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The 10 Best Travel Potties for Kids [2023]

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The 10 Best Travel Potties for Kids [2023]

Things To Consider in a Travel Potty

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Whether you’re taking your toddler on a picnic or a road trip adventure, using the toilet can be big trouble. Your child probably won’t be thrilled to use the public restrooms you find on your journey, so a travel potty might come in handy.

Choosing the best travel potty can make your trip much easier. Some 2-in-1 options can be used both on top of a regular toilet seat and on their own.

Using a travel potty can transform your trip into a relaxing vacation for your family, as you won’t have to worry about the cleanliness of public toilets or your child’s willingness to use them.

When choosing the travel potty best suited to your needs, look for one with compact size, versatility in use, and the option to use a disposable bag in case your child can’t wait until you reach a toilet. Here are the main aspects to consider:

If you can’t motivate your toddler to learn to use a potty, perhaps a funny and creative design will help. Some potties are designed with cute animal prints that almost seem like toys . Your child is no doubt more likely to sit on one of these potties than a purely functional one.

This could also come in handy when it comes to transitioning to using the toilet. Placing a versatile potty with a fun design on top will help your child learn to use the toilet in a fun way.

Compact Size

Size is one of the crucial aspects to consider in a travel potty. On the one hand, a compact-sized potty is perfect for traveling as it is easy to pack and store , so you can keep it at hand for emergencies.

On the other, a smaller potty might not have sufficient sitting space for your child. This might prolong the toilet-training experience if your child starts feeling anxious or insecure.

Versatility and Disposable Bags

Most families will benefit from a 2-in-1 potty that can be used both on its own and on top of a toilet . While on a camping trip or vacation, this feature can prove indispensable as you never know where the next rest stop might be.

If you happen to be on the road when the urge to go strikes your toddler, you will love the versatility of a potty that comes with disposable bags.

Hot Tip: Checking out the bag removal process before buying a travel potty is also wise to gauge the convenience of using this type of potty.

Sitting Space

One of the most important things to consider in a travel potty is sitting space and material . Treating your child to a comfy seat with sufficient space is a winning formula for successful potty training.

The 10 Best Travel Potties

Travel potties come in many designs and sizes and with varying usability features, such as the 2-in-1 potty type mentioned above. Here’s a list of the 10 best potties you can bring with you while traveling.

BEST OVERALL: Folding Travel Potty Seat

Jool Baby Folding Travel Potty Seat for Boys and Girls

With a soft surface perfect for a toddler going through potty training, the Jool Baby seat for boys and girls is a great option. Although it can only be placed on top of a toilet, it’s a good solution to help your child overcome a fear of public restrooms while traveling.

It features a nice design and a blue color likely to suit boys a bit more than girls. This seat is equipped with 8 suction cups for a sturdy grip that will give your child maximum security while learning to use the toilet.

Its compact size is perfect for traveling, and this folding seat only takes a few moments to assemble. The Jool Baby folding potty seat is best for toddlers and smaller children. Its appealing design will encourage your child to use it.

What We Like

  • Great suction grip for security and easy folding

What We Don’t Like

  • It can’t be used on its own

UPGRADE PICK: OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty

OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty

The OXO Tot Go Potty is arguably the best 2-in-1 travel potty for children 12 months old and up. It’s also one of the best travel potties overall, thanks to its compact size and legs that securely fold and lock in place.

Because of its design, you can easily take this potty in your car or even put it to use in the back seat using the convenient potty travel bag. In addition, thanks to this potty’s versatility, you can use it as a potty seat on top of a toilet or flip the legs and use it as a travel potty .

It also has a splash guard for boys, which is a great addition to an all-in-1 potty. The comfy seat might not be sufficient for larger kids. However, it’s perfect for toddlers, and it even looks fun to use.

  • High versatility and compact size
  • Small sitting space size

ONEDONE Portable Baby Child Potty

ONEDONE Portable Baby Child Potty Urinal Emergency Toilet

Sometimes you need an instant solution for your child while on the road. In emergency situations, the ONEDONE portable toilet is a great choice and your son will be motivated to use it because of its engaging design.

The maximum capacity of 500 milliliters is sufficient for emergency cases where you wouldn’t be able to reach a toilet. The material is perfectly safe for kids, so you don’t have to worry about your child getting any sort of skin irritation.

This portable urinal can be reused after cleaning. Most importantly, its strong seal allows you to securely contain the contents. It’s easy to empty and clean it once you reach a toilet.

  • Great for urgent situations
  • It can only be used by boys

Summer 3-in-1 Train with Me Potty

Summer 3-in-1 Train with Me Potty Seat Topper and Stepstool for Toddler Training

If you value the versatility of having a 3-in-1 travel potty, the Summer Train with Me seat provides unprecedented convenience. Not only can you use it as a potty, but it can also serve as a step stool so your toddler can more easily reach the sink.

It can be used both within the household and while traveling, making it a great option while on the go. Besides serving as a travel potty and a step stool, it can also be arranged as a potty seat if your toddler prefers it that way.

It’s quite easy to assemble it as a whole potty, and you don’t have to worry about disposal bags with this one. The potty is entirely made of plastic, so it’s lightweight and easily portable on long journeys. It also comes with a removable pot equipped with a pour spout for easier cleaning and reusing.

  • Complete potty and stepstool solution
  • It might be a bit difficult to handle disposal

Disney Minnie Mouse “Bowtique” Folding/Travel Potty Seat for Toilet Training Kids, Purple, 11.5x1.25x14 Inch (Standard)

Disney Minnie Mouse “Bowtique” Folding/Travel Potty Seat for Toilet Training

The Minnie Mouse “Bowtique” potty seat is a charming option for children in toilet training, especially girls. The design is suitable for children just beginning to transition from the potty to a toilet seat.

This option can be brought on a road trip for use in public or hotel restrooms. Once you unfold it, it remains locked for the maximum stability of your toddler while sitting . The sitting space is also quite large, providing a comfortable seat for your child.

This potty seat provides a hygienic solution, even for public restrooms, and it’s fairly easy to clean with baby wipes or soap and water. Its compact size, when folded, allows for easy storage in your car while traveling.

  • Compact and hygienic solution
  • It doesn’t include a pot with disposal bags for on-the-go usage

Maliton Toddler Potty Seat

Maliton Toddler Potty Seat

The Maliton toddler seat is a portable potty seat that boasts the ultimate in comfortable construction. A large part of the comfort factor is down to the security ensured by 8 no-slip pads and 2 buckles. This construction provides a secure fit and plenty of stability on top of a toilet.

This seat has a splash guard for boys to prevent any leaks. It’s easy to clean, and the soft, non-toxic ABS material makes it even more comfortable for your toddler. Because of its security and comfort properties, this seat is a great option for toddler training and traveling.

The sleek design may boost training results as your child may be more likely to use it. The only potential downside of this option is that it can’t be used on its own, as it has to be placed on top of a toilet.

  • Incredible security with 8 no-slip pads and 2 no-slip buckles
  • Doesn’t come with a traveling bag

Honboom Portable Potty-Training Seat

If you are looking for a complete potty-training set for travel, the Honboom portable training seat is the best option. It features a fun design made for small children and can be assembled wherever you please – even in your car in emergencies.

It’s completely foldable, which means that you can assemble it and unfold it in a matter of minutes. The comfort and security it provides are perfect for toilet-training small children while traveling.

A hygienic approach to cleaning requires only that you remove the disposable bag after your child is finished on the potty.

It is made of thick material that can support the weight of any child. The construction is so durable that it can even bear the weight of an adult.

  • Perfect for emergencies with a simple setup
  • Only for smaller toddlers

2-in-1 Portable Travel Potty

BLUESNAIL 2-in-1 Portable Travel Potty

The BLUESNAIL travel potty is suitable for children above 8 months and provides the perfect blend of fun and usefulness in a potty. You can bring it along on vacation or camping trips thanks to less space-consuming foldable legs that lock in place.

Its construction is sturdy enough to support your child without any issues, while quality materials make for a comfortable seat. It comes with disposable bags you can simply attach and remove after use . This potty is also multifunctional. You can place it on top of a toilet and use it as a potty seat.

The standout aspect of this travel potty is its fun design. Its legs resemble a car, making it an attractive option for children just learning to use the potty.

  • Fun design for a 2-in-1 travel potty
  • Only suitable for children above 8 months

Dr. Catch Portable Travel Potty

Dr. Catch Portable Travel Potty

If you are looking for the best option in terms of stability and support for your kid while using a potty, Dr. Catch’s portable travel potty might be the one. This option comes with plastic components that are easily assembled for a full travel potty or dismantled for a potty seat.

The locking legs and anti-slip design with TPR rubber ensure maximum sturdiness. You can use it at home or while traveling as the assembly only takes a few minutes.

In addition, the cleaning process is quite straightforward. You simply remove and replace the attached disposal bag.

  • Locking leg support for complete security while sitting
  • Plain design that kids might find uninteresting

Top Hat Potty for Newborn Infant Potty Training

Top Hat Travel Potty

If you are looking for a potty suitable for infants up to 12 months, consider using a top hat potty. It looks like a magician’s hat and includes a soft fleece cozy for comfortable sitting. This non-toxic potty is made of recyclable BPA-free plastic.

The new and improved model includes an extra-wide rubber band on the potty neck for slip prevention, providing your child a safe and comfortable seat.

The compact size of this potty enables you to bring it along on travels and always find a space for it in your car. It’s one of the best options for infant potty training.

  • Great for small children up to 12 months
  • It isn’t compatible with disposable bags

A good travel potty is a must-have for every parent looking to be prepared for emergencies while traveling. With the variety of choices available that include versatile features and quality support for your child, you will no doubt find the travel potty best suited to your needs among the choices on this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel potties and potty seats can be a real lifesaver when you decide to go on a road trip or vacation with your toddler. The listed options enable you to feel safe at any moment since little children might need a toilet at any point.

It all depends on your situation and the preference of your toddler. Perhaps the best choice would be to buy a 2-in-1 option that can act as a full potty and a seat.

Your primary considerations should be the security, cleaning methods, and versatility of a travel potty before you decide to buy one.

Not only can you count on travel potties to save you in situations when your child needs to use a toilet while traveling, but you can also use them to practice toilet training in your own home.

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About Amar Hussain

Amar is an avid traveler and tester of products. He has spent the last 13 years traveling all 7 continents and has put the products to the test on each of them. He has contributed to publications including Forbes, the Huffington Post, and more.


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7 Best Travel Potty Seats and Chairs for Toilet-Trained Tots

profile picture of Danielle Halibey

Even if your little one has been successfully potty training for a while, it might be a shock to your super-duper pooper when they venture out of the house and suddenly, urgently, have to go. Holding it—especially for long stretches—is not a realistic option for young toilet trainers. Plus, using a bathroom that’s not their own can feel pretty intimidating or uncomfortable—and those automatic flushers can be scary! That’s why having a travel potty at the ready can be so crucial for those on-the-go bathroom breaks. Below, we’ve detailed the types of travel-friendly toddler potties out there and what you should look for when shopping. Plus, check out our list of the best travel potty options on the market.

Types of Toddler Travel Potties

If you’ve been potty training your little one, you’re probably well-versed in the world of potty chairs and potty seats . Travel potties more or less come in the same styles but are made easier to tote around and dispose of or pack up in a pinch. There are three main categories of travel potties on the market today: travel potty chairs, travel potty seats and portable urinals. All of them let your child relieve themselves when a restroom isn’t accessible or when said restroom is available but not what your little mini had in mind to do their business. Below, check out the pros and cons of each:

Travel potty chairs

A potty chair is often the first type of toilet your sweetpea will take for a spin. This standalone setup sits on the floor, is easy to lift and can be moved from one room to another with little issues. The “traditional” potty chairs you’ll use at home come with a removable basin (and affixed splash guard) that you can pop out to empty the contents into your larger toilet once your little one finishes up. These can be rinsed with water and wiped clean afterward. A travel potty chair is more lightweight and usually features legs that can be folded away for compact portability. It also replaces the traditional basin with a disposable bag that attaches or clips onto the seat. After your child relieves themselves, you can grab the baggie, tie it up and throw it in the nearest trash. One potential drawback: It isn’t functional without a plastic bag to insert—so be sure to remember those bags when you leave the house!

Travel potty seats

Travel potty seats are designed to sit on top of regular toilets, providing a smaller “shelf” for your tiny one’s tush. Most are made of hard plastic (which is simple to wipe clean), but others are crafted with foam for a more ergonomic and comfortable feel. What’s more, a number of these travel potty seats come equipped with special grips or suction cups to stabilize the seat and prevent it from shifting around. You’ll also appreciate how they’re often ultra compact and portable; many versions can be folded up and slipped seamlessly into a travel bag or Ziploc.

However, there are also a few downsides to consider. Newly trained toddlers who haven’t yet “graduated” from the potty chair to the potty seat might not feel comfortable sitting on a standard toilet. And, even if they are newly-minted potty chair users, you’ll have to help lift your little one and keep them steady. Finally, the seat can get dirty and germy in no time, so you’ll need to keep sanitizing wipes handy for quick post-bathroom cleans.

Portable urinals

Travel urinals for toddlers are much simpler, and—apart from being a reservoir to collect pee—look nothing like their public restroom porcelain predecessors (or even the at-home toddler options like the viral Frog Potty Training Urinal . The toddler travel version is basically a large plastic cup with a soft funneled opening that your child can pee into when needed. These also work for toddlers no matter their sex: Boys and girls have different funnel attachments to align with their unique anatomy (a circular opening for boys and a heart-shaped opening for girls). On the downside, if it’s been a while since your toddler last peed, they could potentially overfill the cup. And, of course, portable urinals are only suitable for number ones—so they aren’t the most versatile.

What to Look for in a Travel Potty

When you’re shopping for the best travel potty, there are several important factors to keep in mind: portability, ease of use, ease of cleaning up and—perhaps most importantly—your child’s comfort. If your toddler refuses to use the travel potty, then it won’t be much use—so give careful thought to your toddler’s preferences and which type of potty is most likely to have them relaxed enough to “let go.”

Next, think about your travel needs. If you’re buying a travel potty to have on hand whenever your tot needs to go and there’s no bathroom in sight—for example, to stash in your car trunk for when you need to pull over stat, or stow in your stroller for lengthy excursions—a travel potty chair is probably the way to go. On the other hand, if your destination is a hotel room or Grandma’s house, a travel potty seat enables your kiddo to make use of the existing toilet.

There’s also something to be said for waste. Travel potty seats are the most sustainable option since you don’t have to throw anything out; as long as you have a toilet to put the seat on, everything will be flushed away. Travel potty chairs that use disposable plastic bags to catch number ones and twos need to be deposited in the trash, so you’ll always need plastic bags or liners to use these types of toilets.

Best Travel Potty Options to Shop

Ready to shop for a portable travel potty? Here, browse the just-in-case commodes we’ve used and loved with our own kids and ones parents say they couldn’t survive on-the-go adventures without.

Overall best travel potty chair

OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty

When it comes to naming the best travel potty chair, this completely versatile option from OXO Tot is seriously the best pot for your tot. Thanks to the sturdy legs that pop out quickly and easily, it can be used as a standalone potty chair. When your little one needs to go, just slip a plastic bag into the center (using the flexible flaps to hold the bag in place) and let your child do their business. Then dispose of the bag, fold the legs back up and slip it into the included carry bag. Another highlight: This 2-in-1 option can also be used as a travel potty seat —the legs extend flat and lock in place to balance on standard toilet seats. No wonder our product tester’s feedback earned this potty a place in our Best of The Bump roundup —you get the best of both worlds with this pick!

Dimensions: 11” (L) x 11” (W) x 2.5” (H) | Weight: 1.5 lbs.

“I would for sure recommend this to anyone that’s potty training. This type of seat is the best in my opinion because it’s perfect for at home, public restrooms, the car—literally anywhere! The size is great and it’s easy to keep it clean.”

walmart travel potty

  • Small, lightweight design
  • Straightforward to set up and break down
  • Comes with three disposable bags with absorbent pads and a carry bag
  • May rock slightly when placed on a standard toilet
  • Some parents say splash guard doesn’t work well
  • Must be used with a plastic bag

Best travel potty seat

Jool Baby Folding Travel Potty Seat for Boys and Girls

With thousands of positive ratings to back it up, the Jool folding travel potty seat really stacks up. The versatile design fits most standard and public toilets and is equipped with eight strong suction cup grips on its underside to keep your child balanced. The lightweight toilet topper folds easily and packs away into the travel bag it comes with. Plus, once your toddler finishes their tinkle, you’ll appreciate that the the soft, smooth surface is a cinch to clean. Our product tester raved about how easy this chair was to use, wash and move from room to room. It’s no wonder this pick was featured in our Best of The Bump roundup of the best potty chairs!

Dimensions: 10” (L) x 7.2” (W) | Weight: 9.9 oz.

“This potty has significantly helped with potty training and it’s very easy to move from room to room. It’s also very easy to fit in a diaper bag or even a purse in some cases. It was completely painless to set up away from home.”

  • Folds up into itself with the “dirty” side inside
  • Made from BPA-free materials
  • Travel bag fits into diaper bags or purses
  • Some parents say it’s difficult to remove from public toilet seats
  • No built-in splash guard

Best travel potty for the car

Go Time 3-in-1 Potty

Road trips with kids can be a lot, to say the least. And when you’ve got newly potty-trained tikes in tow, driving long distances can be even more challenging. At least with the Skip Hop travel potty for the car, you can keep things moving smoothly. The clever design triples as a standalone potty chair (it’s got a removable basin and pour spout), a potty seat (that fits most standard size toilets) and a travel potty when you’re out and about (with a disposable plastic bag). We love the bonus “nesting design” for space-saving portability, and also how easy it is to clean. While it’s not small enough to toss into a diaper bag, it’s perfectly sized for the trunk of your car.

Dimensions: 11.7” (L) x 5.9” (W) x 13.7” (H) | Weight: 2.2 lbs.

  • Nesting design easily stows away
  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • The plastic bag is secured under the seat
  • Disposable bags not included
  • No handles to hold or suction cups to keep it sturdy

Best simple travel potty for toddlers

Kalencom Potette Plus 2-in-1 Travel Potty and Trainer Seat

Potty training can be a long process, so simpler potties may work better for younger toddlers while they’re still figuring things out. That’s why we love the Potette Plus 2-in-1 travel potty and training seat. It can either be placed on top of standard toilets or on the ground as a standalone travel potty with fold-out legs. We especially love the rubberized legs that provide stability and prevent slipping. It’s approved for toddlers as young as 15 months and up to 50 lbs, so it’s definitely one that can grow with your family—from one potty-training tot to another.

Dimensions: 10.5” (L) x 9.7” (W) x 2.9” (H) | Weight: 13.6 oz.

  • Signature splash guard is free from gaps
  • Includes a carrying bag and three leakproof disposable liners
  • Available in a number of gender-neutral colorways
  • Legs must “click” when you set it up, to prevent collapsing
  • Too short for a tall toddler to use regularly
  • Disposable bags stretch out over the potty, which can be slippery

Best fun travel potty for toddlers

My Carry Potty - Penguin Travel Potty

Does your little one get anxious using toilets away from home? Then this fun travel potty for toddlers is sure to brighten their day. The cute penguin design looks like a backpack , thanks to its convenient top carry handle. But, inside, you’ll find a portable potty chair, complete with a large, comfy seat and a tall splash guard. Other standout features include the secure locking mechanism, the water-tight seal and the non-slip feet—all of which make this a great travel option. What’s more, it’s available in several other sweet designs, like a dinosaur , a ladybug and a cow , as well as solid colors .

Dimensions: 10.2” (L) x 9.3” (W) x 4.3” (H) | Weight: 1.9 lbs.

  • Secure, water-tight seal
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Available in several fun designs
  • Some reviewers say it can be tricky to open at times

Best portable urinal for toddlers

ONEDONE Portable Child Potty Urinal

The most portable option on our list, this potty urinal is lightweight and easy to take with you wherever you go. Its design looks like a cup, but its top-notch sealing—which holds urine securely until you’re able to dispose of it—is what sets it apart from the crowd. The lid that your little one pees into comes in multiple animal-themed options that’ll make potty time away from home much more fun and comforting. Between both the convenience and cuteness of this portable potty, it’s a surefire winner in our books!

Dimensions: 11” (L) x 7” (H) | Weight: 2.4 oz.

  • Small size makes for easy portability
  • Quick and convenient to use
  • Affordable price point
  • Only suitable for number ones

Best disposable travel potty

Nuby Disposable Travel Potty With Liner

Yes, disposable travel potties exist! Our top pick is this option from Nuby, which is super portable and easy to use. The special construction is lightweight, doesn’t easily tear or squish and can accommodate children up to 60 pounds—so in an emergency situation, even your toddler’s older sibling can take a turn. You’ll just want to toss this one out as soon as you find a garbage can, as having a bag filled with waste can get messy really easily, of course.

Dimensions: 4” (L) x 1” (W) x 7” (H) | Weight: 5.3 oz.

  • Small, portable design
  • Comes in convenient multipacks
  • High weight capacity
  • Not the most environmentally friendly option

How We Chose the Best Toddler Travel Potties

We get it—parenting requires a lot of gear, from infancy to toddlerhood. To help you find the best travel potty for your kiddo, we browsed dozens of options from leading retailers, so you don’t have to spend hours scrolling. When choosing which products to feature in our roundup, we considered several factors, like ease of use, quality, comfort, size and how simple they were to clean, to name a few. We also read user reviews to get the lowdown on how these products work for real families, and didn’t consider anything with less than an average four-star rating. What’s more, some of these travel potties were reviewed by our team of independent product testers, providing additional insight for our roundup.

Interested in learning more about our editorial process? Read about how our team develops and reviews all articles here .

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Here’s how it works:

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Moscow-City: 7 surprising facts about the Russian capital’s business center

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1. Guinness World Record in highlining

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The record was set in 2019 by a team of seven athletes from Russia, Germany, France and Canada. They did it on September 8, on which the ‘Moscow-City Day’ is celebrated. The cord was stretched at the height of 350 m between the ‘OKO’ (“Eye”) and ‘Neva Towers’ skyscrapers. The distance between them is 245 m. The first of the athletes to cross was Friede Kuhne from Germany. The athletes didn't just walk, but also performed some daredevil tricks. Their record is 103 meters higher than the previous one set in Mexico City in December 2016.

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2. Domination of Europe's top-10 highest skyscrapers

7 out of 10 Europe’s highest skyscrapers are located in Moscow-City. Earlier, the  ‘Federation Tower’ complex’s ‘Vostok’ (“East”) skyscraper was the considered the tallest in Europe.

Left to right: the lower of the ‘Neva Towers’ (296 m), Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt (300 m), Gorod Stolits (“City of Capitals”) Moscow tower (302 m), Eurasia tower (309 m), The Shard’ skyscraper in London (310 m), Mercury City Tower (339 m), Neva Towers (345 m).

Left to right: the lower of the ‘Neva Towers’ (296 m), Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt (300 m), Gorod Stolits (“City of Capitals”) Moscow tower (302 m), Eurasia tower (309 m), The Shard’ skyscraper in London (310 m), Mercury City Tower (339 m), Neva Towers (345 m).

However, in 2018, the construction of the 462 meter tall ‘Lakhta Center’ in Saint-Petersburg was completed, pushing ‘Vostok’ (374 m) into 2nd place. The 3rd place is taken by OKO’s southern tower (354 m).

3. The unrealized ‘Rossiya’ tower

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If all the building plans of Moscow-City were realized, the ‘Lakhta Center’ in St. Petersburg wouldn't have a chance to be Europe's highest skyscraper. Boris Tkhor, the architect who designed the concept of Moscow-City, had planned for the ‘Rossiya’ tower to be the tallest. In his project, it was a 600 meter tall golden cylindrical skyscraper ending with a spire that was inspired by traditional Russian bell towers. Then, the project was reinvented by famous British architect Sir Norman Foster. He had designed ‘Rossiya’ as a pyramid ending with a spire. The skyscraper itself would have been 612 meters tall, and the height including the spire would have reached 744,5 meters (for comparison, the ‘Burj Khalifa’ in Dubai, UAE, would have been just 83,5 meters taller). Unfortunately, the investors faced a lot of economic problems, due to the 2008 financial crisis, so the ‘Rossiya’ skyscraper was never built. A shopping mall and the ‘Neva Towers’ complex was constructed at its place in 2019.

4. Changed appearance of ‘Federation Tower’

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In its first project, the ‘Federation Tower’ was designed to resemble a ship with a mast and two sails. The mast was to be represented by a tall glass spire with passages between the towers. It was planned to make a high-speed lift in it. The top of the spire was going to be turned into an observation deck. But the ship lost its mast in the middle of its construction. Experts at the Moscow-city Museum based in the ‘Imperia’ (“Empire”) tower say, that the construction of the spire was stopped, firstly, due to fire safety reasons and secondly, because it posed a threat to helicopter flights – the flickering glass of the spire could potentially blind the pilots. So, the half-built construction was disassembled. However, an observation deck was opened in the ‘Vostok’ tower.

5. Open windows of ‘Federation Tower’

walmart travel potty

We all know that the windows of the upper floors in different buildings don’t usually open. Experts say that it’s not actually for people’s safety. Falling from a big height is likely to be fatal in any building. The actual reason is the ventilation system. In a skyscraper, it’s managed with a mechanical system, and the building has its own climate. But in the ‘Zapad’ (“West”) tower of the ‘Federation Tower’ complex, the windows can open. The 62nd and last floor of the tower are taken up by a restaurant called ‘Sixty’. There, the windows are equipped with a special hydraulic system. They open for a short period of time accompanied by classical music, so the guests can take breathtaking photos of Moscow.

6. Broken glass units of ‘Federation Tower’

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The guests of the ‘Sixty’ restaurant at the top of the ‘Zapad’ tower can be surprised to see cracked glass window panes. It is particularly strange, if we take into consideration the special type of this glass. It is extremely solid and can’t be broken once installed. For example, during experiments people threw all sorts of heavy items at the windows, but the glass wouldn’t break. The broken glass units of ‘Zapad’ were already damaged during shipment . As each of them is curved in its own way to make the tower’s curvature smooth, making a new set of window panes and bringing them to Russia was deemed too expensive . Moreover, the investors had financial problems (again, due to the 2008 financial crisis), so the ‘Vostok’ tower even stood unfinished for several years. Eventually, the cracked window panes were installed in their place.

7. The highest restaurant in Europe

walmart travel potty

‘Birds’, another restaurant in Moscow-City, is remarkable for its location. It was opened at the end of 2019 on the 84th floor of the ‘OKO’ complex’s southern tower. Guests at the restaurant can enjoy an amazing panoramic view at a height of 336 meters. On January 28, the experts of ‘Kniga Recordov Rossii’ (“Russian Records Book”) declared ‘Birds’ the highest restaurant in Europe, a step toward an application for a Guinness World Record.

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