base camp in Úlfarsárdalur. From there, your group will be suited up in your ATV equipment and receive a brief safety orientation from the expert instructor there. You will meet your tour guide, who will take you and your group on your approximately one-hour ATV ride across the Reykjanes Peninsula. On the ATV portion, you will encounter geothermal hot springs, sandy beaches, lava fields, and steaming volcanoes.

After the ATV portion, you will be driven to Reykjavík’s Old Harbor to board your whale-watching vessel. While seeing a whale is not guaranteed, you will have a very high chance of seeing one. You will be able to encounter white-beaked dolphins, humpback whales, minke whales, and if you get lucky, the rare blue whale. Each step of the way, your guide will be keeping out for rare and majestic animals and telling you interesting facts about each one. The boat portion of the tour comes with a guarantee; if you cannot encounter a whale on your first trip, you are offered a free tour at another time until you finally get your whale encounter.

When booking this tour, bring a valid driver’s license; otherwise, you will not be allowed to drive an ATV. You will also want sturdy shoes that are good for walking or hiking, and you will need warm and waterproof clothing items to keep yourself warm from the wind and possible rain. Every passenger on this tour will have to take a COVID-19 test to be eligible for this tour. In the event that weather or COVID-19 forces the tour to be canceled, your tour will be rescheduled or reimbursed.

7. 2 Hour ATV Tour of the Icelandic Countryside (Reykjavík, Year-Round)

The 1 Hour ATV Tour of the Icelandic Countryside is a short but spectacular romp through the secluded trails surrounding Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavík. Tourists visiting Iceland liked this tour for its convenience, brevity, and great shoreline view.

This tour costs $101 per person and lasts for two hours. The tour has a minimum age requirement of six years old and only charges kids aged six to 16 a price of $51 per person. Many travelers consider it a leisurely tour to finish, and if you are traveling with physical limitations, you shouldn’t find the tour too tricky. This tour breaks the mold and it is offered in several languages including English, Icelandic, and Swedish. For those early birds and evening enjoyers, the tour offers a 9:30 departure time and a 16:30 departure time. Included in the ticket price, this tour provides an ATV ride, a personal guide, helmet, gloves, balaclava, and protective overalls. 

The tour is highly recommended for families that want to stay local and enjoy the city culture but still want to experience a bit of the natural beauty of Iceland. This is one of the more populated hiking trails in Iceland, so it is not recommended for couples who are honeymooning or want privacy. The tour offers a transfer from your accommodations in Reykjavík but doesn’t offer any airport transfers. You can choose to get picked up from a bus stop or other public transport stop area.

Your tour begins at the meeting site just outside of Reykjavík. There you will meet your upbeat and friendly ATV guide, who knows the area’s terrain and can answer any questions about the sights you will be seeing. After a short safety demonstration, your group will get suited up in ATV equipment, hop on your bikes, and set out onto the trails. 

The goal of your journey is to reach Hafrafell mountain and look out over the horizon at the magnificent view. On the way, you will encounter a nearby lake and get a sense of the Icelandic countryside. As your trip time wraps up, you will head back to a local farmstead to enjoy complimentary coffee and an encounter with local farm animals. Your journey will officially end with a ride back to Reykjavik , where you will be free to go.

Before going on this tour, bring warm clothes appropriate for the weather and a camera to take pictures of the unique and scenic landscape. You will also need to bring solid hiking boots to walk over any rough terrain and a driver’s license to drive any of the ATVs. This driver’s license must be in Latin characters, so your tour guide can check it. Also, this tour follows a strict COVID-19 protocol. All guests must pass a COVID-19 test when entering Iceland, or the tour must be rescheduled. The tour will not get canceled for minor weather events, but pay attention to the forecast, as extreme weather events will cause the tour to be canceled due to safety concerns.

8. Midnight Sun ATV Tour (Reykjavík, June-July)

The Midnight Sun ATV Tour is an adventurous ride through some of Iceland’s most incredible landscapes, all beneath the glow of the midnight sun. Many travelers during the summer recommend the tour as a perfect way to end an exciting Iceland trip. It is often the highlight of the trip that many people recommend saving for last!

This tour costs $146 per person and lasts for three hours. Like many ATV tours, this tour has a minimum age of six. If a kid between the ages of six and 16 is brought on the tour, their ticket price is reduced to $66 per person. The maximum travel capacity of this tour is three travelers, making it perfect for small families or for couples who want to keep things quiet and private. This tour is offered in English and Swedish and is considered an easy tour to make through. If you are someone with a weak physical constitution, you should have no problem making it through this tour. 

The tour is only offered for limited dates during June and July because they try to catch the best hours of the Iceland midnight sun. It has a departure time of 21:00 and offers free pickup to many accommodations and public transportation stops in the city of Reykjavík. No airport transfer is offered, so you will first need to take a shuttle to Reykjavík if you want to make this the first thing you do after arriving in Iceland. Also included in this tour is a free snack to eat while you enjoy the mountain view.

The tour begins after you wait until 21:00 in the evening and get picked up and whisked to an area where your ATVs are waiting. Your ATV guides will start gearing you up and explaining the different safety procedures and tips for maneuvering your ATV. After everyone is comfortable and suited up, you waste no time and hit the trail. The tour consists of a winding trail around Mount Hafrafell. 

You will be enthralled by a scene of lava fields, forests, mountains, volcanoes, and icy peaks. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you will also see the city of Reykjavík glowing under the orange midnight sun. The tour will pause at the top of the mountain for enough time for guests to snap pictures and soak-in the sounds of nature. This is also an excellent opportunity to swap sweats with your partner if you want to take a turn driving. When the time draws to a close, you will make your way back to the campsite and get driven back to your accommodation.

Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and bring a camera. The tour doesn’t offer any rental cameras, so you must bring your own. Also, ensure you have passed a COVID-19 test when arriving in Iceland; otherwise, you won’t be eligible for the tour. A driver’s license will also be required if you intend on driving an ATV. The minimum age to drive an ATV in Iceland is 17 years old.

9. Guided 3.5 Hour ATV Buggy Tour in the Highlands of South Iceland Hella, Year-Round)

The Guided 3.5 Hour ATV Buggy Tour in the Highlands of South Iceland is an extended ATV tour that lets travelers explore one of the more remote regions of Iceland. People who go on the tour appreciate how it will go off the beaten path to give the guests a unique experience.

This ATV tour for Iceland costs $474 per person and lasts for 3.5 hours. Children aged seven to 16 only cost $292 per person. It has a minimum age requirement of seven years old and is generally considered easy for most travelers to finish. The tour starts at the Buggy X-Treme campsite in Hella . You will meet your guided tour instructor and receive a safety briefing before heading off to the rugged terrain of the Iceland highlands. This tour has a max capacity of 8 people, making it great for families who want a more private tour. The tour is available during all months of the year.

To go on this tour, you must provide a driver’s license to prove you can drive an ATV. You and your group will also have to pass a COVID-19 screening to be allowed to participate in the tour. There are no airport transfer or pick-up options, so you will need to figure out a way to the meeting spot yourself.

10. 2 Hour ATV Buggy Ride across a Black Sand Beach (Hella, Year-Round)

The 2 Hour ATV Buggy Ride across a Black Sand Beach tour is an adrenaline-pumping adventure across Iceland’s south coast. People who go on this tour reported seeing beautiful landscapes and enjoying the smaller group size of five people.

This tour costs $292 per person and lasts for two hours. The price is the same for both kids and adults, but any kids under seven years old are restricted from participating. This tour begins at the Buggy X-Treme base camp in the city of Hella. It is an excellent tour for families because the maximum capacity is only five people. This leads to a more intimate and private ATV tour setting. 

The tour is available during all months of the year but is more popular in the summer, where you can explore the black sun beaches with the summer sun beating down on you. This ATV tour offers several customizable departure times, including 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, and 20:00.  You will not find this tour too difficult or dangerous. The beaches you will be riding on are not too rough of terrain, and you will be instructed about and given proper safety equipment.

Something you should consider for this tour is that there are no airport transfer or pick-up options. People wanting to participate in this tour must arrange their own transportation. Another important consideration is that every traveler is required to pass a COVID-19 PCR test upon landing in Iceland. Failure to do so will disqualify you from the tour. Also, if you plan to drive an ATV, you must be at least 17 years old and provide proof of your driver’s license.

What to know for Best ATV Trip Tours in Iceland

When you are looking into ATV trip tours in Iceland, there are a few important considerations you should research. Some of these essential points are listed below:

Airport Transfer Arrival/Departure: Since ATV trip tours often only last a few hours, not all offer airport transfer options. If you are signed up for an ATV tour, you should check with the tour company and see what pick-up services they offer. Some tours provide free pickup from the airport or any accommodation, while others charge a fee for that service.

Accommodation Cost: ATV tours will most likely not cover any accommodation costs during your stay in Iceland. If you are visiting Iceland, it is recommended that you pick a package that covers accommodation because Iceland hotels regularly run out of space, especially during the busy season.

Personal Travel Agent: When taking an Iceland trip, it is highly recommended that you consider employing a personal travel agent. A personal travel agent will know all the ins and outs of planning a great trip and eliminating the stress of making everything work. Also, if something comes up during your stay, a personal travel agent will have the connections to get it fixed.

Price Range: The price range of an average ATV tour will be $100-$400. Most of the tours on this list will fall into this range.

Price Factors: A few factors can change the price of an ATV tour. The biggest one is how long it lasts. Some tours only last a few hours, while others last the whole day. The longer a tour is, the more it is going to cost. Also, summer tours tend to outprice tours from other seasons because there is more demand. The type of vehicle in an ATV tour can also affect the price. A higher-end buggy with extra safety features costs more to rent than a standard ATV.

Popularity: ATV tours are popular among visitors to Iceland. One reason is that you get to speed along trails that would take you hours to walk across to see a special sight deep into Iceland’s wilderness. Another reason why these tours are popular is that you can drive the tour vehicle itself. You get a feeling of control on an ATV tour that you won’t find on a boat tour or airplane tour.

COVID-19 Precautions: Many ATV tours will follow proper COVID-19 precautions to reduce the change of their guests and staff to exposure. Most tours will require guests to pass a COVID-19 screening upon landing in Iceland to be allowed to participate in a tour. They will also need their staff to maintain a safe social distance, wear masks, and regularly use hand sanitizer.

Which regions of Iceland are better for ATV Trip Tours?

When booking ATV tours, it can be hard to know where to start. Some regions of Iceland are better than others for ATV trip tours. Some of the better regions include the following:

  • South Region: This region contains some very attractive landmarks like glacier lagoons and volcanoes that benefit from an ATV tour. You will find that most ATV tours will take place in this region. 
  • West Region: The western region is excellent for ATV trip tours because it has the capital of Iceland in it. Since it is more densely populated, you will find more activities of all kinds to participate in, including ATV trip tours.

ATV Tours for Iceland

What are the Most Famous ATV Trip Tours of Iceland?

All ATV trip tours of Iceland are popular, but some are more famous than others. The most famous ATV trip tours of Iceland include the following:

  • ATV Ride on South Coast to the DC Plane Wreck Tour: This tour is popular because it has an end goal that people enjoy traveling to. People view it as a rite of passage for tourists in the area.
  • ATV Tour in the Mountains: This tour is famous because of its proximity to Reykjavík and how private it is. You get a private stroll up to the mountains, and they even feed you afterward. Many people sign up for this tour because of how close it is to where they are staying during the beginning or end of their Iceland trip.

What are the Best ATV Tours for Families?

Families may have difficulty finding a good tour if they have young kids. The best ATV tours for families are listed below:

  • Buggy Adventure through the Countryside Tour: This tour boasts extra safety features that make traveling safer and easier for families.
  • ATV Tour of Reykjanes Peninsula & the Blue Lagoon: A tour that is a popular choice with families because the adults get to rest at the blue lagoon spa afterward while their children play in the water.
  • 2-Hour ATV Tour of the Icelandic Countryside: This tour makes for a great family tour because the cost per person is so low. Kids get an even better significant discount, which makes it more affordable for larger families.
  • Midnight Sun ATV Tour: A great tour for families because of how private it is. Tours like these are better for families because it better allows them to enjoy each other’s company.

What are the Best ATV Trip Tours for Couples?

A good couples tour is one that offers a romantic adventure and is relatively private. The best ATV trip tours for couples include the following:

  • Midnight Sun ATV Tour: This is an excellent tour for couples because of the low capacity and amount of privacy. The midnight sun is also a great romantic backdrop for an ATV adventure.
  • ATV Tour of Reykjanes Peninsula & the Blue Lagoon: A great tour for couples with a built-in romantic spa experience for adults.

What are the longest Iceland ATV Tours?

The longest Iceland ATV tours include the following:

  • 8-Hour ATV and Boat Trip Tour of Reykjanes: This tour is longer because it combines both land and sea tours. You get to drive around in an ATV and then go on a boat trip right afterward.
  • Combination 10-Hour Golden Circle & ATV Sightseeing Tour: This tour lasts longer because it provides a more in-depth look at the Golden Circle area.

What are the Most luxury Iceland ATV Trip Tours?

The Guided 3.5 Hour ATV Buggy Tour in the Highlands of South Iceland is the most luxurious tour on this list for ATV trip tours. It is more luxurious than other tours because you get vehicles, better vehicles and better guides than some of the other tours. Also, the tour lasts longer than your average ATV trip tour, so it costs extra to compensate.

What is the Price Range for Iceland ATV Trip Tours?

The price range for an Iceland ATV trip tour is between $100 and $400. Many factors influence this price. The amount of time spent on an ATV will increase the cost as the time increases. Also, the increased demand will cost ATV tours more than other ATV trips in the summer. The most expensive month is July and the least expensive month is February. Another factor influencing the price is the type of vehicle the tour uses. The more expensive and fancy the vehicle is, the higher the cost to rent it will be.

What is the Cheapest ATV Trip Tour in Iceland?

The two cheapest ATV trip tours in Iceland are the ATV Tour of Reykjanes Peninsula & the Blue Lagoon and 2 Hour ATV Tour of the Icelandic Countryside. These tours are cheaper than other tours because they have less ATV time than other tours.

What are the Rules for Iceland ATV Trip Tours?

You must follow several important rules when going on an ATV trip tour. These rules include the following:

  • Wear Safety Equipment: Nearly every ATV trip tour will provide you with safety equipment, including a helmet, overalls, and gloves. This equipment is essential to keep you safe from the weather and to protect your body.
  • Follow Instructions: While it may be tempting to go out on your own because you have your own speedy vehicle to control, this isn’t a wise plan. While on an ATV trip tour, you must always follow the instructions from your guide. They are experienced in this area and know all the pitfalls and hazards the group needs to avoid.

Is taking photographs allowed for ATV Tours?

Yes, ATV tours welcome guests who want to take photographs. Some ATV tours even rent out cameras like GoPros for ATV riders who want extra footage.

Do Tour Packages offer Photography for ATV Tours?

Yes, some ATV tours offer photography tour packages. These packages usually involve renting a GoPro camera to capture video and images during your ride.

Is it allowed to use a Snowmobile for Iceland ATV Tours?

No, snowmobiles are not allowed to be used on Iceland ATV tours. The terrain that ATV bikes ride on is too rough for snowmobiles to use.

Are Iceland ATV Trip Tours safe from COVID-19?

Yes, Iceland ATV trip tours are generally pretty safe from COVID-19. All guests must pass a COVID-19 screening before joining the tour, and the staff of tours follows proper COVID-19 protocols.

Are ATV Trips in Iceland alone allowed?

Yes, you can take an ATV trip alone in Iceland. However, most trips will at least offer a guide as part of the tour package.

Are you allowed to bring Food to the Iceland ATV Trip Tours?

Yes, you are allowed to bring food on Iceland ATV trip tours. Many ATV trip tours will not provide food, so you must bring your own.

What are the Best Sessions for Iceland ATV Trip Tours by Month?

When booking an ATV trip tour, you want to pay attention to what times are better sessions. Some of the best months for sessions of ATV trips are listed below:

  • July-September: Many tours will have special tours during this time to take advantage of Iceland’s midnight sun.
  • May-June: this group of months makes a great session for ATV trip tours because it is just before the busy tourism session is in full swing. If you get there earlier, your tour will be more private.

What is the Average Duration of Iceland ATV Trip Tours?

The average duration of an Iceland ATV trip tour is around two hours. Trips that last longer will often have a better cost per day ratio because each hour costs less as the duration of the trip increases.

Where do the Iceland ATV Trip Tours start?

Iceland ATV trip tours often share starting locations. Some of the most common starting points include the following:

  • Reykjavík: This is the most common starting point for ATV trip tours because it is Iceland’s most populated area.
  • South Iceland: Another popular starting point is South Iceland. Many ATV trip tours have home bases here because of the wealth of natural attractions there are to explore.

Are Iceland ATV Trip Tours hard to Finish?

No, Iceland ATV trip tours are generally not too difficult to finish. All you need to do is follow your tour guide. There also is a very low amount of strenuous hiking involved in most tours.

What to know about ATVs in Iceland?

You will want to know a few things about ATVs in Iceland. Iceland requires that every ATV driver is at least 17 years old. Also, you will need to bring an international license to drive an ATV in Iceland.

How many ATV Tours does Iceland have?

Iceland has tens of ATV tours, if not hundreds of ATV tours. The approximate number of tours sorted by region is listed below:

North Region: 10-20 tours

South Region: 20-30 tours

West Region: 20-50 tours

East Region: 10-20 tours

What are the names of Iceland ATV Tours?

The names of some Iceland ATV tours are listed below:

  • Midnight Sun ATV Tour
  • Combination 10-Hour Golden Circle & ATV Sightseeing Tour
  • ATV Ride on South Coast to the DC Plane Wreck Tour
  • 8-Hour ATV and Boat Trip Tour of Reykjanes

What are the other Activities for Iceland Tours?

ATV tours are linked to many other activities in Iceland. Some of the other activities for Iceland tours are listed below:

  • Photography: Many ATV tours offer you a chance to plan photo shoots and other related activities
  • Bird Watching : Some ATV tours will take you by bird habitats, making it a good bird watching activity.
  • Northern Lights Hunting: A few ATV tours can assist you in finding an excellent spot to find the Northern Lights.
  • Hiking: ATV trails and hiking trails are often located near each other, and some parts of ATV trip tours involve some level of hiking.
  • Hot Springs : Many ATV trip tours in the south of Iceland will take you past hot springs where you can stop and relax.
  • Cultural Learning: Most ATV tours will have an experienced guide who can teach you about the culture and history of the area you are riding through.

All Tours Operating Normally. Experience Iceland Safely: Current Volcanic Eruption Updates Here .

best atv tours iceland

ATV & Buggy Tours

Explore the wild side of iceland.

Atv & Buggy Tours

  • Atv & Buggy Tours From Reykjavik

Atv Combo Tours


Iceland is the perfect playground for ATV and Buggy tours. With acres of wild terrain, open fields and remarkable landscapes, “The Land of Ice and Fire” is an adventure enthusiast’s dream!

river crossing by ATVs in Iceland

Atv & Buggy Tours From Reykjavik

Most ATV and Buggy tours are carried out close to  Reykjavík , making it easy for visitors based in Iceland’s capital city to enjoy a tour as a day trip. You can make your own way to the ATV base or arrange a transfer from the city.

Atv / Quad Bike Tour

Atv / Quad Bike Tour

Safari ATV / Quad Bike Adventure

Safari ATV / Quad Bike Adventure

Buggy Original

Buggy Original

Visitors to Iceland can venture up and down mountain tops, traverse lava fields, cross icy rivers and ultimately enjoy exquisite views of the country’s beautiful and majestic scenery. Why not combine your motorized adventure with some of our other exciting tours;  rafting ,  caving ,  horse riding  and  super jeep combo tours  are all available!

Caving & ATVs in Iceland

Caving & ATVs in Iceland

Geysir Buggy Car Day Tour

Geysir Buggy Car Day Tour

Golden Circle & Buggy Riding tour

Golden Circle & Buggy Riding tour

ATV Plane Wreck - Black Sand Beach tour

ATV Plane Wreck - Black Sand Beach tour

Horse Riding & ATVs

Horse Riding & ATVs

Volcanic Springs Tour on ATVs

Volcanic Springs Tour on ATVs

Awesome ATV&Buggy Adventures | Iceland

Our ATV & Buggy tours give you an adrenaline rush and buzz of excitement like no other, all the while knowing you’re in safe hands with our experienced guides and instructors.

Want to learn more about our wide range of quad biking and off-road buggy tours? Read on to discover more!

Why Should I Take an ATV or Buggy Tour in Iceland?

There are many great reasons why you should book an ATV or Buggy tour while in Iceland.

  • You get a full 360-degree view without any obstructions . As any visitor to Iceland will tell you, the scenery is simply stunning. One of the big benefits of an ATV and Buggy is that you won’t be enclosed inside a bus or car trying to peek out a window and putting up with obstructed views and restricted angles.
  • You can see so much in a short space of time. Our tours will take you past hot springs, geysers, volcanoes, lava fields, freshwater lakes, fields of lupins and mountain ranges, all just a short drive away from Reykjavík.
  • There are not many places where you can’t take an ATV. This means visitors will be able to explore remote corners of the country which aren’t easily accessed by other means of transport, such as mountains and rivers, with ease.
  • We follow strict safety rules. We pride ourselves on going out of our way to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable during their tour.
  • ATV and Buggy tours are very family-friendly. Children as young as six can partake in most of the excursions. Our ATV and Buggy tours have the perfect balance of adrenaline, freedom, and beautiful scenery, making them fun for all the family.

Prepare for an adventure of a lifetime!

What Does ATV Stand For?

ATV stands for All Terrain Vehicle. They are also called quads, quad bikes, three-wheelers, four-wheelers or quadricycles. As those names imply, there are several different types of ATVs to choose from, but they all have one very important thing in common; they’re all a lot of fun to take a ride on!

Enjoy the Best ATV Tours in Iceland

When you arrive at your chosen ATV base camp, your guide will provide you with all of the proper gear and safety equipment that you need. They will then give you a safety briefing on how to handle the vehicle and what you can expect during the adventure ahead.

The tour will take you on epic trails, mainly muddy ones, which involve circling stunning lakes and crossing over gorgeous rivers. Despite only being a short distance from the capital, you’ll discover a slice of natural paradise within sight of Reykjavík.

extreme buggy driving in Iceland

ATV tours are available all year round, regardless of most weather conditions. The vehicles and tours are designed to provide equal delight whether you’re driving through green fields in the summer or plowing through the snow in the winter.

Whenever you choose to book your tour, we’re sure you’ll have an outstanding, full-throttle adventure!

Mountain Ride Tour

As we’ve mentioned previously, most of our tours happen within striking distance of Reykjavík. Our  one hour Mountain ATV Tour  is one of our most popular quad bike tours for tourists who are taking a short break in Iceland and want to try out as many different things as possible in a limited amount of time.

The tour starts in a location about 15 minutes’ drive away from Reykjavík city center and takes customers to the top of Hafrafell Mountain, where drivers will have a spectacular view over the city and the Mount Esja.

Mountain Cruiser and Volcanic Springs Tours

For those who crave a little extra adventure and adrenaline, one of our longer  ATV Tour s could be the perfect option for you.

The Mountain Cruiser Tour , for example, is two-hours long and perfect for the whole family or a group of friends to get to know the Icelandic countryside. The three-hour  Volcanic Springs  is an off-road endurance test suitable for people who have prior experience in driving quads.

On these tours, you’ll go off the beaten track, drive over gravel roads, muddy terrain and cross rivers to get to the most isolated and beautiful parts of the country. Despite being just outside the city, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere.

The tours include driving up Mount Úlfarsfell, where you can enjoy a million-dollar view over Reykjavík city, the nearby bay area and surrounding mountain range – what more could you want to see?

What is a Buggy?

A Buggy is a recreational vehicle with large wheels and wide tires designed to be driven on sand dunes, beaches and desert recreations, making it perfect for the Icelandic landscape.

people driving ATV in mountains by the sunset

Typically, a buggy is a light, nimble vehicle without any windows or hard roofs. They usually have space for two passengers, with one driver’s seat.

The Best Buggy Tours in Iceland

After arriving at the Buggy base camp, you will be greeted by your expert guide who will give you the instructions to operate the vehicle and brief you on some important safety procedures. Next, you grab your helmets, overalls, hop into a Buggy and start your adventure!

Behind the wheel of a Buggy, all terrains are fun to cross but mix in Iceland’s diverse and unpredictable landscape, and you’re in for the drive of your life. Be sure to take time to stop and look at the incredible views, and even get some mud on your shoes, as you make your way around Iceland’s incredible valleys.

Riders should prepare for an action-packed ride with memorable vistas!

Buggy Tours Near Reykjavík

Arctic Adventures offer several  Buggy Tours near Reykjavík , making them an ideal option for anyone looking for tours near the city, which take in the surrounding mountains.

Our  One-Hour Buggy Safari  is a great option for anyone new to Buggy driving. Over the course of an hour, drivers will take in the stunning Icelandic nature, visit Hafravatn and Mount Hafrafell, before returning to base camp.

For those who want something more challenging, our  Buggy Extra Tour  is a great option for adrenaline-junkies. Criss-crossing Iceland’s moonlike landscape, you’ll drive through arctic streams and challenging terrain. During the winter months, you’ll get to enjoy the snowy conditions, which only add to the fun! Bear in mind though, that only experienced drivers should take part in this tour during the winter months, as the conditions can make things fairly challenging!

group riding buggies in winter snowy roads

Geothermal Buggy Tour

What could be more fun than a Buggy ride over an active geothermal area? Our  Buggy Extreme 3-Hour Ride  is the very definition of adventure and suitable for anyone who has nerves of steel!

The tour includes a visit to Hellisheidi Geothermal Plant, where you’ll be able to learn all about green energy and how it’s produced in Iceland. The tour’s trails are great fun and offer riders beautiful views and challenging landscapes in equal measure.

What Should I Wear on My Quad Bike / Buggy Tour?

you will be given a warm overall suit, rain gear (if needed), a balaclava, helmet and gloves. However, we recommend that all customers wear warm layers underneath.

clothing for Scandinavian weather

ATV and Buggy tours take place in a variety of weather conditions. During summer or sunny days, wearing overalls can get quite warm, so thin layers of active wear (T-shirts and some leggings or pants) are advised.

On cold days or during the winter months, you should wear geothermal underwear, lots of layers (wool is recommended), warm socks, thick pants and a comfortable sweater. Closed shoes are always recommended, no matter what the weather is like, as you’d never know when you’ll hit a puddle or a stream, and wet feet is the last thing you need while on your arctic adventure!!

About Atv And Buggy Tour

I am trying to book a tour but my credit card payment fails. What should I do?

The first step is to make sure your credit card provider allows you to make payments in Canadian Dollars (CAD) or American Dollars (USD) if you have selected.

In some cases, your credit card company would need to pre-authorize the transaction for you before you can process the transaction online.

If you are still having problems booking through Arctic Adventures website then please contact our Customer Care Team

Do I Need A Driver’s License To Drive A Buggy Or Atv?

The driver will need to have a valid driver’s license from their home country. You will sign a liability form before the tour, stating that you possess a valid driver’s license. The passenger is not required to have a driver’s license.

Do You Need A Special Motorcycle Or Scooter License?

No, you don’t need to have a specific motorcycle license, a regular driver’s license is enough to be able to join the tour.

What Is The Minimum Age To Book An Atv Or Buggy Tour?

The youngest age that someone can join a tour (as a passenger) is 6.

What Do I Need To Bring?

Proper warm clothing, your driver’s license (or a copy of it) and some closed shoes. The rest is provided! But we recommend a camera as well, as the views are spectacular! (check out our  guide to taking travel selfies )

Do The Tours Offer Pick Up Or Do I Need To Get There Myself?

You can  add a pickup to your tour  for a small extra cost and a guide will pick you up before the tour.

The pickup locations are usually set up at Reykjavík’s main hotels, hostels and bus stops. It’s possible to see the list of pick up locations when you make your online booking.

How To Book Your Tour With Arctic Adventures

With a huge range of  all sorts of adventure tours  to choose from, it can be a bit tricky to decide on which ones to choose. Fortunately, Arctic Adventures is happy to help you plan your vacation.  Contact us today  to organize your trip and begin your adventure!

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The 5 Best Iceland ATV Tours [2024 Reviews]

Explore the countryside & glaciers of iceland with one of these exciting off-road atv tours.

Iceland is one of the most beautiful, most unique countries in the world. While many people visit the Land of Fire and Ice, many take it a step further and take advantage of all the fun that it has to offer.

One of the best ways of seeing Iceland is by ATV, as these vehicles are made for all kinds of terrain, and are small enough that you can take them places larger vehicles wouldn’t be able to typically trek.

We have taken it upon ourselves to check out various tours to bring you the top ATV tours in Iceland available. These 5 tours are absolutely worth the time and money, and should be added to your itinerary ASAP!

Best ATV Tours In Iceland

Quick answer: the 5 best rated iceland atv tours for 2024.

  • 2hr Midnight Sun ATV Adventure from Reykjavik
  • 2-Hour ATV Quad Tour from Reykjavik
  • 2hr Twin Peaks ATV Adventure from Reykjavik
  • 1hr ATV Reykjavik Peak Adventure
  • Reykjavik Quad Bike Tour Solo Rider

Iceland ATV Tour Reviews

1. 2hr midnight sun atv adventure from reykjavik.

  • Duration: 4.5 hours
  • Departure:  Hotel pickup and drop-off included
  • Departure Time: 8:30 am
  • Includes:  Gear: overalls, rain gear, helmets, balaclavas, gloves

Let’s start off with the magnificent 2hr Midnight Sun ATV Adventure from Reykjavik . The entire tour is actually a bit more than 4 hours, however, as they do include a pickup and drop-off from your hotel in Reykjavik.

Riding around Iceland on ATVs is already a blast, but doing so in the glow of the midnight sun is something we’re sure will be a new experience for you!

Before we even got to the tour, we knew it was going to be a good one, thanks to the supreme communication beforehand from the staff. Once you’re picked up from your hotel, you’ll have some time to get comfy in the roomy seats and enjoy the commentary about the area from your guides.

They know a ton about really everything, and they make the entire trip engaging. You’ll get to choose to ride either by yourself or with a passenger upon booking. This is great, as those people who are nervous to ride alone don’t have to worry about steering or anything – just enjoying the experience.

Regardless, everyone will receive a briefing on how to use the quads before you get started. Once everyone is ready, you’ll all follow your guide into the ethereal glow of the midnight sun.

Traverse roads, gravel trails, and all kinds of different terrain that Iceland is full of. You’ll then ascend the Hafrafell and Úlfarsfellpeaks, where you’ll get to see all over the capital city of Reykjavik and the Reykjanes Peninsula.

Around midnight, you’ll see the phenomenon where the sun sets and rises again within just a few minutes! The sky turns a neon electric orange, gold, and red which is simply beautiful to see. You’ll then head down for more fun, riding through streams and dirt trails!

Tour Information & Booking

100% refund for cancellations within 24 hours of tour experience, 2. 2-hour atv quad tour from reykjavik.

  • Duration:  2 hours
  • Departure Time: Variety Available
  • Includes:  Gear: overalls, rain gear, helmets, gloves

Next up, we have the 2-Hour ATV Quad Tour from Reykjavik . As you can probably deduce from the title, it’s also 2 hours long with pickup and drop-off included at your Reykjavik hotel. This tour will take you to the top of iconic mountain peaks, while you speed around on a top-notch ATV!

Once picked up, you will head on a short (15 or so minutes) trip over to the quad biking base. This base is located right outside the city, so it’s very convenient if you are a bit short on time or simply don’t feel like traveling longer distances.

Upon arriving, the guides will provide a safety briefing and then give you your helmets, ensuring they’re properly fitted. They always let you drive at your own pace, and try to do everything they can so you’re comfortable. You’ll be provided with waterproof, puffy, warm suits too!

Now, it’s time for the fun stuff! Hop onto your ATV, where you’ll take them all the way over to Lake Hafravatn. Here is the perfect spot for optimum photo opportunities, where all kinds of native animals like to hang out around. From horses, to various species of birds, to even foxes are found over here.

Next, head up to the Hafrafell mountain, where you’ll get to enjoy some prime panoramas of Reykjavik city, as well as some charming towns. Aside from that, you will see lava a volcano that erupted years ago.

Depending on the timing, you may even see some ash and smoke from the neighboring volcano in Geldingadalur!

Other Experiences You May Enjoy:

3. 2hr twin peaks atv adventure from reykjavik.

  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Departure: Hotel pickup and drop-off included
  • Departure Time:  Variety Available
  • Includes: Professional instructor-guide, transport by comfortable vehicle, use of a quad bike, thermal overalls, gloves and helmet

This tour is quite a bit similar to our previous one, though this one is longer, at 3.5 hours. Including pickup from select hotels in Reykjavik, a bit of that does include the drive there and back.

With the 2hr Twin Peaks ATV Adventure from Reykjavik , you’ll jump right into pure action-packed adventure, taking in beautiful vistas from Reykjavik and Faxafloi Bay.

Upon booking, you’ll be able to select if you’d like to ride solo, or with another person on a 2-seater! This makes it a great option for anyone of just about any age or experience level, as you can have a buddy to steer if you aren’t comfortable.

The landscape of this area is essentially inaccessible by a larger vehicle, like a car or van/shuttle. However, they can be by ATVs!

Meet up with your professional guides, who are experienced and overall just great to have around. They’ll make sure you have all your safety gear properly fitted, and provide you with thermal overalls.

There’s no need to worry about being cold and wet; just focus on the fun! Also, they give a solid safety briefing, and let you practice before you start off on your journey.

Follow your guide through winding roads onto the stunning Lake Hafravatn. The mirror-like surface reflects greenery and snow-capped mountains. After taking in the views, you’ll make your way to more remote areas on gravel paths.

This progression was great, as it gave us time to first get used to the feel of the quad before moving onto rougher terrain.

Race up the summit of Reykjavik Peak, and enjoy fascinating panoramas of the city below. Then, keep going up steeper tracks to Wolf Peak Mountain. This one may just be even more impressive, with a natural terrain that makes you feel like you’re on another planet

4. 1hr ATV Reykjavik Peak Adventure

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Departure Time: Varies (09:00 or 13:00 or 17:00)
  • Includes:  Professional instructor-guide, transport by comfortable vehicle, safety briefing, use of a quad bike, thermal overalls, gloves and helmet

Perhaps you’re really trying to pack in as many activities as possible, and are looking for a shorter tour. If that sounds like you, give the 1h ATV Reykjavik Peak Adventure a chance!

With a pickup and drop-off optional, you’ll get a taste of adventure and riding ATVs while not having to commit to a full morning or afternoon.

Once you’re picked up, you’ll get acquainted with your guides as they provide a historical commentary along the way. From the very beginning, it’s evident how friendly and knowledgeable the staff is. Once there, you’ll don a protective helmet, gloves, and some puffy, warm overalls to make sure you stay dry.

If you’ve selected a 2-seater option, you’ll figure out with your partner who’ll be driving. This is an excellent tour for those who are trying out driving a quad for the first time.

Once everyone is settled, you’ll follow your guide out to the wild. To start, it’ll be on paved roads through open fields. Then, it’ll get a bit more challenging, on gravel roads to Lake Hafravatn.

Once there, your group will take a little break to admire the area and take some photos. Expect a good amount of ice, snow, and possibly wind, along the way!

You’ll then see what these vehicles are capable of, climbing the Reykjavik Peak. Once there, you’ll see incredible, full panoramas into the capital city and surrounding areas, below. The safari quads are very powerful, and will take you and your group to see sights most people don’t get the chance to.

5. Reykjavik Quad Bike Tour Solo Rider

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Departure:  Flugumýri 18, Mosfellsbær
  • Departure Time: 10 am
  • Includes:  Guide, use of helmet

Next, we have the Reykjavik Quad Bike Tour Solo Rider . This is yet again another 2-hour tour, taking you by ATV to see everything from towering mountain beaks, gushing waterfalls, hot mud pools, and much more!

Start off with a pickup at your hotel, which means all you have to worry about is getting to the lobby on time. As is the norm on these tours, the staff is very friendly, informative, and professional from the very beginning.

The trip from the capital city to the quad base is around just 15 minutes, which means you’ll have plenty of time to motor around the Icelandic wilderness! Before, you’ll put on some protective gear and a warm outfit, which keeps you dry as well.

After you arrive, everyone will receive a safety briefing to make sure everyone knows how to and feels comfortable operating the vehicle.

The countryside makes for the perfect learning grounds, and the guides are great with checking in to make sure you are okay with the trails you’re on. The trails are actually pretty simple, but come with thrills as they are relatively steep.

First, you’ll follow the guide to the Hafravatn Lake, which is usually frozen and mirror-like. It offers a magnificent view, and you’ll have plenty of time to take some photos.

Next, head up to Mount Hafrafell, where you’ll get some of the best views of Reykjavik and other nearby towns! These are places that coaches can’t get to, making it a special spot for any time spent in Iceland.

Tour Guides

The 2hr Midnight Sun ATV Adventure from Reykjavik is our Editor's Choice for the best Iceland ATV tour

Robert Baker

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Iceland is a land with adventure around corner... for those who seek it, of course.

ATVs & Buggies in Iceland

Michael Chapman

  • A Short Introduction
  • Why Iceland?
  • What to Expect on Your Tour
  • ATV or Buggy?
  • Popular Location for ATV & Buggy Tours
  • The South Coast
  • Reykjanes Peninsula
  • Cycling in Iceland

A buggy enters a river in Iceland.

Where are the most popular locations to partake in ATV and Buggy tours in Iceland? Do you need prior experience to ride, and how fast do the vehicles go? Are ATV and Buggy tours safe, and what can you expect to see? Read on to discover all there is to know about ATVs & Buggies in Iceland. 

Photo from  Fun-Filled 7 Hour Combination Tour with ATV Buggy Riding & Snorkeling in Silfra

  • Looking for a tour review? Then read  Buggy Adventures in Iceland
  • Book  Two-Hour ATV Adventure from Reykjavik  for your trip to Iceland
  • Hoping for a combo? Then book  ATV & Whale Watching Tour from Reykjavik

A Short Introduction                

There are a great many ways to explore Iceland’s gorgeous and eclectic natural landscapes , many of which have become staple activities for those who choose to vacation here. Amongst the more popular choices are  horseback riding , snowmobiling , helicopter flights and river rafting . Others will take by foot to the island's hiking trails , or catch a Super Jeep tour.

There are, it would appear, an almost unlimited number of activities available to those looking to break out of the confines of Reykjavík 's luxury hotels; Iceland is a land of rock and ice, untamed and raw, and readily rewards though who seek its multitude of hidden treasures.  

Top ATV & Buggy Tours

Thrilling 2 hour atv ride on south coast to the dc plane wreck with transfer from myrdalsjokull, excellent 2 hour atv tour in the mountains with transfer from reykjavik, easy 1.5 hour atv tour of the icelandic countryside with transfer from reykjavik.

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Iceland is a land with adventure around corner... for those who seek it, of course.

Each activity here provides an experience uniquely its own, offering guests a perspective of the country that, quite simply, is intangible to those standing idly by on an observation deck.

Why? Because these activities share one fundamental similarity, that they perch the participant nefariously between two opposite poles; rip-roaring adventure and natural tranquillity. 

Consider scuba diving in the silent, blue glacial spring that is Silfra Fissure ; imagine climbing the ice walls of Vatnajökull , only to be rewarded with a sweeping panorama of Iceland’s South Coast ; visualise the radiant colours imprinted inside a volcanic magma chamber, having just descended deep into its dormant caldera.

These charming dichotomies are abundant in Iceland and are all there ready and waiting for those willing to outstep their comfort zone.

ATV and Buggy tour operators are the newest member to the family, another action-packed activity that gets you close to the action.

The newest members of this family are the ATV Quad Biking (All Terrain Vehicle) and Buggy tour operators, offering yet another means by which visitors can uncover the many highlights of Iceland’s countryside.

Since 2003, quad biking and buggy tours have been available as a pastime across the country, operating tours that have quickly captured the hearts and minds of adrenaline junkies everywhere. Offering hours of windswept fun, ATVs and Buggys are the perfect transportation for allowing guests to feel immersed on all sides by the glorious panorama of Iceland's countryside. 

So, if you're flirting with the idea of some motorised action during your stay in Iceland, allow us to break down the sport, culture and possibilities that ATV and Buggy Tours provide. 

Top Adventure Tours in Iceland

Why iceland             .

Iceland is a fantastic location to try ATV and Buggy driving for the first time.

Taking an ATV or buggy tour in Iceland presents guests with the opportunity to see the country’s nature as it should be.

As opposed to seeing the country’s major highlights from a bus window or viewing platform, these mobile and adaptable machines get you up close and personal to the diverse range of mountains, waterfalls, river and glacier tongues that dot the landscape. 

Guests can explore volcanic peninsulas, black sand beaches, fertile valleys, mountain passes and quaint farmlands, periodically hitting the throttle for that much-needed shot of adrenaline. So too can visitors experience Iceland's smaller settlements, its jet-black deserts, its rumbling rivers and stretching ice-caps.

Out in the wild, exposed to the elements, ATVs and buggies provide a means of long-distance transportation and are able to easily cross terrain that a hiking party could not. 

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ATV and Buggy tours can be taken throughout the year, rain or shine.

Using ATVs and buggies for sightseeing alone is a relatively new possibility in Iceland, having been utilised before the tourism boom, for the shepherding of rogue sheep.

One could be forgiven for believing that four-wheeling is best left to Africa's sand dunes, or America's forest trails, or Mexico's jungle, but in truth, ATVs and buggies bring forth an entirely new world of experience in Iceland, a world of experience that’s easy to overlook—this is especially true considering the sheer amount of other activities available here.

ATVs and buggy tours provide a memorable and bonding experience for adults and children alike, requiring minimal physical effort save steering the wheel or hitting the throttle.

Thankfully, the tours are available regardless of the season; one could be hitting snowy trails in the dead of a tempestuous winter, or roaring through a flowering meadow emblazoned with sunlight. At whatever time of year you choose to visit, the ATV and Buggy experience will be here waiting. 

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What to Expect on Your Tour                   

Quadbikers break for photos by a lake in Iceland.

Guests partaking in an ATV or Buggy Tour best be ready for a dusty, dirty, bumpy adventure. Rolling across an inhospitable landscape, riders will experience every twist and turn in the road, every gust of wind, every wave of rain and snowfall. It is but part of the journey, a journey sprinkled with intrepid decisions and stunning visual displays. 

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To help prepare for your ride, your guide will first provide you with a safety briefing, detailing how to operate your ATV or buggy, advising on maximum speed and potential hazards on the trail. Fear not, your guides are not there to restrict your appetite for adventure, but to ensure that you feel comfortable riding throughout the duration of your tour. 

Thankfully, the vast majority of machines possess automatic gears, making the actual driving aspect of the tour an incredibly simple affair.

Still, it is best to listen and gather as much information as possible; many of the guides have been quad biking for years, spending hours of their free time exploring the landscape’s hidden corners. They are the masters, and by taking on board there advice, you are sure to have a deeper and more fulfilling experience. 

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Your guide will provide all of the necessary equipment including rainproof overalls, gloves, a balaclava and a helmet.

Your guides will also provide you with all of the other necessary equipment, including comfortable rain/windproof overalls, a balaclava, gloves and, of course, a helmet. Questionably fashionable, this attire is designed to protect riders from the elements and from any bumps and scrapes that might occur should, for any reason, the rider crash their ATV or buggy.

Before partaking in the tour, a full international driver's license must be displayed, and all guests will sign a liability waiver. This is not only to ensure that you are experienced enough to partake in the tour but to protect the operators should their expensive machines be in any way damaged through reckless driving. Normally, children of six and above can ride as passengers in the ATVs or buggies. 

Once the party feels collectively ready to take on the trails, your lead guide will speed off, requiring all ATVs and buggies behind him to follow. Depending on where you've decided to take the tour, you might be rushing through river systems, across lava plains and even up dramatic mountain peaks.

Actual driving time can range from one hour to three—depending on the tour you choose—providing more than enough time to both check out a variety of attractions and to master the ATV or buggy itself.

ATV or Buggy?                    

ATVs and Buggies are both great ways to explore Iceland.

One of the most important questions you’re probably asking yourself is, do I take an ATV or a buggy tour? Well, for starters, let us look at the vehicles’ shared similarities; both, quite obviously, share an amazing capacity for speed, four thick tyres and an openness to the elements. Both will provide hours of adventure, and both allow you to experience Iceland in a unique and exciting way. 

Both vehicles make the rider feel invincible, a roaring force of nature that shatters the surrounding tranquillity like—as Meat Loaf might say—a bat out of hell .

To reiterate, both also require an international driving licence, and for the driver to sign a liability form prior to riding. This should be incentive enough to drive carefully; upturning or otherwise damaging an ATV or a buggy will seriously dent your wallet.

As for the differences, a buggy is a car-like vehicle with a built-in roll cage, adding extra protection in the event of an accident. The buggy allows the driver to sit in a flat position on the seat, using a steering wheel and pedals to operate the vehicle. Most buggies in Iceland have two seats, side by side, facing the open road ahead.

The buggy has a very high horsepower to weight ratio. Storage on a buggy is usually found at the back of the vehicle, rather than under the seat, as with an ATV. Buggies can also be referred to as a UTV ("Utility Vehicle") or a 'side-by-side'. Their maximum speed ranges from 40 km/h (25 mph) to 80 km/h (50 mph). 

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A buggy plunges into a muddy river.

When it comes to All Terrain Vehicles , guests can pretty much expect what it says on the tin, a vehicle that can handle all terrain. Good job too, considering the ratchety stability of Iceland’s landscape; if not snow, then ATV riders will face rumbling rivers, volcanic plateaus, rocky embankments, gravel roads, mountain slopes and ice sheets. ATVs are also known as four-wheelers or quad bikes.

The ATVs used in Iceland are of the latest design. Experienced riders can expect to drive a Can-am Outlander Max 650 cc , or near enough, providing more than enough speed, mobility and robustness. Many quad bikes will even have built-in heaters, warming up the seat for those long winter rides. The speed of an ATV will usually max out at around 56 km/h (35 mph). 

Outlanders are 2-up ATVs, meaning they are stretched to be able to accommodate one extra passenger. This not only provides the option of the letting those who don’t want to drive still experience an ATV but also opens up the opportunity for kids.

A longer seat also provides added comfort to the single rider, as well as providing ample storage space. ATV riders must sit in a fairly tight position, leaning forward against the handlebars. 

Popular Location for ATV & Buggy Tours              

ATV and buggy tours will often travel to some of Iceland's most popular visitor's attractions, and even those less well known about.

There are two prime locations across Iceland where one can partake in an ATV or Buggy tour; the South Coast, and the Reykjanes Peninsula. Given the wide stretches of open land here, the diversity of the terrain and the physical capabilities of the vehicles themselves, it is as though this country was somehow designed with off-road vehicles in mind. 

Even so, it must be remembered that off-road driving is strictly illegal in Iceland; those caught are subject to astronomical fines—fines that will easily flip a holiday from an expectedly pleasant experience to a financial nightmare. Under some circumstances, those caught off-roading will even face a spate of imprisonment. According to Icelandic media , in 2014, one tourist paid an on the spot fine of 500,000 ISK (£3609/€4048) for driving off-road in  Vatnajökull National Park. 

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The reasons for the fines are clear and easily understandable; Iceland’s ecology, it’s unique flora, fauna and geology , is young and fragile, and damage can often take decades to repair.

Riding ATVs and buggies ‘off-road’ in Iceland takes place on designated trails specifically carved out to accommodate the passage of vehicles. These are the only trails in which ATVs and buggies are permitted to ride along, and your guide will be quick to embarrass you should think yourself above the law.

Trail riding certainly brings about a feeling of freedom... fines, on the other hand, are a welcome constraint. 

The South Coast                       

Dyrhólaey, the dramatic rock arch found along Iceland's South Coast.

The South Coast of Iceland is known the world over for its awe-inspiring coastlines, its variety of glistening waterfalls and its wild and diverse terrain. ATV and buggy tours here allow you the chance to experience such attractions in a truly unique way, dodging past the onslaught of sightseeing coaches and large crowds and getting right to the heart of the action. 

Among the many attractions along the South Coast are the popular waterfalls,  Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss , as well as a mighty Mt. Heiðarhorn and the dramatic rock arch at Dyrhólaey. More often than not, the Sólheimasandur fields are included on South Coast ATV and buggy tours. 

The black sand desert of Sólheimasandur is perhaps best known for two things; first, as a wild open expanse which guests must cross to reach Vatnajökull, Skaftafell Nature Reserve and Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon, and secondly, as the final resting place for the DC plane wreck, having rested there since crashing in 1973. 

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The famed Douglas Dakota DC plane wreck, which crashed in 1973.

The plane, a Douglas Dakota , once belonged to the US Navy —one of four stationed at the former US Air Base in Keflavík —and saw action in both the Korean and Vietnam wars. The Douglas Dakota came to its end after making an emergency landing; the reasons as to why the plane crashed are, to this day, still queried, with accounts ranging from a lack of fuel to a mechanical failure or a storm. Thankfully, all of the crew members survived the crash. 

Now, the plane wreckage is widely considered a makeshift visitor’s attraction, with numerous photography and sightseeing tours using it as a subject. It is also widely used as a stopping point on ATV and buggy tours, providing one of the more surreal vistas available in Iceland; a gleaming white wreckage resting on a flatbed of black sand. 

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The area itself was formed after a series of eruptions at the nearby Katla Volcano ; the volcano' is covered with 200-700 metres of ice, meaning that as the heat from the eruptions began to build, glacial flooding began to sweep down across the surrounding region. This is why the area is flat, devoid of life and black. On a clear day, visitors to the area will have incredible views of  Mýrdalsjökull glacier and of the  Dyrhólaey Peninsula, Iceland's southernmost point.  

Reykjanes Peninsula            

The Reykjanes Peninsula is, without doubt, Iceland’s premier ATV and buggy spot, and is one of Iceland's most densely populated regions, being home to over 22,000 people. Those arriving in Iceland by Keflavík Airport—and that's, by far, the majority of travellers—will first set their eyes upon this region as they make the transfer from the airport to the capital city. 

This volcanic plateau provides a landscape reminiscent of science fiction, with sweeping fields of craggy rock, hidden valleys and an omnipresent covering of Icelandic moss. On one side rest the rolling blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean, on the other, a sweeping panorama of hillsides and mountains. This region was used a shooting location for Clint Eastwood 's WW2 drama " Flags of Our Fathers " (2006). 

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The reasoning behind this peculiar country and its sparse lack of vegetation is due to an expansive underground volcanic network, covered almost entirely with a dried plateau of lava.

The Reykjanes Peninsula is prime ATV turf.

At the peninsula's southern end, near Kleifarvatn lake and the Krýsuvík geothermal area, visitors will also observe steaming hot springs and sulphur vents. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the Reykjanes Peninsula is home to one of Iceland's most famous attractions, the Blue Lagoon Spa . 

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Only fifteen minutes drive from Reykjavík, the peninsula makes for an easy morning or afternoon excursion, allowing you to combine ATV or buggying with one of Iceland’s many other attractions; ie. the Golden Circle sightseeing tour , for instance, glacier hiking or snorkelling in Silfra.

Alternatively, the peninsula itself is full of hidden treasures, including the Gunnuhver mud pools , Keilir Mountain and the "Bridge Between The Continents," to name only a handful.

Cycling in Iceland  

Cycling is an incredibly popular past time in Iceland among locals and visitors alike.

Most ATV and Buggy tour operators will also offer the opportunity to try cycling in Iceland, be it on the road or up into the mountains. Such operators will either provide biking tours, bicycle rentals or both. 

Cycling is popular amongst both locals and tourists. The long roads that wind themselves vine-like across the island are often dotted with groups of cyclists, the subject of much sympathy and credulity to those driving by in the luxurious warmth of their rental cars.

Little to do they know what an incredible experience it is to pedal one's way through a diverse and open countryside. Besides, arriving at a destination by bike is, I imagine, a far more rewarding experience than simply arriving by coach or car.

Cycling in Iceland is perfectly safe, granted that you are fully prepared; long-distance rides will require you to carry food, water, a first aid, and you should be well aware of where exactly you'll be ending up for the night. Camping is an excellent way to go for those on a budget. 

Top Biking Tours

 Please, feel free to leave your observations and queries in the Facebook comments box below.

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Amazing Quad ATV Tour from Grindavik

Amazing Quad ATV Tour from Grindavik

Atv tours in iceland: an ultimate guide.

Explore Iceland on Four Wheels: ATV Adventures Unleash your adventurous spirit and explore Iceland’s diverse landscapes on a thrilling ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) tour. These off-road vehicles are designed to handle the rugged terrains of Iceland’s scenic backcountry, providing an exhilarating way to explore the country’s breathtaking natural wonders. From black sand beaches and majestic mountains to ancient lava fields and scenic fjords, ATV tours offer a unique perspective of Iceland’s untouched beauty.

What Can You Expect on an ATV Tour?

ATV tours in Iceland take you on an adventure through diverse terrains, from flat sandy beaches and grassy plains to rocky lava fields and mountainous trails. With a knowledgeable guide leading the way, you’ll learn about the region’s geology, history, and local customs while enjoying an adrenaline-pumping ride. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a first-timer, ATV tours cater to all skill levels, ensuring a safe and exciting experience.

Top ATV Tour Destinations Grindavík: Explore the lava fields and the repurposed harbor of Hópsnes on the Panorama tour. Ascend the scenic Mt. Hagafell and take in a breathtaking 360-degree view of the surrounding area.

Golden Circle : Traverse the stunning landscapes of the famous Golden Circle, including the Geysir geothermal area, Gullfoss waterfall, and Þingvellir National Park.

Reykjanes Peninsula: Ride through vast lava fields, past geothermal hot springs, and along the rugged coastline of the Reykjanes Peninsula.

South Coast: Journey along the black sand beaches of Iceland’s South Coast, witnessing waterfalls, glaciers, and stunning sea cliffs.

Snæfellsnes Peninsula: Explore the picturesque landscapes of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, home to stunning fjords, lava caves, and the iconic Snæfellsjökull glacier.

FAQs About ATV Tours in Iceland

Do I need any prior ATV riding experience?

No, ATV tours in Iceland are suitable for beginners and experienced riders alike. Guides provide thorough instruction and safety tips before the tour, ensuring everyone feels comfortable on their ATV.

Is there an age requirement for ATV tours?

Typically, drivers must be at least 17-18 years old with a valid driver’s license, while passengers can be as young as six. However, age restrictions and requirements may vary between tour operators.

What should I wear for an ATV tour?

Dress in layers, starting with thermal or moisture-wicking base layers. Add a warm sweater or fleece jacket, followed by a waterproof and windproof outer layer. Sturdy, closed-toe shoes, gloves, and a hat are also recommended. Helmets are usually provided by the tour operator.

Can I drive solo, or do I need to share an ATV?

Most tour operators offer both single and double ATV options. If you prefer to ride solo, you can choose a single ATV, while couples or friends can share a double ATV.

How long do ATV tours last?

ATV tours in Iceland can range from one hour to a full day, depending on the chosen itinerary and tour operator. Some tours even include additional activities, such as hot spring visits, glacier hiking, or snorkeling in the Silfra fissure.

Can I combine an ATV tour with other activities?

Yes, many ATV tours offer combo packages that include popular activities like visiting the Blue Lagoon, exploring ice caves, or going on a Northern Lights hunt. These combinations allow you to experience multiple facets of Iceland’s natural beauty.

ATV tours offer a unique and thrilling way to explore Iceland’s diverse landscapes. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a nature enthusiast, riding through the rugged terrains on four wheels promises a memorable experience. So gear up, hop on an ATV, and embark on an unforgettable adventure through the land of fire and ice!

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best atv tours iceland

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Experience the excitement of riding our powerful All-Terrain Vehicles in stunning lava fields and mountain valleys. Quad biking is available all year round. Tailor-made trips are also available.

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Quads and Caves - ATV Tour - Combo Activity

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How to visit sólheimasandur on an atv tour in iceland (2024).

Have you ever wanted to take an ATV tour in Iceland?

This Iceland ATV tour booked through Manawa with Arcanum Adventure Tours guided me to the Sólheimasandur plane crash and gave me an adventure throughout the entire experience!

If youʻre booking your trip to Iceland  last minute, we have you covered. Below are some of the top tours, hotels, and more!

🇮🇸  Adventure activities on the South Coast (and nearby):

  • ATV tour to Solheimasandur (reviewed below – epic!)
  • Glacier Hike + Ice Caves on Skaftafell (this was amazing and I recommend!)
  • Silfra Snorkeling Tour in Thingvellir National Park (bucket-list experience)

🛌  Top places to stay in Reykjavik (+ Vik!):

  • Sand Hotel (Reykjavik boutique hotel on Laugavegur)
  • Hotel Kria (best hotel in Vik – hands down!)
  • Center Hotels Arnarhvoll (stylish w/ Reykjavik harbor views)

✈️  Want to get from the airport to Reykjavik hassle-free?   Find the best airport transfer option here!

🚗  Looking for the best way to get around Iceland? Click here to check rental car rates for Iceland!

This post will recap my ATV tour experience to Sólheimasandur as well as inform you how you can book the same tour (and have one of the most memorable experiences of your life)!

ATV tour in Iceland to Sólheimasandur DC plane crash-5

Please let me know if you have any questions or are looking for additional information about the best ATV tour in Iceland. I am happy to help! Thanks!

In this post...

What is the Sólheimasandur plane crash?

Should you visit the sólheimasandur plane crash by atv, best atv tour in iceland: my experience, iceland atv tour highlights , my thoughts about this black sand beach atv tour, what to know before you go, additional iceland travel guides, pin this iceland quad biking guide.

The famous black sand beach plane crash in Iceland is one of the top places to visit in the country when on a trip there. The US Navy DC plane crashed here in 1973 after running out of fuel. All the passengers survived, thankfully!

ATV tour in Iceland to Sólheimasandur DC plane crash-10

The crash site is still able to be visited on a black sand beach on Iceland’s south coast. One of the top reasons to visit the crash site is the surrounding scenery! It looks like you’re on Mars, and paired with epic sunsets (or sunrises), it is unspeakably beautiful.

To be honest, you can visit the Sólheimasandur plane crash in Iceland independently… but it may not be an easy feat, depending on the weather and how capable you are of walking the distance to it.

It takes one hour (one way!) to walk there. You are no longer permitted to drive there, either. Needless to say, this may not be the best activity for seniors visiting Iceland .

ATV tour in Iceland to Sólheimasandur DC plane crash-8

However, visiting by ATV allows you to have an entirely different adventure to see it with your own eyes, and it was a blast to cruise along black sand beaches to do so.

You will also be with a guide who knows its precise location, so you won’t have to scramble around to find it.

One tour I was looking forward to taking in Iceland was an ATV tour on black sand beaches on the South Coast.

Quad biking in Iceland is somewhat popular in places that are hard to access (or really off the beaten path), so I was excited to test out my skills on one!

A lot of people will think that is just a motorbike ride but I can assure you that an ATV tour on black sand beaches in Iceland is a completely different experience (and one that is well worth it!)

ATV tour in Iceland to Sólheimasandur DC plane crash-15

The adventure is a mixture of pure adrenaline mixed with wonderful views of the ocean, the volcanic beaches, the surrounding dramatic hills, and the sound of the sprinting ATV under you.

In this guide, I will tell you about my adventure and fun experience of driving an ATV in Iceland along the world’s most beautiful beaches (and more)!

How to Book Your Iceland ATV Tour

The best way to book your tour is to do so online before you head there to ensure you get a space! If you’re visiting in the low season, you can likely book on the spot, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Booking your Iceland ATV tour with Manawa is the best bet, to be honest. They have great cancellation policies (in case your trip gets canceled), and they work closely with their partners to ensure high-quality and unforgettable experiences for travelers. 

My ATV tour was with Arcanum Adventure Tours . They offer tours to various other places (including amazing snowmobile tours to the glaciers). You can see what other tours Arcanum offers here.

ATV tour in Iceland to Sólheimasandur DC plane crash-12

After booking your ATV or quad biking adventure on the black sand beaches of South Iceland , you will get a confirmation with electronic tickets that will explain where your meeting point is.

Please keep in mind that, just like many other tours in Iceland, you need to get to the starting point of the tour by yourself. Double-check beforehand that you’re able to get to the starting point on your own.

>> Click here to book your Iceland ATV tour! <<

So, the best thing to do is to also have a rental car booked before coming to Iceland to ensure availability (and low rates)!

Rental cars are somewhat limited in Iceland, and they skyrocket in price when demand is up! To see Iceland, it is best to have your own rental car.

Getting Ready for the Tour (Gear & More)

My journey started at the foothills of the Mýrdalsjökull Glacier, which is a 232-square-mile (600-square-kilometer) ice-covered Icelandic glacier located on the south part of the island.

At the meeting point, you will meet your tour guide, and he or she will dress you up with special water- and cold-resistant clothing (insulated coverall), a snowmobile balaclava face mask, a helmet, and appropriate shoes.

ATV tour in Iceland to Sólheimasandur DC plane crash-1

After finishing getting properly dressed, our tour guide and frontman driver of the first ATV explained in detail how your ATV will work, how to start it, how to change the gear (which is only once because it’s automatic), how to keep the distance, and how to stop.

The first thing you will see when you are already sitting on the ATV is the surrounding nature and a lot of impatience as you prepare to set off to the black sand beaches, dramatic hills, and glacier-fed streams.

Crossing the River 

Our first mission was to cross a small river that flows from the still-active Katla volcano. It was located near the highway through a man-made water tunnel to reach the picturesque black sand beach.

ATV tour in Iceland to Sólheimasandur DC plane crash-18

Don’t feel scared that you will get wet because your gear won’t allow it. We were crossing the river and even driving in it and while it’s a great feeling when your feet touch the river, they won’t get cold or wet in the slightest.

Magical Black Sand Beaches

After sprinting on the field, we reached the large black sand beach, but before we rode across it, our guide made a stop next to a huge whalebone carcass that was brought ashore by the waves years ago.

ATV tour in Iceland to Sólheimasandur DC plane crash-4

He also explained a bit about the story of the Katla volcano, the area surrounding us, and more. Driving on the black sand beach was one of the coolest parts of this ATV tour and was even one of the highlights of my entire trip!

You were able to hear the waves crashing as well as the sound of the ATV atop the fine black sand. It just felt surreal and was an experience I can hardly put into words.

ATV tour in Iceland to Sólheimasandur DC plane crash-13

If you’re experienced on an ATV, do try drifting on the beach (but if not, ask the instructor about it first).

Driving on the Sand Dunes

Through the black sand beach, our drive also passed through dunes where you could feel like you were in a movie chase as you maneuvered on the hills quickly and felt the adrenaline rush.

The dune driving required focus and some driving skills, but it was exciting to do it at a fast pace.  However, if it scares you, can you just slowly drive, relax, and enjoy yourself that way.

Sólheimasandur DC Plane Crash

Another cool place to visit on this tour, and perhaps the biggest highlight for most, is the Sólheimasandur DC plane crash from 1973.

ATV tour in Iceland to Sólheimasandur DC plane crash-11

The US Navy plane crash was made very popular, largely in part by a Justin Bieber music video, and visiting via an ATV tour is the way to go!

We stopped there to take photographs and even enter the skeleton of the plane. Unfortunately, there is nothing left from the inside, but the experience was great, especially when you get to view the beautiful Mýrdalsjökull Glacier in the background.

ATV tour in Iceland to Sólheimasandur DC plane crash-9

The Foot of Mt. Heiðarhorn

After seeing the plane crash, you will take a longer, more scenic ride to reach the foot of Mt. Heiðarhorn. This time, you will cross (and even drive in) the Jökulsá River.

The drive will pass through a small forest, where you’ll get to enjoy the green hills and trees from your ATV. You’ll also go by another river.

Once you arrive, you will have the chance to photograph, relax, and enjoy the silence of this completely untouched spot.

The Drive Back to Basecamp 

Even the drive back was fun and beautiful because you will have a chance to pass Kálfaskógur, Skógarmannsgil, and the Hólsá River before returning to the meeting point where hot coffee and tea are waiting for you!

ATV tour in Iceland to Sólheimasandur DC plane crash-16

If you love speed and adrenaline, are not scared of driving fast, and, in general, love adventure, you need to book an ATV tour in Iceland because, I can guarantee you, it’s fun and worth it.

Everything was made fairly easy, and the gear helped me stay warm and dry.

It truly offered a unique way to see the famous Iceland plane crash as well as to enjoy black sand beaches that are not permitted to be driven on by unauthorized vehicles.

It was so nice to escape the touristy crowds and feel like I had a place to myself with my tour group. It was also a perfect combo tour to do with snorkeling in Silfra (if you’re looking to do multiple tours on your vacation)!

ATV tour in Iceland to Sólheimasandur DC plane crash-2

Before heading on an ATV tour in Iceland, there are a few things that you should know:

  • You need to have a valid driver’s license (if not, you can be a passenger).
  • Do not drink beforehand (I wouldn’t suggest doing this with a hangover, either).
  • If you are claustrophobic , you may have an issue wearing the gear (Megan did and was unable to do the tour)
  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior . Always factor in the weather when driving in Iceland, as it can turn at a moment’s notice!
  • It’s possible to drive with two people on an ATV.
  • It is not easy to take photos throughout the journey, so be sure to mount a GoPro on you if you’re looking to capture the full experience with ease. There are a few photo stops, however.

ATV tour in Iceland to Sólheimasandur DC plane crash-17

Have you ever taken an ATV tour in Iceland? Let us know your top tips and Iceland ATV tours in the comments. Thanks!

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Wanting to take an ATV tour in Iceland? This Iceland quad biking tour takes you to Sólheimasandur and beyond! Click here to see my review (and how to book it)! | Iceland tours | Iceland quad biking | Iceland ATV tour | ATV in Iceland | Adventure tours in Iceland | Plane crash Iceland | Things to do in Vik | Places to visit in Iceland | ATV black sand beach tour | Tours near Vik | How to visit Sólheimasandur DC plane crash | Crashed plane in Iceland

Aram is a travel blogger and writer from Armenia who spends his time between Spain and his home country. He is passionate about music and football (the European kind) and covers a lot of Western European destinations on the blog. Aram is a laidback traveler who enjoys meeting new people and finding the best food in each city that he visits (hence his frequent trips to France, Italy, and Greece!). He has been featured in (or written for) Forbes, BBC, The Guardian, Fodor’s Travel, and more.

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best atv tours iceland

Experience the Exhilarating ATV & Buggy Tours in Iceland

The ultimate adventure with atv and buggy tours for an immersive off-roading experience to explore iceland’s wild heart.

Embarking on ATV and buggy tours in Iceland adds an exhilarating twist to your adventure. Roaring through rugged terrains, you’ll feel the thrill of exploring the country’s untamed beauty up close. 

Led by expert guides and in small groups, these tours offer an unforgettable and adrenaline-pumping experience in the heart of Iceland, with the wind in your hair and stunning landscapes as your backdrop.

best atv tours iceland

All About ATV & Buggy Tours in Iceland

Iceland, a land of stark contrasts and breathtaking landscapes, offers a unique way to explore its rugged terrain – ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) and Buggy tours . These tours are not just about the thrill of off-roading; they offer an immersive experience into the heart of Iceland’s diverse and stunning nature.

best atv tours iceland

Iceland’s ATV tours

An ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) tour in Iceland offers an exhilarating way to explore the country’s diverse and rugged landscapes. 

They offer a range of experiences, from one-hour excursions to full-day adventures in small groups for a personal touch. 

Riders traverse diverse terrains like black sand beaches, lava fields, and mountainous areas, guided by knowledgeable locals who provide insights into the Icelandic environment. 

Safety is paramount, with participants receiving briefings and necessary gear. Tours include stops at scenic points like geothermal areas and waterfalls, accommodating all experience levels. 

Seasonal variations add unique aspects, such as extended daylight in summer or snow-covered landscapes in winter, with Northern Lights in the sky when you are in luck! Operators prioritize environmental conservation and may offer additional experiences like hot springs visits or cultural activities.

ATV tours in Iceland are not just about the thrill of riding; they offer an immersive experience in the stunning Icelandic nature, suitable for adventure seekers of all levels.

best atv tours iceland

Iceland Off-Road Tours – Buggy Tours

A typical buggy tour in Iceland provides a thrilling and immersive way to explore the country’s unique and diverse landscapes. Buggies, also known as off-road vehicles, are designed to handle a variety of terrains, offering an adventurous and fun experience. 

Iceland’s buggy tours, varying from one-hour rides to full-day expeditions, navigate diverse terrains like lava fields and black sand beaches under the guidance of experienced guides. 

These safe and informative tours, suitable for all ages, are offered year-round, providing unique seasonal experiences and scenic photo opportunities. Conducted in small groups, they ensure a personalized and family-friendly adventure.

Buggy tours offer a unique blend of adventure, sightseeing, and the thrill of off-road driving, suitable for a wide range of visitors, from families to adventure enthusiasts.

best atv tours iceland

Why Choose ATV and Buggy Tours in Iceland

Unique Terrain Exploration: Iceland’s diverse landscapes, from volcanic fields to glacial terrains, are ideal for ATV and Buggy adventures.

Access to Remote Locations: These vehicles can traverse areas inaccessible to standard tours, offering a closer look at Iceland’s hidden gems.

Adrenaline Rush: The thrill of navigating rough terrains at varying speeds adds an element of excitement to your Icelandic adventure.

All-Season Fun: Whether it’s the lush summers or snowy winters, ATV and Buggy tours are available year-round, offering different experiences in different seasons.

Family-Friendly Adventure: Suitable for all skill levels and ages, these tours are a great way for families to bond over an exhilarating experience.

best atv tours iceland

Iceland’s Popular Buggy and ATV Tour Destinations

The Black Sand Beaches along the South Coast of Iceland: Riding along the famous black sand beaches offers a unique perspective of the ocean’s might and the area’s volcanic history. The most iconic buggy adventure usually starts on the Solheimasandur black sand beach, where the DC3 plane wreck lies.

The Mountains and Valleys Near Reykjavík: Just a short distance from the capital, these tours offer a quick escape into the Icelandic wilderness, with panoramic, breathtaking views of the city and beyond. Some tours offer the option of going out at night when the Northern Lights are visible in the sky, making for quite a spectacular ride!

The Lava Fields of Reykjanes Peninsula: Navigate through the rugged lava fields, a testament to Iceland’s volcanic activity, and explore the raw, untouched landscapes.

Golden Circle Route: Some tours offer an off-road version of the popular Golden Circle, taking you through Þingvellir National Park, Geysir Geothermal Area, and Gullfoss Waterfall.

best atv tours iceland

Book your ATV and Buggy Tours with BusTravel Iceland

BusTravel Iceland, a seasoned tour operator and DMC based in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, offers a wide array of day and multi-day tours, including departures from Reykjavik as well as Akureyri and Isafjordur. 

Specializing in activity tours, we collaborate with Iceland’s top tour operators to bring you the most thrilling and memorable adventures. 

Join us for our most popular activity tour, led by experienced guides, and discover Iceland from a unique perspective. 

Whether it’s exploring rugged terrains on ATV tours or enjoying buggy rides, these experiences are perfect for families and friends, promising to turn your Iceland vacation into a cherished lifelong memory. Highly recommended.

best atv tours iceland

You might like these tours

best atv tours iceland

Or discover Iceland

best atv tours iceland


Midnight Sun ATV Tour

Prepare yourself for a thrilling ATV adventure with some awe-inspiring displays of nature. Just before midnight, Mother Nature lights the sky ablaze with supercharged colors of gold and orange that further intensify as dusk approaches. Our Midnight Sun ATV Tour takes to you the highest mountain peaks of Reykjavík to watch this enchanting display first hand.



Reykjavik Peak ATV Tour

This exciting ATV adventure is the perfect way to get a true taste of Icelandic nature. Great for the whole family, this quad bike experience offers breathtaking mountain views and guaranteed fun. And all only 15 minutes from downtown Reykjavik.


Black Beach Safari & the Plane Wreck ATV Tour

A thrilling 2-hour ATV adventure with an exploration of Iceland’s black sand landscape in the south. Includes a visit to the DC3 Airplane wreck.


Twin Peaks ATV Tour

Explore Iceland's stunning mountains and hills, and ride along dramatic trails on a powerful ATV Quad bike. On this exhilarating 2 hour adventure, you will visit stunning places that tell the story of Iceland’s stark landscapes and volcanic history.

Iceland ATV tour - volcanic springs

Volcanic Springs ATV Tour

Immerse yourself in the stunning Icelandic nature with this thrilling ATV adventure. A great way to experience the wonderful nature of Iceland and see the unique landscapes in a fun and exciting way.

ATV tours in Iceland

South Coast ATV Express Tour

The South Coast of Iceland is famous for its collection of untouched black sand beaches, shining like dark gems along the shore of the island country. Explore these beaches in the best way possible on this adrenaline-packed ATV quad biking tour. If you really want to get up close and personal with this unique part of Iceland, this is the best option out there.


Trip to the Moon ATV Tour

This exhilarating ATV tour will take you across seemingly endless lava fields up to the top of a mountain. Along the way, you’ll get to see the unique landscape of Iceland for yourself while creating the memories of a lifetime.

Panorama atv tour in Iceland

Panorama ATV Tour

Mix adrenaline and relaxation in one spectacular Icelandic tour! This one-day tour will take you out to the volcanic wonderland that is the Reykjanes Peninsula before letting everything go on a relaxing visit to the world-famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa.


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For a limited time on selected super jeep tours.

best atv tours iceland


Tour highlights.

  • 2 hours of fun out on the ATV Mountain Trails
  • Beautiful mountain & scenery views
  • Exploring incredible Icelandic nature in the most exciting way possible
  • Located only 15 minutes from downtown Reykjavik

Tour Details

  • Duration : 2hr on the ATV (3-3,5hrs total with pick-up and drop-off)
  • Everything Included : Overalls, helmets, balaclavas, gloves
  • Safe & Fun Tour : No previous ATV riding experience required
  • Optional : Pickup & return transfer from your Reykjavík Hotel or bus stop, (please check if your hotel is listed to a bus stop)

Tour description

Buckle in because on this adrenalin filled adventure tour you see the Icelandic nature up close and personal from the best sightseeing spots around the city. So if you want to experience the untouched Icelandic nature in the funnest ways possible, ATV quad biking around the Icelandic countryside is THE perfect activity for you!

Guðný Ljósbrá (Good-knee)


If you are someone who can enjoy both the thrilling side of life but also like to take in breathtaking nature, this ATV tour is the one for you! My personal favourite part about it is the fact that it is located just outside of the city centre.

So book this tour and get ready to experience Iceland in a unique and exciting way!


My boyfriend and I did this excursion today and it was fantastic. It was the first sunny day of our trip and we chose the best day. We rode through a frosty / snowy landscape, took a breather by a frozen lake and made our way up a mountain to be greeted by the most spectacular views of Reykjavík! Hanna was our tour leader who was patient and friendly ensuring everyone in the group was keeping up and staying safe!

Wake Up Reykjavik Tour Review by Destination85144

Highly recommend this fun tour. The guides Hanna & B were super friendly and really helpful. The one hour tour was a good adventure with beautiful views- fun for beginners but not too boring for those wanting a little more excitement. Thank you, Safari, for helping us have a fun time visiting Reykjavík!

Wake Up Reykjavik Tour Review by Collie62

The guides were brilliant. Do not be put off by the price, it is an excursion worth every penny. We have ridden quads before but you don’t have to be experienced as they gauge how experienced you are in a few minutes. The weather wasn’t great for us but it didn’t matter, this was the best excursion of our trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Full Refund / Cancellation Policy If there are any changes to your trip to Iceland, it's always possible to either put your booking on hold (bookings never expire) or reschedule to your new travel dates. We also offer full refunds if you cancel your booking with more than 24 hours prior to your tour :) All bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the tour departure are not refundable.
  • Is all gear and equipment provided for this tour? The gear that is provided includes warm overalls (glorified snow suits for adults), rain gear (if needed), helmets, balaclavas and gloves.
  • What do I need to bring with me to this ATV tour? We only ask you to wear warm clothing and good shoes that you don't mind getting wet (in case it rains.) And a valid international drivers license from your home country.
  • Do you pick me up from my hotel in Reykjavik? Yes, we do offer a pick up service for 3,000 ISK per person and will pick you up from any hotel in Reykjavík.
  • Can my children join us on this tour? Yes, your children can join you as a passenger on the tour as long as they are 8 years old or older.
  • Are there places to stops to take photographs along the way? Yes, all of our tours have one or more stops where you can take as many pictures as you want! Even if you want a picture with one of the breathtaking views, our guides are more than happy to take them of you!
  • Do I need experience to drive an ATV? No, everyone can drive it! Before the tour starts, our guides will explain everything you need so you are ready to hit the roads!

Is your question not listed above?

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Price: 22,000 ISK

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  • Golden Circle and Hot Springs
  • Golden Circle and Snowmobiling Tour

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A couple standing in an ice cave in Iceland, wearing helmets with headlamps and gazing upwards

Ice Cave Day Tours

Price from: 14.900 ISK

Two men dressed in red on an ATV tour on a black beach in Iceland

Meet on location: Mýrdalsjökull

Price from: 14.990 ISK

A group of people glacier walking with an Icelandic Mountain Guide

Meet on location: Sólheimajökull

Price from: 10.500 ISK

Glacier Ice Cave in Skaftafell, two persons dressed in red standing in an ice cave surrounded by crystal blue ice with the cave opening in the background.

Meet on location: Skaftafell

Price from: 18.999 ISK

A group of people on Snow mobile tour with their Icelandic Mountain Guide

Day Tours from Reykjavík

Price from: 8.399 ISK

Four people glacier walking in Iceland

Glacier Walks

Price from: 15.999 ISK

A group of ATV riders posing in front of the famous plane wreck in Iceland

Partner Tours

Price from: 10.900 ISK

A couple hiking up in the green and hilly nature of Iceland near not springs

Hiking, Caving & Mountain Climbing

Price from: 17.900 ISK

People sailing through the glacier lagoon of Vatnajokull

Combo Tours

Three silhouettes of people admiring green Iceland Northern Lights at night

Northern Lights Tours

Price from: 13.900 ISK

A person skiing down a mountain in Iceland with the ocean next to it

Ski Touring & Cross Country Skiing

Price from: 259.000 ISK

The colourful mountains in Landmannalaugar Iceland

Laugavegur Trail

Price from: 151.664 ISK

A man standing on a moss covered cliff looking at a magnificent glacier in the background

Hiking & Trekking

Price from: 28.999 ISK

Two people cross country skiing


Price from: 620.000 ISK

three hikers with backpacks walking uphill


Two people holding each other looking at northern lights

Short Breaks & Getaways

Price from: 62.000 ISK

Two people sitting in the trunk of a car enjoying a meal

Private Groups & Tailor-Made

An aerial shot of a Falljokull in Iceland where a group on a glacier hike is finding its way through the cracked white surface in the distance

Glaciers in Iceland

best atv tours iceland

Adventure Ground

great big waterfall in Iceland

Price from: 26.999 ISK

A couple standing in a blue Ice cave in Iceland gazing upwards

Lava Caves & Ice Caves in Iceland

Price from: 24.999 ISK

A big blue waterfall in The Icelandic nature

Golden Circle

Price from: 14.999 ISK

glacier lagoon and mountains on a sunny day in Iceland

Glacier Lagoons

Price from: 17.999 ISK

View of Landmannalaugar nature reserve in Iceland, camp site, huts and the lava-field in the background


people in the nature hot spring.

Hot Springs

A lake in deep red soil

Price from: 40.999 ISK

Man standing on snowy mountains


Students getting ready for a mountaineering course

Price from: 75.000 ISK

best atv tours iceland

Special Offers

Price from: 179.000 ISK

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Multi-Day Tours

Tailor made, attractions, atv black beach safari and the plane wreck.

A 2-hour exploration of Iceland’s black sand landscape in the south. Includes a visit to the DC3 Airplane wreck.

Tour code: AG402

ATV guide crossing a small river with a group

Black sands and rivers

This tour begins after you meet your ATV guide at the Base by Mýrdalsjökull glacier. You will receive all the necessary gear and a short safety briefing before venturing to ride on Iceland’s iconic black beaches. The guide will lead the group to the stunning coastline to witness breathtaking views of the surrounding area. You’ll marvel at the views of Dyrhólaey, a peninsula that is the southernmost tip of the country, and the marvellous Mýrdalsjökull glacier in the distance. After leaving the beach, the group will head to the famous Sólheimasandur plane wreck. This relic has been resting in the sand since 1973. Following the plane, you will drive to the Jökulsá river and up the foot of the mountain. This action packed tour ends when you arrive back to the Base.

Please note: A valid driver’s license is required to drive a quad bike. Single riders and groups with odd numbers are required to book a single ride ATV.

Tour Overview

Meeting point.

Mýrdalsjökull Base

Accessible to all people in good health.


Minimum age:, book this tour, tour highlights, the black beach, crossing rivers, the abandoned plane wreck, contrasting landscapes.

  • Experienced and qualified guide
  • ATV per two persons
  • Insulated cover-all
  • Helmet and balaclava face mask
  • Boots (optional, depending on weather conditions and guests shoe wear)

Not Included

  • Extra warm clothing

Optional Extras

  • Single ride on the ATV (mandatory for groups with odd number)
  • Possible upgrade to Buggy vehicle (check with location on the day)

Tour Map and Itinerary

Map & itinerary, 2-hour quad bike exploration of the south coast’s landscape.

The tour starts with you meeting your guide at Mýrdalsjökull Base. After getting geared up and being given a safety briefing, you head out for your adventure.  Enjoy a fun and easy drive across rivers, on black sand beaches, to the Sólheimasandur plane wreck and the Jökulsá river. The tour ends when you arrive back at the base camp.

Keep informed about ATV Black Beach Safari and the Plane Wreck

From time to time we send updates about new routes

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Part of the ring road in Iceland seen from above on a fall day.

Driving in Iceland - Road Safety & Rules

People walking around with suitcases in Keflavik airport in Iceland

Iceland Travel Tips

Other tours that you might like.

Group in front of the DC3 plane wreck.

ATV Quad Express

best atv tours iceland

Snowmobile and South Coast

Friends on an ATV tour on the black sands of Sólheimasandur

ATV and the South Coast

  • Airport Transfer
  • Private Tours
  • Groups & Coach Rental
  • Special Offers

ATV Adventure Tour

Get on your ATV and head down to the black sands created by outbursts of the volcano Katla. After enjoying amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean, Dyrhólaey, and the Mýrdalsjökull glacier towards the north, our best ATV tour continues to the plane wreck of Sólheimasandur, following by driving along the river towards the foot of the mountains and into some of the hidden gullies. In the end, you will follow the mountain back to base - ATV Adventure tour is an unforgettable experience in a diverse landscape .

  • Riding a ATV over the black lava sand fields from Katla volcano
  • View of Mýrdalsjökull glacier
  • Visit the ruins of the 1973 aircraft wreck
  • English speaking guide
  • ATV per two persons
  • Insulated cover-all
  • Snowmobile balaclava face mask

Tour Itinerary

The tour starts with a briefing and safety instructions at the ARCANUM base nearby Mýrdalsjökull glacier in South Iceland.  From the base we head down to the black lava sands, crossing small rivers on the way. The black lava sand derives from previous glacial outbursts of the dormant volcano Katla.  Down at the black beach we stop and enjoy the amazing view up to the Mýrdalsjökull glacier and along the coast to the southernmost part of Iceland, the small peninsula Dyrhólaey. On we go along the coast to the famous aircraft wreck, from there we continue to the river Jökulsá and up to the foot of the mountain.  On the return ride we follow the mountain back to the base.  This tour gives you the opportunity to get in touch with the raw black lava sand landscape by the south coast, an unforgettable experience of conflicting landscapes where the nature envelopes the traveller in its warm embrace.

Please note

  • No pick-up, drop-off or transfer service from Gray Line Iceland included. Meet on location at the Arcanum Base Ytri Sólheimar 1.
  • Single rider - always when booking odd numbers (Adult(s) ISK 10,000, Children ISK 10,000)
  • A valid driver's licence is required to drive a quad bike.
  • It is good to bring warm clothing
  • Skill level: Easy
  • Meeting time 30 min. before departure
  • Prices are based on two pers. sharing a snowmobile
  • Additional charges apply for single riders.
  • Riding solo on a ATV is an optional extra on this tour (select "Single Rider" on the booking panel and specify the number of single riders)

This tour is operated by our partners

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The 18 best iceland tours: northern lights, waterfalls & more.

Enjoy glacier hikes, whale watching cruises and the northern lights on these Iceland tours.

The Best Iceland Tours

Aerial drone view of Seljalandsfoss waterfall at sunset, Iceland

(Getty Images)

No matter where you go on a tour in Iceland, you're guaranteed to see stunning landscapes and likely some beautiful waterfalls.

With terrain shaped by volcanic eruptions and shifting tectonic plates and the surrounding waters filled with glaciers, icebergs and whales, Iceland is like no other place on Earth. It's also an ideal spot to observe a seasonal phenomenon above the Earth: the northern lights  (or aurora borealis).

The following Iceland tours, determined by U.S. News to be the best available thanks to expert input and traveler sentiment, provide ideal ways of experiencing all that this extraordinary place has to offer. All of these excursions are conducted by knowledgeable guides eager to share their insights into their country's special features.

Ice Lagoon Adventure Tours – Zodiac Boat Tour

Price: Adults from 13,900 Icelandic króna (about $102); kids from 8,500 króna (about $63) Duration: 75 minutes

Explore the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon – part of Vatnajökull National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to Europe's largest glacier – aboard an inflatable rigid boat on this expedition. In addition to icebergs and the glacial wall, you might also spot wildlife like seals and various bird species. Tourgoers consistently describe the guides as passionate and knowledgeable, and say photo opportunities abound.

Trips are available from May through October several times a day, with departures in both the morning and the afternoon. Tours take approximately an hour and 15 minutes, including transportation between the check-in point and the dock and at least an hour on the boat. Tickets cost approximately 13,900 króna (about $102) per person ages 15 and older; children ages 6 to 14 can join for 8,500 króna (approximately $63). Riders must be at least 6 years old. The park containing the lagoon sits in the southeast part of the country, about 236 miles from Reykjavik . Ice Lagoon Adventure Tours also runs private excursions.

View & Book Tickets: Ice Lagoon Adventure Tours

NiceTravel – Golden Circle, Blue Lagoon & Kerid Volcano

Price: Adults from 16,900 króna (about $124); kids from 14,900 króna Duration: 11 hours

Visit the Golden Circle's top sights, including Thingvellir National Park and Gullfoss, plus a volcanic crater and a pristine lagoon on this daylong journey. The park is of both geological and historical significance as its straddles a fault line between two tectonic plates and was the site of a Viking parliament that ruled for hundreds of years starting in A.D. 930. Other highlights include Geysir, a hot spring that shoots plumes of vapor into the air; Gullfoss (aka the Golden Waterfall) over which water cascades down more than 100 feet into a narrow canyon; Kerid, a colorful red-earth volcanic crater; and a two-hour stop at the heated waters of the popular Blue Lagoon . Tour-takers invariably find the scenery spectacular and the guides friendly and informative.

Tours happen daily all year long. Pickup from various locations in Reykjavik happens between 8:30 and 9 a.m. and minibuses return to the city around 8 p.m. Prices start at around 16,900 króna (about $124) for adults and 14,900 króna (about $110) for kids ages 5 to 15, and covers admission to all attractions (but not lunch or bathing suits).

View & Book Tickets: Viator  | GetYourGuide

Reykjavik Sailors – Whale Watching

Price: Adults from 11,990 króna (about $88); kids from 5,995 króna (about $44) Duration: 3 to 3.5 hours

While April to October is considered peak season for whale watching off Iceland's coast, humpback, minke and orca whales, as well as porpoises and dolphins, inhabit the waters all year. Reykjavik Sailors, located on Reykjavik's Old Harbour, offers whale watching boat trips throughout the year starting at 1 p.m. with additional 9 a.m. departures from March through mid-November and 5 p.m. departures from mid-May through September. Tourgoers report spotting ample wildlife, and appreciate that the guides take the time to point out and identify the various sea creatures.

Trips generally last from three to 3.5 hours. Tickets cost approximately 11,990 króna (about $88) for adults and 5,995 króna (about $44) for children 7 to 15. (Kids 6 and younger can tag along for free.) Transportation from area hotels is available for an additional fee. Snacks and beverages are available aboard the boat, which features outdoor viewing platforms as well as heated indoor space. Reykjavik Sailors also operates tours of the northern lights , among other options.

View & Book Tickets: Viator | GetYourGuide

Arctic Adventures – Crystal Ice Cave Tour Iceland

Price: Adults from about $188; kids from around $141 Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Take a ride in a rugged vehicle from the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon to the edge of the massive Vatnajökull glacier and then hike to an ice cave on this small-group excursion. The tour, with up to 14 travelers, also allows you to witness the result of calving – the process of icebergs breaking off of glaciers. Tourgoers frequently praise the capable and personable guides.

Trips depart from the lagoon daily from October to mid-April beginning at 9:40 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. Tours last two to three hours. Tickets, which cover transportation to and from the cave, as well as use of safety gear, cost approximately $187.65 for adults and $140.74 for youths ages 6 to 15. While the hike to the cave is rated as easy, children younger than 6 are not allowed on this trip. Arctic Adventures conducts a variety of ice cave tours, glacier hikes and more.

The Best Iceland Tours

BusTravel Iceland – South Coast Waterfalls, Glacier & Black Sand Beach Tour

Price: Adults from 13,990 króna (about $103); kids from 6,995 króna (about $52) Duration: 10 hours

This daylong outing affords opportunities to explore the glaciers, volcanos and other distinctive features of Iceland's southern coast . Highlights include Skógafoss, a nearly 200-foot waterfall beside the Eyjafjallajökull volcano; the slightly taller Seljalandsfoss waterfall; Reynisfjara, a beach on the north Atlantic Ocean with black volcanic sand and basalt columns; a stop for lunch in the fishing village of Vik; and Sólheimajökull glacier. Tour-takers consistently call the scenery extraordinary and the guides informative.

Fees start at around 13,990 króna (about $103) for adults, 10,493 króna (about $77) for youth 12 to 15 and 6,995 króna (about $52) for children ages 2 to 11. Transportation from various Reykjavik locations is available for an additional charge. Pickups occur between 8 and 8:30 a.m. and in all the bus trip lasts approximately 10 hours. Prices do not cover any food and drink in Vik. Note: Reaching the glacier involves walking on uneven ground. BusTravel Iceland also leads tours exploring the Golden Circle, the northern lights and more.

View & Book Tickets: Viator | GetYourGuide 

Your Friend in Reykjavik – Walk With a Viking

Price: Adults from $42; kids from $25 Duration: 2 hours

See the sights of Reykjavik on this two-hour walking tour of the city's center. Highlights include Harpa (an incredible performance venue), Hallgrímskirkja church, the Parliament building and Reykjavik harbor, as well as the first Viking house. Tour-takers find this stroll to be a great way to get to know the city and consistently describe the guides as friendly, educational and enthusiastic.

Groups of up to 12 depart from Ingólfur Square daily at 10 a.m. and 1 and 5 p.m. Prices start at $42 for adults and $25 for children 7 to 15. (There's no charge for children 6 and younger.) Your Friend in Reykjavik also offers private walking tours.

Wake Up Reykjavik – Reykjavik Food Tour

Price: Adults from 15,900 króna (about $118); kids from 9,990 króna (about $77) Duration: 3 hours

Sample an array of Icelandic cuisine on this three-hour walking tour of downtown Reykjavik. Try eight traditional dishes, including fish and grass-fed lamb, as well as ice cream and street food. (Vegetarians and those with allergies or other dietary restrictions can usually be accommodated.) Between stops, you'll stroll past notable sites, such as the Parliament building and city hall. Food enthusiasts generally appreciate the accommodating guides' extensive knowledge about both culinary and historical topics.

Tours start outside Harpa concert hall every day beginning at 10:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Tickets start at around 15,900 króna (about $118) for adults and 9,990 króna (about $77) for children 4 to 12. Wake Up Reykjavik also organizes daytrips to the Golden Circle, the South Coast and more.

Troll Expeditions – Snorkeling in Silfra

Price: From 21,900 króna (about $162) Duration: 3 hours

Snorkel between tectonic plates in the only place where that's possible during this adventure. Located in Thingvellir National Park about a 30-mile drive northeast of Reykjavik, Silfra fissure lies in the space where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates have slowly moved apart. Its water, from the melted ice of the Langjökull glacier, is exceptionally clean, boasting visibility of about 330 feet. Snorkelers laud the attentive, professional guides as well as the one-of-a-kind experience.

Snorkeling trips are available year-round at least twice a day; start times vary depending on the season, but with the earliest tour at 8 a.m. and the latest at 4 p.m. Prices begin at around 21,900 króna (about $162), which covers the use of all necessary snorkeling equipment as well as underwater photos. Tours last about three hours, including instruction on how to snorkel, with about 50 minutes in the water. Groups are limited to six people and participants must be at least 12 years old and no older than 69. Travelers should note, those who are between the ages of 60 to 69 must have a doctor's note clearing them to participate. Those who can't swim or are pregnant may not take part in the tour. This excursion also has weight restrictions. Troll Expeditions also offers guided glacier hikes, daytrips and multiday excursions around the country to the South Coast, Ring Road and more.

Adventure Vikings – Silfra Drysuit Snorkeling

Price: From 20,900 króna (about $154) to 27,990 króna (about $206) Duration: 2 to 4.5 hours

Iceland straddles the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. The tour, located in Silfra, is part of the Thingvellir National Park. Travelers will be allowed to explore the pristine glacial waters between the two plates. Snorkelers rave about the Silfra fissure's beauty and appreciate the adept guides' helpfulness.

The tour lasts up to 4.5 hours depending if round-trip transportation is needed. Fees start at around 20,990 króna (about $154) or 27,990 króna (about $206) if you opt for transportation between your Reykjavik hotel and Thingvellir National Park. Prices include use of snorkeling equipment. You can rent a wearable GoPro camera for an additional 6,900 króna (around $51). Tours are available year-round with 9 a.m. and noon start times from March through October (and an additional 3 p.m. tour from July through August), and 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. start times from November through February. Snorkelers must be at least 12 years old; groups have no more than six people per guide. Participants preferring to don a less restrictive (but also less warm) wetsuit instead of a dry suit have that option. There are height and weight requirements for this tour. Adventure Vikings also leads surfing and stand-up paddleboarding tours, among other outings.

The Best Iceland Tours

Reykjavik Excursions – Northern Lights - Small Group Tour

Price: Adults from 11,999 króna (about $90); kids from 6,000 króna (about $45) Duration: 3 hours

The kaleidoscopic colors of the northern lights typically appear above Iceland from late August to April, which is when this small-group bus tour occurs. The Reykjavik Excursions team studies the weather and aurora forecast each night to determine the best viewing locations away from the city lights, meaning buses may not go to the same location each tour. Tourgoers enjoy the informative guides' commentary, as well as the opportunities to observe the aurora borealis.

During the viewing season, trips with up to 25 participants are offered daily starting when it's dark, around 9:30 p.m. Trips usually last three hours. Ticket prices start at around $90 per person ages 16 and older and around $45 for youths ages 6 to 15. Reykjavik Excursions also offers city tours and trips to the Blue Lagoon, among other outings.

ĺshestar – Lava Tour

Price: Adults from 15,900 króna (about $117); kids from 11,925 króna (about $87) Duration: 2 hours

See the green hillsides and lava fields outside Reykjavik on this two-hour small-group horseback riding tour. Travelers frequently describe riding an Icelandic horse as a fantastic experience, and they generally appreciate the professionalism of the staff who lead the outing.

Rides depart every day at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Prices start at 15,900 króna (around $117) for adults and 11,925 króna (around $87) for children 7 to 15. The cost includes the use of helmets and boots, as well as post-ride coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Round-trip transportation from Reykjavik is available for an additional fee and starts an hour before the tour. Groups are limited to 20 participants; all must be at least 7 years old and weigh less than 240 pounds. No prior horseback riding experience is necessary. Longer, multiday trail rides, as well as private tours are also available.

View & Book Tickets: Viator

Special Tours – Northern Lights by Boat

Price: Adults from 12,900 króna (about $95); kids from 6,495 króna (about $48) Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Admire the northern lights from the water on this two- to three-hour boat ride. Along the way, guides regale passengers with stories, myths and scientific facts about the aurora borealis. Travelers praise the amazing views as well as the humorous, helpful guides.

Cruises are available nightly in the fall and winter. Departure times vary by time of year, but boats typically sail from Reykjavik's Old Harbour at 10 p.m. in September and mid-March to mid-April; they depart at 9 p.m. from October to mid-March. Prices are approximately 12,990 króna (about $95) for adults and 6,495 króna (about $48) for children 7 to 15. Children 6 and younger can ride for free. Prices include the use of overalls to keep riders warm. If you don't see the aurora borealis on your first trip, you can take another one at no charge. Food and drinks are available for purchase on board. The company also offers whale watching excursions, fishing trips and more.

BusTravel Iceland – Snaefellsnes Peninsula Tour

Price: Adults from 16,900 króna (about $125); kids from 8,495 króna (about $62) Duration: 11 hours

In addition to its tours of the southern coast, BusTravel Iceland offers a daylong tour of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, an area northwest of Reykjavik that boasts black sand beaches, lava fields, beautiful waterfalls , rock formations and more. Highlights include Berserkjahraun lava fields, which date back to a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago; the 1,520-foot Kirkjufell (aka Church Mountain); the nearby Kirkjufellsfoss waterfalls; Snaefellsjökull National Park and the cliffs of Arnarstapi harbor, once a bustling fishing area. Travelers typically enjoy both the dramatic landscapes and the guides' commentary.

Tours last approximately 11 hours. Ticket prices start at around 16,990 króna (about $125) for adults, 12,743 króna (about $93) for youth ages 12 to 15 and 8,495 króna (about $62) for youngsters 2 to 11; pickup from various Reykjavik locations is available for an additional 1,590 króna (about $12) per person. Tours happen daily starting at 8 and 9 a.m.

The Best Iceland Tours

GeoIceland – Premium Golden Circle Tour

Price: Adults from 18,900 króna (about $140); kids from 14,900 króna (about $110) Duration: 9 hours

Visit the rift between two tectonic plates, the powerful waterfall and the geothermal area comprising Iceland's famed Golden Circle and more on this daylong tour. In addition to the high cliffs of the rift valley in Thingvellir National Park, the often rainbow-adorned Gullfoss waterfall and the hot spring Geysir, this tour stops at the Kerid volcanic crater, as well as a tomato farm. Tour-takers frequently cite both the stunning scenery and the friendly, amusing guides as highlights of this journey.

Buses depart from the Aurora Reykjavik museum daily at 9 a.m. and return approximately nine hours later. Prices – approximately 18,900 króna (about $140) for adults and 14,900 króna (about $110) for children 3 to 12 – include admission to all attractions, but exclude lunch at the tomato farm's restaurant. GeoIceland also runs tours that depart from other cities in Iceland, including Akureyri and the Lake Mývatn area.

View & Book Tickets: Option 1 | Option 2

Iceland Everywhere Tours – Northern Lights Midnight Adventure Tour

Price: From 11,200 króna (around $70) Duration: 3 to 5 hours

Spend the night searching for the northern lights on this seasonal outing. During the trip, guides not only provide information about the aurora borealis, local history and Icelandic culture, but also assist participants with finding the right setting on their cameras or smartphones to capture the best images. Free professional photographs are also available if you'd prefer to simply admire the sky. Reviewers often rave about the colorful lights and appreciate the knowledgeable guides' insights and willingness to take pictures.

These minibus rides happen every night from September to mid-April starting at 9 p.m. and last from three to five hours. Prices start at 11,200 króna (around $70). Transportation from area hotels is available. There is a maximum of 15 participants per each tour. Iceland Everywhere Tours also offers guided excursions to the South Coast and the Golden Circle.

View & Book Tickets: Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3

Funky Iceland – The Funky Food & Beer Walk

Price: Adults from 15,000 króna (about $110); kids from 7,500 króna (about $55) Duration: 3 hours

Enjoy a culinary adventure on this three-hour walking tour of Reykjavik. The tour has five food stops featuring nine traditional Icelandic dishes, such as lamb stew, dried fish and fermented shark, as well as five locally craft beers. Foodies tend to relish the savvy guides' insights into Icelandic culture and cuisine.

Tours start outside the Hallgrímskirkja Church at 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday and Tuesday. Tickets cost approximately 15,000 króna (about $110) for adults and 7,500 króna (about $55) for children 12 to 15. There's no charge for kids 11 and younger. Groups range in size from two to eight people.

CityWalk Reykjavik – Free Walking Tour Reykjavik

Price: Free Duration: 2 hours

Stroll among the main attractions of downtown Reykjavik , including the statue of Jón Sigurðsson and the Harpa concert hall, on this approximately two-hour, 1.3-mile tour. Guides will regale you with stories concerning Icelandic history, as well as lore involving elves, Vikings and more, which tour-takers deem highly entertaining.

Walks start at 10:30 a.m., noon or 1:30 p.m. every day at the Austurvöllur (the city's main square) and conclude at city hall. Bookings open up about five days in advance. While there's no fee for this tour, guides do appreciate tips. There are no age or group-size limits. CityWalk Reykjavik does offer a slightly longer, small-group tour for a fee.

View & Book Tickets: CityWalk Reykjavik | Viator

Icelandic Mountain Guides – Blue Ice Experience

Price: Adults from 13,990 króna (about $102); kids from 9,793 króna (about $71) Duration: 3.5 hours

Hike among the ice formations, crevasses and frozen ridges of the enormous Vatnajökull glacier on this small-group expedition. Outings of up to 15 people commence at the welcome center at Skaftafell (about 200 miles southeast of Reykjavik) and last about 3.5 hours, including up to 1.5 to 2 hours on the ice. Past participants consistently describe the scenery as stunning and the guides as professional and informative.

Tours are available multiple times a day, beginning at 9 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Adult tickets start at 13,990 króna (about $102). Corresponding costs for youngsters 10 to 17 are 9,793 króna (about $71). Children younger than 10 may not join the tour. Prices include the use of ice axes, harnesses and crampons. Icelandic Mountain Guides conducts a variety of glacier walks, snowmobile tours and guided hikes.

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