cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Cybex Gazelle S pushchair review

Cybex Gazelle S pushchair outdoors and in a studio

  • Sophie Vening

In a nutshell

A hardworking, multi-functional single to double pushchair with an affordable price-tag. Has a wide wheel-base, and can be slightly awkward to manoeuvre when used in single mode in a world-facing position.

What we tested

  • Single to double, 24 different seat configurations, handles well over multiple terrains in most single-seat configurations, extra basket storage, folds down easily
  • Awkward to steer in duo mode or with a single seat in certain positions, chassis feels heavy, wide wheel base, straps can’t be detached from seat cover so you can’t use a universal footmuff

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cybex gazelle travel system reviews

If you are expecting twins, or planning to have more than one child within 4 years, then the Cybex Gazelle S stroller is ideal for your family as it grows. It’s the first travel system by renowned baby brand Cybex that can be used as both a mono pushchair and a double, with a fully lie-flat position possible in most configurations.

For your first child it can be used as a single pram and pushchair, with plenty of shopping space thanks to its stylish removable shopping basket and generous under-seat basket. As your family grows, the sliding seat adaptors and easy flip-over lower adaptors – which are built into the frame – mean you can transform it into a double pushchair within seconds.

The stroller seat can be used from birth in a lie-flat position which means you don’t have to purchase an additional carrycot if finances are tight. What’s more, the stroller has 24 seat configurations for its seat units, carrycots or any Cybex infant car seat, making it an extremely versatile stroller

Mum of two Sophie lives in London with her husband, their 5-year-old daughter Ada and 10-month-old daughter Lily. She tested the Cybex Gazelle S stroller with Lily on walks around the park, bumpy hilly ground and cobbled streets. She tested the pushchair in duo mode with the help of Ada, who is relatively light for her age, weighing 19kg.

What were your first impressions of the Cybex Gazelle S?

Upon unboxing the Cybex Gazelle S I noticed that the chassis – which weighs 12.6kg – felt heavy. However, the frame can house two toddlers (each weighing up to 22kg) plus a child on a buggy board, and it has additional storage capacity of up to 23kg, so it understandably needs to be strong and robust.

My first thought was “this looks wide for something marketed as a city stroller!” At 65cm it is a lot bigger than other city pushchairs, which can measure as little as 44cm wide. However, it easily fits through my 81cm wide front door and measures 2cm less than the UPPABaby Vista 2015 model which I used with my first daughter. The width was not a problem for us but it's certainly worth checking your front door measurements before you invest.

Cybex gazelle S pushchair

What’s in the box?

  • Integrated sliding adaptors (with 3 different seat heights and multiple seating configurations)
  • Chunky wheels
  • Removable shopping basket with carry handle
  • Lie-flat seat and rain cover

I was also sent a second pushchair seat ( purchased separately for £234.95 ) so that I could test the stroller in duo mode.

How easy is it to build?

The travel system came in one big box and was easy to assemble by simply clicking the back and front wheels into place and attaching the hood to the stroller seat. A detachable shopping basket is included in the price, which simply requires 4 plastic inserts to be slid into place.

All the instructions are picture-led, and there’s also a page illustrating the 24 different seating configurations which is colour coded for ease of use. It details the suitable weight options for each combination to ensure you’re using the pram correctly and safely. This page is also printed on the base of the shopping basket so you have it to hand at all times. There are also informative Cybex branded tutorials available on YouTube .

How do you fold the Gazelle S?

  • Lock the front wheels
  • Press down the button on the handlebar and slide it left
  • Slide down the release trigger on the left-hand side of the handlebar
  • Apply downward pressure onto the handlebar and the chassis will release and fold down

Although the picture-led instructions in the booklet provided were simple to follow, I struggled to fold the chassis at first and assumed I was doing something incorrectly. I watched a Cybex online tutorial video which didn’t differ from the instruction booklet. After a few more forceful attempts, I realised that you need to apply quite a lot of pressure onto the handlebar for the stroller to fold.

The Gazelle S can also fold with seats attached. If folding with one seat, you need to have the seat world-facing and use the recline lever to fold the seat forwards, then fold the chassis as usual. Once the Gazelle S is folded the auto lock clip on the left-hand side of the frame holds the buggy closed. The pushchair can even be folded with both seats in place – just make sure the seat on top is parent facing and the seat underneath is facing outwards. To unfold the Gazelle S, you need to unclip the auto lock and pull the handle-bar up to flip the pushchair back into place.

Cybex Gazelle S folded

How compact is the buggy when folded?

Interestingly, even though the chassis appears large and wide when upright, when folded the pram is actually quite compact measuring only W65 x H86 x D35cm with just one seat.

Does it fit in the boot of your car?

We drive a Skoda Octavia which has a large boot space measuring H57 x W106 x D95cm. The Gazelle S measures W65 x H86 x D35cm when folded so it easily fitted inside our boot, only taking up half of the floor space. It took up slightly more room when folded with 2 seats, if I had 2 bassinets I think I would have struggled to fit anything extra inside the boot.

Cybex Gazelle S pushchair folded in a boot

What is the seat unit like on the Gazelle S?

The seat unit is ready for use from birth, so you don’t necessarily have to purchase the bassinet/carrycot. It feels robust, roomy and comfortable and can be adjusted to a lie-flat position using the one-handed recline button on the back of the seat. Lily is quite tall for her age, but she appeared comfortable seated in it and it doesn’t feel like she’ll outgrow it anytime soon. It also has an adjustable leg rest which provides good length when flat, but can also be tucked in as and when your child grows.

The 3-point harness system is easy to use and adjust, but it is integrated into the seat cover. This means I couldn’t attached my universal footmuff to it. Cybex does have a footmuff, but at £89.95, it is considerably more expensive than universal versions.

What’s the under-seat storage like?

The under-seat storage is spacious holding up to 13kg. I could easily fit a large food shop inside. I think the only time storage would be limited is when using a carry cot in the lower adaptor position.

How useful is the extra storage basket?

I love the extra storage basket, which can hold up to 10kg in weight. It makes a really clever addition to this pushchair. Unfortunately, it can only sit at the top of the frame, so you can only use it when the pushchair is in single mode. I used it when quickly popping in and out of shops and found it useful for storing my wallet and phone, which I’m forever misplacing when out and about.

It also comes with a carry handle which is helpful when full as you can simply slide it out of the chassis and pop it in your car and/or carry it straight into your house when you arrive home.


How do you adapt the Gazelle S from a single to a double pushchair?

The Gazelle S has integrated adaptors built into the frame so you only have to buy a seat or cot if you want to convert it into a double pushchair. I love that the adaptors are integrated so there’s no chance of losing them or forgetting to put them in the car!

You can cleverly slide the upper adaptors up and down the frame depending on what height you want to place the seat or cot. The bottom adaptor at the base of the frame can be twisted round when needed and then twisted back again to sit flush with the frame when not in use.

How good is the Gazelle S to push and steer?

When used in single mode on the top or middle adaptor position, I found the pram simple and easy to manoeuvre. The front wheels swivel round corners with ease and the inbuilt wheel and chassis suspension provides a comfortable stroll for your baby.

When I put the seat on the lower adaptor position with the basket on top, the stroller felt long, bottom heavy and slightly more cumbersome to move around and more difficult to manoeuvre up and down kerbs and in and out of shops.

When used in duo mode, the pushchair was easier to use than I anticipated. It was heavier and a little more difficult than when in single mode, but I was pushing two children around so I think that’s to be expected!

Would the Cybex Gazelle S be suitable for public transport?

It was more difficult to get the pushchair on and off the bus and train when used with the seat on the lower adaptor position in comparison to the seat being at the middle or top position. Luckily, when I tested the stroller on the bus I was the only passenger with a pram.

However, if there had been another pram or wheelchair user on the bus, I’m not sure there would have been space for the Gazelle S on it as well (especially if the other pushchair was large, too). I think you need to be prepared to fold it down or allow time in your schedule to wait for the next bus in case there isn’t enough space.

Cybex Gazelle S lie-flat seat

What are the chassis and handle like?

On initial inspection this pushchair feels heavy and bulky but it's designed for so many configurations it needs to be sturdy. In regards to its looks, I tested the deep black frame which offers a smart, stylish finish.

It was easy to adjust the handlebar using a simple palm button that allows the handle to move from 100cm to 110cm in height. The handlebar on the model I tested was foam, which didn’t feel very good quality and I would worry that it would wear away over time. If you choose the more expensive taupe frame it has a handle made from a brown leather-like material which I think would probably last longer.

What’s the Gazelle S’s hood like?

I really like the hood on the Gazelle S stroller seat. It extends with a zip right down to the bumper bar of the seat unit and has a nifty viewing/ventilation mesh window to peek through when your baby is sleeping. It’s also made from a UPF50+ protective fabric offering your child great sun protection.

Cybex Gazelle S hood

What are the wheels and brakes like?

The wheels appear strong and suitable for lengthy strolls. The front wheels are slightly smaller than the rear wheels and swivel with ease making steering around corners a breeze. Each wheel has a spring suspension for added comfort. The larger rear wheels have excellent chassis suspension and made strolling over our local green hilly common a doddle.

Situated at the side of the right rear wheel, the brake pedal is really easy to use. It’s a simple flick to engage and flick again to release action. There is also a handy colour coded indicator which shows red when the brake is on and green when it is released.

What are the additional accessories you can buy?

The system doesn’t come with a carrycot, so you do need to purchase this separately if you decide you want one and, if you want to attach your compatible infant carrier onto the frame, you will need to buy car seat adaptors. Here's a full list of available accessories.

  • Carrycot (£219.95)
  • Car seat adapters (£34.95)
  • Cup holder (£24.95)
  • Footmuff (£89.95)
  • Kid board (£69.95)
  • Snack tray (£30)
  • Snogga footmuff (£69.95)
  • Summer seat liner (£44.95)

Now you’ve tested it, what would you have wanted to know before purchasing the pushchair?

I'd want to be aware of just how wide the pushchair was. Naively, I assumed it would be relatively narrow because it is marketed as a city stroller. Even in its most compact folding mode, it still takes up quite a lot of room and, although it fitted fine on a London bus, if another mum had appeared with a similar sized pushchair I think we would have struggled to fit both in the designated area.

Cybex Gazelle S back view

Is this pushchair worth the money?

It’s a great design with endless options for seat configuration. I think it’s worth the money if you’re planning to convert it into sibling mode. If you’re only going to use it as a mono pushchair, I think there are more compact single pushchairs on the market for city living.

Where can I buy the Cybex Gazelle S?

It's available from John Lewis , Natural Baby Shower and Mamas and Papas .

MadeForMums verdict:

A clever buggy that's ideal for those with 2 children under 4. It has a stylish design and finish and the level of flexibility is unchallenged in the market. With great storage and multiple configurations, it's an adaptable, practical pushchair. The downside of this level of adaptability is the wide frame, and some limited manoeuvrability in certain modes. Overall, it’s a good multifunctional stroller that will grow with your family as and when your needs change.

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Cybex Gazelle S Review

gazelle silver

Cybex Gazelle S at glance:

Suitable from birth in most configurations, Gazelle S offers your family the ability to adapt and change with ease thanks to its ability to upgrade to a duo stroller that comfortably accommodates a second child using an additional seat unit (sold separately) - making it perfect for parents thinking of expanding their family in the future.

1. Cybex Gazelle S

gazelle pc silver

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Georgina : I like how quick it was to assemble; it took about 20 minutes of unwrapping from the box to first use (compared to 2 hours for my other pram). I like that it is lightweight and has a high handle, which makes it easy to push and manoeuvre. I like the easy wipe clean nature of the outside material- even baby vomit didn’t stain. I like the large basket underneath the pram, for all the twin essentials. I think it looks simple, sleek and stylish.

Julia : It's a really high quality product that is sturdy and comfortable for both of my twin daughters to sit in. It's super practical, and unlike other tandem pushchairs I've used, surprisingly light and easy to manoeuvre, particularly around corners which has always been a problem with other tandem pushchairs I've used.

Zumra : Lovely buggy for use with one child, easy to assemble and folds up nicely. Lots of room underneath and useful shopping basket. However, if buying for siblings be warned that the second seat (purchased separately) is not interchangeable between the top and bottom. It is also very heavy with two kids and difficult to manoeuvre up and down curbs. We have nearly tipped it over dangerously twice going downhill and I have to practically jump to get it up a curb when both kids are riding in it.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Hannah : I would recommend it to other mums, firstly it’s design means the pram looks great, the frame and seats can be customised to your personal taste which gives it an advantage if you want to buy a pram that you can add your own style to. The pram frame is modern and understated which is a great look but also feels strong and well made. I think Cybex is acknowledged generally as a brand that produces well made items that you can rely on and this is certainly true for the Gazelle S. The pram has the option for carrycots which are really soft and comfy, perfect for newborns! I understand you can also attach your car seats with the right adapters. I was unable to test this as I didn’t have the adapters but being able to put the car seats on a pram makes life a lot easier. The Gazelle S is easy to set up from the box, there are videos to follow online which I found really helped. Once the Gazelle S is set up it is easy to adjust and configure, it’s lightweight and doesn’t take ages to change from a single pram to a double. Folding the pram frame down is very easy and with practice you could definitely become fast at folding the pram down. It has a good amount of storage under the pram so you don’t have to load bags and shopping up on the handlebars. As a mum of twins the storage element is so important, you want to be able to quickly grab something easily and this pram enables that. The pram is very easy to keep clean, the pram frame can easily be wiped down as and when needed and the wheels can be removed. The carrycot fabric can be detached and washed which is great for sicky newborns and sticky fingers! Its design means the pram can grow with your baby from them laying in a carrycot to forward facing in a seat, this means the pram should be suitable for a while which is a real bonus when babies grow out of things so quickly!

Katy : I would recommend the Gazelle S based off its ability to fold with the seats on, most double prams you have to completely remove the seats for it to fold. It takes ages getting in the car as it is with children and the fact you can just fold the pram and put it straight in the boot is brilliant.

Roberta : The Cybex Gazelle S stroller is perfect for city life and a growing family, one of the greatest features for me is how much can I fit in this stroller and how compact it can be then you do not use it. The design of stroller is super stylish and have very good quality fabrics. My 3 year old daughter is big for her age and still fits perfectly. It is perfect when I go shopping, I can fit my toddler and whole bunch of food inside because of the extra basket. It is very manoeuvrable, does not matter how much or how little you put in it.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Georgina : Being quick to assemble is a major plus, and being lightweight - especially combined with the weight of two children, which is perfect for the early stages, but as it is so lightweight it doesn’t feel as sturdy or safe in an impact as my other pram. It has a higher weight limit that my other twin pram, so it will be useful for longer, making it better value for money. I really like the appearance of the pram, and the usefulness of the large basket.

Roberta : I think this product must win because it is perfect for growing families or families with baby twins or even if you have just one but love to shop. From my side this Gazelle S stroller is really great because of our growing family, now we use it for our toddler but in a month or two we will use it as a sibling stroller and whats even better that there's still plenty of space for shopping!

Julia : I definitely think this is the best tandem I've ever used. I think the design of it really makes it stand out, as not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it's also designed really well from a safety point of view and ease of use. Plus, there are lots of different seated variations, more than I've seen on any other tandem model.

What changes would you make to this product?

Katy : I would have to change how far out the second seat pokes out, I feel it’s quite dangerous and also quite low especially if both children are really young, when crossing the road I wasn’t able to stand and lean and look out to see when to cross as my eldest was hanging into the street! I had to stand in front of the pram and then go back and push it.

Julia : I'd perhaps say to have the seats a little bit further apart. My twin girls prefer to be seated both facing out away from me but I found that the space between them was really tight. Whoever was sitting at the top height was constantly kicking the back of the head on the one who was lower which did result in tears a few times so I had to reconfigure positions for them.

Hannah : I did find the pram difficult to manoeuvre and steer when set up as a twin pram. I felt that the front of the pram would pull me in a different direction which left me clinging onto the pram. I believe if this issue could be addressed and when you pushed the pram it felt the same as it does when it’s set up as a single pram, then this would be perfect. I think it would also be useful to have car seat adapters included, I already have Cybex car seats so I would have expected them to fit the pram but they didn’t. Unfortunately you need the adapters and these would have made my life a lot easier.

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Safety is assessed by testing to the requirements of the federal stroller safety standard, 16 CFR Parts 1112 and 1227, which incorporates, by reference, the most current version of the ASTM stroller safety standard, ASTM F833-19. We also put strollers through Stability and Braking and other tests designed by CR.

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Ease of use Ease of use is based primarily on ease of using and adjusting the safety harness, folding and unfolding, adjusting the backrest, lifting and carrying, engaging wheel brakes and car seat removal and installation (only for compatible strollers).

Maneuverability Maneuverability is assessed by trained testers, taking into account how well each stroller, with a weight bag "passenger," maneuvers on our course: in S-turns through cones, in narrow sections, on grass, dirt trails with tree roots and other debris, uphill, downhill and up and down curbs.

Safety Safety is assessed by testing to the requirements of the federal stroller safety standard, 16 CFR Parts 1112 and 1227, which incorporates, by reference, the most current version of the ASTM stroller safety standard, ASTM F833-19. We also put strollers through Stability and Braking and other tests designed by CR.

Suitable for 6 mos. and under

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2021 Cybex Gazelle S | Stroller Review

The 2021 Cybex Gazelle S is a big step forward for the German company. A modular stroller with all of the modern design and engineering touches we’ve come to expect from Cybex , it looks to make it’s mark on the stroller world this year. 

The Cybex Gazelle is what many call a stroller that converts from single to double. The idea behind this is that you’ll have all of the amenities and space for your first child, and simply be able to add another seat to the stroller once you have a second. The Cybex Gazelle took a unique perspective on this, offering tons of storage space. You can choose to start your stroller with the seat at the top:

Or at the bottom, with the removable storage basket closer to the handlebar:

Absurdly convenient, the basket can be detached easily and offers a great way to easily carry everything you need for one or more kids! Add on the Cybex Gazelle S Carry Cot and the Cybex Gazelle S Second Seat to unlock all of the 20+ configurations available with the stroller. The Carry Cot also offers a safe place to let baby nap during all of your strolls. Each seat holds 50lbs, and the storage capacity of the underbasket is 28lbs, while the upper basket holds 22lbs, meaning this stroller has got to be durable to handle all the extra weight.

Check out the video above to get a better handle on its most unique feature, the sliding adapters that run along the side of the stroller, allowing parents to quickly adjust the seating or the upper basket.

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Holding all of that weight requires a good bit of suspension! With large rubber back wheels and pneumatic front wheels, the Cybex Gazelle offers a smooth glide for city streets and suburbs alike. Its sturdy taupe-accented aluminum frame has great suspension and stability. This is huge if you want this stroller to last quite a while, especially with the option to get the Cybex Kid Board and stroll with a third! Similar in weight to its competitors in the modular stroller world, it weighs in at a slight 27.7lbs, a pretty tiny footprint compared to the weight it can hold. 

The fold is also magical! The Cybex Gazelle has a tiny standing fold that allows you to keep the seat on when folded. This is great for small spaces, you can keep it in your closet, your foyer or your hallway without it being a hazard! 

The style is pure Cybex: modern, sleek, the aesthete’s stroller. Gorgeous fabrics adorn the sloping curves of the seat, with 4 colors that perfectly accentuate the taupe-tinted aluminum frame and leatherette handles. White-walled tires recall mid-century opulence and the Cybex logo feels natural, unobtrusive when splashed on the classic colors of the fabric. Clearly, they know how to make a statement. 

Yet there’s more! The seats come with XXL removable UPF 50+ canopies with peek-a-boo windows. The telescopic handlebar adjusts to different heights so even the parents are comfortable. 

The seats start at 6 months and it offers the 2021 Cybex Gazelle S Carry Cot to accommodate newborns. Car seat adapters are included for the Cybex Cloud Q and Nuna Pipa , with Chicco/PegPerego/Graco Car Seat Adapters available separately, as well as Britax B-Safe Adapters .

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Still not sure which stroller is the right one for your family? Reach out to us anytime via email at [email protected]. We’re always happy to talk shop! You can also contact our Baby Gear Gurus via phone (866-600-BEAN) during business hours (M-F, 9 am-5 pm EST), by utilizing the Product Expert Chat on our website , or by scheduling a video consultation . Finally, get all the advice you need by visiting our YouTube channel !

Stephanie - August 9, 2022 I have the Nuna Pipa carseat and it is extremely difficult to remove from the stroller adapters. Definitely do not recommend using this stroller with a different brand of carseat as the adapters are poorly designed. Wish I had known this before purchasing.
Erika - December 7, 2021 For the Cybex Gazelle, does the adapter truly work with the Chicco Keyfit 30? I’ve read one review that says it doesn’t work, and that’s all I’ve been able to find. Thank you!
Lai WEI - December 7, 2021 Hello, I would like to consult when this stroller will be available in mainland China
Sarah Davis - December 7, 2021 Hello, I am looking at purchasing the Cybex Gazelle S, however I have a Graco car seat. I understand the adapter can be purchased separately, however I was curious as to what direction the car seat will face with this adapter.

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cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Cybex Gazelle S Review

In this review we’re going to go over all of the basic functions of the Cybex Gizelle S Stroller .

Adjusting Handle Bars Starting at the top you have your main button in the center of the handle and this is what you’re going to use in order to adjust the height at the handle:

If you press in the button at the center of the handle, hold it down and move the handle bar to various positions and find the one that works for you.

The basic buttons on the handle are involved in the fold, you have a safety lever and a safety slider that you activate with your thumb.

Activate Fold: In order to activate the fold, pull on the safety slider, press in the main button (center of handle bar) and hold as you press the handle in.

Seat Basics Moving on to the seat: If you look on the backside of the seat, there is a button. Pull on the button to find various recline positions for the seat. This also allows the seat to flip all the way forwards or backwards.

Looking at the canopy, on the top has a zipper. This zipper can be zipped all the way around the canopy. This gives you a little bit more length and a protection from the sun.

There have a peek-a-boo window located on the canopy, which is made from mesh so it can increase ventilation in the summertime.

Front of Seat Looking at the front of the seat, you have your leg rest, which is adjustable via two buttons on the side of the seat. Press the button in order to lower the leg rest. If desired you can just pull the leg rest up.

Then you have your bumper bar, this is one of those 360-degree bumper bars so you can press it in on either side. You can also open it up and it will swivel open making it easier to get your child in place.

You then have your harness, which can be adjusted by the sort of standard plastic adjustment pieces as one finds on backpacks. In order to open up the harness there’s a button right in the center, press it, and it will release the harness.

Remove and Reverse Seat In order to remove and reverse the seat you have two white buttons on either side of the seat. Press those in and that will allow you to pull the seat up so you can flip it around and line up the track with the corresponding parts on the inside of the chassis, and it will click right into place.

Brakes All right look at the rear frame, you have a few functions to check out. You have your brake pedal press it on and it locks, press again and it unlocks. There is an indicator on the brakes, when it is red it’s locked, once green and it will drive again.

Wheels If we put the stroller on its side you can see underneath. There is another button right next to the wheel. If you press it in it allows you to remove the wheels.

On the rear side of the frame, you have swivel locks. This functions if you pull on the swivel lock, it will lock the wheels either backwards or forwards. The difference here is that if you lock them in the backwards facing, that will secure the tires when going over difficult terrain, and it will become easier to maneuver.

For most of the time you’re going to be using this the swivel lock is for removing the front wheel. If you press it in you can pull up the front wheel and it will pop right back into place otherwise.

Mechanics, Comfort, Use of Cybex Gazelle S

Today we’re going to be looking at the Gazelle a new multi functional tandem model from Cybex. This is an interesting model for several reasons; from a customer perspective it’s a presumably premium two child model priced a bit below other top two child models.

Also it’s shopping configuration, where the bulk of the model becomes dedicated to holding your stash and becomes a potentially cheaper alternative to the Bugaboo Donkey. From a mechanical perspective, we find it additionally interesting because this is Cybex’s first foray into building models with these proportions, meaning bigger and sturdier in order to deal with the increased weight capacity.

Overview So let’s get started then, beginning with some stats. The Gazelle clock in at 27.5 lbs. (12.5 kilos) and folds down to 22”x 12.5”x 29” (56x 32x 74.5 centimeters). In its most compact configuration, it can take 49.6 lbs (22.6 kilos) of weight per seat, which is far more capacity than you will need given the size of the seats. Storage wise, it can load 22 lbs. (10 kilos) in the upper basket and 28.6 lbs. (13 kilos) in the under slung basket.

Child Comfort Starting off with the seat this is where the gold line placing of the model strikes hardest in the Gazelles somewhat cheaper textiles with minimal padding, a canopy that is primarily single layered and a bit weaker in it’s mechanical elements. In addition, size wise The Gazelle seat is a bit shorter than one would find on an average midsize model.

They claim the model is suitable for children up to four years old; the actual age limit for full comfort is closer to three years old depending on the size of the child. When using the model for two children, both seats are the same size, which is a characteristic that separates out the Gazelle from a lot of other tandem models.

This tends to provide a primary seat of standard mid-sized proportions, while the tandem seat is smaller. In terms of use, this makes the Gazelle subpar as a single child model, but above average size wise if using the model for a pair of children with a tight age span.

Parent Comfort When it comes to parent comfort and overall ease of use, the Gazelle has both pluses and minuses. As far as the handle is concerned, the model offers a good range of length and is sturdily built, feeling quite solid in your hands while pushing around the stroller’s significant bulk.

The Gazelle is also relatively easy to fold though there are more steps and mechanisms involved than in most Cybex models due to an additional safety trigger on the handle, and the potential need to fold multiple seats or remove the shopping basket depending on how you’re using it. It’s worth noting that the overall structure of the model has a very solid and reinforced core with good suspension.

Most of the peripheral elements attached to the seat, sliding adaptors, and the rear wheels are all a bit loose right out of the box, which makes the model feel a tad rickety with regard to these elements and can make some functions a bit fiddly to use. In addition, despite the good suspension and decently sized wheels the chassis is quite long back to front which makes maneuvering somewhat cumbersome.

The second problem is exacerbated when placing a child in the lower forward position, due to the distribution of weight there is a serious limiting of the Gazelles driving ability when using either the shopping basket or two child mode and when using the Gazelle as a one child model in the basic configuration.

Overall Structure Okay let’s move on to the mechanics of the Gazelle starting off with the handle, the fold, and the overall structure. The core design of the Gazelle is quite solid.

All across the Gazelles chassis from the telescopic handle down to the simple folding system from the Uppababy Vista style suspension, to the reinforced hinges and riveting the Gazelle has been built to proportions and with respect for structural integrity that is otherwise not appeared so far out of Cybex as a brand, other than on their astronomically priced platinum models.

This very much includes horizontal symmetry by the way achieved via the handle the thick welded rear cross bar and the solid front frame, all of which in addition to the seats shopping basket and so on which is at horizontal support make the potential for asymmetry issues very unlikely with the model. In the end the only larger structural concerns with the Gazelle.

The first being the slamming motion needed to achieve the fold, which has the potential to accelerate wear on the internal components. The second, having to do with the potential pressures of the models length for users focusing on the front-loaded configuration.

Rear Frame Moving down then to have a closer look at the rear frame. Regarding the brake system, they opted for a ballpoint style flip-flop friendly break with a wire to get from side to side. Mechanically this more complex system creates a greater potential for problems, both due to the wire, which doesn’t have an adjustment screw to control tension problems commonly occurring in wire based systems over time, as well as, within the housings themselves, which necessarily make use of a number of small spring loaded components.

Another area on the rear frame to be aware of is the way the wheels connect to the chassis in that one side of the axles is flat as it enters the housing, meaning that the axles do not spin within the housings at all, but rather only spin within the ball bearings on the wheels themselves. This is generally a good thing, as it better protects the chassis from wear, though given a certain looseness in the wheels right out of the box, there’s a potential for ball bearing issues down the line.

Since the axles do not spin within the housings it will be important to remove the wheels from time to time and lubricate the connections to prevent rust build up so that should there be problems in the future.

Wheels Moving on to the front frame, the first thing to point out is the size of the front wheels as well as the decent suspension on the front forks. This set up, combined with the Gazelles average 12-inch rear wheels and a good rear frame suspension would have made for a decent degree of terrain capability.

However, these characteristics not being thwarted by the effects that the overall length and configurations aimed at, front loading the model has a maneuverability on the one hand and the ability to tip the stroller backwards to get up and over curbs on the other. Provided that you use the Gazelle in a relatively flat environment, these elements will definitely still help with certain aspects of terrain such as cobblestones, gravel, and snow. The train like bulk of the model will aid in plowing over or through such impediments.

Front Frame Looking closer at the front frame, the front wheels are quite tight in their housings, which is a nice thing with an O-ring style rubber washer at the base of the axle providing a bit of pressure. The main reason they are so tight, however, is that the axel sits flush through ball bearing before being locked in the housing and higher up.

The positive side of this design in addition to the tightness of that connection is the smooth rotation of the bearings. It’s important to note that anytime you use bearings in this way, there is the potential for wear down the road, which may result in the need to replace those bearings.

In addition, as with the rear wheels it’s important to lubricate inside this mechanism regularly not only to keep the bearings running smoothly but also to keep the axles from rusting to the bearings, which would make fixing any sort of eventual problems a nightmare.

Recommendation So would we recommend buying the Cybex Gazelle? Our judgment of the model is as follows: From a mechanical standpoint, the core design of the model is generally strong, and though there are a few weaker elements, longevity wise this is a good model for its price. The real problem with the Gazelle comes down to use value.

If you think about the Gazelle for a moment there are three potential configurations, single child not for shopping with the seat in the middle position, single child in the shopping configuration, and the two-child configuration. In the first configuration, the use value of the of the Gazelle as a Cadillac type model versus the Vista is degraded by not having a larger size and more luxurious basic seat, as well as, by the effects of the chassis length on the models terrain capabilities.

In the second configuration, the Gazelle fails to compete with the Bugaboo Donkey, whose mono configuration has made it one of the best shopping strollers for years, both because the Donkey gives one easy and direct access to the child, as well as, it’s wide footprint provides significantly better maneuverability and terrain capability than the long front loaded design of the Gazelle.

In the end, in terms of use the Gazelle really only offers value in its two child mode, where the price and the quality of seat size may give it an advantage with specific, though not all age spans between siblings, provided one lives in a very flat urban environment with a lot of access ramps.

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cybex gazelle travel system reviews

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Cybex Gazelle S Stroller Review

  • Product Review

Jump to Section

  • An included removable basket like the   Bugaboo   Donkey5
  • The ability to transform into a double tandem stroller with a BIG basket like the   UPPAbaby Vista V2
  • And, a seat that can move up and down on the frame for convenience like the   Stokke Xplory

Removable Shopping Basket

Innovative adapters.

Is it possible to use all of the seat and basket configurations with ease?  The answer is an overwhelming YES! The included upper adapters can move into 3 various positions and are marked on the stroller frame with an easy-to-read dot system.

The adapters easily slide UP and DOWN the   stroller   frame allowing you to accommodate lots of different combinations or a second rider [we will get to the second seat shortly.] We love this innovative adapter system for many reasons starting with the fact that there is no chance of losing them since they are a permanent fixture on the   stroller   frame. They also offer flexibility as you get to choose where exactly you want the seat to be on the frame. Have you ever been to a busy café with no highchairs available? It’s the worst. The   Gazelle S   allows you to move the seat up or down to suit your needs allowing for you to bring the seat to table height if necessary. Coolest part? The lower adapter mechanism can be flipped out to accommodate a   second seat   when the time comes. 

The Stroller Seat

  • 3 Recline positions
  • Reversible seat
  • Swivel belly bar
  • No re-thread harnesses

The Frame + Fold

If you are going to be pushing around this   stroller   with two full baskets and possibly two children, you'll need to ensure the   stroller   can keep up and offer a smooth ride. The   Gazelle S   offers large wheels and all-wheel suspension including added suspension in the stroller frame itself. 

The fold is easy to do once you’ve gotten the hang of it – here is a step-by-step guide.

  •  Pull up on the lever located on the back of the stroller seat to fold it into the frame.
  •  Press both white buttons found on the handlebar.
  •  Grab the lever on the side of the handlebar while also sliding the frame forward in one motion.

Features on Features

  • Leatherette details
  • Included cup holder
  • Included rain cover
  • Included car seat adapters

New Gazelle S 2023

Gazelle s 2023 video review, what's the verdict.

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

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Cybex Gazelle S Double Stroller Review

A lot comes to mind when you’re thinking of getting the best stroller for your baby. Of course, the comfort and safety of the stroller are the first things anyone should consider.

However, the ease of monitoring your child and the peace of mind you get knowing exactly how your baby is doing is equally vital. Any stroller that makes it easier for me to bond with my baby while I’m in total control gets the nod from me.

I started my stroller journey with Uppababy Vista as it’s probably THE trendiest stroller in the USA. However, while it was a well-made stroller I quickly sold it as I realized that way too heavy and bulky and pretty useless for two kids that aren’t twins due to seat configurations and weight limit.

Since I was due with my second baby I was on the hunt for the best double stroller out there. I got to test a ton of double strollers .

One stroller caught my eye, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands was a new release from Cybex Gazelle S stroller . After using this stroller for months I’m pretty satisfied with it, but there are a few things I’m certain that you should know about it, so make sure you read the ending.

Full disclosure: I bought this product myself. I wasn’t paid or given a sample, so this review is as objective as can be. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Beautiful Design

The Cybex Gazelle S stroller sports a nice design (I’ve had other parents give it glowing compliments).

It sports top-quality fabrics and the premium design is down to a sturdy aluminum frame and simple color of your choice – navy, black, grey and taupe (I got navy).

This stroller ticks all the important boxes and offers additional functions as well. The extra features are more important than most new users might immediately realize. This list includes the shopping basket, rain cover, car seat adapters (for non-Cybex cars seats), and cup holder. All of those come already included in the box which is awesome for the price.

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Cybex Convertible Single to Double Stroller

The thoughtfulness that went into designing the Cybex Gazelle S is impressive. A “convertible” stroller is nothing new, but it takes a little more effort than I’d like to design it well.

The Gazelle S has impressed me as it’s relatively easy to convert from a single to a double stroller. It has plenty of suitable configurations, including a possibility to put the newborn and later younger sibling on the top closer to the parent (Uppababy didn’t allow this due to weight limitations on the seat).

It can support the weight of a toddler seamlessly, regardless of the seat. The construction supports more than twenty different setups for babies and toddlers.

You can adjust the stroller to either face forward or backward (the parent-facing mode) so that your baby can look directly at you. The Gazelle S stroller also has an additional kid board that can accommodate up to three children. Or two kids and a cat or small dog in the basket 😉

Speaking of the basket, this stroller has a shopping basket that can hold up to 26 lbs of shopping items. It’s removable and falls into the category of extra-large stroller baskets.

Even when I’m not going shopping, there’s usually something extra I like to put in there like a bag or diaper bag. Or a cat actually 😉

When I absolutely don’t need it though or when I add the second seat, I detach the basket and there’s still plenty of room in the underneath basket.

Cybex Gazelle stroller with car seat on top

Carseat Compatible

Just like on any other Cybex stroller I’m able to use Cybex’s car seat without any adapters with an adaptable 3-in-1 travel system. While expensive, Cybex Cloud Q carseat is the best on the market.

It’s the only car seat that allowed a flat recline when put on a stroller or taken out of the base, which means that your baby can safely stay in a car seat for a while and there’s no need for an extra bassinet.

While everyone does it in the US it’s simply not safe to go on walks and around town in a standard infant car seat for longer than 2h a day. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against routine sleeping in sitting devices as the angle can cause suffocation and damage to airways (I explained it and researched it further when reviewing Doona stroller ). Cybex’s car seat doesn’t cause these issues.

Many people ask so I confirm: you CAN have a fully reclined car seat and toddler seat down below (photo below, both car seat and seat reclined).

Cybez Gazelle stroller with reclined Cybex car seat and reclined seat

Seat Options on Cybex Gazelle Double Stroller

Cybex’s seats are always known for great functions, one of which is a big recline. The seats recline to a pretty much flat position. It’s easy and quick to switch things up a bit for your baby’s comfort.

The newer Gazelle model now offers a one-pull harness which is a true game-changer! I got to try on their Orfeo and Coya strollers, but it works the same exact way on all their models now.

Cybex Gazelle S has a comfortable seat compared to other strollers. They can hold up to 50 lbs for both seat units , which isn’t the case with all double strollers. I had to buy the second-seat unit separately, though (by default, the stroller only comes with one seat).

And speaking of seats… if you have two kids sitting in toddler seats facing the front (which is the most popular combination) the child sitting on the top has a decent amount of leg space as the bottom seat has some wiggle room.

This is not the case with Uppababy Vista where your older child sitting on the higher seat has next to no leg space, despite actually sitting higher than on Gazelle.

Some people complain that the seat is on the smaller side. Technically speaking it is, but my toddler was 38″ tall when I bought it and fit just fine. He’s way taller than kids his age so I’d say you can use it up until the older is 4 or so (not that you must need a stroller until that age really, hopefully at least).

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Easy Folding

Parents know the frustration when trying to fold your baby stroller and it just wouldn’t budge. I’ve been there. The irritation multiplies when I need to do something else right away.

Gazelle folds easily and quickly. Although it doesn’t have a one-hand fold as it requires two steps, it can be folded with one hand actually which is handy when you’re holding the baby.

Cybex Gazelle S folds as a double with both seats attached in any configuration.

I must say I’m usually relieved by how easy it is to fold this stroller. It just never gets stuck halfway during folding like other brands I’ve used in the past. When folded it’s much smaller than any other double stroller I’ve seen and fits easily in my trunk, while many others do not.

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Extra-Large Canopy

One of the notable things I look out for in a stroller is its canopy. I don’t go out in the sun without wearing sunscreen. I’m not sure if my babies’ skins will be as sensitive to sunlight as mine when they grow up, but I’ve chosen not to take any chances.

The Cybex Gazelle S stroller has an XXL sun canopy that you can extend (I often take it to the max) to shield your baby from dangerous rays in sunlight. The canopy also comes with a mesh window that your baby can breathe through on really hot days. It’s not only suitable for sunny days; your baby would be home and dry when it rains.

Storage basket on Cybex Gazelle double stroller

Adjustable Handlebar

I love adjustable handlebars because my partner and I can use the stroller whenever we want. The leatherette handlebar ensures that I have a firm grip on the stroller.

Once it’s my partner’s turn to take our lovelies for a stroll, it’s easy to adjust and comfortable to steer the stroller.

The handlebar’s grip is also easy to push with one hand, making it easy to me to be in absolute control of the stroller no matter what.

Toddler and newborn at the beach with Cybex Cloud Q car seat

You can also lock the wheels so that the stroller does not move when you park it. It’s so natural to hold the brakes – just use your toes!

The Cybex Gazelle S Stroller has a toe-tap function for holding brakes and an all-wheel suspension with frame shock absorption for a less bumpy ride.

Cybex stroller with toddler seat at the museum visit

Cons of Cybex Gazelle S Stroller

There is no stroller without cons – there’s always something that can be improved. One thing I noticed is that when your shopping basket isn’t filled with something heavy or removed, it’s a bit hard to lift the stroller to the curb.

That said, I recommend putting your purse or baby bag in the basket if you’re using a single-seat shopping option.

That said, since two kids weigh significantly more than one it wasn’t extremely easy to lift it, but we actually solved the issue by getting a kid board . It comes with a pole you attach to the frame and even when we don’t use the board we leave it there. It makes it MUCH easier to put your foot on that pole to lift the stroller.

I cannot say much about the kid buggy board, because my toddler refuses to use it and it’s been months. I’ll update when he decides it’s cool enough for him I guess (1 year later it’s still a no-go).

cybex gazelle s stroller driving on uneven pathways

I recommend Cybex Gazelle S Stroller, but…

The Cybex Gazelle S stroller is now the first tandem double stroller I’d recommend to anyone on top of my favorite travel stroller – Babyzen Yoyo+ and next to side-by-side double ZOE Twin .

It’s easy to take apart and reassemble, and you don’t need any help to do so. It’s also durable with a large canopy that keeps the skin safe.

While future stroller models continue to emerge, I can boldly say I have complete satisfaction with the Cybex Gazelle S stroller. It’s obviously not like Cybex Priam, but considering the price and possibility of the second seat, it’s great.

Now, I’ll be brutally honest. I think Cybex is the best single to double stroller and it was a perfect solution for when the second child was a newborn . But, once your newborn is able to sit it’s definitely better to get a side-by-side stroller ( unless you live in places like Italy , then you won’t be able to enter anywhere with it.

Side by side strollers are easiest to push and kids can interact, which is a must with my little ones. One thing that also happened to us, might be totally specific to my toddler because he’s crazy curious and gets into everything, but it might be important to mention if your kid is similar…

We were walking with my toddler sitting in his usual position to get in and out at the bottom and the baby sitting on the top. At some point, the toddler got curious about the construction of the stroller and stuck his fingers into the space between the wheel and the protection since he could reach it from the bottom – all while my husband was pushing and bam… accident. Blood everywhere, toddler got a scar from it for life and this is basically when I realized that maybe tandem strollers aren’t always the best.

Lots of questions were asked about traveling and living in Europe with it… if you’re going to live in Europe or need a stroller for traveling then I wouldn’t get a double stroller at all – just two single one, stroller wagon or a single stroller with a buggy board – you’ll thank me later. Most parents in Europe use this setup, because a double isn’t very practical.

In fact, we’ve moved back to Europe for a bit, now with two children, and decided to bring Evenflo stroller wagon and Babyzen Yoyo with a buggy board only. If we just go to a nearby playground or on a flat hike we bring a stroller for the smaller child and a balance bike for the older one.

This setup is great, but if we go to a busier place like a local market, downtown, somewhere cars are moving fast or where they’re not allowed (eg fairs, zoos and other venues) then a balance bike isn’t an option and we bring a buggy board.

It worked perfectly but we ended up purchasing a second lightweight stroller for city trips, because we wanted to be able to let the older sibling rest when we’re out and about all day and then going out for dinner.

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Thanks for your review! I am so torn between this one and the Vista. Have you found any child cup holder/snack trays that work for the Gazelle?

Yup! Cybex has its own snack tray with a cup holder 🙂

I am also trying to decide between the Cybex Gazette and Vista. How old was your eldest that the Vista didn’t work for you? Have you used the Cybex warranty? Thanks in advance!

Cybex Gazelle just came out, less than a month ago so no warranty usage needed yet. Vista never worked when your kids are different ages, unless you want to keep a newborn on the bottom and not close to you, your older one wants to sit facing you (not gonna happen with mine) and you have a small child since the Rumble seat has lower weight limit, so the older kid always has to ride up top, which is really not something you want when they climb in and out.

Would this Gazelle be able to be carried on in airplane? Looking for a good double for Disney trip and everyday use so I’m attracted to the storage options of this stroller. Thanks!

Nope, it’s a full-size stroller. It can be gate-checked though. There’s no double stroller that can fit in the cabin, if you want a stroller to bring into the cabin you’d need to get a Babyzen Yoyo or similar ->

Hello, I am 95% sure that I will get it, I am just not being able to find information about the cleaning. I have friends who have some strollers that the sit’s cloth can be remove and wash in the washing machine. How has been the cleaning for you?

haha! I never thought that a pet can be adjusted in the double stroller especially the cat who can’t even sit on my lap.

Hi there, lovely review. I’m very into this pushchair myself could you possibly tell me the seat measurements please backrest, width and depth and full length of the seat from head to end of foot rest when lying flat. Thankyou xx

I’ll measure it later for you, but my bub is over 36″ and he still has room to grow so probably about 38ish (he doesn’t use the footrest though, because he just doesn’t like any).

In the mode when the front seat is world-facing, and the upper seat parent facing, is it possible to fully recline the upper seat whilst keeping the lower seat upright? we’re guessing no, because it looks like the upper seat would then be obstructed by the lower seat’s back.

Nope, not possible. It’s only possible on strollers where the seats are side by side, otherwise your stroller would be way too long and hard to maneuver.

Hi are you aware of a bassinet stand that is compatible with gazelle cot? Thanks for this review!!

Hi! How is the push/steering? Does it ride well in all terrains like what you mentioned for your vista review?

So far I had no issues with any terrain – we tried cobblestones, uneven pavement with holes and all good. Going up the curb is hard but it’s the case with any double stroller because of the weight (one thing that solved it for us was getting a buggy board and the pole that comes with it helps with that). Steering is great, considering the length of the stroller and weight of two kiddos 🙂

Do you feel the same way about this stroller being an all terrain stroller vs the vista? I read in your other review for the vista you mentioned this:“ It’s an all-terrain stroller that lasted us for cobblestones, uneven sidewalks, mountain hikes, it didn’t fail in those aspects.” I was wondering if you would say the same about the Cybex gazelle S.

Absolutely! In fact, as I’m typing this reply I just came back with this stroller from the sandy grassy hills and cobblestones and it worked just fine with a carseat and buggy board attached to it (AKA it was easy for me to push it on my own and considering I just had a c-section less than 2 weeks ago, I’d say it’s extremely easy if I was 100% myself 😀

Could you tell me what the wheels are like? I’m curious if they are plastic and how would you compare them to the vista’s wheels?

They feel pretty similar to Vista wheels. Can’t tell whether it’s plastic or hard rubber (even asked my husband now to see what he thinks and he also can’t tell), but either way they’re very sturdy.

Any recommendations on a stroller caddy/organizer that works well on the gazelle?

I don’t have any personal recommendations, because I don’t use any. Just put everything under the stroller most of the time and my phone rides in the cup holder 😉

Thanks alot for the review. I was about to purchase UppaBaby Vista And came across your review. I have a question though, you mentioned in the Vista review that its quite heavy and that its wide..won’t go into an elevator! per Website Cybex Gazelle is as big and do you find that? And do you feel its a lengthy Stroller? Is it handy in Restaurants and shops.. Can I attach a Maxi Cosi car seat to it ? I live in Germany and the lockdown is not allowing me to see things before buying :/ I’d really appreciate your reply!

Question: do you already have two kids or one and planning another one? I would get a different stroller than Vista for just one baby, in the worst case you sell it and get a different thing later. That was the mistake I made and frankly I’ll be gladly going back to my small travel stroller again once my toddler is out of the stroller completely.

Gazelle is significantly smaller than Vista when folded because of the wheels’ position and footrest not folding. But again, depends where you live. Where I used to live previously there’s no way Vista would have fit in the European elevator or corridor. It’s really made for giant American spaces.

No double stroller will be able to just stand in most restaurants without being folded to be honest, they’re just too big, so we just take the car seat out, fold the stroller and use a restaurant high chair for a toddler. Hence why in Mexico for example I see a lot of parents just traveling with two Babyzen Yoyo+ strollers instead of one double stroller.

Here is a list of infant car seat brands and models compatible with the Gazelle S: Cybex Aton and Cloud Q series (with included adapter) Nuna PIPA, PIPA Lite, PIPA Lite LX, PIPA RX and PIPA Lite R (with included adapter) Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30, Mico 30 and Mico Max Plus (with included adapter) Clek Liing (with included adapter) Graco SnugRide 30/35, SnugRide SnugLock 30/35 (with adapter) Chicco KeyFit 30 (with adapter) Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35, 4-35 Nido, Agio 4-35 Nido (with adapter) Britax B-Safe 35, B-Safe 35 Elite, Endeavours (with adapter)

P.S. I’d advise against Maxi Cosi car seat. I know it’s a popular one in Europe and seems price-attractive, but the infant’s head is not protected on sides at all due to its design. The advantage of Cybex is that you can attach Cybex Cloud Q carseat to it without an extra annoying special adapter – it’s an expensive car seat but reclinable so baby can sleep in it like in the bassinet (which is super handy for carrying the baby around, for restaurants, etc., since you can’t really carry the bassinet without the stroller).

How do you find the Cybex cloud q for getting in and out of the stroller with baby in it. Do you have to use both buttons at the same time to get it out? I tried it in store and wasn’t sure if I was doing it wrong but it seemed like it would be hard to take out with a baby in it because you couldn’t grab the handle because both hands had to be on the buttons.

Oh, you can move the handle first, before taking the baby out with it.

How would you compare this stroller to the new Mockingbird Double stroller? I’ve been seeing it all over and I’m curious if you have any experience! Thanks 😊

There’s no comparison really, but they are pretty good with Facebook advertising 😉 Mockingbird is flimsy and many parents report that the frame breaks easily, but for this price that’s understandable. Although the biggest drawback and dealbreaker is the seating configuration for newborn + toddler. You can only do a carseat on top when the toddler seat is facing the car seat, so backward – no toddler would stay seated that way.

You mentioned that the seat reclines flat, is it flat enough to handle an on-the-go diaper change? And is the seat upright (90 degree angle) when in regular seated position?

Thanks for being so thorough and answering questions!

I honestly never changed a diaper in the seat since my older is out of diapers, but the seat is not profiled like on Uppababy, so it’s surely possible. About the upright position no, it’s slightly tilted but my toddler doesn’t mind, he pulls himself up using the handle is he wants to see more.

Can the Cybex Cloud Q recline if it’s on the top position with toddler seat on the bottom facing forward? Would the toddler have to have backward for the Cloud Q to recline? Any other configuration with toddler seat and Cloud Q reclined? Maybe baby on bottom?

Yes, it can – I was actually worried about it too, but it works fine. It’s a tight fit and you sort of need to squeeze the top of the seat in, but it always worked for me. I personally haven’t tried any other configuration, because my toddler would have facing backwards when sitting down or facing me instead of the road, so this works best for us 🙂

Hi! Thanks for the review. I’m considering this stroller but I’m wondering how well it handles on rough terrain? I see in your photos some grass and gravel paths, any complaints?

No complaints so far, we also took it on jungle roads and sandy spots in Mexico. It’s naturally heavy with two kids on it so you know, it’s not a piece of cake to push but unless it has an engine no stroller would be, but we never got stuck anywhere 🙂

This review is so helpful! We have finally decided to sell our double Uppababy Vista for all the same reasons as you. Also, now that my children weigh nearly 60lb combined, it’s becoming harder to push and impossible to pop up onto kerbs. I have been desperately looking for an alternative as they are not old enough to give up their stroller just yet. The only ones I have found are all-terrain jogging strollers like the BOB or the Thule Glide which I cannot lift and I cannot fit into my car. I saw the Cybex but dismissed it because I thought it would be the same as the Vista. Can you – or anybody – tell me whether you can actually use it in all the configurations (seats facing each other for example)? And how easy is it to push with 2 children?

I’ll be real about pushing – Cybex’s strollers are super easy to push, but unless the stroller has a motor (only their Priam single stroller does) it’s hard to push two kids no matter what because they’re simply heavy. If you get side by side like Bugaboo Donkey the weight slightly distributes but you still have to push the same amount of kids’ weight. Although I did find that when you get a buggy board it comes with a pole that goes between the wheels and this pole without the buggy makes it very easy to pop up onto kerbs. Seats can face each other, that’s not a problem.

Hi Anna! We have a single stroller now that we don’t really enjoy and are thinking about buying the Gazelle now. Especially as we are planning to have Baby no 2 at some point next year. I am a bit afraid about the small seat units. I read online that some people only recommend it for kids up to 2.5 years as they might get too tight especially with a footmuff in winter. I also tried the stroller in the shop with my one year old in the lower seat and it was heavy to lift up over the imaginary side walk. I like the piggy board bar idea! Hope that will help 🙂 I’d love to hear from you about my seat size concern! Thanks and all the best, Ann

Hi Ann, I’m not going to lie – any tandem stroller is going to be heavy to lift onto kerbs with two kids on it. After all, if you think about it even with 2 under 2, you are lifting 27 lbs of the stroller partially (since parts will be on the ground), then a child (eg. I have an extremely skinny 2-year-old and he’s 25 lbs but most kids his age are about 28-30 lbs. Then add another child or newborn with a car seat or bassinet that’s going to be min 10 lbs with a newborn. It IS a lot of weight, so it’s not going to be as smooth as with a single stroller ever regardless of the stroller especially considering the fact that the weight is distributed lower.

In terms of the seat size… my 2 year old fits just fine. He’s very tall (like a 3-year-old – 37″), but very skinny so not sure how it would fit on a chunkier kid. We also never use any footmuffs – we have one for Babyzen Yoyo but only used it a few times when he was under 1.

This particular stroller aside, I would say wait with a double/convertible stroller till a second child is actually born. That was my personal mistake before my first child was born as I wanted to plan ahead. Convertible strollers are bigger and heavier to be able to hold the weight of two kids and there’s no point in adding the extra weight into the stroller with just one child. Toddlers are also very different – many parents swear by a stroller with a 3-year-olds, others use wagons exclusively. In my case, right after my older turned 2 he really doesn’t ever want to be in the stroller, so we rarely bring his seat anymore (we did use the double a lot between his 21-24 months when the baby was born), but the way things are going I don’t see my toddler going back to the stroller at all, so we might just switch back to Yoyo for the baby – lighter and easier.

Hi Anna, Thank you so very much for this clear and concise review. You fashioned it perfectly; in all the ways that I would have done if I had written it myself👍 I have been undecided as weather to go with the U.B Vista V2, or the Cybex Gazelle S. However, after reading your review, I finally feel I have all the answers and insight I need.😃

Hi this is very helpful. I’m currently looking to find a double buggy as second baby is due this year when my first will have just turned 2. A shop assistant told me that it gets quite crammed with two kids on the cybex gazelle and they don’t have much space. Would you agree?

I’ll be real with you: yes, but any stroller that’s not side by side is cramped. On the other hand, the side by side are not good for smaller spaces, so when it comes to double strollers I don’t think there’s an ideal solution. One way or another they will be big and heavy especially considering the weight of kids on it. Quite frankly even though we have ZOE Twin as well (which is lighter), my husband keeps saying we just need to get a second Babyzen Yoyo because there’s always an issue with double strollers in terms of space, portability and weight 🙁 What’s great about this stroller is that you can put Cloud Q carseat on it and this one reclines – so it takes away the need for the bassinet and is very convenient.

Hi Anna, thank you for providing so much helpful information! I would love to use your idea of the Babyzen Yoyo stroller with the Cybex Cloud, but I am finding conflicting information on sites here in the US for ordering them. Some say that the Cybex Aton is the only style of Cybex carseat that has adaptors for the Babyzen Yoyo. Do you know if this is true? Maybe these same adaptors would actually work with the Cybex Cloud as well? Any light you can shed on this would be great, thank you! Oh one more thing, in your experience can you fold the Babyzen up without removing the carseat adaptors? Thank you!

I’ve never used carseat adaptors or put a car seat on my Yoyo. It kind of defeats the purpose of a lightweight stroller, because US car seats are heavy so it just never made sense to me. I always took the baby out of the car seat and put it in the stroller, so can’t tell you about folding with adapters. What I do know, however, is that Aton is the recommended carseat for the adapters. It will work with Cloud, but it’s not recommended because it has a longer base and it’s heavier.

Hi, I didn’t have a Cybex car seat but I had a nuna pipa with my Babyzen and yes you can fold the stroller with the adaptors on!

Awesome review! I was wondering if you have on a special cover for the Cybex Cloud Q carseat?

Are you talking about a sunshade for it? I got mine on Albee Baby.

Thank you for the review! I’m a mom to be for the first time and I was doing research on this model and the vista v2cruz. I tried out the Cybex and had a hard time folding it up. After 30 mins of struggling we discovered that the adapters for the second seat were turned out and couldn’t fold, but once we did fold it in it worked fine. Did you have the same experience when your had the stroller in that configuration? I know, I’m not even on baby 1, and I’m thinking about this stroller if/when baby 2 comes 😅. Thank you in advance!

What do you mean by the adapters were turned out? Like the seats were facing each other you mean?

Hi Anna, thanks so much for this review! I’m about to sell my Uppababy Vista for exactly the same reasons. I have a toddler and am due with baby number 2 in February. They will have an age difference of 21 months. We’re also planning to move to Italy for one year when the baby is born. The Cybex Gazelle is so far my favorite, but I also came across the Peg Perego Ypsi the other day. Now I’m kind of torn between the two. I really love how narrow the Ypsi is (only 20 inches) and also not too heavy + directly from Italy. I feel like the Cybex has nicer seats and higher quality fabrics though and I don’t really like the folding bar on top of the basket of the Ypsi. But thinking of Italy, maybe the width of the Ypsi is just what we need? Have you ever tested the Ypsi yourself? I know you also live in Italy before, so if you have any advice, I’d appreciate it sooooo much! Dziekuje (I also lived in Poland for a few years before moving to the US :-)).

That’s such a coincidence that you’re planning on moving to Italy and lived in Poland as well 🙂 . In this case, I’ll be real: don’t buy a double stroller at all. Buy two small strollers. A double stroller would be too much of a pain for Italy. Elevators are tiny in Italy and no double strollers will fit even if they’re narrow because of the length (many people leave strollers downstairs if it’s a safe spot but I wouldn’t do it with an expensive stroller), plus many buildings still have stairs to get to the elevator and good luck dragging the double upstairs without removing seats and kids which is super annoying. One of my favorite things to do in Italy was going to all these cafes and restaurants and no way a double stroller will fit any restaurants because it’s too long and bulky, and lifting it to public transportation with kids on is also a pain. I’ve never seen a double stroller on the street in Italy, like never ever, not even in Poland – all my friends just bought two small single strollers. More importantly, I cannot imagine pushing two kids on a heavy stroller (heavy = all doubles that aren’t ZOE Twin which I don’t recommend for Italy) on cobblestones and uneven Italian pavements with holes, especially since when you put the weight of two children and diaper bag (and my older is underweight) it’s already hard to push on smooth paths.

Since your kids will be 21 months apart the older will want to walk and run a lot at this age, so I often feel like for short trips dragging a double is a waste of energy (we really used double regularly until mine was 23 months, now only if we’re out all day) and then he occasionally decides to drink his juice in it and sit down before he runs off again. I tried the buggy board, but my toddler isn’t a fan (some kids love it though) but I just kept one double for all-day trips (but when we move back to Europe in a few months I am selling the double to be honest and buying another Babyzen Yoyo) and just one Yoyo stroller if we go to a playground, store, anywhere because the toddler just walks. ​

Ypsi is not a bad stroller, but for this price isn’t ideal because of the toddler+newborn configurations (no tandem stroller has ideal configurations, otherwise they’re too long). If you do end up buying it, depending on how fast you’re moving remember that your US carseat is illegal in Europe so you will need to buy another one there. If you won’t buy a car straight away then not a problem. You might need to check if the adapters are the same for EU car seats if you bought the stroller here, because this stroller is only compatible with Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido car seats.

I realize this review is a bit old, but we were just trying the Gazelle in the store, and my biggest concern is lifting the car seat out. We tried it with a cybex seat, and it seems the only way to get it out is by pressing the two buttons on the side and lifting it completely out, then setting the seat somewhere to grab it by the handle. This seemed really unwieldy. I imagine there will be a few times when I’ll need to get the car seat out without waking/moving the baby. I don’t know if any of the seats that are compatible with the stroller allow for removing from a back button and the handle or if I’m just missing something…

I can only speak for Cybex Cloud Q car seat as this is what we had and used with Gazelle S, but it works the same way as on Priam or other models (video here: ). You need to flip the handle first so you can grab is straight out of the stroller. When you press the two buttons the car seat unclicks, but won’t fall out – it’s made to grab it by the handle so like you say: you won’t wake up the baby. We always grabbed by the handle, just like in the video I linked above.

Hi! Thanks so much for this thorough review along with the Vista review! I am prepping for baby number one, and am really liking the Cybex Priam. You referred to the Priam a couple of times in this review, do you have any specific opinions on it? I am with you in thinking that for baby number 1, I would like to only have a single stroller at this point. I’m actually going back and forth between Cybex Priam and its lighter/more compact counterpart the Cybex Mios. Any advice would be so appreciated!

They’re both great, but it depends on where do you live. I wish I went for either with the first baby instead of “prepping for the second child” by buying a single-to-double as well. The main difference apart from the price naturally are: wheels are more all-terrain on Priam (so for beach walks or snowy hills that’s better and you can even make them super all terrain by switching the front wheels as well or putting skis on it). Mios is lighter to lift but on the other hand the front folding option on Priam makes lifting it a piece of cake. If you lived in San Francisco or somewhere else hilly then I’d say e-Priam is the best if you can afford it 😉 One thing to think about is where do you usually wander with the baby as if you’re just going around the city then Mios will be just fine, but if you think you want to take the stroller off-road on country roads or hills, beaches, hiking trails then Priam.

Hi! Love this review. We have a tall toddler and are expecting a baby in April. We have the whole Vista set (including the rumble seat) and now we just found out we are moving to Switzerland before the baby comes. I am considering a Cybex Gazelle after reading your review, but I am curious if our Uppababy bassinet could clip into the Cybex stroller? It looks like the bassinet is sold separately. Or would you just use the Cybex gazelle seat for the infant in a very reclined position?

I stand by my note at the end of the post – for Europe I would skip a double stroller and get 2 single ones.

Uppababy bassinet is for Uppababy only. You’d need a Cybex bassinet or Cybex Cloud Q car seat that reclines flat. You can use a seat in a very reclined position once they’re a bit older, but not in the double mode. Tandem strollers cannot recline when in the double mode I’m afraid (goes for all of them).

Thanks for the clarification. Re: Europe — how does a mom get by with two strollers if going out alone? My husband will be working and I want to be able to leave the house with 2 kids!

So you love this stroller for two kids, but wouldn’t recommend it if living in Europe? My husband and I are moving to Switzerland in February. We have a 2 year old and a baby due in April. I don’t know how I would get by without a double stroller if I am going to go out with both kiddos by myself. We currently have the UppaBaby Vista (with a rumble seat) but as you explained, the configuration for a toddler and an infant isn’t ideal. Any advice here? Do you think we could make this work in Europe?? We will be living in a brand new apartment complex with ramps/accessible doors.

Yes, basically. You can definitely make it work, but it’s not great solution especially since you need to lift strollers to public transport, curbs and simply get around in European cities. Your apartment might have a ramp, but it’s not uncommon to have steps to the elevator in many apartments, I’ve even been to a pediatrician’s office in a building like that and you’ll be swearing at the heavy double. With the weight of the stroller and kids it would be more of a hassle for me, especially when going shopping or entering a restaurant or cafe. While some people do it, it’s more common to see babywearing + toddler in a stroller, or baby in the stroller and toddler on a balance bike but toddlers just learn they have to walk (but also remember that in Europe you walk more so kids are more used to it and things are nearby – you’ll walk 10min to the playground or preschool, otherwise you hop on a bus or tram). I personally don’t know anyone who uses a double in Europe, even friends with 1 year apart never used it because it’s more of a hassle. The only stroller I’d be myself midly considering bringing back to Europe as we’re moving to France (but practically Swiss border) is ZOE Twin since it’s lighter and easier to push than tandem but it’s not great on uneven terrain and cobblestones so probably will leave it behind too.

Which footmuffs are compatible with Cybex Gazelle S? I am not able to buy Cybex footmuffs here in Canada. So looking for alternatives.. thanks in advance for any words of advice

We actually only own one footmuff which is the Yoyo Babyzen brand (the only one that folds with Yoyo) and it works just fine on our Gazelle as well. Just used it this weekend actually. Here’s a link for Canadian Amazon: 🙂

Hi! Thanks for the great review! I was looking for the double stroller! My baby arrives in May and I have 1.3 years old. I am wandering what seats/ attachments I will need. Looks like 2 car seats, a seat for toddler. Since car seat goes into almost flat position, will i need a basinet for a newborn?

Hi! Your 1 year old will ride in a normal seat that’s included. For the newborn either a bassinet or car seat – if you get Cybex CLoud Q it reclines and then you won’t need a bassinet unless you want to use a stroller for overnight sleeping. But for Cybex car seat + seat no extra attachments are needed because the stroller comes with it.

I’m primarily interested in the uppababy vista because it has space to fit my giant toddler car seat in the storage area while also attaching our cybex cloud q infant car seat. Our toddler would then walk alongside or use the clip on board to stand on. We need this configuration as we live in Shanghai and don’t have a car so both seats need to be carried in the stroller. Would this configuration work with the cybex Gazelle S? Or is there another stroller you would recommend that would be better for this scenario? Our toddler car sest is a Joie every stage fx so quite a beast!

I’ll be real: toddler walking alongside the stroller with baby and a giant car seat sounds like an ideal, yet unrealistic version of events 😉 I assume it’s for the taxis since you don’t have a car, right? Do you need to bring this particular giant toddler car seat with you? Personally, I’d never drag the giant car seat under the stroller, it just sounds like a nightmare with two kids and a big pain in the butt to push all these heavy things, while making sure your toddler is fine, or carry him on top of pushing – that’s how it usually ends with mine since he thought the board was fun to ride for about a minute and then refuses it. You could technically do it with Gazelle as well, but it just sounds very frustrating.

I got WayB Pico car seat for those situations – it’s not a perfect car seat, but does the job of keeping the toddler safe in random cars and it’s foldable so I can put it under even the tiniest stroller. Since you live in Shanghai you need the European-style car seat, so you would either need to break off the chest clip, or buy a European car seat. For portability I recommend Nachfolger – it folds so small you can put it under anything with 2 seats on it no problem.

If you really want to keep walking around with Joie car seat, then I’d say don’t get a stroller at all, but get a stroller wagon instead . There are a few that can have an infant car seat attached to it (but none are compatible with Cloud Q because this car seat is too heavy for most adapters (it was my issue as well) and then you can use the space underneath to store the other car seat. It would still force your child to walk when the wagon is loaded and you’d need another infant car seat, so it’s not a perfect solution either. I’d stick to a more portable toddler car seat to be honest.

Hi! Know this is an older post so I’m not sure if you’re still responding to comments. But what about Phil and Teds voyager. I am mostly concerned about uneven roads and sidewalks that are in Latin America (like horrific worse than cobblestone) so that I can go on long walks and get exercise. I would also make grocery runs with it as well. But I have a small, lightweight, maneuverable stroller for airports and malls (smooth surfaces) that I’m getting tired of using on the uneven sidewalks to the parks. I liked many of the configurations for two kids with the voyager (high five mode) for when my toddler rides and the fact that the seat can fully recline for newborns. Have you ever used this stroller. Sidewalks here aren’t wide enough for a double wide stroller plus I’ve yet to see one that’s good for all terrain.

Always responding to comments 😉 I haven’t used it as I’m familiar with it and that would so not work for me with a baby and toddler and I haven’t found the right configurations on it and I’ll tell you why… 1. With how the seats are placed kids will be kicking each other nonstop when sitting in front of each other and you lose the basket entirely. 2. Both facing forward with back seat at the bottom – don’t know a child who’d sit like this starting at the sibling’s seat bum. 3. Both facing forward further away from each other – one kid kicks everything in the basket, plus honestly… it’s a nightmare on uneven terrains because the weight distribution is on two ends. Going on the curb like that will make you hate your life and require you to put the frontn of the stroller on the curb with your hands, then move backwards and push. 4. Which leaves me with the only sane configuration: back seat up top and front lower, both facing forward. Now, after I had this configuration on Gazelle and any other stroller I tried I quickly gave up on it on uneven terrains, and having spent some time in Colombia I surely wouldn’t recommend it for you. With strollers in this configuration, the older/heavier child needs to be on the top seat, otherwise, it creates an uneven weight distribution and it’s impossible to push on uneven terrain. I wasn’t able to get up the curb once both kids were older (and both are super skinny for their ages) and honestly we swapped to a stroller wagon – Evenflo Pivot Explore. It’s even smaller in width, a toddler can get in and out by himself while the younger sibling rides, and it’s MUCH easier to maneuver and push than tandem style double strollers.

Hi! Thank you so much for this thorough review – it’s so helpful!

My needs are a bit different than the average commenter’s – my second child has some medical complications that require him to come home on oxygen, so I’m looking for a stroller that is large enough to accommodate him (most likely in his infant car seat), as well as his equipment. Bonus points for one that would allow for my 4yo daughter to hop in for a ride every now and again, too.

I’m looking at both this Cybex and the Vista V2. I see you have experience with both – can you tell me if their baskets underneath are comparable in size? I know the Vista’s is large enough to accommodate our needs, but wonder how the Gazelle’s underneath storage compares.

Also, with the Gazelle, if I were to use the extra shopping basket in the top position and a parent facing infant car seat in the bottom position, would I still be able to see the baby in his seat, or would the shopping basket block my view?

Thanks again for such a helpful review!

Baskets on both strollers were comparable in size I’d say. We were always able to stuff a ton in both strollers honestly (felt like less in Cybex at first, but then I thought we had 2 kids so twice as many things were needed so not really the basket’s fault 😀 ).

In regards to seeing the baby at the bottom if you don’t stuff the basket with tall things sticking out of the basket, you can surely see the baby (I was able to when my cat was riding in the basket sticking out so you should be fine).

If your baby has medical needs that require oxygen then I highly recommend either getting a bassinet (that would be bonus of V2 as it comes with the bassinet already) or Cybex Cloud Q car seat (which fits on Gazelle) as then the child can lie flat.

Thank you for your in-depth review of the Cybex Gazelle. So excited to see a review from someone who travels and has moved abroad, as it covers everything I’ve been debating about this stroller. I’m pregnant with my first, but plan to try for a second by the time baby is 10-12 months. I read all your comments about not using a double stroller in Europe (and going for 2 single strollers instead). I live in a pretty modern city in Europe, so minimal cobblestone but still have to deal with the space constraints. I agree with all your comments about the size and maneuverability of a double stroller in Europe, especially when it comes to tiny elevators and steps everywhere. My main concern is I live in the city center and walk or use public transport for everything, and taking two single strollers out alone is not an option. I do see most kids here learn early on how to use scooters or just walk, so maybe that’s the way to handle 2 without a double stroller. 🤔 Curious to know now that you’ve moved back to Europe, how your handling it. Has you son learned to use the ride on board? Do you still think it was the right choice to sell the Gazelle and go for a single stroller? I love the Babyzen Yoyo2 as well, but am concerned about how comfortable the stroller would be for daily use when it’s meant to be a travel stroller.

Here’s what we did what worked and what didn’t 😉 Remember that every child is different… I see a lot of kids on scooters, but for mine the scooter just doesn’t click and my friend had the same issue. What did click was a balance bike (he’s been using is since he was about 2y2m). We brought one stroller with us – Babyzen Yoyo with buggy board and the balance bike. If we just go to a nearby playground or on a flat hike we bring a stroller for the smaller child and a balance bike for the older one. This set up is great, but if we go to a busier place like a local market, downtown, somewhere cars are moving fast or where they’re not allowed (eg fairs, zoos and other venues) then a balance bike isn’t an option and we bring a buggy board. My older likes to be seated so the Yoyo board works perfectly because it has a little seat. All our European friends do the same, because like you say – there’s no other way to fit a giant double anywhere.

If one of us has to go shopping Yoyo obviously won’t cut it because the shopping basket is too small. But then the local stores are so narrow that if it wasn’t Yoyo I’d need to leave the stroller outside and carry the baby which just isn’t an option (because let’s be real: even shopping with an unrestrained 2-3 year old running around the store is an adventure alone and cannot imagine adding a baby to the mix :D), so there’s no way – we go proper shopping by car at a bigger store or one person goes and other stays with the kids.

The only exception to this rule is when we travel: we bought another small travel stroller for the older child, because when we travel we want to be out all day with a lot of walking and eat out (and for example, you know that in some places dinner is late so kids might be tired) so a second stroller was essential, because while my older son stopped napping at 2 if he’s out all day he might take a snooze in the stroller and buggy board just won’t cut it in those situations.

One thing I feel like it’s worth mentioning because it’s not being talked about enough is that some kids will ride in strollers longer than others and it’s hard to predict (I saw it in my own kids and some friends’ kids too). Some kids straight up refuse a stroller because they hate being seated even around 2 and some would love to be drive up to 5 if they could. My first child now wants to be driven, vs his brother absolutely hates it and wants to walk or stand. So honestly, every set up you imagine before getting to know the kids might have get changed once they grow.

I’m wondering about the recline. If you have the lower seat forward facing and fully upright, can you also have the upper seat parent facing and fully reclined? It sort of looks like it wouldn’t be able to recline without hitting the back of the lower seat.

No, you cannot do this and honestly if you find a tandem stroller on which it’s possible it’s a red flag. Why? Because a stroller like this would be much longer and therefore much harder to drive :/

Hey, very well written reviews. We were going to buy the Vista 2, but saw many similar complaints about the weight for front seat so we did not buy it. Another option was the Cybex Gazelle S. BUT after reading your comments I think we will buy a single stroller first, and then some kind of double if/when baby 2 is here. Some info before my questions: We live in an area with lots of space, so our primary single or double stroller does not need to be too compact. We also do travel quite a bit. Europe, USA, etc. For Europe depending on the type of trip we would either take the compact stroller with us, OR if we had a single stroller that was not too bulky we would check it. Couple questions: 1) yoyo vs butterfly, I am guessing you like the yoyo more? It seemed to handle a bit nicer than the butterfly, but we found the butterfly folded easier. 2) Single stroller: Can you list 3 options you would recommend I check out? We have been so focused on 2-3 convertibles that we did not look at single stroller options. But I think this is the route we will go as you said all kids are different, so by the time baby 2 comes around we can decide then what we want to do. We do like quality so budget is not a deal breaker. Mainly quality, weight, functionality. 3) If it were you travelling from Canada to Europe, and the baby is big enough to NOT be in a car seat for the stroller, would you take your single stroller OR your compact? I like the idea of the compact, but then you lose some storage which is nice for those longer days.

You’ll definitely need a secondary stroller for travel – compact and lightweight 🙂

1) Yoyo is much better than Butterfly in terms of quality and features. It’s not a perfect stroller, but there’s no perfect one. 2) I love Cybex Priam stroller and Babyjogger City Mini GT or any from Nuna. Honestly we often used our Yoyo as a full-time stroller too because it was so convenient. 3) 1000% compact travel stroller. Keep in mind you’ll have to fit it in elevators, carry it up and down the stairs, fold for public transportation and fit in restaurants that a full-size stroller is just vry inconvenient for travel especially in Italy, Greece, or Spain. In terms of losing storage how much stuff do you actually need? You probably won’t be shopping for groceries all the time with the stroller (also because in smaller centrally located stores your full-size stroller might not fit in the aisle), so you need to hang a diaper bag off the stroller – hence why I say that Babyzen Yoyo is the best because I can hang a bag (or second yoyo stroller actually) off the handly and the stroller doesn’t flip over (it’s not the case with Butterfly, Joolz or other compact ones).

You have been a great help, I will look up those non compact single strollers thank you. I appreciate your feedback about the Yoyo and features. Yes we would need to maybe have the diaper bag (Hang off handle as you said) and maybe a sweater or other small backpack under cargo area. I liked the way the Butterfly folds a lot more, BUT I think I just need some practice with the yoyo and it would be easy. What accessories would you recommend I buy for the yoyo? I know that you have to buy them all separately right? And then for now, my last question haha: If we get the yoyo, we would likely put the car seat with adapter on it when they are young. This would possibly eliminate the need for a single stroller while they are an infant? As I know you said you use the yoyo as your full time stroller many times.

The fold of Yoyo is really easy once you get the hang of it… I was actually struggling more with Butterfly because it gets stuck a lot.

In terms of accessories for the Yoyo the bumper bar for sure (it’s a separate accessory – see my full review: ). We had both bug net and rain cover and I swear we used these things only once, but I’d probably get the raincover if lived somewhere super rainy. We have a winter footmuff too, but naturally onyl taking it out during the winter. We use the buggy board the most since we have two kids now.

You can buy adapters for the car seat, but if you’re planning on using the stroller for an infant get the bassinet or newborn pack instead. Keeping infants in car seats on top of the stroller is a weird North American trend and no one really does it anywhere else in the world as it’s not good for the infant. The stroller folds with the newborn pack, so it’s more practical than the bassinet 😉

After discovering the Gazelle in store, your essay convinced me that this would be a better stroller than the Vista. Thank you for that!

It sounds like you didn’t use the Cybex cot/bassinet it with the Gazelle, instead favoring the recline mode on the Cloud Q? Is this something you did from newborn to when your child was old enough to use the seat?

Correct, that way my older son could seat facing the front and baby was fine as fell with a fully reclined car seat. Plus, we traveled to another country for the birth so didn’t want to bring a ton of stuff, but if it’s your first baby then I’d definitely get the bassinet!

Oh, any specific reason to have the bassinet AND the reclining car seat? Peace of mind?

I meant either but the issue with tandem strollers and bassinet is that it must be on the bottom if you have an older child (which for me wasn’t an ideal solution) so I got a reclining car seat instead so I could fit it on the top of the stroller 🙂 But if it’s your first child for now it’s much more convenient to use the bassinet for walks.

Thank you for clarifying!

Thank you for the review. I have a toddler and expecting baby no.2. Can I use the seat unit that already comes with the stroller and the car seat at the same time or do I have to buy the extra seat? My toddler will be walking everywhere by the time new baby is in the seat unit

Yes, you use the same seat that comes with the stroller. You only need to purchase an extra seat when your baby moves to a seat because you’ll then need 2 seats (after he’s done with a car seat or bassinet).

I love my Cybex Gazelle S double stroller! It’s so easy to use and very spacious. I can’t believe how much I can fit in it!

Great review! I was wondering what you think of the Gazelle S compared with the Priam? We are expecting our first. We plan on having another eventually, but not sure of the timeline yet. We liked the extra space with the Gazelle, but I haven’t tested out the Priam in person for comparison. Curious on your thoughts.

Honestly, if I was expecting my first now I’d get the e-Priam, not the regular Priam. It’s the ultimate stroller and while the price seems crazy you can often get it for less than Gazelle on AlbeeBaby 😉 There’s more space on Gazelle but you want to ask yourself how much space you actually need… for me personally for one child I never needed that much space unless I was going grocery shopping with it and had to drag it home without a car and Priam (ePriam) especially is super convenient due to manuverability, automatic stopping and even a rocking function 😀

Hi there! Thank you for this review – like many other commenters, we are now thinking of selling our hold Uppababy Vista system and go all in on Cybex.

I’m in a weird scenario and I’m having a hard time finding answers to my questions online. I’m Icelandic and go back and forth quite a bit so I have a European Cybex Sirona Z+ car seat & base for my toddler. I’m expecting another baby soon and about to move my (very tall) toddler to a booster seat w/harnest. I want a Cybex reclinable seat for my new baby but since I want to be able to use the Cybex Z base that I already have, I believe I am forced to by the European version (Cybex Cloud Z2) vs the American one (Cybex Cloud Q) since the American version won’t fit on my European base. Which leads to my question – do you know if the strollers (like the car seats) are also different by regions ? My concern is if my European Cybex Cloud carseat will fit on a Cybex Gazelle that I purchase in the US ? I don’t see why they would produce different stroller models for different regions but you never know!

Great question! I do know that there are issues with some due strollers due to regulations (for example, straps need to be released with one move in Europe vs in the US not necessarily or in Australia they need to have a strap and there are limits on recline on compact ones), but Cybex was mostly standarized in terms of stroller attachements. Definitely call Cybex and verify though.

Hi! Do you have any thoughts about the updates they made in the Gazelle S2 stroller? I am about 6 months pregnant and it will be decision time soon. I think I’m pretty sold on the Gazelle, but would love to hear from the Stroller Queen herself! I like the look of the S2 better with the light colored frame, but I’m not sure if it’s more practical to get the older model for getting things like the second seat on FB Marketplace? Or perhaps it doesn’t matter anyways?

The adjustable straps are truly amazing. They updated all their stroller with this feature and it’s awesome for wiggly kids and that said I’d 100% go for the new version. Also, in case you want to resell it later, it will hold the value better than the older version.

Hi Anna! This is a great review-Ty! We are expecting our first baby in a few months, with a plan to have our second about 2 years apart (hopefully). We had been set on Vista for a while but started looking into Gazelle when one of the store reps about a month ago introduced us to, and really pushed for the Gazelle. I came across your review, which was also convincing! We were starting to lean towards Gazelle, but the more and more we look into Gazelle, specifically the customer reviews online, we are concerned. Seems like a lot of people have issues with the seat recline and (in comparison to UB) the quality isn’t great for the price. And more frustratingly, it sounds like they are having trouble getting their issues resolved (i.e. customer service won’t respond). Have you have any issues with this? Another thing is, it seems like Gazelle had plenty of popularity, I see many influencers posting reviews, but when I look closer, it doesn’t look like they actually use this stroller – only for review and promo. It is newer than the Vista so less information available, I guess, but have you actually used this stroller regularly? And do you have any issues with the stroller?

What you’re describing with influencers not really using the stroller is a common problem with various strollers unfortunately (along with stroller review sites testing them with a bag of dog food instead of a child talking about kids comfort, LOL) 🙁

First, in terms of recline I’m not sure what people are complaining about because keep in mind that Gazelle actually reclines and the child can lie down vs Uppababy does not recline in a traditional sense, as the seat is profiled so it’s basically if you leaned a chair backwards – the child still has to sit with legs up vs actually lying down on Gazelle.

Secondly, quality-wise… my Uppababy broke twice in less than a year and as it turned out UB isn’t an international brand, so we had to come back to the US for the spare part which sucked. Gazelle never broke, so that can say a lot about UB haha. I had to contact Cybex customer service actually and had no issues.

Yes, we used this stroller when our second baby was born. This was our only stroller for the first few months when the second baby was born, but as I said in my review: we stopped using it when the baby was about 6 months old, not because it’s a bad stroller, but because it was harder to push then twin side-by-side and more annoying to get in and out of the car – but this goes for ANY tandem double stroller. Since the second child turned 8 months old we used exclusively two single travel strollers for our trips and a wagon-stroller at home. It was much more practical.

However, I stand by what I always tell people based on the mistake I made myself – don’t buy a stroller planning for two kids. Single to double strollers are heavier and bulkier and there’s no need for it with just one child – you can always sell your current stroller and upgrade to a double once the second baby is on its way. I planned on having kids a year apart which never happened and honestly, if my second child was born first a double stroller would never be an option because he HATES strollers and unless he’s forced into it on all-day adventures he walks ever since he was 18 months old. You never know what your or your kids needs will be unless you have them (and let’s be real: you could also have a surprise and have twins next and then this double stroller would be useless as well). So in your case I’d say don’t get either strollers – get yourself a good single stroller for your needs, because single strollers are much better overall.

Hi Anna! I’m in the US and just found your page so I hope you’re still replying to comments on this post! I am stuck between the Nuna Triv Next and the new version of the Gazelle labeled the Gazelle S2. I absolutely do not plan to have anymore children and realize the Gazelle is a double stroller but is it ONLY for those that will have more children?? I just really love the whole design, the basket compartment offering, the seats being able to be reversed… maybe it’s vain but I love the LOOK of it… but does it make sense for me to get if it will just be used for one child. Also my 20 month old is rather tall so I’m worried her feet will be dragging on the ground and also the Gazelle seems wide, long and heavy… do you find this to be true?? Thank you!!

My first question is going to be: what do you need the stroller for? I will always recommend different strollers for those living in cities vs those living a car-based life. Where are you planning on taking your stroller – parks, shopping malls, sidewalks, etc?

Personally I would never intentionally get Gazelle or any other single to double stroller for just one child (I’ve made that mistake with Uppababy Vista), because these strollers are all heavy and bulky.

That said, considering that your daughter is 20 months old I would say neither strollers actually. The big advantage of both Nuna Triv and Cybex Gazelle is that they can be used from birth but that doesn’t help you. Triv’s wheels can’t handle much, so it’s basically a quick in and out of the car stroller which considering your daughter is almost 20 makes no sense. Gazelle is heavy, so unless you live in NYC or Boston and plan on bringing a ton of stuff and shop for an entire day with her I wouldn’t advise it either, especially since her sitting in the bottom with a basket up top will make it harder to manuver.

You might want to look into Cybex Mios or Inglesina Electa.

Thank you!!! We went with the Cybex Mios and love it!!!

How high is the seat at the bottom to the floor ? Would you say that it’s pretty low compared to other strollers ? On pictures it looks really close to the floor.

It is low, but it’s a common feature for tandem strollers. The difference between Cybex Gazelle and Uppababy Vista for example is not even half an inch in terms of how low the bottom seat sits.

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Prams & Pushchairs / 21 September, 2020 / Ellie Thompson

Cybex Gazelle S: The Big City Shopper That Grows With Your Family

Cybex has just launched a brand new first-generation pushchair, the Cybex Gazelle S . Known as the ‘big city shopper’, the Gazelle S is set to be your ultimate companion for city excursions and shopping trips with your little one.

What’s in the box?

  • Stroller seat unit
  • Chassis + under seat shopping basket
  • Extra detachable shopping basket
  • XXL UPF50+ Sun Canopy
  • 4 x slot in wheels

Assembling the Cybex Gazelle S

Cybex is a brand that likes to make life as easy as possible for parents. The assembly of the Gazelle S is simple. Everything slots intuitively into place, so your new pushchair can be up and running within minutes.

Shopping without limits

So many strollers fall short when it comes to a strong and accessible shopping basket, but it’s usually an area Cybex buggies excel at. The Gazelle S hosts an almighty stroller basket as well as a detachable shopping basket as part of the package, so you can wheel around an extra 23kg of shopping.

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Compact for city living

Don’t be fooled, the Gazelle S may pack a punch when it comes to carrying its cargo, but as a mono pushchair, the Gazelle S can be folded into such a compact package that it can fit into the trunk of a Fiat 500.

Which Highchair Is Best For Your Baby?

Building Your Baby’s Confidence: Tips For The First Year & Beyond

All-in-one modular system

The Gazelle S is a luxury stroller built to grow with your family. The reversible stroller seat’s ergonomic lie-flat position is suitable from birth, so it gives you many more options when it comes to transporting your baby.

Perfect for one child, and just as brilliant for two, the Gazelle S can be easily transformed from a mono to a sibling pushchair that’s suitable for children up to age 4 years.  The chassis can be used in conjunction with two cot beds, two car seats, and two seat units. Impressed yet? You should be.

Futureproof your stroller

With its twenty different configurations, this stroller offers you endless possibilities. Yes. Let that sink in. There are twenty different ways you can build this pushchair. In fact, the Gazelle S is the first travel system by Cybex that can be used as both a mono pushchair and a double, for siblings or twins, with a full lie-flat position possible in most configurations.

What’s more, the stroller’s simple “Plug-and-Play” system with integrated adapters means there’s no need for any extra adaptors or additional kit.

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

The Gazelle S Frame can support multiple configurations of Gazelle S Seat Units, Gazelle S Cots, the Cocoon S and CYBEX infant car seats including the Cloud Z i-Size. This is a stroller that offers young families the ultimate in flexibility and longevity. Perfect for baby number one, two, and three, once your eldest is old enough to use the Gazelle anti-slip kid board!

As you’d expect from Cybex, everything about this pushchair shouts ‘quality’. The Gazelle S is part of the Cybex Gold range, so luxurious comfort is very much at the forefront of this stroller’s design, in both mono and double mode.

XXL UPF50+ sun canopy

The stroller seat unit comes with an extendable XXL sun canopy made of UPF50+ protective fabric, so your baby can be safely shielded from the sun and other elements. What’s more, there’s a nifty mesh window for excellent breathability, and it’s great for those times you need to take a peek at what they’re up to.


The buggy’s one-hand adjustable handlebar can accommodate parents of every height, making the Gazelle S super-easy to push. The stroller’s front-wheel suspension complete with shock absorption deals with grass, broken tarmac, and bumps both competently and consistently – without any disruption to onboard passengers.

Designed as a ‘city shopper’, it’s adept at negotiating tight corners on narrow streets and in shops. What’s more, when used in double mode, you won’t have the problem of side by side pushchairs that struggle to fit through doors.

The wheels of the Gazelle S are of substantial size and compare to that of the Balios S Lux, which is one of my all-time favourite mono strollers. Although the Gazelle S has been billed as a ‘City Shopper’, I’m based on the edge of the Surrey Hills and can confirm that this buggy can handle a range of terrains, even with two kids on board.

All fabrics can be machine washed to keep your stroller looking box fresh.

The pushchair is available in a taupe and black frame and comes in a range of beautiful colours including Deep Black, Navy Blue and Soho Grey. It is available nationwide in independent retailers, John Lewis, Mamas & Papas, Boots and Very from October 2020. RRP from £549.95.

For more information, visit .

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

20 Of The Best Organic Ingredients For Natural Baby Skincare

How To Make An Adorable Family Photobook To Treasure Forever

In The Spotlight

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

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A global fundraiser has been launched to support My Baba’s Editor Ellie Thompson and her son, Billy, a brave 4-year-old battling a terminal brain tumour known as Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).

After thirteen gruelling radiotherapy sessions, Billy’s family anxiously awaits news of treatment options. With uncertainties looming, the family is exploring international treatment options, knowing it comes with significant expenses. The fundraiser, “Billy the Brave,” aims to provide financial assistance for Billy’s care while supporting research efforts to find a cure for DIPG.

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cybex gazelle travel system reviews

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The Best Travel System Strollers Offer Convenience To Busy Families

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From the time your little one makes their debut, you’ll need a way to transport them—both by car and by foot. The best travel system strollers streamline this purchase and decision-making process for new parents by combining a compatible infant car seat and stroller into one tidy package, so you always have the necessary baby gear at hand whether you’re traveling to the pediatrician’s or on a family vacation.

The best travel system strollers combine a safe and easy-to-install car seat with a highly ... [+] maneuverable stroller.

These travel systems make it a cinch to move your newborn from a vehicle to stroller-mode and back again, allowing families to navigate public transportation, grocery shopping and trips together much more easily. Bringing your baby along on adventures allows families to enjoy more time together. “Kids are portable,” points out Dr. Beth Ebel, professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington and president of the Washington Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. “Congrats to you for traveling with your child.”

To choose the best travel system strollers, I consulted with pediatricians, car seat safety experts, newborn gear consultants and parents while also carefully considering the Vetted team’s testing of dozens of strollers, as well as my personal experience as a mother to two. These are the best travel system strollers for families. After reading this story, you may want to also consider the tested best travel strollers or the best tested jogging strollers as your baby gets a little bigger.

  • Best Travel System Stroller Overall: Britax Willow Brook Travel System
  • Best Upgrade Travel System Stroller: Nuna Pipa Urbn + Trvl System
  • Best Value Travel System Stroller: Chicco Mini Bravo Sport Travel System
  • Best Travel System Stroller For Newborns: Uppababy Vista V2 And Mesa Infant Car Seat
  • Best Travel System Stroller For Everyday Use: Doona Car Seat And Stroller
  • Best Jogging Travel System Stroller: Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller And Clek Liing Travel System Car Seat Set
  • Best Travel System Stroller For Multiples: Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System

Best Travel System Stroller Overall

An ideal, affordable car seat-stroller combo for newborns, britax willow brook travel system.

Car seat child weight limits : 4 to 30 pounds (or up to 32 inches tall) | Seat weight : 9 pounds| Stroller weight : 22 pounds | Stroller dimensions : 34 x 23.75 x 42 inches (unfolded) | Attachment style : Click and go | FAA certified : Yes

The Britax Willow Brook Travel System combines the convenience of a travel system with the leading-edge safety features for which Britax car seats are known. The car seat is simple to install and includes the brand’s ClickTight technology. Install it using the car’s LATCH system to lock the base into place with a satisfying click or use your vehicle’s seatbelts to secure. There are adjustment points at the baby’s hips, shoulders and between the legs to get the perfect fit. The infant insert is machine washable, which is convenient.

The Willow car seat snaps right into the coordinating Brook stroller without an adapter. I love that the seat is reversible, so you switch from parent-facing to forward-facing with an easy release feature. The whole thing folds up in a single step and fits into most trunks and hatchbacks. This isn’t the lightest of travel strollers, but it is lighter than other full-size picks. It also includes other perks ideal for everyday use like a roomy cargo basket, water-resistant canopy and a built-in parent cup holder and snack tray for kiddos. The set is extra affordable given that it includes the stroller, infant car seat and base all in one for about $450.

Best Upgrade Travel System Stroller

A lighter and more premium model, nuna pipa urbn and trvl system.

Car seat child weight limits : 4 to 22 pounds (or up to 29 inches tall) | Seat weight : 7 pounds (without canopy or insert) | Stroller weight : 13.6 pounds | Stroller dimensions : 32.5 x 20.25 x 44 inches (unfolded) | Attachment style : Click and go | FAA certified : Yes

Sometimes luxury is about ease and that’s certainly the case with our upgrade pick the Nuna Pipa Urbn TRVL System. This travel system combines the lightest car seat (7 pounds) and the lightest stroller (13.6 pounds) in our lineup, while still boasting the safety features and plush appointments for which we’ve come to expect from Nuna. It’s ideal for frequent travelers, as well as those living in cities, because the car seat safely installs without a base, making things easier for those who use cabs or public transportation frequently.

Our Vetted tester of the Nuna Pipa Urbn car seat found assembly a bit challenging with the seat, but install without the base fairly straightforward, but she did need to apply some force. Our testers of the TRVL stroller have all raved about the way it folds with the press of a button, getting them into the car, plane or train much faster. Use the stroller until your child hits about 50 pounds, but they might grow out of the car seat faster than you’d prefer with a weight maximum of 22 pounds or 29 inches in height, whichever comes first. We appreciate a number of the small details like the progressive front and rear-wheel suspension that make it easy to wheel around airports and city streets to the soft, merino wool head and infant inserts. Yet, it’s worth noting that this travel system costs significantly more than many competitors—and about double that of our overall choice.

Best Value Travel System Stroller

A solid choice that comes with one of our favorite car seats, chicco mini bravo sport travel system.

Car seat child weight limit : 4 to 22 pounds (or up to 30 inches tall) | Seat weight : 9.5 pounds | Stroller weight : 19.6 pounds | Stroller dimensions : 35.8  x 20.8 x 41.5 inches (unfolded)| Attachment style : Click and go with included adapter | FAA certified : Yes

Paying a fortune doesn’t necessarily equate to getting a safer car seat given that all car seats must meet U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards . Instead, you’re often paying more for extra features or higher-end fabrics. If you’re looking for a safe, affordable, highly maneuverable travel setup, the Chicco Mini Bravo Sport Travel System, which pairs the Chicco Mini Bravo Sport Stroller with the top-rated KeyFit Infant Car Seat, checks the boxes—all for $330.

This popular infant car seat accommodates little ones from 4 to 22 pounds and up to 30 inches tall. Caregivers love that the seat features an easy-to-use harness, an infant insert for babies between 4 and 11 pounds and a canopy with UPF 50+ material. The seat weighs just shy of 10 pounds—another perk when you want to prioritize getting out and about from the start. 

The KeyFit 30 attaches to the Chicco Mini Bravo Sport Stroller with an adapter. Even with this added accessory, families rave about how easy it is to pair the car seat and stroller, as well as to remove the seat and install it in the car, where a bubble-level indicator helps you find the correct placement using the included base. When it’s time to pack the stroller away, the whole thing folds in half with the push of a button and the lift of a handle. You can carry the stroller—which weighs just shy of 20 pounds—using that same handle. 

Best Travel System Stroller For Newborns

An adaptable setup with a stroller you'll use for years.

Pottery Barn Kids

Uppababy Vista V2 And Mesa V2 Travel System Bundle

Car seat child weight limits : 4 to 35 pounds (or up to 32 inches tall) | Seat weight : 9.9 pounds | Stroller weight : 20 pounds (frame only) | Stroller dimensions : 36 x 25.7 x 39.5 inches (unfolded) | Attachment style : Click and go | FAA certified : Yes

This trio of a travel system from Uppababy comes with the brand’s Mesa infant car seat, a stroller and a bassinet for safer newborn sleep while on the move. The option to stroll baby in a bassinet is a plus, especially in those newborn days when pediatricians recommend that babies avoid long rides in car seats. “When traveling in the car, pediatricians recommend that babies spend no more than about two hours at a stretch in the seat,” Ebel says. “They don’t breathe as well when they’re scrunched up [in the car seat]. On a long trip, pull over for a break, and take your baby out of the seat so they can stretch, nurse and get changed.” 

While we’re tagging this travel system as best for newborns, it’s also a highly adaptable setup that can be used into toddlerhood and even if another sibling comes along. The Uppababy Vista V2 converts into a double stroller with the addition of a second seat. The Vista V2 is a bit wider than some picks and the second seat doesn’t accommodate as much weight as other doubles (up to 35 pounds), but it’s also among the smoothest-rolling strollers out there thanks to its all-wheel suspension. It folds easily, offers a large storage area and the Mesa clicks in without an adapter (select other car seats also work with the right adapter). It’s heavier to carry with one hand than the Nuna TRVL but doable. The Mesa infant seat can also be installed to a car without its base.

Best Travel System Stroller For Cities

A fully integrated car seat and stroller system, doona car seat and stroller.

Car seat child weight limits : 4 to 35 pounds (or up to 32 inches tall) | Seat and stroller weight : 17 pounds | Stroller dimensions : 32.3 x 17.4 x 39 inches  (unfolded) | Attachment style : Integrated | FAA certified : Yes 

There’s a reason people can’t stop talking about the Doona Car Seat and Stroller: It takes the concept of a travel system to the next level with a fully integrated car seat and stroller, so the transition from the car to the pavement is completely seamless. When it’s time to load into the car (or the airplane seat), the Doona stroller wheels fold up beneath the car seat; and then, once you’re ready to stroll, they deploy just as easily with the push of a button. As with the Britax Willow, Nuna Urbn and Uppababy Mesa, the Doona can be installed with or without its base, making it a prime pick for city adventures and airline travel. 

Caregivers and our testers tend to love how easy it is to switch from car seat to stroller mode and back again, especially since you can do so while your little one is snoozing. The car seat, and thus the stroller, are made for young babies, however, so this travel system cannot transition you into toddlerhood with an additional seat or bucket seat. It maxes out at 35 pounds or 32 inches in height, whichever comes first for your baby.

Best Jogging Travel System Stroller

A streamlined, sturdy pick for active families, bumbleride speed jogging stroller & clek liing travel system car seat set.

Car seat child weight limits : 4 to 35 pounds (or up to 32 inches tall) | Seat weight: 9 pounds | Stroller weight : 26 pounds | Stroller dimensions : 47 x 25 x 35-46 inches (unfolded) | Attachment style : Click and go | FAA certified : Yes

While you can’t jog with your baby straight away (it’s generally considered safe once they are strong enough to control their necks around 6 or 8 months old), a sturdy running stroller that integrates an infant car seat can make sense for active families accustomed to trail walks and adventurous outings. The Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller and Clek Liing Travel System Car Seat Set combines two leading brands into a performance-packed pick.

Many jogging stroller travel systems try to be too many things at once—lightweight, aerodynamic, sturdy and safe, but this pairing does just that with its all-wheel suspension tires (including its 16-inch rear wheels) that roll smoothly over tree roots and sidewalk breaks. The stroller also comes equipped with reflective elements to help you stand out to cars, a spacious, UPF-rated canopy and fabrics certified by Oeko-Tex. The Clek Liing clicks into place on the Bumbleride stroller with an adapter that’s included in this package, and it can be used in vehicles with or without its rigid LATCH base. Customers love the safety features on the slim Clek Liing infant seat, including a metal load leg for use with the base that helps prevent rotation in the event of a crash. Other perks on the stroller include a one-handed, quick-release design, seven recline positions, upright standing fold and a sunshade with mesh windows for airflow. 

Best Travel System Stroller For Multiples

An easier way to carry twins, evenflo pivot xpand modular travel system.

Car seat child weight limits : 4 to 35 pounds (or up to 32 inches tall) | Seat and stroller weight : 30.9 pounds | Stroller dimensions : 39 x 26.5 x 39.25 inches (unfolded) | Attachment style : Click and go | FAA certified : No 

When you’re dealing with more than one little one, you’re likely always looking for ways to simplify. While there are a number of terrific twin strollers on the market, not all of them are designed to carry two car seats at once the way the Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System does. It’s a flexible, modular stroller that offers up to 23 configurations by combining the two infant seats, two toddler seats or the infant car seat and toddler seat at different heights in parent-facing and forward-facing modes. It also adjusts and grows with your children. For example, the stroller’s canopies adjust upward to accommodate taller toddlers. While it can also be used for a baby plus a toddler, some users report the setup feeling a bit bulky when they loaded it up with an infant and a larger toddler. 

The Evenflo Pivot Xpand also allows babies to lie flat: Simply recline the stroller seat, raise the footrest and voilà, you’ve got a bassinet on wheels. The Lite Max Infant Car Seat offers a generous weight range on par with competitors and includes preferred safety features like an anti-rebound bar and side-impact protection—at an under $500 price. That said, it is a more budget-conscious model, so it lacks smoothness in some instances with reviewers reporting some stickiness to the fold and to the seat reclines.

The 7 Best Calming Treats For Dogs Who Need Some Help Relaxing

The 5 best tofu presses to squeeze out all that excess water, why trust forbes vetted.

The writers and editors at Forbes Vetted spend many hours researching and reporting on products for babies and kids. We have extensive experience reviewing the best products for babies, including the best convertible car seats , stroller wagons and double strollers . To report this story, I spent time researching the best and most popular travel system strollers. I also spoke with baby gear consultants and car seat safety experts on what to look for when shopping for these items. I also interviewed parents and caregivers to gather their firsthand experiences with specific models and considered Vetted’s existing testing notes strollers.

How We Chose The Best Travel System Strollers

To choose the best travel system strollers, I consulted with pediatricians, car seat safety experts and baby gear consultants. I scoured the internet for the latest, top-performing models to meet a diverse range of needs—from families moving in and out of rideshares to active types wanting to jog with their little ones.

To whittle down the list, I carefully considered various attributes like safety features, maneuverability, compatibility, portability, weight and height ranges and extras like cup holders, baskets and so on. The travel system strollers in this guide are the best available on the market today.

Jessica Bernhard

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Cybex Gazelle S Stroller Review 2023 – My Experience With It

Having the Cybex Gazelle S stroller for my baby boy was the best choice I made. Ever since I’ve been using it, I find it easy to take my boy on a walk to the park every morning or evening.

After the delivery, I started to gain weight, and I was recommended by my family doctor that I should start walking. I was concerned about my condition, and I knew I had to get a stroller when he turned 6 months old, so I decided to buy one early. 

Since my sister, Diana, was using the Cybex Libelle stroller , I asked her about the Cybex strollers. She said the company makes high-end strollers, and it is worth the money. 

My husband and I sat on the couch and started to hover across the Cybex website to find the best stroller for our baby boy . We had plans to grow our family in the future, so we looked to see if they had convertible double strollers. 

Fortunately, Cybex had single to double strollers, and one of them that caught our attention was the Cybex Gazelle S stroller. We read the specs, features, and reviews about this stroller and found it to satisfy our family’s requirements. 

That very day, my husband ordered the Cybex stroller, and in a week, the Cybex single-to-double Gazelle S stroller arrived. As of today, it has been 2 months of using this stroller, and I haven’t come across any issues with it. 

To thank the Cybex company for this amazing stroller, I decided to write this Cybex Gazelle S stroller review. If you’re considering this stroller for your baby, then I hope this article helps you.

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Cybex Gazelle S Stroller

The Cybex Gazelle S stroller is an excellent choice for families active on outings. The best thing about this stroller is that you can convert this single stroller to a double stroller. 

Tests I performed on the Cybex Gazelle S stroller

Kid convenience.

Starting off the seat, it is soft and well-cushioned to keep your little angel comfortable inside. Plus, the footrest is adjustable and padded to provide your baby with comfortable seating. 

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

If your baby gets tired of sitting for too long, you can recline the seat to nearly flat for your baby to have a peaceful sleep. I like that the seat is adjustable and can be reversed for my boy to face me. 

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

He enjoys my presence, so I usually adjust the seat for my baby to face me. There are different seating adjustments providing all the comfort to you and your baby. 

The canopy is extendable, and it is made from high-quality fabric to provide UPF 50+ sun protection. You can angle the canopy according to the level of the sun so your baby doesn’t complain about it.

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

It would have been better if the canopy had a mesh peekaboo window, as it comes in handy to keep an eye on what your little one is up to inside. 

If you’re worried about the safety of your baby when strolling over difficult or bumpy terrains, don’t be. This Cybex Gazelle double stroller features a 5-point harness and an adjustable childbar to keep your angel safe and secure. 

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

One of the best things about this Cybex stroller is that you can convert this stroller to a double stroller. You can buy a Cybex seat with adapters and attach the seat to make this a double stroller. 

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

If you have 3 children and one of them is a toddler, you can get a kid board for your elder child to have a riding experience as well. But, the kid board is too close to the feet, and you may bump your feet when walking with it.

You may be wondering if this Cybex Gazelle stroller is compatible with a travel system. Fortunately, this baby stroller is compatible with an infant car seat. You can buy the Cybex infant car seat with the adapters and attach it to the stroller. 

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Plus, if you’re not satisfied with the seat and want to provide a fully flat surface for your baby to sleep peacefully, you can attach a bassinet (sold separately).

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Parent convenience

You will be surprised to know that this Cybex Gazelle S stroller features a height-adjustable handle. If you’re a taller or shorter parent, you can easily adjust the handlebar so you can be comfortable while strolling.

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

It would have been better if the company had included a parent cup holder or a parent organizer with this stroller. I had to buy it separately because I had to keep small items like my car keys, mobile phone, and other things.

I admire the company making the fabric of this stroller from durable material, which makes it easier for us, mothers, to clean the stroller. 

The manufacturer has recommended that this stroller is machine washable, giving us an easy path to clean it, rather than using a wipe with mild soap and minimal detergent that other strollers are recommended to be cleaned with.

Weight and storage capacity

While testing its weight, I found this stroller to be 28.4 pounds. For us, mother, this Cybex double stroller may be a bit heavy. However, it is still lighter than most convertible double strollers in the market. 

If weight is not a problem for you, this Cybex Gazelle S stroller can turn out to be a good choice for you. 

If you want to take your baby with you for groceries, you can easily do it, thanks to this Gazelle S double stroller. There is a huge shopping basket in front of the handlebar with a weight capacity of 25 pounds, letting you keep all the groceries in it. 

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

If you’re still having some bags left, there is a huge storage basket under the seat. With this stroller, I don’t have to carry a backpack to keep all my family essentials when going out with my baby.

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Folding and travel

The folding mechanism is super smooth. During the folding test, I was able to fold this stroller in less than 10 seconds, which led me to consider this a fast folding stroller . 

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

There are countless strollers in the market with some chances of potential pinching injuries that could arise from the folding mechanism. While testing this stroller in the folding process, I also checked the mechanism closely. 

Turns out, this stroller is completely safe for you and your baby. There are no potential injury chances that could arise from its folding mechanism.

This Cybex Gazelle S stroller has compact folding. You can fold this stroller and keep it in any corner of your house. 

If you’re planning a family trip and worried this stroller won’t fit in your car trunk, don’t worry. I was able to fit this stroller easily into my Toyota Camry’s trunk. If you have a sedan car or a minivan, you can easily fit this stroller in your car trunk. 

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

However, this stroller is not airline-approved, and you may have to gate-check this stroller. If you’re looking for an airplane-approved Cybex stroller , you can consider the Cybex Libelle stroller. It is compact, and you can easily keep it in the airplane’s overhead compartment.

Steering and brakes

While doing the steering test, I became a fan of this stroller. Thanks to the bigger wheels, I am able to push this stroller easily on any terrain. Since I go with my boy to the park every day, I didn’t come across any problems pushing this stroller. 

The manufacturer claims this single-to-double stroller can hold up to 50 pounds. I agree with their claim, as I was able to stroll this stroller easily after bombarding it with 50 pounds of weight. 

With this much weight capacity, you can use this stroller for a baby of 6 months up to a toddler with a weight of 50 pounds. 

The brakes are the best. The mechanism is super easy to operate because there is a single lever, you press to engage the brakes and press again to disengage.

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

During a runaway test, this stroller immediately stopped when I engaged the brakes. You will have more control over this stroller when strolling your baby down a hill.

Wheels and suspension

The front wheels are smaller than the rear wheels, but overall they are big. With these large wheels, you can push this stroller on any terrain, whether it be smooth or bumpy terrain.

The front wheels can swivel, providing comfortable maneuvering. I was able to turn this stroller easily from a dead stop, thanks to the swiveling front wheels. 

To provide your baby with the best comfortable ride, this Cybex double stroller features an all-wheel suspension system. This will keep the ride smooth for your baby on bumpy terrain.

Material quality

In material quality, this stroller performed really well. The frame is sturdy and made from Aluminum, making this stroller durable and lightweight. The fabric on the seat and canopy is made from high-quality material to last longer. 

The handlebar mechanism is easy to adjust, and you won’t find any stiffness adjusting the handlebar. The same goes for the folding mechanism, as it is smooth, and you won’t find any issues with the folding process. 

The wheels have a suspension system, making the ride for your kids smooth and bumpy-free while riding over difficult or rough terrains. 

  • Compact folding
  • Easy to steer and maneuver
  • Lightweight
  • Tons of storage capacity
  • Single-to-double compatibility
  • A bit expensive

Cybex Gazelle S Stroller Specs :

Faq’s:, can baby sleep in a cybex gazelle.

Yes, a baby can peacefully sleep inside a Cybex Gazelle stroller. 

Is the Cybex Gazelle allowed at Disney?

Yes, the Cybex Gazelle stroller is allowed at Disney.

Does the Cybex Gazelle have suspension?

Yes, the Cybex Gazelle has an all-wheel suspension system.

How heavy is Cybex Gazelle S?

The Cybex Gazelle S stroller is 28.4 pounds.

Can I take a Cybex Gazelle S stroller on a plane?

You will have to gate-check the Cybex Gazelle S stroller.

What age is the Cybex Gazelle stroller for?

The Cybex Gazelle stroller is recommended for a baby of 6 months to a toddler of weight 50 pounds. 

' src=

Emily Davis is the founder and CEO of Kidsreviewer. She is working tirelessly and hunting out for the best baby products that parents can look for. She has tested and reviewed different stroller wagons and stroller that would be suitable for parents. She makes sure she finds the best product...

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Cybex Gazelle S

The Cybex Gazelle S (from the Cybex Gold line) is the first single-to-double convertible stroller from Cybex, usable as either a single stroller or a double - tandem stroller. When it comes to its size, weight, and amount of space for a child, the stroller falls into the middle range. However, the chassis with a high weight capacity (each seat holds up to 22 kg), as well as a super-spacious shopping basket with a capacity of another extra 12 kg, is certainly impressive. There are also wheels with suspension and no-maintenance foam tires, helping the stroller can glide even through uneven surfaces.

The chassis is compatible with either one or two seat units, one or two Cot S carrycots, one or two car seats, or any desired combination of those. It also comes with a handy second shopping basket in the form of a bag that can be attached instead of a seat unit. Altogether, the Gazelle S offers you up to 24 possible configurations - enough options for customizing the stroller to any of your current needs. Any other accessories, including another Shopper bag (yes, you can add two extra shopping bags and use the Gazelle S as an XXL shopping basket!), are available separately.

In the three years creating Strollbery - for free, in our free time, we are proud to have helped thousands of parents from more than 207 countries. And helping is what we've cared about the most.

Being musicians as well, we created a special holiday song for you to share a wintery, Christmas vibe with us. We hope it brings you a bit of calm (we all need it). ♥️


Cybex Gazelle S Features & Specifications

The seat unit, the 2nd seat unit, the canopy (hood), the bumper bar, the suspension, the handlebar, the carrycot, the car seat, the accessories & extra features, best deals for cybex gazelle s, parent reviews of the cybex gazelle s, it handles really well.

  • Handles well, feels light when pushing
  • Can convert into a double
  • Compact fold
  • Large deep carrycot
  • Large carrycot hard to fit into boot
  • Heavy to lift, especially over steps/stairs

This is a great pram. It handles really well and has a compact fold meaning I can’t fit it into my tiny car boot. The carrycot is excellent, very roomy, and deep, so I never worry about the baby being cold. The pram is very heavy so is awkward going up and down steps.

The quality could be a bit higher

  • narrow seats
  • frame does not feel durable

A bit narrow seats and the whole frame is a bit rattly (I would welcome a sturdier one). I didn't want a side by side so it will do, and the basket is an exquisite idea, aaand the price is not bad... but the quality could be a bit higher. Overall, however, nice design and cool ideas.

A great idea in an affordable package!

  • non-bucket seat units!
  • variability
  • basket instead of one seat
  • simplicity (in a good way)
  • long seat/laying surface
  • basket gets lost when using a lower carrycot
  • not the sturdiest
  • seats are a bit open

I only saw and tried it as it was introduced on an expo. I didn't feel like the sturdiest single-to-double in the world, but, on the other hand, it is so variable, not heavy at all, and feels well-made materials-wise, I think it's gonna be the perfect middle ground and a great bargain - mainly when I compare it with the rather expensive tandem stroller systems available nowadays.

A great idea in an affordable package! I can't wait for it to get available in the shops.

Your questions about the Cybex Gazelle S

I’m wondering between the Cybex Gazelle S and Easywalker Harvey , both in dual mode. I’m having a 20 months old and a newborn. We have 6 steps to climb in our building, leading to a narrow elevator. I walk a lot and almost don’t use the car, as we live near the city center.

Is it possible to climb up or down stairs with such a high stroller loaded with kids? Which stroller will handle better in your opinion?

It looks as if the Harvey lower cot is really close to the ground compared to the Cybex, which means that whoever is at the bottom will breathe and catch a lot of dust (the nearest park has dusty / muddy alleys). Which pram has a more elevated bottom seat?

Hey, Teodora,

It is possible, but not easy at all. I tried that with the Quinny Hubb and what I did was to climb backward, pulling the stroller up on the back wheels, but you need to be ready for quite some strength needed to do that. It is possible that in the end, the easier way would be to just put at least the older one out of the stroller. This backward pulling would only be possible with the Cybex though, at least when we talk about a setup with a carrycot - later on, with two seats, the Harvey can be pulled up too, but I don't think you can do that with the carrycot and a seat on that one.

About the height, you are right that the back child, which is usually the younger one, is quite low (in the Cybex's case, it's the older, in the front, who'll be lower). Not ideal, of course, but the idea is to save space and have a nimble-ish stroller which is why space is not optimal, perhaps, but practical for maneuvering. I like the Harvey's setup a bit more, even if it's maybe a bit more cramped, but for maneuvering, to have a child in the back makes for a much better center of gravity. Yes, the Gazelle can have that setup, but only parent facing or straight-legger for the older one, which can be done but may be not ideal.

So personally, is I would be walking a lot and even going up stairs, I would maybe think about the Harvey a bit more, myself, even if Gazelle feels a bit more modular. Also, the nice suspension on the Harvey is something I really liked. That being said, both are very nice and not a bad choice at all, so choose with your heart, I don't think you will make a bad choice out of the two. If pushing comfort is the priority, go for the Harvey, and if the space between the seats and modularity are the more appealing feature to you (plus the pulling up the stairs), go for the Gazelle.

Also good to know - a 2 years old may be a bit big for a reversible seat. It would be good to try the strollers out, and perhaps think of something with a bench seat instead, e.g. the Baby Jogger City Select Lux , space-wise.

I am looking for the dimensions of the pram when folded with both seats attached - the bottom seat forward facing and the top seat rear facing. Hope you can help, many thanks!

I am sorry, but I don't have this measurement. Check in. this video though:

The lady doesn't tell you the dimensions but based on her size and the room, you'll have an idea about how the fold will look like and how large it is.

How tall are the seat backs? Are the canopies adjustable for tall children?

You'll find the seat measurements (those that we could get our hands on 😉) in the Seat Unit part of the stroller specifications. The seatback of the Gazelle S seat is 46 cm, and the canopies are, unfortunately, not height-adjustable. You can open and extend them but can't slide them higher than they are.

As most reversible double/twin/sibling strollers and also a stroller system/combination , Cybex Gazelle S's seats are not the largest and are on the narrower side, so they'll last less (about maybe 2-2.5 years, if your kids are smaller, might last up to three years old).

I hava a Cybex Mios2, can I use the Mios seat on the Cybex Gazelle S chassis?

No, you can't, I am sorry. The connectors of the Cybex Mios are different than the Gazelle S's, so you won't fit parts of one to the parts of others, it's not possible.

P.S. Even if you could, the frame of the Gazelle is counting on a certain center of gravity, and the smaller, lighter Cybex Mios 's seat unit might make the push and the stability comprmised. Just FYI, it's good to know. In any case, the Gazelle frame and the Mios seat are not compatible.

I'm looking for the seat back height, width, and depth of the gazelle and how it compares to others on the market, are these measurements you can provide?

Hey there, Annie,

Yeah, sure! The seatback measurement is 46 cm (backrest height), the width of the seat is 28 cm, and the depth of the sitting space is 24 cm. The seatback is a rather average size (nothing too large but works), the sitting surface's space is perhaps a bit narrower but ok.

Salve quando sara disponibile? (EN: Hi, when will it be available?)

Hello, the date of releasing the Gazelle S has not yet been made public, so I cannot tell you exactly. It should certainly come out this year (2020), and the expectations are "spring", but that was not yet confirmed. We are all eager to know, and there will, for sure, be updates!

This is your place to ask us a (quick) question about the Cybex Gazelle S

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Gazelle S Stroller System

Current selection.

CYBEX Gazelle S - Seashell Beige (Taupe Frame) in Seashell Beige (Taupe Frame) large

  • Best Seller

1 | First Child

  • Award Winner

Cloud G Lux with SensorSafe

2 | second child, gazelle s 2nd seat unit, 3 | attachments, gazelle s cot.

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cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Cybex Gazelle S Single-to-Double Stroller - Soho Grey (Taupe Frame)

Cybex Gazelle S Single-to-Double Stroller - Soho Grey (Taupe Frame)

The CYBEX Gazelle S is a superb stroller including a removable shopping basket with an impressive additional carrying capacity of 22 lbs. Adapting to the changing needs of your family, the Gazelle S can easily convert from a single to a double stroller without additional adapters. Designed to support 20+ different configurations for an infant and child in forward facing and parent facing modes, the Gazelle S provides endless opportunities. Add the optional kid board to accommodate 3 children.

  • Easily converts from a single to double stroller without additional adapters
  • Designed to fold with two seat units attached to the frame
  • Independent back and leg adjustments offer multiple configurations, allowing you to position your child for comfort
  • Supports 20+ configurations of Gazelle S Seat Units, Gazelle S Cots, CYBEX infant car seats or Shopping Baskets
  • Removable Shopping Basket provides extra storage up to 22 lbs.
  • Extra-large, easy access shopping basket for your belongings (28 lb. max load)
  • Premium design with an all-aluminum frame with taupe finish, leatherette handlebar and bumper bar, and high-quality fabrics
  • All-wheel suspension with integrated frame shock absorption system provides a smooth ride over a variety of surfaces
  • Extendable XXL sun canopy with mesh window and a UPF 50+ rating
  • Large seat unit reclines to a near-flat position
  • 50 lb. weight capacity for both seat units (second seat unit sold separately)
  • One-hand height-adjustable handlebar offers comfortable steering for all users
  • Versatile 3-in-1 Travel System with the seat unit, Gazelle S Cot (sold separately), and any CYBEX infant car seat (sold separately) using the included adapters
  • Stroller compatible with CYBEX, Maxi-Cosi® Mico 30 and Nuna PIPA™ infant car seats using the included adapters
  • Additional adapters sold separately for: BRITAX® B-Safe 35, BRITAX® B-Safe 35 Elite, BRITAX® Endeavours, Graco® SnugRide® 30/35, Graco® SnugRide® SnugLock® 30/35, Chicco® KeyFit® 30, Peg Perego® Primo Viaggio 4-35

The Cybex Gazelle S Stroller includes:

  • Stroller frame
  • Gazelle seat unit
  • Shopping Basket
  • Car Seat Adapters


  • Open dimensions: 41.3” L x 25.4” W x 43.1” H
  • Folded (with wheels): 32.5” L x 25.4” W x 12” H
  • Weight: 25.2 lbs.
  • Usage age/weight: Use from Birth with Gazelle S Cot or infant car seat. Seat unit suitable from 6 months to 50 lbs.

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

  • - The different configurations of both the seats/car seat/bassinet
  • - large storage basket
  • - extra basket for single rider
  • - can?t put the extra basket on the bottom configuration with one rider
  • - folding the stroller isn?t one handed
  • - shocks need work to help over curbs

  • Design, weight, configurations, easy of use, compact, accessories included as standard, seats are interchangeable and have high weight limits...
  • We got the Cybex board for our 4yo and the complain I have is that it doesn?t stay up like the Uppababy piggyback.
  • - great for tall spouses
  • - great storage for shopping (or to use for a pet like I plan to do ha)
  • - high quality materials
  • - infant car seat easily clips in
  • - little heavy but that is as expected as it will be able to hold two children

Return Policy:

- 60 days from date of receipt

- item cannot be used in any way

- must be returned in the original box with all of the original packaging materials                 ***************  RETURN POLICY

- customer is responsible for return shipping costs

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cybex gazelle travel system reviews

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cybex gazelle travel system reviews

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cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Image Unavailable

Cybex Gazelle S All-in-One Toddler and Baby Stroller with Over 20 Modular Configurations, Ergonomic Near-Flat Recline, Shopper Basket, and Compact Fold, Sky Blue

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Cybex Gazelle S All-in-One Toddler and Baby Stroller with Over 20 Modular Configurations, Ergonomic Near-Flat Recline, Shopper Basket, and Compact Fold, Sky Blue

Lava Grey

Purchase options and add-ons

About this item.

  • ALL-IN-ONE baby and toddler stroller for growing families, for use from birth with a carrycot or infant car seat and can be expanded to accommodate two and three children
  • MODULAR system provides endless possibilities with more than 20+ configurations – enjoy as a full-featured single with shopping basket, make it a double stroller ideal for twins and fit Gazelle S perfectly to your family
  • ONE-PULL HARNESS makes it a breeze to load your child in to the seat safe and snug – extra handy if you’re doing it twice
  • ERGONOMIC full-size reversible seat with near-flat recline position for little ones, advanced suspension for a smooth ride, and one-hand adjustable-height handlebar for parents
  • XXL UPF50+ SUN CANOPY with breathable mesh window protects kids from the sun and keeps them safe and cool in the perfect summer stroller
  • LOTS OF STORAGE with included shopper basket and spacious storage underneath equaling 55 lb. of cargo capacity
  • COMPACT FOLD with one or two seats attached, for easy travel and storage

Frequently bought together

Cybex Gazelle S All-in-One Toddler and Baby Stroller with Over 20 Modular Configurations, Ergonomic Near-Flat Recline, Shoppe

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Cybex Gazelle S 2 Cot – Seashell Beige

From the manufacturer

gazelle s

Product Description

Whether you’re already thinking ahead to your second child or expecting the arrival of twins, you can be sure the Gazelle S modular stroller has the ideal set-up for your future family. Choose from over 20 configurations of Gazelle cots, infant car seats, or stroller seats to create the perfect single or double stroller to fit your needs. Transport one or two children with ease in reversible seats with ergonomic near-flat recline for relaxed rides while out on the go. A ride-on board for your eldest toddler updates the Gazelle S for three children. The Gazelle S toddler and baby stroller features a compact fold with either one or two seats attached, allowing for easy storage at home or in the trunk of your car. Whatever your plans for the day, you can rely on a huge lower basket and a detachable shopper basket to carry up to 55 lbs. of shopping bags, groceries, or your child’s essentials. And a one-pull harness lets you secure your child in seconds – especially handy if you’re strapping in two kids! Age range: From birth (with the use of an infant car seat or Gazelle S Cot, sold separately) to about 4 years (maximum child weight per seat: 50 lbs.)

Product information

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Customer Review: Quality Stroller


cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Gazelle S 2 Modular Double Stroller

Important information.

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Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness.

Customers say

Customers like the style, quality and comfort of the stroller. They mention that it looks and feels very nice, is well built and useful for most situations. Some appreciate the flip flop friendly brake and the smoothness of the ride. That said, some dislike the height and disagree on ease of folding, adjustability, and adapter.

AI-generated from the text of customer reviews

Customers are satisfied with the quality of the stroller. They mention it's sturdy, well-built, and practical. Some appreciate the flip-flop friendly brake and the fact that it works perfectly for their daughter. Overall, customers are happy with their purchase and recommend it to others.

"...This one has been useful for most situations . I made a great discovery...." Read more

"This stroller is great! Wonderful quality and I love that it has so many different configurations...." Read more

"...fabric alone on my nuna just feels sustainably more luxurious and high quality . Also, come on Cybex...." Read more

"...This is obviously on the higher end. It’s a highly quality stroller loaded with features .Pros:Flip flop friendly brake..." Read more

Customers like the style of the stroller. They say it's easy to use, attractive looking, and folds smoothly. Customers also appreciate the shopping basket as an included accessory.

"...The shopping basket is a cute included accessory but I can’t frankly use it with both babies...." Read more

"Originally got entourage and while it’s super cool , we love our fast and easy to convert Cybex strollers...." Read more

"...Not only is it aesthically pleasing , but it's practical, configures incredibly well, and is sturdy and well built...." Read more

"...Apart from this, the stroller looks and feels very nice ...." Read more

Customers like the smoothness of the stroller. They mention that it rides very smoothly, maneuvers around with no issues, and pushes smoothly. The stroller has swivel front wheels that can be locked to stay.

"...The stroller rides very smoothly with comfortable seating and can fit 2 seats if need be...." Read more

"...not absurdly heavy, a shopping basket and huge under storage area, smooth ride (on flat terrain), and fits in my trunk...." Read more

"This is a great compact double option! Pushes smoothly , nice basket, attractive looking, and folds really small! Great for NYC!..." Read more

"...It maneuvers around with no issues as well...." Read more

Customers like the comfort of the stroller. They mention that it's built beautifully and is comfortable.

"...Overall- my 2 year old is comfortable in the front , it’s not too heavy to carry and load on an SUV and it looks trendy...." Read more

"...My 2 year old loves it and looks comfortable . It also has plenty of storage space without looking too bulky...." Read more

"I love almost everything about it, super easy to set up, very comfy according to the kids. Easy set up BUT to fold it’s like you have to fight it...." Read more

Customers are mixed about the ease of folding. Some mention that the fold on the stroller is super compact and has a ton of configurations, while others say that it recline, which made it impossible to fold. They say that when you get it right, it's not a secure fold, and that the strollers is pretty bulky.

"...Overall- my 2 year old is comfortable in the front, it’s not too heavy to carry and load on an SUV and it looks trendy...." Read more

"...Vista that I was previously considering was: the ability to fold down with two seats attached , the price, and the shopping basket included instead..." Read more

"...I’ve watched videos showing how to fold it & mine doesn’t fold , I think I have a defective stroller...." Read more

"...go either direction, compatibility with my Nuna infant seat, not absurdly heavy , a shopping basket and huge under storage area, smooth ride..." Read more

Customers have mixed opinions about the adapter. Some mention that it comes with adapters for carseat and can move the seat to lower position, while others say that they're afraid to use it because it's broken. Some customers also mention that the adaptor was broken upon arrival, and the box was damaged a bit.

"...Pros:Flip flop friendly brake Comes with car seat adapter Comes with shopping basketOne hand harness adjustment..." Read more

" say I have an $800 piece of trash that I'm afraid to use because it's broken , my baby actually almost fell off of it because it won't lean front..." Read more

"...I did have to purchase a second seat but the adapters are already included ...." Read more

"When I received the stroller the box kind of damaged a bit ...." Read more

Customers are mixed about the adjustability of the stroller. Some mention it's great for tall people, the handle adjusts so even a 6'4" husband can use it, and the one pull harness adjustment is genius. However, others say that the harness has to be detached to adjust it, which is a huge pain in the ass.

"...I don’t want my infant down in the lower spot. The one pull harness adjustment is GENIUS ! It comes loaded with a ton of stuff...." Read more

"...It has the old manual strap adjustments . The neck protector that is included also has to be detached to adjust it, which is a huge pain in the ass...." Read more

"...Loved how easy it was to adjust , that the seats fold on the stroller, the fold is super compact and has a ton of configurations where each seat can..." Read more

"...the seat feels cheaper than my bugaboo bee and yoyo and the harness is a pain to adjust on the go." Read more

Customers have negative things to say about the height of the stroller. They mention that the seat won't recline, the strollers alignment veers to the right, and the left side of the product stays uneven.

"...The seat needs to be the right direction in the right position, or it is a no go. Even when you get it right, it’s not a secure fold...." Read more

"This stroller alignment veers to the right significantly when I push it. Any fixes for this issue?..." Read more

"... It won't lean back or front and it's a hazard to my child. I contacted Amazon and Cybex and no one will help me...." Read more

"...Unfortunately, the seat became jammed and could no longer recline , which made it impossible to fold...." Read more

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Top reviews from the United States

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cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Top reviews from other countries

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

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Treasures of the Moscow Metro: Orange Line stations that honor the Arctic and Baltic


cybex gazelle travel system reviews

The interior decoration of Medvedkovo station is devoted to the severe and unforgiving nature of the Russian North. On the walls one sees eight metallic bas-reliefs with a polar bear on an ice floe, the hunt for snow gooses, reindeer sledding and more.

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

This is one of the most lavishly decorated stations on the Orange Line. The walls have 48 mosaics devoted to Russian cities that surround Moscow, including their coats of arms. Near each mosaic stands the name of the city.

There’s a large colorful mosaic of girls in traditional Russian dresses above the entrance to the platform. The image on the opposite side depicts medieval Russian horsemen and a chronicler. This image is devoted to the ancient epic Slavic poem,   The Tale of Igor's Campaign .

Botanichesky Sad

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

This station brings one to the largest botanical garden in Europe, and the station’s interior decoration is devoted to the topic of natural beauty. On the walls, one sees metallic bas-reliefs with simple images of flowers, apples and grapes.

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Rizhskiy Railway Station is located at this metro stop. From here, trains travel to the Latvian capital. No surprise that the station, which was designed by the Soviet Latvian architects, was dedicated to that Baltic country and its capital, Riga.

The yellow and brown colors epitomize different kinds of amber that is plentiful in the Baltic Sea region. On the columns one sees images related to Latvia: Riga’s port, the Latvian Academy of Science, the Central Market (one of the largest in Europe), Old Riga and more.


cybex gazelle travel system reviews

This station leads to the famous State Tretyakov Gallery, the foremost repository of Russian fine art anywhere in the world. The station walls are decorated with the bronze bas-reliefs of Russian artists, sculptors and icon painters. Above the portal on the way to the escalators one sees a large image of the Tretyakov Gallery.

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

This station brings you to the famous Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNKH) – one of the world’s largest exhibition centers. During the Soviet period it represented the best industrial achievements of all Soviet Republics. Today, it offers visitors a wide range of activities, from shopping to shows and skating, and other sport activities.

Despite its name, the station is modestly decorated. At the exit one sees a huge modern (1997) ceramic image. Made according to traditions of the Old Russian style of Gzhel, the image depicts the 19 th   century market, as well as several Russian monasteries. 

Besides Moscow and St. Petersburg, several other Russian cities have metro systems, and most stations are masterpieces of art and architecture. Find out more about them.

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  • Moscow metro trains you need(ed) to ride
  • 9 steps to manage the Moscow Metro like a local

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

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The Moscow Metro Museum of Art: 10 Must-See Stations

There are few times one can claim having been on the subway all afternoon and loving it, but the Moscow Metro provides just that opportunity.  While many cities boast famous public transport systems—New York’s subway, London’s underground, San Salvador’s chicken buses—few warrant hours of exploration.  Moscow is different: Take one ride on the Metro, and you’ll find out that this network of railways can be so much more than point A to B drudgery.

The Metro began operating in 1935 with just thirteen stations, covering less than seven miles, but it has since grown into the world’s third busiest transit system ( Tokyo is first ), spanning about 200 miles and offering over 180 stops along the way.  The construction of the Metro began under Joseph Stalin’s command, and being one of the USSR’s most ambitious building projects, the iron-fisted leader instructed designers to create a place full of svet (radiance) and svetloe budushchee (a radiant future), a palace for the people and a tribute to the Mother nation.

Consequently, the Metro is among the most memorable attractions in Moscow.  The stations provide a unique collection of public art, comparable to anything the city’s galleries have to offer and providing a sense of the Soviet era, which is absent from the State National History Museum.  Even better, touring the Metro delivers palpable, experiential moments, which many of us don’t get standing in front of painting or a case of coins.

Though tours are available , discovering the Moscow Metro on your own provides a much more comprehensive, truer experience, something much less sterile than following a guide.  What better place is there to see the “real” Moscow than on mass transit: A few hours will expose you to characters and caricatures you’ll be hard-pressed to find dining near the Bolshoi Theater.  You become part of the attraction, hear it in the screech of the train, feel it as hurried commuters brush by: The Metro sucks you beneath the city and churns you into the mix.

With the recommendations of our born-and-bred Muscovite students, my wife Emma and I have just taken a self-guided tour of what some locals consider the top ten stations of the Moscow Metro. What most satisfied me about our Metro tour was the sense of adventure .  I loved following our route on the maps of the wagon walls as we circled the city, plotting out the course to the subsequent stops; having the weird sensation of being underground for nearly four hours; and discovering the next cavern of treasures, playing Indiana Jones for the afternoon, piecing together fragments of Russia’s mysterious history.  It’s the ultimate interactive museum.

Top Ten Stations (In order of appearance)

Kievskaya station.

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Kievskaya Station went public in March of 1937, the rails between it and Park Kultury Station being the first to cross the Moscow River.  Kievskaya is full of mosaics depicting aristocratic scenes of Russian life, with great cameo appearances by Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin.  Each work has a Cyrillic title/explanation etched in the marble beneath it; however, if your Russian is rusty, you can just appreciate seeing familiar revolutionary dates like 1905 ( the Russian Revolution ) and 1917 ( the October Revolution ).

Mayakovskaya Station

Mayakovskaya Station ranks in my top three most notable Metro stations. Mayakovskaya just feels right, done Art Deco but no sense of gaudiness or pretention.  The arches are adorned with rounded chrome piping and create feeling of being in a jukebox, but the roof’s expansive mosaics of the sky are the real showstopper.  Subjects cleverly range from looking up at a high jumper, workers atop a building, spires of Orthodox cathedrals, to nimble aircraft humming by, a fleet of prop planes spelling out CCCP in the bluest of skies.

Novoslobodskaya Station

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Novoslobodskaya is the Metro’s unique stained glass station.  Each column has its own distinctive panels of colorful glass, most of them with a floral theme, some of them capturing the odd sailor, musician, artist, gardener, or stenographer in action.  The glass is framed in Art Deco metalwork, and there is the lovely aspect of discovering panels in the less frequented haunches of the hall (on the trackside, between the incoming staircases).  Novosblod is, I’ve been told, the favorite amongst out-of-town visitors.

Komsomolskaya Station

Komsomolskaya Station is one of palatial grandeur.  It seems both magnificent and obligatory, like the presidential palace of a colonial city.  The yellow ceiling has leafy, white concrete garland and a series of golden military mosaics accenting the tile mosaics of glorified Russian life.  Switching lines here, the hallway has an Alice-in-Wonderland feel, impossibly long with decorative tile walls, culminating in a very old station left in a remarkable state of disrepair, offering a really tangible glimpse behind the palace walls.

Dostoevskaya Station

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Dostoevskaya is a tribute to the late, great hero of Russian literature .  The station at first glance seems bare and unimpressive, a stark marble platform without a whiff of reassembled chips of tile.  However, two columns have eerie stone inlay collages of scenes from Dostoevsky’s work, including The Idiot , The Brothers Karamazov , and Crime and Punishment.   Then, standing at the center of the platform, the marble creates a kaleidoscope of reflections.  At the entrance, there is a large, inlay portrait of the author.

Chkalovskaya Station

Chkalovskaya does space Art Deco style (yet again).  Chrome borders all.  Passageways with curvy overhangs create the illusion of walking through the belly of a chic, new-age spacecraft.  There are two (kos)mosaics, one at each end, with planetary subjects.  Transferring here brings you above ground, where some rather elaborate metalwork is on display.  By name similarity only, I’d expected Komsolskaya Station to deliver some kosmonaut décor; instead, it was Chkalovskaya that took us up to the space station.

Elektrozavodskaya Station

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Elektrozavodskaya is full of marble reliefs of workers, men and women, laboring through the different stages of industry.  The superhuman figures are round with muscles, Hollywood fit, and seemingly undeterred by each Herculean task they respectively perform.  The station is chocked with brass, from hammer and sickle light fixtures to beautiful, angular framework up the innards of the columns.  The station’s art pieces are less clever or extravagant than others, but identifying the different stages of industry is entertaining.

Baumanskaya Statio

Baumanskaya Station is the only stop that wasn’t suggested by the students.  Pulling in, the network of statues was just too enticing: Out of half-circle depressions in the platform’s columns, the USSR’s proud and powerful labor force again flaunts its success.  Pilots, blacksmiths, politicians, and artists have all congregated, posing amongst more Art Deco framing.  At the far end, a massive Soviet flag dons the face of Lenin and banners for ’05, ’17, and ‘45.  Standing in front of the flag, you can play with the echoing roof.

Ploshchad Revolutsii Station

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Novokuznetskaya Station

Novokuznetskaya Station finishes off this tour, more or less, where it started: beautiful mosaics.  This station recalls the skyward-facing pieces from Mayakovskaya (Station #2), only with a little larger pictures in a more cramped, very trafficked area.  Due to a line of street lamps in the center of the platform, it has the atmosphere of a bustling market.  The more inventive sky scenes include a man on a ladder, women picking fruit, and a tank-dozer being craned in.  The station’s also has a handsome black-and-white stone mural.

Here is a map and a brief description of our route:

Start at (1)Kievskaya on the “ring line” (look for the squares at the bottom of the platform signs to help you navigate—the ring line is #5, brown line) and go north to Belorusskaya, make a quick switch to the Dark Green/#2 line, and go south one stop to (2)Mayakovskaya.  Backtrack to the ring line—Brown/#5—and continue north, getting off at (3)Novosblodskaya and (4)Komsolskaya.  At Komsolskaya Station, transfer to the Red/#1 line, go south for two stops to Chistye Prudy, and get on the Light Green/#10 line going north.  Take a look at (5)Dostoevskaya Station on the northern segment of Light Green/#10 line then change directions and head south to (6)Chkalovskaya, which offers a transfer to the Dark Blue/#3 line, going west, away from the city center.  Have a look (7)Elektroskaya Station before backtracking into the center of Moscow, stopping off at (8)Baumskaya, getting off the Dark Blue/#3 line at (9)Ploschad Revolyutsii.  Change to the Dark Green/#2 line and go south one stop to see (10)Novokuznetskaya Station.

Check out our new Moscow Indie Travel Guide , book a flight to Moscow and read 10 Bars with Views Worth Blowing the Budget For

Jonathon Engels, formerly a patron saint of misadventure, has been stumbling his way across cultural borders since 2005 and is currently volunteering in the mountains outside of Antigua, Guatemala.  For more of his work, visit his website and blog .

cybex gazelle travel system reviews

Photo credits:   SergeyRod , all others courtesy of the author and may not be used without permission

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cybex gazelle travel system reviews

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  5. 2021 Cybex Gazelle S

    Durability Holding all of that weight requires a good bit of suspension! With large rubber back wheels and pneumatic front wheels, the Cybex Gazelle offers a smooth glide for city streets and suburbs alike. Its sturdy taupe-accented aluminum frame has great suspension and stability.

  6. Customer reviews: Gazelle S Stroller Travel System

    I am 7 months pregnant and did a ton of research on single to double strollers as we are expecting our first child but want another without a big age gap.The aspects that sold me on the Cybex Gazelle over the UppaBaby Vista that I was previously considering was: the ability to fold down with two seats attached, the price, and the shopping basket...

  7. Cybex Gazelle S travel system review

    KEY TEST RESULTS Pushing around obstacles Shopping basket access and size Comfort to push Feb 2023Last checked by Which? Mar 2021First reviewed by Which? Nov 2020Released Test results The overall Which? test score is made up of the following star ratings, all determined by our rigorous lab tests. How we test pushchairs 28 Nov 2023 Manoeuvrability

  8. Cybex Gazelle S Review

    Cybex Gazelle S Review. August 21, 2021 April 8, 2021 by Louis & Jessica Hopkins. In this review we're going to go over all of the basic functions of the Cybex Gizelle S Stroller. ... Mechanically this more complex system creates a greater potential for problems, both due to the wire, which doesn't have an adjustment screw to control ...

  9. Cybex Gazelle S double review

    pros cons What's included? What is it? What's it like to push? Is it straightforward to use with your child? Is it easy to fold, transport and store? Is it safe and sturdy? Is there anything else I should know? Should I buy it? Unlock reviews Full Access first month £5, then £10.99 per month, cancel at any time KEY TEST RESULTS

  10. Cybex Gazelle S Product Review

    The Cybex Gazelle S is a luxury, full featured stroller with included removable shopping basket! From newborn, to toddler, big kid and double stroller - find out why we love the Gazelle S! ... Cybex Gazelle S Stroller Review; Cybex Gazelle S Stroller Review. Judith Little | March 18, 2021 | Comments 0. ... Travel System Read.

  11. Cybex Gazelle S Double Stroller Review

    Beautiful Design The Cybex Gazelle S stroller sports a nice design (I've had other parents give it glowing compliments). It sports top-quality fabrics and the premium design is down to a sturdy aluminum frame and simple color of your choice - navy, black, grey and taupe (I got navy).

  12. CYBEX Gazelle S Review

    CYBEX Gazelle S Review | Double Buggy Review | My Baba Prams & Pushchairs / 21 September, 2020 / Ellie Thompson Cybex Gazelle S: The Big City Shopper That Grows With Your Family

  13. Best Travel System Strollers 2024

    Best Travel System Stroller Overall: Britax Willow Brook Travel System. Best Upgrade Travel System Stroller: Nuna Pipa Urbn + Trvl System. Best Value Travel System Stroller: Chicco Mini Bravo ...

  14. Cybex Gazelle S Stroller Review 2023

    Material quality Cybex Gazelle S Stroller Specs : FAQ's: Fortunately, Cybex had single to double strollers, and one of them that caught our attention was the Cybex Gazelle S stroller. We read the specs, features, and reviews about this stroller and found it to satisfy our family's requirements.

  15. Cybex Gazelle S stroller reviews, questions, dimensions

    Type. Pushchair (seat and chassis only), 2in1 stroller system, 3in1 stroller system, Double sibling stroller (tandem) Stroller weight. 12 kg. Unfolded dimensions (h×w×l) 110 cm x 65 cm x 92.5 cm. Folded dimensions (h×w×l) 84.5 cm x 65 cm x 32 cm frame only. Chassis material.

  16. Customer reviews: CYBEX Gazelle S Stroller Modular Double

    CYBEX Gazelle S Stroller Modular Double Stroller for Infant and... › Customer reviews How customer reviews and ratings work Sign in to filter reviews 14 total ratings, 5 with reviews Translate all reviews to English From the United States Erin Sullivan This Not Beige Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 19, 2021

  17. Cybex Gazelle S

    Cybex Gazelle S | Best Travel Systems 2021 | Bambi Baby Review - YouTube Developers Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket © 2024 Google LLC The Gazelle...

  18. Gazelle S Stroller System

    2 items $1,249.90 Add Items to Cart Travel Systems (180) Gazelle S Stroller System Over 20 possibilities from birth: The Gazelle S Stroller System grows with your family, supporting over 20 configurations of seat units, cots, or CYBEX infant car seats. The Gazelle S Stroller Frame is the essential basis allowing you to attach different options.

  19. Cybex Gazelle S Single-to-Double Stroller

    Cybex Gazelle S 2 Second Seat - Black Frame / Moon Black. Choose from 6 Styles. $239.95. Cybex Gazelle S 2 Cot - Sky Blue. Choose from 5 Styles. $199.95. Description. Product Reviews. Customer Q&A.

  20. How to navigate the Moscow Metro

    Mobile apps. Some stations have a stand with a Metro map in the center of the platform and by the ticket windows in the lobby. But these days, the best way to navigate the branchy subway system is ...

  21. Cybex Gazelle S All-in-One Toddler and Baby Stroller with Over 20

    4.4 189 ratings | Search this page $79995 FREE Returns Color: Sky Blue Style: Stroller V2 Stroller V2 About this item Mesh ALL-IN-ONE baby and toddler stroller for growing families, for use from birth with a carrycot or infant car seat and can be expanded to accommodate two and three children

  22. Treasures of the Moscow Metro: Orange Line stations that honor the

    Sviblovo. Nikolai Galkin/TASS. This is one of the most lavishly decorated stations on the Orange Line. The walls have 48 mosaics devoted to Russian cities that surround Moscow, including their ...

  23. The Moscow Metro Museum of Art: 10 Must-See Stations

    Have a look (7)Elektroskaya Station before backtracking into the center of Moscow, stopping off at (8)Baumskaya, getting off the Dark Blue/#3 line at (9)Ploschad Revolyutsii. Change to the Dark Green/#2 line and go south one stop to see (10)Novokuznetskaya Station. Check out our new Moscow Indie Travel Guide, book a flight to Moscow and read 10 ...


    Write a review. Hotel Yantar-City is located in Elektrostal. The front desk is open 24 hours a day and offers free Wi-Fi. Guests can visit the restaurant or order room service. The hotel has a shared lounge and luggage storage. Rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom. All rooms are equipped with a refrigerator. Read more.