Best transatlantic cruises for 2024 and 2025, plus tips and what to expect

Donna Heiderstadt

A transatlantic cruise ranks high on many travelers' bucket lists, especially those who love the camaraderie and adventure of a voyage by ship. Today's roughly 4,000-nautical-mile transatlantic crossing is more akin to the pre-aviation "Grand Tour" wealthy Americans once enjoyed than the immigration journeys many of our European ancestors made from the 17th to early 20th centuries.

Leisurely and luxurious, a one-way sailing offers fine dining, wellness-oriented pampering, enlightening lectures, glamorous nightlife and plenty of time to relax. Transatlantic cruises are also a solution for travelers who prefer not to fly and a tempting option for cruise lovers seeking a longer itinerary at an affordable price.

Is a transatlantic cruise right for everyone? Not necessarily, especially for anyone prone to moderate to severe sea sickness. However, for those who love sea days — and many cruisers do — a crossing can offer an uninterrupted "floating resort" experience; plus, it provides the added bonus of delivering you to Europe or returning you home without a cramped transatlantic flight.

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Here's everything you need to know about cruising the Atlantic — plus a selection of the best transatlantic cruises you can book in 2024 and 2025.

Which cruise lines offer transatlantic crossings?

transatlantic cruise bermuda

While Cunard Line is most famous for its weekly crossings between Southampton, England, and New York City — which sail from April to December on its ocean liner Queen Mary 2 — pretty much every major cruise line offers transatlantic crossings.

These generally occur in the spring (late March to early May) and fall (September to November). In the spring, ships are repositioned from the Caribbean to Europe, and in the fall, vessels sail from Europe to the U.S. to begin Canada-New England and Caribbean itineraries.

Also known as repositioning cruises , these sailings are usually longer than a traditional crossing and often include several port calls beyond the city of embarkation and disembarkation.

Even better, cruise fares for these itineraries are typically one-third to one-half the price of a cruise of the same length that visits a new port daily. This makes them a great deal for travelers looking to settle into shipboard life rather than just sightsee.

These types of transatlantic/repositioning itineraries are offered by Azamara, Carnival, Celebrity, Disney, Holland America, MSC, Norwegian, Oceania, Regent, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Seabourn, Sea Dream Yacht Club, Silversea, Star Clippers, Windstar, Viking and Virgin.

When is the best time of year for transatlantic cruises?

The best time to take a transatlantic cruise depends on what you're looking for: great weather, smooth seas, the best price or specific ports of call.

Generally speaking, May, June and July are recommended for warmer weather and gentler seas — before the Atlantic hurricane season peaks in August, September and October — although storms can arise any time of the year.

March, April and November — while not ideal due to cooler temperatures that can limit on-deck and poolside enjoyment — are a good option and a terrific value. This is especially true if the ship's route is a southerly one between Florida and the Mediterranean rather than between northern Europe and New York.

As noted above, the best prices are generally in spring and fall for repositioning cruises. These itineraries may also visit several appealing ports in the Mediterranean or Caribbean as well as call on the Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands, Iceland or Bermuda in the Atlantic.

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How long does the crossing take?

transatlantic cruise bermuda

It varies. The classic nonstop transatlantic itinerary aboard Queen Mary 2 is a seven-night voyage between New York and Southampton (and vice versa). On the other hand, transatlantic repositioning cruises generally range in length from 11 to 21 nights, with an average of 14 nights (seven or eight of them typically sea days).

Will the seas be rough?

It's up to Mother Nature. At times, the Atlantic can be smooth sailing, even in spring and fall. Yet unpredictable wind and water current patterns can create rough seas seemingly out of nowhere any time of year.

Captains can generally maneuver around storms — and try to do so whenever possible for the comfort of all onboard. Additionally, modern cruise ships are equipped with stabilizers that reduce a ship's rolling motion due to wind or waves.

However, if you're even slightly prone to seasickness, don't throw caution to the wind. You'll be better off on a larger ship (pick a midship cabin on a lower deck); also, be sure to pack medication, patches, bands or whatever works best for you. While it might seem counterintuitive, having a window or balcony actually helps offset seasickness since it offers fresh air and a horizon view. If you're concerned, opt for an ocean-view or balcony cabin over an inside one.

Which side of the ship is best for a transatlantic crossing?

It honestly doesn't make much difference whether you book a cabin on the port (left) or starboard (right) side of the ship since most daytime views will be of the ocean. However, if you're departing from a Mediterranean port, say Rome or Barcelona, for a southerly crossing, book a starboard cabin; this might offer a view of the Rock of Gibraltar if your ship transits between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic during daylight hours. For a U.S.-to-Europe eastward crossing, you'd want the opposite — a port-side cabin.

Similarly, if your crossing takes you from northern Europe on a northerly route to the U.S., and you want to be among the first to spot land (perhaps Greenland or Newfoundland), book a starboard cabin. If you are cruising into New York Harbor just before dawn and want to see the Statue of Liberty from your cabin, book on the port side.

More important for an Atlantic crossing location-wise is your cabin's deck number and whether the cabin is situated forward, midship or aft. Generally, the ship's movement through rough seas will feel less severe if your cabin is midship and on one of the lower or middle decks versus the top-most decks.

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Which ports do transatlantic cruises visit?

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Where you embark and disembark will determine your route and the ports you potentially call on. Ships repositioning to or from the Baltic Sea and the British Isles generally take a northerly route. Vessels sailing from the Mediterranean cross on a more southerly route, especially if they are repositioning to or from a winter home port in Florida.

On a northerly crossing, you can expect to embark in a port such as Copenhagen; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Southampton or New York. Depending on the length of the cruise, expect to call on ports in Ireland (Dublin or Cork), Iceland (Reykjavik), Greenland (Qaqortoq or Nuuk), Atlantic Canada (St. John's in Newfoundland, or Sydney or Halifax in Nova Scotia) and Bermuda (King's Wharf).

On a southerly crossing between Barcelona or Rome in the Mediterranean and Miami or Fort Lauderdale, typical ports of call include Madeira; Grand Canary or Tenerife in the Canary Islands; Ponta Delgada in the Azores; and one or two islands in the Caribbean, such as St. Maarten or Puerto Rico.

Is it better to book an eastbound or westbound cruise?

Which direction you book really depends on whether you're aboard for the experience or you're using the crossing as a substitute for a flight to reach the other side of the ocean. Below are a few factors to keep in mind.

Aside from Queen Mary 2 crossings, westbound transatlantic repositioning cruises (from Europe to the U.S.) take place in the fall during the Atlantic hurricane season; some are also scheduled for mid-to-late November when storm formation has generally diminished. Eastbound cruises (from the U.S. to Europe) happen in spring, a season also often known for periods of gray skies and rain.

When considering westbound versus eastbound crossings, factor in the time change. While a transatlantic cruise is a terrific way to avoid the jet lag caused by flying across multiple time zones in a single day, you will be subject to almost daily reminders to reset your clock.

On westbound cruises, you'll have to set your clock back at night, thus gaining an extra hour of sleep on most days. On eastbound cruises, you'll set it ahead an hour and lose an hour of leisure time or sleep.

Another factor to keep in mind is that unless you plan to return home on another transatlantic cruise, you'll also need to book a one-way flight. Before committing to a specific eastbound or westbound itinerary, always check your flight options. One-way tickets are sometimes more expensive than round-trip fares.

Best transatlantic cruises for 2024 and 2025

There are dozens of opportunities to cross the Atlantic by cruise ship, but here are some of the best itineraries available in the next two years.

Cunard's Queen Mary 2

transatlantic cruise bermuda

  • Transatlantic crossings: May to December 2024 and 2025

There's nothing quite like it. Cunard 's weekly transatlantic crossing between New York and Southampton aboard the 2,691-guest Queen Mary 2 celebrates the grand age of ocean liners with a level of pomp and ceremony that appeals to Cunard loyalists, bucket-listers and memory-making couples or families celebrating a milestone anniversary or birthday.

These eight-night eastbound and six-night westbound voyages are all about the sea. There are interludes of culinary enjoyment and evening entertainment designed for travelers who appreciate formality and glamour.

A typical day might include time in the library perusing the largest book collection at sea, getting an illuminating astronomy lesson in the onboard planetarium and enjoying traditional afternoon tea.

The evening lineup generally starts with a multicourse dinner (same table and same waiter nightly) followed by a Broadway-inspired show, an abridged Shakespeare play or even a magic act. The ship is also famous for its Gala Evenings, capped off with Champagne sipping and dancing to a live orchestra. Yes, pack those ballgowns and tuxes.

Cruise fares start at $1,129 per person for an inside cabin and $1,619 per person for a balcony room.

Virgin Voyages' Scarlet Lady

transatlantic cruise bermuda

  • 16-night Rome to Miami: Nov. 28-Dec. 14, 2024
  • 15-night Miami to Casablanca and Barcelona cruises: May 3-18, 2025

Virgin Voyages ' 2,770-guest Scarlet Lady has an onboard ambience that rivals a youthful beach club. Passengers and crew will keep the party going day and night this fall on a 16-night Rome to Miami transatlantic sailing. The sailing has calls on Barcelona and Malaga in Spain; Funchal on the island of Madeira; and Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

Or, party in reverse on the ship's 15-night Miami to Casablanca and Barcelona crossing in May 2025. It stops in Grand Canary and Santa Cruz de Tenerife; Casablanca, Morocco; and Barcelona.

The ship's 20 excellent dining venues, cutting-edge entertainment (campy and a bit naughty — think Drag Queen Bingo), impressive lineup of wellness classes (from yoga at sunrise to On-the-Upswing Bungee aerobics) and fun activities ('90s Boy Band Dance Class, anyone?) provide plenty of ways to pass the time.

Cruise fares start at $4,384 per cabin (or less than $2,200 per person) for the Rome-to-Miami sailing and $3,706 per cabin (or less than $1,900 per person) for the Miami-to-Barcelona sailing.

Disney Cruise Line's Disney Dream

transatlantic cruise bermuda

  • 13-night eastbound transatlantic cruise: May 5-18, 2024
  • 13-night westbound transatlantic cruise: Oct. 20-Nov. 2, 2024

Certain Disney fans — namely childless adult couples and empty nesters — love the brand's storytelling and Imagineering but prefer not to share a two-week cruise with hundreds of kids and teens. These 13-night eastbound and westbound crossings from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona and from Southampton to Fort Lauderdale aboard 2,500-passenger Disney Dream offer a solution to that dilemma.

Each of these transatlantic cruises occurs when almost everyone ages 5 to 18 is still in school. Yes, some kids will likely be on board, but certainly not in overwhelming numbers.

These crossings feature nine to 11 sea days during which Disney Cruise Line offers all kinds of immersive entertainment, excellent onboard dining and a southerly route in spring that means plenty of pool time. On top of that, each sailing includes a mix of culturally rich ports.

On the eastbound crossing, they are Ponta Delgada; Lisbon; and Cadiz, Cartagena and Barcelona, Spain. On the westbound crossing, the ports are Ponta Delgada and the new Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point.

Eastbound fares for balcony cabins start at $4,516 for two adults (or about $2,258 per person). Westbound fares are a bit pricier, starting at $5,517 for an inside cabin ($2,708 per person).

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Holland America's Nieuw Statendam

transatlantic cruise bermuda

  • 28-night Adriatic Dream and Passage to America: Nov. 2-30, 2024

For a shoulder-season meander through the Adriatic and Mediterranean followed by a transatlantic crossing, Holland America 's 28-night Adriatic Dream and Passage to America visits 14 ports in seven countries. This makes it a true hybrid of an ocean crossing and a traditional cruise.

The sailing, aboard the 3,665-passenger Nieuw Statendam, departs from Athens and visits ports in Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Albania, Spain and Portugal before arriving in Fort Lauderdale. Of the 12 sea days, two include scenic cruising.

The voyage takes place in November, so expect temperatures to be on the cooler side in most ports and during the crossing. It's a good thing, then, that Nieuw Statendam has an indoor pool with a retractable roof. Holland America passengers, mostly older retirees, can also pass the time dining at each of the 10 onboard restaurants and enjoy entertainment that includes live bands at the B.B. King's Blues Club and Rolling Stone Rock Room.

At $2,499 per person for an inside cabin and $3,749 per person for a balcony cabin, fares are a great deal for a four-week sailing.

Celebrity Cruises' Celebrity Ascent and Celebrity Apex

transatlantic cruise bermuda

  • 13-night Spain, Portugal and Bermuda transatlantic: Oct. 26-Nov. 8, 2024
  • 13-night Bermuda and Portugal transatlantic: March 8-21, 2025

Celebrity Cruises ' Spain, Portugal and Bermuda transatlantic sailing from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale offers 13 nights aboard its newest ship, Celebrity Ascent. The sailing features port calls in Alicante, Spain; Gibraltar; Ponta Delgada; and King's Wharf, along with eight sea days.

Accommodating 3,260 passengers, Celebrity Ascent is a megaship designed with adults in mind. On board, you'll find multiple hot tubs but no waterslides, contemporary decor, 32 sophisticated food and beverage venues (including Voyages, Daniel Boulud's restaurant at sea, bookable at extra cost), an indoor solarium pool, a glittering Grand Plaza housing the line's signature Martini Bar, and nightly entertainment ranging from high-tech theater productions to multisensory events in Eden.

Inside cabin fares start at $1,353 per person and balcony cabin fares at $2,399 per person.

If you prefer to cross the Atlantic in spring 2025, take sister Edge Class ship Celebrity Apex , which carries 2,910 passengers. It will sail a 13-night Bermuda and Portugal transatlantic cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona with port calls at Bermuda's Royal Naval Dockyard; Ponta Delgada; and Valencia.

Inside cabins for that cruise start from $799 per person and balcony rooms from $1,272 per person.

Viking's Viking Mars

transatlantic cruise bermuda

  • 20-night Atlantic and Mediterranean Horizons: March 27-April 16, 2025

Passengers aboard Viking Mars for its 20-night Atlantic and Mediterranean Horizons sailing from Fort Lauderdale to Rome will meander through the Caribbean to the French-Dutch island of St. Martin/St. Maarten. They will spend six days crossing the Atlantic and call on Madeira and then overnight in Barcelona. Then, they will visit the French ports of Sete and Marseille, followed by Monte Carlo, Monaco, and another overnight in Livorno, Italy (gateway to Florence).

The 930-passenger Viking Mars is an adults-only ship featuring a sleek Scandinavian design. Guests can enjoy elevated (and complimentary) dining in eight venues, as well as daily activities that include lectures by guest speakers and resident historians. ( Viking bills itself as "the thinking person's cruise.")

They will also get unlimited access to the thermal suite at the Liv Nordic Spa, a main pool with a retractable roof (there's also an aft infinity pool and hot tub), and complimentary beer and wine with lunch and dinner.

Better still, the transatlantic cruise fare is about one-third less than a typical three-week Viking itinerary, with balcony cabins starting at $7,198 per person.

Princess Cruises' Sky Princess

transatlantic cruise bermuda

  • 27-night Moroccan and Iberian Grand Adventure: March 9-April 5, 2025

To snag an excellent deal on an almost month-long journey, check out the 27-night Morocco and Iberian Grand Adventure . It sails from Fort Lauderdale to Southampton aboard the 3,660-passenger Sky Princess. Princess Cruises guests will enjoy a southerly spring crossing that culminates with visits to 10 ports in four countries (Portugal, Morocco, Spain and England) — including Madeira, three Canary Islands and Casablanca.

Sky Princess , which debuted in 2019, is a Royal Class ship featuring three pools, a glittering Italian-style Piazza (home to Alfredo's Pizzeria — some of the best pizza at sea), four specialty dining venues (at an extra cost), poolside Movies Under the Stars and original production shows in the Princess Theater.

Inside cabins start at $2,847 per person and balcony cabins at $4,747 per person.

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Regent Seven Seas Cruises' Seven Seas Splendor

transatlantic cruise bermuda

  • 14-night Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro: Jan. 5-19, 2025

If crossing the southern Atlantic Ocean from Africa to South America on a small luxury cruise ship is on your bucket list, consider Regent Seven Seas Cruises ' early 2025 Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro sailing.

While not a bargain by any means, this 14-night itinerary aboard the 750-passenger, all-suite Seven Seas Splendor is all-inclusive. Business-class airfare, transfers, top-notch cuisine, unlimited beverages, gratuities, Wi-Fi and most shore excursions are all included in the fare.

Start by taking in the scenic beauty of Namibia, with a port call in Luderitz, known for its colorful colonial architecture. Another call is Walvis Bay, where the ship will overnight. Here, you'll get a chance to experience the country's dramatic sand dunes and resident flamingos. Then, as you cross the Atlantic, you'll visit the remote island of St. Helena, where Napoleon died in exile, before continuing on to an overnight stay in Rio de Janeiro ahead of disembarkation.

All-inclusive fares start at $12,949 per person for a suite with a balcony.

Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Prima

transatlantic cruise bermuda

  • 16-night Transatlantic (Italy, France and Spain): Nov. 7-23, 2024

Board in Rome and tour the Mediterranean in the shoulder season before crossing the Atlantic to New York on a November 2024 Norwegian Cruise Line cruise. The Transatlantic (Italy, France and Spain) sailing aboard Norwegian Prima visits Livorno (for Pisa and Florence); Cannes, France; Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Alicante, Malaga and Cadiz, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; and Ponta Delgada. You'll spend six days at sea.

The 3,099-passenger Norwegian Prima , which debuted in 2022, features 14 restaurants (six included and eight specialty options for an added fee) and 19 bars and lounges. It also sports a three-level go-kart racetrack and virtual-reality gaming. Entertainment options include "Summer: The Donna Summer Musical," stand-up comedy at The Improv at Sea and a rock cover band in Syd Norman's Pour House.

Inside cabins start at $1,499 per person and balcony cabins at $2,199 per person.

Silversea Cruises' Silver Ray

transatlantic cruise bermuda

  • 25-night Rome to Fort Lauderdale: Nov. 7-Dec. 2, 2025

Plan ahead to score a suite on the 25-night Rome to Fort Lauderdale transatlantic crossing in late 2025 aboard Silversea Cruises ' newest all-suite luxury ship, Silver Ray, debuting in summer 2024.

Not only is the price all-inclusive, but the 728-passenger ship will visit 11 ports in five countries. You'll experience Livorno; Monte Carlo, Monaco; Marseille; Valencia, Barcelona (overnight), Palma de Mallorca, Malaga and Cadiz, Spain; and Lisbon and Madeira. Then, you'll cross the Atlantic and spend an overnight in Hamilton, Bermuda before disembarking in Fort Lauderdale.

Silver Ray is Silversea's second Nova Class ship. It features spacious suites and inviting exterior and interior spaces perfect for late-season Mediterranean cruising and a cool-weather transatlantic crossing. Its culinary-focused S.A.L.T. (Sea and Land Taste) program tempts tastebuds with region- and port-inspired menus, cooking classes and cocktails.

All-inclusive, door-to-door fares — which include economy-class flights, transfers, complimentary beverages and gourmet dining, butler service, gratuities and select shore excursions — start at $13,100 per person for Classic Veranda Suite.

Bottom line

No matter your reason for considering a transatlantic cruise, you're guaranteed to experience the secret magic of sea days, with ample time to relax and unwind. With no land in sight for roughly a week, you can enjoy the ship's amenities without feeling rushed.

Make new friends over coffee or a game of bridge, watch movies in your cabin, learn more about the world during lectures by onboard experts, or treat yourself to rejuvenating massages and facials in the spa.

Even better, per-night rates are typically lower on crossings than on round-trip, port-intensive cruises. So, you can enjoy a longer sailing at a fraction of the usual cost. No matter which transatlantic cruise you deem best for your travel style and interests, it will surely be a memorable bucket-list trip.

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Spain, Portugal & Bermuda Transatlantic


†Taxes, fees and port expenses $122.79 USD *

At Celebrity Cruises®, we believe choice matters. That’s why we’ve pre-packaged our most popular amenities—drinks, and Wi-Fi— Tips charged separately. So you can now choose the most convenient way to get the best value from your cruise.


Choose from an incredible array of beers, spirits, cocktails, liqueurs, frozen drinks, wines by the glass, sodas, juices, specialty coffees and bottled water.


We know staying in touch is important, so we’ve included internet access for all guests. Browse the web, check email, and use messaging apps.

Cruise Itinerary

  • Port of Departure
  • Port of Call
  • Cruise Route

Barcelona, Spain

Sat, Oct 26, 2024

Departs: 5:00PM

Alicante, Spain

Sun, Oct 27, 2024

Docked: 8:00AM to 4:00PM

Gibraltar, United Kingdom

Mon, Oct 28, 2024

Docked: 10:00AM to 7:00PM

At Sea - Cruising

Tue, Oct 29, 2024

Wed, Oct 30, 2024

Ponta Delgada, Azores

Thu, Oct 31, 2024

Docked: 8:00AM to 6:00PM

Fri, Nov 1, 2024

Sat, Nov 2, 2024

Sun, Nov 3, 2024

Mon, Nov 4, 2024

Royal Naval Dockyard

Tue, Nov 5, 2024

Wed, Nov 6, 2024

Thu, Nov 7, 2024

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fri, Nov 8, 2024

Arrival: 7:00AM

See Full Itinerary

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About This Ship

Celebrity Ascent


The fourth ship in our revolutionary Edge® Series, Celebrity Ascent℠ takes our innovative outward-facing design further than ever, creating an even closer connection between you, the sea, and every exciting place on the horizon. Soak up the sun, salt breezes, and stunning scenery in newly expanded open-air spaces. Savor fine dining that rivals anything you’d find on land. And discover even more ways to relax and renew.

Onboard Features

The Grand Plaza

The Grand Plaza is a transformational place that offers a different experience every time you visit. From day to night, the lighting changes from warm and inviting to bright and dramatic.

Rooftop Garden

What better place could there be to gaze at the sea than float pools that are cantilevered over the open ocean? This feat is one of the highlights of our redesigned Rooftop Garden, which now extends right over the water’s edge.

The Solarium

On the Resort Deck, you’ll find the adults-only Solarium. Celebrity Ascent continues the tradition of offering this glass dome-covered pool area where adults can unwind in luxurious style. The Solarium features a pool and hot tubs for liquid relaxation. Grab a light bite for breakfast or lunch at The Spa Café and Juice Bar or order your favorite beverage or cocktail.

The sheer size of Eden will amaze you. In fact, Eden has more outward-facing glass than any other venue at sea, so here you’ll feel more connected to the sea—and the stunning destinations beyond. With Eden Café, Eden restaurant, and Eden Bar, three levels of cozy nooks, lounge seating, and lively entertainment, no matter what time of day or night you visit Eden, it will leave you intrigued and wanting more.

The Magic Carpet

The Magic Carpet® is a cantilevered, floating platform that reaches heights of 13 stories above sea level. Majestically situated on the starboard side of the ship, it makes Celebrity Ascent’s sleek profile recognizable from miles away. Enjoy comfortable seating, a full bar, and space for live music performances.

This Vegas-style casino rivals the biggest and best land-based casinos. With a variety of games in a smoke-free environment.

Whether you’re joining the excitement of the daily activities that take place here or popping in at night for the cutting-edge entertainment experiences, The Club offers hours of entertainment—with a completely new look.

The Destination Gateway

A multi-purpose area that brings our destinations to life. When not in use as a luxury embarkation station, the space is transformed into an intimate setting for programming centered on shore excursions and more.

The Celebrity Shops

A carefully curated collection of upscale and sustainable products from world-famous brands that represent the ultimate in luxury.



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All Included  pricing applies to sailings booked and departing on or after October 4, 2023, excluding Galapagos cruises, in an inside, ocean view, veranda, Concierge Class, or AquaClass stateroom (“Eligible Bookings”). All guests within an Eligible Booking who choose “All Included” pricing, will receive a Classic Drinks Package and an unlimited Basic Wi-Fi package. All guests in the same stateroom must choose the same rate.  Please visit for further information on available beverages and full restrictions and for further information on wi-fi.

All Included pricing applies to new individual bookings only. Changes to booking may result in removal of Offer. Prices and Offers are subject to availability and change without notice, may be withdrawn at any time, and not applicable to charters or contracted groups. All Included pricing is non-transferable and not combinable with certain rates including, Travel Agent, Interline, Net, Exciting Deals, or worker cabins.  Single occupancy guests paying 200% cruise fare are eligible for All Included pricing. Refer to and the Cruise Ticket Contract for additional terms and conditions. Celebrity Cruises reserves the right to cancel offer at any time, correct any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions, and change or update fares, fees, and surcharges at any time without prior notice.

Imagery and messaging may not accurately reflect onboard and destination experiences, offerings, features, or itineraries. These may not be available during your voyage, may vary by ship and destination, and may be subject to change without notice.

*Port sequence may vary by sailing date.


Departing Oct 26, 2024

$1,238 USD * Avg Per Person

DAY 1 - Saturday , Oct 26

DAY 2 - Sunday , Oct 27

DAY 3 - Monday , Oct 28

DAY 4 - Tuesday , Oct 29

DAY 5 - Wednesday , Oct 30

DAY 6 - Thursday , Oct 31

DAY 7 - Friday , Nov 01

DAY 8 - Saturday , Nov 02

DAY 9 - Sunday , Nov 03

DAY 10 - Monday , Nov 04

DAY 11 - Tuesday , Nov 05

DAY 12 - Wednesday , Nov 06

DAY 13 - Thursday , Nov 07

DAY 14 - Friday , Nov 08


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transatlantic cruise bermuda

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Aerial view of the Commissioner's House at King's Wharf, Bermuda

Kings Wharf, Bermuda

Maybe it’s kismet that Bermuda, with its legendary pink sands and turquoise waters, is shaped somewhat like a fishhook—fittingly, the nation’s marquee attractions are all related to the sea. All of them are also easy to get to from King’s Wharf, which sits right next to one of the island’s most popular sites, the Royal Naval Dockyard. In the middle of the Atlantic, 1,070 kilometers (665 miles) off the U.S. coast, Bermuda served as a military stronghold for the British navy for generations. Today’s dockyard is a microcosm of the island, with opportunities to watch local artisans at work and sample Bermuda’s signature dishes and drinks, like the Dark and Stormy—ginger beer and rum. The island’s museums, lighthouses and forts recall the British territory's maritime past, while the English influence is still felt today in its customs, clothing and architecture. The two main cities, Hamilton and St. George's, are lined with colonial buildings in pastel colors. In addition to the Royal Naval Dockyard, the capital, Hamilton, is home to lively Front Street, with shops and restaurants overlooking the harbor. While non-Bermudans are not permitted to rent cars, you can hop on a scooter and explore the 53-square-kilometer (20-square-mile) fishhook from end to end.

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  • | NCL Travel Blog">11-Reasons to Cruise to Alaska this Summer | NCL Travel Blog
  • | Norwegian Cruise Line">14-Day Authentic Alaska - Northbound Cruise Tour | Norwegian Cruise Line
  • | Deck Plans | Norwegian Cruise Line">14-Day Authentic Alaska - Southbound Cruise Tour | Deck Plans | Norwegian Cruise Line
  • | Norwegian Cruise Line">20-Day Transpacific from Tokyo (Yokohama) & Alaska | Norwegian Cruise Line
  • | NCL Travel Blog">11 Reasons to Cruise to Alaska this Summer | NCL Travel Blog
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transatlantic cruise bermuda

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Experience all that our ships have to offer on your Transatlantic Cruise.

People have been cruising across the Atlantic Ocean for centuries, and now is your chance to share this amazing perspective. Enjoy relaxing days on board one of our Transatlantic cruises and take advantage of the freedom and flexibility only Norwegian can offer. Discover it's all about choices, double down on action in the casino, or stroll the decks and stargaze at constellations more vivid than you can imagine. Along the way, you'll visit some of the most historical and beautiful cities in Europe, creating unforgettable moments on your Transatlantic cruise.

^Buy an air ticket and the 2nd guest flies for free. *View for full terms and conditions.

Award Winning Ships

Transatlantic Cruises on Award-Winning Ships

Travel across the Atlantic in style on our award-winning cruise ships. Voted Best Onboard Entertainment, Best Speciality Restaurants, and Best Casinos, you know you're in for exciting sea days. Sit back, relax, and let Norwegian take you so some of the most beautiful destinations.

Transatlantic Cruise Image Gallery

  • Norwegian Escape
  • Norwegian Epic
  • Mandara Spa
  • Venice, Italy
  • Funchal, Madeira
  • Funchal, Portugal
  • Nassau, Bahamas
  • Warnemunde, Rostock
  • Piraeus, Greece

Zipline on your Transatlantic cruise

Explore Transatlantic Cruise Ports

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Best Transatlantic EXCURSIONS

transatlantic cruise bermuda

We know the destinations you'll be visiting and what there is to see, do and experience. We offer you a variety of excursions to choose from, in every port you'll visit.

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Madeira's Breathtaking Beauty

Explore Monte's historic toboggan ride, visit Pico do Arieiro for stunning views, Ponta do Garajau's Christ statue, and a marine nature reserve...

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Funchal & Botanical Gardens

Explore Funchal market, Madeira wine, Monte village, and take a cable car ride to Botanical Gardens with exotic plants and stunning views. ...

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Fire Lake & Ribeira Grande

Drive though Ponta Delgada heading northeast along the pleasant roads bordering agricultural areas stretching across the island to Ribeira Grande. Continue to Pico da Barrosa Mount...

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Dolphin Safari

The sea around the Azores is incredibly rich. This is probably the place in Europe with the most sea diversity, especially whales and dolphins. The abundance of dolphins is amazing...

Transatlantic HOTELS

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Scandic Copenhagen

Hotel Scandic Copenhagen is located in central Copenhagen, with stunning views over the water and Copenhagen city, and close to attractions such as Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens. At hotel Scandic Copenhagen, all 18 floors have been renovated with a new, modern and inspiring interior. Copenhagen's attractions are right on your doorstep when you stay at hotel Scandic Copenhagen. Tivoli amusement park, Nyhavn and Stroeget shopping street are all within walking distance of the hotel.

This recently renovated city hotel is walking distance to many popular attractions including Central Station and Tivoli Gardens (family amusement park).

  • Distance/Airport: 8 miles Distance/Pier: 2 miles
  • Room and room tax Bellman gratuities Breakfast Transfers between Hotel and Pier

Important Note: Accommodations are based on double occupancy per room. Some accommodation will allow triple and quad guests in a room and are subject to availability and surcharge will apply. Additional hotel rooms to accommodate triple and quads may be required, and surcharge will apply.

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Grand Hyatt Athens

Located on the famous Syngrou Avenue, between the cultural centre of the historic city of Athens and the cosmopolitan Athenian Riviera, Grand Hyatt Athens offers the ultimate hospitality experience in a city with a heady mix of history and edginess. Explore the vibrant city of Athens, discover the narrow streets and small buildings of Plaka, and merge into 3.000 years of Greek history whilst visiting the Acropolis Hill.

Amenities include 2 restaurants, an outdoor rooftop pool (seasonal), a spa, a gym, a business centre, and event space for up to 1,000 people. Breakfast, an airport shuttle and valet parking are available.

The hotel offers complimentary shuttle service to the airport. You're also walking distance to the rail station, where it's only 20 minutes to Venice by train.

Distance/ Airport: 25 miles Distance/ Pier: 10 miles

Package includes: Room and room tax Breakfast Bellman gratuities Transfers between Hotel and Pier

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Lisbon Marriott

Located in the city's financial district, this modern hotel is an 11-minute walk from the nearest metro station and 5 km from lively Rosario Square.

Polished rooms come with soundproof floor-to-ceiling windows, plus flat-screens, Wi-Fi (fee), and balconies or terraces; most offer skyline or garden views. Suites add living rooms and/or dining rooms. Room service is offered 24/7.

There's a sleek international restaurant, a streamlined lobby bar, and a tapas bar with a terrace. Other perks include gardens, an outdoor pool and a 24-hour fitness room, plus a ballroom.

Phone: +351 21 723-5400

Distance/Airport: 4 miles Distance/Pier: 6 miles

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Hilton Barcelona

Find us on Avenida Diagonal, blocks from El Corte Inglés shopping centre. Our hotel is next to bus and tram routes, five minutes from Metro links covering the city centre and Las Ramblas street. We're two kilometres from Camp Nou stadium, home of Barcelona FC. Enjoy bike rentals and 24-hour access to our fitness centre.

  • Distance/Airport: 10 miles Distance/Pier: 5 miles

Read THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT Transatlantic Cruises

Image Title

Dining On Board

From casual buffets to exquisite speciality restaurants, learn everything there is to know about dining on our ships.

Image Title

Have It All

Enjoy sophisticated cities and tropical islands, co-mingled with leisurely days sailing the Atlantic Ocean.

Image Title

Award Winning

See why we are Porthole Magazine's winner for Best Accommodations (2015-2016).

Image Title

When In Rome

With the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Trevi Fountain nearby, photo opportunities abound.

Image Title

Beautiful Barcelona

A combination of old world culture and modern day masterpieces, plan ahead and get to know this incredible city.

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Sydney, Australia

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Transatlantic Cruises from $506*

Transatlantic Cruises from $506*

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Transatlantic Cruises

Experience the finest cities along the grand Atlantic’s coasts and the intriguing ports-of-call along the way with a Transatlantic cruise. 

Truly cherish your time onboard one of the industry’s best cruise ships as you let the ocean breeze carry you along. Gaze upon the rippling waters of the Atlantic Ocean as you await each carefully chosen port city’s experience. You may spend some time in Caribbean islands, the Western Mediterranean or Northern Europe during your cruise, each bringing something new and exciting to your vacation.

A Transatlantic cruise is one trip you won’t soon forget.

Things to Do on a Transatlantic Cruise

A transatlantic cruise is a great way to cross the pond without flying. It’s a leisurely experience, but it’s also connected to the past. Get a sense of the golden age of cruising, when it wasn't just a vacation, but a journey to a new life. Many transatlantic cruises travel from London to New York or vice versa, but you can also find transatlantic sailings that start anywhere along the West Coast of Europe and sail to several ports along the East Coast of the Americas. Featured below are several of our favorite things to do when taking advantage of a transatlantic cruise:

Buckingham Palace in London, England

  • Experience the pomp and circumstance of the world’s most famed monarchies with a visit to Buckingham Palace in London. You can tour the Queen’s palace, and make sure to catch the changing of the guards.  
  • Have a night on the town and attend a show on Broadway in New York City. See a thoughtful play or a musical that leaves you quoting lines and singing the tunes for weeks.  

Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Visit Tijuca National Park and take the train to the top of Corcovado Mountain in Rio de Janeiro to see the iconic Christ the Redeemer Statue, which is 125 feet tall.  
  • Indulge in the onboard activities of your ship. On a transatlantic cruise, your ship is a major attraction in and of itself. Be sure to sign up for an enrichment class, head to the spa for some relaxation and hit the dance floor at night, perhaps after dinner and a show.  

La Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona, Spain

  • Hit the beach – South Beach, to be specific. This stretch of sand and shore in Miami is famous for attracting beachgoers the world over.  
  • Take a tour of the fanciful architecture of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona. The Spanish architect has several fascinating buildings in the city, including La Sagrada Familia Church and La Pedrera.  

Map of the Atlantic Ocean:

Top 10 transatlantic cruises.

  • Caribbean Princess 15 NIGHT Transatlantic CRUISE Departing From Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades), Florida (May 2024)
  • Caribbean Princess 27 NIGHT Transatlantic CRUISE Departing From Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades), Florida (May 2024)
  • Queen Mary 2 7 NIGHT Transatlantic CRUISE Departing From New York, New York (May 2024 - Nov 2026)
  • Queen Mary 2 18 NIGHT Transatlantic CRUISE Departing From New York, New York (May 2024 - Oct 2026)
  • Queen Mary 2 9 NIGHT Transatlantic CRUISE Departing From New York, New York (May 2024 - Oct 2026)
  • Queen Mary 2 9 NIGHT Transatlantic CRUISE Departing From Hamburg, Germany (May 2024 - Jul 2026)
  • Queen Mary 2 7 NIGHT Transatlantic CRUISE Departing From Southampton, England (May 2024 - Dec 2026)
  • Queen Mary 2 14 NIGHT Transatlantic CRUISE Departing From Southampton, England (May 2024 - Oct 2026)
  • Seven Seas Mariner 12 NIGHT Transatlantic CRUISE Departing From Lisbon, Portugal (May 2024 - Jun 2026)
  • Seabourn Venture 25 NIGHT Transatlantic CRUISE Departing From Leith/Edinburgh, Scotland (May 2024)

Transatlantic: Cruise Lines

Cross the Atlantic in style, no jet lag required, on a luxury or popular cruise. A transatlantic sailing has a bit of nostalgia and flair for glamour; this is a chance to feel the true clout of a cruise.


Immerse yourself in the world’s most interesting places. Azamara boasts more overnights in ports, longer stays and night time tours. 

Celebrity Cruises

With innovative spaces like the Lawn and the AquaSpa Celebrity Cruises gives their customers a taste of modern luxury.


Sail like the royalty on a Cunard ocean liner. This regal line has been sailing its famed transatlantic crossings since the 1840s.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line pioneered freestyle cruising with a variety of specialty dining restaurants, entertainment and onboard activities, including go-kart racing!

Oceania Cruises

Epicureans are delighted by the Oceania Cruises experience where Jacques Pepin is Executive Culinary Director and the Culinary Tours introduce you to a world of flavors.

Princess Cruises

Best known for the Pacific Princess on the Love Boat, Princess Cruises has been a leading name in cruising and visits a wide range of destinations.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Offering a completely all-inclusive cruise, Regent Seven Seas is known for exquisite service on beautifully designed intimate ships, classic cruising at its best.

Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International is known for ships with a wow factor. From ice skating rinks to zip lines, if you can think of it, you can find it on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Seabourn Cruise Line

Whatever you desire, on a Seabourn cruise you’ll have it. This luxury brand offers small ships that allow you to explore less traveled ports for unique experiences. 

Viking Ocean Cruises

Focusing their sailings on the culture of each cruises destination. Onboard each sailing you have lectures, demonstrations and tastings as part of a Culture Curriculum.

Windstar Cruises

Get away from the crowd and journey to unique destinations aboard Windstar’s intimate small ships.

Cruise Web

Transatlantic: Departure Ports

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean has a lot of historical context. This is how many of our ancestors came to start a new life in the New World. It’s also how movies stars, authors and politicians traveled between continents. So now it’s your time to experience the glamour of a transatlantic crossing. The most frequent embarkation points are New York and Southampton, but you can also sail from Hamburg, Miami, Rio de Janeiro and Rome among several other destinations.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With Amsterdam’s beautiful canals and an open attitude you’ll find no shortage of interesting attractions in the capital of The Netherlands.

Barcelona, Spain

Discover imaginative architecture, impressive Spanish dishes and beautiful excursions into nature when you cruise to Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia.

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux, France

Come for the wine and stay for the culture. Bordeaux is a lively city in Western France known for its beautiful vineyards, incredible wines and enriching heritage.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is home to great sports, great food and loads of history with the Freedom Trail and Harvard.

Bridgetown, Barbados

Bridgetown, Barbados

Barbados, where the weather is impeccable, the beaches are beautiful and the food is fantastically fresh.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a charming European style city with the perfect combination of new world characteristics mixed with old world history and culture.

Cape Liberty (Bayonne), New Jersey

Cape Liberty, which is just miles from New York City, offers incredible views of the city skyline and easy access to many cruise destinations, along with everything NYC has to offer.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

See the beautiful sights of Cape Town, South Africa’s most visited city, which offers cruisers natural beauty, plentiful wine, historical significance and a sense of peace.

Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy

A cruise to Civitavecchia is a chance for you to hop a quick train to Rome and explore the enormous history through ruins, galleries and The Vatican museums.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a delightful city with some of the world’s most interesting places, like the longest pedestrian street and one of the oldest amusement parks in the world.

Dover (London), England

Dover (London), England

Dover, with its striking white cliffs, is one of the most popular gateways to England. Take in the area’s natural beauty or head to nearby London to see more of England’s most popular attractions.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin’s streets are filled with interesting stories and charming people, including a long, celebrated line of writers. Cruise to Dublin and you’ll find something interesting around each corner of this Irish jewel.

Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades), Florida

With incredible weather, delicious fare and some stupendous attractions, you will find that Fort Lauderdale’s Port Everglades is one of the most attractive ports in the entire US.

Galveston, Texas

Galveston, Texas

Indulge in the local flavor with fresh Gulf shrimp, Galveston Bay oysters and pristine Gulf coast beaches as you relax in southern comfort in Galveston, Texas.

Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Tropical paradise and white sand beaches, volcano hikes & rich culture are waiting on the largest of the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria.

Greenock (Glasgow), Scotland

Greenock (Glasgow), Scotland

With its mix of blue-collar roots and recent cultural resurgence, there’s never been a better time to cruise to Glasgow. Take in its Scottish charm and lively music in this ‘City of Music.'

Greenwich, England

Greenwich, England

The cruise port of Greenwich is a popular tourist destination recognized as the place where time began – not literally of course! 

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

A large city, Hamburg offers visitors an array of attractions. From the old buildings of the past to the vibrant red light district, there’s something for everyone cruising to Hamburg, Germany.

Le Havre (Paris), France

Le Havre (Paris), France

In Northern France, explore Le Havre, a city with modern architecture and one of the most inspiring collections of Impressionist artwork.

Leith/Edinburgh, Scotland

Leith/Edinburgh, Scotland

Discover the beautiful Scottish capital of Scotland, Edinburgh with its exquisite natural background and creative hometown heroes, like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Alexander Graham Bell.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has deep cultural roots that are exposed through ruins and museum artifacts. Cruise to Lisbon and discover the culture and history of Portugal in its capital city.

Miami, Florida

In Miami, you’ll enjoy a small taste of the tropical weather many of you will experience during your cruise, and you’ll see why Miami is one of the most popular places to live in America.

New York, New York

Take in the incredible art scene of New York City, expand your cultural horizons in the city’s diverse neighborhoods and marvel at the architectural wonders.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida

The port city of Orlando Florida is sure to exceed your expectations and make your cruise vacation an unforgettable one with several adrenaline-pumping rides in theme parks, quiet and serene gardens suited for long strolls, local delicacies made with fresh ingredients and a spiritual pilgrimage to a replica of the Holy Land.

Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

Enjoy the great outdoors in Oslo, the beautiful and spacious capital of Norway, where the city includes lakes, forests and lots of history.

Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

This picture-perfect island is everything you ever dreamt of, from lush greenery inland and perfectly clear turquoise waters to the scent of gardenia from the coconut groves.

Philipsburg, St. Maarten

Philipsburg, St. Maarten

Offering both French and Dutch experiences, St. Maarten is a leading destination in the Caribbean. You can always find exciting and interesting activities for everyone on this friendly island.

Piraeus (Athens), Greece

Learn about the Greek gods and the early philosophy of Socrates when you visit the incredible ruins left in Athens, Greece. At night, go out and take in the culture with the modern Athenians.

Port Canaveral, Florida

The seafood is fresh, the sun is shining and there’s a whole lot to do, so get out there and explore the city before, during and after your cruise from Port Canaveral, Florida.

Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica

Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica

With its luscious greenery, steep cliffs, tropical beaches and nature reserves, Puerto Caldera is an amazing cruise destination for the adventurous traveler and beach lover.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik was just a small village until seeing a major expansion after World War II, but this popular cruise destination still offers a small town feel different than any other European capital.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, one of the most visited cities in the southern hemisphere, has numerous activities for every desire. Cruise to Rio for the Carnival celebrations, natural environment, beautiful beaches and famous landmarks.

Rosyth, Scotland

Rosyth, Scotland

The "Gateway to Edinburgh," Rosyth is a unique port, highlighted by golf courses in Scotland's rolling hills.

San Antonio, Santiago, Chile

San Antonio, Santiago, Chile

Experience the history of San Antonio or head to Santiago to experience everything Chile’s capital has to offer. The choice is yours!

San Francisco, California

On a cruise from San Francisco you can experience all that the ‘City by the Bay’ has to offer, from its artistic, forward-looking culture to the beautiful coastline.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is a gateway to the Caribbean with activities for everyone. Enjoy an old-world feel as you wander around Old San Juan, relax on the many beaches or explore the rainforests.

Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Canary Islands

Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Canary Islands

Santa Cruz on the tropical island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands is simply a remarkable place to visit.

Seattle, Washington

Known as The Emerald City, Seattle is a beautiful, luscious city with incredible views of the Cascade Mountains and Elliott Bay. The city is full of activities for both water lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Southampton, England

The cruise port of Southampton features tons of diverse attractions that provide insight into England’s culture and storied past, including fortresses, gardens and national parks.

Stockholm, Sweden

Whether looking out into the city’s waterways, ancient castles or modern buildings, you’ll always have a great view when cruising to Stockholm, Sweden.

Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida

Whether it’s a trip to the historical streets of Ybor, a day in the Florida Aquarium or a nice Cuban-infused meal, your time in Tampa will make you consider a longer stay.

Tilbury (London), England

Tilbury (London), England

Visit London to experience history, iconic landmarks, a spectacular arts scene, world-class shopping, and so much more.

Tromso, Norway

Tromso, Norway

Bundle up to experience the culture and beauty of Tromso, one of the largest cities within the Arctic Circle.

Whittier, Alaska

Whittier, Alaska

Experience the best of the Last Frontier in quaint Whittier, Alaska. Enjoy the clear water filled with salmon, red snapper and trout along with the freely roaming wildlife, all combining to make Whittier a treat to visit.

Photo Gallery for Transatlantic Cruises

Preview the sights waiting for you on either side of the Atlantic Ocean on a transatlantic cruise vacation. From European powerhouses like London and Barcelona to bustling American cities like New York and Miami – there’s a hot destination for any transatlantic itinerary. 

Sunset from private balcony on transatlantic crui

Watch the sunset from your private balcony

Teror Gran Canaria Canary Islands Spain

Teror, Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands

The city of Angra do Heroismo, Terceira Island

The city of Angra do Heroismo on Terceira Island

Tibidabo Church Barcelona Spain

Tibidabo Church in Barcelona, Spain

Tower Bridge London, England

Tower Bridge in London, England

Westminster Bridge Parliament London England

Big Ben, Houses of Parliament & Westminster Bridge

Agoa do Fogo a volcanic lake in Sao Miguel Azores

Agoa do Fogo, a volcanic lake in Sao Miguel Azores

Big Ben and the House of Parliament London England

Big Ben and the House of Parliament in London

Castle above the City of Dover Kent UK

Castle above the City of Dover in Kent, England

Miami skyline Florida

Skyline of Miami, Florida

Mountains and Ocean on Northern Coast of Madeira I

Northern coast of Madeira Island in Portugal

National Museum of Art Barcelona Spain

National Museum of Art in Barcelona, Spain

New York City skyline at night

New York City skyline at night

Puerto Santiago Tenerife in the Spanish Canary Isl

The coast of Puerto Santiago, Tenerife

Rock of Gibraltar next to the La Linea Town Spain

The Rock of Gibraltar and La Linea Town in Spain

Seven Sisters White Cliffs South East England

Seven Sisters White Cliffs in Southeast England

Statue of Liberty and the New York City skyline

Statue of Liberty and the New York City skyline

Sunset from private balcony on transatlantic crui

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Bermuda, Horseshoe bay rock formations

14 Night Spain & Portugal Transatlantic

Your ship independence of the seas.

Independence of the Seas, Exterior Aerial


Splashaway Boy Sliding Smiling

Splashaway Bay℠

Woman Surfing on Flowrider

FlowRider ®

Girl Climbing the Rock Wall During the Day

Rock Climbing Wall

Mariner of the Seas The Perfect Storm Water Slide

The Perfect Storm℠

Bold flavors abound.

Ovation of the Seas Fish and Ships Fish Sandwich with Beer

Fish & Ships℠

Izumi Hibachi Family Enjoying Meal

Izumi Hibachi & Sushi

Playmaker's Football Helmet Sundae

Playmakers℠ Bar & Arcade

Sugar Beach Candy Store

Sugar Beach℠

Surprises on stage.

Grease Broadway Show Dancers Vintage Car On Stage

Ice Skating Shows

Day 1: miami, florida.

Oleta River State Park Aerial, Miami, Florida

Called Culture

Bill Bags Cape State Park Lighthouse, Miami, Florida

Blank Canvas

Miami Beach Sandy Beach Sun Ocean

Local Cuisine

Night life in South Beach, Miami, Florida

Day 2 - 3: Cruising

The Perfect Storm Mariner of the Seas

Typhoon℠ and Cyclone℠

Harmony of the Seas Splashaway Bay Girl Sliding and Landing on Water

Laser Tag: Battle for Planet Z℠

Best Friends Skating

Day 4: Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda

Bermuda Beach

popular Shore Excursions

Amazing experiences coming soon..

Clock Tower Mall Dockyard, Bermuda


House Gate Garden, Bermuda


Couple of a Romantic Beach Stroll, Bermuda


Group Jet Skiing near a Shipwreck in the Clear Turquoise Waters, Bermuda

Day 5 - 8: Cruising

Hibachi Chef Cooking

Giovanni's Table

Lobster and Crab Dish at Chef's Table

Chef's Table

Day 9: ponta delgada, azores.

Ponta Delgada, Azores, View of Seven Cities Lake

Spot Sea Life

Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portas de Cidade

Postcard Perfect in Ponta

Ponta Delgada, Azores, Mixed tapas

Day 10: Cruising

Grease Broadway Show Performers Singing Dancing

Invitation to Dance

Boleros Entrance

Day 11 - 12: Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal, Aerial View

Get Romantic

Lisbon, Portugal, Tables On A Terrace

Go View-Hopping

Lisbon, Portugal, Jeronimos Monastery

Architectural Adventure

Lisbon, Portugal, Belem Tower

Day 13: Vigo, Spain

Vigo, Spain, Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

Read the Fine Print

Vigo, Spain, Monte Real Castle

Appreciate the Bigger Picture

Vigo, Spain, Cies Islands beach

Islands Await

Vigo, Spain, Castrelos Park lake

Day 14: Cruising

Day 15: southampton, england.

Southampton, England, Yachts docked at Ocean Village Marina

Prehistoric Adventure

Southampton, England, SeaCity Museum

A Port of Importance

Southampton, England, Netley Abbey Ruins

Play Knights in Armor

Southampton, England, Calshot Castle

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  • Transatlantic

Transatlantic Cruises

transatlantic cruise bermuda

  • Carnival Legend
  • Carnival Miracle
  • Carnival Spirit
  • Carnival Valor

* Coming Soon

transatlantic cruise bermuda

  • Ports of Call

Back when ships were used less for cruising and more for traveling, the transatlantic was the big one, the sort of trip a person might take once in their life. Today, the transatlantic is less about passage than it is a rite of passage, a cool throwback voyage that travel enthusiasts should try at least once. And when you experience yours on a Carnival Journeys cruise, not only will you find cool island ports sprinkled throughout your time at sea, but you’ll enjoy Carnival’s signature onboard fun in between stops.


No results found, celebration key.

white-sand beach and lagoons surround multiple recreational and leisure locations at celebration key

La Coruña

coast of camariñas in la coruña, spain

Praia da Vitoria (Azores)

aerial view of terceria island in the azores

Halifax, NS

see the famous lighthouse at peggy's cove

Ponta Delgada

rocky shores of ponta delgado

Southampton (London)

church in southampton, england

Funchal, Madeira

camara de lobos port in funchal, madeira, portugal


Exterior view of the Alhambra in Granada.


Try this exotic voyage the fun way, on a Carnival cruise.

* Taxes, fees, and port expenses are additional per person.

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transatlantic cruise bermuda

Bermuda and Portugal Transatlantic Cruise

12-night celebrity equinox cruise.

From $666 per person* Additional government taxes, fees and port expenses per person: $137

Celebrity Cruises

Experience a Transatlantic cruise vacation like no other aboard Celebrity. You'll enjoy relaxing days at sea, as well as visit some of the most amazing destinations in the world on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Travel from the legendary cities of Europe in the Old World to the serene tropical beaches of South Florida and Bermuda.

Included Extras

  executive member benefit.

Executive Members receive an annual 2% Reward, up to $1,000, on qualified Costco Travel purchases

  Digital Costco Shop Card

Member Exclusive: Digital Costco Shop Card with every Celebrity Cruises sailing†

Sailing Itinerary

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Note: Cruise itineraries are subject to change. Please verify ports and times directly with the cruise line.

Port of Call Port of Call (Arrival, Departure)

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Lisbon is Portugal’s hilly, coastal capital city. From imposing São Jorge Castle, the view encompasses the old city’s pastel-colored buildings, Tagus Estuary and Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge. Nearby, the National Azulejo Museum displays 5 centuries of decorative ceramic tiles. Just outside Lisbon is a string of Atlantic beaches, from Cascais to Estoril.

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Funchal city is the capital and owes its name to the plant called "funcho". This plant existed in abundance in this area. Sweets are still made from this plant today. The category of city was granted by King Manuel I, on 21 August, 1508. It's a city of white rows of houses that climb up the hills, like an amphitheatre around a beautiful bay of blue sea. This architectonic distribution, due to the region's rugged and high terrain, covers itself with special beauty to bring in the New Year, since it makes it possible to put on a fireworks display of rare beauty and present a unique festive illumination for the season. Funchal's port is the entry door for many cruise ships as well as for the loading and unloading of goods shipped by sea. The city is divided into three principal areas: on the west side, we have the tourist area where we find most of the hotels; on the east side, the so-called "Zona Velha" or "Cidade Velha" (Old Zone or Old Town), where old constructions predominate, some of them having been transformed into typical restaurants; and the central part, where a great part of the commerce and characteristic monuments are found.

transatlantic cruise bermuda

The island of Tenerife is the largest of the Canary archipelago - 2,053 square kilometres - and it has the shape characteristic of a triangle. The island of eternal spring because of its peerless climate is full of huge contrasts and has a great variety of scenery in the different regions. A mountain chain runs through its centre fro Anaga to Teno and on both of its slopes there are large, exuberantly fertile valleys, among them especially La Orotava and Gumar. In the heart of the chain there is a gigantic, natural crater, called Las Cañadas del Teide, which is about 29 km across and has officially been declared a National Park. It lies over 2,000 m above sea level. North of the crater stands El Pico del Teide, a 3,718 m high mountain, which is the highest point in Spain. It is snowcovered in the winter and marks the island with its unique silhouette. Tenerife has an extremely varied plant life, large, wooded mountains, extensive areas where banana, tomato, potato and other agricultural products are grown. Its coast is rocky and lined by cliffs in some places, while in others there are beaches with soft, clean sand, which are sometimes black and sometimes golden. The capital of the island and of the province is Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which has 220,000 inhabitants. It is a cheerful, light-filled, modern city on a gentle slope and it is open towards the wide plains in the south. It is the seat of the military headquarters, La Capitanía General de Canarias, and Santa Cruz is known as a hospitable, cordial city. Beautiful gardens, especially García Sanabria, the Municipal Park, and busy streets make it easy for the visitor to feel at home there. The port in a large bay surrounded by the steep cliffs of the Anaga mountain chain is an important sea traffic and communications centre between Europe, Africa and America. It is visited by ships from all kinds of countries and numerous tourist cruises make it their port of call throughout the year. It is the busiest Spanish port as regards the movement of goods and it is among the most important regarding the number of ships. The whole city deliberately moves down towards the port and comes to rest, though full of bustling activity, in the nearby España and La Candelaria Squares. Around the latter there are some of the important official buildings, such as El Cabildo Insular, the island government building, where the Archaeological and Anthropological Museum is found; Carta Palace - a curious example of regional architecture and decoration, dating from the 17C and today officially a Sight of Interest to National Art and Architecture -, the Casino Principal, the Monument to the Fallen and El Triunfo de la Candelaria are also found in this area. La Concepción's is the most important church. Its nave and four aisles shelter interesting Baroque works of art and most valuable reminders of Canary history. There La Cruz de la Conquista, the Cross of Conquest, is kept together with the flags taken from Sir Horace Nelson, the British admiral, on the occasion of his unsuccessful attack on the fortified city. Carta Chapel and the beautiful choir stalls, which are found in the presbytery today, are also of interest to art. Another church worthy of special mention is San Francisco's, which is 18C Baroque next to a beautiful square. On El Principe Square with its lush laurel trees, there is the Municipal Museum of Paintings and Sculpture, with important paintings by Ribera, B. Brueghel, Madrazo, Van Loo, etc., as well as a department especially dedicated to Canary painting. On Anaga Avenue, a beautiful, broad thoroughfare skirting the port area of Santa Cruz, there is Paso Alto Castle and its Military Museum - where objects reminiscent of the past are kept -, a peaceful place for a walk near the Royal Yacht Club of Tenerife, which lies in the vicinity of the Nautical School and close to La Casa del mar. There is a magnificent view of the bay. The Provincial Public Library and the Provincial Office of Records are found in La Casa de la Cultura, comodoro Rodin St. Near the city centre, there are two Places of Interest to National tourism: las Teresitas, with a 1,500m long, artificial beach of golden sands, and Las Gaviotas. Especially noteworthy is the picturesque Taganana are, with the El Roque and Almáciga beaches of black sand. The Reina Sofía International Airport - Tenerife Sur - lies 60km from Santa Cruz and the Tenerife Norte Airport is nine kilometres away. The capital is the point of departure of the great southern motorway of the island, which links Santa Cruz with the different places and tourist centres of that area, and of the northern motorway, which leads to the important tourist centre of El Puerto de la Cruz; 22km from the capital lies Mount La Esperanza, covered with extensive Canary pine forests. There is a road crossing over it leading to Las Cañadas del Teide. On the way there are observation platforms with breathtaking views of the islands.

Royal Naval Dockyard

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Otherwise known as the “Gibraltar of the West,” the Royal Naval Dockyard fortifications in Sandys Parish were built in 1809 to compensate for British ports lost in the American Revolution. Convicts transported from Britain and Bermudian slaves built the fortifications from local limestone. In fact, British war ships set sail from this dock to attack Washington, DC during the War of 1812. Britain built the Royal Naval Dockyard in the West End as a buttress against everything from Napoleon’s threats to pirate attacks. Walk across the moat bridge into the Keep, our island’s largest fort, and relieve the past at the impressive Bermuda Maritime Museum. Imaginative redevelopment transformed this old naval installation into charming shops and restaurants. Stop by to climb the ramparts, eat savory fish ‘n’ chips, and visit a snorkel park. Now only a quick ferry ride from Hamilton, visitors love to dive into its historical artifacts and island culture. Royal Naval Dockyard at the island's West End is one of Bermuda's most popular attractions. Once a working fort built by Britain's Royal Navy in the 1800s, it's now a place for the Maritime museum, a craft market, theater, arts center, shops, restaurants, a night club and more. The Bermuda Maritime Museum is more than a collection of old ship models. There are underground tunnels, 30-foot ramparts and everything pertaining to the island's nautical history. If you're looking to get off the beaten path so to speak, take a bike tour or go riding on your own. The Deserted Railway Trail gives you great panoramic views and there are plenty of fun places to stop along the way including the picturesque Gibb's Lighthouse. And be sure to enjoy the outdoors at its best with snorkeling, golfing, kayaking or afternoon sport fishing or splashing around the beach.

Port Canaveral

transatlantic cruise bermuda

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to find Port Canaveral thrilling. This is the home of the Kennedy Space Center, where you can catch a fascinating glimpse into the history - and future - of the U.S. space program. Or, take a leisurely stroll along the Cocoa Beach Pier; the shopping is great and the beach views are truly "out of this world."

Onboard the Celebrity Equinox

Cruise FPO 6

Celebrity Equinox

Costco Member Reviews

4.6 of 5 stars

  • Year Built: 2009
  • Year Refurbished: 2019

Double Occupancy Capacity: 2880

As part of Celebrity's fleet-wide modernization program, Celebrity Equinox® is now making even more waves in the cruise world. Experience brand new staterooms and elevating design concepts and technology across the ship. Marvel at completely new bathroom modernizations. Wine and dine in reimagined restaurants and lounges. It's a whole new way to experience true modern luxury while sailing to the world's most incredible destinations aboard Celebrity Equinox®.

Member reviews become available after at least 5 are received in order to provide you with an accurate picture of this travel product.

Onboard Activities

Activities & services (included in cruise).

transatlantic cruise bermuda

  • Disco/Nightclub
  • Game Arcade
  • Theater/Show Lounge
  • Fitness Center
  • Sauna/Steam Room
  • Pool - Outdoor
  • Sports Facilities
  • Whirlpool/Jacuzzi
  • Bars/Lounges
  • Children's Indoor Play Area
  • Organized Age Specific Activities
  • Teen Center or Disco
  • Teen Programs
  • Business Center
  • Concierge Desk
  • Conference Center
  • Duty-Free Shops/Boutiques
  • Safe Deposit Boxes

Activities & Services (available for an extra fee)

transatlantic cruise bermuda

  • Beauty Salon
  • Full-Service Spa
  • Internet Center
  • Babysitting
  • Dry Cleaning/ Laundry Service
  • Infirmary/Medical Center

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Main Dining Room

Main Dining

Main Restaurant:  Impeccable service, classic design, world-class cuisine and comfortable sophistication are celebrated here. Experience tableside lobster presentation, an expansive selection of artisanal cheeses from around the world, or the extensive American and French wine list. Charming and timeless, Murano transports you, through palate and décor, to a modern and refined level of dining. Complimentary for all guests.

Blu:  Available exclusively to AquaClass® guests, Blu specializes in the concept of “clean cuisine.” Popular dishes are prepared in imaginative and flavorful ways, without fussiness or pretense. Blu is open for breakfast and dinner. No charge for Aqua Class guests.

Luminae:  Offering complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner. Luminae is a culinary experience that spotlights modern, eclectic cuisine and globally inspired dishes. Luminae offers a deliciously unique dining experience exclusively for Suite Class guests. No charge for Suite guests.

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Specialty Dining

Sushi on Five:  Sushi on Five satisfies your craving for locally sourced, authentically prepared sushi and other Japanese specialties from a menu crafted by expert restaurateur and sushi chef, Yoshikazu "Yoshi" Okada. Treat yourself to the complex flavors of a hand-made sushi roll or nigiri featuring tuna albacore, shrimp, eel, and other fresh selections, or savor the simplicity of yellowtail, salmon, and octopus sashimi. Your culinary experience would be incomplete without dessert—be sure to try the caramelized gingerbread with wasabi gelato. This restaurant is available for an additional cost.

Murano:  Impeccable service, classic design, world-class cuisine and comfortable sophistication are celebrated here. Experience tableside lobster presentation, an expansive selection of artisanal cheeses from around the world, or the extensive American and French wine list. Charming and timeless, Murano transports you, through palate and décor, to a modern and refined level of dining. This restaurant is available for an additional cost.

Le Petit Chef™ at Qsine:  The world-renown artists of Skullmapping ™, presented by TableMation™ have reached a true pinnacle of their custom 3D table animation art form. This dining experience is beautifully choreographed with an elegant menu created by Celebrity's Michelin Star Chef. Le Petit Chef ™ offered on Celebrity Cruises is a one-of-a-kind dining concept. Available for an additional cost.

Tuscan Grill:  An outgoing wait staff ensures tableside service that's personal as well as professional. And the food? Take the traditional style and artisanal flair of Italy, add contemporary influences, and serve the cuisine in abundance. It's all part of the expansive character of Tuscan Grille. This restaurant is available for an additional cost.

Café al Bacio and Gelateria:  The warm atmosphere, comfortable furniture and the sweet scent of the Gelateria's freshly baked waffle cones create an instant emotional connection. Café al Bacio is a great place to relax, any time of day. Many guests like to stop by in the evening for one of the specialty dessert cocktails, and chat about a great meal that they had or a wonderful show they just enjoyed. There's always something to talk about at Café al Bacio. This restaurant is available for an additional cost.

Craft Social:  The casual atmosphere of a pub, elevated. Comfort food and craft beer enthusiasts rejoice. Craft Social offers over 40 handcrafted boutique beer selections, creative cocktails and a wide selection of a la carte, gourmet comfort food and bar bites that are so satisfying you could make a meal of them. If you prefer wine with your eats, Celebrity's wine list presents an impressive selection by the glass or bottle. With inviting entertainment and great music, Craft Social offers an atmosphere of casual sophistication. Available for an additional cost.

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Casual Dining

The Spa Cafe:  Celebrity has created an extension of its leading spa experience by introducing The Spa Cafe, one of the first venues of its kind in the cruise industry. The result is a creative take on healthy cuisine, featuring an eclectic blend of offerings that are both flavorful and nutritious. Complimentary for all guests.

Pool/Mast Grill:  Let your cravings go wild. Grab a great burger in a relaxed, poolside environment. Complimentary for all guests.

Oceanview Café:  A market-style cafe that features select offerings inspired by the destinations you visit. Complimentary for all guests.

Room Service:  Perhaps a day of kayaking, shopping or golfing has you feeling pleasantly languid-or was it the afternoon spent relaxing with a novel that has you so serene? Either way, when you're in the mood to relax and dine in the comfort of your stateroom, Celebrity offers complimentary 24-hour in-stateroom dining.

Inside Stateroom

Ocean view stateroom, balcony stateroom, suite stateroom.

Elegant staterooms feature an ample sitting area with a sofa and a flat screen TV.

Inside (Category: I2)

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Category: I2 Two beds convertible to queen-size bed; Vanity; Sitting area with sofa; Some cabins may have a trundle bed; 32" LCD TV; Wireless Internet access (for a nominal fee)

Prime Inside (Category: I1)

Category: I1 Two beds convertible to queen-size bed; Vanity; Sitting area with sofa; Some cabins may have a trundle bed; 32" LCD TV; Wireless Internet access (for a nominal fee)

Guarantee - Inside (Category: Z)

Category: Z This category can be booked for a special rate, guaranteed to you. Please note that the category is not associated at the time of booking with a specific stateroom, deck, bedding configuration or other particular settings. The assignment of an actual cabin will be performed during your check-in. The cabin can be anywhere on the ship.

Enjoy a view of the sea with spacious staterooms that feature a sofa and a flat screen TV.

Ocean View (Category: O2)

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Category: O2 Two beds convertible to queen-size bed; Vanity; Sitting area with sofa; Some cabins may have a trundle bed; Ocean-view window; 32" LCD TV; Wireless Internet access (for a nominal fee)

Prime Ocean View (Category: O1)

Category: O1

Guarantee - Oceanview (Category: Y)

Category: Y This category can be booked for a special rate, guaranteed to you. Please note that the category is not associated at the time of booking with a specific stateroom, deck, bedding configuration or other particular settings. The assignment of an actual cabin will be performed during your check-in. The cabin can be anywhere on the ship.

Staterooms feature a spacious balcony. Select categories include AquaClass® or Concierge Class.

Veranda (partial view) (Category: V3)

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Category: V3

Veranda (Category: V2)

Category: V2

Prime Veranda (Category: V1)

Category: V1

Deluxe Veranda (Category: DV)

Category: DV

Sunset Veranda (Category: SV)

Category: SV Sitting area with sofa; Two beds convertible to queen-size bed; Vanity; Some staterooms may have a trundle bed; Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors; Veranda; 32" LCD TV; Wireless Internet access (for a nominal fee)

Ultra Deluxe Veranda (Category: UV)

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Category: UV

Concierge Class (Category: C2)

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Category: C2 Sitting area with sofa; Two beds convertible to queen-size bed; Vanity; Some staterooms may have a trundle bed; Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors; Veranda; 32" LCD TV; Wireless Internet access (for a nominal fee)

Prime Concierge Class (Category: C1)

Category: C1 Sitting area with sofa; Two beds convertible to queen-size bed; Vanity; Some staterooms may have a trundle bed; Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors; Veranda; 32" LCD TV; Wireless Internet access (for a nominal fee)

Sunset Concierge Class (Category: SC)

Category: SC

Prime AquaClass (Category: A1)

Category: A1

AquaClass (Category: A2)

Category: A2

Guarantee - Concierge Class (Category: XC)

Category: XC This category can be booked for a special rate, guaranteed to you. Please note that the category is not associated at the time of booking with a specific stateroom, deck, bedding configuration or other particular settings. The assignment of an actual cabin will be performed during your check-in. The cabin can be anywhere on the ship.

Guarantee - Aqua Class (Category: XA)

Category: XA This category can be booked for a special rate, guaranteed to you. Please note that the category is not associated at the time of booking with a specific stateroom, deck, bedding configuration or other particular settings. The assignment of an actual cabin will be performed during your check-in. The cabin can be anywhere on the ship.

Guarantee - Balcony (Category: X)

Category: X This category can be booked for a special rate, guaranteed to you. Please note that the category is not associated at the time of booking with a specific stateroom, deck, bedding configuration or other particular settings. The assignment of an actual cabin will be performed during your check-in. The cabin can be anywhere on the ship.

Suites feature European-style butler services, priority check-in and debarkation, seating preferences and much more.

Sky Suite (Category: S1)

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Category: S1 Two beds convertible to queen-size bed; Bathroom with shower/tub combination and washbasin; Living room with queen sofa sleeper and vanity; Mini refrigerator; Veranda with lounge seating; Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors; 40" LCD TV; Wireless Internet access (for a nominal fee)

Sunset Sky Suite (Category: SS)

Category: SS

AquaClass Sky Suite (Category: AS)

Category: AS

Celebrity Suite (Category: CS)

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Category: CS Bedroom features two beds convertible to queen-size, 40" LCD TV, vanity, walk-in closet, dual-access bathroom with shower/tub combination and washbasin; Living room with sectional sofa queen sleeper, lounge seating, mini refrigerator, and vanity; Veranda with lounge seating; Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors; Surround sound entertainment system with 52" LCD TV; Wireless Internet access (for a nominal fee)

Royal Suite (Category: RS)

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Category: RS Bedroom features queen-size bed, 40" LCD TV; Vanity; Walk-in closet; Master bathroom with whirlpool tub, shower stall, and double washbasins; Separate living room with dining area; Queen sofa sleeper; Lounge seating; Wet bar; Powder room; Veranda with whirlpool and lounge seating; Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors; Surround-sound entertainment system with 52" LCD TV; Wireless Internet access (for a nominal fee)

Penthouse Suite (Category: PS)

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Category: PS Master bedroom features king-size bed, 52" LCD TV, vanity, walk-in closet, marble master bathroom with whirlpool tub, shower stall with dual shower heads, double washbasins, and 26" LCD TV; Separate living room with dining area; Baby grand piano; Queen sofa sleeper; Full bar; Lounge seating; Full guest bathroom; Veranda with whirlpool and lounge seating; Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors; Surround sound entertainment system with 52" LCD TV; Wireless Internet access (for a nominal fee)

Guarantee - Suite (Category: W)

Category: W This category can be booked for a special rate, guaranteed to you. Please note that the category is not associated at the time of booking with a specific stateroom, deck, bedding configuration or other particular settings. The assignment of an actual cabin will be performed during your check-in. The cabin can be anywhere on the ship.

Solstice Deck

  • Ship Name: Celebrity Equinox
  • Year Entered Present Fleet: 2009
  • Ship Class: Solstice
  • Maximum Capacity: 3,148
  • Number of Passenger Decks: 13
  • Number of Crew: 1,246
  • Officers' Nationality: Greek
  • Ocean-View without Balcony: 70
  • Ocean-View with Balcony: 1,150
  • Total Inside Staterooms: 148
  • Tonnage (GRT): 122,000
  • Capacity Based on Double Occupancy: 2,880
  • Country of Registry: Malta
  • Total Staterooms: 1,440
  • Suites with Balcony: 72
  • Crew/Hotel Staff Nationality: International

Available Dates & Prices

Departure date, departure date - 11/21/2024, terms & conditions.

*Price shown is per person based on double occupancy and is valid for select stateroom categories only. Click on the Terms & Conditions link below for details.

†One Digital Costco Shop Card per room/stateroom, per stay. The exact amount of the Digital Costco Shop Card will be calculated during the booking process. The Digital Costco Shop Card promotion is nontransferable and may not be combined with any other promotion. A Digital Costco Shop Card will arrive by email approximately 10 days after the start of your cruise. Click on the Terms & Conditions link below for additional information.

Ship's registry: Malta

Digital Costco Shop Card

This booking includes a Digital Costco Shop Card which will arrive by email one to two weeks after you return from your vacation. The Digital Costco Shop Card is a convenient payment option in our warehouses and on

Ship Rating

5 of 5 stars

An outstanding luxury cruise experience with an exceptional level of attention to detail. Expect superb service from all levels of officers and staff.

4.0 of 5 stars

A very good quality all-around cruise experience aboard a ship that offers a range of facilities and services.

3.0 of 5 stars

A decent, unpretentious cruise experience, with a moderate amount of space and quality in furnishing and fittings.

2.0 of 5 stars

A modest quality cruise experience with less attention to detail and service.

1.0 of 5 stars

Expect a very basic cruise experience with minimal attention to service, hospitality and finesse.

0.5 of 5 stars

Offers some, but not all, of the amenities and services associated with the next highest star rating.

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12 Nights - Bermuda and Portugal Transatlantic

Cruise Ship : Celebrity Eclipse

Departing : Saturday, March 22, 2025 from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Cruise Line : Celebrity

Nights : 12


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Get Treated Like the Celebrity You Are with up to $100 Onboard Credit, AAA Vacations Best Price Guarantee, and AAA Vacations 24 x 7 Member Care Service! Onboard Credit amounts based on stateroom category booked: $25 Onboard Credit per Oceanview Stateroom, $75 Onboard Credit per Balcony Stateroom, and $100 Onboard Credit per Concierge Class and higher staterooms.

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AAA Verified Reviews for "Celebrity Eclipse" ship ( 28 )

14 Night Antarctica Cruise

14 Nights - Celebrity Eclipse - Departed from Buenos Aires, Argentina

There were many days at sea which was a first for me. Few ports of call. The ship offered many options for entertainment and dining. The wait staff was outstanding. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with COVID and required to stay in our suite for five full days which cut into choices of activities and denied me the booked excursion.

Bad weather forced a cancellation of the Falkland Islands stop. Google searches revealed this is fairly common on other cruises, so customers should be warned more prominently in the Celebrity booking literature.

16 Night Los Angeles to Chile Cruise

16 Nights - Celebrity Eclipse - Departed from Los Angeles, California

6 Night Cabo and San Diego Cruise

6 Nights - Celebrity Eclipse - Departed from Los Angeles, California

Ratings and Reviews are the subjective opinion of individual consumers, travel advisors and not the opinion of the American Automobile Association ”AAA” or AAA Clubs. Neither AAA nor AAA Clubs shall be held liable for any damages resulting from display or use of these ratings or reviews.

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Hamilton, Bermuda

Recommended for you.

Hamilton, Bermuda

Of the 300 coral atolls which comprise the British crown colony of Bermuda, only 20 are inhabited. Extremely treacherous coral reefs surround the area, as indicated by the 300 shipwrecks lying offshore. Self-governed in internal affairs since 1968, Bermuda remains under the protective umbrella of Great Britain for defense and external affairs. Hamilton, in particular, is decidedly British in atmosphere and tradition. Dazzling beaches, beds of Bermuda lilies, almost luminescent bougainvillea vines and clusters of oleander provide a most inviting backdrop for the island's luxury hotels, elegant boutiques and fine restaurants. Daytime activities abound, while exciting entertainment beckons you ashore in the evening. Welcome to Bermuda.

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Transatlantic Cruises

13-night eastbound transatlantic cruise from port canaveral ending in barcelona.

Set sail on a transatlantic odyssey from sunny Port Canaveral to cosmopolitan Barcelona—featuring stops at Disney Castaway Cay, Portugal and Spain. Explore the culture and natural beauty of the Iberian Peninsula, from whale watching in Ponta Delgada and touring historic landmarks in Lisbon to wine tasting in Cadiz and hiking lush coastal trails on São Miguel Island. With 8 days at sea, you’ll have ample time to enjoy all the non-stop fun and relaxation on board.

13-Night Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise from Fort Lauderdale ending in Barcelona

Cruise from the golden-sand shores of Fort Lauderdale to utopic ports in Portugal. Let Ponta Delgada be your gateway to the Azores and embrace the explorer spirit of the country’s capital in Lisbon—the home of Magellan and Vasco de Gama. Discover Spanish adventures in romantic Cádiz, sunny Cartagena and cosmopolitan Barcelona. And with 6 magical days at sea, you’ll have ample opportunity to explore world-class amenities, spectacular Broadway-style productions, entertaining themed dining, festive deck parties and Disney fun for the whole family!

13-Night Westbound Transatlantic Cruise from Southampton ending in Fort Lauderdale

Embark on a spectacular transatlantic voyage on your way to captivating ports of call along Spain’s romantic coast. Spend 8 magical days at sea aboard the Disney Dream and experience world-class amenities, Broadway-quality entertainment and one-of-a-kind Disney fun for the whole family! Explore ashore in Vigo, Lisbon and Ponta Delgada—plus, spend a day at Lighthouse Point, our newest island retreat in The Bahamas.

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Bermuda Stops In Transatlantic Cruises In 2024

Holland America cruise line will be visiting Bermuda in 2024, stopping in the island as part of transatlantic journeys.

A statement from the company said, “New for 2024, Bermuda is back on two transatlantic itineraries from Fort Lauderdale: Nieuw Statendam crosses in April with visits to Bermuda, France, Guernsey and Belgium en route to Rotterdam, while Zuiderdam visits Bermuda, Ireland, England, France and Belgium on a May crossing to Ijmuiden.

Holland America Line December 2022 (2)

“Holland America Line’s 2024 European season is the biggest refresh we’ve done in the region in a long time, and we’re excited to feature new itineraries, more voyages that are 14 and 21 days, different departure cities and unique country combinations,” said Beth Bodensteiner, chief commercial officer of Holland America Line.

“We’re also returning to the Canary Islands and Bermuda, and, of course, we’re back in the Med visiting everywhere from Spain to Turkey. Holland America Line’s 2024 season is the most diverse we’ve ever offered that truly has an itinerary for everyone.”

click here Bermuda generic cruise ships

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Transatlantic Cruises

King's Wharf, Bermuda

King's Wharf, part of the Royal Naval Dockyard, has something for everyone. Sample typical island food and stroll through the shops or the Dockyard's Maritime Museum. Sail the clear waters of Hamilton Sound. Find works by local artists at the Bermuda Arts Centre. If that's not enough, a snorkel park and water-sport facility offer hours of activities to the adventurous.

transatlantic cruise bermuda

Should You Take a Transatlantic Cruise?

transatlantic cruise bermuda

 LOIC VENANCE / Getty Images

Transatlantic cruises rank among the most iconic types of travel. They generally fall into two categories. The first type is a regularly scheduled transatlantic crossing on the Queen Mary 2 , the only cruise ship that routinely sails back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean between New York City and London (Southampton). These cruises run between late April and early January and take about six or seven days in each direction because the ship does not have any ports of call. The Queen Mary 2 crosses the Atlantic about 50 times a year on this week-long route.

The second type of transatlantic crossing is a repositioning cruise for ships that sail in the Caribbean, Central America, or South America in the winter and in Europe for the rest of the year. Most transatlantic repositioning cruises sail in the spring and fall months, but travelers can find one or more ships crossing the Atlantic every month of the year. These crossings are usually longer than a week since they include a few ports of call in the Caribbean or the Atlantic Ocean.

Both types of transatlantic crossings are different than a cruise where the ship is docked at a new port of call each day. Travelers planning a transatlantic cruise vacation need to think about the pros and cons of what it's like to be out of sight of land for days at a time.

Pro: Bargain Prices

TripSavvy / Linda Garrison

Cruise lines follow the sun, moving most of their ships to another part of the world to help guests enjoy the best weather and most daylight on their vacation. Because these repositioning cruises are often longer (10 or more days) and include only a few ports of call, the cruise lines usually reduce the price per day to attract more travelers. The ships have a "captive audience" on sea days, and onboard guests tend to spend more money on drinks, gambling, and in the retail boutique shops. So, cruise lines need to have the ships full when making the crossing.

When planning a repositioning cruise across the Atlantic, be sure to check out the cruise right before or after your transatlantic crossing. The cruise lines often discount these cruises for those willing to book back-to-back.

Pro: No Flying

Fred Bahurlet / Getty Images

A long flight across the Atlantic is stressful, tiring, and often not a good beginning or ending to your vacation. A transatlantic cruise at the beginning of your vacation can get you into a relaxed mood, and one at the end of your vacation can help ease you back to the normal work life. North Americans with more vacation time can cross the Atlantic at the beginning of their vacation, travel around Europe via land or on another cruise, and then take a second transatlantic cruise back home. They only have to drive or fly to the embarkation port.

Pro: No Jet Lag

Simon Marcus Taplin / Getty Images

One of the factors every traveler loves about a transatlantic cruise is the lack of jet lag when arriving at their destination. Since continental Europe is about six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in North America (depending on the time of year), ships traveling westbound lose an hour almost every day. Those traveling eastbound gain an hour, making some cruise days 25 hours long! Although losing or gaining an hour each day can be a little disconcerting, it's far better than the jet lag you can get from flying across the Atlantic.

Pro: Learn Something New

Cruise ships on transatlantic crossings offer many educational, entertaining, and fun activities on the many sea days. For example, guests can take classes in computing, photography, cooking, bridge, fitness, or ballroom dancing. Or, they can attend lectures on a variety of topics that expand their knowledge on history, travel, health, music, or art. Smaller ships and more luxury brands tend to feature more guest lecturers and educational opportunities than larger ships do. 

Pro: Relax and Unwind

When arriving home from vacation, many travelers often complain that they "need a vacation from their vacation!" Although many are surprised at how quickly the sea days fly by on a transatlantic cruise, no one is forcing guests to do anything other than whatever they want to do. Some guests bring along an e-reader full of novels, while others catch up on movies, try their luck in the casino, or spend time unwinding in the spa or fitness center. On a transatlantic cruise, someone else is cooking and cleaning up after you. Guests can sleep in as long as they wish or go to bed right after dinner. It's their choice.

Con: No (or Few) Ports of Call

The traditional transatlantic crossing of the Queen Mary 2 does not feature any ports of call, leaving New York and arriving in Southampton seven days later (or vice versa). 

Most transatlantic repositioning cruises taking the southern route between the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas make stopovers at ports of call in the Caribbean, the Cape Verde Islands, and the Canary Islands. Ships crossing the northern route might stopover in Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, Bermuda, Newfoundland, or Atlantic Canada.

While you won't have as many ports of call as on a seven-day Caribbean or Mediterranean cruise, some of the ports are unique and can only be seen on an extended voyage like a transatlantic crossing.

Con: Weather and Rough Seas

Weather can be a major concern for some travelers planning a transatlantic cruise. On traditional cruises, ships are sailing most nights and in a different port each day. They often are not far from land, so even though the weather can be rough, it doesn't last long.

Crossing the Atlantic can be different since the ship might not see land for several days. 

The good news is that modern cruise ships have amazing stabilizers, so most guests won't feel the wave action. Those who are prone to seasickness should have a variety of remedies to prevent or treat this malady. 

It's no guarantee, but transatlantic cruises in the summer months usually have the best weather, although hurricanes and tropical storms can affect ships sailing either the southern route or northern route.

Believe it or not, there are cruise travelers who love stormy weather and rough seas. A transatlantic crossing in the winter months of November through March is ideal for these die-hard travelers. They can get a good price and might even "enjoy" a storm!

Con: Passengers Tend to Be Older

Holger Leue / Getty Images

A general rule for cruises is the longer the cruise, the older the passengers. This is not surprising, because senior travelers have more time off and more disposable income. Although many younger travelers enjoy socializing with seniors, most transatlantic crossings are not "party" cruises. The bars and discos probably won't be packed after midnight like on shorter voyages where travelers are trying to cram as much as possible into their vacation time.

Con: Too Much Free Time

Although most travelers can get into the rhythm and routine of a transatlantic cruise, some people feel almost claustrophobic when surrounded by water 24 hours a day for several days. This feeling is rare, but a transatlantic cruise might not be for everyone. If you can't wait to get off the ship each day when on a traditional cruise moving from port to port, you might not embrace several consecutive days at sea. If you are a self-starter who appreciates free time alone or doesn't require constant entertainment, you probably will come home planning your next transatlantic voyage. 

Is a Transatlantic Cruise For You?

If you consider these pros and cons and your own personality type, you can decide if a transatlantic cruise is the right vacation for you. Since this type of cruise is often a good bargain, offering no-jet-lag travel and the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate, a crossing might be a perfect cruise vacation for you.

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Maps of Northern European Countries Visited by Cruise Ships

A Tour of the Norwegian Pearl Cruise Ship

10 Questions to Answer When Planning a Cruise

Where to Go in 2021: 10 Future Trips You Can Start Planning Now


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    Cross the vast expanse of the Atlantic in a journey from 11 to 16 days at a pace to suit your own style. With nine of Celebrity's award-winning ships, including all four of the revolutionary Edge-Series making this epic voyage, and multiple departure and arrival ports to choose between, you'll easily find the perfect transatlantic cruise.

  2. Transatlantic and Transpacific Cruises

    Departing from Florida, Barcelona, Southampton and Copenhagen, these cruises include both tropical and cultural island stops, in ports such as the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Greenland and Iceland. Meanwhile, transpacific cruises go from Sydney to the U.S., with plenty of white-sand-beach-filled South Pacific ports in between.

  3. Best transatlantic cruises for 2024 and 2025

    It will sail a 13-night Bermuda and Portugal transatlantic cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona with port calls at Bermuda's Royal Naval Dockyard; Ponta Delgada; and Valencia. Inside cabins for that cruise start from $799 per person and balcony rooms from $1,272 per person. Viking's Viking Mars

  4. Cruise to King's Wharf

    Kick back amidst the sun-kissed pleasures of a pink-sand paradise on Carnival cruises to King's Wharf. This British overseas territory of Bermuda has a rich naval heritage… plus powdery beaches fringed in coconut palms. Located at the very tip of Bermuda's glittering archipelago of over 100 islets and cays, King's Wharf was made for ...

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    Set sail on the Celebrity Ascent for 15 Nights and experience the best of Transatlantic on the Bermuda & Spain Transatlantic . Book your Celebrity Cruise today! Visiting from Germany? Go to site. Favorites. 1-888-751-7804 ... Celebrity Cruises reserves the right to cancel offer at any time, correct any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions, and ...

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    Spain, Portugal & Bermuda Transatlantic. From BARCELONA, SPAIN - onboard CELEBRITY ASCENT. Departing Oct 26, 2024. $1,238 USD *Avg Per Person. †Taxes, fees and port expenses $122.79 USD *. DAY 1 - Saturday , Oct 26. Barcelona, Spain.

  9. Kings Wharf, Bermuda

    Kings Wharf, Bermuda. Maybe it's kismet that Bermuda, with its legendary pink sands and turquoise waters, is shaped somewhat like a fishhook—fittingly, the nation's marquee attractions are all related to the sea. All of them are also easy to get to from King's Wharf, which sits right next to one of the island's most popular sites, the ...

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    Transatlantic Cruise Port Highlights. Hamilton, Bermuda. The closest port to North America's East Coast, Bermuda -- whether your ship is docked at the Royal Naval Dockyard (generally referred to ...

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    Find exciting cruise vacations and last-minute cruise deals with the help of Costco Travel. Our exclusive member values are available aboard popular cruise lines. ... Bermuda & Portugal Transatlantic Cruise 12-night Celebrity Eclipse cruise From $754 per person* Additional government taxes, fees and port expenses per person: $129 ...

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    Cross the Atlantic on a Transatlantic cruise. This page is a guide to all 2024, 2025 and 2026 transatlantic sailings with information on itineraries, ports, deals and cruise lines. ... Bermuda. Canada / New England. Caribbean. Europe. Hawaii. View All. Popular Int'l Departure Ports. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Barcelona, Spain.

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    The 14 Night Spain & Portugal Transatlantic visits Miami, Florida; Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda; Ponta Delgada, Azores; Vigo, Spain; Southampton, England. Explore our cruise itineraries and choose from a variety of rooms depending on your needs and budget. Start planning your next cruise vacation by selecting a destination and departure port.

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    Try this exotic voyage the fun way, on a Carnival cruise. 14 Day. Transatlantic from Port Canaveral (Orlando), FL. 1 cruises from. $. 869. *. Avg PP.

  16. Bermuda and Portugal Transatlantic Cruise

    Year Built: 2009. Year Refurbished: 2019. Double Occupancy Capacity: 2880. As part of Celebrity's fleet-wide modernization program, Celebrity Equinox® is now making even more waves in the cruise world. Experience brand new staterooms and elevating design concepts and technology across the ship. Marvel at completely new bathroom modernizations.

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    Learn more about Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda, a port offered on Transatlantic cruises. Powered by Vacations To Go, with over 8 million happy customers since 1984. My Account ... About Transatlantic Cruises FAQs History Map Things to Do When to Go Discounts Age 55+ EMTs Firefighters Interline Military Past Guests Police Singles ...

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    12 Nights - Bermuda and Portugal Transatlantic. Cruise Ship: Celebrity Eclipse. Departing: Saturday, March 22, 2025 from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Cruise Line: Celebrity. Nights: 12. ... * If you make a booking for a qualifying AAA Vacations® cruise or tour vacation, and you find a valid better rate for the exact itinerary within 24 hours of ...

  19. Hamilton, Bermuda

    Hamilton, Bermuda. Of the 300 coral atolls which comprise the British crown colony of Bermuda, only 20 are inhabited. Extremely treacherous coral reefs surround the area, as indicated by the 300 shipwrecks lying offshore. Self-governed in internal affairs since 1968, Bermuda remains under the protective umbrella of Great Britain for defense and ...

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    Bermuda. Canada. Caribbean. Europe. Hawai'i. Mexico. New Zealand and Australia. Pacific Coast. Panama Canal. South Pacific. Transatlantic. Shore Excursions. ... Search for Disney Cruise Line Transatlantic Cruises. 0 $ 0. View Cruises . For assistance with your Disney Cruise, please call (800) 951-3532.

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    Transatlantic cruises rank among the most iconic types of travel. They generally fall into two categories. The first type is a regularly scheduled transatlantic crossing on the Queen Mary 2, the only cruise ship that routinely sails back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean between New York City and London (Southampton).These cruises run between late April and early January and take about six ...