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Tourism Essay Titles

IELTS Essay Questions for the Topic of Tourism and Travel. All essay questions below are reported by IELTS candidates and seem to have been repeated over the years. Regardless of the years the questions were reported, you could get any question below in your test. You should, therefore, prepare ideas for all questions given below. The topics below could appear in both GT and Academic IELTS Writing Task 2.

Tourism and Travel IELTS Essay Questions

Tourism is an important industry in many countries. What benefits do you think tourism brings to individuals and society? (2017, 2021 reworded)
As a result of tourism and the increasing number of people travelling, there is an growing demand for more flights.
What problems does this have on the environment? What measures could be taken to solve the problems? (2020, 2023)
Eco-tourism usually involves people visiting remote areas. Some people think this will have a negative impact on local cultures and communities. What problems can result from eco-tourism?  What measures can be taken to protect local culture and communities? (2024)
With more people choosing to watch travel programs on TV and social media, fewer people will be willing to pay the costs of traveling abroad. To what extent do you agree?
Some people believe that to protect local culture, tourism should be banned in some areas, while others think that change is inevitable and banning tourism will have no benefits. Discuss both sides and give your opinion. (2022, 2023)
As a result of tourism, some historical buildings and sites are being damaged beyond repair. What could be done to prevent this? (2019, 2021)
Some people think that when a person travels into a different culture they should adapt to the local practices and customs. To what extent do you agree? (appears most years in the test)
The development of tourism contributed to English becoming the most prominent language in the world. Some people think this will lead to English becoming the only language to be spoken globally. What are the advantages and disadvantages to having one language in the world? (most years – this also appears under the category of languages)
Many people around the world now take regular international flights. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages to the environment? (2022)
Raising the cost of international flights is the best way to reduce air pollution. Do you agree?

Reported essay questions are from students who have taken their IELTS test. That means questions may have appeared more frequently than have been reported. These questions may vary slightly in wording and focus from the original question. Also note that these questions could also appear in IELTS speaking part 3 which is another good reason to prepare all topics thoroughly.

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tourism related ielts essay

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tourism related ielts essay

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic: Travel & Tourism


Updated On Nov 07, 2022

tourism related ielts essay

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic: Travel & Tourism

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The Essay Writing section of the IELTS Writing Module can be a difficult task for many IELTS Aspirants. Thus, it is vital that you polish your essay writing skills before attempting the IELTS.

Below is a sample IELTS Essay for the IELTS Essay topic:

Organized tours to remote communities and other countries are increasingly popular. Is it a positive or negative development for local people and the local environment?

Get Evaluated for FREE:

Do you have an essay on this topic? Please post it in the comments section. One of our IELTS trainers will evaluate your essay from an examiner’s point of view and reply to the comment. This service is completely FREE of cost.

Sample Essay

It is true that tours to remote and exotic places on the earth have gained popularity in recent years. While this has several benefits for the local community, I believe that overall the negative consequences are more significant.

[do_widget id=custom_html-24]

Admittedly, the growth of the tourism industry has brought enormous benefits to local people. More tourists mean greater demand for food, accommodation, and services, all of which create job opportunities and a lleviate unemployment in the area. The development of tourism also has ripple effects on local infrastructure , with more roads and bridges being built to meet tourists’ needs . This can be seen in the case of ABC, a coastal city, and also a tourist destination in [your country].

[do_widget id=custom_html-47]

The biggest disadvantage of the trend is, however, its adverse effects on the pristine environment and creatures living there. Forests may be cut down to make way for resorts and hotels; marine life might be threatened due to water pollution, and birds have to find other places to inhabit . In some places, waste from the hotel industry is becoming an environmental problem that concerns many people, not just environmentalists. Another drawback is that increased tourism may break social cohesion in the local community. Many people make a living by providing services for travelers and become rich while many others remain poor and struggle for the next meal. This wealth gap is gradually widening and has detrimental impacts on the bond and the shared values of indigenous individuals.

In conclusion, although the growth of tourism to remote areas and exotic countries is beneficial to some extent, it is more likely to have harmful impacts on local people and the environment.

Band 9 Sample Essay

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It is evidently being seen that the tourism and travel industry has been propped in the wake of infrastructural development. It has inevitably impacted the local geographical condition and the ambience thereof. In my opinion, it has been causing a progressive effect on the environment. In the paragraphs to follow, this essay will talk about the reasons for this. 

As the routes and links to the interiors of the far-flung regions have been ameliorated and well-structured, the economic aspect related to it has been in full swing. A mammoth of growth in the terms of the economy has been clearly evinced, with respect to, a major footfall of the travellers all around, catapulting the employment opportunities in the remote regions. It thus has opened the avenues of food shops and stores, hospitality subset, transport arena and so on and so forth. In the deprived wildernesses of umpteen places, for instance, a total revamps and tweaking of the terrain is seen more often than not, thereby needing the human resource for it and eradicating destitution owing to a paucity of wages due to lack of or no work.

Additionally, the disordered and mismanaged natural resources have been able to be utilized and exacted the benefit out of, in the most optimal way, which was not the case prior to the advancing strides made in the travel domain. From the community point of view as well, which were hardly known and cognized to have existed, let alone their acknowledgement, have been brought to the mainstream attention and hence have added to the cultural opulence of the society, as a whole.

Though the side effects of this proliferation in the purview of environmental degradation have been seen as well, with proper protocols and precautionary standards, it could be significantly palliated. However, this couldn’t asphyxiate the growth in the mileage of the journey of progression. 

Conclusively, it could be said that the strides of tourism to the remote communities and areas have helped the demography and geography of the people therein and hence, a fairly positive development.

Click here to find vocabulary and phrases related to travel, tourism and adventure

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tourism related ielts essay


Posted on Dec 19, 2023

The community tourism is increasingly favoured by most people as the principal tourist attraction in the view of many such organized trips are offered to them. Regarding the tour, the remote community travel has both positive and negative consequences on the local people within their vicinity. Concerning the dilemma, I would be more inclined to support the opportunistic side of local community tourism.

Firstly, the striking point is promotion of remote community travel enables local people to preserve their exotic and pristine environment. Recently, there is surged popularity in organising eco-tourism trip is due to people tend to have short escape from reality. In fact, majority of the citizens are weary about the daily hectic and bustling urban lifestyles. A short getaway trip to remote area in turn will enable them to unwind themselves via viewing the authentic greenery scene. Moreover, as the gradual diminishment of natural habitat progresses, the eco-site attraction brings invaluable experience to the tourists. Thus, the city dwellers can witness the original habitat of flora and fauna which unlock their unprecedented and unique experience with the nature.

The second advantage is the enabler for the room of potential to stimulate local economy. The vast number of community travel provides multitude of incentives to urban dwellers to generate substantial earnings by selling local products such as home-grown nourishments and souvenirs. Apart from selling their products, the commercialisation of the local site visit provides them gargantuan amount of revenues through the admission tickets are being sold. Therefore, the overall earning capacity of the local residents rise dramatically and benefit the community development as a whole. The rise in earnings allow more the local people to contribute to environmental preservation to remain as aesthetic tourist attraction in attracting more travellers.

In a nutshell, strides of community trips have brought lots of benefits to local environment besides preserving environmental climate. Pertaining to effectiveness of remote tourism, the eco-travel industry should be main area of focus on lifting up the local economy.

IELTS Expert

IELTS Expert

Posted on Dec 20, 2023

Overall Band : 5 Sentences used in the answer are simple and have simple vocabulary. Writer needs to work on the Grammatical Range and the level of vocabulary to get higher bands.

To Get Insights for IELTS Grammar, Avail an Expert-Led session here and Get to Access to BAND 9 Answers as well.

tourism related ielts essay

Posted on Oct 25, 2021

Visitors love to visit rarely known places and are enthusiastic about knowing the culture of distinct tribes and countries. I believe this is a positive development.

First and foremost, tourists will encourage local people to preserve their culture. In other words, it is inevitable that cultures and old customs are fading away and foreigners’ visits may work as a motivation for locals to hold their customs tightly. Secondly, natives may be proud of the customs, which previously were a source of embarrassment, because when visitors show excitement about that country’s culture, natives may start to follow their cultures again, which once diminishes in the name of modern living. For example, several communities have special dresses, which are becoming a thing of the past, but tourists might keep them alive. Therefore tours to remote communities will do good but harm.

When people from different countries travel through various countries, they will spread rare and beautiful anecdotes and cultures around the world. Furthermore, tourism also provides financial aid and creates employment. For instance, many poor countries that do not have many resources but beautiful places and rich cultures, depend on tourism economically. Meanwhile, this is indirectly beneficial for the environment also. As in order to preserve mesmerizing natural sites, governments try to minimise carbon footprint. Take Bhutan, for instance, which has a law that 60% of the land will be allocated for the forest,which makes this country carbon negative.

To conclude, I think trips to remote culturally rich areas bring several benefits and create an ambience of respecting each other’s customs and rituals.

Janice Thompson

Overall band: 5.5

Grammar: :Learn collocations. The word “inevitable” is wrongly used. Tense incorrect in some parts in para 2.

tourism related ielts essay

Posted on Oct 17, 2021

Offbeat destinations are becoming quite popular these days. People are craving to unravel these so called untouched and remote places and hence the tourism industry off late is organising tours to such destinations.

Such a development has its pluses and minuses. In this essay, I shall dwell upon the positive aspects of the tourism industry which is seeking and reaching out to such remote countries and their communities and shall also discuss some of its demerits.

Firstly speaking of the benefits such far off places where not on the tourist map earlier. However recent shift in interests of people to venture to such remote locations and interact with the local communities has given the industry and also these communities the much need fillip. With more and more people visiting these nations, more source of income in the form of home stays have opened up. Employment of the local youth as guides has also given them adequate job opportunities. Overall, there has been considerable influx of money to these otherwise neglected countries.

However on the other hand if we see, such developments have also brought in a lot of vices. More tourists mean more pollution and thus posing greater danger to the fragile biodiversity. Another aspect is the conversion of farmlands to hotels to cater for the huge number of tourists visiting these countries. The local communities are also clearing forest lands to give way to development of infrastructure for the tourists.

Thus to conclude, I would say that the development of tourism industry in remote countries and reaching out to such remote communities is surely a welcome step but it must be done with a sense of responsibilty without hampering the environment or posing a threat to the development of the local people.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 – International Tourism (Band 9)

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IELTS Writing Task 2 essay with model answer

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic

International tourism has brought enormous benefit to many places. At the same time, there is concern about its impact on local inhabitants and the environment .

Do the disadvantages of international tourism outweigh the advantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer :

Travel industry has experienced a major boom in the later part of the 20th century and has been a blessing in disguise, which has helped some weaker nations to uplift their failing economies. While questions have been raised regarding the negative impacts that accompany the growth in the travel sector, these definitely do not outweigh the associated benefits.

tourism related ielts essay

The economic boost that accompanies a successful travel industry is quite well recognised and Thailand is the best example. The entire Thai economy revolves around tourism and the country had been able to uplift its socio economic status through its flourishing hospitality sector.  Egypt is another nation that is heavily dependent on its hospitality sector. The growth in the number of incoming tourists leads to innumerable prospects in terms of local entrepreneurship & employment generation. This is also associated with international investments and infrastructure development. The national authorities, in order to ensure safety of the international visitors provide better law and order enforcement, improved transportation and healthcare facilities, which in turn benefit the local population.

On the other hand, the rising influx of holidaymakers is associated with increased incidences of crimes, prostitution and antisocial activities like drugs, human trafficking and gambling, which affect the values of the indigenous society. The local population are also affected by the growth in property value indices. Environmentalists are also concerned regarding environmental remodelling, that is associated with increased tourist activities in natural reserves. In this context, it is worth mentioning that, by enforcing stern law and order and implementing strict legislations, governments can control most of these negative impacts of tourism .

Henceforth, it can be confidently conveyed that, even though the growth in travel industry has accompanying negative social impacts, these do not outweigh the contributions made by this sector towards social development.

Total Words: 296

Task Achievement: 9

Coherence & cohesion: 9, lexical resources: 9, overall score: band 9.

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Model Answer (Band 8):

There is no doubt that international tourists have brought a lot of positive impact to many countries. However, these benefits also come with many negative issues. Personally, I feel that international tourism has resulted more advantages than disadvantages to the affected nations in general. In this essay, I will examine both the benefits and their related cost and support my opinion accordingly.

First of all, many people argue that many local inhabitants have been sacrificed in order to make way for the development of tourist attractions. For examples, tress were cut down so that hotels can be constructed; old heritage sites were demolished and replaced by new shopping malls; local residence, especially the aboriginals, have to be relocated so that their land can be used for new airport. However, people tend to ignore the economics and social benefits brought upon by these developments. For example, the number of jobs created by the constructions of hotels and shopping malls could stimulate the economic growth of a nation and benefit the both the people and the nation as a whole.   

Secondly, many people also claimed that the influx of foreign tourists will increase the social problems such as crime rates immoral activities.  For examples, they claimed that tourists usually like to visit pubs and clubs in the evening and that will lead to higher rate of alcohol related problems such as noise pollution , vandalism and prostitution. However, I believe that the millions of foreign dollars brought in by these tourists could actually decrease the problems if the   money are put into proper used by the government. For example, the tax collected from the entertainment outlet could be used to help combat crime and actually make the country a safer place.

In conclusion, I believe that if we look at the overall picture of international tourism when doing the cost-benefit analysis, we will see that they are more advantages than disadvantages.  

Total Words: 318

Task Achievement: 8

Coherence & cohesion: 8, lexical resources: 8, overall score: band 8.

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what type of essay is this? what I mean to say is, Is it advantage amd disadvantage essay or two part essay?

'  data-srcset=

This would fall under “advantage / disadvantage essay”. You will need to discuss both and then come to a conclusion if one outweighs the other.

Hope this helps.

excellent essay..

Perfect essay. Keep it up!

'  data-srcset=

hi in writing task 1 which paragraph i write overall paragraph

in writing task 2 how examiner check please help me

Dear Pragnesh,

For Academic Writing Task1, you can write the overview in your introduction. Alternatively, it is also fine to write the overview at the end.

If you write the overview in the intro, then start with the phrase “Overall, …” ; when you write it at the end start with “In summary, ….”

Finally, if you have written the overview in the intro then do not repeat it again in the summary, and vice versa.

Go over this tutorial to learn more about writing overview:

For writing task 2, have a look at the tutorials here:

If you need feedback for writing and speaking tasks, feel free to join one of the correction packages:

Hope this helps,

Cheers, Atul.

Outstanding essay

Thanks for the kind words Sanjeev!

Good luck with your IELTS preparation.

'  data-srcset=

It seems to be that there were grammatical errors in the essay. Specifically –

On the other hand, the rising influx of holidaymakers is associated with increased incidences of crimes, prostitution and antisocial activities like drugs, human trafficking and gambling, which affect the values of the indigenous society.

Drugs are not antisocial? The ‘usage’ of illegal substances/drugs are; Prostitution is not a crime unless legalized and the sentence does not indicate if you consider it a crime? Human trafficking is definitely a crime and again your sentence does not indicate if you consider it a criminal behaviour? Infact your sentence indicates that you consider human trafficking to be antisocial (and not a crime)? Same for gambling.

I would have said:

“…..increased incidences of criminal behaviour, such as prostitution and human trafficking, and antisocial activities, such as gambling and the use of illegal drugs….”

Am i correct?

Hi Himanshu,

Thanks for the suggestion. You are absolutely correct. The original sentence was a bit confusing. I have replace it with your version.

nice advice

'  data-srcset=

sir i want to achieve only 6 in writing module .but I only get 5.5 in real exam in writing … plzzzz tell me what should I do

Dear Surbhi,

I have sent you an email.

There is a lot of free content on my website for IELTS preparation including the following: -Free tutorials on all 4 IELTS modules – -Recent IELTS exam questions – -IELTS Model Answers –

If you need feedback on your writing tasks, join one of the IELTS Twenty20 correction packages:

Regards, Atul.

'  data-srcset=

What is boon in disguise? I always read blessing in disguise.

Can you please give some clarity?

'  data-srcset=

A blessing in disguise It’s an idiom We can’t use them in writing.

Dear Diyor,

There is no restriction on using idioms and phrases in essays. IELTS essays are not like the academic essays that you write in university level courses.

It is fine to use an idiom or phrase if the context is appropriate. However, don’t overdo it by using too many idioms.

'  data-srcset=

Please check my essay

Many cities are replacing cars with bicycles. What are the reasons for this? Which do you think is better? As my point of view , I can not support its totally. Some areas exchange’s of car is bicycle .While reducing car ,air pollution and sound pollution can also control up-to some extend . Whereas both cycle and cars are a essential part of our daily life While car are very helpful during hot climate as well as rainy seasons .We can travel together with families in car ;if we have emergency case like hospital cases,airport ; cars are very useful in these time ,also we can carry lagges .The negative side of cars are the daily increase of petrol price ,where as difficult to do parking in town areas

– [ ] Since bicycle are good for health. It’s a healthy excises if we do it’s in daily life .We need just rotate the pedal with our foot step to ride the bicycle.Here we can gain petrol cash ,sound and air pollution some of the demerits are we can not travel more than 2 people in a bicycle ,as well as we can not useful at emergency cases To conclude that both car and bicycle are a important to our daily life .They have their on importance depends upon situation that occur

If you need a score or detailed feedback for your writing tasks, please submit your task using the “Submit task for review” button on this screen or use this link:

The haven’t ask the opinion or your view so is it correct to write “personally” or “I” in the sample writing of 8 band ?


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Tourism Essay IELTS – Writing Style and Samples

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Updated on 01 February, 2024

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study abroad expert.

Mrinal Mandal

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standardized test that non-native English speakers appear for to study or migrate to a country where English is mostly spoken. Candidates appearing for IELTS may be asked a question on tourism essay IELTS in Writing Task 2. Candidates will have to write IELTS essay on tourism   in a minimum of 250 words. The examiner will assess your abilities to respond to the topic by providing an opinion and justifying it with arguments. The essay may require you to summarize information, outline any problems, discuss the premise, or identify solutions. You will have to be logical while giving reasons and examples in the essay. 

IELTS Writing task 2 section has more weightage compared to Task 1 . Certified and trained examiners evaluate the essays. Make sure that you do not copy the question in your essay. Paraphrasing the same in your introduction is necessary for avoiding any penalties. You should not spend more than 40 minutes on the assignment. 

Tourism Essay IELTS Samples Here are a few samples of the IELTS essay on travel and tourism. Keep the style of answering in mind and develop your own with practice.

Table of Contents

Tourism essay sample - 1, download e-books for ielts preparation, tourism essay sample - 2, tourism essay sample - 3, frequently asked questions, learn more about study abroad.

Question- Some people believe that tourism contributes more towards creating tension amongst countries instead of helping travelers better understand new cultures and traditions. 

To what extent do you agree or disagree? 


Several individuals still feel that tourism leads to strained relationships between countries instead of helping visitors get acquainted with new regions and cultural aspects. In my opinion, tourism is still a harbinger of positive experiences and strengthens shared empathy and cross-cultural bonds despite a few unfortunate incidents hogging newspaper headlines at times. 

The main reason behind people advocating against tourism as a means of global peace and understanding is linked to sudden issues that snowballed into major controversies. Let us take a fictional example. Suppose residents belonging to a particular country get ridiculed and culturally attacked in the country where they live and work. In these cases, the percentage of such incidents, if mapped closely, would be overwhelmingly low to justify mass protest. Yet, some of these unfortunate incidents often mushroom into bigger problems. Several organizations may call for a boycott of the country, while some countries may stop sending tourists altogether. These reactions, while natural, prove to be irrational, since the host country will always deal strongly with perpetrators of violence. After things settle down and positive steps are taken by the authorities towards boosting health and safety, tourists will return in higher numbers. This is just an illustrative example and shows that irrational and bigoted reactions can never take away from shared empathy, mutual trust, and the power of good relationships between countries.

Visitors’ experience and interactions with local citizens in other countries are mostly based on discovery, warmth, and friendliness. This contributes immensely to building knowledge and insights regarding new cultures, traditions, habits, daily life and beliefs, and the history and development of any nation. Tourism is the biggest driver for global cooperation, interaction, mutual understanding, and cultural exchange. Every country and its citizens wish to create a positive impression or image of themselves in the minds of visitors. To conclude, I will state that people should keep these aspects in mind when they are traveling or considering the relevance of tourism. Rising above prejudices is the need of the hour.


Download IELTS Preparation Guide For Free

Get to know about the latest updates on the IELTS Exam, Eligibility, Preparation Tips, Test procedure,  Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Registration Process, Important Exam Dates, and much more!! This guide is a one-stop solution for every IELTS Aspirant who aims to crack the exam with an impressive band score.

Question- Most nations feel that global tourism has a harmful impact. What are the problems arising from tourism? What are the solutions for changing these perceptions? 

There are many reasons behind the prevalent feeling amongst nations that tourism may have a negative impact. Yet, these mindsets can be tackled through a few solutions, which have been discussed below. 

Firstly, the growing visits by global travelers are often perceived as a major contributor to pollution levels. Many countries get offended with the way tourists litter irresponsibly, contaminating the soil, water and air. Furthermore, demand for transportation goes up sizably, leading to a sharp plunge in air quality levels at popular cities/regions. 

Secondly, global tourists also come with risks of spreading contagious and infectious ailments throughout the country. Several viruses often spread in this manner in several nations. Suppose there is an outbreak of any infectious disease in a particular country and this coincides with the arrival of tourists in large numbers from another nation. People may start blaming these people and their government for their woes, however unjustified it is. This example illustrates why many nations are firmly against the development of global tourism any further. 

Yet, several solutions may help in bettering the current scenario. Governments should continue awareness measures for enlightening tourists on their visits to various countries. They should release stringent dos and don’ts or codes of conduct while making provisions for health tests and documentation to minimize infections risks. Travelers should be incentivized for responsible waste disposal, usage of public transport, and undergoing medical check-ups at airports and international borders. A travel pass or some other rewards can be given to ensure that most international travelers adhere to these new regulations. 

To conclude, negative perceptions about global tourists are still widespread in mainstream society. However, the situation can be turned around with the above solutions.

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Question: Several global destinations depend on tourism as their central income source. Unfortunately, tourism may lead to several problems in the absence of suitable management. Describe the pros and cons of modern tourism. Do you think that the pros outstrip the cons? 

Tourism is the main income driver for several global regions today, although it may create some issues. This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of tourism before concluding. 

The biggest benefit of global tourism is income generation and a boost for the economy of the country. Tourism automatically means transportation and accommodation and accompanying services including food and beverages, nightlife, entertainment, guides, local transport, and a lot more. These help in churning out extra income for the nation in question while increasing overall growth in GDP as well. The second benefit is that tourism leads to full-scale employment, creating job opportunities in the travel and transportation, hospitality, restaurants, entertainment and cultural sectors. Tourism also has a third benefit, i.e., fostering global relationships with other countries and building a platform for mutually beneficial cross-cultural exchange. 

Yet, there are some problems caused by global tourism as well. They include littering across tourist landmarks, an increase in unlawful activities, and also damages to historical landmarks and centers of pilgrimage. National resources are also strained while coping with the influx of global tourists in large numbers. At the same time, there are always instances of rising crime or thefts with a rise in international tourism. 

To conclude, despite the numerous cons of tourism, including damages to historical structures, pollution, crime, and over-extension of natural resources, the pros far outweigh them. Tourism contributes towards cross-cultural exchange and global harmony along with contributing massively towards the national economy. It also generates employment for a sizable chunk of the local population. 

How to promote tourism in India essay?

Tourism is the lifeblood for any nation, not just from an economic and employment perspective, but also from a socio-cultural point of view. India, in particular, has a thriving tourism sector, while boasting of immense diversity and a rich historical and cultural legacy that has charmed the entire world. Tourism also adds considerably to our GDP as a nation, increasing our economic capabilities, adding to community income, enhancing employment and entrepreneurship and facilitating invaluable cultural exchange with people from other countries. However, I believe, that there should be a four-pronged strategy towards promoting tourism in India, with a view towards retaining its appeal for foreign travellers. 

I suggest a renewed emphasis on digital marketing. Governments can consider new-age technologies like virtual walkthroughs and 3D views in order to promote major landmarks. More marketing initiatives digitally will help us reach out to wider audiences, thereby giving the tourism industry a major boost. 

I also suggest a more localized focus where States and regions have the autonomy to market their landmarks, cultures and cuisines. This will help them come up with innovative offerings for tourists. 

I feel that heritage structures, monuments, parks, forts, water bodies, etc. may be outsourced to responsible government/private agencies or companies for maintenance. It can be made a part of the CSR activities of companies, thereby ensuring their preservation. We also need to build better infrastructure including roads, washrooms and other public amenities. 

Tourism is one of the most important facets to our nation and also ensures how we are perceived globally. With the latest technology, an innovative mindset and zeal to excel, we can certainly promote our tourism sector more effectively.

Why tourism is important essay?

Tourism is one of the most essential economic and cultural pursuits for any country. It not only adds to the country’s revenues but also fosters knowledge exchange and helps countries get global exposure in turn. I believe that tourism is not only important but indispensable for the continued progress of any country. 

Tourism is a big contributor to the GDP of the nation. It ensures higher revenues for the Government and local communities alike. It puts more money into the hands of local communities who are dependent upon the sector. Tourism also ensures the creation of more employment opportunities, while boosting sectors like hospitality, travel, transport, culture, food and beverages and more. Tourism is also a big stimulant of entrepreneurship in the country. 

Tourism builds positive relationships between countries. It facilitates cultural exchange and exposure. It enables the growth of infrastructure, cultural activities and ensures the continued preservation of priceless treasures and natural landmarks which are big draws in a country. 

I would like to conclude by stating that tourism is immensely important for any country. Governments and authorities should encourage tourism in order to be a part of a peaceful and united global community of nations.

Should countries encourage tourism essay?

Tourism is one of the biggest global sectors today, accounting for a major chunk of global revenues, employment and socio-cultural events or experiences. The question is, should countries encourage tourism? I would like to opine that they should encourage the growth of tourism for multiple reasons, which are enumerated below. 

First and foremost, tourism enables cultural exchange and bonds between nations. The world gets to know more about a country’s cultures, unique experiences and heritage. This enables more knowledge gathering and dissemination, while contributing immensely towards scholarship and research at the same time. 

Second, tourism contributes significantly to the country’s coffers by way of revenues. It also contributes towards generating more employment and entrepreneurship opportunities while driving various product and service-based industries alongside. Tourism also has the potential to transform entire communities and help them embrace sustainability.  It is with these opinions that I would like to conclude by saying that in today’s fragmented and increasingly digitized world, the age-old adage  Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam holds greater relevance. It means the  World is a Family . Tourism is the biggest enabler of global peace, friendships and knowledge exchange. All countries should encourage the same.

What kind of vocabulary is used in tourism essay?

There is a need to enhance your vocabulary for writing the IELTS tourism essay. The terms used in these essays often include  passenger, traveler, tourist, transportation, travel, airport, check-in, landing, fly, flying, plane, camping, destinations, heritage, culture, landmarks, sightseeing, community, hospitality, hotels, routes, tours, voyage,  and more. You should also focus on words related to global cultural exchange, historical sites, tourist attractions, local economies, entrepreneurship and job creation for writing your essay.

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Travel and Tourism essay questions for IELTS

Here you can find common IELTS essay questions for "Travel and Tourism" topic.

A lot of places in the world rely on tourism as a main source of income. Unfortunately, tourism can also be a source of problems if it is not managed correctly.

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of tourism in the modern world. Do you think that benefits of tourism outweight its drawbacks?

The best way to travel is travel in a group led by a tour guide.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Some people claim that immigrants should adopt the local culture when immigrating to a new country. While others think that they can establish a minority community instead.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Tourism has negative environmental impacts on tourist areas.

What are these impacts? How can damaging impacts be lessened?

Ecotourism is now defined as responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment.

What are the advantages of ecotourism?

How can we make ecotourism more popular?

50 Latest Tourist IELTS Topics

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Responsible Tourism IELTS Essay

In recent years tourists have paid attention to preserving both the culture and environment of the places they visit. However, some people think that it is impossible to be a responsible tourist. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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Nowadays It is not only Large Companies That can Make Films – Sample Answer 1

It is argued that there is no chance for tourists to take responsibility in protecting the environment and culture of host countries. However, I disagree with this view and believe that this is a worthy aim that can be achieved by various ways.

Firstly, if everyone was equipped with the knowledge of cultural diversity and the vital importance of the environment, they would be more aware of their behavior. For example, children should be educated to avoid throwing rubbish into surroundings or touching fragile historical objects in museums when they travel abroad. Besides that, western holiday-makers who flock to tourist destinations in Asian countries should wear suitable clothes because they are insensitive to local youngsters there. This could prevent children from copying negative attitudes such as rowdiness and outbound tourists may set a good example of good manners.

Secondly, it is possible to promote cultural differences through both local and international media in order to reduce the risk of having unintentionally offensive actions to indigenous practices. The clearest example of this is that cow which is an edible animal in most countries is a sacred animal and is worshiped in festivals in India. Without such knowledge, tourists may bring with them cow meat and this could leave a bad impression on locals. ie lt s xpress

Finally, local authorities could enact and enforce strict rules on protecting the environment and core traditional value, which could act as a deterrent. In Singapore, for example, throwing away garbage, even a small thing like chewing gum could be fined severely and this rule is widely-known in many nations. As a result, every tourist coming to this country abides by rules and makes efforts to preserve historical sites as well as natural scenery.

In conclusion, I would contend that sustainable tourism development could be achieved through education, media, and laws, and tourists could definitely become culpable for the environmental and cultural problems.

In recent years tourists have paid attention IELTS Essay – Sample Answer 2

Tourism is a unique human activity, experienced by millions of people worldwide every year. As people differ in their attitude towards almost everything in life, the same applies also to tourism; where some treat tourism globally as the focus of their act without scrutinising the other related activities pertaining to it. Hence, the term ‘responsible tourism” emerged; in order to pay a sufficient attention of the tourist to the local cultural values of the destination country, and – more globally – to the environment. From my point of view, tourism must be labelled as a “responsible activity”; even if it is mandatory to issue as many local and international legislations to make it so.

While making tourism, should the tourist carry his culture with him to the foreign country? Obviously, the answer is “No”. If the tourist insists on doing this, he will sure subject himself to great dangers especially in communities with intolerant local citizens. One of the best examples of this is the “Thump Up” sign which is greatly practised in many countries; where this sign is USA means “OK or very good”; while it is considered as very crude and impolite in Greece (which is a famous touristic destination). Thus, it is crucial to teach the tourists a list of common practices that they must refrain from doing, explaining the reasons behind this. ieltsxpress

When it comes to the environment, it is indeed very unfortunate to find that the touristic areas are those with the greatest pollution and litter output! A few years ago, it was really surprising that an international campaign of volunteers aimed to clean the Himalayas from the trash left by the climbers.

In conclusion, tourism should be dealt with in the same way as freedom; that it must be “responsible”, respecting both the local cultural and environmental values of each society.

IELTS Writing Task 2 – Tourism

All around the world, tourism is losing its glitter, due to the lack of responsibility by the government, tourists and local people. Some people consider taking responsibility in tourism by each individual is essential for the better environment, preserving cultures and improving the economy, whereas others think, this cannot be achieved in reality. In my opinion, tourism responsibility is required for better future of the world and this can be achieved with proper implementation.

People travel to different places but never show any attention or responsibility towards its improvement. To make this world a better place to live in, one should take it as one’s responsibility. First of all, the government should take a step, releasing more funds towards tourism and for providing much security. For instance, we find filthy guest houses, restrooms and no cleaning of surrounding places. People travel to enjoy the beauty of nature, but if they find this kind of dirty places, their enjoyment which lead to a bad memory. Even, local people and tourists who travel should obey the guidelines and policy of tourism for a better world.

However, there are some people who think when it comes to implementation of this; it is like a day dream which cannot come into reality. It is difficult for poor and developing countries to utilise more funds towards tourism. On the other hand, it is difficult to provide security and neatness at tourist spots unless every tourist shows attention as his responsibility. For instance, if there are sign boards which shows ‘please use right direction, danger at left direction’, they use only left and if there are any dustbins with ‘please use me’ , they do not use them at all. Thus it is very difficult to make it into reality.

In conclusion, better tourism can be achieved only if every individual takes the responsibility towards tourism. One should think, how much one is contributing, instead of just arguing and blaming the government. But the government should take the first step in achieving this. With this, not only it increases blissfulness of tourists but also increases economy of the country.

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Responsible Tourism IELTS Essay

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