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17 Safari Nursery Ideas for Your Little Wild Thing

Jenny Studenroth Gerson

Expecting a baby? Life’s about to get wild. If an animal-themed safari nursery is on your mind, consider stepping things up a bit with these adorable safari nursery details. Whether you’re going all-out with the safari nursery theme or are making subtle nods with, for example a giraffe-print crib sheet or elephant wall art, there are so many ways to create a beautiful safari-themed space for your little one. Here are some of our favorites safari nursery ideas. 

Dancing Animals Rug Safari Nursery Decor

safari nursery name

Photo and where to buy: Pottery Barn Kids

A mid-century modern safari animal rug is the perfect choice for an upscale nursery—it’s on-theme and yet not cheesy. 

Monochrome Safari Nursery Wallpaper

safari nursery name

Photo: Happiest Baby

A busy safari-print nursery wallpaper will bring elegance and timelessness to the space, especially if you opt for a black-and-white version like this one from Cole & Son . 

Black & White Safari Nursery Prints 

safari nursery name

Photo: @thenomadicbaby  

Sure, safari animals are usually a vibrant bunch, but sometimes black-and-white plays so nicely in a baby’s jungle-themed room. This monochrome animal wall art pops on a tribal-print background. 

Flower Crown Safari Nursery Prints and Decor

safari nursery name

Photo: @busybeingsasha

There are so many unique safari theme wall art options on Etsy and Amazon , but if you’re designing a girly nursery, these flower-crown-wearing jungle animals are too cute to pass up. 

Faux Taxidermy Safari Nursery Decor

safari nursery name

The modern trend of taxidermy-inspired decor is a fun one to pull into any nursery; a plush giraffe head adds whimsy to your safari-themed baby room .  

Giraffe Safari Nursery Decor

SNOO Zoo giraffe accessory in a safari-themed nursery

What safari nursery is complete without a giraffe? SNOO Zoo would fit right in with this nursery theme, while amping up the style with its elegant design. Plus, nature-lovers can feel good about adding this gentle giant to their decor because a portion of all proceeds goes to the World Resources Institute—an organization that's helping to restore and conserve natural habitats!

Safari Nursery Blushing Bears Rug

safari nursery name

Photo & Where to Buy: Rugs USA

Another pop of pretty for your girly safari nursery! The soft pink tone is charming and neutral, and the friendly bears enhance the animal-themed nursery so sweetly.   

Safari Nursery Animal Nameplate

safari nursery name

Photo & where to buy: Miller Kyle Studios vis Etsy

What baby’s room would be complete without a name or monogram sign? This handmade giraffe nameplate is the perfect touch to create a modern safari-themed nursery.

Safari Nursery Mat

safari nursery name

Photo & where to buy: deeranddot via Etsy

Baby will love a soft and cozy tummy time and play mat with a cheerful safari animal print. Add fringe for boho flair!

Jungle Safari Nursery Neutral Wall Art

safari nursery name

Photo & where to buy: Buy Buy Baby

Earthy tones and simple shapes like the ones in this series make for a beautiful, gender-neutral addition to any safari theme baby room.  

Safari Nursery Crib Sheet

safari nursery name

Photo & Where to Buy: AGreatBaby via Etsy  

Personalized baby bedding is always a nice touch, but these animals on safari are an extra-special way to infuse your safari nursery theme in every aspect of the room. Plus, it’ll be the perfect backdrop for adorable snoozy baby pictures.  

Safari Nursery Animal Mobile

safari nursery name

Photo & where to buy: NicoandMaddie via Etsy  

Baby will drift right to Dreamland while watching dainty safari animals dance above the crib with this great baby room accessory.

Safari Nursery Growth Chart 

safari nursery name

Photo & where to buy: ThereseDekkerDesigns

Rather than scribbling baby’s height on the wall, consider a moveable, oversized ruler that can go anywhere—and it matches your safari nursery theme! 

Safari Nursery Giraffe  

safari nursery name

Photo:  @augustaj

Tie the jungle safari theme together with an oversized, standing stuffed animal that will create interest and add humor to the space. Taking Baby’s photo next to this guy as he or she grows would be a cute way to mark milestones, too!

Nursery Safari Paper Art

safari nursery name

Photo: @MittyandWilf  

Add charm and happiness with a bright splash of color. Nursery wall art can be so many different things, and these paper cut out pieces from Mitty and Wilf are just precious. 

Safari Nursery Hippo Rocker

safari nursery name

Photo & where to buy: Pottery Barn Kids

The Pottery Barn Kids animal rocker has become a modern classic. Available in so many styles and colors, there’s one for every baby’s room—but the hippo is our top pick for your baby’s animal safari nursery.  

… Or Just Go All Out With Your Safari Nursery Theme!

safari nursery name

Photo: @lust_life_designs  

This mama didn’t spare a single detail when creating her safari nursery, and we’re here for it! From banana leaf wallpaper and potted plants, to tons of rattan and wicker, and felt animal heads… every inch of this nursery pulls off the safari nursery theme flawlessly. Check the original post on Instagram for where-to-shop.

Final Thoughts on Safari Nursery Ideas 

No safari nursery is complete without an amazing baby bed that can complement any decor...no matter how wild! Enter: The SNOO baby bassinet  which is perfect for every baby room. Plus, SNOO actually helps promote healthy sleep and keeps baby's safely sleeping in their back!

About Jenny Studenroth Gerson

Jenny Studenroth Gerson is an Atlanta-based lifestyle journalist and novelist ( Let Me Let You Go , 2020). Her work can be seen in publications including HuffPost, Cosmo, and WSJ, among many others. Jenny has researched thousands of baby names, combed through hundreds of nursery designs, and curated dozens of baby shower guides, making her absolutely the mom—and writer—you want to talk to when planning for Baby. When not meeting deadlines, she is chasing toddlers or chugging coffee—or both! Find her on Instagram @ourlifeinrosegold for mom hacks and more.

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safari nursery name

Nursery Lookbook with 100's of curated designs - industry's most coveted Lookbook

21 wild and wonderful safari nursery ideas.

  • Tira Attygalla
  • Updated on:
  • October 13, 2023

If you're looking for a way to create a fun and engaging space for your little one, why not consider a safari-themed nursery? With its bright colors, playful animal prints, and adventurous decor, a safari theme can be the perfect choice for parents who want a design that is exciting and playful. Ahead are 21 wild and wonderful safari nursery ideas so you can introduce your little one to the wonders of the natural world. Whether you're looking for inspiration for your baby boy's nursery or your baby girl's room , these safari-themed ideas run the gamut from bold and colorful accent walls to natural wood and earthy tones with traditional animals like elephants and giraffes to playful lions, curious monkeys, and more. You'll find something special to turn your nursery into a wild and wonderful oasis.

Get ready to go on a wild and wonderful adventure as we explore the best safari nursery ideas for your baby's new space.


Safari-themed wall murals.

When decorating a safari-themed nursery, murals can add a sense of adventure and wonder. From lush jungle scenes to playful animal prints, there are a variety of safari-themed mural options to choose from. A safari mural can be a great way to create a focal point in the room and set the tone for the rest of the decor. Whether you choose a colorful mural or a more subtle and naturalistic one, a safari mural can inspire your little one's imagination and sense of adventure. And the best part? A mural can be a relatively easy and affordable idea to transform a nursery into a wild and wonderful oasis.

Safari Nursery Wallpaper 

Decorating a playful and beautiful safari-inspired nursery can be made easy with safari wallpaper designs. You can opt for all-over safari wallpaper or use it as an accent wall to create a unique and dynamic space. The key is to select a wallpaper design that complements the baby's room.

Animal Prints  

Animal prints bring playfulness and whimsy to a safari-themed nursery. From leopard spots to zebra stripes, there are a variety of animal prints to choose from, each with its unique character and charm. Animal print accents can be incorporated into nursery decor in countless ways, from bedding and curtains to pillows and wall art. Go bold with a statement animal print wallpaper, or keep it subtle with a few animal print accents scattered throughout the room.

Jungle-Inspired Wall Hangings

Jungle-inspired wall hangings can be a great way to bring the lush greenery and exotic beauty of the jungle into a safari-themed nursery. Jungle-inspired wall hangings such as woven tapestries add texture, color, and visual interest to the nursery decor while creating a sense of depth and dimensionality.

Bold and Colorful Accent Walls

An accent wall is an easy and affordable way to add personality to a safari nursery. Painting in bold, adventurous colors such as greens, oranges, and browns can inject energy and style into a safari-themed nursery. Take a more classic route with a simple solid color, painting a bold accent wall to create a focal point in the room and set the stage for the rest of the decor.

Natural Wood and Earthy Tones

Incorporating natural wood and earthy tones can be a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in a safari-themed nursery. From wooden cribs and dressers to woven baskets and rugs made from natural fibers, there are many ways to incorporate these elements into the decor. Natural wood furniture can add warmth and texture to the space, while earthy tones like greens, browns, and beiges can create a sense of calm and tranquility.

Tribal-Inspired Decorative Elements

Incorporating tribal-inspired decorative elements can add a sense of cultural richness and depth to a safari-themed nursery. From woven baskets and textiles to carved wooden figurines and masks, tribal-inspired decor items can work well in a nursery design.

Safari-Inspired Lighting and Lamps

Adding safari-inspired lighting and lamps can add a sense of adventure and whimsy to a safari-themed nursery. You can also incorporate lighting that mimics the warm glow of a sunset or the soft light of a campfire to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Adding dimmer switches can also be a great way to adjust the lighting to fit your little one's needs, whether for quiet-time or playtime.

Safari-Themed Storage 

Safari-themed storage solutions come in many shapes and sizes and can help elevate your nursery. From wall-mounted shelves to cute animal-shaped cubbies and animal-inspired storage bins, they provide practical storage solutions to help keep everything organized and tidy.

Safari-Inspired accessories and accents

Safari-inspired nursery accessories and accent pieces can give a playful and adventurous vibe. Add a touch of whimsy by incorporating animal-shaped pillows, plush toys, or safari-themed mobiles above the crib. Using natural materials like bamboo or rattan can add a sense of authenticity to the decor while also feeling playful. Adding a vintage safari trunk or suitcase as a decorative piece can also be a great way to add a sense of history and adventure to the room. Whether it's a roaring lion, a gentle giraffe, or a majestic elephant, safari-inspired elements can add a touch of magic to your baby's nursery, making it a space that both you and your little one will cherish.

Are you inspired to create a stunning safari nursery with a touch of the wild that is fit for an adventurous little one? Look no further- we’ve gone through our Nursery Lookbook  and are here to bring you some of our favorite safari nursery designs.

Nolan's nursery

Kiran's nursery

Morgan's nursery

Aiden's nursery

Hudson's nursery

Leo's nursery

Declan's nursery

Grady's nursery

Dominick's nursery

Baker's nursery


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12 Enchanting Safari Nursery Ideas for Your Little Adventurer

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for details.

Preparing the nursery for your new arrival is a heartwarming project, and what better way to welcome your baby into the world than with a safari themed nursery?

A safari theme offers a blend of warmth, adventure, and a touch of the wild, creating a stimulating environment for your little one.

From the gentle giants of the savannah to the lush canopies of the rainforest, here are 12 safari nursery ideas that will inspire your baby’s room design.

Safari Nursery Ideas

1. Savannah Sunset Safari Nursery

Capture the essence of the African savannah with terracotta and golden yellow walls, complemented by natural wood furniture.

Incorporate plush toy animals, like elephants and lions , for a playful touch.

Woven baskets provide practical storage solutions while enhancing the rustic feel of the nursery.

Savannah Safari Nursery with giraffe

2. Jungle Explorer Safari Nursery

Transform the nursery into a vibrant jungle with lush green walls and a large jungle mural . Dark wood furniture contrasts beautifully with jungle animal-print bedding.

Add an explorer’s map and mobile with plush jungle animals to spark curiosity and adventure from day one.

Jungle Safari Nursery with monkey map

3. Gentle Giants Safari Nursery

Create a serene space with soft pastel colors and delicate elephant decals adorning white furniture.

A mobile with miniature elephants adds charm, while elephant-shaped pillows and an upholstered armchair offer cozy spots for storytime cuddles.

If you want to go with bold colors, then try incorporating vibrant greens, blues, and yellows.

green and white elephant nursery

4. Tropical Oasis Safari Nursery

Opt for bamboo furniture and paint the walls a soft palm leaf green to evoke a tropical oasis.

An accent wallpaper with large tropical leaves and hidden safari animals sets a stunning backdrop for the crib.

Brightly colored toys and accessories add playful splashes of color.

Tropical Safari Nursery birds and monkeys

5. Desert Adventure Safari Nursery

Inspired by the African deserts, use sandy beige walls with cactus green accents.

Choose simple, modern light wood furniture and accessorize with desert animal prints.

Faux cactus plants and desert landscape photos bring authenticity to the theme.

desert safari nursery camels

6. Under the Canopy Safari Nursery

Deep green walls and a leaf-patterned accent wall mimic the dense forest canopy.

Place plush animal toys around a dark wood crib to create a sense of being amongst wildlife. A green fabric canopy over the crib adds a magical touch, enveloping your baby in a cozy, enclosed space.

If green isn’t your thing, go with a tan bamboo color!

white and green safari nursery with canopy

7. Serengeti Camp Safari Nursery

Channel the spirit of a safari camp with khaki walls and a tent-shaped crib .

Canvas rugs, faux leather poufs, and a wooden trunk evoke the rugged outdoors. Decorative safari hats and binoculars stir imaginations of future explorations.

Going on a safari nursery with cute explorer decor

8. Bright Savannah Safari Nursery

For a cheerful ambiance, pair vibrant colors with crisp white furniture.

Colorful safari animal bedding and framed illustrations of African wildlife brighten the space. A sunny armchair and a rainbow-striped rug inject joyful energy.

colorful bright Safari Nursery

9. Nocturnal Safari Nursery

A navy blue wall represents the night sky, complemented by sleek black furniture. Bedding featuring nocturnal animals like owls and leopards introduces the mysterious side of the safari.

Glow-in-the-dark star decals and a moon-shaped lamp set a soothing nighttime atmosphere.

 Safari Nursery night animals

10. Rainforest Retreat Safari Nursery

Immerse your nursery in the richness of the rainforest with vibrant green walls and a detailed mural .

Surround the natural wood crib with tropical bird toys and a floor-standing mosquito net for an authentic touch. Wooden animal carvings and a zebra chair encourage imaginative play.

Rainforest Safari Nursery

11. Outback Explorer Safari Nursery

Draw inspiration from the Australian outback with earthy red walls and kangaroo-themed accents.

Bedding and curtains depicting koalas, kangaroos, and other Australian wildlife, along with Aboriginal art, celebrate the country’s unique fauna and rich cultural heritage.

Australian outback nursery red

12. Animal Kingdom Safari Nursery

Adorn the room with bold animal print wallpaper and gold-accented furniture for a regal feel.

An elegant crib with plush animal print bedding, gold-framed animal portraits, and a luxurious faux fur rug or faux zebra rug adds sophistication, creating a nursery fit for a little king or queen of the jungle.

fancy safari nursery

These safari-themed nursery ideas blend the excitement of discovery with the coziness needed for a baby’s room.

Whether you’re drawn to the serenity of the desert, the lushness of the jungle, or the majesty of the savannah, there’s a safari nursery theme to match every family’s style and inspire your little adventurer’s imagination.

Nursery Ideas and Themes

Creating a space for your little one is such a precious season in your life. But finding the right style, theme, or color can be nerve-wracking. I mean, there are so many ways you can go. Here at The Olive Branch. We want you to feel inspired and get those creative juices flowing. So, here is a list of all our nursery ideas to help you find the perfect idea for your baby's room.

safari nursery name

10 Dinosaur Nursery Ideas for Your Little Explorer

safari nursery name

10 Epic Star Wars Themed Nursery Ideas

safari nursery name

25 Adorable Pink Nursery Inspirations for Your Little Girl

safari nursery name

25 Blue Nursery Ideas to Welcome Your Little Boy

safari nursery name

10 Whimsical Wildflower Nursery Ideas For Your Little One

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Wild and Wonderful Jungle Safari Nursery Ideas

October 24, 2023 · All Pregnancy Posts , Nursery Ideas , Pregnancy

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure here.

Jungle Safari Nursery Ideas

If you’re currently on the lookout for nursery themes, the safari nursery might be a great choice. Whether you’re an animal lover or an adventurer at heart, a jungle-themed nursery might be the perfect fit for your little one. So buckle up, grab your binoculars, and let’s explore the wonders of the wilderness together!

Safari Baby Animals Prints

Bring the wild side of the jungle to your baby’s room with these adorable safari baby animal art prints. These vibrant prints feature cute and cuddly baby animals, such as lions, giraffes, and zebras. Use them as a centerpiece for a safari-themed nursery or as a playful addition to your child’s room.

Baby Safari Animals Wall Prints

Delta Children Crib

The Delta Children Sloane 4-in-1 Acrylic Convertible Crib is a versatile piece that will complete any safari-themed nursery. With its clear acrylic sides, you can easily admire your baby while they rest. And as your little one grows, you can transform it from a crib to a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed, making it a long-lasting investment. It’s easy to assemble, making it perfect for new parents looking for style and functionality.

Delta Children Sloane Crib

Neutral Safari Animal Print Crib Sheets

Add a playful and inviting feel to your safari themed nursery with the Safari Animal Crane Baby Crib Sheets! Made from soft cotton materials, these sheets provide ultimate comfort and cozy snuggles for your little one. Simply slip them onto your baby’s crib mattress for a quick and easy update to your jungle-themed nursery décor. Get ready for some wild and wonderful dreams!

Neutral Jungle Safari Crib Sheet

Tropical Leaf Accent Rug

This rug with its vibrant green leaf design and soft, cozy material is the perfect addition to any safari-themed space. Lay it down next to a crib or play area to instantly transport your little adventurer to the heart of the savanna.

safari nursery rug

Teddy Upholstered Rocking Chair

This modern accent rocking chair is such a beautiful addition to any nursery! Its sleek design and comfortable cushion make it the perfect place to relax and read to your little ones as they dream of wild animals on the savanna. Trust us, your nursery will be complete with this statement piece!

Teddy Upholstered Modern Rocking Chair

Tropical Leaf Lamp

Add a touch of exotic charm to your safari themed nursery with this stunning tropical leaf lamp. Perfectly designed to create a serene ambiance in your little one’s room, the beautiful green leaves radiate a warm glow that will surely lull your baby to sleep. A definite must-have for any safari lover!

Small Tropical Leaf Lamp

Jungle Safari Animals Crib Mobile

Bring the wild to your little one’s room with a jungle animals crib mobile! This adorable accessory features cute and colorful creatures that will surely delight your baby. Perfect for a safari themed nursery, the crib mobile adds an extra touch of fun and excitement to your baby’s sleep space. So let your child drift off to dreamland surrounded by friendly lions, zebras, and monkeys swinging gently overhead.

Jungle Animals Crib Mobile

Neutral Muslin Receiving Blankets

Looking for a cozy and stylish way to swaddle your little one in your safari-themed nursery? Look no further than these beige and safari animal crane baby soft muslin swaddles! Made from super soft muslin, these swaddles feature playful prints of giraffes, lions, and elephants.. Use them to wrap up your little one during naptime or snuggle time, or even as a stylish backdrop for your newborn photo shoot! With these swaddles, you’ll have a little touch of the savanna right in your own home.

Neutral Jungle Muslin Swaddle Receiving Blanket

Giant Stuffed Animal Giraffe

A giant stuffed animal giraffe is the perfect addition to a safari themed nursery! Its long neck and adorable face make for the ultimate cuddle buddy for your little one. Plus, it adds a touch of adventure and whimsy to the space. Let your child’s imagination run wild with their very own giraffe companion!

Melissa and Doug Giant Giraffe

Green Area Rug

Welcome to the jungle! This super soft shaggy green rug is the perfect addition to any safari themed nursery. Not only will it provide a plush spot for baby to play, but its vibrant green color mimics the lush vegetation found in the wild. It’s like bringing a piece of the safari right into your home.

Dark Green Nursery Rug

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" Wooden Wall Decal

Complete your little one’s room with this wooden wall decal that says “the lion sleeps tonight”! Perfect for a safari themed nursery, this fun and playful decor will transport your child to the savanna plains, dreaming of adventures with their favorite jungle animals. Sweet dreams are guaranteed!

The Lion Sleeps Tonight Wall Decor

Wooden Safari Animal Figurines

Calling all animal lovers! Add some wild adventure to your little one’s nursery with these wooden safari animal figurines. These adorable and sturdy animals can bring an African savannah or a dense jungle to life in the nursery, allowing your little explorer’s imagination to roam free. Get ready for endless animal kingdom playtime! 

Jungle wooden figurines

Giraffe Print Baby Blanket and Security Blanket Toy

Wrap your little one in the coziness of a giraffe print baby blanket and add a touch of safari-inspired magic to your nursery. This soft and snuggly blanket, adorned with the cutest giraffe prints, is perfect for keeping your baby warm and comfortable. Whether you’re planning a jungle-themed baby shower or simply looking for a stylish and practical gift, this baby blanket will surely impress both parents and babies alike. Feel the softness, snuggle in the warmth and let your baby’s wild dreams come true!

Giraffe Baby Blanket and Plush Toy

Green Muslin Crib Sheets

These vibrant green muslin sheets are perfect for a safari themed nursery! Soft, breathable, and easy to wash, they’ll keep your little explorer comfy and cozy while they dream of lions and giraffes. Plus, the bold green color will add a pop of fun to any animal-filled decor scheme!

Muslin Green Crib Sheets

Jungle Safari Animals Closet Organizer Tabs

Transform your little one’s nursery into a wild adventure with these baby clothes closet dividers! Not only do they help you stay organized, but they add a touch of fun to your baby’s wardrobe. From newborn to 24 months, these dividers feature cute and colorful safari animals to match any safari themed nursery.

Baby Safari Closet Dividers

Neutral Safari Animal Crib Mobile

If you are going for more of a neutral theme this Crane Baby Crib Mobile is Perfect! With playful safari animals hanging from the mobile, your little one will love to watch as they spin and dance overhead. This mobile is the perfect finishing touch for a safari themed nursery and will bring endless fun and imagination to your little one’s world.

Neutral Jungle Crib Mobile

Neutral Muslin Crib Sheets

These neutral colored muslin fitted crib sheets are a great second set to have on standby. These soft and breathable cotton sheets come in a 2 pack and feature a neutral color scheme, making them perfect for any safari theme. Your baby will love snuggling up on these cozy sheets after a day of exploring the jungle!

Muslin Neutral Crib sheets

Green Minky Changing Pad Cover

Add a pop of color to your safari themed nursery with a green minky changing pad cover! Not only will it add some playful texture, but it’s also super soft for your baby’s delicate skin. Plus, the color green perfectly mimics the lush foliage found in the African savannah.

Green Minky Changing Pad Cover

Stuffed Animal Toy Hammock

Imagine having a cute and playful way to store your baby’s favorite stuffed animals while still staying in theme with your safari nursery. A stuffed animal toy hammock can be a perfect solution! It provides a fun and creative storage option that not only adds to the aesthetic of the room but also keeps the space organized and tidy. Plus, your little one will love having all their furry friends neatly displayed and within reach for playtime adventures!

Macrame Toy Hammock

Neutral Safari Animal Burp Cloths

These Crane Baby burp rags featuring neutral colors and safari animals match right along with the sheets, receiving blankets and changing pad covers making these a perfect addition! 

Neutral Jungle Burp Cloths

Green Tassel Garland Decoration

Adding a strand of green tassel garland to a safari themed nursery is the perfect touch of playful elegance! Hang it above the crib to bring in some lively jungle vibes, or drape it over the bookshelf for an added pop of color. Plus, baby can play with the tassels while you read them bedtime stories!

Green Jungle Wooden Bead and Tassel Garland

Woven Laundry Hamper Basket

Say goodbye to unsightly laundry piles in your safari themed nursery! The woven laundry hamper adds a touch of rustic charm while keeping dirty clothes organized and out of sight. Its sturdy design can withstand even the wildest adventures, making it the perfect addition to your jungle-inspired nursery.

Woven Hamper

Woven Organization Baskets

Keep things neat and tidy with these organization baskets that match with the laundry hamper! These baskets are perfect for small items on a changing table or even small toys on a shelf. 


Neutral Safari Animal Changing Pad Cover

Transform your little one’s changing station into a wild and playful oasis with this neutral safari animal changing pad cover. Featuring adorable illustrations of a giraffe, lion, and elephant, this cover will add a touch of adventure to any safari themed nursery. It’s soft, machine washable, and perfect for your growing baby’s changing needs. Plus it matches all of the other Crane Baby Safari Animal items!

Neutral Jungle Changing Pad Cover

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Safari nursery décor ideas

Jessica Migala

Fantasy Fields Sunny Safari Monkey Wall Clock

  • Let's Make Baby Crib Mobile

Boppy Elephant Kisses Changing Pad Cover

West elm mid-century safari nursery rug.

  • Melissa & Doug Lifelike 3-Foot Plush Standing Baby Giraffe Stuffed Animal
  • Sammy & Lou Crib Bedding Set – Jungle Pals
  • Oopsy Daisy Eric Carle's Elephant Mother Canvas Wall Art

RoomMates Jungle Friends Peel and Stick Wall Decal

  • Lambs & Ivy Me & Mama White/Gray Elephant Nursery Lamp

Big Dot of Happiness Jungle Party Animal Prints

Sweet jojo designs mod jungle safari animal print window valance, tegance storage baskets for organizing, imprinted designs set of 4 vinyl wall art decals, mary meyer giraffe baby mat.

Animals take center stage when you’re designing a safari-themed nursery. Set baby up to take a sunny adventure through the jungle with some lovable furry friends every day.

When looking for safari nursery décor, you can get really cute and playful here with silly accents (like a swinging monkey clock) and bright colors (oranges, greens, and yellows). But blacks, whites, and grays also add nice touches to a neutral room, too. 

Don’t be shy about taking the jungle look as far as you want to. Simply add a few accents, like a rug or wall art, or go all the way with lively wall decals, window treatments, and attention-grabbing stuffed animals . Here’s what will take your safari nursery over the top.

Why trust us?

He’s cute and he’s here to hang! This monkey clock is the perfect addition to dress up a wall of the nursery. Shaped like a monkey swinging on a tree branch, he looks as if he’s ready for some serious playtime. The clock is lightweight and easy to hang up, plus requires just one battery to operate.  

  • Weight: 1.76 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16 x 11.5 x 1.76 inches

Let's Make Baby Crib Mobile

The minimalist wind chime-style mobile will add a lot of charm to baby’s room. Secure the wooden top to a mobile hanger or ceiling and watch the handmade stars, pom poms, and cutest knitted elephant you ever did see dance around above the crib. Neutral gray and white go with any color scheme. Parents love the little bells in the mobile that give off a gentle, pleasing jingle sound that little ones love.

  • Weight: 6.7 ounces
  • Dimensions: 6.18 x 6.18 x 1.93 inches

The changing pad cover says it all — your baby is your heart. The gray cover features a white elephant blowing little floating hearts all the way up to the top. A 100 percent polyester material is surprisingly soft, and you can toss it in the wash for easy cleanup. Parents love how the plush fabric seems to soothe baby during diaper changes.

  • Dimensions: 16 x 32 inches

Handcrafted in India, this 100 percent wool rug will feel good under little one’s toes — and it’ll look great, too. All playfully jumping around, the lion, leopard, tiger, and cheetah add a colorful, dynamic pop to any nursery. Plus, you’ve got the cool circular rug — 5-feet in diameter — that’s big enough to make a focal point in the room.  

  • Dimensions: 5-foot diameter

Melissa & Doug Lifelike 3-Foot Plush Standing Baby Giraffe Stuffed Animal

Talk about a showstopper. The giant giraffe has been a classic gift for babies (yes, really) for years. And for good reason: He’s cute, he’s cuddly, and he’s pretty big. Three feet tall to be exact. But with those big eyes, long eyelashes, and little tufts on his head, baby will be happy he’s in her corner.

  • Weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 33.05 x 22.45 x 11.8 inches
  • Age/weight limit: Recommended for ages 4 and up. Make sure to supervise babies during play. 

Sammy & Lou Crib Bedding Set – Jungle Pals

This bedding set comes with four pieces: a quit, crib skirt, fitted crib sheet, and stuffed toy elephant. Both the crib skirt and quilt are designed with cute and colorful baby jungle animals, including a giraffe, lion, elephant, and alligator. The gender-neutral pastels give a safari themed nursery a softer look. Parents love how nice the quilt feels, noting that it’s something baby will love for a long time. 

  • Dimensions: 28 x 52 inches (crib sheet), 35 x 45 inches (quilt), crib skirt has 14-inch drop
  • Age/weight limit: Infants should not sleep with quilts or toys   

Oopsy Daisy Eric Carle's Elephant Mother Canvas Wall Art

An Eric Carle illustration of a mama and baby elephant is sure to tug at your heart strings. The greens, blues, and grays in this picture add a touch of color to any room. It’s also produced with your little one in mind — the ink used is GREENGUARD Gold certified, too. Available in two sizes that are perfectly fitting above a crib, changing station, or bookshelf. 

  • Weight: 1 or 1.75 lbs
  • Dimensions: 18 x 14 x 1.5 inches or 24 x 18 x 1.5 inches

Just peel and stick and you’re good to go. These safari-themed decals are bright and colorful and feature a flock of fun animals, from monkeys to lions, birds, monkeys, and zebras. Easily place them around the top or middle of any room as a border, or make a silly scene on a wall. The package comes with 47 decals that can be removed and stuck again, no problem. 

  • Decals arrange in size from 1.3 x 1.4 to 9.3 x 12.5 inches

Lambs & Ivy Me & Mama White/Gray Elephant Nursery Lamp

Mommy and me. A gray mom and baby elephant lovingly look at each other at the base of this small lamp. Complementing the base is a shade that’s white with a black zig-zag design. Parents point out that though this is small, it emits just the right amount of light you want for middle-of-the-night wake-ups. Bonus: It comes with an energy-efficient light bulb, too.

  • Weight: 2.15 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 13.75 inches

These little animals are ready to steal your heart with this set of four ready-to-hang prints. The adorable faces and fun colors bring a happy vibe into the room. Ready to hang, these are also lightweight, so they’re easy to get up onto a wall. 

  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.06 x 2.0 x 11.13 inches (overall); 11 x 11 inches each

This window valance completes the safari theme in the nursery. Friendly monkeys, snakes, lions, hippos, and giraffes are all happily hanging out on the white fabric. The valance is super easy to push through a window rod for effortless install. It’s machine washable, so you can also keep it looking like new for a long time.  

  • Dimensions: 54 x 15 inches (requires a 0.75-inch rod pocket diameter)

Bring the outside in with this set of three large, leaf-printed storage baskets. Stash baby blankets, toys, books, or diaper supplies in these sturdy linen bins. Each bin is also outfitted with two natural rope handles for easy pick-up. Parents say that they hold up so well, you can use them through multiple kids. 

  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16.3 x 12.2 x 4 inches

Gang’s all here! A zebra, bunny, giraffe, and lion cartoon wall decals keep careful watch over baby. The decal comes as one large vinyl for you to position, peel, and stick. (Some parents cut these apart for alternate options for positioning and to make application easier.) Overall, happy parents say these are worth the little extra effort required to install.  

  • Dimensions: 17 x 44 inches (each decal is 8 inches to 15 inches in length)

Time for lots of snuggles on this tummy time play mat. Shaped like a giraffe, it’s the perfect size for baby to lay down on and reach for the animal’s ears or horns. You can move this around the room or into the next room. It’s soft, cuddly, and incredibly cute. Easy to wipe clean, too, which is essential.

  • Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 24 x 35 inches

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How to Create a Safari Themed Nursery for Your Little One

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NURSERY ROOM DECOR: Safari Themed Nursery Room

When it comes to designing your child’s nursery, there are endless possibilities! If you’re looking for a fun safari-themed nursery then, here are some ideas to get you started. Find some safari nursery decor to bring your nursery to life.

Are you as excited as I am?

Why Create a Safari Theme Nursery?

If you love safari animals and the idea of a safari nursery, it can be a great theme because safari animals are somewhat gender-neutral.

Just picture a room with grey elephants, monkeys, lions, and giraffes. Not to mention all of the vibrant colors that come with a safari theme. So, whether you’re having a boy or girl, safari animals can be a great choice for your nursery.

How to Create a Safari Nursery Theme

There are many different ways to create a safari nursery. You can use animal prints, safari colors, and safari décor to get the look you want.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Safari Nursery Walls

For the walls, consider using a safari wallpaper border or mural. You could also paint an animal scene on one or more of the walls. For example, you might want to have safari wallpaper on three walls and a large mural or decal as a feature wall.

Safari Themed Nursery

Image From  Hovia

Wall decals depicting safari animals and trees would create a great safari-themed room. You could also use stickers of safari animals or trees.

safari nursery name

Image from LittleDreamerDeco

If you’re feeling adventurous, try a stencil of a safari animal or scene on one of the walls. That would be great. However, if you want something already designed there are plenty of  nursery room  wall stickers out there to choose from.

safari nursery name

Image from  LittleDreamerDeco

Safari Themed Nursery Furniture

When it comes to furniture, you can go with safari-themed pieces and safari nursery decor or simply add some safari touches to otherwise normal furniture.

Exploring nature and animal wall arts is another creative way to create a safari theme. Versatile options like colorful lion wall arts capture a lot about the animal kingdom to give a lift to the safari–theme room. They also add a bright glow and elegance to the general appearance.

Here are some great safari-themed pieces of furniture:

Safari Changing Table

If you get a changing table for your safari nursery, consider one that has animals on it or at least features safari colors. You could also look for a Safari changing mat like the one below.

safari nursery name

Image from My Little Dreamer UK

The Baby Crib and Bedding

You could also add a safari-themed border to the top of a plain changing table to give it the feel you are going for. That would make a great decoration.

safari nursery name

Image From Pottery Barn Kids

A safari crib is a great choice for a safari nursery. It can be as simple as having animals or trees painted on it, or you can go with an actual safari-themed crib that has fabrics and designs featuring safari animals and landscapes.

A lion or elephant blanket would look great in your little ones’ crib. Have a search online to find cute safari bed sheets and bedding.

safari nursery name

Image from MyBooBooBaby

Safari Themed Animal Print Rug

When it comes to picking out the best furniture pieces for your safari-themed nursery, consider picking ones that are safari-like in color or theme. For example, you could use an animal print rug as a floor mat.

Having a nursery rug is a great idea because it makes the floor more comfortable for the baby. It could also help keep your child warm at night or even be used as a soft play area during the day.

safari nursery name

Image From  Kukoon Rugs

Safari Animals for the Nursery

A play mat could be surrounded with cute plush toys that any baby boy or baby girl will love.

Soft safari animals like lions, elephants, and monkeys can provide hours of fun and safari-themed exploration.

You could also choose to have a few larger safari animals as part of your nursery décor. A large giraffe, lion, or elephant would look great in your safari nursery and I’m sure there are plenty of deals online to find the perfect large plush to go with your space.

safari nursery name

Image From Deal Genius

Safari Bookcase

If you love safari books, why not create a safari bookcase to house them all.

For this idea, you could use safari-colored paint or stencils of safari animals to finish off the job.

You could even go all out and make it look like a real safari tree! Choose your favorite safari and jungle-themed books for toddlers and have fun choosing a collection of stories to read with your little one as they grow.

safari nursery name

Image From Pottery Barn Kids

Safari Themed Curtains and Window Treatments

If you’re looking for window treatments to match your safari nursery, there are many options to choose from. You could use colored curtains with animal prints on them.

You might also want to consider using safari-themed valances, drapes, or blinds. Look at the different price ranges and choose something which is budget-friendly and good quality so it will last a long time.

Adding  themed touches to your nursery’s  window treatments is a great way to complete the safari look in your child’s room.

This could add style to the mix and different colors can add pop to give your room the charm you desire. You might even like some Giraffe tie backs to go with plain curtains.

safari nursery name

Image from TomTomGift

Safari Themed Accessories

There are many accessories that you can use in your nursery to create the style and look you are going for. You can find safari lamps, saucers, wastebaskets, and more.

You can also find animal-themed wall art, mobiles, and clocks.

Be sure to choose accessories that match the specific look you’re going for in your nursery.

Do some research before you go shopping so you have a good idea of the nursery style you want to create.

Safari Themed Nursery Mobile

Consider purchasing safari animals for your nursery mobile. You could have musical, plush safari animals, or simply stuffed lions, elephants, and giraffes.

If you do purchase a musical mobile for your baby’s room, throw some safari animal sound effects on it so you can choose between hearing jungle sounds or safari noises.

Just imagine a safari mobile hanging over the crib with cute elephants, a monkey, a giraffe, and a lion. This would be so super cute for any gender baby to enjoy. It would look great in a baby boy or girl’s nursery.

safari nursery name

Image from  BabyBunting

Safari Table Lamp

If you want to add a lamp to your safari theme nursery, a table lamp would be a great option. You could also use a lantern or even safari-themed string lights.

A table lamp is useful for feeding times when your little one is younger and a night light can be useful for when they are older.

safari nursery name

Image  The Market

Safari Wall Art

There are plenty of super cute safari wall art pieces out there to use for your safari nursery. You could have safari paintings, safari animal decals, and these make adorable additions to the safari decor in your baby’s room.

You could even have safari paintings mounted on the wall in your safari nursery to create a  safari-themed focal point  in the room.

You can find reasonably priced wall art on Etsy so I’d recommend shopping on that site as it’s often budget-friendly and cheaper than a physical shop. one advantage to finding wall art on Etsy is you can buy cute digital prints and you don’t have to pay for shipping.

safari nursery name

A Safari Name Sign

Name signs are a popular nursery item and can be personalized with your baby’s name.

You could purchase a safari-themed name sign to hang over the crib or changing table in your safari nursery.

If you want to get creative, you could even make your own safari-themed name sign. Just imagine a cute giraffe-themed sign or a wild monkey sign on the door of your safari nursery.

safari nursery name

Image by ArtDesignsMI

Enjoy Creating Your Safari Nursery

Whether it’s a wild African safari or a jungle safari theme nursery, there are so many things you can do to make it special for your little one.

Just be sure to use safari-themed decor that is age-appropriate and will grow with your child. You can also change up the safari look as they get older to keep the room interesting for them. With a little creativity, you can easily  create an adorable safari nursery  that both you and your baby will love for years to come.

' src=

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Nursery Interior

Creating a Safari-themed Nursery: Bringing the Wild Into Your Baby’s Room

safari nursery ideas

Introduction: Designing a Memorable Space for Your Little Explorer

Are you an adventurous parent looking to create a one-of-a-kind nursery that reflects your love for the wild? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey to creating a safari-themed nursery that will ignite your baby’s imagination and transport them to the enchanting world of wildlife. With carefully curated decor, soothing colors, and playful elements, you can transform your baby’s room into a captivating safari oasis. Get ready to embark on this exciting design adventure, as we bring the wild into your baby’s room!

Table of Contents

Unleash your inner designer and let your creativity flow as you embark on this thrilling endeavor. Creating a safari-themed nursery allows you to infuse the room with a sense of adventure, curiosity, and exploration. Here’s how you can bring the wild into your baby’s room:

1. Choosing the Perfect Color Palette

Selecting the right color palette is essential to set the safari mood in your baby’s nursery. Opt for earthy tones, such as soft browns, muted greens, warm yellows, and sandy beiges. These colors emulate the natural hues found in the African savannah and will create a calming atmosphere for your little one.

2. Adorn the Walls with Wildlife Wonders

Transform the blank canvas of your nursery walls into a gallery of wildlife wonders. Hang safari-themed wallpaper or paint a mural featuring animals like lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and monkeys. This visually engaging backdrop will captivate your baby’s attention and foster their love for animals from an early age.

3. Safari-inspired Furniture: Where Style Meets Functionality

Invest in furniture pieces that embody the spirit of the safari while providing practicality for your baby’s needs. Opt for a crib adorned with animal motifs or carved with playful safari shapes. Pair it with a cozy rocking chair , embellished with animal-themed cushions, to create the perfect spot for bedtime stories and bonding moments.

4. Wild Accessories: Finishing Touches for an Adventurous Atmosphere

Accessories are the finishing touches that bring the entire theme together. Sprinkle the room with animal-themed decorations, such as plush toys, wall decals, and mobiles. Hang a canopy adorned with palm leaves to create a cozy nook for your baby. Integrate natural elements like bamboo blinds, woven baskets, and faux fur rugs to enhance the safari vibe.

5. Illuminating the Safari Nights

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the right ambiance for your baby’s nursery. Opt for soft, warm lighting to evoke a soothing atmosphere reminiscent of the African sunset. Install a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness as needed, ensuring a serene and comfortable environment for both you and your little one during nighttime routines.

6. Window Treatments: Blending Style and Practicality

Choose window treatments that complement the safari theme while providing practicality. Install blackout curtains or shades to create a conducive sleep environment during daylight hours. Consider incorporating animal-themed tiebacks or valances to infuse an extra touch of safari charm.

7. Storage Solutions: Taming the Jungle of Baby Supplies

Keeping the nursery tidy and organized is essential for a stress-free parenting experience. Incorporate storage solutions that are both functional and visually appealing. Woven baskets, animal-shaped bins, and wooden crates provide ample space for storing diapers, toys, and clothing, while adding a rustic safari touch to the room.

8. Safety First: A Sanctuary for Your Little Explorer

Creating a safe environment for your baby is paramount. Ensure that all furniture meets safety standards and secure any loose cords or wires. Use corner protectors on furniture and install outlet covers to prevent accidents. Place baby gates at the entrance of the nursery to keep your little explorer safe inside their safari sanctuary.

9. Engaging Wall Art: Sparking Your Baby’s Imagination

Hang captivating wall art that sparks your baby’s imagination and introduces them to the diverse wildlife of the safari. Choose artwork featuring animals in their natural habitats, or opt for educational prints that teach your little one about different species. Not only will this stimulate their curiosity, but it will also add a visually appealing element to the nursery.

10. Comfortable and Cozy Bedding: Sleep Amongst the Wildlife

Make your baby’s bed the centerpiece of the safari-themed nursery with comfortable and cozy bedding. Look for crib sheets, blankets, and pillows adorned with animal prints or safari-inspired patterns. Soft, high-quality fabrics will provide a cozy and restful sleep environment for your little explorer.

11. Nature-inspired Flooring: Bring the Outdoors In

Choose flooring options that mimic the natural elements found in the safari. Hardwood floors or bamboo flooring can add warmth and authenticity to the room. If you prefer carpet, opt for a neutral shade that complements the color palette and adds a touch of softness to the space.

12. Creating a Reading Nook: Tales from the Jungle

Foster a love for reading by creating a cozy reading nook in the safari-themed nursery. Place a comfortable chair or bean bag alongside a bookshelf filled with animal-themed storybooks. Encourage interactive reading sessions with your baby, using different animal voices and engaging storytelling techniques.

13. Soundscapes of the Safari: Soothing and Stimulating Sounds

Enhance the sensory experience in the nursery by incorporating soothing and stimulating sounds of the safari. Install a sound machine that plays gentle nature sounds, such as rainforest ambiance or animal calls. This auditory backdrop will not only soothe your baby during nap time, but also provide a captivating environment for play and exploration.

14. Personalized Touches: Customizing the Safari Experience

Add personalized touches to the nursery to make it truly unique and special. Consider framing safari-themed photographs of your own adventures, or hang a world map to ignite your baby’s wanderlust. You can also incorporate their name or initials into the room decor, creating a sense of ownership and belonging.

15. DIY Safari Crafts: Unleash Your Creativity

Get crafty and unleash your creativity by incorporating DIY safari-themed crafts into the nursery. Create animal-shaped mobiles using felt or paper, make animal masks for imaginative play, or paint your own animal canvases. These handmade elements will add a personal touch to the room while allowing you to bond with your baby through creative activities.

safari themed nursery room

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How can I ensure that the safari-themed nursery remains gender-neutral ?

A1: Opt for a color palette that is not strongly associated with either gender, such as neutral browns, greens, and yellows. Incorporate animal prints or patterns that appeal to both boys and girls, and focus on creating a playful and adventurous atmosphere that transcends gender stereotypes.

Q2: Can I incorporate other themes into the safari-themed nursery?

A2: Yes, you can combine elements from other themes to add variety and personalization. For example, you could integrate a touch of jungle or tropical motifs to enhance the safari experience.

Q3: How can I make the safari-themed nursery adaptable as my baby grows?

A3: Choose furniture and decor items that can easily transition as your child grows older. Opt for convertible cribs that can transform into toddler beds, and select timeless decor pieces that can easily be updated or replaced. This way, you can adapt the room to suit your child’s changing interests and preferences.

Q4: What are some safari-themed nursery ideas for small spaces?

A4: If you have limited space, you can still create a safari-themed nursery by focusing on key elements. Opt for wall decals or removable wallpaper instead of large murals. Choose compact furniture pieces that serve multiple functions, such as a changing table that doubles as a dresser. Utilize vertical storage solutions to maximize space.

Q5: How can I incorporate educational elements into the safari-themed nursery?

A5: You can include educational elements by displaying animal flashcards or posters that teach your child about different species. Hang a world map on the wall and point out the regions where various animals come from. Incorporate books about animals and wildlife into the nursery’s bookshelf.

Q6: What are some budget-friendly ways to create a safari-themed nursery?

A6: To create a safari-themed nursery on a budget, consider DIY projects such as painting your own murals or making animal-themed crafts. Shop for decor items at thrift stores, online marketplaces, or wait for sales and discounts. Repurpose items you already have, such as using baskets or crates as storage solutions.

Conclusion: Embarking on a Wild Design Adventure

Designing a safari-themed nursery is a thrilling and creative endeavor that allows you to bring the wonders of the wild into your baby’s room. By carefully selecting the color palette, incorporating safari-inspired furniture and accessories, and adding personalized touches, you can create a captivating and memorable space for your little explorer. Remember to prioritize safety, comfort, and adaptability as your baby grows. So unleash your creativity, embrace the spirit of adventure, and embark on this wild design journey as you create a safari-themed nursery that will nurture your baby’s imagination and love for the animal kingdom.

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safari nursery name

Cynthia Bass

Cynthia is a passionate blogger who shares her expertise on creating beautiful and functional nursery interiors. With a background in interior design and a love for all things baby-related, she provides valuable insights and inspiration for new parents looking to create a cozy and inviting space for their little ones.

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12 Safari Nursery Ideas You’ll Go Wild Over

12 Safari Nursery Ideas You’ll Go Wild Over

January 12, 2024

Safari themed nurseries are a popular choice among new parents, and rightfully so! The neutral colors and safari animals make for the perfect nursery decor! We've compiled our favorite safari theme ideas to help you get started on your wild one's nursery!

Wooden Baby Gym with Macrame Toys

Our Poppyseed Play wooden baby gym with macrame toys makes for great safari nursery decor! It comes with 4 toys ideal for stimulating your little one's senses and encouraging their physical development. The toys include a jungle leaf and elephant, making it the perfect addition to your themed nursery!

safari nursery name

Linen Infant Play Mat

This large round play mat maximizes your baby's play space while providing a comfortable spot for tummy time and floor time! It's stunning green color will match the jungle leaves and help transform your baby's nursery into the safari theme you're hoping for! Whether for playtime or nap time, this room will quickly become your favorite in your house!

safari nursery name

Safari Printed Crib Sheet

Add some adventure to their bedding with this printed crib sheet from Pottery Barn, decorated with their favorite safari animals. The perfect staple piece to add to baby's room!

safari nursery name

This wildly adorable rug will make a fun statement in your little one's nursery! It's the perfect addition to the jungle theme, complete with vibrant jungle animals!

safari nursery name

Peel + Stick Safari Print Wallpaper

This wallpaper from Wayfair would make such a cute accent wall in your safari themed nursery! If you don't love this one, there are plenty of different styles online to fit your nursery theme!

safari nursery name

All Across Africa Lion Head Wall Decor

We're not "lion" when we say this safari nursery wall decor is a must-have! The perfect statement piece to hang above your baby's crib and help create the nursery theme of your dreams!

safari nursery name

Nivas Collection Felted Safari Mobile

Add a playful touch above your baby's crib or changing table with this jungle themed mobile from West Elm! A great gender neutral accent piece, perfect for any boy or girl nursery!

safari nursery name

Giraffe Shaped Wicker Basket

Store all your baby essentials in this safari themed wicker basket ! This gender neutral basket is both adorable and functional, making it a win-win for both mom and baby!

safari nursery name

Removable Wall Safari Decals

These safari themed decals are a great way to add a fun pop to your nursery! If you aren't ready to commit to wallpaper, these are a great alternative to stay on theme, complete with elephants, lions and more! Shop these and other cute safari decals on Etsy!

safari nursery name

Elephant Nursery Rocker

Little ones can go on a make-believe jungle adventure with this super plush critter elephant rocker . Use as nursery decor now, and a fun toy as your child grows! Bonus: you can personalize with your baby's name or monogram!

safari nursery name

Giant Stuffed Nursery Giraffe

Shop this giant Melissa & Doug giraffe , guaranteed to transform your nursery into the safari of yours and your baby's dreams. Standing over four feet tall, the giraffe is likely to tower over all the other toys in the nursery and create a 'big' statement!

safari nursery name

Canvas Banner

The minimal, yet fun design on this "Where the Wild Ones Play" canvas banner is perfect for filling up any wall in the nursery! Unique wall decor can go a long way when creating a themed nursery, and we love this one from Etsy!

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Foldable Climbing Arch

Foldable Climbing Arch


Safari Nursery Decor – 32 Ideas Perfect for your Wild Child!

When I was just a baby, I don't think my nursery had a theme, let alone a safari nursery decor! Maybe it wasn't as popular back then, but I'm pretty sure my nursery was the same as my two brothers before me. Probably had some hockey sticks and football posters around.

Nowadays, there are so many fun ideas out there for decorating a nursery, and with the help of the internet, we can continue to be inspired by theme after theme. So now it's your turn to decide on a theme for your own little one's nursery. There are a lot of directions you can go.

A deer themed nursery , an “under the sea” design, or what about a jungle safari? Oh! You liked that last idea did you? In that case, you are going to want to check out these 32 safari nursery decor ideas that are perfect for your soon-to-be wild child.

1. Born to be Wild

Your adventurous little one will be born to be wild and free in their very own safari themed nursery. A green and white color scheme, with fun wall paint, animal stuffies, and fun paper foliage.

2. Neutral wallpaper

Create an accent wall in your baby nursery with a neutral safari themed wallpaper. Delicate palm leaf patterns decorate the wall like the thick foliage of the jungle trees. Then, add in some jungle animal prints, and why not some real plants for a breath of fresh air.

3. Decorate with Jungle Leaves

Find places to add extra green around the safari nursery to really turn it into a lush jungle. Hang vines and leaves amongst the nursery furniture, framing shelves, and wrapped around mirrors. Thus, taking your safari nursery decor to a whole new level.

4. Safari Mural

Just like when you take a safari ride in Africa, you will stumble upon a wide array of animals in enormous sizes and impressive colors. A wall mural is a great way to easily recreate that epic scene.

5. Elephant Rug

You don't necessarily have to use an elephant, any jungle animal will do when picking out a fun little rug for your nursery. Although I must say, the elephant is pretty dang cute!

6. Giraffes

Decorate your beautiful baby's nursery with giraffe decorations. Prints, stuffed animals, and small decor pieces can be added around the room to really bring some safari life to the room.

7. Safari Animal Prints

It's amazing how far some simple prints can go. You can completely transform a room and really put together a theme by adding in some prints that match said theme. An easy and effective decorating technique.

Combine two different techniques, by painting the walls with leaves and then adding in homemade 3D ones. Besides, making those leaves is a super fun craft project that you can do on the weekend with your friends.

9. Monkey Curtains

Get some help from your safari friends around the new nursery. A sweet monkey can help you do the job of pulling back the curtains so you can let the light in on your newborn's face.

10. Elephant Hamper

Another safari friend that can help out is the reliable elephant. He's great at helping you keep the nursery organized and clean. A fun woven hamper that you can use to throw anything dirty into.

11. Brown and White

I adore this neutral color scheme that is perfect for any gender baby. The deep browns and white work great together and give a bright and earthy feel. Also, the decorating is done perfectly! An elephant mounted on the wall surrounded by images of maps and animals.

12. Palm Leaf Bedding

You can find all sorts of ways in your decorating to add that safari feel. The bedding is an easy way to add some color and design into the nursery. Try to look for crib bedding with safari animals, African landscapes, or jungle leaves.

13. Bookends

Playful decor pieces like elephant and giraffe bookends make designing and furnishing your nursery a sitch. Keep your eyes peeled for items like this when shopping online or at local stores around town.

14. Banana Leaf Playmats

Like rolling around on the jungle floor (without all the dirt) a lushly decorated playmat is a wonderful accessory to look for. The fun green banana leaves are stylish and fit perfectly with the theme.

15. Green and Yellow

I think green and yellow make for a charming color scheme when picking out tones for your safari themed nursery. Yellow like the spots on a towering giraffe and green like the lush foliage of a jungle scene.

16. Animal Heads

What a fun idea! Unique styles of animal heads up on the wall watching over your little baby in their precious slumber. I really like how it looks on that banana leaf background which really makes the heads stand out.

17. Zebras and Antelopes

Happy dancing zebras prance in lines along the walls while antelope heads pop out to say hello. I adore how this room came together for a lovely mix of cute and trendy.

18. Safari Mobile

As your baby opens their eyes each morning they will be greeted with happy safari animals pirouetting above them. Definitely lookout for a cute mobile that matches the theme as the perfect safari nursery accessory.

19. Growth Chart

Yes, yes, and double yes! A super awesome idea for keeping track of the growth of your little one. Watch them grow taller and taller matching the height of the safari animals that have kept them company all this time.

20. Safari Animal Hardware

I remember having little animal friends that I would play with in the bathtub and I absolutely adored them! So, I'm definitely on board with this creative idea of adding animal toys to the furniture as hardware. A simple yet effective idea.

21. A Sophisticated Look

This safari themed nursery doesn't have that little kid feel as so many others do. This feels like a room that is adult-friendly as well. Besides, you as the adults will be spending just as much time in there as the children!

22. Figurines

Really have fun when picking out safari animal figurines. The look is definitely trending right now so it should be easy to find a variety of different styles and looks that you can use. In my opinion, the more safari nursery decor, the merrier!

23. Elephant Light

Look for a nightlight that will help you in the middle of the night when the crying starts, but that also fits the theme. Safari nursery decor should not only be stylish, but functional too.

24. Happy Lions

I am obsessed with this happy lion rug! I actually want one for my own room, let alone for any future safari nursery. The soft yellows and oranges make for a cheery, bright, and chic nursery.

25. Palm Leaves

As if your baby was dreaming away in a lush bush of jungle foliage. They are sure to have imaginative and happy dreams, and you as well are going to have happy nights watching them sleep.

26. Giraffe Hanger

Safari nursery decor pieces that are made out of natural material, such as woven bamboo or straw, is truly an extra. When you picture a safari, you probably imagine those open grasslands and dense jungles, all sprawling with flora and fauna. So, bring those natural elements to your decorating.

27. Elephant Rocker

I definitely remember falling asleep quite a few times on my horse rocker when I was a wee little one. Rockers are a great element to have in a nursery, and an elephant one really works with the safari vibes.

28. Safari Animal Clock

Maybe your baby will start telling time at an early age with such a fun little clock in their nursery. Or, you know, maybe they will just gaze and wonder about the interesting animals displayed.

29. Wall Vinyls

Painting a mural on the wall is fun and all, but an easier option is to buy some wall vinyl displaying fun safari scenes. The elephant and lion go happily marching amongst the foliage with a monkey friend keeping them (and your baby) in good company.

30. Stuffie Hammock

This is perfect! Instead of using your traditional ol' toy box to throw all the plush friends into, a corner hammock is a much more fitting idea. That way, these toys are still on display as fun safari nursery decor when not being played with.

31. Giraffe Bookshelf

People continue to impress me with their clever ideas. A giraffe makes a perfect bookshelf with their long necks! A great addition to the nursery so you can start to collect good night stories to read them into a deep slumber.

32. Sleep Safari Wallpaper

Sleepy safari animals are resting their tired eyes on this adorable wallpaper. I love the hints of yellow throughout the images making it a perfect accent color when planning the color scheme.

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Ashley Brooks at Home Site Title

Safari Nursery Decor Ideas

01/21/2022 · In: BABY & FAMILY , HOME & GARDEN

safari nursery name

A few weeks ago, I shared a post announcing our exciting news – we’re expecting twins. They’re due this spring! We’re so excited – and I’ve been researching nursery ideas non-stop! I’ve contemplated a lot of different designs, and love so many ideas. Since we’re having a boy and a girl, we’re leaning toward a Safari theme. It just works so well for both genders (plus, there’s so much Safari nursery decor out there to choose from!). I may want to switch things up from time to time, so I won’t be going overboard. I still plan to keep things pretty neutral. That being said, I’ve found so much adorable décor, I just have to share. We’ll be picking and choosing a few of the pieces below.

This post may include affiliate links. I may make a commission at no additional cost to you.

Lawson Safari Baby Quilt


Lawson safari baby quilt.

Great for milestone photos & monogramable too!


Potted faux olive tree.

This fig tree would be a nice option too (we currently have it in our living room and love it).

Crate & Barrel Potted Faux Olive Tree


Giant giraffe.

We just received this from our registry and it’s awesome! It’s going to be so much fun for the little ones.

designs by maria

Baby safari animal.

These would look great hung above a crib or dresser.

Baby Safari Animal Prints


Giraffe wall decal.

If you’re wanting to do something a little fun on the walls, but don’t want to go all in with wallpaper, this is a great option.

Shop Safari Nursery Decor

Click on the images below to directly shop each piece, you’ll also love.

Mother's Day Gifts For First Time Moms Featured Image

Stay Connected

safari nursery name

Design Ideas For A Twin Nursery (& Exciting News!)

Follow along.


A few more Mother’s Day pics @pattyoscafe with my crew.💕Couldn’t have asked for a more charming getaway for a day! The matching outfits may (or may not) have been planned 😉

I'm Ashley. Wife and mom to our one-year-old twins, Ashley Brooks at Home began as a space to share my interior design expertise and grew into a passion that now brings home, family and the charm of our historic community together to capture life's special moments.

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Cozy Nursery

Cozy Nursery

Nursery Inspiration for mum to be and general mum advice and so much more!

Safari girl's nursery

20+ Safari Nursery Decor Ideas

safari nursery name

Baby Girl’s Tropical Boho Nursery

If you love tropical plants get inspired! The Monstera wall mural and Jungle leaf rug set the theme for the room. Neutrals and blush pinks add the girl accent.

Monstera rug | Baby crib | Wall decals | Pouffe

safari nursery name

Stunning baby nursery decor. Real jungle! Jungle leaf rug, tropical leaves wall decals and handmade Woven Wicker Elephant Wall Head. More monstera on the bedding and cushions and wooden crib.

Jungle leaf rug | Tropical wall decals | Woven Wicker Elephant Wall Hanging | Wooden crib

safari nursery name

Lovely Safari nursery decor. Blue and grey look so nice in this baby room. It doesn’t have to be green to be a Safari nursery. Grey and blue for your inspiration!

Stuffed giraffe | Elephant Plush toy | Elephant Head Wall Decor | Safari Animals Posters

safari nursery name

Modern Boho and Safari styles in one nursery. A lovely shade of green brings calm with the combination of stylish prints.

Lion Wall Decor | Nordic Animal Changing Mat Cover

safari nursery name

Bright Safari nursery with amazing and colourful wall decals. Flamingoes, Giraffes and Tigers make this room stunning!

Wall Decals | Rattan Hot Air Baloon | Storage Basket

safari nursery name

The yellow colours in Safari Nursery are amazing! Warm and sunny baby room with animal heads decor. Giraffe and Elephant felt heads.

Giraffe and Elephant felt heads | Giraffe Swaddle | Safari print changing mat cover

safari nursery name

Bright Jungle Nursery with a beautiful tropical wallpaper. Feeling like in a real jungle with Giraffes and sloths.

Stuffed Giraffe | Crib | Rainbow

safari nursery name

Beautiful Green and natural wood colour combination. Cartoon Jungle Wall Decor is so beautiful.

Cactus shape pillow | Rocking Chair | Kids Jungle Animal Friends Wallpaper Mural |

safari nursery name

Boho Safari Nursery. Handmade macrame wall hanging and lot’s of texture in this interior. Cotton, felt, rattan, wood and leather. Absolutely gorgeous baby room!

Rattan mirror | Felt Birds Crib Mobile | Leather pouffe | Sun swaddle |

safari nursery name

Boho nursery with Safari wall decor. Rattan and textured coverings look great on the jungle wallpaper background.

Crib | Rattan storage | Rug |

safari nursery name

White and green. Boho Safari nursery with lovely green accents.

Pouffe | Crib | Wall hooks | Palm leaves decals | Bedding

safari nursery name

Beautiful Safari nursery with lovely jungle animals wallpaper. Greys and blues in this baby room make it really soft.

Jungle wallpaper | Giraffe stuffed animal | Teepee | Ball pit |

safari nursery name

Irregular dots wallpaper in Safari baby nursery. What a great idea! Simple and bright.

Rattan mirror | DALMATIAN POLKA DOTS WALL STICKERS | Giraffe | Seagrass Basket

safari nursery name

Tiger, giraffe, green leather pouffe and even green window frame. LOvely baby room decor.

Giant Giraffe | Tiger rug |

safari nursery name

Jungle nursery with so many accessories of Safari theme! Toys: elephant, giraffe, lion and snake. Rattan elephant storage basket and Safari animals posters.

Safari animals posters | Elephant | Giraffe | Elephant wicker basket | BABY JUNGLE ANIMALS PLUSH TOYS |

safari nursery name

Stunning Royal Safari baby nursery decor. Wooden panels in bright green colour is the latest trend to decorate the baby nurseries.

Giant Giraffe |

safari nursery name

Grey Safari nursery. So many accessories can be just grey and still be Safari.

Giraffe toy | Safari animals posters | Grey rope storage basket | Animal heads wall decor

safari nursery name

Safari nursery inspiration

Giant Giraffe | Animal Felt Heads |

safari nursery name

Beautiful Safari

safari nursery name

Bright baby nursery decor with lovely wooden and leather features. Green panel is catching our attention.

safari nursery name

Great bright

safari nursery name

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Our Sweet Adventures

How to Create a Safari Themed Nursery

How to Create a Safari Themed Nursery

Creating our safari themed nursery for our baby boy was one of the most exciting times for us as we prepared for parenthood. As a travel couple, we knew we wanted the nursery to incorporate travel in some capacity. Then as we progressed in our theme, we realized we wanted the nursery filled with safari animals.

Since 2015, we have been fortunate to travel the world. We have hiked Machu Picchu , road-tripped 7 days in Ireland , swam with stingrays in the Grand Cayman , and more. All of these trips have been amazing, but the one trip that made the biggest impact on us was our trip to Africa to go on safari game drives .

When we were traveling throughout Africa, we immediately knew that we would return with our children one day. So this safari themed nursery for our first-born is influenced by our trip.

This guide is to help other travelers and safari-loving parents create the perfect nursery for their children. It includes ideas and items we used for our safari themed nursery with links of where you can purchase them too. By the end, you will have great resources to help inspire and create the perfect safari-themed nursery for your own little one.

This post may contain affiliate links. When you click on the link you will have the option to purchase a product at no extra cost to you, but I would receive a small commission. I want to thank everyone for following and supporting us on all of “Our Sweet Adventures.” 

What Kind of Safari Theme Are You Looking For?

Yes, there are two different safari themes to choose from! You can do a jungle safari or an African safari. A jungle safari can incorporate a lot of greenery and animals such as monkeys, tigers, and sloths. Whereas an African safari would include softer color tones, giraffes, cheetahs, zebras, and lions.

Or you can do a mix of both because this is your nursery after all! In fact, a lot of bedding and nursery decor include a mix of animals such as lions, elephants, monkeys, sloths, and giraffes. So do not be afraid to just pick and choose a theme with safari animals that fit your interest.

Other things to consider when you begin decorating your safari theme nursery is the decor style and to keep it simple. I will discuss these two considerations further below.

Modern or Kid-Friendly?

One thing to decide for the safari themed nursery is whether you want the decor to be more modern or kid-friendly. When you begin your search for cute safari animals and decor to place in the nursery, do you want the pieces to look realistic or cartoonish?

Here is an example of how I differentiate modern decor vs. more kid-friendly decor. Both are adorable but have distinct styles to set the tone of the nursery.

safari nursery name

Keep it Simple

My biggest piece of advice is to keep it simple. You will come across so many cute safari-themed furniture and decor that can easily fit in the nursery. However, there comes a time when it can be too much.

Mix the nursery with big and small items that reflect a safari. For example, we have a beautiful world map canvas with animals and monuments on the wall behind the crib. When we were searching for the perfect bedding for the crib, there were plenty of safari themed blankets and sheets that were adorable. Yet, we decided to go with a simple grey blanket because a “busy” blanket would take away from our beautiful canvas.

With that said, if you have a simple backdrop against the crib then you could definitely go all out with a cute safari animal blanket! The trick is to balance the room with safari pieces and decide what is important to you in the nursery.

Think of Your Colors

When you start to plan and create your safari theme nursery, think about your color scheme. Are you going for a gender-neutral color? Are you looking to go more towards pink and blue? Or will you do a little bit of both?

Whichever color you choose, just remember to use the colors as accents and decorative touches. For example, we only painted our color, grey, on one wall so it was used as an accent wall. The rest of the room is a neutral off-white.

Then when we added more accents of grey with our changing mat, laundry basket, bedding, and rocking chair. Once we added the travel and safari decor, every piece pops out nicely. So when you enter the room, you feel a balance of color.

What You Need for a Safari Themed Nursery

Of course, you will need all the basics to create your safari themed nursery. I am talking about a crib, dresser, rocking chair, changing table, etc. However, to make it a safari nursery, you will add different elements of decor to the room that fits the theme.

For example, safari bedding, animal plush toys, watercolor safari animal paintings, animal growth chart, mobile, and more. Your options are almost endless; so it is truly all about what you want and your style.

Decor that can Enhance the Safari Themed Nursery

Based on my personal experience and our son’s nursery, here are some decoration items to consider when you are looking for inspiration for your nursery. Most of our decorations were purchased from either Amazon or Etsy. If you like what you see, you can click on the items below to view and purchase them.

World Map Canvas

The world map canvas is one of my favorite pieces in the entire nursery and was the very first decor we purchased. As the focal point, it really set the tone for the rest of the room. You can either get a world map in a canvas print or wall decal. Both options offer a variety of sizes and background colors that you can choose from to best fit your nursery.

Click here to view Etsy world map canvases. Click here to view what we ordered – it comes in different colors.

Watercolor Safari Baby Animals Prints

safari nursery name

In addition to the world map canvas, the watercolor safari baby animal prints is another decorative element that brings our nursery together. We went for a realistic look and framed the prints in grey to fit our color scheme. Just like the world map canvas, there are several artists that offer some great safari animal prints. For example, one artist creates adorable baby animal prints with floral crowns for a girl’s nursery.

Click here to view safari animal prints. Click here to view what we ordered.

Safari Animal Drawer Knobs

safari nursery name

A simple touch of decor for your safari theme nursery can be changing your drawer knobs. The drawer knobs are a very small feature but still a cute piece of decor for the nursery.

Click here to view Etsy safari animal drawer knobs. We ordered individual safari animal drawer knobs – giraffe , lion , and elephant .

Safari Animal Growth Chart

safari nursery name

I cannot speak from personal experience (yet), but I have no doubt that one of the most exciting parts of being a parent is watching your child grow. I remember as a kid, I was always excited to visit my grandparents just to get measured! So having a growth chart in our nursery was something essential to us and it can be a great addition to your nursery too.

Click here to view Etsy safari animal prints. Click here to view what we ordered.

Animal Play Mat

safari nursery name

The animal play mat is super cute and can be versatile for your nursery and little one. It can be used as a center rug for decoration in the nursery, for a newborn photo shoot, a crawling or play mat for your baby, or all of the above. There are several different animals to choose from, each in a grey and white tone. You can pick a giraffe, elephant, lion, tiger, monkey, and more.

Click here to view the different animal play mats – we picked the tiger.

Plush Safari Animal Toys

safari nursery name

Of course, every baby needs plush animal toys . It’s a baby’s first friend, right? After all, this is a safari-themed nursery, so plush animal toys are essential. You can go wild and stuff (no pun intended) the room with several animals or just pick and choose a few. For us, we chose to focus on cheetahs, lions, giraffes, and elephants.

Click here to view different safari animal plush toys. Click here to view our cheetah plush toy.

Plush Giraffe Rocking Chair

safari nursery name

This plush giraffe rocking chair is an item all for show! As our son grows, I am sure he will enjoy playing on it but for now, it is just one of the cutest elements in the nursery. If you love giraffes, you will love this rocking chair.

Click here to view the cutest plush giraffe rocking chair.

Safari Animal Mobile

safari nursery name

The safari animal mobile is more of a necessity item in the nursery but also adds a decorative element to the crib and bedding. There are quite a few brands that offer matching bedding and mobiles to complete your crib and nursery. To match our elephant, lion, giraffe, and grey theme, Lambs & Ivy had the perfect safari animal mobile for us.

Click here to view safari animal mobiles. Click here to view our safari animal mobile.

Our Safari Themed Nursery

For more inspiration, here are a few photos of our safari themed nursery with items I mentioned above.

I hope this guide on how to create the perfect safari-themed nursery has helped you! Wishing you all the best during your incredible journey!

safari nursery name

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Elizabeth Grasso

Wednesday 15th of July 2020

Beautiful room! That is one lucky baby:)


Thursday 30th of July 2020

Thank you so much! We are excited for him to enjoy the nursery.

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26 Safari-Themed Nursery Items For Families Who Love Animals

safari nursery name

We independently pick all the products we recommend because we love them and think you will too. If you buy a product from a link on our site, we may earn a commission.

If you're an animal person, you probably want your new baby to grow up loving animals too. And what better way to get him started than by decorating his nursery in a jungle theme?

Not only is it a tried-and-true (and adorable) classic nursery theme, but it will ensure your little one grows up loving all sorts of animals — from giraffes and hippos to elephants and crocs.

But finding the perfect decor can be a bit overwhelming — and you already have a lot on your plate!

To help you out, The Dodo rounded up some of the cutest safari-themed pieces for your baby's nursery (and loved every minute of it).

Safari Babies Watercolor Animals Prints Set of 4

These unframed watercolor portraits show baby versions of some of the cutest animals: a giraffe, an elephant, zebra and a lion. They’ll be the cutest thing in the nursery (besides your baby, of course).

3-D Lion Stuffed Wall Hanging Decor

An eye-catching design with a touch of whimsy, this adorable lion will be the perfect focal point. 

Jungle Leaf Storage Basket

Decorated with vibrant monstera leaves, this storage basket is easy to carry and big enough to fit all those toys.

Little Baby Watercolor Animals Jungle Safari Prints Set of 4

If you’re looking for animal prints that are a bit more colorful, these sweet animal babies are surrounded by a bright jungle background.

Elephant Clock

An adorable addition to your jungle theme, this hand-painted clock features quartz movement, so you'll know exactly when it's time for that 2 a.m. feeding.

Boppy Newborn Lounger

Let your newborn safely hang out in this cushy lounger, giving you a hands-free moment to pour another giant cup of coffee.

Jungle 123 Baby Crib Musical Mobile

Encouraging eye-tracking and sound-perception skills, this mobile slowly rotates to a sweet lullaby — making it the perfect addition to woo your baby to sleep.

Jungle Animal Tree Wall Decals

These versatile wall decals are great if you want to add more color to the nursery without commiting to a bright paint. They’re also easily removable, which is great for renters. 

Elephant Seagrass and Raffia Storage Basket

This might be a splurge for a storage basket — but it’s so perfect and beautiful that it’s totally worth it.

Giraffe Plush Stuffed Animal Tummy Time Play Mat

With an adorable plush play mat like this, all the time will be tummy time.

3-D Grey Patterned Elephant Stuffed Wall Hanging Decor

This ready-to-hang elephant will go perfectly with the 3-D lion above.

Large Giraffe Soft Toy

At 39 inches tall, this giraffe will make a statement that your little one will look up to for years.

Lambs & Ivy Jungle Safari Nursery Wall Decals

If you like the look of wallpaper but you’re not willing to make such a big commitment (or if you rent!), these muted decals will create a gentle, calming background for your nursery. 

NoJo Elephant Shaped Wire Nursery Wall Decor

This ready-to-hang elephant decor is a great way to add a sweet touch to more minimalist nursery designs.

ABC Stickers Alphabet Decals

Go bold with these brightly colored ABC decals — your little one will quickly learn his alphabet along with the names of his favorite animals (which might be even more important).

Sunny Safari Toy Organizer

Keep all your baby’s things organized in this brightly colored and beautifully crafted piece.

Personalized Name Jungle Animals Nursery Wall Decals

Add a personalized touch with this jungle decal — so everyone knows who the biggest little animal fan is.

 3-D Zebra Stuffed Wall Hanging Decor

Round out the jungle trio by adding this zebra in with your lion and elephant wall art.

Elephant Storage Basket

Use this adorable basket for laundry, toys or just extra storage.

'Tobey 'Safari Portraits' Canvas Art (Set of 5)

If you want to go with a classic safari theme — but your personal style is a bit more “mid-century modern” than pastel — this beautifully colored canvas art set is for you. 

Canvas Bin

A colorful canvas bin for storing all kinds of goodies.

Sunny Safari Animals Thematic Table Lamp

This playful lamp has multi-function lighting, so you can have it bright for reading your favorite book, or dim it down for a nightlight. 

Safari Jungle Muslin Quilt

A breathable, lightweight quilt to keep your little one cozy.

Jungle Nursery Decor

If you want something that’s adorable and inspirational, this set of six cute animal portraits will motivate your little one — and you — with the cutest affirmations.

Wegate 8 Piece Safari Animal Wall Decal Set

If you’re willing to splurge, this gorgeous set comes with eight massive animal decals. They’ll seem practically lifesize to your kid! 

Signature Clutch Changer Bag

Take your safari theme out of the nursery and into the world.

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29 Adorable Neutral Safari Nursery Must Haves

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I'll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure here .

A neutral safari nursery is the perfect theme for any mama’s out there wanting their baby’s room to have the fun vibes of a safari, but with calming and neutral colors that go with anything!

Neutral Safari Nursery

Going with a neutral safari nursery can be a great fit for anyone looking for something fun, yet toned down, something gender neutral, or something that isn’t the bright and colorful options that are often out there.

Figuring out how you want to decorate the baby’s room can be a project all on it’s own, but once you’ve decided on neutral safari nursery, the fun can really begin!

We are going over all the best pieces out there to create a stunning space that both you and your little one will adore!

This post is all about creating a beautiful neutral safari nursery .

29 Ideas for a Gorgeous Neutral Safari Nursery :

1. wooden safari animal cutouts.

wooden safari animal cutouts

How cute are these wooden outlines?! Subtle and neutral for sure, but still very much on theme with the neutral safari nursery.

They are easy to hang with either small nails or double sided tape, neither is included.

These would look great above the crib, the bookcase, spread out in the nursery, or wherever makes sense!

2. Safari Animal Prints for Nursery

safari animal prints for nusery

Adorable safari animal prints for nursery!! Not too over the top with the colors or drawings. Very neutral, but with a bit of color, if that’s more your style.

Such sweet empowering phrases too – would be great for starting affirmations with your little one if you’re into that!

These prints use non-toxic paint and glossy paper. They are 8×10, but do not come with frames.

3. Baby Safari Animal Prints

baby safari animal prints

Another stunning option if you’re in the market for safari animal prints! These ones are especially adorable since they feature baby safari animal. Too cute!

Still leaning neutral with the colors being toned down, and these feature cute sayings as well. They are watercolor style, so that helps with the colors being not too in your face, but still really pretty.

These arrive unframed and come in 8×10 or 11×14.

4. Safari Crib Mobile

safari crib mobile

Definitely more on the colorful side, but still would easily fit into a neutral safari nursery. It’s colorful enough to brighten up the nursery, but not so much that it will take away from the neutral overall theme.

Also, once baby is done with the crib, you can cut off the little felt animals to use as toys!

5. Safari Laundry Basket

safari laundry basket

These doodles on this safari laundry basket are too cute! You’re going to need a laundry basket in the nursery for sure, so why not have it be another piece of decor!

These grey outlines keep with the neutral safari nursery theme, while still being a functional piece for the baby’s room.

Would also work as a storage bin!

6. Safari Milestone Blanket

safari milestone blanket

While a milestone blanket isn’t usually decor for the baby’s room, that doesn’t mean it can’t be, or at least the milestone blanket you do have is on theme with the room!

This one is sweet with the baby animal illustrations! Could also be used as a baby blanket play mat to keep out for your little one.

7. Safari Wall Decals

safari wall decals

Wall decals are a really simple way to add a lot of decor with minimal effort needed. Wipe down your walls, peel, and stick. Good to go!

These baby safari animals are toned down in color to go with the neutral-ness of the room, and would look great no matter where you place them. It is 8 total pieces, so you can either layer the plants with the animals, or separate those.

8. Elephant Lamp for Nursery

elephant lamp for nursery

How sweet is this little mama and baby elephant lamp?! Would be the perfect accent piece on a dresser or side table in the nursery.

9. Safari Crib Bedding

safari crib bedding

Sheets and bedding can be such an easy way to add decor since the crib is essentially the centerpiece of the room!

This set is very modern and neutral with the tan color.

This bedding set includes a comforter, 2 crib sheets in 2 different prints, crib skirt, pillow, diaper stacker, fleece blanket, and contoured changing pad cover.

10. Lion Rug for Nursery

lion rug for nursery

The absolute cutest lion rug! Plus and soft, perfect for baby to play, crawl, and roll around on. There are a few other safari prints for this listing as well, but they aren’t neutral.

11. Safari Nursery Wall Art

safari nursery wall art

More safari wall prints, but with a different style this time. No framing needed since they come with the bit to hang them with already.

They come in two different sizes 18×24 and 18×36.

12. Crochet Lion Wall Hanging

This crochet lion is the cutest thing!! Would work well if you were doing a boho kinda vibe along with your safari theme.

13. Safari Crib Sheets

safari crib sheets

More neutral safari nursery bedding! The easiest piece of decor there is.

14. Lambs & Ivy Safari Wall Stickers

lambs & ivy safari wall stickers

Peel and stick, as easy as that!

There’s a picture on the listing that helps you to get an idea of just how big these are, which I suggest looking at since the default picture might make them seem a little bit bigger than they are.

PS – here’s a 6 piece nursery bedding set that matches these decals! Boom. Decor done!

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15. Safari Height Chart

safari height chart

How cool is this?! If you’re planning on having a chart marking your little ones growth, why not keep it on theme and go with a giraffe height chart!

This is a great piece as well since it can easily grow (no pun intended 😉) with your little one as you move them to a toddler room and big kid room.

16. Safari Baby Pillow

safari baby pillow

While not necessarily decor, it’s one of those baby items you’re likely to have and probably will be stored in their room. Why not have it match the decor so if it has to be stored out, it looks like another piece of decoration!

This is a breathable pillow made with organic cotton designed to help with flat head prevention.

17. Plush Elephant for Baby

plush elephant for baby

I can practically feel how soft this plush elephant is through the screen!

Keep your little one’s lovies (or toys) right in line with the neutral safari nursery theme.

18. Animal Wall Hooks

animal wall hooks

This might be my favorite find of the bunch!

So so subtle, they easily blend in, but still very much provide some neutral safari nursery decor for the space, all while providing practical storage. Win win!

19. Neutral Safari Nursery Bedding Set

Neutral Safari Nursery Bedding Set

Another adorable crib bedding set! This one with hints of blue. This set includes a crib quilt, fitted sheet, and crib skirt. 

20. Animal Wall Decals

animal wall decals

More safari wall decals! These ones though are much more subtle and all in grey tones.

As with all of the wall decals and stickers, be SURE to clean and dry your walls BEFORE applying otherwise they won’t stick properly. I have also seen that if it’s recently painted, you need to wait at least 3 weeks before applying as well.

21. Lion Night Light

lion nightlight

This is easily one of the most adorable nightlights ever! This silicone little lion would give your baby or toddler the comfort they need from a bit of light, all while keeping with the theme of the room.

This nightlight has touch control, 7 different colors it can cycle between, and a 1 hour sleep timer. It’s also cordless! It charges with a USB cord. Super easy to travel with!

22. Nursery Lion Rug

nursery lion rug

Another great neutral safari nursery rug option! This one leaning more warm, if that is the tone you’re going for. Comes in two different sizes and is washable!

23. Safari Crib Sheet

safari crib sheet

I know, I know. More sheets. But c’mon. Look at these!! All those little animal faces were begging to be included 😂 too dang cute!

These sheets are made with 100% all-natural breathable cotton.

They also have a musical crib mobile , 5 piece bedding set , diaper changing pad cover , and fleece blanket to go along with the sheets! You would seriously be set!

24. Safari Nursery Prints for Boys

safari nursery prints for boys

If I was going with a neutral safari nursery for my incoming baby, I would 100% choose either these safari prints, or the ones below, depending on if it was a boy or girl. Obsessed!

The little baby faces, the water color, and the little blue bow ties are the absolute cutest!!! Not too over the top jungle either, if you’re just wanting to go light with the theme.

Don’t forget to grab frames !

25. Safari Nursery Prints for Girls

safari nursery prints for girls

Right?! The cutest and sweetest prints.

26. Safari Nursery Closet Dividers

Safari Nursery Closet Dividers

There are so many ways to add in decor to the room, some very subtle, while still giving you the safari vibes. These closet hangers do exactly that! Something you likely will use anyways, so why not have it be matching your decor.

Would be perfect if your closet isn’t behind doors of any kind so these dividers can really shine, but even if they are behind closed doors, you’ll get a little spark of joy from that little bit of decor every time you open the closet!

27. Safari Play Mat

safari play mat

Some kind of play mat or blanket is a must for your little guy or gal, and this gray giraffe one goes perfectly with the neutral safari nursery decor!

Can be a play mat, crawling blanket, or stroller blanket! Whatever your little one needs. And of course, doubles as decor.

Also, is machine washable!

28. Safari Hamper

safari hampet

Here is another good storage basket or laundry basket option, designed with safari doodles all over it. This one however, has a drawstring on the top.

29. Monkey Curtain Tiebacks

monkey curtain tie backs

How fun are these curtain ties?! Add that little bit of safari flair with these monkeys that hang from the curtains. These install quickly using stickers.

SO many adorable and sweet neutral safari nursery ideas! Hopefully this post makes it super easy to get to decorating, or at least provides a bunch of inspiration to help get you started. No matter what, your baby will love whatever space they create since you made it with love!

This post was all about how to create a beautiful neutral safari nursery!

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Candace Parker Shows Off Safari-Themed Nursery After Welcoming Baby No. 3 — See the Photos! (Exclusive)

The former Las Vegas Aces player welcomed her son Hartt with wife Anna Petrakova in May 2024

Crate & Kids

Candace Parker is giving an inside look at her baby boy's nursery.

The former Las Vegas Aces power forward, 38, collaborated with Crate & Kids to design the perfect nursery for her newest team member, son Hartt , whom she welcomed in May with wife Anna Petrakova .

Speaking exclusively with PEOPLE about the partnership, Parker opened up about the sweet safari metaphors throughout her baby's new room, her connection to the color scheme and shared some of her nursery non-negotiables.

"It was really cool, because we started designing a mood board, and [Petrakova] and I have always loved loud colors," says the former WNBA star, now working as an NBA analyst for TNT and president of women's basketball for Adidas. "We love animals, and so we were just like, 'Why not make it kind of a safari theme?' So, we were able to kind of create that and bring that to life with Crate & Kids, which has been unbelievable."

The mom of three adds how easy the process was, sharing, "What they do is bring your mood board to life. And they did exactly what we dreamed it could be, and honestly more. When I first saw it, I was like, 'This is unbelievable.' We couldn't wait to bring our little guy home to it."

Never miss a story — sign up for PEOPLE's free daily newsletter to stay up-to-date on the best of what PEOPLE has to offer, from juicy celebrity news to compelling human interest stories.

Parker explains that the nursery's safari theme, complete with a giraffe throw pillow , lion crib quilt , and zoo animal mobile , allowed for the loving parents to include "little nods" to who they are as a family.

"I just feel like, I'm the youngest of three, and the lion is ferocious and strong and the king of the jungle. And I think our little Hartt is going to have to encompass all of that, especially with big brother Airr being the personality he is," she says of her and Petrakova's outgoing older son Airr, 2.

"So I think there was a little bit of strategy in that, a little bit of priming, where he sees the lions. There's a couple giraffes in there as well; we're tall and long and lanky and all those things," she explains. "So there were definitely little nods to who we are as a family, and I think that he'll enjoy growing with that."

Parker admits that when it came to the color scheme, she and Petrakova didn't always agree on the orange tones of the room. "I don't think she could envision the color orange. She was like, 'I don't know. I don't want it to be too loud.' But then we saw it, and we can't even picture it being any other color now," she says, adding that "I was the one that was pushing for the orange."

Parker's love for the color comes from her fond memories of playing for the women's basketball team at the University of Tennessee. "I went to the University of Tennessee, so I won't say orange is my favorite color, but I just feel like when someone wears orange, they stick out. And I really want my kids to stand out and be who they are in this world, so why not start from day one with your room?"

The PEOPLE Puzzler crossword is here! How quickly can you solve it? Play now !

It helped that orange fit perfectly with the safari theme, and Parker explains how Crate & Kids helped the moms see that. "Consulting with Crate & Kids, it was amazing for them to say, 'Okay, this will look good with this if this is the color that you're going for.' It ended up turning out way better than even I expected."

As a mom of three, Parker says adding the " Oak Wood Queen Bed was a non-negotiable," because it gives the moms the "option of being able to utilize it for us when we want to get extra sleep but stay with the baby."

"But also, if we were to have guests come over, we have an additional room," she adds.

And while the queen bed is the parent's favorite part of the room, baby Hartt can't get enough of his mobile. "When I'm at the changing table and he's looking at the mobile with all the animals on it, he likes tracking it, and it's just like everything that we envisioned," Parker explains. "So I think that right now if I were to say what his favorite part of it is, it's that. I move that when I'm changing his diaper, and it makes it so much easier."

Parker is also mom to daughter  Lailaa , 15, who's just as excited to care for her baby brother in the new nursery.

"She is unbelievable. She was built for this role," the proud mom says of Lailaa. "Our 2-year-old, obviously, is transitioning from being a baby to now he's, like, independent, and Lailaa does a great job of keeping him in line, in order, but also being a sibling. I trusted her immediately with my infant. I mean, the way she holds him and the way she burps him."

However, Parker says there is one task that Lailaa is staying clear of. "She won't change diapers — that's her only thing — only when she's babysitting. But when she does watch him for us, occasionally, she'll change a diaper or two."

"She loves her little brothers, and I'm really excited as a mom because you almost get teary-eyed when you see your kids together and interacting."

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    Wipe down your walls, peel, and stick. Good to go! These baby safari animals are toned down in color to go with the neutral-ness of the room, and would look great no matter where you place them. It is 8 total pieces, so you can either layer the plants with the animals, or separate those. 8. Elephant Lamp for Nursery.

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