THE 10 BEST Places to Go Shopping in Tampa

Shopping in tampa.

  • Gift & Specialty Shops
  • Department Stores
  • Art Galleries
  • Airport Shops
  • Antique Stores
  • Shopping Malls
  • Flea & Street Markets
  • Farmers Markets
  • Fashion Shows & Tours
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  • 3.0 of 5 bubbles & up
  • Historic Ybor
  • Good for a Rainy Day
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good for Couples
  • Good for Kids
  • Good for Big Groups
  • Hidden Gems
  • Adventurous
  • Honeymoon spot
  • Good for Adrenaline Seekers
  • Things to do ranked using Tripadvisor data including reviews, ratings, photos, and popularity.

tourist shopping tampa

1. International Plaza and Bay Street


2. Hyde Park Village


3. Heights Public Market


4. WestShore Plaza


5. Westfield Citrus Park


6. Ybor City Saturday Market


7. University Mall


8. Tampa Antiques and Books


9. King Corona Cigars Cafe and Bar


10. Michael Murphy Gallery


11. Seminole Heights Antiques


12. Sunshine Thrift Store

13. gaslight antiques, 14. wildbook hall.

tourist shopping tampa

15. Cleanse Apothecary


16. Main Street Rocks


17. Tampa Indie Flea

tourist shopping tampa

18. Baisden Gallery

tourist shopping tampa

19. Solo. Contemporary Fine Art

20. full access printing.

tourist shopping tampa

21. Nicahabana Cigars


22. Vintage Roost

tourist shopping tampa

23. The Gimmick


24. USF Carolyn M. Wilson Art Gallery

25. dillard's.

tourist shopping tampa

26. Phoenix Glass Studio & Gott Glass Gallery


27. La Faraona Cigars


28. Tampa Sweethearts


29. Toffee to Go


30. Tampa Regional Artists

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THE 10 BEST Places to Go Shopping in Tampa

Shopping in tampa.

  • Gift & Speciality Shops
  • Department Stores
  • Art Galleries
  • Airport Shops
  • Antique Stores
  • Shopping Malls
  • Flea & Street Markets
  • Farmers Markets
  • Fashion Shows & Tours
  • 5.0 of 5 bubbles
  • 4.0 of 5 bubbles & up
  • 3.0 of 5 bubbles & up
  • Historic Ybor
  • Good for a Rainy Day
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good for Couples
  • Good for Kids
  • Good for Big Groups
  • Hidden Gems
  • Adventurous
  • Honeymoon spot
  • Good for Adrenaline Seekers
  • Things to do ranked using Tripadvisor data including reviews, ratings, photos, and popularity.

tourist shopping tampa

1. International Plaza and Bay Street


2. Hyde Park Village


3. Heights Public Market


4. WestShore Plaza


5. Westfield Citrus Park


6. Ybor City Saturday Market


7. University Mall


8. Tampa Antiques and Books


9. King Corona Cigars Cafe and Bar


10. Michael Murphy Gallery


11. Seminole Heights Antiques


12. Sunshine Thrift Store

13. gaslight antiques, 14. wildbook hall.

tourist shopping tampa

15. Cleanse Apothecary


16. Main Street Rocks


17. Tampa Indie Flea

tourist shopping tampa

18. Baisden Gallery

tourist shopping tampa

19. Solo. Contemporary Fine Art

20. full access printing.

tourist shopping tampa

21. Nicahabana Cigars


22. Vintage Roost

tourist shopping tampa

23. The Gimmick


24. USF Carolyn M. Wilson Art Gallery

25. dillard's.

tourist shopping tampa

26. Phoenix Glass Studio & Gott Glass Gallery


27. La Faraona Cigars


28. Tampa Sweethearts


29. Toffee to Go


30. Tampa Regional Artists

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Insider’s Tour: 9 Best Shopping in Tampa, FL for Fashion & Fun

  • Updated on April 9, 2024
  • Best Locations
  • Florida , Tampa

best shopping in Tampa

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Introduction: a shopper's paradise in tampa.

Tampa, FL, is your go-to destination when the allure of a new outfit, the thrill of a great deal, or the joy of finding the perfect gift beckons you. The city’s shopping scene welcomes everyone with open arms, offering everything from upscale malls to unique markets, ensuring your shopping bags and your hearts are full by the end of the day.

Plus, don’t miss out on exploring the Best Shopping in Tampa for an unforgettable retail therapy experience.

From Malls to Markets: The Shopping Spectrum in Tampa

Whether you fancy luxury designer brands, eclectic local crafts, or vintage charms, Tampa’s shopping options cover the full spectrum. You can spend the morning in a high-end mall and wind down rummaging through a vibrant market—all within the city’s reach!

Premier Malls and Upscale Boutiques

1. international plaza & bay street: retail therapy at its finest.

International Plaza & Bay Street

Tucked in the heart of Tampa, International Plaza & Bay Street is your ticket to an unparalleled retail experience that will dazzle even the most discerning shoppers.

With its impressive array of over 200 luxury boutiques, it’s a sanctuary where premium brands meet the expectations of elegance and style.

Fashion Capitals Under One Roof:

  • Step into the world of high fashion at International Plaza, where luxury brands like Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton, and Gucci await, setting the stage for a shopping spree that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

Top 5 Features:

  • Variety of High-End Retailers: International Plaza boasts an impressive lineup of upscale stores, including luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Tiffany & Co., providing shoppers with a premium shopping experience.
  • Diverse Dining Options: Alongside its retail offerings, the plaza hosts a wide array of dining options ranging from fine dining to casual eateries, ensuring visitors can refuel and recharge during their shopping excursion.
  • Convenient Location: Situated in the heart of Tampa, International Plaza is easily accessible from major highways and is just a short drive from Tampa International Airport , making it a convenient destination for both locals and visitors alike.
  • Luxurious Ambiance: From its elegant architecture to its meticulously landscaped outdoor spaces, International Plaza exudes an air of sophistication and refinement, creating a pleasant atmosphere for leisurely shopping and strolling.
  • Entertainment and Events: The plaza frequently hosts special events , live music performances, and seasonal festivities, adding an extra layer of excitement and entertainment to the shopping experience.

Five Benefits:

  • Exclusive Shopping Experience: With its selection of high-end retailers and upscale ambiance, International Plaza offers shoppers the opportunity to indulge in luxury brands and exclusive merchandise.
  • One-Stop Destination: From fashion and accessories to home decor and electronics, International Plaza features a diverse range of stores, making it a convenient one-stop destination for all your shopping needs.
  • Gastronomic Delights: In addition to its retail offerings, the plaza boasts an impressive array of dining options, allowing visitors to enjoy a delicious meal or quick bite in between shopping sprees .
  • Convenient Amenities: International Plaza provides convenient amenities such as valet parking, complimentary Wi-Fi, and guest services, ensuring a hassle-free and comfortable shopping experience for patrons.
  • Entertainment and Events: With its calendar of events and entertainment offerings, International Plaza goes beyond just shopping, providing visitors with opportunities for cultural enrichment and leisure activities.
  • High-End Pricing: While International Plaza offers a luxurious shopping experience, the premium brands and upscale atmosphere often come with higher price points, making it less accessible to budget-conscious shoppers.
  • Crowded During Peak Times: Like any popular shopping destination, International Plaza can get crowded during peak times such as weekends and holidays, potentially leading to longer wait times and difficulty finding parking.
  • International Plaza & Bay Street is ideal for those who yearn for an upscale retail therapy session and cherish the finer things in life, whether that includes splurging on designer fashion or enjoying an elegant dining encounter.

So grab your best shopping partner and let International Plaza & Bay Street treat you to a day filled with the allure of high fashion and the charm of fine dining. Here, every visit is an opportunity to indulge in Tampa’s finest retail paradise.

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2. Hyde Park Village: An Open-Air Oasis of High-End Brands

Hyde Park Village

Nestled in one of Tampa’s most picturesque neighborhoods, Hyde Park Village invites you into a serene, open-air environment where luxury shopping is a leisurely affair.

This is a place where they can indulge in the boutique culture of Tampa amidst historic charm and modern-day sophistication.

Boutique Haven with a Park-Like Setting:

  • Discover a refined selection of local and national brands as you stroll through Hyde Park Village’s tree-lined avenues, with the pleasant sounds of the central fountain as your shopping soundtrack.
  • Open-Air Setting: Hyde Park Village offers a charming open-air shopping experience , with its cobblestone streets, lush greenery, and courtyard seating, creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for shoppers to enjoy.
  • Boutique Shopping: The village is home to an eclectic mix of upscale boutiques and specialty stores, featuring a curated selection of high-end brands and unique finds, making it a haven for fashion enthusiasts and discerning shoppers.
  • Al Fresco Dining: Alongside its retail offerings, Hyde Park Village boasts a diverse array of dining options, including trendy cafes, gourmet restaurants, and artisanal eateries, allowing visitors to dine al fresco and soak in the vibrant ambiance.
  • Community Events: Hyde Park Village hosts a variety of community events and activities throughout the year, from outdoor markets and art festivals to live music performances and wellness classes, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among patrons.
  • Pet-Friendly Environment: With its pet-friendly policies and pet-friendly stores , Hyde Park Village welcomes furry companions, allowing shoppers to enjoy a day out with their four-legged friends and explore the village together.
  • Quaint and Charming Atmosphere: Hyde Park Village’s picturesque setting and European-inspired architecture create a charming backdrop for shopping and dining, offering a unique and enjoyable experience away from traditional malls.
  • Curated Selection of Brands: With its emphasis on boutique shopping, Hyde Park Village provides shoppers with access to a carefully curated selection of high-end brands and independent retailers, allowing them to discover unique and exclusive merchandise.
  • Outdoor Dining and Entertainment: The village’s outdoor dining options and entertainment offerings make it an ideal destination for enjoying leisurely meals, socializing with friends, and soaking in the lively ambiance of the surroundings.
  • Local and Artisanal Finds: Hyde Park Village showcases a variety of local artisans and independent designers, offering shoppers the opportunity to support small businesses and discover one-of-a-kind treasures that cannot be found elsewhere.
  • Family-Friendly Environment: With its pedestrian-friendly streets, outdoor seating areas, and family-friendly events , Hyde Park Village provides a welcoming environment for shoppers of all ages, making it a great destination for family outings and weekend adventures.
  • Limited Parking: Parking can be limited, especially during peak times and weekends, which may require visitors to search for street parking or utilize nearby parking garages.
  • Higher Price Points: While Hyde Park Village offers a unique and upscale shopping experience, boutique stores and high-end brands often come with higher price points, making it less accessible to budget-conscious shoppers .
  • Hyde Park Village is perfectly suited for those who treasure an upscale, boutique shopping experience. They might enjoy sourcing unique fashion statements and partaking in the local spirit of Tampa’s stylish community.

Step away from the hustle and bustle and into the tranquil lanes of Hyde Park Village, where they can shop at their own pace, find unique treasures, and relish in the open-air charm of one of Tampa’s finest shopping gems.

Whether you’re after the latest trends or just in the mood for a delightful stroll, Hyde Park Village is the epitome of Tampa shopping elegance.

Also, don’t forget to consider the best time to travel to Tampa for an optimal experience!

Unique Markets and Local Gems

3. ybor city saturday market: a cultural mosaic of goods.

Ybor City Saturday Market

Every Saturday, the historic heart of Tampa – Ybor City – transforms into a bustling marketplace teeming with local artisans, food vendors, and musicians.

The Ybor City Saturday Market is your slice of local life, a place where they can connect with the community and soak up the vibrant atmosphere while browsing a wide variety of goods.

Locally Sourced and Full of Flavor:

  • Dive into Tampa’s cultural kaleidoscope at this market, where the emphasis is on local produce, artisanal crafts, and gourmet treats that reflect the diversity of the area.
  • Cultural Diversity: Ybor City Saturday Market celebrates the cultural diversity of Tampa Bay, offering a vibrant array of goods and products representing various cultures and traditions , creating a unique and multicultural shopping experience.
  • Local Artisans and Vendors: The market showcases a diverse selection of local artisans , craftsmen, and vendors, featuring handmade crafts, artwork, jewelry, clothing, and gourmet foods, allowing visitors to discover one-of-a-kind treasures while supporting the local community.
  • Live Music and Entertainment: Visitors can enjoy live music performances, street performers, and cultural demonstrations throughout the market, adding to the festive atmosphere and providing entertainment for shoppers of all ages.
  • Farmers Market: In addition to artisanal goods , Ybor City Saturday Market also features a farmers market section offering fresh produce, locally sourced fruits and vegetables, organic products, and homemade baked goods, providing shoppers with access to farm-fresh ingredients and gourmet delights.
  • Historic Setting: Located in the historic district of Ybor City , the market is surrounded by century-old buildings, brick-paved streets, and vibrant murals, immersing visitors in the rich history and heritage of the area while they explore the market stalls and interact with local vendors .
  • Supporting Local Economy: By shopping at Ybor City Saturday Market, patrons have the opportunity to support local artisans, farmers, and small businesses, contributing to the vitality and sustainability of the local economy.
  • Unique and Authentic Finds: The market offers a diverse selection of handmade and artisanal goods that cannot be found in traditional retail stores, allowing shoppers to discover unique and authentic treasures while enjoying a more personalized shopping experience.
  • Cultural Immersion: Ybor City Saturday Market provides an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant cultural tapestry of Tampa Bay, with its diverse array of vendors, music, and cuisine representing various cultural traditions and backgrounds.
  • Family-Friendly Atmosphere: With its lively ambiance, entertainment options, and family-friendly activities , Ybor City Saturday Market is a great destination for families to spend quality time together and explore the local community in a fun and engaging way.
  • Community Engagement: The market serves as a gathering place for the local community , fostering connections and camaraderie among residents, visitors, and vendors alike, creating a sense of belonging and shared experience.
  • Limited Operating Hours: The market is only open on Saturdays for specific hours , which may not be convenient for shoppers with busy schedules or those looking to visit on other days of the week.
  • Weather Dependency: Since the market is primarily outdoors, inclement weather conditions such as rain or extreme heat may impact the shopping experience and attendance, leading to fewer vendors and visitors on certain days.
  • The Ybor City Saturday Market is ideal for those interested in a shopping day that extends beyond transactions to include authentic interactions with Tampa’s local artisans , growers, and purveyors. It’s a must-visit for anyone looking for a truly homegrown and culturally rich shopping experience.

Enjoy the conviviality of the Ybor City Saturday Market, where every visit promises something new and exciting for the senses. With its colorful array of stalls filled with handcrafted goods and the aroma of fresh foods, this market is a beloved weekend tradition that embodies the spirit of Tampa’s diverse community.

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4. Seminole Heights Sunday Morning Market: Art, Craft, and Community

tourist shopping tampa

Set in the charming neighborhood of Seminole Heights , the Sunday Morning Market is a monthly celebration of artistry and local craftsmanship. As you meander through this friendly market, you can expect to find a distinctive collection that showcases the best of Tampa Bay’s creativity and community spirit.

Heart of the Local Art Scene:

  • This gathering is a treasure trove for lovers of art and hand-crafted items, allowing them to meet the makers and support the local economy .
  • Artisanal Crafts: The Seminole Heights Sunday Morning Market showcases a diverse array of artisanal crafts, handmade goods, and unique artwork created by local artisans and craftsmen, offering shoppers a chance to discover one-of-a-kind treasures.
  • Community Gathering: The market serves as a community gathering place where residents and visitors alike come together to socialize, support local vendors, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Seminole Heights, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.
  • Farmers Market: In addition to artisanal crafts , the market also features a farmers market section offering fresh produce, locally grown fruits and vegetables, organic products, and homemade baked goods, providing shoppers with access to farm-fresh ingredients and gourmet treats.
  • Live Music and Entertainment: Visitors can enjoy live music performances , cultural demonstrations, and interactive activities throughout the market, adding to the festive ambiance and providing entertainment for shoppers of all ages.
  • Pet-Friendly Environment: The Seminole Heights Sunday Morning Market welcomes furry companions , allowing shoppers to bring their pets along as they explore the market stalls and interact with local vendors, creating a pet-friendly and inclusive atmosphere.
  • Supporting Local Artisans: By shopping at the Seminole Heights Sunday Morning Market, patrons have the opportunity to support local artisans , craftsmen, and small businesses, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the local economy.
  • Discovering Unique Finds: The market offers a wide selection of handmade and artisanal goods that cannot be found in traditional retail stores, allowing shoppers to discover unique and distinctive items while enjoying a more personalized shopping experience .
  • Community Engagement: The market provides a platform for residents and visitors to engage with the local community, fostering connections and relationships among neighbors, vendors, and visitors and strengthening the sense of belonging and community spirit.
  • Healthy and Sustainable Living: With its farmers market section , the Seminole Heights Sunday Morning Market promotes healthy and sustainable living by offering fresh, locally sourced produce and organic products, encouraging shoppers to make healthy choices, and supporting local agriculture.
  • Family-Friendly Atmosphere: The market’s lively ambiance, entertainment options, and family-friendly activities make it a great destination for families to spend quality time together and enjoy a fun and educational outing that celebrates the creativity and diversity of Seminole Heights.
  • Limited Operating Hours: The market is only open on Sunday mornings , which may not be convenient for shoppers with busy schedules or those looking to visit on other days of the week.
  • The Seminole Heights Sunday Morning Market is a perfect fit for those who value community connection and want to immerse themselves in the local art scene. It’s also a fantastic choice for family outings where they can enjoy a little bit of everything: culture, crafts, and cuisine .

Take a Sunday out to explore the charming Seminole Heights Sunday MorningMarket, where shopping is an experience steeped in community engagement and local flair . They’ll leave not only with unique finds but also with a warm sense of Tampa’s vibrant neighborhood life and creative spirit.

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Vintage finds and antique treasures, 5. la france: a step back in time with fashion.

Venture into La France in Tampa’s historic Ybor City and step into a time capsule of style. Since 1974, La France has been a haven for vintage fashion enthusiasts, offering a nostalgic journey through garments and accessories ranging from the Victorian era to the 1970s. This iconic store is where every piece tells a story, and fashion transcends time.

Vintage Wonderland:

  • La France is a true Tampa treasure, providing an immersive encounter with fashion history through their extensive collection.
  • Vintage Fashion Paradise: La France is a haven for vintage fashion enthusiasts, offering a vast and eclectic selection of retro clothing, accessories, and collectibles spanning decades of fashion history, providing shoppers with a unique opportunity to step back in time.
  • Historic Ambiance: Housed in a historic building dating back to the early 20th century, La France exudes old-world charm and character, with its vintage decor, exposed brick walls, and retro signage, creating a nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of bygone eras.
  • Curated Collections: The store features carefully curated collections of vintage clothing and accessories, sourced from across the globe, showcasing iconic styles from different fashion eras such as the Roaring Twenties, Swinging Sixties, and Disco Era Seventies .
  • Hidden Treasures: With its extensive inventory and hidden gems waiting to be discovered, La France offers shoppers the thrill of the hunt as they explore racks of vintage dresses, retro hats, classic handbags, and unique statement pieces that evoke nostalgia and style.
  • Personalized Service: The knowledgeable staff at La France is passionate about vintage fashion and provides personalized assistance to shoppers, offering styling tips, historical insights, and recommendations to help them find the perfect vintage treasures to suit their tastes and preferences.
  • Unique Fashion Finds: La France offers a distinctive shopping experience for fashion lovers seeking one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that capture the essence of different fashion eras, allowing them to express their style with originality and flair.
  • Quality and Craftsmanship: The vintage clothing and accessories at La France are carefully curated for their quality, craftsmanship, and authenticity, ensuring that shoppers receive timeless pieces that are not only stylish but also well-made and durable.
  • Sustainability and Eco-Friendly: Shopping at La France promotes sustainability by giving new life to pre-loved clothing and accessories, reducing the environmental impact of fast fashion, and supporting ethical consumption practices.
  • Cultural and Historical Significance: Each vintage piece at La France has its own story and history, reflecting the cultural and social trends of its time, allowing shoppers to connect with the past and appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of vintage fashion.
  • Personalized Shopping Experience: The attentive service and expertise of the staff at La France ensure that shoppers receive personalized assistance and guidance as they navigate the store’s vast selection of vintage treasures, making the shopping experience enjoyable, educational, and memorable.
  • Limited Sizing and Availability : Vintage clothing may have limited sizing options and availability, as sizes and styles from past decades may not always align with modern standards and trends, requiring shoppers to be flexible and patient in their search for the perfect fit.
  • Higher Price Points: While La France offers unique and high-quality vintage pieces, the price points may be higher compared to contemporary fashion retailers, reflecting the rarity, authenticity, and historical value of vintage clothing and accessories.
  • La France is an absolute delight for vintage lovers, costume seekers, or anyone questing for that extraordinary statement piece for their next themed event or everyday elegance.

Don’t just shop; travel through the annals of fashion at La France and leave with more than just apparel—they leave with a piece of history.

Whether they’re in search of a flapper dress for a roaring20s gathering, a mod outfit for a throwback party, or simply a touch of classic flair for their daily wardrobe , La France is the place where their fashion timeline begins.

6. Oldsmar Flea Market: Where Antiques and Nostalgia Meet

Oldsmar Flea Market

At the Oldsmar Flea Market , one of Florida’s largest and most beloved flea markets, nostalgia meets novelty in an eclectic shopping adventure. Sprawling across 28 acres, this market is an antique lover’s dream, where hidden gems and vintage treasures await to be discovered every weekend.

With Hundreds of vendors, they’re sure to find something nostalgic , quirky, or even unexpected, making it a treasure hunt with endless possibilities.

Bargain Bazaar with a Vintage Twist:

  • This vibrant market offers everything from antique furniture to retro collectibles and beyond, all at wallet-friendly prices.
  • Antique and Vintage Treasures: The Oldsmar Flea Market is a treasure trove of antique and vintage goods, offering a diverse selection of nostalgic items ranging from furniture and home decor to clothing, collectibles, and memorabilia from decades past.
  • Eclectic Marketplace: With hundreds of vendors and stalls spread across indoor and outdoor spaces, the flea market provides shoppers with an eclectic marketplace where they can explore a wide variety of unique finds and hidden gems at affordable prices.
  • Thrifting Adventure: Thrifters and bargain hunters will delight in the thrill of the hunt at the Oldsmar Flea Market , where they can scour through rows of booths and tables in search of rare treasures, unexpected discoveries, and great deals on vintage and retro items.
  • Local Artisans and Crafters: In addition to antiques and collectibles, the flea market also features a showcase of local artisans , crafters, and small businesses offering handmade goods, artisanal crafts, and unique creations, adding a touch of creativity and craftsmanship to the shopping experience.
  • Family-Friendly Atmosphere: The Oldsmar Flea Market is a family-friendly destination where visitors of all ages can enjoy a day of shopping, browsing, and exploring together, with plenty of food vendors, entertainment options, and activities to keep everyone entertained.
  • Affordable Shopping: The flea market offers affordable prices on a wide range of merchandise, making it an accessible shopping destination for budget-conscious shoppers looking for unique and vintage items without breaking the bank.
  • One-of-a-Kind Finds: Shoppers at the Oldsmar Flea Market can discover one-of-a-kind finds and unique treasures that cannot be found elsewhere adding character and charm to their homes, wardrobes, and collections.
  • Supporting Local Businesses: By shopping at the flea market , patrons have the opportunity to support local vendors, artisans, and small businesses, contributing to the growth and vitality of the local economy and community.
  • Nostalgic Experience: The flea market provides a nostalgic experience for visitors, evoking memories of days gone by with its vintage and retro offerings, allowing them to reminisce and reconnect with the past through the items they discover.
  • Entertainment and Atmosphere: In addition to shopping, the flea market offers entertainment options such as live music, food vendors, and family-friendly activities, creating a lively and festive atmosphere for shoppers to enjoy while they browse and explore.
  • Limited Hours: The flea market may have limited operating hours, typically open on weekends and select weekdays, which may not always align with shoppers’ schedules or availability .
  • Weather Dependency: Since the flea market features both indoor and outdoor spaces, inclement weather conditions such as rain or extreme heat may impact the shopping experience and attendance, leading to fewer vendors and visitors on certain days.
  • The Oldsmar Flea Market is perfect for those who relish the hunt for the rare and the beautiful amidst the secondhand. It’s for treasure seekers, antique aficionados, and even those looking for a fresh bite to eat surrounded by the energy of a communal marketplace .

Join the throng of happy bargain-hunters and antique enthusiasts this weekend at the Oldsmar Flea Market. Whether they’re outfitting their home, expanding their collections, or just on the lookout for a unique find, this flea market promises a jovial atmosphere and an unforgettable shopping experience.

Delve into Tampa’s rich history with a visit to its captivating array of historical landmarks and sites.

Specialty Stores with Tampa Flair

7. oxford exchange: books, bites, and beyond.

Oxford Exchange

Among Tampa’s architectural gems, Oxford Exchange is a destination for those who appreciate the marriage of culture and commerce. More than just a bookstore , it’s a dynamic social space where they can savor a good read, dine in style, and shop for distinctive gifts.

The Oxford Exchange epitomizes an atmosphere where nostalgia meets modern elegance , making every visit a memorable affair.

A Rendezvous for the Curious Mind:

  • Unwind in the awe-inspiring ambiance of the Oxford Exchange, where they can browse through hand-selected books , sip on artisanal coffee, and indulge in a culinary experience, all under one historic roof.
  • Unique Concept: Oxford Exchange offers a unique blend of bookstore, cafe, restaurant, and event space, creating a multifaceted destination where visitors can indulge in literary pursuits, culinary delights, and social gatherings all under one roof.
  • Exquisite Architecture: Housed in a historic building dating back to the early 20th century, Oxford Exchange boasts stunning architectural details, including soaring ceilings, intricate moldings, and elegant decor, providing a sophisticated backdrop for dining, shopping, and socializing.
  • Well-Stocked Bookstore: The bookstore at Oxford Exchange features an extensive collection of books spanning various genres, from bestsellers and classics to rare editions and specialty titles, catering to book lovers of all interests and tastes.
  • Gourmet Dining: The restaurant and cafe at Oxford Exchange serve up gourmet fare crafted from locally sourced ingredients, with a menu that includes brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner options, providing visitors with a culinary experience that is both delicious and memorable .
  • Cultural Hub: With its literary events , author signings, book clubs, and art exhibitions, Oxford Exchange serves as a cultural hub and gathering place for the community, fostering intellectual engagement, creativity, and meaningful connections among patrons.
  • Literary Inspiration: Oxford Exchange provides a haven for bookworms and literary enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of literature, with its well-curated bookstore offering endless opportunities for discovery, inspiration, and intellectual stimulation.
  • Gastronomic Delights: Foodies will delight in the gourmet dining options at Oxford Exchange, where they can savor delectable dishes and artisanal fare in a sophisticated yet cozy setting, complemented by attentive service and a curated selection of wines and beverages.
  • Versatile Spaces: From intimate corners for quiet reading to spacious dining areas for socializing and hosting events, Oxford Exchange offers versatile spaces that cater to a variety of needs and occasions, whether it’s a casual meal with friends, a romantic date night, or a special celebration .
  • Cultural Enrichment: With its calendar of events and cultural programming , Oxford Exchange provides opportunities for cultural enrichment and creative expression with lectures, workshops, art exhibitions, and other activities that inspire curiosity, learning, and personal growth.
  • Community Engagement: Oxford Exchange fosters a sense of community and connection among patrons through its welcoming atmosphere, shared interests, and communal spaces, serving as a meeting place where people from all walks of life can come together to connect, converse, and collaborate.
  • High-End Pricing: While Oxford Exchange offers a premium dining and shopping experience, the prices may be higher compared to other establishments, reflecting the quality of the food, service, and ambiance.
  • Limited Parking: Parking near Oxford Exchange may be limited, especially during peak hours and weekends , which may require visitors to plan or consider alternative transportation options.
  • Oxford Exchange is an intellectual haven best suited for those who embrace the art of slow shopping and leisurely lounging. Whether they’re a book lover, a foodie, or someone in search of unique decor and gifts, the Oxford Exchange offers a refined backdrop for all their pursuits.

Take your time wandering through the inviting corridors of the Oxford Exchange, indulge in the luxury of a good book , delight in the savory flavors of expertly crafted dishes, and discover the perfect item to take home. It’s an enriching experience that tempts both the mind and the senses, blending shopping with the joy of discovery and relaxation .

8. Pirate Fashions: For a Swashbuckling Shopping Experience

Step into Pirate Fashions and set sail on a shopping adventure like no other in Tampa. This store is a treasure trove of pirate apparel, offering everything they need to embrace the city’s rich pirate history . Whether they’re gearing up for the Gasparilla festival or looking to infuse some buccaneer spirit into their wardrobe , Pirate Fashions is the ultimate destination.

Ahoy, Matey!:

  • Embrace Tampa’s pirate legacy through a trove of costumes, accessories, and pirate décor, all designed to suit modern-day buccaneers and wenches.
  • Themed Shopping Experience: Pirate Fashions offers a themed shopping experience centered around all things pirate-related , immersing visitors in a world of swashbuckling adventure and seafaring style.
  • Authentic Pirate Apparel: The store features a wide selection of authentic pirate apparel and accessories, including tricorn hats, frock coats, breeches, corsets, boots, and other period-specific clothing and accouterments .
  • Custom Costumes and Props: Pirate Fashions provides custom costume design services, allowing customers to create their unique pirate ensemble tailored to their individual preferences and specifications. Additionally, the store offers a variety of pirate-themed props and accessories to complete the look.
  • Interactive Shopping Experience: Visitors to Pirate Fashions can enjoy an interactive shopping experience, with knowledgeable staff members providing historical context and styling tips while guiding customers through the selection process.
  • Pirate Events and Workshops: Pirate Fashions hosts a variety of pirate-themed events , workshops, and gatherings throughout the year, including costume contests, pirate festivals, historical reenactments, and educational seminars, providing entertainment and enrichment for pirate enthusiasts of all ages.
  • Authenticity and Quality: Pirate Fashions specializes in authentic pirate attire crafted from high-quality materials , ensuring durability, comfort, and historical accuracy in every piece.
  • Customization Options: With its custom costume design services, Pirate Fashions offers customers the opportunity to create personalized pirate outfits tailored to their unique tastes and preferences, allowing for a truly one-of-a-kind shopping experience.
  • Themed Events and Activities: Pirate Fashions provides a range of themed events and activities that appeal to pirate enthusiasts, offering opportunities for socializing, learning, and immersive entertainment within the pirate community .
  • Educational Resources: The knowledgeable staff at Pirate Fashions are passionate about pirate history and culture, providing customers with educational resources, historical insights, and styling advice to enhance their shopping experience and appreciation for the pirate lifestyle .
  • Community Engagement: Pirate Fashions fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among customers and enthusiasts through its themed events , workshops, and online forums, creating opportunities for networking, collaboration, and shared interests within the pirate community.
  • Limited Appeal: Pirate Fashions may have limited appeal outside of the niche market of pirate enthusiasts , making it less accessible to mainstream shoppers who are not interested in pirate-themed merchandise.
  • Higher Price Points: The authenticity and quality of the merchandise at Pirate Fashions often come with higher price points compared to mass-produced costumes and accessories, potentially limiting its affordability for budget-conscious shoppers.
  • Embark on a journey into the heart of Tampa’s pirate culture at Pirate Fashions. They’ll not only find the finest pirate attire but also join a community that celebrates one of the city’s most entertaining traditions. All hands ready for a truly swashbuckling shopping escapade!

Experience the tranquility and natural beauty of Tampa’s public parks , perfect for outdoor adventures and relaxation.

Shopping and Entertainment Combined

9. centro ybor: shop, dine, and catch a movie.

Centro YBOR

An inviting blend of retail, dining, and entertainment, Centro YBOR presents an all-in-one experience in the heart of Tampa’s historic Latin Quarter .

Whether they’re looking to update their wardrobe, enjoy a hearty meal, take in a movie, or simply soak up the vibrant atmosphere of Ybor City , Centro YBOR is the place to be.

Your Entertainment Hotspot:

  • From shopping to dining to catching the latest blockbuster, Centro YBOR offers a dynamic outing perfect for friends and family.
  • Diverse Shopping Experience: Explore a wide range of shops offering everything from fashion to unique gifts, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  • Culinary Delights: Indulge in a variety of dining options, from casual eateries to upscale restaurants, serving up delicious cuisine to satisfy every palate.
  • Entertainment Hub: Catch the latest blockbuster or independent film at the state-of-the-art movie theater, providing the perfect entertainment escape.
  • Historic Charm: Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant atmosphere of Ybor City, with Centro YBOR located in the heart of this historic district.
  • Convenient Location: Situated in downtown Tampa, Centro YBOR offers easy access to nearby attractions, hotels, and transportation hubs, making it a convenient destination for locals and tourists alike.
  • Variety: With a diverse selection of shops, dining options, and entertainment, Centro YBOR caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences.
  • Convenience: Everything you need for a day of shopping, dining, and entertainment is conveniently located in one vibrant destination .
  • Atmosphere: Enjoy the unique ambiance of Ybor City, with its historic buildings, lively streets, and cultural attractions adding to the overall experience.
  • Entertainment Options: Whether you’re in the mood for a stroll, a delicious meal, or a thrilling movie , Centro YBOR has something to offer for every mood and occasion.
  • Community Hub: As a popular gathering spot for locals and visitors alike, Centro YBOR fosters a sense of community and camaraderie, making it more than just a shopping and dining destination.
  • Parking Challenges: Due to its popularity and central location , parking can sometimes be limited or expensive, especially during peak times.
  • Crowds: Busy weekends and evenings may result in crowded sidewalks , restaurants, and movie theaters, detracting from the overall experience for some visitors.
  • Centro YBOR is best for those seeking a lively, multifaceted shopping and entertainment experience in a rich historic setting. They’re in for a day that can seamlessly transition from daytime shopping to an evening filled with dining and entertainment.

Centro YBOR isn’t just a place to visit; it’s a place to experience the pulse of Tampa’s heritage . Make sure to catch the latest flick, explore the unique shops, enjoy the culinary delights, and absorb the lively spirit that makes Ybor City a beloved landmark .

Perfect for locals and tourists alike, a visit to Centro YBOR promises a delightful mix of culture, leisure, and fun under the sun.

FAQ: All You Need to Know About Shopping in Tampa

What makes tampa shopping experiences unique.

Tampa’s shopping experience stands out due to its blend of high-end malls, eclectic markets, historic districts like Ybor City, and specialty stores that epitomize the local flavor and culture.

Enjoy the waterfront views along the Riverwalk while shopping, or delve into Tampa’s rich history as you visit vintage stores and cultural markets.

Can I find luxury and fashion-forward items in Tampa?

Yes, Tampa is well-equipped with both luxury boutiques and fashion-forward items . International Plaza & Bay Street, for instance, is a hub for upscale shopping, home to designer brands and high-end fashion retailers where one can find the latest trends and chic apparel.

Are there any good bargain shopping spots in Tampa?

Oldsmar Flea Market is a go-to for bargain hunters , offering a range of items from antiques to everyday goods at negotiable prices. Other thrift stores and consignment shops throughout Tampa also provide great finds at a fraction of their original cost.

Where to go shopping in Tampa, Florida?

For a diverse shopping experience in Tampa , visit International Plaza & Bay Street for upscale brands, head to Hyde Park Village for outdoor boutique shopping, explore the Ybor City Saturday Market for local crafts, or go bargain hunting at Oldsmar Flea Market. Tampa offers retail options for every shopper.

Where can I find boutique shopping in Tampa?

Hyde Park Village is the premier destination for boutique shopping in Tampa , boasting a curated selection of unique local shops and high-end retailers all in a delightful open-air setting. Each store offers a personalized and intimate shopping experience.

What are the best shopping options in downtown Tampa?

In downtown Tampa, the best shopping options include the Tampa Riverwalk for specialty shops and local arts vendors, and Channelside Bay Plaza, known for its waterfront shopping and dining. Downtown is also near Ybor City, with its eclectic mix of retailers and Centro YBOR for entertainment and retail in one spot.

Where can I go for luxury shopping in Tampa?

For luxury shopping in Tampa , the International Plaza & Bay Street stands out as the destination of choice with high-end retailers like Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. Shoppers can find the crème de la crème of fashion and accessories in this upscale shopping mall.

Are there outlet shopping options in Tampa?

Yes, Tampa is home to the Tampa Premium Outlets located in nearby Lutz, offering discounted prices on over 110 renowned brands and designers. Shoppers can find great deals on fashion, footwear, and more in this outlet shopping destination.

What shopping options are available along the Tampa Riverwalk?

The Tampa Riverwalk offers a variety of shopping options , from specialty stores and local arts vendors to pop-up markets. Shoppers can enjoy scenic views while exploring retail spots like the Tampa Bay History Center Museum Store and the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts Store.

Where can I find the best shopping in Tampa malls?

The International Plaza & Bay Street provides an extensive selection of stores, making it one of the best mall shopping experiences in Tampa . WestShore Plaza is another great choice, offering a mix of retail shops that cater both to luxury shoppers and those looking for more budget-friendly options.

What shops are available in downtown Tampa?

Downtown Tampa offers a range of shopping options, including boutique stores for fashion and home decor , art galleries showcasing local artwork, and the Shops of Winter Village featuring seasonal vendors. The urban center’s shopping scene is diverse, catering to a variety of tastes and interests.

Which malls are located in Tampa?

In Tampa, the most notable malls include International Plaza & Bay Street, known for its high-end retailers, and Westshore Plaza, offering a family-friendly shopping experience with a wide range of stores. Both malls are destinations for shoppers seeking a combination of luxury and mainstream retail options.

What are some shopping areas in Tampa?

Shopping areas in Tampa include the upscale International Plaza & Bay Street, the boutique-rich Hyde Park Village, and the culturally vibrant Ybor City, known for its eclectic markets. For outlet shopping, Tampa Premium Outlets is within proximity. Each area offers a distinct shopping experience.

Where can I find shops in Tampa, FL?

Shops are plentiful throughout Tampa, FL . Explore premium shopping at International Plaza & Bay Street, browse boutique stores at Hyde Park Village, enjoy the historic charm of Ybor City, or venture to local markets such as the Ybor City Saturday Market for artisan goods . Each neighborhood offers unique shopping experiences.

Made by travelers, for travelers, check out the Barefoot Caribou Products below!

Conclusion: Best Shopping in Tampa

Wrapping up a journey through Tampa’s shopping landscape, it’s evident that this city caters to an array of preferences—from high-end desires at International Plaza & Bay Street to the unique finds at Hyde Park Village and to the culturally rich offerings at the Ybor City Saturday Market .

Tampa offers an enchanting mix of contemporary and vintage, luxury and bargain, all within a setting that’s rich with history and alive with modern vibrancy.

So whether they come to the city with an empty suitcase ready to be filled with fashion , or they’re a local in search of a fresh experience, Tampa’s shopping scene is sure to satisfy with its endless variety and unmistakable charm. Happy shopping!

Share your favorite shopping spots and hidden gems in Tampa for fellow fashionistas and bargain hunters to discover!

Picture of Chip Ge

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A Visitor’s Guide to Shopping in Tampa Bay

From expansive malls with luxury brands to vintage stores and flea markets, Tampa Bay has everything you need for the perfect day of retail therapy. Whether looking for Florida-themed souvenirs or designer handbags, you can shop until you drop after a day soaking up the sun at the beach. Local tip: you’ll probably want to splurge on a second carry-on.

Here’s your go-to guide for shopping in Tampa Bay.  

Popular Hot Spots

Situated in Tampa’s Historic Hyde Park neighborhood, the trendy tree-lined Hyde Park Village is a must-visit thanks to its expansive collection of stores. From Pottery Barn to Sephora, Anthropologie, and the unique The Candle Pour (you can make your own custom candles), it’s a place you’ll want to spend the whole afternoon.

tourist shopping tampa

Next up, it’s the International Plaza & Bay Street for all things designer and global fashion, along with trendy boutiques. Pick up a luxury handbag at Louis Vuitton. Put together a new outfit at Nordstrom. And remember, diamonds are always a girl’s best friend, so visiting Tiffany and Co. is a must. Finally, if you’re feeling hungry after an afternoon shopping, there are various restaurants on Bay Street, from steakhouses to Mexican and Italian cuisine.

tourist shopping tampa

For souvenirs and budget-friendly shops, Westshore Plaza is the place to be. Located across the street from Tampa’s Beach Park, this popular shopping destination features stores such as Macy’s, H&M, Forever 21, and Old Navy. It is also home to Selfie WRLD Tampa , an interactive D.I.Y photo shoot space filled with fun props and backdrops.

Waterfront Shopping

Shopping with a view? Yes, please!

tourist shopping tampa

Channelside Bay Plaza received a major makeover in 2019, leading to the development of Sparkman Wharf . This hip waterfront is the ideal destination for dining and shopping, thanks to the beauty of Tampa Bay as your backdrop. Discover colorful new fashion trends at the lifestyle boutique, Joyful Notion . Pet parents will want to check out The Modern Paws , where you’ll find cute chew toys and all-natural treats. And between shopping, pose for photos in front of the wharf’s colorful murals.  

Of course, no waterfront shopping excursion is complete without a trip to Tampa Riverwalk . Nestled in the heart of Downtown Tampa along the Hillsborough River, the 2.6-mile-long walkway features many eateries, live music events, and shops like the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts Store and the Tampa Bay History Center Museum Store .

tourist shopping tampa

At night, take a moment to see the vibrant nightly art installation Lights On Tampa . Afterward, you can sip on yummy craft cocktails at Remedy !  

Antique and Vintage

Shoppers seeking off-the-beaten-path stores to snag vintage clothing and other rare finds should first head to Gaslight Antiques . Located in South Tampa, the rustic shop looks like a set from a Hallmark movie with its quaint, small-town charm style. You’ll find a variety of antique kitchenware, light fixtures, furniture and picture frames here.

Providing vintage goods to the Tampa Bay area for more than 60 years, Retro Mania Vintage Market offers great deals on vintage cookware, artwork and home décor. You never know what you’ll find here, from old-school radios to 1970s floral couches.  

Vintage Roost is a fantastic 3-day market in Ybor City, where visitors will find many beautiful and unique goods. It occurs monthly from 9 am to 5 pm on the second and fourth weekends. Some items you may find at this market include antique glassware, collectible action figures, and vintage home décor and furniture.

Best Bargains

As the largest flea market in Florida, it is no surprise that Tampa’s Oldsmar Flea Market is a must-visit for bargain shopping in Tampa Bay. Over 280 vendors frequent the market annually, offering artisan goods, funky hand-crafted jewelry, plants, vintage clothing, and more. Oldsmar Flea Market is open on Fridays from 10 am to 3 pm and on weekends from 9 am to 4 pm. Please note that there are usually fewer vendors on weekdays, but there are even better sales! 

Who doesn’t love a good deal on designer goods? Hit up the Tampa Premium Outlets to take advantage of sales at stores like Coach, J Crew, Nike, and Saks of Fifth.

tourist shopping tampa

For over two decades, numerous vendors set up shop inside Centennial Park in the Ybor City Historic District every Saturday. You will find almost anything inside this flea market , from artisan jewelry to hand-rolled cigars. In addition, Ybor City Saturday Market recruits food vendors serving fresh produce, baked goods, and snackable bites.  

  • flear markets
  • Hyde Park Village
  • Tampa Riverwalk

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Must-see shopping in Tampa

tourist shopping tampa

Dysfunctional Grace Art Co.

This creepy but awesome art shop contains curios such as a taxidermic giraffe wearing a monocle, a live albino pacman frog and a diaphonized zebra moray…

Hyde Park Village

Tampa has its share of malls, but for upscale trends and fashion, seek out this outdoor complex, in the lovely Old Hyde Park neighborhood in South Tampa…

Metropolitan Cigars

The store itself is actually a humidor; perhaps the best cigar shop in Tampa Bay.

King Corona Cigar Factory

The city's largest cigar emporium, complete with an old-fashioned cigar bar.

Ybor City Saturday Market

An outdoor market emphasizing arts, crafts and local food products.

Thanks to an influx of wealthy snowbirds, Tampa has a thriving vintage scene. With four street-front windows rotating displays of flapper dresses,…

Gonzales y Martinez Cigar Company

Within the Columbia Restaurant gift store.

More destinations you need to see

July 24, 2018: Two women walking along the sidewalk, one with a pride flag, during St. Pete Pride.

Tampa   Travel Guide

Courtesy of Bradley Olson | EyeEm

tourist shopping tampa

18 Best Things To Do in Tampa

Tampa is tailor-made for people who love animals. Take your pick from the award-winning The Florida Aquarium , Tampa Electric's Manatee Viewing Center or the must-visit ZooTampa at Lowry Park, all of which are fun for the whole family. Tampa's

  • All Things To Do

tourist shopping tampa

Tampa Riverwalk Tampa Riverwalk free

The Tampa Riverwalk is an approximately 2.5-mile-long paved scenic trail that runs along the Hillsborough River in downtown Tampa. Anchored by Armature Works to the north and the Tampa Bay History Center to the south, the Riverwalk affords easy access to the Water Street Tampa and Channel districts, and Sparkman Wharf . Recent visitors were impressed by how well-maintained and clean the trail is, and noted that it's an ideal place to stretch your legs and get some exercise.

Visitors can walk, bike, rollerblade and access any number of restaurants, stores, parks and playgrounds, bike rental shops and top attractions, such as The Florida Aquarium and the Glazer Children's Museum , along the route. There is a Riverwalk  attraction pass that lets you visit several riverside museums for one fee. A free, self-guided walking tour highlights the public art along the Riverwalk.

tourist shopping tampa

Armature Works Armature Works free

U.S. News Insider Tip: Armature Works' popularity is undeniable, which can mean plenty of people. To avoid the biggest crowds, plan to visit about an hour before or after traditional meal times. – Susan B. Barnes

The Armature Works Heights Public Market – a 22,000-square-foot industrial market – is Tampa's go-to spot for foodies and architecture fans. The 1910 building was formerly the storage and maintenance facility for Tampa Electric's streetcars, contributing to the urban feel it embodies today.

tourist shopping tampa

Busch Gardens Busch Gardens

Spanning 335 acres and boasting more than 200 animal species, live shows, restaurants, roller coasters, shops and games, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is a popular way to spend a day under the Tampa sun. Did you know that Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is actually older than nearby Disney World ? (Busch Gardens opened in 1959, Disney World opened in 1971.) It can also be cheaper and includes themed lands, such as the Edge of Africa. There are also animal exhibits based on the Serengeti Plain and roller coasters like the new Serengeti Flyer (and that's just scratching the surface).

Recent visitors enjoyed the combination of award-winning entertainment and education found here, saying that everyone from animal lovers to thrill-seekers will be happy at the park. Some said that more attractions and dining options are available on the weekends rather than the weekdays. Others noted that ride lines can be long. (If you're here for the rides, you can purchase a Quick Queue Unlimited pass to skip the lines.) Rides may close suddenly due to maintenance or weather, another pain point for parkgoers.

tourist shopping tampa

Popular Tours

Tiki Boat - Downtown Tampa - The Only Authentic Floating Tiki Bar

Tiki Boat - Downtown Tampa - The Only Authentic Floating Tiki Bar

(282 reviews)

from $ 59.95

Tampa Bay CityPASS®

Tampa Bay CityPASS®

(168 reviews)

from $ 144.00

1.5-hour Dolphin Sightseeing Cruise from Tampa

1. 5-hour Dolphin Sightseeing Cruise from Tampa

(408 reviews)

from $ 30.77

tourist shopping tampa

Florida Aquarium Florida Aquarium

The Florida Aquarium houses a massive collection of marine life – more than 8,000 animals, by the last count. Past visitors said it'll take you two to three hours to make your way through the maze of stingrays, moray eels, sea turtles and other critters that live here, not to mention the touch tanks and casual habitat presentations. When children tire of looking at the exhibits, take them to the on-site Splash Pad, a zero-depth outdoor area that features plenty of ways to cool off, including geysers, dump buckets and spray zones (don't forget to pack a towel!).

Recent visitors were pleased with their trip to the aquarium, but they do lament the high ticket prices. Others enjoyed the focus on Florida wildlife and recommend a stop here when you need a break from the heat. They note that exhibits can become crowded during summer, spring break and the holidays, or if a cruise ship is in port (the Port of Tampa is right next door). 

tourist shopping tampa

Tampa Golf Tampa Golf

With temperate weather year-round, Tampa is a great place for a round or two of golf.

This course  has hosted the PGA TOUR Champions event for more than 20 years, is among the city's most popular courses; it's even considered one of the best courses in the state. TPC Tampa Bay features an 18-hole course designed by Bobby Weed, with Chi-Chi Rodriguez as player consultant. Recent golfers praised the helpful staff and enjoyed the as-advertised challenging course.

tourist shopping tampa

Tampa Boat Tours Tampa Boat Tours

Make the most of Tampa's location with a boat tour around the bay. You'll have your pick of tour options, including sunset sails, half-day trips and dolphin cruises. Tampa Bay Fun Boat is a popular sightseeing option with daytime and sunset cruises. If you'd rather be the captain of your own vessel, consider  eBoats Tampa , which offers one- to four-hour boat rentals. No boating license is necessary. For a more active experience, rent a stand-up paddleboard or kayak from Urban Kai . If you're an experienced paddler, make your way around downtown Tampa and take in the sites from the water. Or consider a guided tour for a narration of what you're seeing. Sunset and full moon paddle tours are also offered. Visitors say that they enjoyed learning about the area during their outings, and the crews were friendly and accommodating.

Nearby St. Petersburg is also home to a variety of boat tour operators, including the traveler-approved  Speed Boat Adventures . Tour prices and excursion lengths can vary; for more information, visit each individual company's website.

tourist shopping tampa

ZooTampa at Lowry Park ZooTampa at Lowry Park

U.S. News Insider Tip: Save some money by bringing your own lunch or snacks to enjoy in the picnic area just outside the zoo entrance. Simply ask the attendant for a wristband, refuel and re-enter to enjoy the rest of your visit. – Susan B. Barnes

Spanning nearly 60 acres, ZooTampa at Lowry Park boasts natural habitats, educational shows and interactive animal encounters, water play areas and a handful of rides, all about 5 miles from downtown Tampa. Here, you'll find more than 1,000 animals from around the world, including African elephants, koalas, orangutans, penguins and tigers, among other species. Plus, for those that didn't spot any animals at Tampa Electric's Manatee Viewing Center , you're in luck: the zoo is home to Florida's first nonprofit acute care manatee hospital, which means it's one of a few places in Florida where you're guaranteed to spot the beloved sea cows no matter the season. Other highlights include meeting animals through Wildlife Connections, the Whimsical & Wild Jungle Carousel with 33 animals to ride and a section dedicated to Florida wildlife. New to the zoo in 2024 is the Australia Realm with rides, a splash pad and the new Wallaby Signature Encounter.

tourist shopping tampa

Tampa Electric's Manatee Viewing Center Tampa Electric's Manatee Viewing Center free

Tampa loves its animals, and residents and visitors alike are willing to pay the price for cuddly, unique and cute. Science centers, zoos and aquariums that don't charge for you to enter are few and far between. Which is why the TECO Manatee Viewing Center is so special. Vacationers appreciate a little break in their itineraries to see manatees swimming in the waters around the Tampa Electric water plant, and they don't have to pay an arm and a leg for the privilege. In fact, you won't have to pay anything at all. At the Big Bend Power Station in Apollo Beach, manatees seek refuge during colder months in the power station's discharge canal, where clean, warm Tampa Bay saltwater flows. When the bay gets too chilly for the manatees, which are susceptible to cold stress and hypothermia, they retreat to these waters for warmth.

When your eyes aren't on the water, turn your attention to the center's other attractions, including educational exhibits (featuring real manatee bones) and a gift shop. A stingray touch tank is also available during baseball's offseason. (During baseball season, the rays move to Tropicana Field as they're the mascots for Tampa's MLB team, Tampa Bay Rays.) You can also get a bird's-eye view of the area by climbing up the stairs to the 50-foot viewing tower, located halfway down the Manatee Viewing Center's habitat loop trail.

tourist shopping tampa

Historic Ybor City Food Walking Tour

(1626 reviews)

from $ 89.00

Guided Tampa Sightseeing Tour in a Deluxe Street Legal Golf Cart

Guided Tampa Sightseeing Tour in a Deluxe Street Legal Golf Cart

(795 reviews)

from $ 49.00

Tampa History Cruise

Tampa History Cruise

(584 reviews)

tourist shopping tampa

Glazer Children's Museum Glazer Children's Museum

If you're in Tampa with young kids, consider a stop at the Glazer Children's Museum. Though Tampa isn't short on kid-friendly attractions, many of them are dependent on the weather, meaning you might want to have an indoor backup plan in case the clouds roll in.

Packed with permanent and temporary exhibits, this 53,000-square-foot space is filled with interactive exhibits that aim to teach kids about the human body, math, science and art. Little ones can pretend to help a patient in the Vet Clinic, shop for groceries in the miniature Publix, stage a performance in the Twinkle Stars Theater, try their hand at different healthcare roles at the St. Joseph's Children's Hospital exhibit, learn where food comes from in the Farm and meet Big John, the world's largest triceratops.

tourist shopping tampa

Tampa Theatre Tampa Theatre

Even if you're not in town for a film screening or performance, visitors highly recommend a stop at the beautifully ornate Tampa Theatre. When it was built in 1926, the venue was considered one of the country's most elaborate theaters. Designed by architect John Eberson, the interior features a 1,400-pipe Wurlitzer organ and was constructed to look like a garden with flowering vines and gargoyles. (It's even played before screenings!) Take a look at the ceiling and you'll spot "twinkling stars" (really small light bulbs) in the night sky. Depending on when you visit, you could catch a film (either a new release or an old classic) or a live event like a concert. Overall, visitors enjoy their time at the Tampa Theatre, saying it's like stepping back in time. Some do say that the 1920s seats are a bit uncomfortable and lines at the concession stands can be long.

Tampa Theatre is in downtown Tampa, easily accessible from Interstates 275 and 4, and just two blocks from the Tampa Riverwalk . The box office is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and when doors open for the first show on evenings and weekends. Weekday film screenings are at 7:30 p.m., with weekend movies at varying times. Film tickets vary by screening, starting at $10 for adults and $8 for children 3 to 12. Live performances vary by event. 

tourist shopping tampa

Gasparilla Pirate Festival Gasparilla Pirate Festival

Ahoy there, mateys! Every January, Tampa falls into the hands of invading pirates who take the key to the city. Have no fear, though—it's all in fun! The festive tradition started more than 120 years ago and is highly-anticipated and highly-attended each year. So much so that in recent years it was named one of the top three parades in the entire U.S.

What has become Tampa's version of Mardi Gras, the daylong, adult-centric (think: lots of drinking) Gasparilla Pirate Fest begins with the invasion of the Jose Gasparilla II pirate ship into the bay, accompanied by its own flotilla of supporting pirates. Once they make "land ho," the Parade of Pirates begins at the southern end of Bayshore Boulevard. About 140 krewes of pirates, floats, marching bands and other revelers make their way 4.5 miles into downtown Tampa, tossing beads and other themed goodies to paradegoers. There's also live music performances all day. Kids can get in on the pirate fun, too, during the family-friendly Children's Gasparilla parade held the weekend before the Parade of Pirates. Past revelers and pirate wannabes have called Gasparilla Pirate Festival Tampa's "party of the year," but to be prepared for the crowds.

tourist shopping tampa

Tampa Bay History Center Tampa Bay History Center

If you're interested in learning more about Florida's first inhabitants, then a stop at the Smithsonian-affiliated Tampa Bay History Center should be on your itinerary. Spanning 60,000 square feet and ideally situated on Tampa's waterfront and along the Tampa Riverwalk , the history center showcases 12,000 years of Florida's history through three floors of exhibits, educational films and interactive displays. Learn about 500 years of Black history in the "Travails and Triumphs" exhibit. Or, brush up on your knowledge of Florida's first European explorers and pirates with a look around the "Treasure Seekers" exhibit.

Many recent visitors reported being pleasantly surprised at the interactive, informative features at the history center, including the short films that accompany many of the exhibits. Travelers also said the center does a good job appealing to younger visitors thanks to its kid-friendly displays and welcoming personnel, and they thoroughly enjoy the 60-foot, 18th century pirate ship. Reviewers were also complimentary of the on-site eatery, Columbia Cafe, affiliated with the original Columbia Restaurant in nearby Ybor City , which serves Spanish- and Cuban-inspired dishes.

tourist shopping tampa

Ybor City Ybor City free

Pronounced ee -bore, this northeast enclave of Tampa was once a hotbed for hand-rolled cigars – at the turn of the 20th century factory workers rolled millions of cigars annually, making Tampa the "Cigar Capital of the World." Now, it's a mash of old and new; the lively bars and pubs represent the modern city; the brick streets and historic streetcar serve as a tribute to the neighborhood's past. A tour of J.C. Newman Cigar Company provides a peek into the only remaining cigar factory in Ybor City, appealing to both cigars smokers and nonsmokers.

Recent travelers were divided on when to visit: some said the nighttime entertainment is the most interesting feature of Ybor City – especially the nightlife – while others recommended stopping by during the day for delicious, authentic Cuban food (Ybor City is home to Florida's oldest restaurant, Columbia Restaurant) and an amazing selection of cigars. To learn more about the neighborhood and to see a list of upcoming events, visit the Ybor City  website .

tourist shopping tampa

The Florida Aquarium in Tampa General Admission

(525 reviews)

from $ 33.34

ZooTampa at Lowry Park Admission Ticket

ZooTampa at Lowry Park Admission Ticket

(245 reviews)

from $ 47.95

Tampa Celebrity Homes Boat Tour

Tampa Celebrity Homes Boat Tour

(141 reviews)

tourist shopping tampa

Henry B. Plant Museum Henry B. Plant Museum

U.S. News Insider Tip: After touring the Victorian hotel-turned-museum, cross West Kennedy Boulevard for lunch or afternoon tea at Oxford Exchange . If you're short on time, opt for a beverage at The Coffee Bar, or a glass of bubbles at The Champagne Bar. – Susan B. Barnes

Travelers like the setting of this museum and National Historic Landmark just as much as its contents. Housed in what once the Victorian-era railroad resort Tampa Bay Hotel on the  University of Tampa campus, the Henry B. Plant Museum preserves a Gilded Age feel and affords visitors a glimpse into turn-of-the-century living and lodging. It also offers insight into the life and work of its creator, railroad magnate Henry B. Plant.

tourist shopping tampa

American Victory Ship & Museum American Victory Ship & Museum

In the twilight years of World War II, hundreds of ships were built, most moving cargo. In May 1945, the SS American Victory was launched. Built in just 55 days, it was deployed in WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. By 1996, it was destined for scrap, despite an expensive restoration 11 years earlier. After learning of its fate, a Tampa Bay harbor pilot championed for it to become a museum. Repositioned from Virginia to Tampa, the ship now serves as a museum and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It's also one of the last fully operational WWII ships. Visitors are invited on board to take a self-guided tour of the various spaces, including the mess halls and crew cabins, as well as view historic artifacts from the ship's service.

Recent travelers mostly raved about their visits, and the chance to experience this overlooked WWII history. Several noted that although the tours are excellent, they are not accessible due to ladders and tight quarters. It can also get quite warm on the ship, according to reviewers.

tourist shopping tampa

Hillsborough River State Park Hillsborough River State Park

Outdoorsy visitors and locals alike flock to Hillsborough River State Park, which sits about 20 miles northeast of downtown Tampa. Offering Class II rapids (a rarity in Florida), camping, four nature trails totaling more than 7 miles, beautiful scenery, wildlife viewing and historic sites, the park has a recreation opportunity for everyone.

Most visitors enjoyed the scenic area and camping opportunities. Many also noted that temperatures are warm (80-plus degrees Fahrenheit) for much of the year, and that humidity and mosquitoes are to be expected. Campsite amenities, such as the showers and bath house, were generally considered acceptable.

tourist shopping tampa

Sparkman Wharf Sparkman Wharf free

Taking advantage of Tampa's waterfront location in the city's Channel and Water Street Tampa districts, Sparkman Wharf is a multifaceted outdoor and entertainment destination that appeals to people of all ages. Visitors and locals enjoy the casual, laid back vibe where shorts and flip flops are the 'fit of choice.

Inside Sparkman Wharf you'll find more than a dozen restaurants operating out of shipping containers offering counter take-away service. There are plenty of choices when it comes to the types of food so everyone can easily find something they'd like for lunch or dinner. Once you've decided what to eat, have a seat in the dining garden and enjoy your meal, oftentimes accompanied by live music. Afterwards, try your hand at bowling at Splitsville. A variety of pop up, music, wellness and family-friendly events are held at Sparkman Wharf throughout the year, so there's always something going on. Visitors who made their way to Sparkman Wharf appreciated the variety of food available, events, live music and overall feel of the kid-friendly space.

tourist shopping tampa

Channel District Channel District free

As a part of Tampa's renaissance, what was once called the Channelside District has been reimagined as the Channel District. Anchored by Amalie Arena, where the NHL Tampa Bay Lighting Play and top touring bands put on shows to remember, and The Florida Aquarium , the Channel District is ready and waiting with plenty of ways to keep you entertained during your time in the city.

Between these two strongholds that have been a part of the Tampa landscape for nearly 30 years are newcomers like Sparkman Wharf with its food court in shipping containers; the Tampa Bay History Center showcasing more than 12,000 years of local and regional history; and the Water Street Tampa district with its luxury hotels, condo residences and buzzing restaurants. The Channel District's pedestrian-friendly design extends into the Tampa Riverwalk , making it easy to effortlessly flow from one space into the next and connecting to all of downtown Tampa.

tourist shopping tampa

Guided Tampa Sightseeing Tour in 2023 Street Legal Golf Cart

(84 reviews)

from $ 40.50

Private Tampa City Tour by Custom Golf Cart

Private Tampa City Tour by Custom Golf Cart

(24 reviews)

from $ 112.50

2 Hour Guided Segway Tour

2 Hour Guided Segway Tour

(333 reviews)

from $ 69.00

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2 Hyde Park Village

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3 International Plaza and Bay Street

4 citrus park town center, 5 tampa premium outlets, 6 university mall, 7 ybor city, 8 the shops at wiregrass, 9 columbia restaurant, 11 oxford exchange, 12 mise en place, 13 goody goody burgers, 15 sunshine thrift store, 16 antique galleries of st. petersburg, 17 centro ybor, 18 britton plaza, 19 horizon park shopping center, 20 unlock tampa bay visitors center, 21 labelswap, 22 la france, 23 vintage post marketplace, 24 southtown center, 25 publix greenwise market at water street tampa, 26 panda express, 27 tampa bay sports store, 28 the modern paws, 29 vintage roost llc, 30 revolve clothing exchange, 31 oh whatever furniture and home decor, 32 avalon exchange, 33 joyful notion, 34 cigar city brewing taproom downtown at amalie arena, 35 potbelly sandwich shop, 36 {a} haley boutique, 37 hazel + dot, 38 canvas fashion gallery, 39 don me now, 40 four green fields, 41 the look boutique, 42 duckweed urban grocery & liquors, 43 davidoff of geneva usa inc corporate headquarters, 44 maven designs, 45 the haute shop boutique, 46 fab'rik south tampa, 47 shoptoska, 48 citrus park, 49 countryside st, 50 heights public market, top searches in tampa, popular road trips from tampa, what's the weather like in tampa.

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Get inspired for your trip to Tampa with our curated itineraries that are jam-packed with popular attractions everyday! Check them out here:

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1600 E. 8th Ave Tampa, FL 33605



EXPERT TIPS BY: Skye Rodgers Tampa Local Expert

  • Christmas Shopping , Shopping Malls and Centers : "If you're looking for souvenirs or gifts with a Tampa flair, this is the place to shop."
  • Best for Christmas Shopping Because: With its streets lined with unique and eclectic shops and boutiques, Tampa's historic district, Ybor City, is filled with holiday gift ideas.
  • Best for Shopping Malls and Centers Because: The quaint and charming streets of Tampa's historic district, Ybor City, are lined with unique and eclectic shops and boutiques.

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Florida’s New ‘It’ City Has an Over-the-top Pirate Festival, Beautiful Parks, and Michelin-starred Dining

Here's what you need to know before visiting Tampa, Florida — including the best things to see, eat, and do.

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  • Best Hotels and Resorts

Best Things to Do

  • Best Restaurants

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How to get there.

  • Neighborhoods to Visit

How to Get Around

John Coletti/Getty Images

Miami is always going to be Miami. But when it comes to the places everyone is talking about in Florida, it’s impossible to ignore Tampa. The Tampa Bay area has grown rapidly in recent years, with new residents attracted to the region's endless opportunities to get outside and a booming food scene constantly that's leveling up. 

“Tampa has always been an appealing destination,” says Emmy Award nominee Java Ingram , who co-hosts the popular local morning show, Great Day Live. “It’s a city cloaked in sunshine, sandwiched by water, with a rich history, cultural diversity, and a stone’s throw away from award-winning beaches.” 

With warm weather and hundreds of sunny days per year, the Gulf Coast city beckons for a winter warm-up as much as a summertime beach escape (spots like Clearwater Beach and St. Pete Beach are around 40 minutes away) where you can look forward to big-city museums, fine dining, and festivals galore. 

The city’s marquee festival happens every January, when the Gasparilla Pirate Fest — said to be one of the largest parades in the country — involves celebrations both on the water of Hillsborough Bay and along Bayshore Boulevard, a waterfront promenade that gets taken over by floats and bead throwing. 

The multi-day Gasparilla Music Festival draws big-name bands to a downtown riverfront park in February, and there are tons of food festivals throughout the year, too, including the Cuban Sandwich Festival in historic Ybor City every May. 

The city is best explored by neighborhood-hopping, says Shawna Wiggs, managing editor of several of the city’s premier lifestyle magazines, including Tampa Magazine . 

For the trendiest part of town, she points visitors to Water Street Tampa , a growing wellness district in the heart of downtown that’s been completely reimagined in recent years. “Here you'll find places to eat, stay, and play in an atmosphere that gives off a big-city vibe,” Wiggs says. 

Hit South Tampa and neighborhoods like Hyde Park for a totally different feel. “This is the residential neighborhood you'll never want to leave. Strategically located in close proximity to downtown, you'll find the tree-lined streets of historic neighborhoods, the hottest restaurants in town, and numerous parks and recreation areas like Bayshore Boulevard, known for its scenic waterfront walking and biking paths,” says Wiggs.

Below, find everything you need to know before visiting Tampa.

Top 5 Can’t Miss

  • Grab an amazing steak and seafood dinner with some of the best people-watching in town from the streetside patio at Meat Market in Hyde Park. 
  • Stroll, bike, or jog while scouting for dolphins and rays along Bayshore Boulevard or the Tampa Riverwalk. 
  • Go restaurant and bar-hopping in the new Water Street Tampa district, starting with The Tampa Edition’s great venues like its rooftop pool bar and lobby bar.
  • Play pirate and catch beads during January’s annual Gasparilla Pirate Fest. 
  • Neighborhood-hop in Hyde Park Village, Water Street Tampa, and Ybor City. 

Best Hotels and Resorts 

The tampa edition.

Ian Schrager’s Tampa Edition sits at the heart of Water Street Tampa and has the city’s most beautiful rooftop pool (draped with bougainvillea) as well as the Michelin-starred Mediterranean restaurant, Lilac , helmed by Chef John Fraser, tucked just off its lobby. 

Palihouse Hyde Park Village 

New in 2023, this hotel opened along the historic and tree-lined streets of Hyde Park Village, one of Tampa’s toniest and most pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods. The 36 rooms at Palihouse Hyde Park Village have SMEG mini-fridges and a lovely mid-century aesthetic. Public spaces, including a jewel box of a bar, are decorated with vintage Hermes scarves and other treasures.  

James Jackman

JW Marriott Water Street Tampa

Come for Tampa’s best spa and highest rooftop bar, Beacon , which crowns the 27th floor of the JW Marriott Water Street Tampa with 360-degree views of downtown, Hillsborough River, and Hillsborough Bay. 

Le Méridien Tampa

Housed in a former downtown courthouse, the 130-room  Le Méridien Tampa feels like a modern urban hideaway and sits just a few blocks from the Tampa Riverwalk and its lovely museums, parks, and riverfront path. 

Hotel Haya 

Roosters roam the streets around stylish Hotel Haya in the historic Ybor City neighborhood. Come for the courtyard pool and the great Cuban sandwiches and cortados at Havana-inspired cafe, Cafe Quiquiriqui . 

TriggerPhoto/Getty Images

Tampa Riverwalk 

Stretching over 2.5 miles to the city's most gorgeous food hall at  Armature Works (a former street car warehouse), the Tampa Riverwalk makes for a delightful destination to stroll, jog, rollerblade, or bike. Along the way, stop at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park to check out a pop-up event or let the kids run on the playground, pop into the Tampa Museum of Art for the latest exhibition, or rent a paddleboard from Urban Kai to tool around the Hillsborough River. Hop just across the river for great restaurants like Oxford Exchange . 

Bayshore Boulevard

Tampa’s great year-round weather is one of its major draws, and the city gets its exercise in the fresh air along 4.5-mile-long Bayshore Boulevard . The waterfront park is lined by some of Tampa’s most exquisite homes, and it's said to be one of the longest continuous sidewalks in the country. Follow it all the way south to oak-filled Ballast Point Park , where you can stroll the pier or grab an ice cream.  

Tampa Electric's Manatee Viewing Center

From November to mid-April every year, you have a good chance of seeing many, many manatees where they converge at the warm water outflow at Tampa Electric’s Manatee Viewing Center , about a 20-minute drive from downtown Tampa. Particularly during cold spells (when temperatures dip into the 70s and below in this part of Florida), you’re likely to see scores of the gentle marine mammals below you while strolling the boardwalks. 

The Florida Aquarium 

In downtown Tampa’s Channel District, The Florida Aquarium has interesting exhibits showcasing Florida’s most iconic natural environments and denizens, including alligators, river otters, and wetlands birds like roseate spoonbills. There's also a touch tank with cownose rays that kids love. 

Wat Mongkolratanaram

A riverfront Thai temple might be the last thing you’d ever expect to find in Tampa. But visiting this beautiful place of worship and its gorgeous orchid-filled grounds just east of downtown for the weekly Sunday market is a cherished weekend ritual. Grab a picnic table under the towering oak trees, let the kids run around, and enjoy the serene vibes, spectacular setting, and delicious eats. 

Best Restaurants 

Hidden away near Armature Works, come to Kōsen for an exquisite omakase experience helmed by Chef Wei Chen, who honed his talents at New York City’s three-Michelin-star restaurant, Masa. It’s a pure pleasure to sit at the 12-seat counter and try things like Hokkaido uni and toro from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market while watching Chen’s impressive knife skills. Be sure to book far in advance as this spot fills up in a hurry. 

Michelin-starred Italian hot spot Rocca never disappoints, particularly when you kick off your meal with the house-made mozzarella that’s hand-pulled table side. “I will never turn down dinner at Rocca, but after earning its first Michelin star, a reservation is hard to get,” says Wiggs. “If you aren't planning in advance, I recommend going when the restaurant first opens and snagging a seat at the bar.” Wiggs loves to order the dirty martini with grilled olives and whatever crudo is on offer. “You can't go wrong with any of their pastas,” she adds. “The spaghetti al limone and rigatoni all'amatriciana are outstanding.”

Courtesy of Meat Market

Meat Market  

Right in the heart of Hyde Park Village, Meat Market’s indoor and outdoor tables are packed every night of the week. “For a more glamorous take on the traditional steakhouse, there's no better stop than Meat Market,” says Wiggs. The sea bass with truffle mash and wild mushrooms is always a winner, and if you’re into all things wagyu, you won’t be disappointed here — the ribeye is as buttery as meat gets. 

For one of Tampa’s best brunches, head to this West Tampa Greek spot. ”The food, ambiance, and staff are incredible at Psomi ,” says Ingram. “On any given Saturday, you will find me ordering the lamb burger – it’s packed with flavor and good to the last bite. If I still have room left after the burger, I’m ordering the saganaki or the spanakopita.” 

Sunda New Asian 

Tampa’s up-and-coming Midtown neighborhood has some great new restaurants, too, including Sunda New Asian . “The owner, Billy Dec, has family from both the Philippines and Tampa, which is why he opened a location here,” explains Ingram. “The restaurant is gorgeous from a design perspective and the menu has dishes that represent several Asian cuisines. I love the bulgogi roti tacos, the yellowtail jalapeño sashimi, and the lobster wagyu sushi.” 

Tampa is a year-round destination. Visit during the winter months, from December through March, for the best chance at seeing manatees in larger numbers when they converge in warm waters at nearby springs and the electric plant. The annual Gasparilla Pirate Fest takes place in late January and is a big draw for what’s essentially a massive alfresco party, but note hotel prices surge over this weekend and the crowds tend to be on the rowdier side (think Mardi Gras in miniature). 

Michela Sieman/Travel + Leisure

Travelers can fly into Tampa International Airport or St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport . Flying into Orlando International Airport , about 90 minutes away by car, is also an option, with more international and domestic connections. 

Neighborhoods to Visit 

Peter Titmuss/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Tampa earned its nickname, Cigar City, in this historic district settled by Cubans and other immigrant groups — many of whom worked in the cigar factories — in the 19th century. “From roaming roosters to cigar factories, Ybor City is a must when visiting Tampa,” Ingram says.  “Entertainment, food, and history are all up for grabs in this historic neighborhood.  I love attending events at The Cuban Club.” She recommends a stroll along 7th Avenue to enjoy Spanish and Cuban fare at Florida’s oldest restaurant, Columbia , open since 1905 in the neighborhood. “I also recommend a tour of J.C. Newman Cigar Company, one of the last operational cigar factories in the United States,” Ingram says. 

Water Street Tampa

These days, all things downtown revolve around Water Street Tampa, a 55-acre project developed by Strategic Property Partners bustling with great restaurants like gastropub The Pearl , brunch and date night hot spot Boulon Brasserie , and Lona by Chef Richard Sandoval (the latter skews deliciously Oaxacan and has downtown’s best happy hour margaritas). Stroll to the waterfront and spots like Sparkman Wharf , with a lively beer garden and pop-up restaurants from some of Tampa’s best chefs inside shipping containers.  Don’t miss sampling the guava pastelito ice cream at Chill Bros ., an ice creamery where everything is made in-house. 

Hyde Park Village

This upscale neighborhood full of Florida craftsman houses is located just south of downtown, steps from Bayshore Boulevard. “Hyde Park has stunning architecture and great shopping, restaurants, and views,” says Ingram. “It’s home to some of my favorite spots including On Swann and Timpano restaurants." Ingram says to stop by Sunni Spencer  boutique for "Après-Sea" pool and beachwear, and then catch a film at Cinebistro , a movie theater where you can dine on bistro eats while watching the latest releases. Ro Hyde Park is hard to top for an elevated Japanese and sushi restaurant in the neighborhood.  And ask someone how to find the hidden-away new speakeasy, Jekyll.

Seminole Heights

The historic neighborhood of Seminole Heights, located just north of downtown, is home to a young, creative scene, as well as some of the city’s best bars and restaurants, including spots like Rooster and The Till , helmed by lauded Tampa chef, Ferrell Alvarez, hip shuffleboard bar Shuffle , and breweries like Common Dialect Beerworks .  

Tampa’s neighboring city across the bay is always worthy of a visit, too. It's home to the great new St. Pete Pier — with a tiki bar, pirate-themed playground, and onsite environmental center — as well as The Dali , which houses the largest collection of works by surrealist painter Salvador Dali outside of his native Spain. The bar at Allelo is beyond beautiful — backed by a mural of Florida birds, some extinct and others still among us — and the charcuterie and mezze platters are an absolute delight. 

You’re best off picking up a rental car to explore Tampa at your leisure. You can also get by using the Coast Bike Share program, Pirate Water Taxi , and Teco StreetCar to explore the areas around Water Street Tampa, the Tampa Riverwalk, and Ybor City. The Cross Bay Ferry connects downtown Tampa with downtown St. Pete.

Related Articles

The Crazy Tourist

Home » Travel Guides » United States » Florida (FL) » 15 Best Things to Do in Downtown Tampa

15 Best Things to Do in Downtown Tampa

If you’re going to Downtown Tampa, then you are in for a good time. The Downtown neighborhood of Tampa is one and a third square miles crammed full of fantastic things to do. Downtown Tampa is fronted on two sides by water, the Hillsborough River on the west and Tampa Bay to the south, and even has an island as a sub-district.

Ride a classic streetcar, stroll the busy riverwalk or take a dinner cruise under the stars, the choice of things to do in Downtown Tampa is almost endless. There are museums and art galleries to browse, interesting historical landmarks to photograph, plus some great theaters, bars, and restaurants to socialize in and several sophisticated nightclubs too.

However long you’re in Downtown Tampa for, be prepared for a fun-filled stay. Plan ahead and check out which of these fifteen best things to do in Downtown Tampa are the ones you just can’t miss doing when you’re there.

1. Starship Yacht Dinner Cruise

Starship Yacht Dinner Cruise

Step aboard the Starship Cruise for a magical evening of food and music as the sun sets on Downtown Tampa. Moored at Tampa Docks on Channel Drive, the luxury yacht sets sail as dinner is served.

Expect a first class, three or four-course menu accompanied by fantastic views of DT Tampa’s skyline from your table by the window. After the meal, head up to the promenade deck for champagne and dancing.

The cruise lasts for around two and a half hours and has full onboard bar services.

2. TECO Streetcar

TECO Streetcar, Tampa

Ride through Downtown Tampa on the TECO Streetcar. The bright yellow, electrically operated vintage streetcars run from the Whitney Station, located between Franklin and Whitney Street in Downtown Tampa, through to Centennial Park in the Ybor City District.

Initially operating from the early 1890’s until decommissioned in the mid-1940’s, the beautifully renovated streetcars are now back in action on their two and a half-mile track.

There are eleven stops in total, two of which are in Downtown, and the cars pass through at frequent, fifteen-minute intervals. Just listen for the unmistakable clang to know when it’s coming.

3. Tampa Bay History Center

Tampa Bay History Center

Visit the Tampa Bay History Center on Downtown Tampa’s Old Water Street to find out all about the city and surrounding area from the time of the Spanish conquests to the present day.

The museum has over twenty-five thousand square feet of exhibition space and displays which cover over twelve thousand years worth of history.

Unmissable are the reconstructed tobacco store, Florida’s First People and the Cowman and Crackers exhibits. They’re all fascinating insights into the lives of past Tampa residents.

4. W XYZ Lounge

W XYZ Lounge

Chill out in the rooftop bar at the W XYZ Lounge on the top floor of the Aloft Hotel on West Kennedy Boulevard.

This classy, if somewhat eclectically furnished, establishment with a swimming pool in Downtown Tampa, is the perfect place to have sundowners or cocktails and to see the DT skyline and riverfront at night.

The W XYZ Lounge has a small food menu offering a range of snacks and a cozy fire pit for chilly nights.

5. Cotanchobee Fort Brooke Park

Cotanchobee Fort Brooke Park

The four and a half acre Cotanchobee Fort Brooke Park is the ideal place for a sedate ramble in Downtown Tampa. Located alongside DT’s Old Water Street, the park faces onto the river.

The park offers various landscaped areas with seating facing the waterfront, paved walking trails and a small pier which juts out into the river for fish or alligator spotting.

There is also a memorial dedicated to the Seminole Indians and the battles which were held in defense of their native home.

6. Tampa Museum Of Art

Tampa Museum Of Art

The Tampa Art Museum is an ultra-modern building in Gasparilla Plaza in Downtown Tampa. The museum is a subdued square box by day but at night a kaleidoscope of colors when the fiber optic lighting on its walls is lit.

The museum showcases many different genres of artworks including contemporary, modern, decorative arts and artifacts from the classical Greek and Roman antiquities periods as well as paintings.

There is an on-site cafe for drinks and snacks plus a small gift shop for art-related souvenirs.

7. Straz Center

Straz Center, Tampa

The Straz Center or to give its full name, the David A Straz Jr Center for Performing Arts, is in MacInnes Place in Downtown Tampa and offers first class shows and performances in multiple genres.

The facility covers over nine acres and incorporates five individual theaters with seating capacities ranging from one hundred and thirty to over two-thousand.

Attend diverse shows ranging from Hello Dolly to symphonic orchestral performances of classical music to a special Live and Local series featuring as yet unknown local artists.

8. Columbia Cafe

Columbia Cafe, Tampa

Almost as historic as Downtown Tampa itself, the Columbia Cafe has been operating in the Downtown district since 1905.

This Downtown Tampa, Spanish-style, institution is on Old Water Street and has amazing river views from its outdoor patio. Don’t miss trying the Columbia Cafe’s signature dishes of Spanish Bean Soup, Deviled Crab Croquettes or their original recipe, 1905 salad.

The Columbia Cafe has live music at the weekends, and some exciting Flamenco dance shows too.

9. Tampa Riverwalk

Tampa Riverwalk

The Tampa Riverwalk in Downtown Tampa is much more than a riverside trail. Join the two and a half mile long promenade at Cotanchobee Park and find incredible murals, a collage of five-hundred photographs of the Riverwalk, a Native American Cenotaph and the Heroes Plaza honoring service veterans.

There is a public dock on the Riverwalk from where a water shuttle service operates, a wharf with terraced cafes and restaurants and a convention center as well as many other amenities.

There are various festivals hosted on the Tampa Riverwalk throughout the year including the Riverfest, Taste of the Riverwalk and Taco Fest. Make sure you check out what’s going on during the dates you’re in Downtown Tampa so you don’t miss out on the festivities.

10. Tampa Bay SUP & Kayaking

Tampa Bay SUP & Kayaking

When the weather is as good as it is in Downtown Tampa, there’s no excuse for not getting out on the water. Located on the waterfront by the Tampa Marriott Hotel on Florida Avenue, the Tampa Bay SUP Company is the place to go to test your balance on a SUP paddleboard on the calm waters of the Hillsborough River.

If paddleboarding isn’t your thing, then take a kayak out for two hours, and keep your eyes peeled because dolphins are a frequent sighting in the bay.

Still not convinced? Then hire a paddle boat for an hour or more on the water. It’s hard on the legs, but a fun way to see the Downtown Tampa skyline.

11. Amalie Arena

Amalie Arena, Tampa

Catch a game of NHL ice hockey at the Amalie Arena on Channelside Drive in Downtown Tampa. The twenty-thousand seater stadium is home base to the Tampa Bay Lightning team.

The arena has tiered seating distributed over seven individual levels plus sixty-nine private suites. There is an eleven-thousand square foot beer garden and numerous concessions on every floor plus a store selling Tampa Bay Lightning sportswear.

The Amalie Arena also hosts major concerts featuring sell-out global stars like Elton John and Barry Manilow.

12. Tampa Theater

Tampa Theatre

Watch a movie in one of Downtown Tampa’s most historic settings, the iconic Tampa Theater which has been operating as a cinema since 1926.

Pass through the foyer, a Mediterranean-style courtyard with gargoyles and spurting fountains, into the ornate, Renaissance-style, auditorium complete with stage and Wurlitzer organ.

The Tamper Theater also hosts frequent live events from musicians to bingo. If you’d like to get close up to the organ or find out more about the theater’s history, you can on the one and a half hour Balcony to Backstage Tour.

13. Agua Luces

Agua Luces Tampa

Downtown Tampa’s architecture becomes a spectacle of light at night. Five of the district’s nine bridges are illuminated every day from sunset to sunrise and are an amazing sight.

Take an evening walk along the riverfront at dusk to get the best views or hire an e-boat, read more about e-boats below, and sail under the bridges as they change color flashing on and off every thirty seconds.

14. Ferg’s Live

Ferg's Live Tampa

Food, sport, and live music are what Ferg’s Live on Channelside Drive in Downtown Tampa boast, and that’s what they deliver. Big style.

This Downtown social hub has an outdoor dance floor, a stage, countless bars, and more TV screens than there are glasses behind the bar. The bar offers a pub grub-style menu featuring unusually flavored fries, think sweet potato chips with white chocolate and raspberry sauce, burgers and sandwiches.

Ferg’s Live is the venue to go to rock the weekend under Downtown Tampa’s star-studded sky with music from top local bands and DJ’s.

15. e-Boat Tampa

e-Boat Tampa

You don’t need a captain’s license to take an e-boat out on the Hillsborough River. Hire one from the e-Boat Tampa company and make an afternoon and night of it exploring the waterways of Downtown Tampa.

Pick up a twelve-seater e-boat from the moorings on South Franklin Street and sail away at your own pace. Pack a picnic and drinks or stop off for a rest break at any of several points along the river’s banks where there are eateries and cafes.

Taking an e-boat out in Downtown Tampa comes highly recommended as an evening adventure. Sailing under the bridges when they’ve been illuminated for the night is stunning – just like Downtown Tampa.

15 Best Things to Do in Downtown Tampa:

  • Starship Yacht Dinner Cruise
  • TECO Streetcar
  • Tampa Bay History Center
  • W XYZ Lounge
  • Cotanchobee Fort Brooke Park
  • Tampa Museum Of Art
  • Straz Center
  • Columbia Cafe
  • Tampa Riverwalk
  • Tampa Bay SUP & Kayaking
  • Amalie Arena
  • Tampa Theater
  • Ferg's Live
  • e-Boat Tampa


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The Unlock Tampa Bay Visitors Center offers a delightful assortment of unique and locally inspired gifts, making it an ideal destination for those seeking memorable souvenirs and thoughtfully curated gift options.



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Shopping at tampa premium outlets.

By Janet K. Keeler

In the life cycle of a shopping mall, Tampa Premium Outlets is a mere toddler. It still has that new mall shine and design, and looks more like a pastel-colored village than the traditional complex of shops.

The 110-store mall made up of courtyards, breezeways and fountains opened in 2015 just off Interstate 75 and State Road 56 in Lutz. Or is it Wesley Chapel? For sure the mall is in southern Pasco County even though its name spouts Tampa, which is in Hillsborough County.

So here’s the deal: the mall has a Lutz address but it sits in the heart of Wesley Chapel, considered a suburb of Tampa, whose downtown is about 20 miles away. As Tampa has grown, the suburbs and subdivisions have pushed north into Pasco.

Geography aside, there’s plenty to draw shoppers to Tampa Premium Outlets, no matter the address on their driver’s licenses.

Spending a day at this mall is hardly difficult. The collection of designer shops, where prices might be up to 50 percent of retail costs, is enough to keep a serious browser busy. Armani , Ann Taylor , Calvin Klein , Ralph Lauren and his Polo line, and Tommy Hilfiger are all represented.

When the mall first opened, lines were long for Coach , the purveyor of fine, iconic purses. Today, Coach still packs them in with its quality goods at much reduced prices but there’s competition for totes, wallets and handbags.

Tumi luggage and bags are known around the world for its sleek, modern styles. Tumi’s cross-body bags are much coveted for travel because there are many pockets for stashing passport, money and other important items when on the road. Computer cases, backpacks and tablet covers are also among the inventory.

More purses, bags and luggage can be found at Cole Haan , Samsonite , and Steve Madden . If you don’t have a trip planned, you just might be booking some airline tickets once you score a new suitcase. On wheels, of course.

Several shops specialize in kids-wear, including Carter’s and Janie and Jack .    

After your darlings have convinced you to buy them new duds-- or a new game, video or board, take them to Johnny Rockets for a cheeseburger and a slice of apple pie before heading to home base. In whatever county you live.

When you go…

Tampa premium outlets.

2300 Grand Cypress Drive Lutz, FL 33559-6824 (813) 938-6272

More shopping...















Tampa Cityline

New Port Richey

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5 Rating

Channelside Bay Plaza

Shops at Wiregrass

Shops at Wiregrass

Brenn's SeXywear

Brenn's SeXywear

Tampa Sweethearts Cigar Company

Tampa Sweethearts Cigar Company

Mike's Pies Inc

Mike's Pies Inc

Teamwork Imprinted Sportswear

Teamwork Imprinted Sportswear

The Shops at Wiregrass

The Shops at Wiregrass

Macy's Westshore Plaza

Macy's Westshore Plaza

Westfield Citrus Park

Westfield Citrus Park

Seventh Avenue Apothecary

Seventh Avenue Apothecary

Nicahabana Cigars

Nicahabana Cigars

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Metropolitan Cigars Inc.

The Mercantile

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Visitors center.

Visitors Center

201 North Franklin St., Ste. 102, Tampa, FL 33602 in Tampa City Center's plaza (PNC Tower) 813-223-2752

Store Hours:

  • Mon - Fri: 8:00AM - 6:00PM
  • Sat: 10:00AM - 6:00PM
  • Sun: 11:00AM - 5:00PM

Located in the heart of downtown Tampa, our Visitors Center offers excellent local advice on attractions, restaurants, and things to do during your visit to Tampa Bay. The staff is very knowledgeable and wants nothing more than to help you enjoy the area. The gift shop includes a curated selection of Tampa-themed memorabilia and apparel. 


  1. A Visitor's Guide to Shopping in Tampa Bay

    tourist shopping tampa

  2. A Guide To The Best Shopping In Tampa, Florida

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  3. 13 Best Places to Go Shopping in Tampa

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  4. 13 Best Places to Go Shopping in Tampa

    tourist shopping tampa

  5. 13 Best Places to Go Shopping in Tampa

    tourist shopping tampa

  6. Where to Shop on Your Visit to Tampa Bay, Florida

    tourist shopping tampa


  1. THE 10 BEST Places to Go Shopping in Tampa

    Quality products with outstanding customer service in the neighborhood makes me happy to shop! 16. Main Street Rocks. Beautiful store, Sarah (the manager) is very knowledgeable and friendly, if you like crystals this is the place to go!! 17. Tampa Indie Flea. 18. Baisden Gallery.

  2. Tampa Shopping

    Discover your Tampa shopping adventure. From national names and elite designers to local boutiques and bargain outlets, Tampa Bay's diverse shopping scene is the perfect fit for any style or price range. With both large malls and eclectic shopping districts, the shopping deals in Tampa Bay are endless. Search. View.

  3. 5 Great Shopping Spots in Tampa

    International Plaza and Bay Street Mall has a wide variety of stores and restaurants, including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Dillard's, Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Apple, Crate & Barrel, The Cheesecake Factory, and The Capital Grille. WestShore Plaza - Another solid mall option in Tampa, this indoor shopping center is located near the ...

  4. 10 best places to shop in Tampa, ranked by local shopping expert

    Recommended for Best Shopping because: Parkesdale Market is the largest family-owned & operated citrus and strawberry stand in Florida. Skye's expert tip: If you're visiting in February, make sure to stop by and sample their world-famous strawberry shortcake. Read more about Parkesdale Farm Market →. 6.

  5. The 10 best malls and shopping centers in Tampa, ranked

    Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: International Plaza is Tampa's flagship shopping mall featuring over 200 high-end specialty shops. Skye's expert tip: Featuring mostly upscale shopping, this is a great place to find luxury items and designer names. Read more about International Plaza & Bay Street →. 1.

  6. THE 10 BEST Places to Go Shopping in Tampa

    These are the best places for couples seeking shopping in Tampa: Heights Public Market; Main Street Rocks; Phoenix Glass Studio & Gott Glass Gallery; See more shopping for couples in Tampa on Tripadvisor

  7. Insider's Tour: 9 Best Shopping in Tampa, FL for Fashion & Fun

    Tampa's shopping experience stands out due to its blend of high-end malls, eclectic markets, historic districts like Ybor City, and specialty stores that epitomize the local flavor and culture. Enjoy the waterfront views along the Riverwalk while shopping, or delve into Tampa's rich history as you visit vintage stores and cultural markets.

  8. Tampa Bay, Florida: Entertaining Places to Go Shopping

    Directly adjacent to Tampa International Airport, the mall is an excellent last-minute shopping destination. You'll also find plenty of dining opportunities with an extensive food court and an excellent selection of restaurants and bars. Where: 2223 N. Westshore Blvd. Tampa, Florida (813) 342-3790

  9. 13 Best Places to Go Shopping in Tampa

    Tampa has an incredibly diverse shopping scene that ranges from open-air retail complexes to specialty stores. In the shopping malls, you'll find international brands you know and love, as well as various entertainment and dining options to please your senses. There are several flea markets, farmer's markets and vintage shops in and around Tampa - great for treasure hunters who prefer...

  10. A Visitor's Guide to Shopping in Tampa Bay

    As the largest flea market in Florida, it is no surprise that Tampa's Oldsmar Flea Market is a must-visit for bargain shopping in Tampa Bay. Over 280 vendors frequent the market annually, offering artisan goods, funky hand-crafted jewelry, plants, vintage clothing, and more. Oldsmar Flea Market is open on Fridays from 10 am to 3 pm and on ...

  11. Shopping Tampa, Tampa Bay

    Discover the best shopping in Tampa including Dysfunctional Grace Art Co., Hyde Park Village, and Metropolitan Cigars.

  12. The 50 best shopping streets and areas in Tampa

    Lowry Park Central is a residential area situated in Tampa, Florida, encompassing ZooTampa at Lowry Park. As of the 2010 census, this neighborhood had approximately 3,125 inhabitants. The ZIP Codes serving this district are 33603 and 33604. Tampa, FL 33604, USA.

  13. 18 Best Things to Do in Tampa

    Kyle McCarthy|Sharael Kolberg December 4, 2023. Ranking of the top 18 things to do in Tampa. Travelers favorites include #1 Tampa Riverwalk, #2 Armature Works and more.

  14. The 50 best shopping and stores in Tampa

    1 list. Shopping mall. Britton Plaza is a small but relaxed shopping mall with a variety of stores, including chains like Walmart and Target, as well as local favorites like Pottery Barn and Bed, Bath & Beyond. There's also a pub and buffet restaurant, plus beauty and health services.

  15. Ybor City is one of the best places to shop in Tampa

    The Ybor City historic district, named after a 19th-century cigar maker, lies northeast of downtown Tampa, and is pronounced "Ee-bore" City. Notable for its history as a center of handmade cigar production, Latin culture and Spanish-influenced architecture, Ybor is one of only two urban National Historic Landmark Districts in Florida, In addition to its rich history, this is also a vibrant ...

  16. Tampa Attractions

    Whether you're planning for a few hours or a full-day adventure, an array of Tampa attractions, adventure awaits. Dive into the excitement of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay ®, The Florida Aquarium, ZooTampa, and even serene Botanical Gardens. Wander through our cultural museums, including the Tampa Museum of Art ,, the Tampa Bay History Center, and ...

  17. Guide to Visiting Tampa, According to Locals

    TriggerPhoto/Getty Images. Tampa Riverwalk Stretching over 2.5 miles to the city's most gorgeous food hall at Armature Works (a former street car warehouse), the Tampa Riverwalk makes for a ...

  18. 15 Best Things to Do in Downtown Tampa

    Make sure you check out what's going on during the dates you're in Downtown Tampa so you don't miss out on the festivities. 10. Tampa Bay SUP & Kayaking. Source: Tampa Bay SUP & Kayaking. When the weather is as good as it is in Downtown Tampa, there's no excuse for not getting out on the water.

  19. Shop Tampa Bay

    The Unlock Tampa Bay Visitors Center offers a delightful assortment of unique and locally inspired gifts, making it an ideal destination for those seeking memorable souvenirs and thoughtfully curated gift options. Shop our collection of Tampa Bay-inspired shirts, hats, drinkware, and other gifts. We've got a curated selection of locally-crafted ...

  20. Shopping at Tampa Premium Outlets

    In the life cycle of a shopping mall, Tampa Premium Outlets is a mere toddler. It still has that new mall shine and design, and looks more like a pastel-colored village than the traditional complex of shops. The 110-store mall made up of courtyards, breezeways and fountains opened in 2015 just off Interstate 75 and State Road 56 in Lutz.

  21. Things to Do in Tampa Florida, Attractions, Family Fun & More

    Discover incredible things to do in Tampa Bay, Florida. Don't just take a vacation, have an adventure! Busch Gardens, ZooTampa at Lowry Park, The Florida Aquarium, Gasparilla, the Lightning, Buccaneers and Rays. We even have a brand new Riverwalk, water activities, and a ton of festivals and music events. You won't have enough time to explore all we have to offer in Tampa Bay.

  22. Tourist

    Hyde Park Village. 4.8 ( 8) 1509 Swann Ave, Tampa FL, 33606. Hyde Park Village is an upscale shopping and entertainment area filled with some of the best shops and restaurants in Tampa. Hyde Park.

  23. Things to do

    Shopping; Travel; In Tampa, Bad Bunny's literally explosive concert doubled as a rodeo: review ... The Tampa Bay Times e-Newspaper is a digital replica of the printed paper seven days a week ...

  24. Oakland-Tampa Bay Runs

    Oakland-Tampa Bay Runs. May 28, 2024. ... Shopping. The 8 expandable carry-ons travel pros swear by. ... The best travel totes for airplanes, according to frequent flyers ...

  25. Tampa Bay Visitors Center & Gift Shop

    Location: 201 North Franklin St., Ste. 102, Tampa, FL 33602 in Tampa City Center's plaza (PNC Tower) 813-223-2752 Store Hours: Mon - Fri: 8:00AM - 6:00PM Sat: 10:00AM - 6:00PM Sun: 11:00AM - 5:00PM Located in the heart of downtown Tampa, our Visitors Center offers excellent local advice on attractions, restaurants, and things to do during your visit to Tampa Bay.