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A History Of Time Travel In The DC Universe

As Convergence gets ready to turn the world of DC Comics upside down and The Flash begins experimenting with travelling back and forth in time on TV, it feels like a big time for DC's take on time travel. But really, time travel has been a crucial part of the way DC has structured its comics for decades.

Essentially, so your brain doesn't leak out of your ears trying to grasp all the vagaries of various time travel arcs across the history of DC, it's easier to understand the way DC creators have used time travel over the years not as simply sliding back and forth across a single timeline. That kind of time travel is relatively simple in the DC Universe. Advanced time travel ,however, is essentially the crux at which the various states of the DC Multiverse over the years hangs itself: alternate worlds are born of alternate timelines, and travel between the various numbered Earths over the years. It's less about reality hopping and more about bending the fabric of time to transpose yourself into another timeline. To understand time travel as a concept in DC's history is essentially to understand how the Multiverse has expanded and contracted over the years.

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Simply put, from a metatextual level, time travel is an excuse often an excuse for alternate stories featuring familiar DC heroes, and over the years, the chance to reboot continuity. The DC Multiverse, and thus the role of time travel in DC comics, has waxed and waned over the years of the companies' existence — the more prominent the existence of alternate worlds, the more likely time travel stories are going on. Here's a brief recap of how time travelling shenanigans have torn down and reshaped the DC Comics universe over the years.

The Time Travel Wilderness

In the earliest days of the comics, outside of crossover series like Justice League, DC's universe wasn't exactly cohesive and connected. You had the splits between the Golden Age and Silver Age versions of their stalwart characters already creating a continuity mess, but in reality writers and editors didn't really care - each standalone series essentially sat in its own bubble, adventures only effecting each other as and when required, rather than huge ramifications playing out across multiple series as you might expect with a comic event today.

Amid these various continuities and canonical disputes, there emerged perhaps the DC Universe's premiere time traveller (at least, in terms of the mainstream heroes): Barry Allen, a.k.a The Flash. Barry's connection to the speed force, and his ability to race around at almost seemingly infinite speeds, played naturally into the character's move into time travel. In 1961, the character's iconic 'Cosmic Treadmill' was introduced, and Barry began to use his speed to combat enemies not just in the present, but in the far future of the 30th Century.

In the early days of the '50s and '60s, time travel was a simple concept for writers: A single stream, and effects on the past changed things in the future. But as the DC Comics world expanded and expanded, and the desire to knit things together grew, these once standalone series and spinoffs and what ifs all slowly started to merge and link into what would become the first take on the Multiverse. But instead of worlds co-existing, DC's Multiverse essentially relied on disparate timelines to connect itself all together — different events throughout history formed alternate worlds and existences on separate timelines, and Time travel would be used to hop between those worlds, rather than any other sort of explanation. Eventually, it became too much for DC to handle: There needed to be a way to wipe the slate clean again, and despite time travel essentially being what created the problem in the first place, time travel would be used to solve it.

Crisis On Infinite Timelines

Crisis on Infinite Earths had a monumental impact on the DC universe in the mid-80's. We've already discussed how the event was used to revert Superman's power level to a more believable level , but its main impetus was to act as hard reboot of the DC timeline.

The plans of the Anti-Monitor ultimately slashed the number of remaining 'Earths' in DC canon down to five, before ultimately, through the heroes and villains uniting to stop the Anti-Monitor by travelling across the stretches of time to stop his plans from even happening — and Barry Allen perishing to stop Anti-Monitor from destroying the remaining Earths — saving the day at the cost of merging the remaining five Earths into a singular amalgam: a new earth, and a new reboot for the DC timeline.

Post-Crisis also put a soft limit on time travel for DC's writers - with the new universe largely free of alternate timelines with the reboot, DC were hesitant to let it things get out of hand again. There was an unspoken rule put in place to try and limit the amount of what-ifs and alternate realities that lead to Crisis in the first place: A character could only time travel a handful of times, before the stress of attempting to jump through time would destroy their bodies.

A Big Ball Of Wibbly-Wobbly, Hypertimey-Wimey Stuff

But as time passed after Crisis, and the DC Universe began to re-expand itself, writers began to find away to expand into the multiverse once more. The main example of this semi-aborted attempt to recreate the multiverse came in 1999, when writers Grant Morrison and Mark Waid coined the concept of 'Hypertime'.

Morrison and Waid subscribed to the belief that, as far as DC Canon was concerned, everything was true and everything mattered (not to dissimilar to Disney's current approach to the new Star Wars universe). Alternate realities and different interpretations of DC's characters could exist alongside the 'canon' heroes of Earth-1, designated the 'main' timeline, as different splintered branches from the source, which was collectively known as 'Hypertime', introduced in the comic book arc The Kingdom .

But outside of the fiction, Hypertime was essentially a handwavey way to approach telling alternate stories - only a few heroes of the central Timeline would ultimately be aware of Hypertime and its branching existence at the end of the events of The Kingdom - and the way Morrison and Waid intended for the concept to weave a single timeline and its branches in and out of each other was met with stark disapprovement from other DC writers. As the pair stepped away from DC for extended periods to work with other companies, Hypertime was essentially sidelined and ignored by DC, until they flat out disavowed its existence in 2005.

The Rise And Fall Of New Timelines

In short time though, time travel and the multiverse concept would come to a head again, Hypertime be damned. Infinite Crisis , a 2006 semi-sequel to the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths , saw the alternate Alexander Luthor - who had survived the events of the first Crisis - reattempt to create the original Multiverse timeline, and acted in a similar capacity as a reboot of the DC Timeline, but on a far less extensive scale. During the story, Luthor originally succeeds in re-expanding the single Post-Crisis Earth into several alternate realities once more, before being undone and re-slammed together as 'New Earth'. This impacted on the main timestream of the DC canon in various ways, but nothing as earth-shattering as the first Crisis - certain characters like Jason Todd were brought back to life (despite their deaths being remembered), and disparate origins for heroes were all merged into one existence.

The soft reboot would only last for 6 years though. Unbeknownst to the heroes of New Earth, Luthor's attempt to recreate the different timelines actually worked. Little by little, branches off the timeline started to bleed out, forming a new Multiverse of 52 Earths: each very similar to New Earth, but then ripples in Time diverging them into the alternate timelines they would come to be known as.

The Barred Gates Of The New 52

But once again, this all changed - and once again, it was down to the efforts of the Time Travelling Barry Allen. 2011's Flashpoint , set in an alternate timeline created by the Reverse-Flash, Eobard Thawne, saw Barry trapped in a reality he couldn't remember - a quasi-apocalyptic existence where war between the Atlanteans and the Amazonians was tearing the planet apart. Thawne eventually revealed this timeline was brought about by Barry himself, in an attempt to travel back in time and save his mother Nora from the Reverse-Flash (a story we're currently seeing play out on The Flash TV show, essentially). Barry once again has to use his speed to revert the timeline, but in the process, actually recreated the DC universe once more. Three disparate timelines, the DC Universe, the Vertigo Universe, and the Wildstorm Universe - a.k.a, the three imprints DC Comics were currently running - were merged into a single Universe: The New 52.

This new reality, at first met with great hostility by DC fans, created a new slate of 52 Earths, but unlike before, contact between them and the main, Prime Earth that much of DC's comics currently take place in was restricted - Time Travel between the earth's is currently much more strongly inhibited, with communication and travel between the worlds restricted (and, in a slightly bizarre metatextual manner, can only be conducted through comic books in each Earth retelling the adventures of other Earth timelines).

This though, will soon change, with DC's new Convergence Event setting the stage, 30 years after Crisis, to throw the current timeline asunder. Supervillain Braniac, outside of Space and Time, plans to pluck various worlds and timelines from throughout DC's entire history, including pre-crisis events, and throws them all together for fun.

Time Travel. It can never be simple, can it?

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A mysterious entity who leads Swamp Thing to enhance his powers. The Traveller has all the attributes of Odin: he has only one eye, possesses vast occult knowledge, is often accompanied by two ravens and wanders the Earth incognito. Whether he is actually Odin or not is unkown.

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The Saga of the Swamp Thing

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The Strongest Time-Traveling Superheroes, Ranked

Ranker Comics

Superheroes have all sorts of powers, from flight to being bulletproof, but there's one superpower many would argue to be the very best of them all: the ability to travel through time. Throughout the years, there have been a ton of superheroes who have this ability. Some acquired it naturally, while others learned how to manipulate the space-time continuum through the use of some insane technology.

Let's face it: it's not easy to break out of one time and enter into another, but there are some who have done it. Leaving the obvious villains like Doctor Doom aside, the superheroes of Marvel, DC, Image, and other comic book universes have figured out time travel and have used it to help achieve their goals. Not everyone who jumps about in time ends up mucking it up and creating events like the Flash, but there are those who travel through time without creating much of a fuss.

Here is a list of popular superheroes that can control time, but it's up to you to determine who is the best! Whether you prefer Marvel's time travel stories or prefer the ones form DC, make your voice heard. Vote up your favorites and see which superhero jumps to the top as the greatest time-traveling superhero of them all!


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Iris West Allen


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How one batman story changed time travel in the dc universe forever.


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It's Official: Gotham City Has a New Protector, Who's Going To Die To Save It

Batman's replacement for alfred is the perfect nod to comics history, 1 marvel movie hero gets a hilarious rebranding after their notorious box office flop.

Time travel has long been a staple of the DC Universe , from the Legion of Superheroes to Booster Gold, but one Batman story rewrote the very nature of time travel while revealing how humanity discovered it. DC’s time travelers are often from the future, making the technology’s unlikely creator that much more impressive for inventing it in the past. This inventor took the form of a classic Golden Age character, reinvented in tragic fashion.

Created by Joseph Samachson and Dick Sprang in Batman Vol 1 #24 , Carter Nichols was a scientist who invented a form of time travel that relied on hypnosis. Throughout the comics Golden Age , Nichols was often used as the character through which Batman could have time travel adventures. However, with the destruction of the Pre-Crisis multiverse in Crisis on Infinite Earths by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, Nichols fell out of continuity and wouldn’t appear again until the late 2000s when Grant Morrison brought him back.

Related: Batman's New Origin Proves His Wealth is Actually Holding Him Back

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #6 by Grant Morrison, Lee Garbett and Perry Perez reveals that Carter Nichols is the first human to invent time travel in the DC Universe. In issue 5 by Morrison, Perez, Ryan Sook, and Mick Gray, Batman encounters a young Carter Nichols, who has joined Dr. Hurt’s Black Glove organization. Hurt wants Nichols to use his experimental time travel probe to summon the Hyper-Adaptor aka Barbatos . Nichols refuses, seeing the folly in his actions, and in that moment, an amnesiac Batman is able to steal the probe, using it to hop forward in time to the chronological end of the universe. In issue 6 the archivist robots monitoring the universe’s end reveal that Nichols’ probe is the first of its kind, but that it was lost on its maiden voyage when Bruce stole it.

This story isn’t Batman’s first post-Crisis meeting with Cartel Nichols, and Batman had already seen their last. In Batman #700 by Grant Morrison, Tony Daniel, Frank Quitely, Scott Kolins, David Finch and Andy Kubert, Nichols travels forward in time to the future first seen in Batman #666 by Morrison and Kubert. Here, Nichols kills his older self as a form of suicide, seeing himself as a failure after having been forced to work for various villains throughout the issue. This time loop not only closes Nichols’ story, but also parallels his role in The Return of Bruce Wayne . In both stories Nichols works for supervillains but either repents of his actions or resists them and attempts to make things right. Ironically enough, The Return of Bruce Wayne shows that Nichols has been repeating this pattern his entire life.

Morrison’s reinvention of Carter Nichols is brief but makes for a tragic tale. Upon refusing to do Dr. Hurt’s bidding in The Return of Bruce Wayne #5 , Hurt tells Nichols that he will have “ years of lonely obscurity ahead ” of him. Judging by the lack of any success as shown in Batman #700 , it seems that this came true to an extent. Nichols himself also internalizes this idea. When he kills his older self, he describes that version of him as an “ old failure, ” while also bemoaning his younger self. What Nichols can’t know is how he is the first human to invent this kind of technology. So, one of the most important figures in humanity’s history dies in obscurity, unaware that his name will be remembered until the end of the universe itself. Carter Nichols might only be a minor note in Batman’s story, but for the DC Universe , he’s more important than he ever could have known.


traveller dc comics

The Traveler

Character » The Traveler appears in 18 issues .

Born from a sabotaged Unified Field Theory experiment, Ronald Lessik controls the flow of time around him as The Traveler.

Summary short summary describing this character..

The Traveler

Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir

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traveller dc comics

Heavy Spoilers

The Traveller: Graphic Novel Review | One Of The Best Time Travel Stories I’ve Ever Read

Posted on April 15, 2019 by deffinition

the traveller graphic novel review on the time travel story by neil gibson

The Traveller by Neil Gibson and Tasos Anastasiades is about to hit shelves and this Steam Punk Story with a twist has a hell of a lot to unpack from it.

Starting off from the perspective of a poor Shepherd in the late 1800s, the story quickly develops into an out of this world thriller that feels unique from start to finish.

But is it worth picking up?

Well, throughout this review I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about The Traveller as well as if it’s worth grabbing this month.

There will be some spoilers here, so if you want to go into the book as blind as possible then I highly recommend that your skip to the score and come back to this review at a later date.

TPub Comics were gracious enough to give a free copy of issue one to readers of this review which can be downloaded here –  The Traveller Issue One

For everyone else, let’s jump into The Traveller and set off on the journey that will change your perspective in many, many ways.

Russian Through Time

We join Ioseb, who due to poverty, is on the brink of suicide. Ioseb, like many Russians in the 1800s, is close to starvation and sees no way out other than killing his entire herd and then turning the gun on himself.

It’s at this moment when he is about to end it all that something mysterious happens and our character is taken on a journey that will change his life and the world in more ways than one.

Through a mysterious portal comes a futuristic looking traveller and after Ioseb, unaware of exactly what is happening, kills the mysterious being, he is granted the ability to ‘jump’ through time and space.

It’s a premise that instantly had me hooked and Gibson right out the gate manages to add a new perspective to the whole ‘time travel’ thing that I’d never even considered before.

Most people if given this amazing gift would think that they have an incredible opportunity to live out the coolest moments in history but cleverly, Gibson showcases just how lonely such a life would be.

Ioseb is unable to create any meaningful relationships with the people he encounters and early on the book subtly enforces the notion that if one were to gain the ability to go anywhere then one would lose their home, identity and attachment to the world.

It’s a neat little motif that right away will have you invested in the character and watching Ioseb struggle to deal with a power that he doesn’t really understand is as enthralling as you’d expect. He’s the perfect protagonist for this kind of story and it’s easy to see the world through his eyes due to this portrayal.

the traveller comic book read online

I Did Nazi That Coming

In the hopes of healing himself, Ioseb travels to a futuristic location that is basically what would’ve happened if the Nazi’s and Russia remained allies in World War 2. They easily won the war and now enforce the rule of the land with an Iron Fist.

This stems punk future is outfitted with underwater cities, Rocketman inspired jet packs and gas mask equipped legion of soldiers that feel like they were ripped straight out of your worst nightmare.

Those who love games like Bioshock and The Saboteur will fall head over heels with the book from this point onwards and I love how in the way that the city clearly has more going on beneath the surface, the society that lives there does too.

The people are slaves, fitted with ‘obedience chips’ that impede them from traveling or rebelling against the state leader. So, naturally, Ioseb, who can roam freely throughout time and space and is not inhibited by such a device, becomes someone that they can use.

It’s in this alternate dimension that Tasos Anastasiades really gets a chance to shine. As we learn of the Gauntlet’s back story, the artist gets a chance to balance the steel exterior of the industrialised dictatorship with the exotic locales that the Rebellion initially traveled to.

The work is steeped in Russian Imperialism and it’s an inspired choice to set a time travel story in. I’m sure many will agree, there is a certain allure to the industrialisation of society and this is why the country makes such a great setting for a steampunk story.

What’s so brilliant about the illustrations is that it feels like the logical conclusion of where the world would have ventured to aesthetically had the events in it played out. It’s clear that there’s been a heavy amount of research put into bringing across the atmosphere of the location and this shines through heavily.

Overall it becomes the perfect locale to drive the plot forward and as Ioseb heads out to assassinate the Leader of the civilisation it because clear that not everything is as black and white as it seems.

the traveller graphic novel review on the time travel story by neil gibson spoilers

‘I was sent to kill you, I didn’t say I would’

Ioseb arrives at the Leader’s office, however, after having a conversation with him, he has a change of heart.

Remember, Ioseb is well out of his depth and he comes from a world and time where the Government was viewed as an equal to God.

He is easily manipulated by the leader and the book works as brilliant social commentary on how Propaganda is often put in effect by State Figureheads to make even the most negative thing seem like a positive.

This is how things like Brexit happened and whilst ‘The Traveller’ is deeply rooted in Sci-Fi, like most good Sci-Fi it is deeply rooted in Society.

There are many real-world metaphors that can be drawn here and the creative team do a phenomenal job of putting forth a political opinion without it being too on the nose.

The Conclusion And Verdict

In the end the Rebels storm the Leader’s HQ and the book really grabs your attention in the final act.

I don’t want to spoil too much but as a huge fan of history this book’s ending really knocked me off my feet. The ending ties in beautifully with the opener and just as Ioseb had to murder in order to get the ability to ‘jump’ he now selfishly believes that he can achieve power by killing once more.

It’s rare I finish a story and have goosebumps at the end, but The Traveller managed to leave me feeling like I’d just witnessed something special.

Overall this is a brilliant time travel piece that really packs and punch and should be considered as a must read for any comic book fan with even a passing interest in Science Fiction.

This is a masterpiece that’s difficult to fault and I highly recommend that you pick this up. It’s so good that I even put my money where my mouth is and donated to the kickstarter.     If you’d like a copy of the book just click the link here – Get A Copy Of The Traveller .

The Traveller gets a…

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Pingback: NEW REVIEW | The Traveller I checked out #TheTraveller by @TwistedNeil and @TPubComics This is one of the best graphic novels I’ve ever read so definitely check this out

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DC: Best Flash Speedsters, Ranked

S uperspeed is one of the most popular and powerful superpowers in comic book history. It can be the deciding factor in being just in time or a second too late. One of the most iconic speedsters in comics is the Flash, which belongs to DC Comics. For over fifty years, the Flash saved the day, ended the world, and started it anew with millions of high-speed stories of perilous situations that could spell the end of the entire DC universe.

DC Comics: Best Superman Stories Of 2023, Ranked

However, the Flash is only one pillar of the DC universe's speed force. There are many more speedsters who race off into the world for justice and some for the opposite. Speedsters can be among the brightest beacons of hope or some of the most dangerous beings on the planet. The Flash, no matter who has worn the mantle, has encountered some of the fastest speedsters who are true forces of nature. Here are some of the best speedsters in DC Comics .

Jessie Quick

Second generation speedster.

  • First Appearance: Justice Society Of America #1

Jessie Quick first appeared in Justice Society of America #1 . She is a character with a thorough history in DC Comics and the superhero world as a whole. She is a second-generation hero, the daughter of speedster Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle, and took up her own mantle when she learned to access the speed force.

Jessie has faced off against some intense danger as a hero and ran face-first into multiple disasters to honor her father and mother as heroes.

Menos & Mas

Twin speedsters.

  • First Appearance: Teen Titans #38

Menos and Mos are two of the most unique speedsters in DC Comics. Unlike most speedsters on the list, Mas and Menos originated in the fan-favorite Teen Titans cartoon on Cartoon Network as members of Titans East.

DC Comics: 6 Dark Love Stories That Ended In Tragedy

However, the brothers have made their comic book debut in a short series promotion about the Teen Titans Go! series. Menos and Mas share their connection to the speed force and cannot perform without the other. Their charismatic personas are what have made them a rising favorite among comic readers.

Jay Garrick

The original speedster.

  • First Appearance: Flash Comics #1

Jay Garrick is the original speedster of DC Comics, debuting early on in the silver age of comics. As the original Flash before the creation of the speedforce, Garrick served as the fastest man alive while being a member of the Justice Society.

Garrick continues to be an influential character by shaping the speedsters of tomorrow and putting on his tin hat one more time when he's needed. Jay Garrick embodies the founding virtues that birthed a generation of superheroes and is highly honored among all capes, cowls, and masks.

Able To Grant Super Speed To Others

  • First Appearance: The Flash #197

The Flash is no stranger to adversaries and has one of the most extensive rogues galleries in comics. Among the ranks of those who wish the scarlet speedster harm, Hunter Zolomon is one of the most dangerous and the arch enemy when Wally West dawned the red suit.

DC Comics: Worst Cities to Live In

Zoom is one of the most twisted speedsters, but also one of the fastest. After obtaining his powers, he becomes the Flash's arch-enemy in hopes of making him a better hero. Zoom's ability to manipulate the speed force makes him one of the top-tier speedsters, only under a select few.

Able To Siphon Speed To Increase His Own

  • First Appearance: The Flash -Rebirth #1

Godspeed is one of the newest additions to the DC universe's speedsters and one of the freshest villains to belong to the Flash's rogues gallery. However, what makes Godspeed one of the best speedsters is how fast he's able to go by siphoning the connection that most speedsters have to the speed force.

Godspeed first appeared in The Flash Rebirth #1 as a close friend of Barry Allen until he wandered down the wrong path of revenge.

Youngest Speedster To Time Travel

  • First Appearance: The Flash #91

Bart Allen is a speedster from centuries in the future and the grandson of Barry Allen and Iris West. He is perhaps one of the youngest speedsters on the list but shown to have exceptional talent. At first, Bart's powers caused dire circumstances, but he learned to master them with the help of Wally West.

Having earned the moniker Impulse, he served on multiple teams, such as Young Justice and the Teen Titans , and even took up the mantle of the Flash for a time.

Eobard Thawne

Can travel through time effortlessly.

  • First Appearance: The Flash $139

Eobard Thawne is the most sinister speedster in history. Thawne's villainous origin was created by a single spark of jealousy that began a rivalry that lasted eons. Eobard Thawne obtained his speed through science and, after a slight, became the Flash's worst enemy.

Thawnes' ability to manipulate the Speed Force rivals that of the first Flash and allows him to travel through time at will and even outpace the original Scarlet Speedster himself.

Can Travel Through Time And Space

  • First Appearance: The Flash $110

Wally West is the shining beacon of hope in the speedster world and one of the fastest in the entire DC universe . Starting off as the sidekick to the Flash as the original Kid Flash, Wally rapidly grew into a master speedster in full control of his powers and fully tapped into the speedforce.

5 DC Comics Characters With The Weirdest Powers

Wally would serve as the third Flash for the first time after Barry Allen gave his life protecting the universe and again in DC's recent revamp Rebirth. Upon sitting on the Mobius chair, Wally attained a new level of speed that set him aside from all speedsters present and future.

Barry Allen

Birthed the speed force.

  • First Appearance: DC Comics Showcase #4

Barry Allen is the pinnacle of speed in DC Comics and is the most powerful speedster who has even outrun death among the countless trials in his stories. Barry Allen was struck by lightning and obtained immeasurable speed that he used to become one of the greatest heroes in the world and the fastest man alive.

Barry has a steadfast moral compass and is responsible for preventing catastrophic events that the entire universe had no idea even existed. One of the defining factors that place Barry Allen at the pinnacle of speed, is him being the creator of the speedforce multiple times in DC continuity.

DC Comics: 8 Underrated Flash Stories

DC: Best Flash Speedsters, Ranked

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Booster Gold (Arrowverse)

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Michael , also known as Booster Gold , is a time traveler from a possible future of Earth-Prime who came to be the Fixer of Alun Thomas ' death.

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  • 4.1 Footnotes

Some in time in the future, Michael began idolizing the Legends of Tomorrow which led him to become a member of the Time Police , nicknaming himself Booster Gold . Soon, he was chosen to become the guardian of a fixed point in time involving Alun Thomas dying at Mametz Wood during the Battle of the Somme in the World War I , an event which will lead Dr. Gwyn Davies to invent Time Travel .

For an unkown amount of time, Booster Gold kept killing any time traveler who tried to avert Alun's death. In 2022 , a future version of Gwyn Davies, who had previously joined the Legends, also tried to save his lover by replacing him with a robotic clone of himself but the Fixer easily murdered him which led to the reformation of the Legends in order to rescue their former comrade from death. After a small talk with his idols, Booster Gold found out he was now able to escape his fate as Fixer by enacting the Legends' plan so he tricked them into stealing their Waverider ; he also destroyed Gwyn Davies' time machine so that they could never search for him in the Timestream and contacted the Time Police to made them arrest the "rogue" time travelers. [1]

Booster Gold began traveling in time with the Waverider, also visiting Nora West-Allen 's timeline in 2032 where he was welcomed to the White House : his visit, along with a photo of himself, was recorded by the National Free Press . [2] .

Some time later, Booster was captured by the Time Police which used to him to ambush the Legends into the Waverider and arrest them along with him. [1]


  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the Arrowverse franchise and is an adaptation of Booster Gold . The original character was created by Dan Jurgens and first appeared in Booster Gold #1 .
  • Michael/Booster Gold is portrayed by Donald Faison .
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traveller dc comics

Our Best Jackett

traveller dc comics

Newsletter #184: My Trip to the DC Cinematic Universe

Our Best Jackett

Hey guys, it's Scott.

It is Wednesday, May 15th. Forgive the sound of the rain in the background. It is raining hard here. You can probably hear it drumming on the glass. I wanted to do a post about my trip to Metropolis because so many of you have asked about it. Obviously, there's a lot I can't say. Most of what I learned and saw and experienced I can't talk about. But I wanted to at least tell you what I could because it was awesome. And before we start, a couple bits of housekeeping. One, May 22nd, White Boat #1 comes out.

traveller dc comics

This is a creator-owned book by me and Francesco Francavilla and it's out from DSTLRY. We're really proud of it. It's another horror book by us where we try and take some classic horror concepts and reimagine them in really gruesome and fun and twisted modern ways. It's what Francesco and I just love doing together. We did it with Night of the Ghoul , which is one of my favorite books I've ever worked on, and this one is living up to that bar as well. So it's about a guy who was invited onto the most expensive yacht ever built. It's a mysterious boat whose owner is a big question mark to the world. And as soon as this guy Lee steps on the boat, it starts sailing away and he doesn't know where it's headed. And it begins a very kind of gothic and strange and dark-hearted tale on the ocean. Really hope you'll check it out. We're really proud of it. May 22nd.

Also, this coming weekend, right now, like weekend, I am going down to Tidewater Comic Con in Virginia. I'm very excited, but I've never been there. They were really kind to invite me and show me a good time, so I can't wait to meet all of you. If you're anywhere near Virginia this weekend, please, please come say hello. and if you're a paid Best Jackett member there'll be a time at the beginning of each signing where you can come up exclusively and get your stuff signed and meet and all of that stuff.

traveller dc comics

And then the following week I'm doing a signing at Midtown Comics in New York City for White Boat when it comes out and then I'm going to be doing a signing down in Maryland at Third Eye Comics and I can't wait. I love Third Eye. They run an incredible store, as does Midtown. But yes, I will be down there Saturday the 25th signing White Boat , whatever else you want. We always have a great time down there, I can't wait.

traveller dc comics

So I'm doing a lot of stuff the next couple of weeks. I really hope you'll come out and see me and just say hello. I've had such a good time at conventions and signings the last year. I feel like I've gotten to know you guys a lot better. I feel I have a much more intimate and honest relationship with fans through this site, honestly, through being able to get to know you with our meetings and our class and the correspondence we've developed through Best Jackett and it makes going to these events so much more fun. So I hope you'll come check it out. And yes, so Wytches , one other update. I am sort of working very hard on some superhero stuff and also on Wytches the animated series. The second season writer's room begins in about a month. So we're doing all the prep work for that right now. So yes, I'm burning it at both ends. So I'm sorry between that and end of school antics with APs and after school sports and all kinds of finale stuff for the kids. Life is total chaos. So I apologize to anyone I haven't gotten back to. I apologize for any absence on my part.

So Metropolis. So DC was kind enough to invite me and some other creators, some legends like John Ostrander and Dan Jurgens, Kevin Maguire, and then some people like me and Josh Williamson and Jason Aaron, down to Georgia where they're filming Superman .

traveller dc comics

And of course, I couldn't say no. I was very excited to go. And they invited us down there to see some of the filming and to meet everybody and to hear our thoughts on it, which was kind of unbelievable. So I flew down, met everybody at the hotel. The hotel had like, DC books all over the place. It was awesome. And it's this whole sort of soundstage set up almost in the middle of rural Georgia. It just pops up out of nowhere, these 30 big soundstages, and it's awesome. There's this whole little town built up around it and we got to go on the set. I've never been on a movie set in earnest before. The actors were incredibly kind and said very nice things about the comics and about DC and all of it. And James Gunn came out and was just the biggest fan of comic books from go. You could see he took time just to talk to John Ostrander, which was so nice, and to pull him aside and talk to him about the creation of Mr. Terrific, because it was the anniversary of Mr. Terrific.

traveller dc comics

A couple other legendary, amazing creators that were there, Frank Quitely, Jerry Ordway. It was just such a good time. We all got along great. And then we got to see some of the conceptual material and it was just fantastic. And the thing I can say without giving anything away or without any spoilers is everybody involved in this is a true fan of Superman, of the legacy of the character, and of the comics in a really big way.

Over the years, my experience with DC and movies has been interesting. I think I told you, but when I started at DC, Warner Brothers wasn't really a parent company of ours. And then when that happened, there was a lot of excitement and turmoil as DC got moved out to the West Coast. And there was always this question of what the integration would be, whether or not people working in comics would get to be a part of the TV shows and film. And largely, that wasn't the case. And not blaming anybody or putting that on anyone and those things take time, but one thing that was always clear was that the actors and the creators and a lot of the people working on the films were really big comic fans. So my experience in that realm was always great—meeting Ben Affleck and him talking about his favorite Batman comics…

traveller dc comics

Meeting Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa…

traveller dc comics

And they invited us to go to a convention where they were taking pictures and to bring us backstage and I brought my kids and Emmet who was was younger at that time, who was like five or so and now he's 12. But we we got there and he really loved Wonder Woman the movie and we were waiting, Gal Gadot came out in this red suit and she was like, “hi i heard you're a fan of Wonder Woman!” And he was like, “I can't talk to you, lady. I'm waiting for her to come out so i can take a picture with her!” So he did not recognize Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, which Gal thought was hilarious and was a great sport about. But every time we got a chance to interact, whether it was getting invited to the premiere of Man of Steel where Henry Cavill came over and I've told that story about how he was so handsome moving through the crowd I thought they had a spotlight on him. And I was totally embarrassed in front of all my friends by being like, “I don't know why they keep a spotlight on that guy,” and they're like, “there's no spotlight, man.” There’s been strange events where they invited us to a DC party in San Diego where they had Action Comics #1 in bulletproof glass and synchronized swimmers swimming to the Hans Zimmer theme of Batman v Superman . And it was always a very strange and wonderful relationship. But the thing that was always clear was that the people involved in the films creatively were always very kind to us and were always enthusiastic about meeting us and had read the material. Zack Snyder couldn't have been a nicer guy and a bigger fan. And now Matt Reeves and some of the guys working on The Batman , all of the actors, like meeting Paul Dano…

traveller dc comics

Robert Pattinson saying nice things about all of our stuff. I mean, it's just been great. But the thing I'm getting at is that there wasn't the same level of integration in terms of the creative process that seems to be going on now where it's not like we're giving notes or we're talking to them about what they should or shouldn't do. But they did ask our opinion and it was fun and they showed us everything they're doing while it's being made, which has never happened before. But I think the thing is, over the years, the studio and the comic book publisher have always been somewhat separated. And it's not like they're completely integrated now, but there's a transparency and a relationship and an enthusiasm above all for both sides, both entities to talk to each other and be in communication and it's a wonderful thing to see. And I honestly believe with my entire heart that Superman and the entire DCU are in fantastic hands with James and with all of his team. Again, everyone there couldn't have been nicer, couldn't have been more enthusiastic, they were all well read about comics as well, all of it And on top of that, it was really nice to see how happy everybody was on set. Just a big nod to James Gunn and the way he runs a set, because everybody there seemed happy and excited to be a part of the production.

And so, yeah, and it was great hanging out with Josh and James and getting to really talk to Frank Quitely, who I've met before, but haven't really had a chance to just connect with. And talking about what we love about Superman, but also just getting to know each other better as friends, all of us, and just hanging out in this strange place and getting to catch up. And it was a wonderful, wonderful experience.

traveller dc comics

I'm very grateful to DC and very, very grateful to James Gunn and everybody at the studio for inviting us down. It was a special thing. And the last thing I'll say, too, is you see, though, their commitment to comics just by the fact that they have great comic writers like Tom King in the think tank, in the writers rooms, in the conversation about what things to do with with characters. You see them adapting stuff like Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow (fantastic read). So, again, the feeling right now is really positive. And that's not me blowing smoke. That's not me trying to be a kiss up or any of that stuff, because I have no ambitions in that realm. Like, I love being involved as much as anyone wants to involve me. And yet at the same time, I'm really happy doing comics and animation and that.

So what I'm trying to say is it was the best feeling I've ever had in terms of the way DC is operating as a whole entity, both film and comics. And I give a lot of credit, again, to James Gunn and to Jim Lee and everybody that has melded those two things in a nice way. All right, so I hope to see you guys very soon at Tidewater, at Midtown Comics, at Third Eye Comics, wherever you are in the country, come see me, pick up White Boat . We will do a class soon. It's just been insane over here, but I'd love to do this one about twists and twist endings. I have the material picked out in my head. We will try to get to it this month, I promise. And yeah, just let me know what you're thinking and how it's going and post at the bottom of this one and I'll try and respond!

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traveller dc comics

Ready for more?

When Batman Met the Joker of the Future...Gotham's Chief of Police?!

In their latest spotlight on awesomely bizarre comics, CSBG sees the time Batman went to the future and met the future Joker, Gotham's Police Chief?!

  • Time travel stories with Batman opened up vast storytelling possibilities for the creators, allowing for intricate details and wild adventures.
  • In a bizarre twist, Batman and Robin met the Joker's future descendent, Gotham City's Police Chief, and teamed up to fight space pirates.
  • The comic explored the idea of redemption for the Joker's lineage

I Love Ya But You’re Strange is a feature that spotlights strange but ultimately endearing comic stories. Today, we look at the time that Batman traveled to the future and met Gotham City's Police Chief of the future...the Joker?!?!

As I wrote about a few years back , in 1944, the Batman comic books gained a whole new angle of stories (back in the day of most comic books being anthologies, even series like Batman and Superman were just anthologies where the stories within the anthology simply happened to only be about Batman and Superman, a good premise that you could repeat was worth its weight in gold) with the introduction of Professor Carter Nichols in Batman #24 (in a story by Joe Samachson and the legendary Batman artist, Dick Sprang), a scientist who came up with this absurd form of time travel that really didn't make any sense, but once you got past the inherent illogical nature of the concept, it allowed Batman creators to tell time travel stories with Batman and Robin.

Once the proverbial gate was opened on these types of stories, the Batman creators leaned into them heavily and they did a BUNCH of them. Dick Sprang was also known for being an artist who loved to draw intricate details, so he was a big fan of these time travel stories, as they allowed him to challenge himself by trying to get the details right in all of the stories as best as he possibly could. It was really like he was bringing the past alive in these comics (I wrote about his work on these time travel stories a few years back ).

However, in 1950's Batman #59 (an issue famous for introducing a notable future Suicide Squad character, but that's a story for another day), in a story by Bill Finger, and art by Lew Sayre Scwhartz and Charles Paris (with the Batman and Robin figures drawn by Bob Kane, back when he was still trying to nominally remain involved on the series ), we see "Batman in the Future," where we met the Joker of the future...who is the Gotham City Police Chief?!?!

Justice League: That Time Martian Manhunter Got a Woman

Why did batman and robin become interested in the joker's ancestors.

Now, do note that this issue included Finger and Kane, who were two of Joker's creators, so they were obviously invested in the Joker a bit, so it is interesting to see Finger actually give some thought to how Joker came to become the way he is. This is less than a year before Finger delivered the first origin of the Joker with the first Red Hood story, so at this point, the Joker had absolutely NO origin at all, and so you could actually believe that he was somehow descended from a long line of clowns.

Batman decides that he wants to see if they could reform the Joker, so he and Robin plan to travel to the past and meet one of Joker's descendants. So they go to Professor Nichols, and what follows is one of the most bonkers sequences you can imagine....

"Say, ever thought of me sending you to the future, Batman?" "Not right now." " about I send you to the future anyways?" How slipshod is this dude's powers that he just thinks the wrong thing and Batman and Robin end up in the distant future?!? And then he blames "all the talk about the future." That was YOU, dude!

They arrive in the future, and meet the Gotham City Police Chief of 2050, Rekoj, who is obviously related to the Joker, only his name is also the Joker backwards for...reasons...

Batman quickly convinces him that they ARE the legit Batman and Robin, and they agree to team up with Rekoj to take down some space pirates.

Batman and Robin go undercover as spaceship workers because the pirates are sabotaging rockets built by one scientist in particular, but they keep their masks, because Batman is worried some other time traveler might show up and blow his secret identity (what a weird, but probably accurate, thing to worry about)....

Batman saves the scientist's life, and he gives Batman a rocket ship.

Which Legion of Super-Heroes Member Was Getting High as a Kite in 1969?

What did batman and robin's trip to the future teach them.

Batman and Robin use the rocket, and Batman turns it into a Bat-rocket, of course, and they stop some more sabotage attempts...

Finally, Batman is able to prove who is the saboteur working with the space pirates, but suddenly, their are drawn back to the present (as I guess Nichols can't bring them back before a predetermined point?)...

Batman and Robin now realize that it IS possible for Joker's line to be reformed, as they now had proof that eventually one of Joker's descendents will become a crimefighter to fix the issue of his family's honor. The weird thing about all of this, of course, is that it implies that Finger believes that Joker's clown look is just a natural genetic abnormality, right, as it has apparently passed down for a few generations, with his great-grandson being his exact double! At least this wasn't AFTER Finger pivoted to the Joker being turned into that visage due to chemical exposure, as it would be VERY weird if the Joker's descendents inherited his chemical disfigurement.

It's a weird, weird issue, but hey, at least it taught readers the possibilities of redemption. I think that that was a nice lesson for a 1950s Batman comic book story, which rarely even got THAT deep, to be frank.

If anyone has a suggestion for a future I Love Ya But You're Strange, please drop me a line at [email protected]!


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