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Journal of Nomads

The Best Guide to Travel in Kazakhstan: 18 things you should know to visit Kazakhstan in 2024

This is the most complete and updated online guide to travel in Kazakhstan. If you find yourself fascinated by this vast, beautiful country and love unusual destinations , this travel guide will tell you everything you need to know to prepare you to visit Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan , a former Soviet republic, is a Central Asian country that extends West from the Caspian Sea to the Altai Mountains in the East. It’s one of the few countries in the world that can still be considered an off-the-beaten-path destination.

Kazakhstan borders both Russia and China and is the 9th largest country in the world so there’s a lot for you to explore. The word Kazakhstan literally translates to ‘the Land of the Wanderers’.

From arid plains, endless steppes, and dusty desert villages where you’ll see more camels than people; to lush valleys, snow-capped mountains, and modern cities, travel in Kazakhstan will surprise you every step of the way.

This travel guide will provide you with useful and up-to-date travel information regarding Covid 19, Kazakhstan travel tips, and recommendations to visit Kazakhstan.

The Best Guide to Travel in Kazakhstan: 18 things you should know to visit Kazakhstan in 2024

Disclaimer: This posts might contain affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase through these links, I may earn an affiliate commission. Thank you for helping to support this website!

Kazakhstan Travel Essentials & Resources

  • 18 useful things you should know to visit Kazakhstan
  • Plan your trip:  Itinerary Planning for Kazakhstan
  • Tours & Experiences:  City Tours, Adventure Tours
  • Visa:   Check the required Kazakhstan travel documents!
  • Getting there:  Search for flights to Almaty or Nur Sultan
  • Where to stay :  Find a hotel, hostel, guesthouse or homestay in Kazakhstan
  • Travel Insurance:   Choose the best travel insurance for Kazakhzstan
  • Getting around :  Rent a car in Kazakhstan  or  travel by train


1. Visit Kazakhstan in 2024 – Kazakhstan Entry Requirements

As the world regains some kind of new ‘normal’ following the global pandemic, it’s really important that you do your research on the current regulations in place regarding Covid-19.

You may be wondering, ‘is Kazakhstan open for tourism?’ and the answer would be yes. The majority of Kazakhstan travel restrictions have been lifted and international flights into and out of the country have now resumed. All commercial flights to and from Kazakhstan are operating as normal too.

1.1 Kazakhstan entry Requirements COVID

Travelers arriving in Kazakhstan no longer need to present a negative PCR test result or proof of vaccination.

Almost all Covid restrictions have been lifted in Kazakhstan, except for medical facilities where face coverings must still be worn.

Upon taking your outgoing flight from Kazakhstan, you may be screened and have your temperature taken and assessed for any coronavirus symptoms. It’s still important that you check with your airline for the latest updated travel information.

1.2 Kazakhstan vaccination requirements

It is not compulsory to get any vaccinations in order to travel to Kazakhstan. You only need proof of a yellow fever vaccination if you’re arriving from a country where there’s a risk of yellow fever.

Turkestan Kazakhstan Khoza Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum

2.  Do I need a visit to travel in Kazakhstan?

2.1 kazakhstan visa requirements.

For the last few years, due to the global pandemic, Kazakhstan’s visa-free regime has been suspended. However, in 2022, it has now been reinstated. If your country is on this list , you’ll have to apply for a visa at the embassy where your residence is.

However, the embassies are willing to make an exception if you don’t have an embassy in your home country. Find out what you need to apply for a visa for Kazakhstan here .

There is a list of the countries eligible to visit Kazakhstan without a visa. If your country is on the list , you’ll get a free visa (in the form of a stamp and a registration card) on arrival at the airport or at any land border.

The Kazakhstan Tourist visa is valid for a single visit of up to 30 days, two visits of up to 30 days each within a 60-day period, or three visits of up to 30 days each within a 90-day period.

Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of three months beyond the expiry date of your visa. Your passport should also have at least 1 blank page for your visa.

When visiting Kazakhstan, no matter if arriving in the country at the airport or at a land border, all visitors must fill in a registration card . This card will then be stamped twice at passport control upon arrival, showing that you’re registered. If you only see one stamp, make sure you ask nicely for the second one.

You must then keep this registration card with you throughout your stay in Kazakhstan. If you don’t have this card with you when you leave the country, you will have to pay a fine or even face deportation.

However, since 10 January 2020, it’s the responsibility of the host or hotel to register travelers. They have to do this within three working days from the date of the guest’s arrival in Kazakhstan and can be done on the Visa and Migration online portal or in writing to the Migration Service.

Travelers who need to obtain a Letter of Invitation (LOI) to visit Kazakhstan, must register with the Migration Police. 

2.2 Can I extend my Kazakhstan visa?

It is no longer permitted to enter and re-enter visa-free as many times as you like, indefinitely.

Now all visa-free nationalities are only allowed a maximum of 90 days within 180 days of traveling in Kazakhstan . You can still leave and re-enter the same day. A tourist visa however can not be changed or extended once issued.

2.3 What happens if I overstay my Kazakhstan Visa?

If you happen to overstay your visa whilst in Kazakhstan, you’ll need to go to the nearest OVIR station and pay $4 for an extension and a B20 exit visa valid for up to 15 days.

Extensions are usually only granted for reasons such as flight cancellations or emergency medical care.

Beautiful places to visit in Kazakhstan - Journal of Nomads

3. When is the best time to visit Kazakhstan?

Depending on what you want to do during your trip, you can visit Kazakhstan any time of the year. Kazakhstan has a continental climate with cold winters and hot summers and the temperature will vary depending on the region of the country.

The period between May – October is the best time to visit Kazakhstan, especially the northern region and the southeastern region. The temperatures are not too high to go hiking and camping in places like Charyn Canyon , the Kolsai Lakes and the Tian Shan mountains around Almaty as well as in the highlands of the Altai mountain range.

Kolsai Lake 2 - Travel Guide to Kolsai Lakes - entrance path to hiking trail - Journal of Nomads

If you can cope with the heat, it’s also a good period to go on a road trip or a train trip through the steppes and visit other parts of the country .

Spring and Autumn each last for about a month every year: April and October in the south, and May and September in the north.

The temperature on average can be a pleasant 20°C which is ideal for sightseeing in the steppes and visiting the cities and areas in the south of the country.

The 26 best and most beautiful places to visit in Kazakhstan - Journal of Nomads

The 26 best and most beautiful places to visit in Kazakhstan

The Ultimate Travel guide for backpacking in Kazakhstan

3.1 What is the hottest month in Kazakhstan?

The Summer in Kazakhstan is between late May and September and the hottest month is July. The summers in the south of the country and in the steppes can be scorching hot with temperatures known to reach 40°C (104°f).

4. Kazakhstan Travel Insurance

It’s not mandatory to have travel insurance if you are traveling to Kazakhstan. However, it’s always a good idea to have international travel insurance just in case the unforeseeable happens.

If you don’t have travel insurance yet, I highly recommend  IATI travel insurance  as it covers both medical costs and theft or the budget-friendly travel medical insurance by  SafetyWing .

Travel Insurance for Backpackers - The 2 best backpacker travel insurance - Journal of Nomads

The 3 best travel insurance companies compared!

5. What is the best way to get to Kazakhstan?

You can fly to Kazakhstan, enter by road via a border crossing, or by taking a cargo ship across the Caspian Sea .

5.1 Flying into Kazakhstan

There are many daily international flights to Kazakhstan.

There are the 3 main international airports in Kazakhstan: Almaty International Airport (ALA), Astana International Airport (TSE) and Shymkent International Airport (CIT). 

5.2 How to travel to Kazakhstan by road

Kazakhstan shares borders with Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan , Uzbekistan , and Turkmenistan.

Are you planning to travel overland between the Central Asian countries? Then the following guides will come in handy:

  • How to get from Almaty to Tashkent (Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan) by train or bus?
  • How to get from Almaty to Bishkek (Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan) by bus?
  • How to get from Bishkek to Almaty (Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan) by bus?

For information about the different border crossings, read this page on Caravanistan

5.3 How to travel to Kazakhstan By boat

I entered Kazakhstan by taking a cargo ship from Baku (Azerbaijan) to Aktau (port in West Kazakhstan) across the Caspian Sea.

Caspian Sea ferry - how to get from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan by boat - Baku to Aktau - Journal of Nomads

8 things you need to know about how to cross the Caspian Sea from Baku to Aktau by ferry.

Crossing the Caspian Sea by boat – How to travel by cargo ship from Baku (Azerbaijan) to Aktau (Kazakhstan) - Journal of Nomads

6. IS Kazakhstan a safe country to visit?

A lot of people are concerned about travel safety in Kazakhstan because of the ‘stan’ part. But I can assure you, it’s very safe to travel in this vast country!

Kazakhstan is not a country where you’ll see a lot of violence. The majority of the locals are very helpful and hospitable and the only way you might get hurt is from a bad hangover from drinking too much vodka.

Some people are concerned about travel safety in Kazakhstan, but it’s very safe to travel in this vast country. There are the normal risks of pickpockets and petty crime, and travelers are advised to be cautious of corrupt police. They are also advised to be cautious at night in and around clubs and bars. However, Kazakhstan is generally a very friendly country and foreigners are respected.

I have walked many times on the streets in Almaty and Shymkent alone at night as a woman and not once did I feel uncomfortable or unsafe. During our road trip through the steppes , I’ve never encountered a person who wanted to harm me and my friends in any way.

Turkestan Kazakhstan Khoza Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum mosaic tiles art

There’s not as much corruption in Kazakhstan as there used to be, but if you travel around the country with your own car, the traffic police might stop you and find a reason to fine you.

How do you deal with bribes and corruption? First of all, don’t panic, get angry or be impatient. Stay calm and friendly, keep smiling and act like you have all the time in the world.

Most officials only speak Russian so even if you understand the language a bit, pretend that you don’t. If the office happens to speak English, you suddenly can’t speak English anymore.

Talk to them in a foreign language, and pretend that you have no idea what’s going on. They’ll soon realize they aren’t going to get any money from you and that you’re wasting their time and will eventually give up and let you go.

Remember: never give in and pay a bribe. If you do, you’ll encourage the offices to continue doing this. This doesn’t only affect tourism and travelers in a bad way, it also affects the local people as they become victims of bribery as well.

Is is safe to travel to Kazakhstan - Is Kazakhstan safe - Kazakhstan - Journal of nomads

Is Kazakhstan Safe? 15 useful tips to travel safely in Kazakhstan

Driving from Europe to Asia - Driving in Kazakhstan - Road trip through Kazakhstan - Journal of Nomads

7. Money and Currency in Kazakhstan

7.1 what kind of money do they use in kazakhstan.

The official currency of Kazakhstan is the Kazakhstani Tenge (KZT).

  • Banknotes circulating in Kazakhstan: 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000 and 20,000 tenge.
  • Coins circulating in Kazakhstan: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 tenge.

I always use the app  to convert and stay up-to-date with the current exchange rates. At this time of writing, the current exchange rates are:

  • $1 USD = 451 KZT
  • €1 Euro = 475 KZT
  • £1 British Pound = 552 KZT

7.2 Which credit cards are accepted in Kazakhstan?

Visa is probably the most widely accepted credit card. However, Kazakhstan has a cash economy which means paying with a credit card can be quite difficult in many places.

Many taxis, restaurants, local tour operators, and small shops will still only take cash, not cards. It’s only been over the last few years that credit card usage has been more widely accepted. So make sure you’re prepared to bring plenty of cash with you if you’re planning a trip.

7.3 ATMs in Kazakhstan

ATMs are very easy to find in the cities but make sure to bring cash money when you visit remote villages and regions. You can use Visa, Maestro, and Mastercard to withdraw cash from ATMs in Kazakhstan.

It’s also worth noting that withdrawing small amounts of cash from ATMs can be costly due to the charges by the credit card companies and the banks handling the transactions.

7.4 Exchanging money in Kazakhstan

There are plenty of exchange offices, especially in the big cities, if you want to exchange some of your currency.

Rates are competitive as soon as you leave the airport and an important tip once you have exchanged your cash into tenge is to hold onto your small change.

Your 10, 20, 50, and 100 tenge will be really handy and useful when paying for bus tickets and snacks, larger notes won’t be accepted in small shops.

7.5 How much money do you need in Kazakhstan?

You may be wondering about how to budget for your trip and asking ‘Is it cheap to travel in Kazakhstan?’. Like most of Central Asia, travel in Kazakhstan is relatively cheap.

A good meal will cost around $3 in a local restaurant, a dorm bed in a hostel for around $7, and a train ticket around $15 every 1000km or so.

Tourism is still pretty new In Kazakhstan but with more visitors coming each year, more services are being offered which means that tours and activities are still relatively cheap.

7.6 Should you tip in Kazakhstan?

Tipping is not compulsory in Kazakhstan because a service charge is usually included in restaurant and hotel bills.

However, it is becoming a more common practice based on the growing number of tourists. Taxis and train travel have a fixed charge already included in the price.

Traveling in Kazakhstan - Kazakhstan Travel - Journal of Nomads

8. Kazakhstan transportation: How to Get around Kazakhstan

8.1 does kazakhstan have good transportation.

The public transport in Kazakhstan is quite well developed. You can get around Kazakhstan by train, bus, mashrutka (min-bus), (shared) taxi, and plane.

8.2 Are there trains in Kazakhstan?

Yes, Kazakhstan has a rather good railway system. As it’s a huge country and the easiest and most comfortable way of getting around Kazakhstan is by taking a train.

Not only is it a cheap way to travel long distances, but there are also regular connections between all of the main cities and towns and you’ll meet many locals along the way.

It’s better to buy your tickets in advance as they tend to sell out during the summer and on holidays. You can book your train tickets on where you can select your seat/bunk bed in advance.

If you’re going on an overnight journey you will get sheets, a pillow, and a blanket. Bring enough food and drinks with you as the food prices on the train are very expensive. It’s also forbidden to drink alcohol on the train.

Kazakhstan Railway - How to travel by train in Kazakhstan - Journal of Nomads

Kazakhstan Railway Guide: How to travel by train in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Railway - How to travel by train in Kazakhstan - Journal of Nomads

8.3 Getting around Kazakhstan by bus

Buses are great for travel within cities like Almaty , Shymkent and Nur Sultan for short and quick journeys.

The average price for a bus ticket in Almaty is around 200 tenge, which you pay to the driver when you get onto the bus. Don’t forget to ask for a receipt so you can show it to the ticket inspector when he/she comes around.

Every bus has a number and it can sometimes be confusing trying to find out which one to take. You can ask your hostel or hotel which number you need to get on or you check the bus routes within cities via  and  wikiroutes .

Just type in the name of your location and destination and the app will show you the number of the bus going there.

For longer journeys and travel in Kazakhstan, I would recommend taking the train for reasons regarding both cost and comfort.

8.4 Getting around Kazakhstan by minibus (marshrutka)

A marshrutka is a mini-bus that looks like a van and is a popular public transport for the locals. It’s not the fastest way to get around but it’s definitely a cultural experience.

They run on fixed routes around a city and you’ll also see many marshrutkas within smaller cities and towns. When taking a marshrutka in a city, each marshrutka has a number, and to avoid any confusement, you can either ask at your hostel or hotel which number to get on or you can download the app called .

Just type in the name of your location and destination and the app will show you the marshrutka going there.

From Almaty to Bishkek by public transport

8.5 Getting around by (shared) taxi

Taking a shared taxi is more expensive than a bus or a marshrutka (about triple the price) but it is a much faster way to get around in a city. Sharing a taxi means that you share the car with other people and you split the costs so you pay per seat.

As it is a shared taxi, with many seats, it’s important that you tell the driver that you only wish to pay for one seat, not for the entire taxi before leaving. They leave when all of the seats have been filled. You’ll find these taxis everywhere in the cities and near bus and train stations.

You’ll often see locals waving down cars on the side of the road. The drivers that stop for them are often unofficial taxi drivers who earn a bit of extra money by giving locals a ride and charging them for the gas costs. If you want to catch a ride like this, it’s good to know in advance how much you should pay (some drivers like to charge foreigners more).

If you want to take a taxi in a city but you don’t feel confident waving down cars and/or bargaining for a good price, you can always use the Yandex Go app . This app works similar to Uber and these taxis work with a standard rate per kilometer which you can see on the app or on the meter inside the taxi. 

8.6 Domestic flights in Kazakhstan

If you don’t have much time to make a long-distance journey by train, you could always take an airplane to fly between the main cities in Kazakhstan. You can book your tickets on this website .

8.7 Hitchhiking in Kazakhstan

Hitchhiking in Kazakhstan is similar to hitchhiking in Kyrgyzstan . Although you’ll see a lot of people standing on the side of the road waving down cars as a sign that they want to get a lift, it’s standard to pay the driver for the costs of the petrol.

If you’re after getting free rides, you’ll have to explain this to your driver before you get in the car.

If you’re hitchhiking long distances in Kazakhstan, you’ll often have to travel across the steppes and desert. Make sure you bring enough water and food in case you’re stuck without a ride in the middle of nowhere!

The Ultimate Travel guide for backpacking in Kazakhstan

8.7 Driving in Kazakhstan

Going on a road trip in Kaz akhstan is definitely a worthwhile adventure. It’s a brilliant way to explore this vast country at your own rhythm.

As long as you’re an experienced and confident driver, renting a car gives you the opportunity to reach far and remote places. Since many of the country’s attractions are difficult to reach on public transport, hiring a car gives you the freedom to explore places off of the beaten path.

The top places to visit in Kazakhstan - Journal of Nomads - Nomad's Land

The state of the roads is generally good if you are driving along the main highways. If you want to drive across the steppes or on secondary roads, you can expect dusty tracks and countless potholes, so take care!

The Ultimate Travel guide for backpacking in Kazakhstan

There are a few ‘must haves’ when hiring a car that is important to take note of before you set off on a road trip.

You’ll need an international driving license and proof that you have insurance. You will also need to have the vehicle’s ownership documents with you as most likely, you will meet traffic cops along the way.

If you are driving your own car with a foreign registration plate, you will probably be stopped a few times. As long as you haven’t broken any traffic law, you won’t be fined (see how to deal with bribes in section 6. Is Kazakhstan safe ).

You have to drive on the right side of the road in Kazakhstan and crossing a solid white line is a big no-no. Another traffic law that you should keep in mind is that your car lights must always be switched on when you’re outside of a city. Here’s a great guide with info about driving and traffic rules in Kazakhstan here.

There are several petrol stations along the way but make sure you have enough petrol in the car to drive a distance of a minimum of 300km before you come across the next petrol station. A good tip is to bring a spare jerry can for fuel if you’re planning on driving long distances.

And lastly, be aware that whilst on the road, some Kazakh drivers love to push the gas pedal and overtake other cars in the craziest ways!

Going on a road trip through Kazakhstan is definitely worthwhile as long as you’re an experienced and confident driver! You’ll be able to reach very remote places and camp under the stars!

The Ultimate Travel guide for backpacking in Kazakhstan

Almaty City Guide: The 19 best things to do in Almaty

9. Kazakhstan Tours

With more tourists choosing to travel to Kazakhstan, tourism in Kazakhstan is developing slowly.

Because of this growth in tourists, there are more tour companies now than ever before meaning that there are more scheduled tours for you to choose from.

Going on a tour is particularly interesting to get to remote destinations like Charyn Canyon , Kolsai Lakes and Lake Kaindy , Altyn-Emel National Park , etc., as they are hard to reach by public transport.

You can search online for tours in Kazakhstan , organized by local tour companies or you can join my 10-day Best of Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan Adventure Tour!

Join the 10-day Best of Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan Adventure and visit Almaty, Charyn Canyon, Kolsai Lakes, Lake Kaindy, Karakol, Son Kul lake, and many more! 

Charyn Canyon in Kazakhstan -Tours Kazakhstan - Small group tour in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan - Kazakhstan tour - Kazachstan reis - Kazachstan rondreis

10. Where to stay in Kazakhstan

There are now many great accommodation options in the big cities and towns of Kazakhstan.

10.1 Hostels, hotels, and guesthouses in Kazakhstan

Hostels are the cheapest option for accommodation, starting from $5 per night for a bed in a dorm.

Most of the country’s cities now have at least 1 modern backpacker haunt, Almaty has more than 20 now. These hostels are often located in refurbished apartments in the center of town and run by young people themselves. Hostels in Kazakhstan are a good place to meet other young, budget-conscious travelers.

You can find a nice private room in a guesthouse, starting from $15 per night .

Nur-Sultan and Almaty have many great hotel options ($40-$250) for luxury and business travelers, and there are also plenty of apartment rentals ($15-$50). 

10.2 Staying in a yurt in Kazakhstan

Unlike in its neighboring country Kyrgyzstan , it is difficult nowadays to experience real nomadic life in Kazakhstan.

Most Kazakhs have never even slept in a yurt themselves as there are only a few people who still spend time living in a yurt during summer, either herding camels in the Kyzylkum desert, or whilst shepherding in the Altai mountains.

If you happen to have your heart set on staying in one, it is possible through a holiday rental company or you can pay a visit to a pop-up restaurant or shop/market in a yurt but they are no longer homes for nomadic people in Kazakhstan.

Kyrgyzstan Travel Guide - Backpacking in Kyrgyzstan

10.3 Camping in Kazakhstan

There aren’t many designated camping sites in the country but wild camping in Kazakhstan is permitted anywhere.

If you can, you should definitely experience camping for at least one night in the steppes ( watch this video to get inspired ). It’s an incredibly unforgettable experience! There are so many scenic spots to spend a night under the stars.

It’s important to note that there are some dangers to watch for when it comes to camping. Bears and wolves roam in the wild in Kazakhstan and ticks are very common, especially in the mountains.

There are also some snakes, spiders, and scorpions in the dryer landscapes, and although they shouldn’t stop you from camping in Kazakhstan, it’s wise to be mindful of these creatures when traveling in Kazakhstan.

Travel Guide to Kolsai Lakes - Camping at Kolsai Lake 1 - Journal of Nomads

11. Kazakhstan Food and drinks

The cuisine in Kazakhstan is quite similar to the food in both Kyrgyzst an and Uzbekistan .

The majority of meals consist of beef, mutton, and chicken, either served within dumplings or on top of noodles, rice, or potatoes. However, if you happen to be feeling adventurous, you could try the canned camel or horse meat.

When eating out, food is generally served with either a soft drink or water. Kazakhs love drinking tea and most meals are followed by tea with milk, salt, sugar, and/or butter.

If you happen to be a coffee lover, instant coffee is usually your main option but coffee culture is now rapidly establishing itself nationwide.

11.1 5 Kazakh Dishes you have to try

1) what is the national dish of kazakhstan.

Beshbarmak is Kazakhstan’s national dish which is eaten daily in homes throughout the country. It is a slow-cooked dish made with boiled mutton, beef, horse or camel, and it is served with either boiled or flat dumplings or thin noodles, and onions.

This dish is usually eaten with your hands which explains its name which translates to ‘five fingers.’ Traditionally, the meat is served in small portions to make sure that the male elders can chew it without difficulty.

What is the national dish in Kazakhstan? Beshbarmak - Kazakhstan Travel Guide

Pilaf , also known as plov, is a rice dish that is considered to be a sign of wealth and prosperity in Kazakhstan. The dish contains meat that’s cooked together with onions and carrots and then rice is then added and once plated, the dish is then decorated with dried fruits.

Pilaf is very commonly a centerpiece when celebrating occasions that are meant to bring success and happiness, like weddings.

Where to eat in Tashkent - Plov Uzbekistan

Kazy is a type of sausage made from horse meat along with a mix of spices. The ancestors of modern Kazakhs, who were hunters, consumed large quantities of horsemeat.

They created kazy as they thought it was a clever way in which to preserve meat. It is considered to be an obligatory dish at weddings.

Manti are dumplings that have been stuffed with meat and then boiled are served with dried mint. If you decide to try Kazakhstani manti, be ready to say goodbye to your voice of reason as these are delicious.

The Best Guide to Travel in Kazakhstan: 18 things you should know to visit Kazakhstan in 2024

Baursak is a type of soft dough made using wheat flour that has been fried in either lamb or beef fat. Different regions in Kazakhstan are known for different-sized baursak. Kazakhstanis love them so much that they celebrate a day dedicated to them called ‘Baursak Day’ every Autumn.

They are normally rounded or diamond-shaped with some recipes incorporating cottage cheese into the dough. Often served with either tea, shurpa (a traditional soup) or as an appetizer or dessert.

The Best Guide to Travel in Kazakhstan: 18 things you should know to visit Kazakhstan in 2024

11.2 Is vegetarian food available in Kazakhstan?

It might be challenging for vegetarians to find some typical Kazakh dishes without meat. However, it’s not impossible and you can definitely ask for meals to be made without meat.

In cities like Astana, Almaty, and Shymkent you’ll find many small restaurants that serve vegetarian meals.

If you happen to be traveling during summer, you’ll find your dose of vitamins in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables from the markets in the towns and cities.

However, when in the steppes, you won’t find many options when looking for fresh fruits and veggies so be sure to take some with you if you can.

11.3 What is the national drink of Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan’s national drink is fermented horse (mare’s) milk known as Kumys or Koumiss. A drink that’s been around for thousands of years, this bitter and sour-tasting milk drink is made with yeast cultures and mare or camel milk (known as shubat) and is believed to be medicinal.

It is slightly alcoholic and said that drinking kumys will improve your overall health, make your soul younger and your feet stronger.

Traditionally made by the nomads of Central Asia, this drink still remains important to people in both Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan today.

Horse milking Kyrgyzstan - kymys - horse milk - mare milk - milking horses - Alay Mountains Hikes - Hiking in Kyrgyzstan - Trekking Guide - Journal of Nomads

11.4 Alcohol in Kazakhstan

Although the majority of people in Kazakhstan are Muslim, vodka is still a popular drink. Kazakhstan is the world’s seventh-biggest consumer of vodka.

It is customary that young people do not drink alcohol in front of elderly people. The legal drinking and buying age for alcoholic beverages is 21 years old.

11.5 Is tap water safe to drink in Kazakhstan?

I wouldn’t advise you to drink the tap water in Kazakhstan, especially not in small towns and villages. Buy bottles of water in the local supermarkets or better, bring a LifeStraw Water Filter Bottle .

This is a reusable bottle that filters water using a microfiltration device. When you drink water using this bottle, any dirt, bacteria, or parasites will be trapped in the fibers of the filter, while the clean water passes through.

It’s not only good for your belly and wallet, but it’s also great for the environment because you don’t have to buy any plastic bottles of water!

They are very light to carry and super useful for when you go trekking in the mountains . You can use it to drink the water from the rivers and lakes without becoming sick! Another way to filter water is by using a  steripen .

12. Packing list for Kazakhstan

12.1 what should i wear in kazakhstan.

The cities in Kazakhstan are very westernized so for the majority of the time, you can wear whatever you like.

However, if you’re planning on visiting rural areas, don’t wear miniskirts, short shorts and revealing tops as most people living there are quite conservative. Also, if you are visiting religious buildings and places, such as Turkestan, wear a long skirt or trousers as well as cover your shoulders.

Turkestan Kazakhstan Pilgrims

You should also pack appropriate clothes for the period in which you’re going to travel in Kazakhstan and the type of activities you’re planning on doing.

In winter (November – March) you should always bring warm clothes, a down jacket , a hat, a scarf, thermal underwear , warm boots and maybe a few lighter clothes for the mild days in the southern regions.

The summer (June – September) can be very hot, especially in the southern part of the country so bring light clothes.

If you’re planning on hiking and camping in the mountains around Almaty during the summer, you should also bring warm clothes as the temperature at night can still drop to 0°C.

Kyrgyzstan Trekking Tours - Alay Mountains Trekking Tour - Journal of Nomads

As Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan have similar cultures and climates, you should read The Complete Packing List for Kyrgyzstan to know in detail what to wear and pack.

Hiking in Almaty - The best hikes and daytrips from Almaty

12.2 Travel essentials for Kazakhstan

There are a few items that I would class as essential when traveling in Kazakhstan:

  • Water Filter Bottle : I highly recommend bringing a reusable bottle with a microfiltration device (see 11.5 Is it safe to drink the water in Kazakhstan?) . I use and highly recommend the  Lifestraw Water Filter Bottle .  Another way to filter water is by using a  steripen .
  • Portable power bank :  you won’t always have electricity available to charge your electronic devices, especially not when you’re planning on spending time in the mountains or in the steppes. I use and recommend  Anker Power Bank   as it has a 20,000mAh cell capacity providing at least 5 full charges for my phone. I can even charge my camera batteries with it!
  • International travel adaptor : the power sockets in Kazakhstan are of type C and F (the same as in Europe). The standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. In case you need an adaptor, I use and recommend this  all-in-one Universal Travel Adaptor  as you can use it worldwide.
  • Biodegradable toilet paper :  you’ll have to be comfortable using a squat toilet in Kazakhstan. With the exception of the guesthouses where you’ll have a western-style toilet, most toilets will be outside in the form of a separate small building with a hole in the ground. Sometimes there’s toilet paper but you should definitely bring  biodegradable toilet paper  with you. I mention biodegradable as the toilet paper disappears in the ground so we can keep it environment-friendly!
  • The same goes for   biodegradable wet wipes . Some homestays don’t have showers so wet wipes are very handy if you want to refresh.
  • Immodium  (or any other anti-diarrhea medicine) : a lot of the travelers eventually suffer from diarrhea at one point or another throughout their first trip to Kazakhstan. As prevention, I use  activated charcoal  (it helps your body get rid of toxins and unwanted substances, ask about it in your local pharmacy).
  • a head torch 
  • a good pair of walking boots
  • appropriate clothing depending on the time of year and planned activities 
  • a good day backpack for walking and hiking 
  • sun protection (a hat/headscarf/sunscreen)
  • passport and a copy of your passport and any other relevant documents
  • a copy of your travel insurance policy number written down somewhere  

Hiking in Almaty - the 5 best hiking trips in Almaty mountains - Kok Zhailau - Journal of Nomads

13. Are drones allowed in Kazakhstan?

According to KAA, drones are allowed in Kazakhstan, subject to AAK regulations .

You must register your drone and gain a license for using it whilst in Kazakhstan. If you do not get a license, you could face a fine, detention, or your drone could be confiscated .

You can get a license from the Aviation Committee in Nur-Sultan and there are certain rules you must follow when operating your drone whilst in the country.

Reading Tip: What’s in my camera bag: photography essentials and camera gear for travel photography

14. How is the internet in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is not a place to head to if you depend on the internet for work. Access to a fast-speed WiFi connection is rare and many websites have been blocked by the government.

In January 2022, there were nationwide anti-government protests in Kazakhstan. Some of these protests turned violent and in order to regain control, the government intentionally shut down the internet across the entire country for five days.

This was permitted due to a law that came into place in 2012, regarding national security in Kazakhstan. This law states that the government can disrupt communication channels for the containment of riots.

14.1 Which is the best sim card in Kazakhstan and how to get one?

The Beeline KZ card is a great SIM card to buy whilst in Kazakhstan and you can pick it up in any local shop.

It will give you enough coverage to update your Instagram feed or call your mum on What’s App and tell her that you’re doing fine.

14.2 REcommended apps for traveling in Kazakhstan

  • M aps.Me : This is one of the most practical apps you could use in Kazakhstan. You can download the map of the country so you can use it offline. It gives you very accurate directions and shows you where you can find the nearest restaurants, bus stations, ATM, hotels, places with wi-fi, points of interest, etc. It also tells you the number of the marshrutka you need to take when you travel within a particular city. This is also a great app to use while hiking as it shows most of the trails.
  • 2GIS :  This is very similar to Maps.Me but only works for big cities such as Almaty, Shymkent, and Astana. You can download the map of the city for offline use. This app only works in Russian but it’s the most popular and accurate navigation app in Central Asia.
  • :  You’ll need internet to use this app but it’s a great tool to find (last-minute) accommodation in the country.
  • Google Translate:  Translates written and spoken Russian or Kyrgyz. Only Russian is available to download for offline usage.
  • Xe currency:  very handy to check exchange rates, also works offline.
  • iOverlander: Great app for when you go on a road trip. This app serves as a database of places for overlanders. It includes information about (free) camping sites, restaurants, mechanics, petrol stations, water sources,…
  • Yandex Go : Great app to use if you want to take a taxi in the major cities without getting ripped off. All the Yandex taxis have a meter so you’ll always know how much to pay. It works similarly to Uber. Just enter your location and a taxi will arrive within 5 to 10 minutes.

waterhole steppes Kazakhstan camels horses

15. Culture and etiquette in Kazakhstan

The Kazakh people are descendants of ancient Turkic nomadic tribes and used to travel along the Kazakh steppes for centuries. Their culture was very similar to the nomadic culture that we can still see in Kyrgyzstan today.

The word “Kazakh” means “a free and independent nomad” in Turkic. However, their way of life has changed dramatically over the past century.

When Kazakhstan was still a republic of the former USSR, it rapidly developed its agricultural and industrial sectors because of its massive oil and gas reserve. The majority of the Kazakh people left their nomadic lifestyle and moved to the cities to work. Unlike in its neighboring country Kyrgyzstan, it’s nowadays very difficult to experience the nomadic culture in Kazakhstan.

Many people from other USSR republics were sent to Kazakhstan to work in the industrial sector. That’s why Kazakhstan became a multinational state inhabited by 17.8 million people belonging to more than 120 nationalities !

Kazakhstan is doing economically very well, better than any other country in Central Asia and when you visit a city like Nur Sultan and Almaty, you can tell that there’s money in the country!

It’s therefore important to tell you that the people of all ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan are called Kazakhstani . Only the people of the Kazakh ethnic group are called Kazakhs and they are becoming a minority in their own land!

The Kazakh are extremely hospitable people. In ancient times, there was an unofficial law that said ‘ Meet a guest as God’s messenger’ and hospitality is seen as a type of sacred duty.

If you are invited to someone’s home, it is customary to be served tea and bread even if you have not been invited for a meal. The serving of bread is seen as a sign of respect in Kazakhstan culture. Meals tend to take a long time as they are seen as social events.

It is common to greet people with a handshake using both hands. The majority of rules and social etiquette circle around the country’s Muslim faith and nomadic traditions.

If you want to learn about the Kazakh people and their traditions, you should go on a road trip and visit the small villages in the steppes. Most people there still live and work as shepherds. But you’ll see that their culture has become a mix of Kazakh and Russian traditions.

The Ultimate Travel guide for backpacking in Kazakhstan - people of Kazakhstan

16. What is the Religion in Kazakhstan

The vast majority of the Kazakh people are Muslims, but the Islamic religion came late to the area.

The practice of the religion differs from region to region and is in general not so strict. You won’t see many women wearing a hijab and the majority of the men won’t say no to a good shot of vodka.

The Ultimate Travel guide for backpacking in Kazakhstan

17. Do people in Kazakhstan speak English?

In the cities and more tourist areas, you will find more and more people who know and understand English.

However, it’s mostly the younger generation who seem to know more, with the percentage growing since the fall of the Soviet Union.

If you want to talk to the locals, it would serve you to learn some Russian. A Russian phrasebook would definitely come in handy.

17.1 Which languages are spoken in Kazakhstan?

The official languages of Kazakhstan are Kazakh and Russian. Only 64.4% of the population speaks Kazakh while Russian is spoken by almost everyone.

You’ll notice that the people living in the Almaty region and northern areas are predominantly Russian speakers. If you want to be able to communicate with the locals, I’d suggest you learn some Russian.

l study  Russian by using the audio classes of Pimsleur . This is a great learning method to study a new language.

A phrasebook will definitely be useful. I recommend both the  Lonely Planet Central Asia Phrasebook  and  the Lonely Planet Russian Phrasebook & Dictionary .  I also recommend installing the Google Translate app and downloading the Russian language pack for offline use.

18. Recommended books about Kazakhstan

I recommend the following books and guides for traveling in Kazakhstan: 

The Best Guide to Travel in Kazakhstan: 18 things you should know to visit Kazakhstan in 2024

Kazakhstan Bradt Travel Guide   is one of the most comprehensive travel guide books about Kazakhstan.

The Best Guide to Travel in Kazakhstan: 18 things you should know to visit Kazakhstan in 2024

Kazakhstan – Culture Smart!   offers an insider’s view of Kazakhstan’s fascinating history, national traditions, various cuisines, and cultural scene.

The Best Guide to Travel in Kazakhstan: 18 things you should know to visit Kazakhstan in 2024

Lonely Planet Central Asia  is ideal if you’re also planning on visiting other destinations in Central Asia

The Best Guide to Travel in Kazakhstan: 18 things you should know to visit Kazakhstan in 2024

Apples Are from Kazakhstan: The Land that Disappeared is Christopher Robbins’ both hilarious and grim travelogue of his travels in Kazakhstan. He finds Eminem-worship by the shrinking Aral Sea, hears the Kazakh John Lennon play in a dusty desert town, joins nomads hunting eagles, eats boiled sheep’s head (a delicacy), and explores some of the most beautiful, unspoiled places on earth.

The Best Guide to Travel in Kazakhstan: 18 things you should know to visit Kazakhstan in 2024

Dark Shadows: Inside the Secret World of Kazakhstan is a compelling portrait of Kazakhstan by journalist Joanna Lillis. This book explores how a president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, transformed himself into a potentate and the economically-struggling state he inherited at the fall of the USSR into a swaggering 21st-century monocracy.

The Ultimate Travel guide for backpacking in Kazakhstan

I wish you such wonderful and fantastic adventures in Kazakhstan! If you still have questions about your upcoming journey, let me know in the comments below, or don’t hesitate to send me an email . I would love to help you plan your visit to Kazakhstan.

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Hello Kamshat, thank you! We really enjoy traveling in Kazakhstan 🙂 And thank you for your feedback, I’ve adjusted it in the text! Much appreciated!

Hi! Great article and very useful! Just few comments: Kazakhstan is not Muslim country, even though its true that majority of people are Muslims; Kazakhs are not becoming minority in Kazakhstan, we (Kazakhs) represent almost 70% of the Kazakhstan’s population; there are more than 3 international airports in Kazakhstan (minimum 10).

Hi Zhuldyz, thanks for your comments. I’ve re-read this article and can’t see where I wrote that Kazakhstan is a Muslim country. I mention that the majority of the people are Muslims. I’ve talked with people in Kazakhstan and read several reports on the population of Kazakhstan that tell that the Kazakh ethnic group is becoming a minority. With this I don’t mean the Kazakhstani people. And there are indeed more international airports in Kazakhstan, I’ve just mentioned that those are the 3 main ones 🙂

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