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eating europe food tour rome

Rome Twilight Trastevere Food Tour

eating europe food tour rome

Taste of Testaccio Food & Market Tour

eating europe food tour rome

VIP Rome Golf Cart Food Tour with Eating Europe

eating europe food tour rome

Eternal Rome Food Tour: Campo de Fiori, Jewish Ghetto, Trastevere

eating europe food tour rome

Eating Rome: Trastevere Pasta Making Class

eating europe food tour rome

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Rome Food Tours by Eating Europe - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)

🍕The 7 Best Rome Food Tours [2024 Reviews]

It’s no wonder why the Eternal City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. I mean, Rome has one of the richest histories of any city, with mouthwatering dishes, breathtaking architecture, amazing museums, and so much more.

Today, we are going to focus on the aspect that I perhaps enjoy the most of all of them: the food!

I’ve carefully curated a selection of the 7 top Rome food tours out there today, that will have you savoring traditional Roman classics through vibrant markets, hidden trattorias, and everything in between.

I know your stomach is growling, so let’s get started!

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Best Food Tours in Rome

Quick answer: the 7 best rated rome food tours for 2024.

  • Rome Food Tour – Unlimited Food & Free-Flowing Fine Wine (Barolo)
  • Rome Twilight Trastevere Food Tour with Eating Europe
  • The Award-Winning PRIVATE Food Tour of Rome: 6 or 10 Tastings
  • Small-Group Rome Food Tour: Trastevere Campo Fiori Jewish Ghetto
  • Food & Wine Tour by the Vatican City
  • The Roman Food Tour including Visit to the Trionfale food market
  • Rome Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours

Best Rome Food Tour Reviews

1. rome food tour – unlimited food & free-flowing fine wine (barolo).

  • Duration:  4 hours
  • Departure: Via Cipro, 4 L, 00136 Roma RM
  • Departure Time: Between 3:30 to 7:30 PM
  • Includes:  Bottle of water, Food tasting, Tour escort/host, Dinner, Alcoholic Beverages, Snacks, Lunch

Imagine walking through the streets of Rome with a local expert, enjoying unlimited food and wine. It sounds like a dream, but with this first tour it will be made reality for you!

The Rome Food Tour – Unlimited Food & Free-Flowing Fine Wine (Barolo)  will leave you skipping the tourist traps and take you right into the heart of the best local eats and hidden gems that Rome has to offer!

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time in the city, I feel like you’d be missing out by not taking this experience! I’d been to Rome before this, but after taking this tour I realized just how much I’d been missing out on  real  Italian cuisine!

I was going to all the “best-rated” Italian places in the area, but they were all the typical touristy spots that charge you an arm and a leg for dishes that taste pretty similar to what I could get at the Olive Garden.

With this guided food tour, we met up with our guide near the Cipra metro station where we were able to explore the area and sample over 20 different foods!

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At La Nicchia Cafe, we were able to try the Mozzarella di Bufala campana, tons of tasty prosecco, aged Parmigiano Reggiano, balsamic, and so much more!

My personal favorite was the Ricotta with white truffle-infused honey which was creamy, sweet, and savory.

Bonci Pizzarium is owned by the “Michelangelo of Pizza”, and was recommended by countless food icons, including the legendary Anthony Bourdain!

With nearly 100 different combinations, you’ll get to try pizzas you haven’t even thought of before! La Tradizione is the place to go for cheeses and cured meats paired with amazing fine wines, and Il Segreto near the Vatican provides on-point, al dente pasta with even more wine!

More Information & Tour Booking

100% refund for cancellations within 24 hours of tour experience, other experiences you may enjoy:, 2. rome twilight trastevere food tour with eating europe.

  • Departure: Piazza S. Bartolomeo All’Isola, 22, 00186 Roma RM
  • Departure Time: 4:00 PM
  • Includes:  13 samples at 7 different tasting locations, Wine, beer and water, Local English-speaking guide, Rome – A food lover’s guide

This next tour is actually the first tour of Trastevere, and with their expertise and vast knowledge, it’s obvious they have over a decade of experience under their belt.

The Rome Twilight Trastevere Food Tour with Eating Europe  is more focused on quality over quantity, so you won’t get to try as many different types of foods.

However, the ones you  do  try are made to be savored and not rushed, and are well worth the time spent enjoying and learning about.

Trastevere is a lively neighborhood known for its nightlife, beautiful architecture, and is also one of the best “foodie” neighborhoods in Rome. However, with this tour you’ll be receiving VIP access to some of the area’s trendiest, most well-reputed food institutions.

Start off the tour by meeting up with your guide and learn some insider tips into the best types of dishes found in this area and what to look out for.

We met up at the Isola Tiberina, where we walked together with our guide and the rest of our group across the Ponte Cestio, crossing the river to Trastevere.

The first stop of the day was at Via dei Vascellari, where we kicked things off with a toast with DOC prosecco and plenty of traditional Roman dishes at Da Enzo al 29. It’s been serving Romans for nearly 100 years and is by far the most well-known trattoria in the entire city.

I loved trying delicious homemade cookies at the famous Via della Luce, followed by the amazing roast pork and beer at the Via Natale del Grande.

The supplí was phenomenal, along with the various pasta dishes and gelato after exploring the area. We even learned how gourmet gelato came to Roma, and the differences between “real” and “fake” gelato!

Search For Other Top Rated Rome Experiences You May Enjoy:

3. the award-winning private food tour of rome: 6 or 10 tastings.

  • Duration:  3 hours
  • Departure:  Hotel pickup and drop-off available
  • Departure Time: Between 12:00 to 7:00 PM
  • Includes:  Private Personalized Tour, local guide, 6 or 10 food & drinks tastings of high-quality local products – depends on option booked, vegetarian alternatives available, only you and your guide, carbon neutral tour organized by a B-Corp certified company

I find that this tour works well for anyone, no matter your age, background, or knowledge of Roman dishes. The Award-Winning Private Food Tour of Rome: 6 or 10 Tastings  is perfect for first-time visitors who are not only interested in the food scene, but Rome’s history.

If you’d like to learn about local culture more in-depth than what most Rome tours offer, you’re in the right place. I really like the fact that even though it isn’t a particularly lengthy tour, they even come and pick you up from your hotel.

This is a huge weight off my shoulders, especially when I’m traveling in a foreign country and don’t know how to get around very well, yet. This casual strolling tour perfectly showed off authentic Roman culture, providing me with a perspective I hadn’t seen of this city before.

I’ve always felt like food is a very personal thing, so it made sense to take a private culinary tour with a local foodie who took us to various stops to sample dishes.

We met our guide at Campo de’ Fiori where we started things off with a quick tour of the square, which was exemplary of Rome’s outdoor market traditions.

We then headed to Ponte Sisto, which crosses over the river Tiber and offers beautiful views of the city on the way to Trastevere.

Once in Trastevere – one of the biggest foodie neighborhoods in Rome – we went through and tried some classics like buffalo mozzarella and gelato. After that, we checked out Palazzo Farnese, where we learned about and tried various dishes and drinks.

After all that, we all laughed and chatted while making our way to the Chiesa di Santa Margherita Catholic church, admiring the beautiful 12th-century mosaics and opulent interior.

4. Small-Group Rome Food Tour: Trastevere Campo Fiori Jewish Ghetto

  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Departure: Via Dei Baullari, 106, 00186 Roma RM
  • Departure Time: 10:00 AM, 5:00 PM
  • Includes:  Morning & Evening: 15 samples in 5 locations with with pasta & local fried (VIP restaurant entrance), 3 quality wine tastings at different spots, English-speaking local guide, best restaurants guidebook & cookbook for free, Campo de Fiori Market tour in morning departure

How does a small-group setting while venturing through the best architecture, food, and culture Rome has to offer sound?

You’ll get to experience all that and more with the Small-Group Rome Food Tour: Trastevere Campo Fiori Jewish Ghetto ! I find this tour to be the perfect date-night activity and a great alternative to going out to a nice restaurant!

The tour clocks in at around 4 hours, but I appreciate that they offer both morning and afternoon tour start times to make it easier to fit into busy schedules. Regardless of the start time you choose, though, I highly recommend arriving very hungry as you’ll be trying a lot!

However, I’d even be willing to recommend this selection if you or someone else in your party is a big history buff, as our guide covered a lot.

We started things off in Piazza Farnese, where we met with our guide and headed towards the first stop in Campo de’ Fiori which is known for its legendary outdoor food market.

This is the best place to get fresh vegetables, meats, and cheeses. We were able to purchase items (if we wanted), meet some vendors, try samples of various foods, and soak in the culture of doing “grocery shopping” here.

We then arrived in Trastevere, which is incredibly charming thanks to its cobblestone streets, beautiful homes, and some of the most delectable restaurants and cafes in the world.

Our guide led the way through some of the most well-kept secrets that I’d probably never have tried, otherwise.

Getting to see the Jewish Quarter was enriching, learning about the unique history of this neighborhood while trying delicacies like supplí, fried artichokes, codfish, and much more.

5. Food & Wine Tour by the Vatican City

  • Departure: La Nicchia Cafe, Via Cipro, 4L, 00136 Roma RM
  • Departure Time: Between 4:30 to 7:30 PM
  • Includes:  Food tasting, Wine tasting, Snacks, Bottled water, Alcoholic Beverages

I’ll admit that food isn’t one of the first things that come to mind when I think of Vatican City. However, I was surprised that the surrounding neighborhoods of Prati and Trionfale are filled with amazing wine and cuisine selections.

The Food & Wine Tour by the Vatican City  is perfect for any age, background, and food preference – even offering substitutions for just about any allergies and food restrictions!

If you’re already planning on going to see the Vatican Museums, this culinary tour is a must-do! We started our tour by meeting our guide at La Nicchia Cafe, which is known for whipping up some of the finest Roman dishes and drinks!

We definitely started things off right, with a 30-year aged balsamic vinegar drizzled over Parmigiano Reggiano, along with truffles, buffalo mozzarella, and DOCG Frascati superior wine.

By this point, I trusted my guide to take me pretty much anywhere, displaying her vast knowledge on all things “Rome” and “Roman food”, along with being fun and very personable.

Our next stop was the Ristorante Pizzeria Falcone, where we were able to try typical Roman pizza (not shy of any kind of sauces, veggies, proteins, cheeses, etc.). I was very intrigued at just how different it was from Neopolitan pizza, but I was very much a fan!

After this, we went to Bonci Pizzarium, which is known as Rome’s #1 pizza and offers a massive selection of different types of – you guessed it: pizza.

Our last stop of the day was at the Hostaria Dino e Tony, where we reveled in handmade pasta dishes and tiramisu, washed down by some of the most delicious wine I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying.

Overall, this was an amazing tour right from the very beginning, with plenty of fun stories to keep us engaged throughout!

6. The Roman Food Tour including Visit to the Trionfale Food Market

  • Departure:  Via Cipro, 4L, 00136 Roma RM, Italy
  • Departure Time: 10:45 AM
  • Includes:  Food tasting, wine tasting, tour escort/host

If I were just in Rome for 1 day and I wanted to try as many Roman dishes as possible, I’d probably take this next tour. The Roman Food Tour including Visit to the Trionfale Food Market is the perfect balance between entertainment, history, architecture, and of course, food.

We were able to try nearly 20 different types of dishes, and while that may sound like a ton of food, was digested quite easily thanks to us strolling around in between each stop!

Our tour started off in the morning, which was quite a bit different from any of the other food tours in Rome that I’d taken! This made it easier to schedule into a busy itinerary, as people seem to always have plans in the evening over morning.

It made sense then that after meeting our guide at Venue La Nicchia Cafe, we started things off by trying a typical Roman breakfast!

I briefly explained La Nicchia Cafe up above, but this is the place to go if you’re interested in tasting aged balsamic, truffles, Genovese pesto, buffalo mozzarella, and some of the finest wine.

After this, we strolled on over to the Bonci Pizzarium, which is listed at the number one pizzeria in Rome – which is really saying something if you know about Romans’ passion for pizza!

At Bonci Pizzarium, you’ll see and get to sample pizzas you literally won’t see anywhere else in the world! After this, head to the Mercato Trionfale and learn about this local market and how everything operates.

Al Giardino Del Gatto e La Volpe Srl is one of the most well-respected, family-owned restaurants known for homemade pasta with fine wine (and they definitely delivered!). To follow all those “salty” dishes up, what better way to celebrate a great day than with some artisanal gelato?!

7. Rome Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours

  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Departure: Piazza Navona, 14, 00186 Roma RM
  • Departure Time: 10:30 or 11:30 AM
  • Includes:  3 types of homemade pizza, fried risotto balls (supplí), Italian cheeses, cannoli, artisanal gelato, 2 types of Roman pastas, the Secret Dish, espresso/cappuccino, finest Italian wines, water, non-alcoholic drinks

Last but certainly not least, I bring you the shortest tour of its kind! The Rome Walking Food Tour with Secret Food Tours was simply a blast, and while it only lasts 2.4 hours, really packs a punch!

It’s a fantastic way to get to try true Roman fare while venturing through the city’s most unique districts, complete with breathtaking architecture, rich culture, and friendly locals.

While this tour doesn’t include a complimentary hotel pickup, our meetup point at Campo de’ Fiori next to Piazza Navona in Rome was very conveniently located. We then asked our guide some questions, got acquainted, and set off to the Jewish ghetto established in 1555.

Learning about the Roman/Jewish ghetto was quite striking, though it was surprisingly established in 555 in Rione Sant’Angelo.

We got to see so many unique and hidden places in Rome, thanks to our expert guide leading the way. She did so in a way that made me trust her, and her energy and passion for Rome were contagious and set a great mood for the entire group.

You can opt to take a small tour or a private tour, and with the private tour, you get a ton of input into your preferences and receive a more customized experience.

Our foodie guide led us through Trastevere, the Jewish Ghetto, and Campo de’ Fiori, which surprisingly all had very different vibes and food dishes. We tried fresh pizzas and pastas, cold meats, tons of cheese, and supplí which I can’t get enough of.

To follow it up, we had a little “dessert” of a tasty cappuccino and creamy gelato! If you want to learn more about Rome’s multilayered history, make sure to add this tour to your list!

Foods Tasted

Tour guides.

The Rome Food Tour - Unlimited Food & Free-Flowing Fine Wine (Barolo) is our Editors CHoice for the best Rome food tour.

Krysha Thayer

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rome food tour

Rome Food Tour

After our food tour, rome will feel like home.

The Roman Food Tour is Recommended by :

Rome Food Tour

#1 Rome Food Tour on Tripadvisor

Our food tours in Rome offer the ultimate foodie experience, exploring the Roman culinary scene for the real taste of Italian cuisine. During our food tour, Rome will be revealed through a gastronomic journey, visiting the most authentic restaurants and best places to eat in Rome.

Meet beloved chefs from Italy and within the Lazio region, to discover their kitchen secrets, use of gourmet ingredients and learn ancient Roman recipes, to further your appreciation of delicious flavors from iconic dishes.

In between food and wine tastings, enjoy walking through the beautiful piazzas and picturesque streets of Rome, to receive an insight into the history, culture and customs, which define the Eternal City.

Joining The Roman Food Tour is essential for any trip to the Italian capital. We believe after experiencing our food tours, Rome will feel like home. Group sizes are limited, so book now to reserve our award winning Rome food tour.

Our food tour in Rome offers the ultimate foodie experience, exploring the Roman culinary scene for the real taste of Italian cuisine. During our food tour Rome will be revealed, through a gastronomic journey visiting the most authentic restaurants, hidden gems and best places to eat in Rome.

Joining The Roman Food Tour is essential for any trip to the Italian capital. We believe after experiencing our food tours Rome will feel like home. Group sizes are limited, so book now to reserve our award winning Rome food tour.

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Rome Food Tour FAQ's

A food tour takes you to multiple restaurants to taste the best of which each venue has to offer. We believe, after joining our food tour Rome will have a more meaningful affect on you, through experiencing authentic Italian cuisine and embracing Roman culture.

Popular Roman cuisine includes pasta (amatriciana, carbonara and cacio e pepe) pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice), suppli (fried rice balls) and trapizzino (typical Roman street food) All of which are offered on our Rome food tours.

Expect a full course meal with free-flowing fine Italian wine. Non-wine drinkers can choose Italian lager, craft beer, spritz and lemoncello.

All food allergies can be accommodated. Menus on our food tours can be modified to gluten-free, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, vegan and non alcohol drinkers.

The Rome Food Tour in Trastevere is ideal for visitors to the Italian capital, who prefer to tour a picturesque Roman neighborhood. The Rome Food tour in Prati takes place in a residential neighborhood in Rome close to the Vatican City, suited to those seeking a more local experience. Expect to walk between 1.5 / 2 kms on our food and wine tours. Customers with walking difficulties are provided with complimentary taxis.

We provide a full refund for tours cancelled within 24 hours of the tour. Private tours 7 days prior to departure

Yes. Our cooking class in Rome runs every day at 14:00. It includes a pasta and tiramisu making course.

Lunch In Rome is usually eaten from 1 p.m until 2:30 p.m. Romans eat dinner mostly from 8 p.m. Tipping in Rome is not expected but always appreciated. After our food tour Rome and Roman customs, will be ingrained within you.

Regardless of the type of meal in Rome you’re seeking, we offer restaurant recommendations for all tastes and budgets, including fine dining, pizzerias, gelaterias, street food and much more. See our Guide to Rome blog or email us to receive suggestions.

star rating

Experience Rome Like a Local with The Roman Food Tour

The Italian capital offers endless sightseeing opportunities, from historical monuments, colossal ruins and ancient remains, to beautiful churches and breathtaking fountains, however equally as important for visitors travelling to Rome is tasting authentic food and wine.

After touring the Colosseum, visiting the Pantheon and Trevi fountain, admiring artistic masterpieces in the Vatican Museums and staring at the Sistine Chapel, maximize your Roman holiday with our walking food tour in Rome.

Instead of losing your appetite at touristy restaurants, serving substandard food, touristic menus and microwave meals, allow The Roman Food Tour to introduce you to the most authentic food Rome has to offer.

The Italian capital offers endless sightseeing opportunities, from historical monuments, colossal ruins and ancient remains, to beautiful churches and breathtaking fountains, however equally as important for visitors travelling to Rome is tasting authentic food and wine.

After touring the Colosseum, visiting the Pantheon and Trevi fountain, admiring artistic masterpieces in the Vatican Museums and staring at the Sistine Chapel, maximize your Roman holiday with our walking food tour in Rome.

Instead of losing your appetite at touristy restaurants, serving substandard food, touristic menus and microwave meals, allow The Roman Food Tour to introduce you to the most authentic food Rome has to offer. And, we also offers Florence Food Tours …

Our food tour guides lead small groups, away from the tourist traps to explore Roman neighborhoods including Trastevere, Testaccio and Trionfale, to visit restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias, gelaterias and popular food establishments, where locals enjoy eating in Rome. Our aim is after joining our food tour Rome will feel less touristy.

Food Tour Rome Trastevere

What’s on the menu? Highlights include, spaghetti alla carbonara cooked al dente,  taste  authentic   Italian   flavors and  classic Roman dishes such as coda alla vaccinara  and carciofi alla romana.  Taste the best pizza in Rome from the Michelangelo of pizza Gabiele Bonci,  savor mouthwatering street food in Rome such as suppli and trapizzino, as well as artisanal gelato tasting.  You won’t leave hungry!

To drink, enjoy sipping on fine Italian wine such as Barolo and Amarone, as well as local vino from Roman vineyards such as Frascati Superiore, Castelli Romani and Prosecco.

After joining our tour, you will leave stuffed with a full stomach, as well as full of knowledge on Roman culture. So put down your guidebooks and wine and dine in Rome with The Roman Food Tour. 

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  • Via Cipro 4 L 00136 Roma RM Italy
  • Rome Travel Guide
  • Free Travel Planning
  • Why Choose Us?
  • The Roman Food Tour – FAQ
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Food Tours in Rome Italy: 11 Top-Rated Options for Authentic Italian

' src=

What are the best food tours in Rome Italy? Is it worth doing a food tour in Rome?

Now, if you don’t have the luxury of being related to an off-the-boat set of Italian grandparents who hand-crank pasta as the perfect pairing to the wine they made in their basement every time they see you like I do, then an authentic food tour in Rome is the next best thing!

On your next trip to Italy, chances are you’ll be stopping in Rome whether it be just for a quick stopover or for a few days to check out the Colosseum and the Vatican. Either way, it wouldn’t be complete without enjoying the delicious cuisine that Rome has to offer.

When it comes to food tours in Rome, there are plenty of options available. Actually, some would even say that there are too many options available to travelers. There are literally dozens of local companies to choose from making it overwhelming for people to find the tour that’s right for their group!

eating europe food tour rome

Don’t have enough time to read the whole post? Not a problem!

The Rome Twilight Trastevere Food Tour with Eating Europe is unquestionably the #1 tour on this list!

⭐ 1,700+ 5-Star Reviews ⭐ 13 Food Tastings Across 7 Locations ⭐ Exclusive Access to the Oldest Wine Cellar in Rome!

From luxury food tours to private food tours with wine tastings, there are hundreds of options visitors can choose from. Fortunately, I know exactly how frustrating it can be to spend hours behind a computer screen scouring for the right tour, which is precisely why I created this list of only the top-rated Rome food tours… and there are only 11 of them!

In this post, in addition to the 11 best food tour options, I’ve also provided ample information on whether or not booking a food tour in Rome is worthwhile, how much you can expect to spend on a food tour, if you should bring cash for tipping, and more. Let’s get started!

11 Best Food Tours in Rome Italy

1. rome twilight trastevere food tour with eating europe.

Evening food tours in Rome Italy are gaining popularity for those wanting a dinner experience

Arguably the #1 food tour in the city, the Rome Twilight Trastevere Food Tour with Eating Europe offers a guided gastronomic journey that takes you through the historic Trastevere district, a neighborhood known for its bustling eateries and traditional Roman fare!

Savor hand-picked regional specialties, from mouth-watering supplì (fried rice balls) to organic, artisan gelato. You’ll also make your way to the oldest wine cellar in Rome, which just so happens to be over 2,000 years old .

This 4-hour food tour is perfect for those looking to explore traditional Roman cuisine in a fun and intimate setting. With a maximum group size of only 12 people, you’ll get plenty of personalized attention from your guide as they take you through hidden streets and alleyways that are often overlooked by tourists.

2. The Roman Food Tour in Trastevere with Free-Flowing Fine Wine

eating europe food tour rome

With over 1,200 5-star reviews, it’s easy to see why The Roman Food Tour in Trastevere is a popular choice for many travelers! This tour offers a unique blend of history and gastronomy, guiding you through one of Rome’s most picturesque neighborhoods while indulging in an array of traditional Roman dishes.

Enjoy a relaxed evening strolling the charming streets as you stop at select local haunts to sample a variety of authentic foods – from the finest charcuterie, cheeses, and pasta to sweet gelato and of course… plenty of local wine!

On this 4-hour tour, your knowledgeable guide will provide inside knowledge on the history and culture of each dish while also sharing insights into the local food scene. Perfect for food enthusiasts and wine lovers, this tour promises a delightful experience for the senses and a deeper appreciation for Italian cuisine.

3. Rome Food Tour – Unlimited Food & Free-Flowing Fine Wine (Barolo)

eating europe food tour rome

Those seeking a top-rated food and wine tour in Rome should look no further than this Rome Food Tour – Unlimited Food & Free-Flowing Fine Wine (Barolo) , where you can feast to your heart’s content!

Venturing through the elegant Prati district, this tour is a foodie’s dream come to life, featuring an array of amazing tastings across 5 different locations.

You’ll be treated to fine Italian wines, including the prestigious Barolo, known for its depth and complexity, to complement a carefully selected range of Italian dishes including pasta, pizza, charcuterie, and even 30-year-age balsamic vinegar!

Definitely one of the most unique food tours in Rome Italy, this tour is easily one of the best.

4. The Award-Winning PRIVATE Food Tour of Rome: 6 or 10 Tastings

eating europe food tour rome

When it comes to the best private food tours in Rome, this Award-Winning PRIVATE Food Tour of Rome is hard to beat! Suitable for smaller groups who prefer an intimate atmosphere, the tour gives you the option to indulge in either 6 or 10 tastings of authentic Roman delicacies.

Crafted for connoisseurs of fine food, guests will be led by a local epicurean guide through some of the top food regions in Rome including the Jewish Quarter and Campo de’ Fiori.

With either 6 or 10 tastings included, guests will be treated to the famed buffalo mozzarella, freshly churned gelato, and everything in between. In just 3 hours, this phenomenal food tour provides visitors to Rome the chance to experience Italy’s iconic food scene!

5. Rome Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours

Some walking food tours in Rome Italy go to several neighborhoods to find the best family-run eateries

For those a little short on time, the Rome Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tour is the perfect choice! In just 2.5 hours, you’ll get to experience some of Rome’s most iconic dishes, from pizza and pasta to supplì (fried rice balls) and creamy gelato.

Led by a local guide with a passion for food and knowledge of the city’s best culinary spots, this tour offers a great balance between sightseeing and sampling delicious Roman fare.

Not only will you enjoy tasty bites along the way, but your guide will also surprise you with a special dish, that will only be revealed on the day of your tour! Possibly the best food tour in Rome for those who don’t have 4+ hours to spare, be sure to keep this option in the back of your mind.

6. Rome Testaccio Food Tour with Eating Europe

eating europe food tour rome

Discover the authentic flavors of Rome in the Testaccio neighborhood with the Rome Testaccio Food Tour !

Testaccio, known as the birthplace of Roman cuisine, is easily one of the best parts of the city to indulge in a food tour. This tour is extra special because it also includes a visit to the bustling Testaccio Market, which no other tour has yet to include on this list, and even offers 15 tastings across 8 different locations!

For those seeking 4 hours of pure culinary bliss, this tour is not to be missed. You’ll enjoy everything from fresh pasta and pizza to authentic Roman street food, all while learning about the rich history of the Testaccio neighborhood and its food culture!

7. Rome Trastevere Food Tour By Night with Wine Tasting and Guided Sightseeing

Many food tours in Rome Italy visit the Jewish Ghetto

Explore the historic heart of Roman nightlife with the Rome Trastevere Food Tour By Night ! This enchanting, 4-hour evening tour takes you through the cobbled alleys of Trastevere, one of Rome’s most vibrant and picturesque neighborhoods.

Kicking off at 5:30PM, you’ll get to see the streets come alive with locals and tourists alike, while indulging in exclusive wine tastings, paired expertly with a selection of regional dishes. Your guide will lead you through a sensory journey that includes not only delectable food and wine but also fascinating stories illuminating the area’s rich history and culture.

This unbeatable tour promises a memorable night of gastronomic delight and finishes off with something sweet!

8. Jewish Ghetto and Campo Dè Fiori By Night Food, Wine and Sightseeing Tour

eating europe food tour rome

There’s something special about when the sun sets in Rome, offering a beautiful golden hue over the city. What better way to enjoy it than with a Jewish Ghetto and Campo Dè Fiori By Night Food, Wine, and Sightseeing Tour ?

Starting off just a bit later around 5:45PM, this tour navigates you to the best family-run eateries in Rome! Enjoy 10 different samplings of pizza, pasta, and sweet pastries and gelato before strolling through Piazza Navona among other popular spots.

An ideal choice for those wanting to spend a full evening out on the town with a local foodie, this tour deserves its place on this list of the best food tours in Rome, Italy!

9. Rome Trastevere Food Tour with Dinner and Wine

Trastevere is a popular neighborhood for food tours in Rome Italy

Limited to just 10 people, the Rome Trastevere Food Tour is one of the best small group tours on this list. This 4-hour excursion takes you on a journey through the charming Trastevere neighborhood, sampling nearly two dozen different street foods and wines along the way!

A great option for foodies looking to indulge in the most samples they can (with a surprise main course at the end!), this is a fantastic option.

10. Hidden Rome Food Tour in Trastevere with Dinner and Wine

eating europe food tour rome

Anyone looking to be treated to a full-on sit-down meal at a Roman restaurant in addition to numerous other food and wine tastings, the Hidden Rome Food Tour in Trastevere with Dinner and Wine should be your #1 choice!

This 3-hour tour combines all the best aspects of a Trastevere food tour with an authentic Italian dinner, making for an unforgettable evening. Along with your local guide, you’ll get to explore hidden corners and alleyways of Trastevere while sampling traditional Italian dishes and wines along the way, earning its spot on this list!

11. Rome Street Food Tour with Local Guide

eating europe food tour rome

Possibly one of the top 3 most popular tours in the city, the Rome Street Food Tour with a Local Guide invites you to sink your teeth into a variety of mouth-watering specialties like crisp pizza al taglio and dreamy gelato.

In a short 2.5 hours, you’ll cover a lot of ground in Rome stopping at popular and under-the-radar food spots, while learning about its history and the evolution of Italian cuisine. Your knowledgeable guide will also make sure to bring you to the best spots for unmissable street food delights!

FAQ: Food Tours in Rome Italy

In this last section, I’ve answered some popular questions regarding food tours in Rome and provided additional information on my number tour choice, what you should bring with you on a tour, how long Rome food tours typically last, and more!

If after reading through all of the tour options and nothing seems like a good fit, don’t forget that you also have the option of cooking your own food with one of these 11 Premier Cooking Classes in Rome Italy for Foodies too!

Is It Worth Doing a Food Tour in Rome?

Creamy gelato is often included on most food tours in Rome Italy

A food tour in Rome is absolutely worth doing ! Not only does it allow you to try authentic Italian food with a local if you’re short on time, but it also gives you a better understanding of the culture and history behind each dish.

Plus, it’s an excellent way to explore different areas of the city that you may not have otherwise visited! These tours are curated to introduce you to a variety of flavors, from classic dishes to local secrets, and are well worth the time and cost investment!

What is Famous in Rome as Far as Food?

Perhaps the most celebrated is pasta carbonara, a simple yet indulgent dish featuring eggs, Pecorino Romano cheese, cured pork, and black pepper. Equally renowned are Roman pizzas, particularly Pizza Bianca—a focaccia-style pizza that’s crispy on the outside and soft in the center.

Not to be missed are the succulent Saltimbocca alla Romana, veal cutlets wrapped in prosciutto and sage, and the delectable supplì, fried rice balls oozing with mozzarella. These dishes, along with artichokes alla Romana and cacio e pepe, among others, comprise the essence of Rome’s storied gastronomy.

What are the Best Foods to Eat in Rome?

eating europe food tour rome

When dining in Rome, it’s essential to indulge in the city’s signature dishes to truly experience its culinary culture. Some must-eat foods include:

  • Cacio e Pepe: A minimalist yet mouthwatering pasta dish that perfectly balances the sharpness of Pecorino Romano with the bite of freshly cracked black pepper.
  • Roman Artichokes (Carciofi alla Romana): These artichokes are braised with herbs and olive oil until they are tender and packed with flavor.
  • Maritozzi: Delicately sweet buns filled with whipped cream, a classic Roman breakfast treat.
  • Gelato: No visit to Rome is complete without sampling the rich, creamy goodness of authentic Italian gelato in a myriad of flavors.
  • Tiramisu: This iconic Italian dessert, made with layer upon layer of coffee-soaked ladyfingers and mascarpone cheese, is a sweet ending to any meal.

These foods represent a small fraction of Rome’s amazing cuisine, which is exactly why a food tour that provides you the opportunity to sample a lot of dishes instead of having to pay for full plates everywhere you go is such a great deal!

What is the Best Rome Food Tour?

The best food tour in Rome is undoubtedly the Rome Twilight Trastevere Food Tour with Eating Europe tour. This comprehensive 4-hour tour takes you through the charming Trastevere neighborhood where you’ll get to sample local foods like pizza, pasta, cured meats, and cheese while learning about the history of each dish and the city itself.

Rated as one of the top food tours in Rome by multiple travel websites, this tour offers an intimate experience with a small group size and provides 13 food samples across 7 local destinations!

Do You Tip on Meals in Rome?

eating europe food tour rome

Tipping is not mandatory in Rome, nor is it expected since the waitstaff do not rely on tips as a source of their wages . However, if you receive great service, you will notice that many people will round the bill up or leave a couple of euros on the table. It’s the polite thing to do, and we always do it.

Contrary to the United States where 15-20% gratuity is often expected since waitstaff are constantly waiting on you, Italians don’t typically leave a tip since their job is complete once they’ve delivered your beverage and meal.

It’s normal to have to wave down someone to pay your bill, so keep this in mind when dining in Rome.

What Should I Bring on a Roman Food Tour?

When attending a food tour, it’s a good idea to come prepared with the following items:

  • Comfortable shoes: You’ll be walking a lot and Rome’s streets are less-than-ideal for heels, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Sun protection: Rome can get very hot and is often sunny in the summer months, so bring along sunscreen and a hat or sunglasses.
  • Water bottle: Staying hydrated is crucial when exploring a new city, and many food tours will offer water, but it’s always best to bring your own refillable bottle (this LifeStraw Bottle is my favorite and always comes with me!)
  • Cash for tipping: It’s not required to tip on food tours in Rome, but if your guide provides you with a great time then having some cash on hand to show your appreciation can be a kind gesture.
  • An empty stomach: Make sure not to eat too much before the tour since you’ll want to leave room to try all the delicious dishes!

Do Rome Food Tours Include Wine Tastings?

Some of the best food tours in Rome Italy include wine tastings

Many food tours in Rome, Italy understand the importance of how a fine wine complements the culinary experience of Italian cuisine, and thus quite a few include tastings of select local wines.

However, not all tours include a wine tour as well, so if this is something you’re interested in then be sure to check out The Roman Food Tour in Trastevere with Free-Flowing Fine Wine !

How Long Are Food Tours in Rome Italy?

Most food tours in Rome last between 3-4 hours, depending on the tour you choose . Some may be longer or shorter, but this is generally enough time to experience a variety of dishes and explore different neighborhoods in the city.

Be prepared for plenty of walking and stopping at multiple restaurants, markets, and shops along the way! Overall, it’s a fun and delicious way to spend an afternoon or evening.

How Much Do Rome Food Tours Cost?

On average, Roman food tours can range from $50-$140 per person , although this varies depending on the type of tour, the number of tastings included, and any additional experiences or extras offered.

While it may seem expensive at first glance, keep in mind that a food tour typically includes multiple meals spread out over a few hours, so it’s actually a great value since you’ll get to taste between 5 to 10 different dishes that would otherwise cost between 15-30 euros each!

Jump to the bottom of the post? No problem!

Other Helpful Italy Resources

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A food tour in Rome is an excellent way to experience the city’s rich culinary culture, sample delicious traditional dishes, and learn about the history of each dish and neighborhood.

With a variety of options available, from street food tours to wine tastings, these are the top-rated food tours in Rome Italy for every type of traveler!

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My passion for travel transcends personal experiences; I've spent years learning how to transform my globetrotting knowledge into personalized itineraries for fellow travelers worldwide.

With a tally of 26 countries (and counting!) under my belt, my day job involves extensive research on different countries which often leads me to booking a new adventure every chance I get!

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How to Plan an Unforgettable Trip to Rome, According to Local Experts

Whether your tastes swing towards art and architecture, high-end shopping and dining, or browsing markets and munching on street food, it’s an exciting time to visit Rome.

Elizabeth Heath is a writer and editor living on a hill in Umbria, from where she writes about travel in Italy, the rest of Europe, and farther afield.

eating europe food tour rome

Best Hotels and Resorts

Best things to do, best shopping, best nightlife, best restaurants, best time to visit, how to get there, how to get around.

Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

For me, the Eternal City is eternally fabulous. No matter how crowded it gets, how dysfunctional its current government is, or how many bad pizzas there are in ratio to good ones, Rome remains. It’s persisted and resisted for more than 2,775 years, and even at this ripe old age, Rome is still evolving. 

It’s an exciting time to visit Rome, and even for people who live there, the flurry of post-pandemic activity in the travel sector has been dizzying. “Archaeological sites that have been fenced-off for years are now accessible to visitors, there’s a host of innovative new tour options, and I can barely keep up with the number of absolutely stunning luxury hotels that have opened ,” says Travel + Leisure contributor and Rome resident Laura Itzkowitz, who also writes about Rome in her newsletter, The New Roman Times . “It’s a delight to see so much investment in the city and so many new ways to experience it.” 

No matter how you decide to see the city or whether your tastes swing towards art and architecture, high-end shopping and dining, or browsing markets and munching on street food, Rome gives you options. We asked Itzkowitz and some other Rome travel experts to weigh in on their favorite places and experiences to recommend in eternal Rome.

Top 5 Can’t Miss

  • Swoon over the cityscape. Few things are as romantic as Rome at night from a vantage point like the Fontana dell'Acqua Paola or the Capitoline Hill.
  • See marble turn to flesh. At the Galleria Borghese, Bernini’s lifelike sculptures are a gazillion times more impressive than what you remember from art history class. 
  • Do the Full Monty of Italian dining. Bring your appetite and go big, with antipasto, pasta, main course, and dessert at a homey trat like Da Enzo da 29.  
  • Get up early. At least once during your stay, request an early wake-up call to discover a deserted city. ArcheoRoma can lead the way. 
  • Shop at a market. If you don’t buy produce, trinkets, or street food at a real Roman market like Testaccio or Campo de’ Fiore, have you been to Rome? 

Courtesy of Bettoja Hotels

Palazzo Vilòn

If there’s one thing our experts agree on, it’s that Palazzo Vilòn luxury apartment is the most sumptuous new address in Rome. Nicole Bono, luxury travel and events planner with Bono Events International says, “When they open the doors for you, your jaw will drop.” Gary Portuesi, a T+L Top Travel Advisor with Authentic Explorations , says that at Vilòn, “you get to live like a Roman aristocrat in an intimate palazzo in the best neighborhood.”

Singer Palace

“I'm in love with the Singer Palace these days,” says Bono of this 19th-century beauty in the former Singer sewing machine headquarters. “It's family-owned, and that is felt with every single detail in this property. You're truly cuddled from the moment you walk in the door till your last Spritz before you leave.”

Hotel de Russie, a Rocco Forte Hotel

T+L readers’ favorite hotel in Rome is also a hit with Portuesi, who raves about its “with its unique and secluded Mediterranean tiered secret garden walking distance from the Spanish Steps, Fontana di Trevi and Piazza del Popolo.” The hotel’s Stravinskij Bar remains one of Rome’s most elegant locales for a cocktail.  

Hotel Mediterraneo

Every time I exit Termini Station, I sigh with comfort at the sight of this trusty four-star in a fascist-era Art Deco building. Stepping through the doors feels like stepping back in time, in a good way, with old-school service, a delightful lobby bar, and humongous suites, some with skyline views of Rome.

Christopher Larson/Travel + Leisure

Basilica di San Clemente

For a real sense of how Rome’s history is layered like a lasagna, head to this church near the Colosseum — or rather, underneath it. An atmospheric archaeological area beneath the not-too-shabby 12th-century church holds an even earlier Christian church, which lies on top of a pagan altar and an ancient Roman apartment building.  


If you’re a runner, join archaeologist, guide, and running enthusiast Isabella Calidonna on an early morning jogging tour through Rome's truly magical empty streets. (Trust me, it’s okay if you run slowly.) If you’re not a runner, don’t sweat it — she’ll be happy to do the same informative tour at a walking pace. 

Via del Governo Vecchio

Spend a late afternoon vintage shopping on my favorite street in Rome , then stick around for an aperitivo, followed by pizza and gelato. If that trifecta of Roman drinking and eating isn’t enough, this splendid street near Piazza Navona has a buzzy but manageable bar-hopping scene. 

Largo Argentina

Want to stand at the very site (or very near it, anyway) where Julius Caesar lost his life? Long visible only from street level and best known as a cat sanctuary among picturesque ruins, the archaeological area at Largo Argentina site is now open to the public, thanks to funding from Bulgari . The Curia of Pompeo, where Caesar got shivved, stands near the ruins of four ancient temples.

Galleria Borghese

Reserve your tickets in advance and prepare to be overwhelmed by the beauty here, both of the ornate salons of this noble palace turned art museum, and the amazing works inside, including Bernini’s spellbinding "Rape of Proserpine" and several Caravaggio paintings.

Testaccio Market

This sprawling covered market in the working-class Testaccio neighborhood offers an authentic slice of Roman daily life. Even if you’re not shopping for clothing, produce or fresh fish, stop for some of Rome’s best street food, especially a suppli at Food Box or a drippy panino at Modri e Vai. 

Itzkowitz is a fan of this artisan jeweler in Monti and even had owner Antonio design a pair of custom earrings for her wedding. If you don’t have time for a made-to-order bauble, the shop has many original designs, many of which feature colorful gemstones.

Essenzialmente Laura

For a real only-in-Rome gift or souvenir, Portuesi refers friends and clients to the perfumery of Laura Bosetti Tonatto, who’s made custom scents for celebrities, royals, and aristocrats, including Queen Elizabeth II. “You can create your own perfect perfume or find the scent you love,” he says. 

La Bottega del Marmoraro

It’s hard to imagine a store like this anywhere else — a tiny workshop on pretty Via Margutta where stone carver Sandro Fiorentino tinks away at marble plaques by hand. “I love to bring out-of-town visitors here,” says Itzkowitz. “Prices start at around 15 euros, which means you can find an affordable, handmade souvenir.”

Courtesy of Hassler Hotel

Fontana dell'Acqua Paola

Some of the best things in Rome are free, including the views from this monumental fountain high on the Janiculum hill. It’s one of T+L’s top underrated things to do in Rome . Fans of the Oscar-winning film “Rome, the Great Beauty” will recognize this majestic spot.

This classy bar offers great cocktails and light bites with a sublime view. “A table there in the stunning Piazza di Pietra,” says Bono, “with the incredible Roman columns all lit up is truly magical, and it feels like it's just there for you."

Hassler Hotel 7th Floor Terrace

The recipe for an unforgettable Roman evening: Start with panoramic city views from atop the Spanish Steps, stir in a specialty cocktail, garnish with some elevated aperitivo fare, and drink it all in at one of our favorite family-run hotels in Italy and one of the absolute best in Rome.

Da Enzo da 29

Despite its near-legendary status and the long lines for a table (Enzo doesn’t take reservations), Itzkowitz says a meal here is “worth the wait and lives up to the hype — every time.” She’s a fan of the handmade tonarelli cacio e pepe but says that the food here is consistently good across the menu. 

Trattoria Da Cesare Al Pellegrino

This new-in-2023 sister property of a neighborhood favorite in residential Monteverde brings hearty, traditional Roman pasta and meat dishes to the centro storico. “Run, don't walk,” says Bono, “because this city location is super charming, and tourists haven't found it yet.”

Pro Loco Pinciano

Portuesi says you’ll feel like a local at this super-casual pizza and pasta joint just outside the city walls, where the emphasis is on ingredients and wines sourced from the surrounding region on Lazio. Charcuterie platters are delicious and abundant here. 

L'Antica Pesa

Regularly named one of the best restaurants in Rome, this Trastevere culinary landmark is, per Portuesi, “a standard and consistent classic” and worth crossing the river for. Head here for a special dinner or when you’re ready to go big (before going home, maybe?) and order an appetizer, pasta (primo), meat, and dessert for the full Italian dining experience.

You’ve heard all the warnings about visiting in high summer, but if that’s the only time you have to visit, Itzkowitz says to do as the Romans do: rest in your cool hotel room in the afternoon and venture out again in the early evening. Bono agrees that summer can be...sticky but adds, “Those summer sunsets on a rooftop with an Aperol spritz certainly make for that 'Dolce Vita moment' we all crave.”

Portuesi recommends November, as it’s still relatively warm and the crowds have thinned out; January, when sale season starts; or April and October. “Tourists might still be there, but the colors of spring and autumn are amazing, and temperatures are on the warm side.” I love visiting in January or February when the crowds are much more manageable, and if you’re lucky, you can catch some lovely, crisp, sunny days.

Most visitors fly into Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci/Fiumicino Airport (FCO). From there, you can take a 30-minute non-stop train to Termini, the central station, and take a taxi, Metro, bus, or tram to your accommodation. A cab from FCO to anywhere inside the Aurelian Walls costs 50 euros. Ride-sharing services other than Uber Black are not available in Rome. 

Rome’s historic center is primarily flat and highly walkable. Many visitors take the Metro to reach the Vatican Museums, then walk back into the city from there (or take a cab from St. Peter’s Square). 

Buses and Metro, both run by ATAC , are also reliable ways to get around, though depending on the distance, walking may be faster. Note that taxis in Rome cannot be hailed on the street. Instead, they wait at taxi stands or ranks generally located near tourist areas. 

I strongly recommend against renting a car in Rome, as traffic and parking are a mess and the centro is a maze of one-way streets, many of which are pedestrian-only. If you pick up a car in Rome for a more extended tour in Italy, make sure you have your route mapped out in advance — and nerves of steel. 

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VIP Golf Cart Food Tour in Rome

VIP Golf Cart Rome Food Tour

Experience the city like a vip on a golf cart tour of rome with a culinary twist.

Mon to Sat 10 am - 5 pm

We had so much fun with Dan! He’s an amazing tour guide who is very knowledgeable and has a fabulous sense of humor. He drove us around Rome pointing out all of the important things and taking us to eat the most delicious food and fabulous wine! It was such a fun memory! A must do!  Kristin | Google

Make a prosecco toast at Rome’s most stunning viewpoint, the Gianicolo Hill.

Dine in style on an exclusive terrace, featuring Amatriciana pasta and Tiramisù.

Savor legendary artichokes Jewish-style at the renowned Enzo al 29 in Trastevere.

Discover Rome’s highlights in total comfort aboard our Golf Cart.

Vegetarian-Friendly Tours but vegan, gluten-free, or kosher options may be limited. Please share dietary restrictions upon booking for best accommodation. Note that tastings outside those catered for your needs are at your own risk. The company assumes no responsibility for any food allergies or intolerances.

1. Expert Local Guides : Fun, knowledgeable, and English-fluent Rome locals. 2. Rome’s Hidden Gems: Enjoy exclusive access to local favorites where you’re treated like family. 3. Culinary Diversity: Taste a variety of delicious dishes, and hear the stories behind the food. 4. Cultural Immersion: See Rome through the eyes of a local. 5. Established Expertise: Europe’s best food tours, top-rated since 2011.

Adult (From 18) From €169

Adolescent (13-17 years) from €159, child (8-12) from €149.


Make it private!

Did you know that any of our food tours can be made into a private tour? A food tour just for you! If you’re visiting with a group or are a local in search of a unique day out with some great eats, head to our private tours page to fill out the form and we’ll help you organize the perfect tour for your needs.

Meet Your Local Rome Tour Guides

Our team of Rome Food Tour Guides includes local experts that speak several different languages.



Small Group Tours

A tour can be cancelled with a full refund up to 24 hours before tour departure.

Private Tours

A private tour can be cancelled and fully refunded up to 7 days before tour departure

Gift Cards, Travel Vouchers & Flexi-Pass™

Gift cards, travel vouchers and Flexi-Pass™ are non-refundable.


Due to extremely strict time slots for entry into attractions and for food preparation, both in-person & virtual/online, we recommend you show up 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time of the tour or experience. Our group tours begin & depart precisely at the scheduled tour or experience start time. If you show up late or cannot find the meeting point, for any reason, refund requests are not honored per policy. If you are having a hard time arriving on time we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible so we can do everything in our power to assist you with arriving at the meeting point at the scheduled time or reschedule to the next available tour.


Inside of 24 hours, your spot on the tour has been reserved exclusively for you. Since we are unable to fill your spot if you’re unable to attend for any reason (including transportation or illness), we do not offer refunds after that time. Please plan ahead so that you are able to join us and don’t miss out!


Discount codes are valid for new bookings only. They are not eligible for pre-existing bookings and can not be applied retrospectively.


We would be happy to assist you with rescheduling your tour, free of charge, with any requests made more than 24 hours of 8am CET on the date of the tour. We reserve the right to charge an amendment fee should you request to reschedule within 24 hours of 8am CET on the date of your tour . Once again, this is subject to availability and price changes. In general, we only charge you for any additional costs that we incur such as tickets. We have no intention of profiting from disruptions to your vacation and will work with providers and suppliers to get this cost reduced to a minimum.


From time to time, the terms of this policy may change at the Company’s discretion.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, you can contact us using the information below:

E-mail: [email protected]

Adult From €169

eating europe food tour rome

eating europe food tour rome

My 7 Favorite Walking Tours In Rome And Why They’re Great For Solo Travelers

A nyone who has read Eat Pray Love will understand the mystique of Rome. There’s the appeal of the food, the history, the “dolce vita” lifestyle, and of course, the beauty of the people and the country. Like the author of the book, I ventured to Italy on my own but to a yoga retreat instead of an Italian language immersion. Not far from Rome in the tiny medieval town of Pitigliano, I enjoyed the camaraderie of a small group of like-minded “friends,” all eager to explore Tuscany’s small towns and venture to the thermal waters of Terme di Montecatini to slather in mud as part of the wellness experience.

This wonderful week left me refreshed and ready to travel sans a group. Spending a few days in Rome before I flew home was what I had my heart set on. I booked a room at the beautiful and centrally located Hotel Locarno and set out on my adventure. To make the most of my time and profit from the knowledge of local experts, I signed up for a range of walking tours that provided a safe, educational, and welcoming experience for solo travelers like me.

Here are my seven favorite walking tours that I took in Rome:

Walks Of Italy

1. welcome to rome twilight city & gelato tasting .

I’m a strong believer in getting the lay of the land before setting off on your own. You’ll see the “footprint” of a place, glean knowledge about its history, and profit from the experience of locals who can share their insights and answer questions. Then, you’re free to efficiently explore in more depth those places that have piqued your curiosity. This type of tour also builds confidence, especially if you’re not used to traveling by yourself. You’ll visit well-known sites like Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps, the Roman Forum, and the Colosseum — all giving you good reason to return for a deeper dive on your own, at your own speed.

The tour that I took with Walks of Italy was my first introduction to Rome as a solo traveler. I picked the “Welcome to Rome: Twilight City Stroll & Gelato Tasting,” as the 6:30 p.m. start best fit with my hotel check-in time and I knew that the tour would show me some good eats as well as great sites.

There’s a magic to experiencing an ancient city like Rome in the dusk hours when there are fewer cars and fewer people in the streets. You can almost imagine what it was like during Nero’s days or during the building of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. When darkness falls and lights come on, and fountains and buildings are illuminated with a romantic glow, you can truly bond with the city. The Trevi Fountain was enchanting at this hour, as was the Pantheon, while breaks for pizza and ice cream added to the almost spiritual feeling.

2. Pristine Sistine

No trip to Rome is complete without a visit to the Vatican, an independent state within the city. But as everyone knows, the crowds there can be overwhelming. Lines queue up for hours to enter the Vatican Museum and view sacred rooms and Leonardo da Vinci’s Sistine Chapel. If you arrive pretty much any time during the day, no matter what the weather, you’ll find that you need a huge dose of patience.

My suggestion to avoid this is to take a very-early private tour to unlock the doors. The number of entrants is limited and you’ll find you have the Sistine Chapel largely to yourself, as remarkable as that sounds. 

Led by Walks of Italy , I met my guide at an entrance marked ingresso gruppi at 7:15 a.m. for a “Pristine Sistine” small group tour. I was able to experience the Vatican in near silence before most people were even awake. A stiff espresso or two will motivate you to rise at the early hour required for this tour. But, even I, a committed night owl, found that the reward was worth it. I appreciated the one-on-one attention, the unhurried explanations of what was inside, and the quiet while in the chapel. After climbing the 551 stairs to the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, I happily walked past the long lines that had formed during my time indoors. 

Pro Tip: There is an elevator to the rooftop of St. Peter’s Basilica that will save you 330 steps. However, you will still need to climb the rest to the top. To avoid crowds here as well, plan a separate visit and arrive at the dome before 8 a.m. 

3. VIP Colosseum Underground Tour 

The Colosseum is a must-visit when in Rome. And now that the lower level is open for tourists, there’s even more of a demand to spend time at this well-preserved Roman amphitheater.

Again, I chose a small group, early-hour tour where I had personalized attention and no crowding. All of my questions — I had many as a travel writer — were answered without hesitation. With Walks of Italy’s skip-the-lines “VIP Colosseum Underground Tour,” I was able to roam freely, photograph without pushing people out of my way, and quietly absorb the incredible feat of construction that is the Colosseum. Starting at 8 a.m., the tour met outside the Colosseum and then continued to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. If you’re on a tight schedule, there’s a solo Colosseum-focused tour that will get you in and out with time to make an afternoon or evening flight.

Eating Europe

4. twilight trastevere timeless traditions.

Everyone knows that Italian cuisine is fabulous. But do you really understand the nuances of its preparation? Or the history behind some of the dishes? And have you met the people who put their heart and soul into the cooking? To truly appreciate this, I scheduled a “Twilight Trastevere Timeless Traditions” walking tour with Eating Europe . 

Trastevere, a medieval neighborhood across the Tiber River, has a history as a Jewish enclave and offers a blend of tradition and experimentation. This tour offered peeks into local bar favorites, street foods, and a variety of stops for snacks and bigger bites. We stuffed ourselves with prosciutto and melon, biscotti dipped in chocolate, porchetta, and suppli (traditional rice croquettes filled with mozzarella) before indulging in a pasta amatriciana and cacio e pepe dinner at a cozy trattoria. Beverages included wine (of course) at an extensive tasting in a cellar, birra, and limoncello, with a gelato stop to end. I was thankful that we were walking!

After this delicious introduction to Trastevere, I took the advice of my guide and confidently returned the next day to explore further on my own. In the Jewish Ghetto (also known as the Ghetto of Rome), I delved into the area’s culinary heritage, feasting on carciofi alla giudia at the small trattoria Nonna Betta , recommended by Anthony Bourdain in No Reservations . I also toured the Great Synagogue and wandered through the Sant’Angelo (rione of Rome) where I discovered intriguing shops selling religious and secular knickknacks. 

Archeological Tours

5. domus aurea .

I was so enamored with the magnitude of history surrounding me that I signed up for (and highly recommend) two in-progress excavations. The Domus Aurea exploration required me to wear a hard hat and took me to an active archeological dig at the site where a huge domed residence once stood across from the Colosseum. Called the “Golden House,” Domus Aurea was built by Nero to revitalize Rome after the fire of 64 A.D. 

Pro Tip: Advance reservations (including the Raphael art exhibit) are essential as the tours are only available on weekends.

6. Le Domus Romane Di Palazzo Valentini 

The fascinating story of Le Domus Romane di Palazzo Valentini came to light because of Rome’s strict regulations regarding excavation and preservation. Whenever construction is contemplated, careful consideration of the location’s potential historical significance must be taken. And, indeed, that was the case here. While cleaning up an area designated for present-day use, the remains of ancient homes were discovered beneath Palazzo Valentini; a self-guided tour is now offered. Opposite Trajan’s Column, this underground site sheds light on the lives of several generations of inhabitants dating from the days of Emperor Hadrian.

Pro Tip: If you’re claustrophobic, the archeological tours may not be for you. Both involve being underground amid crumbling ruins and semi-darkness. Also, Domus Aurea is a bit tricky to find, so allow extra time if you go.

7. Borghese Gallery 

A look at some of the works from the country’s famous artists and sculptors is di rigore when visiting Rome. I opted for a self-guided tour of the famous Borghese Gallery where I had the opportunity to admire Bernini and Canova sculptures as well as paintings by Caravaggio and Raphael. As I was short on time and this was my last night in Rome, I reserved an evening entrance when the crowds were less intense, with a chance to also stroll through the villa gardens. Guided tours are available for those who prefer a more structured visit.

When you choose to travel solo, it helps to be somewhere where it’s considered “normal.” In Rome, I felt comfortable; comfortable enough that I could ask directions, dine by myself, and join small group tours without feeling lost in the crowd. It didn’t hurt that the shopping, dining, and overall magic of this historic city was enticing around every turn, nor that my efforts to speak Italian were appreciated.

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