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  1. Risk Assessment Tutorial

  2. 2.5 Risk identification

  3. الفرق بين RISK Assessment and Risk Management Process

  4. What you need to know about the 'risk assessment' survey your teens will take this year

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  6. Step 2: Conduct an Assessment


  1. PDF Generic Risk Assessments For School Educational Visits

    1.1 GENERIC RISK ASSESSMENT - ALL EDUCATIONAL VISITS This generic risk assessment for school use identifies the common hazards and control measures associated with this type of visit or activity. Before undertaking the activity, schools must also make an assessment of any specific risks associated with their particular visit, including travel ...

  2. Health and safety on educational visits

    Types of trip. The 2 main types of trip are: routine visits; trips that need a risk assessment and extra planning; Routine visits. These involve no more than an everyday level of risk, such as for ...

  3. PDF The Kent Framework for Safe Practice on Educational Visits and Outdoor

    Visit or Activity, and/or supervision of Participants. Ratios - The appropriate ratio of staff to pupils for a Visit is determined by the Risk Assessment. Technical Expert - In the context of licensable adventure activities, this person is a highly qualified and experienced specialist who is responsible for providing specialist advice to

  4. PDF Guidance Notes School Exchanges and Visits to Partner Schools Toolkit

    education visit coordinator (EVC) works to help their colleagues in school to assess and manage risks. ... A risk assessment should begin to be prepared to answer questions raised by the EVC. 6 - 9 months before the visit takes place Inform pupils and canvass support for the visit. Using a draft programme can help with explanations at

  5. Educational visits policy: model and examples

    Download our model policy. Our model policy is approved by Forbes Solicitors, and has instructions for you to adapt and make it your own. Model policy: educational visits DOC, 313.5 KB. Download. It includes: A proposed visit planning information template for staff to use when seeking approval for educational visits. A risk assessment template.

  6. How to use the STAGED approach when planning educational visits

    This is then compounded by the need to undertake a risk assessment and ensure all significant eventualities are considered. For educational visits, there are checklists, training, guidance and the support of colleagues to help, but you can also use the 'STAGED' method which offers a framework to support you when planning your school visits.

  7. Educational off-site visits

    Further information from OEAP National Guidance regarding risk management can be obtained on the OEAP National Guidance website. If your school does not currently have access to the Local Authority educational off-site visits provision, please contact: 01302 737152.

  8. School trips: risk assessments

    The DfE's guidance on health and safety on educational visits explains that you only need to carry out a specific risk assessment for trips that pose a higher level of risk. This is because the risks won't be covered by your generic policies and procedures. The higher risk level could be related to things such as: Whereas lower-risk trips are ...

  9. PDF Educational Visits Risk Assessments 2023/24

    Risk assessments should focus on identifying and managing the risks safely rather than producing paperwork. The Group Leader should continue to monitor risk whilst on the ... Educational visits for children must follow the ratios outlined in the child's Living and Learning Plan and Individual Risk assessment . 9. It is advisable that larger ...

  10. Tools for Schools

    Risk Assessment for Educational Visits. ... These resources are designed to give you the information and support you need as an Educational Visits Coordinator or Visit Leader. Stay up to date with latest guidance updates or educational visits policy in our newsletters and magazine; join our free webinars for top tips on outdoor learning and ...

  11. How to do a school risk assessment

    Once you have evaluated the likelihood of the hazards, decide on suitable precautions for each. By rating each hazard by how likely it is to occur, this will help you to determine how you will act to minimise the risks. 5. Record your findings. It's important that you keep a copy of your completed risk assessment form.

  12. Planning & managing risk for educational visits

    The main thing that tends to stop schools from taking the step outside the classroom is the risk assessment paperwork, but this is where a good Educational Visits Co-ordinator (EVC) can shine. EVCs perform a vital role in providing high-quality provision for children to learn in the real world.

  13. DfE Guidance on Educational Visits updated 10/05/2021

    Risk assessment for residential educational visits. Annex C sets out the conditions that should be met when planning and undertaking a residential educational visit as part of Step 3. You should undertake full and thorough risk assessments in relation to all educational visits to ensure they can be undertaken safely.

  14. Risk Assessment for Educational Visits

    The course is delivered by one of our highly experienced Educational Visits Advisers, with professional level Health and Safety training, and practical experience of risk assessment and group management. As educational visits specialists, we focus on the critical aspects of planning, conducting, and managing educational visits.

  15. PDF Educational Visits Policy

    1.1 Statement of intent. Tudor Grange Academies Trust (TGAT) believes that educational visits are a core element of pupils' education and is committed to ensuring that opportunities for participation in good quality visits are maximised. It is TGAT's intention that all practicable steps will be taken to meet statutory requirements ...

  16. Being an effective educational visits coordinator

    Risk assessments and educational visits have always been an essential part of the school curriculum, especially since the Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto was launched in 2006. This initiative has proved to have significant learning benefits for students, developing their knowledge, understanding and skills outside of the school setting

  17. Planning your education visit

    Educational and Group Visits - Risk Assessment Template. DOCX 148.85 KB. Cadw can provide upon request to [email protected], a site risk assessment to inform yours. Cadw is not able to provide the specific risk assessments for your group, as we have no information about the activities you plan to undertake whilst on site, and have ...

  18. Educational Visits Advice

    The Outdoor Education Advisor is responsible for: guidance to schools and other services working with children and young people on the safe management of school visits and off site learning (based on good practice and legal requirement) production of generic risk assessments; training in the management of schools visits and off site learning

  19. PDF Educational Visits

    Educational Visits - Risk Assessment Guidelines Introduction The risk of an accident or injury to a visitor is small. The risk of a serious accident or injury is very small. Common sense and consideration for other visitors will reduce this further. General Procedures Health and safety procedures are reviewed on a regular basis ensuring that

  20. eduFOCUS

    EVOLVEvisits is an essential tool for planning and managing educational visits, on-site activities, after school clubs and sports fixtures. Developed by experienced teachers and educational practitioners, this innovative and market leading system has been designed with teachers in mind. ... Store documents, risk assessments, policies and web ...

  21. Educational visits

    Risk assessments Assessing and managing risks is part of the process of good planning and delivery of an educational visit. Specific activities. Use the Outdoor Education Advisers' Panel National Guidance website as a starting point for advice and guidance. A range of advice is available for specific activities. Choosing a provider Quality badges

  22. PDF National Museum Cardiff

    responsibility of the Educational Visits Co-ordinator / the school to complete a risk assessment prior to any visit being made. The safety information we provide is intended as a preparatory tool. It does not replace the need for your own risk assessment specific to the needs of your group and in line with the

  23. PDF Educational Visit Risk Assessment

    managing Health and Safety we continually risk assess all activities and review our policies and procedures. It is very important that you, as a group/ education leader, carry out your own Risk Assessments relevant to your visit. To arrange a complimentary visit to carry out your own assessment: - Please call 01372 363764