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The 17 Best Men’s Travel Shirts for Style, Comfort, and Adventure

As much as I hate to admit it, the perfect men’s travel shirt doesn’t exist.  You might find comfortable travel shirts that look good – but those same “perfect travel shirts” may be too delicate to adventure hard in, dry too slowly, and get destroyed when you drop it off at a Southeast Asian laundry kiosk. On the other hand, a shirt may dry quickly and withstand a beating but be a little too ugly to be your only shirt. So what’s the solution?

A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

The solution to the “perfect travel shirt” problem is to strategically pick a few shirts for your travels with a dedicated shirt for looking good, a few shirts for adventuring and wandering hard, and an all-purpose shirt that sits somewhere in between – and I think I’ve mastered this compromise.

Read on to discover my favorite shirts for traveling, adventuring, and still looking good along the way

best men's long sleeve travel shirt


  • My optimal travel shirt setup
  • What to look for in a Good Travel Shirt Based on Your Travels
  • Technical Flannel Shirts
  • Travel Ready Dress Shirts
  • Short Sleeve Oxfords
  • Denim Travel Shirts
  • Hawaiian Shirts
  • My Favorite Travel Jacket: The Bluffworks Field Jacket


If you want your packing list to be ready for anything, pack the following shirts in addition to some travel-ready pants and travel-worthy shoes :

  • One shirt for looking good and going out – a versatile button down shirt, ideally short sleeve oxford that is sweat wicking and wrinkle free or a denim shirt
  • One shirt that doubles as a warmth layer but can be worn anywhere – I’m a fan of lightweight, technical flannel shirts
  • Three or more travel friendly t-shits –a mix of short sleeves, V-necks, and Henleys made of wool, synthetic materials (polyester), or a proven active wear blend to dry quickly and resist funk

If you stick to these three options, you’ll keep your bags light while still being ready for any occasion or adventure.  Read on to discover my favorite options for Men’s travel shirts.


Keep in mind that though a shirt might be branded as a great “travel shirt” it still may be over kill (or inadequate) for your travels.  To pick the right travel shirt, that will keep you comfortable, looking good, and smelling good through whatever travels you have in store, think heavily about your destination and consider these points in your potential shirts…

What is the right style for your travels (if any) based on the destination if any?

What materials are best (polyester, wool, or an active wear cotton blend), durability: how hard will your adventures be on these shirts.

  • Versatility: What situations will you need to dress for?

Smell and dirt resistance: How often will you be able to shower and do laundry?

If you’re going to Europe, having a nice short sleeve button down is highly recommended.  If you’re going to Southeast Asia, don’t even think about taking any long sleeve shirts.

If you’re doing the Banana Pancake Trail (Thailandà Laosà Vietnamà Cambodia) and the most you’ll do is a pub crawl, ditch the fancy stuff

My 11 Favorite Travel Shirts to Adventure Hard & Look Good

And if you’re heading to Bali, plan on beachwear and your “nice clothes” being shorts and a nice short sleeve shirt.

In any case, think about the situations you’ll be in and the style required (or not required) to avoid extra clothing.  Here’s a quick cheat list to help

  • Southeast Asia: You’ll be in sandals and shorts the entire time.  No long sleeves.
  • South America: It may get chilly and adventurous, especially if you’re going to Patagonia, so a long sleeve flannel, an “island-ish” short sleeve button down, and plenty of Merino Wool/Quick Dry t-shirts will do you well.  Also, bring a set of nice clothes – as Buenos Aires, Rio, Cusco, and Medellin have some amazing nightlife
  • Europe: You’ll only need one or two “adventurous” pairs of clothes at most (unless you’re trekking).  Dress for the seasons as  winter in Europe is vastly different than summer
  • Middle East: Dress conservatively and plan for the deserts to be hot by day and cold by night. You’ll be surprised how far a wool t-shirt and flannel button-down will take you here.
  • North America: Dress for the seasons and for specific locations.  We’re all across the board in the US and Canadialand.
  • Central America: No long sleeves.  Plan to exist completely in shorts and sandals.

If you can afford it, wool is the most amazing material for shirts .  ( Read about how I decided to wear a wool shirt for a week straight to test the idea).  They resist funk, still keep you warm when wet, and dry quickly.  The only downside is these shirts will breakdown quicker than polyester – especial if you’re using an industrial washer.

Polyester/synthetic shirts are an excellent, cheap option, especially for hard adventuring.  You can purchase them at target for ~$10 or less and they stand up to heavy abuse.  Along the way, they dry quickly and insulate when wet. The downside is they don’t resist funk too well.  Personally, I always hike and travel (by bus, train, and plane) in synthetic shirts because they’re so cheap I don’t care if they get destroyed.  I recommend picking up at least a couple synthetic t-shirts for routine wear in hard conditions.

Cotton: Limit how much of your wardrobe is cotton.  Depending on how often you’re getting wet and how often you wash, cotton can be fine or can be a complete pain.  On the upside, some cotton shirts look good, they’re extremely durable, and they can stand to go a good amount of time between washes in a pinch (denim, not necessarily t-shirts). The only options I consider in cotton are Short sleeve button downs which class up very well, and denim shirts which are super durable, look good, and are a great protect layer for light adventures (like motorbiking in Asia .

The only upside of cotton is that it is much tougher than wool and polyester, with good abrasion resistance and actually gets better with wear.  This is why my denim shirt was my shirt of choice to wear during my motorbike ride through Vietnam , to save a little skin just in case I fell.  All the while, it still looked good enough for the bars.

My 11 Favorite Travel Shirts to Adventure Hard & Look Good

If you’re in Europe and (should be) showering everyday and have laundry nearby, materials and worrying about getting smelly shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

On the other hand, if you’re moving super quickly through humid Southeast Asia or adventuring through South America and can only wash ever week and a half, do yourself a favor and get shirts made of technical materials (wool, polyester, etc.) that wick sweat, resist odor, and do more to keep you dry.

Now that you know what to look for in a travel shirt, let’s take a closer look at your options


  • T-Shirts (Wool, Polyester, and active wear blends – timeless, simple, near perfect travel shirts)
  • Technical Flannel Shirts (every traveler should have one)
  • Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts (great for looking good anywhere)
  • Short Sleeve Oxfords (great for looking good anywhere)
  • Denim travel shirts (the “all-arounder” and travel shirt underdog)
  • Hawaiian Shirts (for Beachy Travel)


(wool, polyester, and active wear blends).

As unexciting as it sounds, t-shirts are by far the best travel shirt option. They’ve been around for ages, worn in every activity, and performed well while staying stylish every step of the way.  If you take only one type of shirt traveling, stick to t-shirts.

In terms of style, you can’t go wrong with a well fitting t-shirt.

The small packing foot print of t-shirts makes them easy to pack and wash, lightening your load and making life easier.

My 11 Favorite Travel Shirts to Adventure Hard & Look Good

Some might insist that t-shirts are too boring to wear for a year straight.  I disagree.

To stay looking good (and not get bored), avoid traditional crew neck t-shirts and light V-neck and Henley shirts in dark colors (grey, burgundy, darker blue, black).

For material, invest in at least two wool shirts and grab two cheaper synthetic shirts. 

I have been very satisfied with Wooly’s merino wool t-shirts, Bluffworks’ synthetic travel t shirt, Outlier’s insanely great Ultrafine Merino shirt, and a handful of others I’ve tested and highly recommend below. 

For active wear synthetic shirts, my go to is actually the Hylete Icon-2 performance Henley, designed as gym wear but looks so great I wear it on nights out. For a Target’s G9 Champion brand shirts which are comparable in quality, function, and style to Lulu Lemon’s men’s line and quite a few of Nike’s pieces, but available for ~$10 to $20 for us budget travelers .  

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…read on for the 17 best travel t-shirts for men, and you’ll definitely find the perfect gear for your upcoming travels.

My Favorite T-Shirts for Travel

1. bluffworks threshold tee.

best men's long sleeve travel shirt

This amazing t-shirt was obsessively designed specifically for travel. If you’re trying to keep your bags light by getting a shirt that you can wear over and over (without washing) in a variety of conditions, the Bluffworks Threshold T is a perfect candidate.

High breathability, great odor resistance, and a feel softer than cotton make this a great shirt to wear. A unique synthetic blend keeps this shirt super light while drying quickly and making hand washes and line drying possible for “one bag” travelers”

Where to buy: Click to see more colors at Bluffworks Online


best men's long sleeve travel shirt

This is insanely soft yet comfortable and durable shirt is absolutely the best wool shirt I have ever owned.

Made of 100% extremely fine Merino wool, this shirt naturally resists odor (I’ve worn the shirt for a week straight to test), dries quickly, and does a wonderful job keeping me cool even in tropical climates.

The construction is top notch, very durable and cut with a just slim enough and stylish fit. With 2 or 3 of these shirts, a traveler could easily wander the world with these as their only shirts.

Where to buy: Click to see more colors Outlier Online


best men's long sleeve travel shirt

The Hylete Icon 2 Henley is a perfect blend of style and function that fits daily life, adventure, and travel equally. The quad blend performance fabric (that is stretchy, odor resisting, and quick drying) and design are actually intended as hard core exercise that can be worn in everyday life. With the classic Henley stylish three button front, this dresses up nicely with Chinos and a blazer or will simply keep you looking good on long treks.

From the cool highlands of the Himilayas to the warm days and posh night clubs of Bali, this Hylete Henley has been a favorite piece of apparel in my pack and will continue to be. I highly recommend this affordable yet stylish piece of performance gear for your travels

Where to buy: Click to see more colors available at Hylete Online.


My 11 Favorite Travel Shirts to Adventure Hard & Look Good |

Woolly Clothing offers great wool clothing direct to you, which means its cheaper than many other options.  I own a few of their shirts (a V-neck and a Henley) and wholeheartedly vouch for the.  Great style.  Great performance

Where to buy: Check out the selection of Woolly Clothing on Amazon


best men's long sleeve travel shirt

Champion C9 is Target’s in house attempt to compete with active wear giants like Nike and Lulelemon for the men’s athletic wear market.  The result is great gym wear that wears beyond the gym for a great price.  I always load up on a few of these shirts for upcoming travels whenever I’m in the US.

Where to buy: $12.99 at Target


best men's long sleeve travel shirt

Though these shirts somewhat break my rule of avoiding cotton, the 95% cotton/5% Elastene blend works extremely well.  Not only do these shirts fit well and maintain that fit, they dry much quicker than normal cotton shirts and resist funk pretty well too.  I tested these shirts against high dollar “performance cotton” shirts from other brands (think $60-$80 per shirt) and the H&M slim fit shirts performed much better.

If you’re ever traveling and in a pinch need some shirts anywhere in the world, just drop by an H&M and pick these up. 

Where to buy: $24.99 for 3 at H&M Online


best men's long sleeve travel shirt

The Ridge Merino Journey tee is an awesome, travel-ready wool tee-shirt design for durability, hard use, and quick-drying comfort while still fighting funk. This Merino Wool shirt combines 13% nylon into the fabric, making it twice as durable as your average, 100% Merino wool t-shirt. The result is a high performing wool t-shirt that you can abuse for years.

I’ve carried my Ridge Merino Journey tee shirt for just over 2 years of travel and worn it for a week straight without washing, and the anti-microbial nature of the wool keeps me smelling fresh. Hard use of trekking, hand washing, and abrasion from backpacks hasn’t damaged the shirt at all over the two years, proving this is one tough t-shirt

If you’re looking for a single, comfortable t-shirt that looks good and is adventure ready, check out the Ridge Merino Journey t-shirt.

Where to buy: Click to see availability at Ridge Merino online


A single technical flannel shirt is a priceless addition to the traveler wardrobe.  Wool flannel shirts are great (I have a Pendleton Board Shirt that I love) and there are plenty of other synthetic “technical flannel” shirts combine nylon and polyester to be just as warm, more durable, and are much lighter and easier to pack.

A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

Additionally, the right flannel shirts can add a touch of style if you pick the right one.  My current flannel works in nearly any occasion, and my Uniqlo Oxford Travel shirt works in the rest of those classy sitauations.

I tested Eddie Bauer’s Traveler Flannel Shirt and fell in love (you’ll see pictures all over the site of me in it) and purchased 3 while it was on sale.  Plus, there are several other options for travel ready technical flannel shirts– read on to discover my picks


8. eddie bauer technical flannel.

A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

A flannel shirt crafted perfectly for travelers.  Lightweight polyester and “FreeDry” technology insulates like a jacket when cold but wicks moisture and breathes to keep you cool and dry in the heat.  The fit on this shirt is more classic, giving you room to move make it great for exploring the outdoors and getting active.  The cuff accent colors offer a great touch too.

I’ve toted this shirt around for the last year, love it, and can’t recommend it enough.

Where to buy: From $35 to $70 at Eddie Bauer Online


A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

The Pendleton Board shirt, originally rocked by surfers in the 60’s is a classic that goes anywhere, and being 100% virgin wool is extremely functional too.  It stays warm through the cold and the rain and still breathes in the heat.  I’ve worn mine around more campfires and in more national parks than I can remember – and with good reason.  Better yet, I can wear it right into the city and no one is the wiser.

A timeless shirt that you’ll literally be able to wear forever

Where to buy: $135 at


My 11 Favorite Travel Shirts to Adventure Hard & Look Good |

Icebreaker’s new take on a classic.  100% Merino Wool, this shirt is as technical as it gets, performing in the outdoors (and traveling) while still looking good enough for city life. 

A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

The Merino wool fights odor and stays warm throughout.  Pair with a Merino wool t-shirt for best results

Where to buy: $135 at REI online


Most commonly labeled “easy care” and targeting business travelers, these shirts are a perfect “dress up” shirt for travelers.  They are usually sweat wicking, breathable, and wrinkle free but have the cut of a nicer button down Oxford.

Best yet, good options can be had for very cheap through Uniqlo and H&M and even better options can be found through Bluffworks that cost a bit more but are well worth the money.

One of my two current “dress up” shirts is actually a Uniqlo easy care oxford that I wore through the cold season of Europe and then came to Asia, chopped of the sleeves and had it sewn for ~$5, and now wear as my island shirt.  But there are plenty of shirts that you won’t have to chop in order to look good.  Read on for my faves.


best men's long sleeve travel shirt

This high tech, travel focused, easy care button down gives you the style of a dress shirt and the durability/easy care you need for travel.

49% Nylon added to the fabric delivers abrasion resistance and easy care properties that make a good shirt to tuck in the bottom of your bag or bring as your only shirt.

Finally, the slim and stylish fit make this shirt perfect for daily wear and long term “one bag” travel just as much as outdoor adventures.

Where to buy: $109 at Western Rise | Click here to check available colors


A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

If you’re on a budget and still need to look good during your travels, Uniqlo’s easy care dress shirts are a great option.  The technical materials breathe, wick sweat, and resist wrinkles so you can wear them longer without caring. I wore one of these through Europe and then chopped of the sleeves to make it my casual island shirt…worked like a charm!

Where to buy: $29.90 at


A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

A completely “technical” dress shirt, blending 98% polyester and 2% spandex gives the sweat wicking, anti-microbial qualities so you can wear longer, along with wrinkle resisting qualities and freedom of movement so you can stay comfortable along the way.  If you need to “class up” on the road, the Bluffworks Meridian dress shirt is a safe bet.

Where to buy: $98 at Bluffworks


Though these commonly break the travel rule of “no cotton”, they actually manage to work very well.

My 11 Favorite Travel Shirts to Adventure Hard & Look Good |

First, the airflow you get from a button prevents you from sweating all over it and getting it completely nasty

Second, most people only wear button down shirts when lounging, so you get away with washing it infrequently.

Third, these shirts are always quite durable and can actually go a little longer without a wash than your common cotton t-shirt. 

Last, these are a classic style staple that can be had for cheap and worn with a bit of versatility.  My go to spot is the Gap – as the shirts always have a classic cut, have a more timeless design (fits just as well in the 1970’s as now and can be worn anywhere in the world), and you can always pay $5 to have the shirt tailored and the fit improved later on.


A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

A classic shirt made simply and durably make this another one of my go-to shirts when traveling.  The construction is surprisingly good meaning it will work on hikes and in active situations if you feel like pushing it.  Though this shirt is cotton, it breathes well enough to avoid funk for longer than your active t-shirt.  Beyond the adventures, it looks good enough for most any situation.

Where to buy: Starting at $35 at Gap online


Denim shirts are the unsung hero of travel shirts.  There is a reason that Levis Strauss made his “can’t bust ‘em” gear for goldmining rough necks out of cotton denim – because it works.  Denim shirts are a great all around travel shirt that sits side by side with the technical flannel.

best men's long sleeve travel shirt

Granted, these denim shirts don’t insulate as well, suck when wet, and take forever to dry, but they look better than flannel and are better if you’re in a situation where you might get thrown around and need an extra layer of skin – like riding a motorbike anywhere in Southeast Asia. Plus, the denim shirt looks good.

A travel tip I got from my buddy “Dr. Strangelove” and his Spanish friends was to actually carry a denim button down on adventures to throw on for nice pics – instead of wearing that sweaty hiking shirt.  That’s actually excellent advice – but I’m a touch too apathetic to execute.

So, if you want a good all-around shirt, that looks good, and you won’t be getting too wet or sweaty, consider the denim shirt.


A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

Classic cut and fit and constructed well enough to last through your travels.  I have a couple Gap denim shirts that I’ve worn for years and countless countries, and they keep getting better with age.  They’re durable and look good too.

Where to buy: From $40 at Gap


A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

Levi Strauss did something right with his first couple of creations, cementing “denim” as a style staple.  If you’re going to pick up a denim shirt, you can’t go wrong with the original – Levi’s

Where to buy:


Though you wouldn’t expect to see it on this list, if you are venturing to hot or humid climates, Hawaiian shirts are an excellent option.  For one, they’re fun.  People may judge you, but those who don’t will automatically assume you’re fun.

Second, they’re traditional Hawaiian shirts for a reason.  They’re great in the heat and allow just enough breeze while blocking the sun.  They’re also perfect for when you’ve just gotten out of the water.  So, if you’re heading to the islands, consider having some fun and making a Hawaiian shirt your shirt of choice.

Where should you buy these?  Honestly…nowhere in the US.  Buy one on the road as a souvenir.  You can have a custom one made in Southeast Asia for cheap or buy the Balinese version (with real coconut buttons) when you’re in the area.


So, you have your perfect travel shirt setup and now need something to layer over it to stay dry, warm, and stylish…what do you choose?

There are literally thousands of options to choose from, between waterproof puffy down jackets, to rainproof shells, but my travels have led me to…exactly one.

The Bluffworks Field Jacket .

This waterproof, windproof take on the classic M-65 military issue field jacket combines the best of style and function that travelers need.

Top of your torso by checking out this Bluffworks Field Jacket Review for full details and even better pictures…

Now that you have the top half of your wardrobe for travel worked out, what’s next?  Clearly you should figure out the best pair of bottoms for your trip by checking out the 15 best travel pants for men and the 5 best travel shorts for men followed closely by my 8 favorite travel shoes for men to create your perfect travel rig.

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Discover the 10 best men's travel shirts for every type of travel | Outdoor and Travel Gear for Men | Men's Fashion | Men's Travel Shirts for Adventure, Europe, and Casual Wear

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Carlos is nomad, slow traveler, and writer dedicated to helping others live abroad and travel better by using his 7+ years of experience living abroad and background as a management consultant and financial advisor to help other nomad and expats plot better paths for an international lifestyle. Click here to learn more about Carlos's story.

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The 13 Best Travel Shirts for 2021

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Her stories have also appeared online at USA Today, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Yahoo,, TripAdvisor, Buzzfeed, Jetsetter, Oyster, Airfarewatchdog, and others.

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The best travel shirts all share qualities that make them ideal for travel. They must wick away sweat, fight odors, resist wrinkles, and of course—look stylish. Here are our top picks for the best travel shirts for men and women.

UNTUCKit Flannel Sherwood Shirt

Untuckit Flannel Shirt

It can be tough to find casual men’s shirts that don’t look sloppy, but UNTUCKit nails it with their Sherwood flannel . Like all UNTUCKit shirts, the shirt is designed to be the perfect length when worn untucked. The soft brushed cotton fabric is ultra-cozy, making it comfortable on even the coldest days. Choose from a regular, slim, relaxed, or tall fit to get the perfect cut for your body type.

Ibex Journey Long Sleeve Crew

best men's long sleeve travel shirt

Available in a men’s and women’s version, the Ibex Journey Long Sleeve Crew will be the most versatile shirt in your travel wardrobe. Made from merino wool and nylon fabric blend, this shirt is warm but never itchy. The merino wool makes the shirt odor-resistant, thermoregulating, and breathable.

Nathan Tempo Quarter Zip Long Sleeve Shirt

Nathan Sports Tempo Quarter Zip

The Nathan Tempo Quarter Zip is the perfect layer for active trips. Made from a soft knit fabric, the shirt is slim enough to layer under a jacket or sweatshirt, but still extremely warm. Thumb holes, reflective details, and flat lock seams make this quarter zip the shirt you’ll reach for every time for cold weather workouts.

Public Rec Go-To Polo

best men's long sleeve travel shirt

Public Rec’s Go-To Polo is as comfortable as a T-shirt but looks classier—so you can wear this from a meeting to drinks afterwards. Made from a blend of pima cotton, TENCEL, and spandex, this ultra-soft shirt packs easily, feels great, looks awesome, and stands out as one of the best travel shirts.

Bluffworks Azores Blouse

best men's long sleeve travel shirt

A women’s button-down that doesn’t gape at the buttons can be hard to find, let alone one that doesn’t wrinkle and is actually comfortable. Bluffworks’ Azores Blouse magically meets all those requirements, with plenty of pockets thrown in as an added bonus.

Tasc Carrollton Long Sleeve

best men's long sleeve travel shirt

Made from a bamboo/cotton/spandex blend, Tasc’s Carrollton Long Sleeve shirt wicks away moisture, prevents odors, protects you from the sun, and is ultra-breathable—plus, it’s unbelievably soft. With a clean crewneck design, this shirt can be worn for both workouts and sightseeing without looking out of place.

Title Nine Grace Long Sleeve Top

best men's long sleeve travel shirt

For an active trip, you’ll want to pack Title Nine’s Grace Long Sleeve Top . Made out of a trademarked Buttah LT fabric with StinkStopper treatment, the shirt feels smoother than butter and resists odors even if you subject it to multiple workouts without a wash. Details like a ruched back and space-dye design make this shirt wearable outside of the gym.

Unbound Merino Classic Button-Down

best men's long sleeve travel shirt

Unbound Merino’s Classic Button-Down beats a traditional button-down on several fronts: It’s short enough that it can be worn tucked or untucked without looking odd, it’s made from a merino wool/organic cotton blend that’s odor-resistant and breathable, and it’s fast-drying so you can wash it and re-wear it on a long trip.

Coolibar Hightide Swim Shirt

best men's long sleeve travel shirt

Protect yourself from the sun without overheating in long sleeves with Coolibar’s Hightide Swim Shirt . Made to be worn in the water, this shirt offers UPF 50+ protection, won’t float up while you swim, and won’t fade from chlorine or saltwater. This lightweight and silky-feeling shirt can be worn out of the water as well, when you need to save yourself from the sun on dry land.

Alternative Apparel Everyday V-Neck

best men's long sleeve travel shirt

Alternative Apparel’s Everyday V-Neck is not only soft, but it’s also eco-friendly. The trademarked Lenzing fabric used to make this travel shirt is a sustainable cellulose fiber that comes from beechwood pulp—resulting in a material that’s twice as soft as regular cotton.

PFG Zero Rules Long Sleeve Shirt

best men's long sleeve travel shirt

Ever wished you could wear your own personal air conditioner? Columbia’s PFG Zero Rules shirt comes close to achieving that dream. This long-sleeve travel shirt actually lowers your body temperature. The Omni-Wick technology wicks sweat and moisture away from your body and keeps you dry, while Omni-Shade blocks UV rays and heat.

Patagonia Short-Sleeved Capilene Cool Trail Shirt

best men's long sleeve travel shirt

Patagonia’s Short-Sleeved Capilene Cool Trail Shirt is a shirt that all other T-shirts should be modeled after: a lightweight, breathable fabric that’s moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and soft. Plus, it’s made with anti-odor technology to keep the stink away. The design offers just the right amount of fashion while still keeping it classic.

Stantt Performance Dress Shirt

best men's long sleeve travel shirt

Get the perfect fit (no tailor required) with Stantt’s Performance Dress Shirt . This innovative brand offers shirts in 99 different sizes. Simply take a 30-second quiz on Stantt’s website to find your ideal size. The Performance shirt is great for travel, as it’s wrinkle-resistant but still soft and stretchy, so you’ll look good and feel comfortable as you step off the plane.

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Caroline Teel continues her search for the best travel shirts. Follow her on Instagram @TravelwithCaroline to see her fashionable adventures around the world.

Editor’s note: This story was originally published in 2017. It has been updated to reflect the most current information.

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The Best Men’s Travel Shirts and Jackets for One-Bag Travelers

Years ago, I never put much thought into the clothes I packed for a trip. I would follow the standard formula of different outfits, centered around a unique cotton t-shirt each day. I would bring nearly as many pants or shorts because I knew they couldn’t last more than a few wears. Part of that was my naiveness but it was also largely due to the state of the industry. Performance travel clothing, like travel shirts for instance, are a relatively recent phenomenon (say the last 2-3 years), but this progression has changed the landscape of travel, forever.

Purposefully designed and constructed travel clothes marry the technical advantages gleaned from sports and fitness to well designed clothes that work well in a variety of situations on your trip. Besides looking great, travel shirts are much more versatile than normal clothing. They are often constructed of merino wool or a combination of polyester, nylon, and spandex. They usually are antimicrobial (which means they don’t stink), quick drying (meaning you can wash them in the evening and they’ll be ready by breakfast), anti-wrinkle (so go ahead and fold it up in your carry-on), and they are constructed with stretch (so you can articulate all you want).

Together, this means you can pack less, without sacrificing anything. But every brand or piece in this space isn’t exceptional. So in this ‘Best Men’s Travel Shirts and Jackets’ article, I’ll be showcasing the pieces I think are, and because of that, they’ve made it into my personal packing list.

A quick note: these are all men’s shirts and tops, that I tested. Often, these brands make the same or a similar version for women, so make sure you visit their websites for more details.

What is a Travel Shirt?

You can choose to bring any shirt or top on your trip, but a travel shirt is an article of clothing that is purpose built for the voyage. Instead of merely looking good, they are usually made of technical fabrics (either man-made or natural), and have some extra features built in.

What Makes A Good Travel Shirt?


I want to pack as few shirts as possible when I travel. That means I value shirts that look great in the city but also can pass at dinner or a meeting. I care about how I look and I want to be presentable and dress appropriately. For me, having a shirt that does not look out of place is very important. For t-shirts, I want simple designs, void of any major branding or logos or offensive imagery. For dress shirts, I’d like colors, decorative buttons, and a nice tailored fit.

High Performance

Anyone can make a shirt, but it takes some real design chops and knowledge of material and body science, to make a good travel shirt. I look for shirts that exhibit some of the following features: moisture/sweat wicking, quick drying, anti-microbial, odor resistant, wide temperature support and stain-resistant.

Quality Materials and Construction

Merino wool is the name of the game here. While not all good travel tops are made of wool, this is nature’s miracle fabric that has replaced much of my travel wardrobe. We’ve extolled the virtues of wool before, but briefly: it keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot and doesn’t stink.

Here’s my list of the best shirts I’ve used and tested for the past six to twelve months. I’ve worn them on weekend trips to LA for weddings, to Portland for the holidays, to DC during a heatwave, a couple of weeks in Japan and just plain EDC to work and about town.

Best Travel T-Shirt

The Best Men’s Travel Shirts and Jackets for One-Bag Travelers

Western Rise Dryweight Merino Tee

I had been wearing Western Rise’s StrongCore tee for a few years but I yearned for something a little lighter and more versatile, especially for warmer summer months. The Dryweight tee is perfect and actually my go to year round, except for the coldest of climates.

What I Liked:

Instead of a 100% Merino t-shirt, the team at Telluride put in equal parts wool and Tencel. The latter is derived from Eucalyptus plants and excels at wicking and cooling, so perfect for high intensity, warm weather activity. Combining it with the natural Merino, gives the shirt super-fabric capabilities; performing better than pure Merino alone.

What I Didn’t Like:

This is my go to t-shirt so there isn’t much I don’t like. A small niggle is the $96 price tag. I received mine as a test sample and I still would buy it, especially after testing it, but I can see how it could be a hard pill to swallow for a t-shirt.

  • -Lightweight and perfect for most climates
  • -Regulates temperature and quick wicking
  • -May be expensive for the price sensitive

Softest Travel T-Shirt

The Best Men’s Travel Shirts and Jackets for One-Bag Travelers

CIVIC The Antoni Tee

CIVIC was born from Taylor Stitch, one of my favorite San Francisco brands. While TS has figured out the secret sauce and makes everything from suits to leather boots, they needed a way to design and sell an essentials line. I almost said “basics” but that does a disservice to CIVIC because they produce a cohesive collection of clothing that could serve as staples in a very impressive wardrobe.

The handfeel of this shirt is amazing. It’s a heavier weight (falls sort of between the DryWeight and StrongCore shirts), yet drapes nicely and has a luxurious feeling weave. This shirt keeps you a little warmer than the DryWeight and its thickness lends itself well to wearing to a semi-nice restaurant if you needed.

CIVIC is not the only maker affected by this but I really don’t like how the edges of the shirt, particularly at the bottom, sort of curl or roll up. This could be my drying technique (low tumble, no heat), or the fact that I don’t iron my tees, but it sort of irritates me. I don’t really think people even notice it but I know it’s there. Again, really minor issue that is entirely cosmetic.

  • -Super soft and feels substantial to wear
  • -The cut and material means it pairs well with a nice pair of jeans for a clean, slightly dressed up look
  • -Edges (bottom, sleeves) have a tendency to slightly curl. You may want to consider ironing after you wash

Best Basic Travel T-Shirt

The Best Men’s Travel Shirts and Jackets for One-Bag Travelers

Woolly Ultralight Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee

Woolly was founded by three friends in Seattle who wanted to bring Merino wool to the masses. Their garments are made from certified Australian Merino and have a satisfaction guarantee.

At $50, this is a fair price for a basic tee of this caliber. I am just using the word basic to simple in design and not lacking in features. At 150 GSM, Woolly calls this Ultralight but I’d call it “just right”. It’s actually has some heft and weight to it, which you can feel when you pick it up on the the hanger.

This shirt is a wardrobe staple. The neckline is not too aggressive and it’s reinforced which means it lays better on your body instead of crinkling or curling. The weight keeps you warm but is not too heavy so it should be comfortable in everything but the hottest days.

The fabric is not the softest. Certain Merino can have a slightly rough, almost cotton feel to it. The logo and wash directions are printed behind the neck where you’d normally find a tag but has a tendency is rub off after a few washes. While I appreciate minimal (and in this case, disappearing) branding, it also means I lose laundering directions with it.

  • -Great price for an intro to the world of Merino
  • -Versatile; pack one t-shirt for your whole trip
  • -Nice weight
  • -Hand feel is not that great; kind of rough. Feels fine when wearing though
  • -Laundry directions can rub or wash away after a few wears

Also consider:

There’s nothing more core to a travel wardrobe than the Merino tee and pretty much every company in this article will sell you their version. It’s really hard to narrow things down and at the end of the day, it just came down to personal preference, and not because of any major issues. If the Woolly doesn’t check your boxes, you can take a look at the Conyoy Tee from Olivers , and tees from Unbound Merino. Outlier’s Ultrafine line is also a staple amongst our contributors and but is in the top-tier pricetag at $110. And if you haven’t already tried shirts from heavyweights like Icebreaker and Smartwool , you really owe it to yourself to stock some of their wares in your closet. If not their basic tees, then their socks and boxers should make an appearance. They consistently make some of the best performing wool clothing.

Best Travel Henley

The Best Men’s Travel Shirts and Jackets for One-Bag Travelers

Olivers Convoy Henley

David Wolfe launched Olivers in 2013 after his successful Kickstarter campaign for the All Over Short. I’ve had my eye on them since after wearing a different short of theirs, The Capital. At that time, I took it all over Washington D.C. exploring the sites and trying to stay one step ahead of the July heatwave. I declared it the best travel shorts at that time, and no others have usurped it since. I’ve kept in touch with the team and in six years, they’ve grown their collection into something mature and refined, but playful and fun at the same time. Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, I feel like Olivers has one of the more complete one-stop shops for performance everyday clothing, which happens to be perfect for travel as well.

I have to admit, I wasn’t much of a henley guy until this past winter. Personally, I have issues regulating body temperature and comfort exactly and often get hot quickly if I go out in a sweater or jacket but I also have goosebumps when I am out in only a tee. What’s the solution? At least one that still looks great? The Convoy Henly is super soft, slim fitting, and has four buttons which helps you regulate your body temperature. Wear it unbuttoned for a more casual beach vibe or bundled up for a cleaner look.

The price might be a little high for some but I think it’s well worth it for an item that should last years.

  • -Excellent cut, fit, and comfortable to wear
  • -Nice variety of colors
  • -Versatile; works in casual and nicer scenarios
  • -Easy to regulate temperature with buttons; can be paired with a warm vest for core warm while keeping arms cool

There are a number of brands that make excellent henleys. Another to consider is the Zaha from Civic . Imagine the soft plush Civic tee I described above but in a long sleeve form. It uses their Mercerized wool which is a treatment to remove the itch from traditional Merino. It’s one of the most comfortable pieces I own and I just love the drape and how it fits. At $125, it should definitely be on your radar.

Best Long Sleeve Travel Crew

The Best Men’s Travel Shirts and Jackets for One-Bag Travelers

Unbound Merino Long Sleeve Crew

Similar to Woolly, Unbound Merino was also founded by three friends. They followed a rock band around the country, and found a passion for living abroad. Constant travel and minimal packing is the perfect use case for Merino and Unbound is perfectly suited to create solutions based on their experience in this arena. If you are looking for a long sleeve crew that is a little more basic and less frills than a henley, this might be the perfect top.

At 190 g/m2, Unbound considers their long sleeve crew ultralight. This is certainly the case and unless you’re in temperate conditions, I’d use this only as a baselayer, with at least something light on top or a vest. The material is ultra soft, maybe among the softest and most comfortable of all base tops I’ve worn but it is certainly light. Holding it up to the light, you can see the silhouette of your hand through one layer.

The construction is no-frills but well done with reinforced stitching at critical areas. It naturally is moisture-wicking, antibacterial and anti-wrinkle. I found the fit to be slim but not limiting and the simple colors, black and navy, make it a no-brainer to pack on a trip.

I found the sleeves to be a bit too narrow but of course, your mileage (and build) my vary. I don’t mind form fitting clothes but, in my case, it took about twenty minutes to get used to.

  • -Each product comes with a little booklet with care instruction
  • -Super soft and luxurious feeling, 100% Merino
  • -Flattering cut
  • -Depending on your build, arms may be a bit slim

Wool & Prince also offers a long sleeve crew neck and it works a treat. This is truly a no frills shirt and won’t win any fashion awards but as a baselayer or paired with a vest or sweater, it does quite well. It’s 160gsm Merino with about a quarter nylon blend for an excellent drape and handfeel. I love the deep blue in my navy sample and it’s a staple for me during fall and winter months.

Also Duckworth’s Comet Crew is super solid.

Best Travel Polo

The Best Men’s Travel Shirts and Jackets for One-Bag Travelers

Wool&Prince Polo

Wool&Prince are no strangers to wool but whereas some companies above are focused on the basics market, Wool&Prince have their sites more upmarket, targeting someone who is regularly dressing up, for work or play, but wants the benefits of technical fabrics. While they are mostly known for their wool dress shirts, the item that find myself always grabbing from my closet, is their polo.

I received a polo in Heather Gray for testing and it’s my go to piece. I know that for some men, polos are relegated to the golf course or seem like a lazy way to look presentable when you were in grade school, but hear me out: I think that anytime you have a collared shirt, you are already showing some amount of effort. And while short sleeves often designate a casual look, having that collar paired with buttons and a clean, modern cut, makes for a convincing outfit for a nice lunch or even an early dinner.

The heather gray color of my sample is so non-polarizing which makes it versatile. I loved the 205 g/m2 weight which is a tad heavier than some baselayers listed above, but gives enough coverage and warmth without being sweater-like. They also designed the collars to stay upright more for a more modern look. The best thing I like about the Wool&Prince polo is they managed to get it as comfortable as a t-shirt but while ticking off some of the formal boxes.

After a couple of wears, the button holes in my shirt are showing wear. This is true of most polos and in this case they do look reinforced. I think that it may be a con of Merino to not be rigid enough to handle repeated stretching that comes with operating buttons.

  • -Great construction and comfortable
  • -Easy solution to look dressed up without much effort
  • -Just the right weight
  • -Priced under $100
  • -Button holes show wear easily. Be careful when operating

If you are into polos, and want a more slim, perhaps more minimal look, check out what Woolly has to offer . I often wear one in black and I just love it. It’s closer to a t-shirt – a bit slimmer, feels a bit lighter weight, and more form fitting. It’s extremely comfortable and works best untucked and unbuttoned (at least the top one) due to how the collar rests. At just over $50, it’s a downright bargain.

Best Formal Button-Up Travel Shirt

The Best Men’s Travel Shirts and Jackets for One-Bag Travelers

Mizzen+Main Leeward

Mizzen+Main is a brand after my own heart. They were started when the founder saw a D.C. staffer run up the hill is a sweaty, wrinkled shirt. So he sought out to combine the advances in athletic wear with custom dress shirts. While we often think of Merino as nature’s super-fabric, there have been many advances in man-made technical fabrics and the Leeward is an example that leverages this.

I received a Hampton (in the Leeward collection) in Blue Check and it is a great all around shirt, but I primarily focused on using it during the summer. It’s constructed of a mix of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. You may have seen similar compositions before, especially in travel pants. The advantages are clear – four-way stretch, moisture-wicking, machine washable, and anti-wrinkle.

Whenever I find a company that is making dress clothes with technical fabrics, I am usually weary that they are an athletic company trying to break into fashion. It’s never a good look. What I like about Mizzen+Main is they are a dress-shirt maker first, and they were able to apply that knowledge and construction using non-traditional fabrics. They added features that you’d find in traditional dress shirt makers like darts for a slimmer fit, contrast stitching button holes, optional magnetic collar stays, and a spread collar.

At first, polyester dress shirts always take some time getting used to, especially if you’ve gone all your life wearing traditional materials. I also wish they included metal collar stays.

  • -Beautifully tailored modern dress shirts with great features
  • -Three different fits available means there’s probably something that works for everyone
  • -Plenty of pattern choices
  • -Fairly priced for a shirt that is no hassle and so versatile (does great in wet weather, stretch for comfort, washes easily and doesn’t wrinkle)
  • -Plastic collar stays
  • -Polyester may not be for everyone

I only brought one dress shirt with me on my honeymoon and it was from Wool&Prince . Their button-downs are 100% Merino but look and feel just a tailored shirt. If you have any experience with Merino, you know there are limitations of how you can cut and sew it but somehow Wool&Prince cracked the code. Their shirts are super comfortable, are offered in over a dozen styles and prints, and three fits. I went with the regular but I think I’ll try slim next time for a more modern look.

Ministry of Supply also has a number of shirts on offer, but I am really drawn towards their Apollo 3 Dress Shirt . It was one of their first offerings and it takes its name from the fact that it’s made of the same material that NASA invented to keep astronaut body temperatures regulated.  It’s reportedly 19x more breathable than comparable cotton shirts. And last, but not least, how can we forget about Bluffworks? I  have their first Meridian Dress shirt in blue check and I’ve worn it to many a meeting and, of course, on trips. The 2% spandex added helps with stretch and it maintains all the key features you want: quick drying, doesn’t wrinkle, cool in all temps, and antimicrobial.

Best Casual Button-Up Travel Shirt

The Best Men’s Travel Shirts and Jackets for One-Bag Travelers

CIVIC The Jack

Purposely or not, performance clothing companies tend to slot themselves into certain categories. You have Mizzen+Main which prefers to use polyester and spandex paired with traditional shirtmaking to up the performance while giving wearers the same good looks they expect. And you have some other companies that focus on the basics of a wardrobe (simple tees, henleys, boxers, maybe a polo). CIVIC is one of my favorite companies because they lie somewhere in between. Merino wool is their weapon of choice but they have some great design chops as well; not surprising given their heritage from Taylor Stitch.

The Jack has become one of my favorite pieces to pack on a trip. In fact, I did just that when I visited some friends in Portland a few weeks ago. It uses their blend of 70% Merino and 30% Sorona, a plant-based fiber which gives increased strength and movement. The result is a perfectly balanced 220 gsm that provides both warmth and structure. It’s difficult to make certain types of clothing out of 100% wool. It’s a naturally soft material so you cannot get that  crisp look that people expect from certain items (like dress shirts). The buttons are high quality and the construction is great.

First and foremost, I love the fit of The Jack. I think the chest, shoulders, and waist are perfect. It’s a slim fit which is usually flattering, but not too tight as to restrict movement. It looks great tucked or not, so it’s perfect for many different occasions. I paired it with a jacket for a meal at an upscale sushi restaurant and it definitely filled the role.

On me, the arms are a little long and this picture exaggerates it a bit. In practice, I don’t feel the bagginess at all but as always, your mileage may vary.

  • -Perfect construction; great trim fit.
  • -Blend of Merino and Sorona is just right to give softness while maintaining some crispiness  you expect from a dress shirt
  • -Great everyday shirt
  • -Arms may be a bit baggy

If you are traveling for business, especially in less secure areas of the world, check out the Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof Business Travel Shirt . While being a mouthful to say, it’s a shirt built from the ground up with travel and security in mind. It features UPF 30+ sun protection, quick dry for easy travel laundry, and a combination of hidden and secure pockets so you can rest assured you’ll be able to access your passport or emergency cash if you do get targeted. The look is a little less fashion forward compared to The Jack, but the cut and materials are more suited for warmer weather (even tropical) while looking perfectly passable for business casual.

Best Travel Blazer or Travel Jacket

The Best Men’s Travel Shirts and Jackets for One-Bag Travelers

Ministry of Supply Kinetic Blazer

Ministry of Supply is a company that is rooted in Boston and got its start on Kickstarter. After numerous successful campaigns, they now operate multiple stores, as well as a modern online presence. Aman and his team really fancy themselves clothing scientists, studying pressure, doing temperature scans, poring over stretch details and surveying users. I view them as the Tesla of the clothing world, up there with brands like Nike and Lululemon which operate performance labs, except they may be the only ones doing it for the performance fashion sector and not sports.

My Kinetic Blazer is a beautiful navy and the texture reminds me a bit of an old jacket a professor or your father might have worn. It’s made with a Japanese warp-knit Kinetic fabric which gives it four-way stretch, great wrinkle resistance, and quick-dry features. What I like most though is it looks and performs just like a regular blazer and fits like a glove.

It’s not the cheapest jacket, weighing in at just over $300 but I think it’s worth it. It is a more considered blazer than one you’d find off the rack with performance features built in.

  • -Japanese Kinetic fabric has four way stretch, dries quickly, and is less likely to be wrinkled when you arrive to your destination
  • -Comfortable and fits well; pairs with any dress shirt and slacks
  • -Fabric has a great feel and looks different depending on lighting

When I think of performance travel blazer, the first thing that comes to mind is the Bluffworks Gramercy Blazer . I met Stefan at OR a few years after I had already been testing his clothing; first with his pants then later shirt and blazer. It has been amazing to see a small company tackle one item at a time and work with factories and fabric companies to get it just right. The Gramercy Blazer uses 100% polyester that is engineered for stretch, breatheability, machine-washable, and most importantly, looks great. I’ve seen plenty of polyester clothing but when you feel the Gramercy Blazer, you’d swear it’s a natural material. Besides the performance features, Bluffworks knocks it out of the park by adding in 10 pockets (many hidden) to make the jacket a perfect travel companion.

Best Travel Jacket For Wet Weather

The Best Men’s Travel Shirts and Jackets for One-Bag Travelers

Clothing Arts Cubed Travel Jacket

I’ve gotten to know Adam from Clothing Arts and through our months of communicating, you can tell that he is one passionate traveler and maker. Like others on this list, he found a need and a market that was not being addressed and he started Clothing Arts to tackle the problem of how to travel safely, anywhere in the world. Their clothing has stopped over 70 pickpocket attempts worldwide, with more stories coming in all the time.

The first Clothing Arts sample I was sent was the big daddy, their flagship, the Cubed Travel Jacket. This thing is a beast, featuring an eVent DVStorm Membrane, innovative pocketing, and 4 season versatility. The jacket is waterproof and windproof while maintaining breathability. It weighs 1lb 11 oz so it’s not exactly lightweight but you get loads of performance in return. Luckily, it folds down quite nicely and can easily be stowed in a packing cube.

Depending on your torso height, when it’s fully zipped, the jacket can encroach on the neck and lower half of your face. This is not unlike other shells but I found the upper part of the jacket/hood to be somewhat stiff and I didn’t like having it fully zipped at all times. This is rarely an issue since the hood is so easily removed and you’ll most often be wearing it unattached.

  • -Top in class rain and wind protection from eVent DVStorm fabric
  • -Quick-attach hood system
  • -Multiple security pockets
  • -Cinch pulls, waterproof zippers, velcro closures – all make for great protection against the elements
  • -Neck and hood area stiff and can get uncomfortable if fully zipped

On the surface, this is a purely technical jacket. It uses eVent which is a high performing wind and water resistant fabric. If you’re just looking for a shell, you have a lot of choices including offerings from Patagonia and Arcteryx, they’re classic and awesome. The difference is Clothing Arts is a travel and security focused company so they put in a bunch of security and hidden pockets. If that’s not vital to you then any good technical shell would work great for travel.

I tested over a dozen tees, henleys, button-downs, and jackets to find what would work best for traveling. We are big proponents of packing not just minimally but intelligently and the only way to do that effectively is to ask more from our clothing. Companies like Western Rise , Civic, Wool&Prince , etc are taking modern fabrics and pairing it with research and adding in clever features, to make clothing that looks great and performs even better. I don’t expect you to mimic my choices exactly here. Instead, I hope that by giving you information about the brands and products, you can start thinking about what features you need and want in travel shirts and this article can serve as a guide to help you when you’re packing for your next trip.

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David Vo


David gets right into the details, in a way that few can. He prefers carry gear that lets him get active. He rides bikes, eats good food, and has a digital footprint approaching a yeti.

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best men's long sleeve travel shirt

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12 Best Travel Shirts for Men & Women

These 12 travel shirts aren’t going to stink up or wear down on you. They’ll last you through a hot day of taco hunting in Mexico City or a wet day trekking in the mountains of Nepal.

12 Best Travel Shirts for Men & Women

Shirts. Just how do you wade into the tsunami of options to pick out the absolute best travel shirts on the market?

Do you look for brand popularity? Couldn’t hurt. What about quality materials? Most definitely. How about intended uses? Certainly.

In fact, you should look at all these points and more. But don’t worry, I’ve done the nitty-gritty research for you. And I’ve emerged with the best travel shirts for both men and women.

All you have to do is sit back and absorb everything you need to know before purchasing travel clothes for your next adventure.

The backbone of any travel clothing ensemble is undoubtedly the T-shirt.

Low-key, low-maintenance and low-profile, the T-shirt is perfect for transiting busy airports, stepping out of the hotel to poke around a new city or just squeezing in a workout. The trick, however, is finding a T-shirt that can accomplish all of this, and not stink or look like a cow’s been chewing on it.

I’ve, therefore, picked out several of the best t-shirts for travel to cover everything from comfort to near indestructibility.

  • Best Travel T-Shirt Overall: Ably's Bradley and Daffodil
  • Most Versatile Travel Shirt: Bluffworks Threshold
  • Best Merino Travel T-Shirt: Ibex Merino Tencel Short Sleeve Tee
  • Best Travel T-Shirt for Hiking: Patagonia Capilene Cool Trail Shirt
  • Best Travel T-Shirt for Women: Eddie Bauer Favorite V-Neck
  • Best Long Sleeve Travel Shirt: Unbound Merino Wool Long Sleeve Crew Neck
  • Best Long-Sleeved Travel Shirt for Women: Icebreaker Zone Base Layer
  • Best Travel Button Down Shirt: Bluffworks Meridian 2.0
  • Best Travel Henley: Olivers Convoy Henley
  • Best Travel Polo Shirt: Icebreaker Merino Tech Lite II Short Sleeve Polo Shirt
  • Best Travel Hoodie: Unbound Merino Compact Travel Hoodie
  • Best Travel Tank Top: Icebreaker Merino 125 Cool-Lite Speed Tank Top

Ably Bradley shirt

Best Travel T-Shirt Overall

Ably's bradley and daffodil.

  • Filium coating
  • Cotton, but liquid-repellent
  • Odor-resistant
  • Quick-dry T-shirt

Bluffworks Threshold

Most Versatile Travel Shirt

Bluffworks threshold.

  • UPF 50 protection
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Gold and silver nanoparticle embedded material for odor-resistance
  • Machine-washable
  • Moisture-wicking

Ibex Merino Tencel Short Sleeve Tee

Best Merino Travel T-Shirt

Ibex merino tencel short sleeve tee.

  • Very durable merino blend with nylon
  • Temperature-regulating
  • Anti-microbial

Patagonia Capilene® Cool Trail Shirt

Best Travel T-Shirt for Hiking

Patagonia capilene cool trail shirt.

  • Made completely from recycled materials
  • Lots of odor control
  • More affordable than most
  • Great for everything from hiking to city travel

Eddie Bauer Favorite V-Neck

Best Travel T-Shirt for Women

Eddie bauer favorite v-neck.

  • Budget-friendly T-shirt
  • Minimal piling

Unbound Merino Wool Long Sleeve Crew Neck

Best Long Sleeve Travel Shirt

Unbound merino wool long sleeve crew neck.

  • Wrinkle-free
  • Odor resistant
  • Merino wool material
  • Moisture wicking

Icebreaker Merino Base Layer

Best Long-Sleeved Travel Shirt for Women

Icebreaker zone base layer.

  • Thumbholes for added comfort
  • Very durable

Bluffworks Meridian 2.0

Best Travel Button Down Shirt

Bluffworks meridian 2.0.

  • Classic or slim fit options
  • Machine washable

Olivers Convoy

Best Travel Henley

Olivers convoy henley.

  • Water-resistant

Icebreaker Merino Tech Lite II Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

Best Travel Polo Shirt

Icebreaker merino tech lite ii short sleeve polo shirt.

Unbound Merino Travel Hoodie

Best Travel Hoodie

Unbound merino compact travel hoodie.

Icebreaker Merino 125 Cool-Lite Speed Tank-Top

Best Travel Tank Top

Icebreaker merino 125 cool-lite speed tank top.

  • Merino-Tencel blend for excellent durability

Ably's Bradley and Daffodil : Best Travel T-Shirt Overall

The Filium shirt treatment employed by Ably easily makes their product earn the title of one of the best travel shirts on the market. Liquid-repellent and quick-drying, these cotton shirts are absolutely perfect for wearing on back-to-back-to-back days and still looking fresh.

And, as an added bonus: Ably produces this almost odor-free T-shirt in both men’s ( the Bradley ) and women’s ( the Daffodil ). Just be aware that this T-shirt for travel comes at a price. And it’s also susceptible to shrinkage (remember it’s still a cotton shirt!).

  • Pros & Cons
  • Technical Specs
  • Odor-resistant, so you can wear for long periods of time
  • Quick-drying
  • Susceptible to shrinkage if dried too long
  • Moderately expensive

Bluffworks Threshold : Most Versatile Travel Shirt

Instead of relying on a material’s natural anti-microbial properties, such as merino, or secondary treatments for odor control, Bluffworks adopts the unique approach of embedded gold and silver nanoparticles. Recall that Bluffworks is always pushing for the very best in durability and style, and that’s exactly what they deliver here.

These gold and silver particles keep bacteria and odors at bay with ease. And they keep the Bluffworks Threshold smelling great after traveling, sleeping and also even exercising. Add UPF 50 protection and wrinkle-resistance, and you have what can definitely be one of the best travel T-shirts for both men and women . It’s certainly one to add to your packing list.

Remember, however, that these features come with a price tag, making this shirt fairly expensive, compared to an ordinary T-shirt.

  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Expensive compared to a regular cotton tee

Ibex Merino Tencel Short Sleeve Tee : Best Merino Travel T-Shirt

If sweaters, hoodies and long sleeves can all benefit from merino, then why can’t T-shirts? At least that’s what Ibex thought when they produced the Merino Tencel Short Sleeve Tee . This company has stylish longevity at the forefront of their line as they continuously produce high-quality men’s travel shirts and apparel to last for the long run.

The ultra-fine combo of merino wool and nylon accomplishes this goal by creating excellent temperature regulation and anti-microbial properties with extreme durability. So this produces a luxuriously soft T-shirt that will smell great and also hold up in the face of every travel escapade ever. The greatest drawback for me, however, is justifying paying $85+ on a T-shirt. But for this powerhouse combination, it may well be worth it for you. There’s a women’s version as well.

  • Very expensive compared to other shirts on this list

Patagonia Capilene Cool Trail Shirt : Best Travel T-Shirt for Hiking

The best travel shirt in tee form doesn’t need to break the bank—and the Patagonia Capilene Cool Trail Shirt (also available for women ) is a perfect example of a functional yet affordable shirt. It’s made of a quick-to-wick 100% recycled polyester spun jersey blend that will keep you comfortable hiking a trail or around a new city.

It’s durable enough to be your sidekick for any and all of your travels, and it holds up to multiple washing cycles very well.

Fortunately, you won’t even need to wash it too often, as this shirt also has lots of odor control. You’ll have a solid unisex T-shirt for all your adventures—and since it’s made from recycled materials, you’ll be doing your part to help the environment!

  • Less expensive than others on this list
  • Comes in a wide array of colors
  • Made from 100% recycled polyester
  • The sizes seem to run smaller than normal—if you're a size small, you should probably get a medium

Eddie Bauer Favorite V-Neck : Best Travel T-Shirt for Women

For an inexpensive travel V-neck , Eddie Bauer puts forth their “favorite” T-shirt. Eddie Bauer has been equipping mountaineers and explorers for many years, and they bring that experience to all their clothes. Think: excellent quality along with a policy of standing behind everything they produce.

The cotton-polyester blend here follows this trend and makes for a comfortably soft fit, while the polishing helps prevent any annoying piling. This material, however, lacks any temperature regulation or anti-bacterial properties. So be prepared to wash it while traveling.

All this comes in at a very reasonable price that makes it an ideal addition to any informal travel wardrobe.

  • Minimal pilling
  • Not odor-resistant
  • No temperature regulation

Unbound Merino Wool Long Sleeve Crew Neck : Best Long Sleeve Travel Shirt

Every traveler worth their salt needs a reliable and stylish long-sleeve shirt. This should be your go-to option for a day in the city or for an evening out. It can also act as a layer when the temperatures begin to drop.

Unbound is one of the best travel clothing brands and they put their proven quality and merino prowess to work to provide that exact go-to shirt in their long sleeve merino crew . I rank it among the best men’s wrinkle-free travel shirts – an important feature when you’re living out of a backpack.

This shirt embodies each and every one of the benefits of coveted merino wool—cool and moisture-wicking in warm weather, and temperature-insulating on cooler days. The wool is, furthermore, naturally anti-bacterial. Therefore it’s anti-odor, so you can wear it time and time again without washing.

But the time for washing will eventually come and, when it does, you may find merino wool to be a little more particular than your average T-shirt. While it can be machine washed, line drying is highly recommended to prevent shrinkage and premature wear. Unbound provides several very handy, but potentially headache-inducing, guidelines to keep this wool shirt in peak health.

While all the benefits of Merino make this shirt functionally perfect for nearly every traveling situation, the uncomplicated but stylish design by Unbound is the icing on the cake. Available in solid navy blue or black, this shirt will look perfectly comfortable as a layer on a skiing trip or as a standalone in a cafe or restaurant.

I, therefore, wholeheartedly recommend the merino crew from Unbound as one of the best travel shirts for men. Certainly the finest option with long sleeves. Stay warm when needed, cool when needed and classy always.

  • Extra maintenance required
  • Only two colors

Icebreaker Zone Base Layer : Best Long-Sleeved Travel Shirt for Women

Finding a reliable long-sleeve that can function as a layer, a standalone top for around town and an exercise shirt is no small task. Especially when you need to find the perfect travel shirt to last for as long as possible.

The Icebreaker Zone Base Layer , however, perfectly fills this niche. And it can easily become your favorite traveling top for any situation.

This incredibly comfortable merino top will keep smelling great through every aspect of your trip, while the nylon blend seriously increases the durability for absolute longevity. And the added thumbholes and inherent temperature regulation further add to the comfort.

Plus, the straight-black coloring and sleek design offer near-limitless versatility. Wear it for a run, a day out, during airplane travel or as a warm base, and look good in every situation.

Recall, however, that merino abhors dryers, and so line drying is the way to go. Furthermore, several users report that the shirt may feel itchy upon purchase. But a single wash usually clears this up without any further issues.

Icebreaker has been cranking out high-quality merino products for several years now. And this long-sleeve top for women certainly lives up to their reputation. All the benefits of merino, the durability of nylon, a sleek design and, of course, thumbholes all come together to make this long-sleeve the best travel shirt for women travelers.

  • Extra merino care
  • Can be itchy upon purchase

Bluffworks Meridian 2.0 : Best Travel Button Down Shirt

Looking to make an impression while on the road? Perhaps you’re headed to a high-stakes business meeting. Or maybe it’s a romantic evening out in a new city. It certainly pays to look your best while traveling. And the Meridian Dress Shirt 2.0 easily accomplishes this goal to the point that others will be thinking: “I wonder if his tailor travels with him.”

Bluffworks has invested an enormous amount of time and energy into developing a unique clothing line that lasts. And also a line that looks great. This shirt promises just that, making it the best travel dress shirt on the market.

The Meridian Dress Shirt 2.0 is entirely wrinkle-free. For example, pull it from your suitcase after a flight, and you’ll be good to go.

Plus, there’s no sense in smelling like a rumpled and rugged traveler. The Meridian, again, hurdles this obstacle with an anti-microbial treatment that keeps you smelling fresh for days. And the polyester material is perfect for keeping you cool in all conditions. But remember that it doesn’t offer much insulation.

That all said, when it’s time for a wash, the Meridian is also refreshingly straightforward. This shirt is 100 percent machine washable, and you can simply tumble dry it or throw it up on a line.

However, for all its benefits, I’ve found that the Meridian does have one chink in its armor. The button spacing seems to be ever-so-slightly large. Meaning that, when sitting down, the gaps between the buttons can open up to reveal your undershirt (or lack thereof).

  • Wide button spacing

Olivers Convoy Henley : Best Travel Henley

The Henley adds a few degrees of style to the standard long-sleeve shirt with the addition of a three-button collarless placket. But now consider the travel Henley, Oliver’s 100 percent merino wool variant that is anti-odor, water-repellent, lightweight and always ready for the road.

Olivers provides a refreshingly large color selection, so you can pick what matches your vibe. And the straightforward solid color also creates a subtly pleasing style that is just as versatile as your travels. Airports, dinners, beach trips, workouts and everything in between—your Convoy Henley won’t even break a sweat, literally.

The 100 percent merino wool construction will remain cool in warm conditions, and while wicking moisture away from your body. But, when the thermometer takes a dive, the wool will also provide excellent insulation. Add its natural odor protection and Olivers’ added water-resistance, and you have a shirt that will keep up on all of your travel escapades.

The fit, however, can be a bit of an acquired taste. Olivers has opted for a very athletic fit. Meaning you casual wearers out there can expect a much tighter fit and significantly narrower sleeves. So, if this worries you, be sure to pick one size larger than usual.

What merino gives us travelers in temperature and odor protection, however, it takes back in maintenance. Be sure to read up on how to best protect your wool shirt, and do your best to make it last. Additionally, this shirt must always dry on the line or lying flat, which can be a bit of a drag to you quick-moving travelers.

Nevertheless, the mountain of benefits of merino wool far outweighs the additional maintenance. It’s, therefore, easily the best travel shirt for Henley lovers to add to their packing list.

  • Athletic cut, especially in narrow sleeves

Icebreaker Merino Tech Lite II Short Sleeve Polo Shirt : Best Travel Polo Shirt

Whether it’s salsa night in your new city or you’re simply a polo aficionado, the Icebreaker Merino Tech Lite II Short Sleeve Polo Shirt is the best travel shirt for those looking for a classy collar. Combining all the benefits of merino wool with a stretchy nylon results in a stylish platform that hides a plethora of travel-friendly perks.

So let’s start with the style. First, Icebreaker presents a simple solid color pattern in two darker colors that look good in almost every circumstance. So from your travel day at the airport to an evening out with new friends, this polo shirt easily projects tastefulness without straying into the realm of preppy.

But, also, within this fashionable men’s shirt hides merino wool superpowers. So enjoy the benefits of your shirt being naturally odor-resistant, temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking, all of which are pivotal for the best travel shirt. Remember, however, that merino requires extra Tender Loving Care (TLC), and it cannot be tossed in a dryer.

In fact, while we’re discussing the downsides, beware that many consumers have reported that the chest region of this polo often fits snugly, bordering on tight. Apart from the tight feeling, this also leads to a lot of chest for all to see if you leave it unbuttoned. Consider sizing up if you prefer a more casual fit.

For combining fancy and function, gentlemen, you can’t go wrong with this polo from Icebreaker. The design and style will keep you looking good for every aspect of your trip. And the merino material will constantly fend off smells and uncomfortable temperatures. So that’s definitely a win-win that makes this the best travel shirt for men who love a good polo.

  • Tight fit in chest and arms
  • Merino requires extra maintenance

Unbound Merino Compact Travel Hoodie : Best Travel Hoodie

Enter: all the benefits of merino, with tons of extra perks (like being wrinkle-resistant), spun into an incredibly soft and compact hoodie that will keep you comfortable wherever your travels take you. I believe Unbound Merino has definitely hit a bullseye with this product. And it easily earns the title of one of the best traveling shirts.

Unbound Merino has targeted extreme adventurers for years with their line of comfortable yet durable merino wool products. And this particular hoodie embodies everything I love about their line.

The 97 percent merino wool will keep nasty odors at bay, even after days and days of wear. And, meanwhile, it will regulate your temperature in both warm and cool situations. Unbound Merino threw in 3% elastane, which seriously ups the durability of this garment, and it makes it ready to tackle everything from the trails to the trams.

Plus, this shirt is light and breathable, and fast-drying to boot—it’s absolutely perfect for backpack-toting travelers who may need to wash their clothes by hand. As always, keep in mind that merino needs a little extra love where maintenance is concerned. This is, furthermore, a very thin and lightweight travel shirt that, while perfect for traveling, may be prone to snags or tears.

Travelers looking for the perfect blend of comfort and durability, therefore, can’t go wrong with the Unbound Merino Compact Travel Hoodie .

  • Light and breathable, and quick-drying
  • Very thin material, may be prone to snags

Icebreaker Merino 125 Cool-Lite Speed Tank Top : Best Travel Tank Top

I spent a great deal of time searching around for the very best shirts for travel in each category, and Icebreaker simply kept appearing. They once again make my list, therefore, with their Icebreaker Merino 125 Cool-Lite Speed Tank Top that, again, ushers in an unbeatable merino-Tencel blend.

The merino easily handles the odor and comfort aspect to this travel tank, while the Tencel, in turn, shores up the durability and moisture-wicking/quick-drying aspects. Together, they make this stylish tank top ready to take on the world, from exploring an outdoor market to enjoying a nice meal to completing the best hike of your life.

The relaxed draping fit will also be comfortable for any and all parts of your adventure. Wear this under a blazer or cardigan, and you’ve got something slightly more formal. But take note here that the draping fit may not be for everyone. Those of you who prefer a more sporty athletic fit may want to consider moving one size lower. But this is seriously small potatoes for such an awesome shirt.

For serious traveling in hot climates, this tank is certainly one of the best travel shirts you can invest in. Smell fresh wear after wear, look great wherever you go, enjoy merino’s endless comfort and get a traveling tank that will last your entire trip. In short, you can’t get any better than that.

  • Cannot tumble dry
  • Drapes for a loose and relaxed fit. Drop down a size for tight athletic fit.

What Makes the Best Travel Shirt?

You may look at your closet and see plenty of shirts that you could pack, but would they really stand up to the rigors of travel and earn the title of travel shirt? Probably not. Travel shirts are a special breed that are specifically designed for all the hardship, odors and harsh weather conditions on your radar.

These special design points generally focus on materials, additional treatments and simply high-quality craftsmanship that all work together to make the best travel shirt last as long as your travels do. And always look good while doing it.

So, now that you know exactly what to look for in this essential piece of travel gear, these three points are key.

Tough Threads

Arguably the most important aspect of the best travel shirts is its material. Cheap or weak material is much more likely to prematurely fray and fail mid-trip. So this leads to an unscheduled and unanticipated shopping stop to replenish your travel wardrobe.

I, therefore, cannot overstate the importance of finding travel clothes that will complement, and not hinder, your travels. My best advice is to look for merino wool or an alternative.

  • Merino: Merino wool is incredibly soft and feels great. And, more practically, it’s naturally anti-bacterial, which means that it’s anti-odor. It’s also temperature regulating. That said, it does need some more care, as it cannot be tossed in the dryer. And there are also certain chemical deodorants that some manufacturers say to steer clear of.
  • Synthetic Alternatives:  Polyester, a manufactured synthetic material, is breathable and moisture wicking, but lacks insulation. Tencel is also employed as a more durable and quick-drying option to merino wool, and is often blended with wool to get the best of both worlds. Lastly, lyocell is a natural man-made fiber that is often deployed for its excellent moisture management and anti-microbial properties.

As an extra layer of awesomeness, you will often see many manufacturers adding their own material treatments to further bolster a travel shirt’s robustness.

Treatment for Travel

The raw materials that make up the best travel shirts typically benefit from an additional chemical treatment in the form of water-repellency, anti-microbial shields or UPF protection . For most travelers, these can be absolute gold.

Fend off the rain or drink spill, both of which are unfortunate inevitabilities. Or keep those smelly bacteria at bay for more uses between washes. Some of the best outdoor clothing brands even have their own special formulations to boost their shirts to the heavyweight level, as Ably’s Filium accomplishes.

Filium launches what would simply be an average cotton shirt to the traveling level with a three-part combination knockout. It’s stain-resistant thanks to liquid repellency, odor-resistant thanks to anti-microbial properties, and quick drying. These three items are just what I love in a good travel shirt, and that’s why you’ll see Ably amongst my top T-shirt picks.

Therefore, run an eye over a potential shirt’s specifications, and pay special attention to any treatments that may be the thin line between a throwaway gym rag and the best shirt of your life.

Excellence for Every Escapade

The last item to consider when purchasing the best travel shirts, as with all travel gear, is quality. Poorly constructed shirts will simply not hold up to the rigors of travel.

Look for products from established and reputable manufacturers. Preferably those in the outdoor adventure or sport fields. They will know how to make shirts that last. This quality will, unfortunately, come with a price tag. But investing in a shirt that will last, look good for most occasions and resist stains and odors is well worth spending a little extra on in my opinion.

Off to trek the Salkantay trail or headed to the cold Bolivian salt flats? Whatever the case, these travel shirts will make sure of no wardrobe malfunctions. From long to short, hooded to collared, buttoned to casual, this list has you covered.

You have everything you need to know about purchasing your best shirt for travel ever at your fingertips. So go forth, get your shirt, and keep on exploring the world.

  • The Best Gifts For Travelers
  • What to Wear Hiking

Travel Shirts FAQs

What is the best shirt to wear when traveling.

The best shirt for traveling is one that is lightweight, breathable, and antimicrobial.

What clothes are good for traveling?

The best travel clothes are ones that work in a variety of situations, are lightweight, and are comfortable.

What is the best antimicrobial travel clothing?

Merino wool is the best antimicrobial material for travel clothing.

What is the best travel clothing brand?

Unbound Merino makes some of the best travel clothing on the planet.

What is travel t-shirt?

A travel t-shirt is one that is very lightweight and packable.

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The 17 Best Travel Clothes for Men of 2024

These clothes will take you around the world with comfort and flair.

best men's long sleeve travel shirt

In This Article

Jump to a Section

  • Our top picks
  • Tips for Buying
  • Why Trust T+L

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Travel + Leisure / David Hattan

Picking your travel uniform is one of the most important parts of trip planning. You need apparel that can handle a lot of walking, sitting, and sprinting (for those close layovers), and is equally comfortable. Long days in transit mean cozy clothes are a necessity.

We sifted through dozens of brands, styles, customer reviews, and tried and true styles to find the best gear for your suitcase. From shirts to socks, we’re confident these clothes will keep you looking and feeling your best wherever your travels take you.

Best Long-sleeve Shirt

Cuts ao long sleeve curve-hem tee.

Its simple look makes it wearable in just about every setting.

It runs small, so double-check the sizing guide.

The bestselling long-sleeve shirt from Cuts Clothing is made of a buttery-soft performance blend that has a four-way stretch and doesn’t pill. Designed in the brand’s signature fit, the AO Long Sleeve is meant to help you look good at all hours of the day — fitted around the chest with a slimming profile through the waist. Its curve-hem cut sits comfortably below the hip, so you don’t have to worry about it bunching up or your skin showing. A hint of stretch means the shirt will move with you as you reach into the overhead compartment or run through the airport terminal.

Its pre-shrunk fabric lets you easily throw it into the wash with your other laundry worry-free. The wrinkle resistance ensures a clean look, even after it’s been packed in your carry-on or backpack. We also love the color options – classic black and white, along with muted pastels – to ensure you’ll find a shade to pair with any outfit.

The Details: S to XXL | 62 percent polyester, 33 percent cotton, 5 percent spandex

Best Collared Shirt

Ministry of supply apollo raglan sport shirt.

Ministry of Supply

This shirt looks like a standard raglan, but has wrinkle-free fabric great for commuting.

It fits better untucked than tucked.

Ministry of Supply, the innovative apparel brand known for its materials derived from NASA technology, delivers a classy but comfortable option with the Apollo Raglan Sport Shirt. Made with a signature performance fabric, this shirt is 19 times more breathable than traditional woven fabric and offers next-level temperature control — great for long days on the road.

It’s naturally wrinkle-resistant, so caring for it is easy. Simply throw it in the washing machine – no dry cleaning or ironing needed. Its front pocket offers a professional touch and extra storage for AirPods or loose change. Be sure to reference their sizing guide as this shirt tends to run small.

The Details: XS to 3XL | 54 percent polyester, 46 percent propriety-treated polyester

Best T-shirt

Rhone element tee.

It’s fitted, but not too tight.

You may experience some fit issues with the neckline.

This basic tee from Rhone makes for reliable everyday wear. Its organic cotton blend is soft and stretchy, while also incorporating the brand’s signature anti-odor technology (especially handy if you’ll be in warmer climates during your travels). Pairing well with shorts or pants, the Element Tee is available in a crewneck or V-neck and a wide variety of colors. This staple shirt is perfect for no-fuss packing; stuff a few in your backpack and you’ll have style for days. Follow the care instructions when cleaning because the organic cotton can shrink — the brand recommends washing the shirt on a cold setting.

The Details: S to XXL (most colors) | 70 percent cotton, 23 percent polyester, 7 percent spandex

Best Sweater

Nadaam the original cashmere men's sweater.

You can personalize it with a monogram.

It runs small.

Most people love a good cashmere sweater, but no one loves taking care of a good cashmere sweater. Durable and cashmere don’t naturally go together, after all. However, the Original Cashmere Sweater from Nadaam combines 100 percent cashmere luxury with the low-maintenance ease of cotton. The ribbed collar and cuffs won’t stretch out with wear, making it a safe bet for cashmere fanatics who are always on the go. It comes in over 10 core colors (plus limited-edition colors every season) and best of all, it’s less than $100. It’s also machine washable (lay flat to dry) — making for one of the most durable cashmeres for travel we’ve seen.

The Details: XXS to XXL | 100 percent cashmere

Best Jacket

Nomatic the outset jacket.

It has a full set of comprehensive features that make it ideal for hours of transit.

It’s not made for extremely cold weather.

From popular travel brand Nomatic, The Outset Jacket offers as much functionality as their bags and luggage. This lightweight jacket has four-way stretch, breathability, and a water-, stain-, and wrinkle-resistant fabric. Perforated armpits provide extra airflow for when you’re rushing from place to place. The hood adjusts to your preference and the whole jacket can be folded into a small travel pillow for when you need to catch up on sleep during a flight. With pockets on the left chest, inside the zipper, and fleece-lined hand pockets, you’ll have plenty of space for your passport, wallet, and other essentials.

The Details: S to XXL | 100 percent polyester (primary body); 85 percent nylon, 15 percent spandex (secondary body)

Best Peacoat

Alo wool gameday overcoat.

It’s simple, while still making a fashion statement.

It’s only 25 percent wool, so peacoat purists may prefer other materials.

Great styles from rapidly growing yoga brand Alo aren’t a surprise at this point, but the Wool Gameday Overcoat is nothing short of timeless. It has a relaxed fit, ideal for layering, and comes in black, heather gray, and a limited-edition camel colorway that looks straight out of a fashion magazine. It has all the classic peacoat features like a waist belt, notched lapels, and a front button to hold it all together. Its wool blend fabric sits right in the middle of the warmth spectrum — it’ll keep you warm, but won’t overheat you. But be sure you’re ready to make the investment, the Gameday Overcoat will set you back well over $300.

The Details: XS to XXL | 50 percent polyester, 25 percent wool, 20 percent viscose

Comrad Combed Cotton Crew Socks

They work for any activity, including workouts, so you won’t need to change for different settings.

There’s not much compression in the ankle.

Frequent travelers would be hard-pressed to find a better pair of socks for the road. The Combed Cotton Crew Socks feature cushioning in the spots that get the most impact when walking, like the heels, balls of your feet, and toes. A snug fit at the ankles and calf help them stay in place and the compression band ensures your arches will get the support they need when the days (or flights) get long. The classic crew length will pair well with sneakers or dress shoes, and the combed cotton is cozy and breathable.

The Details: S to XL | 65 percent cotton, 30 percent nylon, 5 percent spandex

Best Sneakers

New balance men's 574 core sneaker.

New Balance

It’s extra versatile and pairs well with many outfits.

The mesh upper is susceptible to getting dirty.

The New Balance 574 is the epitome of a classic sneaker. While it looks good, the real magic is in the thick cushioning. This sneaker was built to be versatile. The mesh upper offers breathability and the rugged sole provides traction for brisk walking and even light jogs if you forget your usual running shoes and want to exercise away from home. Its padded collar and tongue is supportive, and it's available in a wide range of colorways so you’re sure to find a pair that suits you.

The Details: 4 to 18 | Suede and mesh upper, polyester components, rubber outsole

Everlane The Slim 4-Way Stretch Organic Jean

They offer both function and style.

They can be skinny in the thighs.

If you love jeans but don’t like the time and effort that comes with breaking them in, Everlane’s stretch jeans feel great right out of the box while still boasting that classic look you’re after. The organic Turkish cotton is dyed sustainably using an innovative method that reduces water consumption by 55 percent.

The brand offers four different shades of blue and two shades of black and they look good cuffed or uncuffed, meaning you’re never short on versatility. Ringing up at an affordable price point, you may even want to buy a few pairs in different colors. Best of all, they’re backed by Everlane’s 365-day guarantee — if anything happens to them, they’ll replace your pair.

The Details: Various waists and lengths | 94 percent cotton, 2 percent elastane, 4 percent other fiber

Best Joggers

Vuori sunday performance jogger.

The additional front and back zipper pockets are great for extra storage.

They’re lightweight, so not meant for extremely cold climates.

The Sunday Performance Jogger is our top pick for travel joggers for its technical fabric, fit, and features. While the tech specs are impressive, what’s more impressive is just how soft they are from the very first wear. The material is a polyester-elastane blend that is breathable, warm, and suited for high-paced movement or just relaxing on the couch. They feature a tapered leg with elastic cuffs, making them flattering for most body types. For trips, we love the zipper pockets on the left thigh and back that make stowing our valuables easy. The elastic waistband and drawcord make the fit adjustable — perfect for when you’ve just finished wolfing down a local delicacy and need some extra waist space.

The Details: XS to XXL | 88 percent polyester, 12 percent elastane

Best Chinos

Bonobos original stretch washed chino 2.0.

You can pick from a wide range of colors and fits.

The length is only available in 2-inch increments.

A good pair of chinos can replace almost all of the pants you would normally pack on a trip, whether it’s for work, pleasure, or both. Bonobos made a name for itself with its popular chinos and then leveled up, dropping this updated version that is perfect for when you want a comfortable pair of pants, but don’t want to commit to fully “performance” materials. They’re made of non-iron, four-way stretch cotton that also wicks moisture. With quality accents, different fit options, and a multitude of colors, you’ll look so stylish your fellow passengers won’t even realize how comfortable you are. An extra zip pocket is discreet — perfect for your most valuable possessions.

The Details: Various waists, fits, and lengths available | 92 percent cotton, 8 percent spandex

Best Shorts

Lululemon t.h.e. linerless short 7”.

It has a slim profile, unlike baggy basketball shorts.

It’s not the best option if you prefer shorts with a liner.

Lululemon’s T.H.E. Linerless Short 7” is a do-it-all short for training, chilling, and walking. Designed with workouts in mind (T.H.E stands for “train hard every day”), these shorts are made of an extremely lightweight fabric that stretches with you and is immensely breathable. Pockets on both sides plus an additional zipper pocket provide ample storage. We love that these shorts don’t have a liner — busy days of travel often call for changing bottoms, so shorts that don’t require undergarments can become more of an annoyance than a convenience. They come in six neutral colors and if you prefer longer shorts, there’s also a 9-inch version.

The Details: S to XXL | 86 percent polyester, 14 percent elastane

Best Underwear

Jack archer jetsetter boxer briefs.

Jack Archer

The signature modal fabric is three times as soft as Pima cotton.

They’re a bit expensive for a single pair of underwear.

We’ve seen few briefs that offer as many options as Jack Archer’s Jetsetter Boxer Briefs. Whatever your preference is, be it mid-length, long, or short, you’re sure to find an option that’s perfect for you. The flat waistband won’t curl up and the compression fabric stays in place, but isn’t too tight. Anti-odor material ensures you’ll be fresh all day, a must for when you’re going from place to place. Every detail was thought out, with soft threads that won’t irritate your skin. Plus, all of those performance features mean you don’t have to worry about overpacking — these briefs can go the distance if need be (but please do change into a new pair every day!).

The Details: S to XXL | 92 percent proprietary modal, 8 percent elastane

Best Swimsuit

Fair harbor the anchor.

Fair Harbor

The prints and patterns are fun and unique.

The sizing can be hit or miss.

The Anchor Short from Fair Harbor offers an athletic fit with a signature non-mesh liner. Swimmers everywhere rejoice: no more chafing. The fabric is water-repellent and dries quickly. With plenty of design options, you could take these from a pool party to cocktail hour and still look fashionable.

Made with recycled polyester, Fair Harbor uses 12 recycled water bottles for each pair in the manufacturing process. Preppy nautical designs don’t need to be reserved for summer getaways to the Hamptons or Martha’s Vineyard – with the Fair Harbor Anchor trunks, you’ll also feel right at home in Cancun or floating in your local river.

The Details: S to 3XL | 88 percent recycled polyester, 12 percent spandex

Best Hoodie

Buck mason hooded sweatshirt.

The 322-GSM (grams per square meter) French terry offers a soft but strong touch.

It’s not fleece lined, like a lot of hoodies.

It’s hard to find a more timeless top than Buck Mason’s Brush Loopback Hooded Sweatshirt. Modeled after collegiate sportswear of years past, you’d be hard-pressed to come up with a better vintage rendition, even from the titans of sports apparel.

It has a classic, easy-wearing fit with thick drawcords and a large kangaroo pocket that’ll fit your hands, phone, and keys. Reinforced elbows ensure this hoodie will last through years of friction so you can feel confident packing it trip after trip without worrying about needing to repair it. Match it with a pair of sweatpants or jeans and you’ll be ready for a cozy takeoff.

The Details: XS to XXL | 100 percent cotton

Best Dress Shoes

Amberjack the original.

They're available in many different shades of brown.

They may be too sporty-looking for truly formal occasions.

Dubbed as “The World’s Most Advanced Dress Shoes,” Amberjack’s The Original packs in a whole lot of features without sacrificing the clean look you’d expect from a standard dress shoe. An A-grade leather upper combined with a dual-density outsole and heel support make these especially good for business travel, whether that means long days on your feet or long hours in an airplane middle seat.

Once you reach your destination, if you find yourself going from meeting to meeting, you’ll definitely appreciate the sneaker-like comfort that these provide. Made in one of Portugal’s top factories, finding shoes this nice at a lower price would be nearly impossible.

The Details: 7 to 15 | Leather, sheepskin, thermoplastic polyurethane

Best Sandals

Birkenstock atacama birko-flor.


It incorporates all the things that make Birkenstock iconic into a performance sandal that's great for motion.

They have velcro straps rather than the typical pin buckles Birkenstock is known for.

Birkenstock is synonymous with sandals for good reason. Because leather sandals may not be the most comfortable for covering the high walking mileage that comes with travel, the brand’s Atacama Birko-Flor is our pick for the best travel sandal (though you can’t go wrong with the brand’s Bostons or Arizonas , either).

Made with a proprietary synthetic upper, the hook-and-loop straps won’t be abrasive on your skin, even as the days grow long. Their polyurethane (PU) sole and footbed provide enough bounce for guys spending all day on their feet. Plus, as with all their models, the brand has incorporated its signature footbed shape for support in the areas your feet need it most, from heel to toe and everywhere in between.

The Details: 6 to 13.5 (batched sizing) | Synthetic leather, PU

Tips for Buying Men’s Travel Clothes

Prioritize versatility.

When you’re on the road, your bag will only hold so much. So when you’re choosing what to wear on a trip, be it for work or vacation, pick apparel and accessories that you’ll be able to wear more than once.

In an ideal world, you could rock the same shoes every day and rotate a couple of pairs of pants, plus a tee or two. If you need more than that, think about how you can optimize your travel space, whether that means wearing your suit trousers on travel days or relying on your favorite hoodie for workouts and colder days at the office.

Consider care instructions

If you’ve ever traveled for more than a day or two, you’ll know that sometimes you need to do laundry while you’re out on a trip. Bring apparel that is either easy to wash or doesn’t need to be washed frequently.

Prioritize performance fabrics that are moisture-wicking and antimicrobial to keep sweat and stink at bay. Undershirts you can wear more than once and socks that don’t pick up a stench after a few hours will come in clutch.

Choose your materials carefully

Much like the specifics of caring for your clothes on the road, you will want to focus on the materials your clothes and accessories are made out of. Merino wool, for example, can go much longer without getting smelly than Dri-Fit and other similar performance materials. A cotton hoodie may be good for the first few days but lose some steam when the trip gets long.

Also, make sure you wear clothes that are comfortable during transit. Linen is an ideal material for wearing on an airplane or in a car because the nappy, wrinkly look comes naturally — nobody will question your linen suit for its wrinkles because they’re supposed to be there.

You want to dress for comfort without looking like a slob. Think flexible, stretchy pants and a well-fitting crewneck sweatshirt or your favorite pair of jeans paired with a vintage blazer. Both outfits will look great but will keep you comfortable throughout the journey.

Like we mentioned, think about pairing some broken-in jeans with a comfy, roomy blazer or pick up a nice pair of joggers that don’t leave you looking like you just hopped out of bed. Make sure your clothes fit comfortably and correctly, then decide what materials will hold up to the rigors and constant movement that comes with travel.

For long-term travel, or even a two-week jaunt to a warm climate, you’ll want to figure out which services you’ll have at your disposal when it comes to cleaning your clothes. Some places offer complimentary dry cleaning and washer/dryer service, but most places will have you searching for quarters and a laundromat. Just do a bit of research before you head out and pack accordingly. Heading on a week-long trip with no washer? Pack your bags full of socks and underwear. Headed to a five-star resort? You can be a bit more economical when packing.

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

T+L writers are product and shopping experts who utilize expert recommendations to find the best items for consumers. For this story, Joe Niehaus (a world traveler and product fanatic) conducted extensive research, paired with verified customer reviews and his own personal experience with many of these brands to create this list.

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best men's long sleeve travel shirt

The Best Merino Wool Shirts of 2024

Looking to upgrade your wardrobe? Check out our favorite merino wool shirts for summer and fall hiking, biking, and more.

Ridge Merino Solstice Lightweight Pullover in Iceland

Merino wool is a pretty magical fabric. It’s lightweight, it wicks away moisture and odors, and it helps thermoregulate (that is, it’s breathable). When it comes to outdoor wear, it’s dang near tough to beat.

That being said, there are some tradeoffs for this wonder textile. It can be more fragile and less durable, both in wearing and washing, which is why we considered both 100% merino wool layers and merino wool blends (with a majority of merino greater than 60%).

It’s not easy to find that perfect, comfortable yet functional, fits-great, do-it-all layer, but merino comes pretty darn close.

We tested dozens of merino wool shirts to find the best on the market, wearing them in all kinds of conditions and pushing the shirt’s limits. Here are our staff’s favorite merino tees — as well as some honorable mentions.

At the end of our selection, check out our in-depth buyer’s guide , comparison chart , and frequently asked questions section to guide you to your next wear-all-day shirt.

Editor’s Note: We updated our Merino Wool Shirts guide on January 22, 2024, to add two new worthy additions: the Ortovox 185 Rock’N’Wool Short Sleeve and the Ottie Merino T-Shirt .

  • Best Overall Merino Wool Shirt: Icebreaker Tech Lite Crew II T-Shirt
  • Best Budget Merino Wool Shirt: Ridge Merino Journey & Wander Wool Shirt
  • Best Luxuriously Soft Merino Wool Shirt: Ibex 24-Hour Short Sleeve Tee
  • Best Merino Wool Shirt for Hunting: KUIU ULTRA Merino 120 LT SS Crew-T
  • Best Merino Wool Shirt for Travel : Unbound Merino Crew Neck T-Shirt
  • Best Merino Wool Sun Hoodie: Ridge Merino Solstice Lightweight Pullover Hoodie

Icebreaker Tech Lite Crew II T-Shirt

  • Material 100% 18.9-micron merino wool
  • Sustainability certifications N/A
  • Weight 5.3 oz.
  • Special feature Underarm gussets for added mobility and reduced discomfort
  • Size range XS-XL (women’s); S-XXL (men’s)
  • Fit Regular

Product Badge

  • UPF 20 protection
  • Odor resistance
  • Moisture-wicking properties
  • Thinner than other comparable tees

Our staff testers love the Tech Lite II Crewe T-Shirt ($80) by icebreaker because we can wear it all year. In hot weather, this tee is light, breathable, airy, and made of 100% natural merino that has built-in odor-wicking properties. In cooler weather, it feels soft and comfortable as a base layer .

For a tee that can be used in any type of weather, it was easy for us to consider the Tech Lite II as the best merino wool shirt overall.

While comparing this tee to others that we had tested, we did feel that the Tech Lite II felt slightly thinner than other tees, which made us wary about its durability. However, after a few years worth of testing now, we’re comfortable with the quality and longevity.

Overall, we are impressed by the amount of use we get from this tee, regardless of the weather. We also really love the fit and coverage, especially the sleeve length on the women’s cut. While the Tech Lite II Crewe is a bit thinner for the price, the outstanding quality makes it a great buy.

Ridge Merino Journey and Wander Merino Wool Shirt

  • Material 87% 17.5-micron merino wool, 13% nylon
  • Weight 5.2 oz. (men's medium)
  • Special feature Slightly longer cut in the torso than normal, nice drape
  • Size range XS-XL (women’s); S-2XL (men’s)
  • Fit Relaxed (women’s); Regular (men’s)

The Best Merino Wool Shirts of 2024

  • Cozy soft to the touch
  • Generous cut
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Will shrink up a bit in the wash
  • Sizing gives some people trouble

While other wools can be as coarse as 40 microns (think itchy grandma sweaters), merino wool can be as thin as 24 to 15 microns, which is exactly why the Ridge Merino Journey and Wander Merino Wool Shirts ($60) — made with 17.5-micron merino — are so dang buttery smooth. And at $60, these tees slide in far below other comparable merino shirts. Now a few seasons into wear, we can confidently anoint the Ridge Merino tees to the title of best budget in our review.

Mammoth Lakes-based Ridge Merino certainly has a thing for good wool, having crafted an entire line revolving around sheep’s clothing. The Journey tee is easily one of its most popular, and we found it’s for good reason. This tee is just all-around cozy.

Sewn with a double-stitched neck and sleeves, the Journey felt like it was made for the long run in our testing. Couple that with the nylon core-spun merino textile, and you’ve got a durable merino piece that’ll keep up for as long as you wear it. There’s also no external branding on this tee — which is something we’ve actually come to appreciate.

We particularly liked the cut of this tee, which is a bit slimmer and longer, though washing and drying will shrink the tee to some degree. This can cause a little confusion when trying to size the tee, but thankfully Ridge Merino provides a sizing chart to assist.

When comfort is king (but price is still a consideration), the Ridge Merino Journey and Wander Merino Wool Shirts are high on our list of most cozy merino wool shirts.

Ibex 24-Hour Short Sleeve Tee

  • Material 100% 18.5-micron merino wool
  • Sustainability certifications RWS and Woolmark-certified
  • Weight 5.1 oz. (men’s small), 3.2 oz. (women’s small)
  • Special feature Requires fewer washings

The Best Merino Wool Shirts of 2024

  • One of the softest merino weaves we've worn to-date
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Lightweight 18.5-micron material
  • Naturally odor-resistant
  • Fits tighter than expected
  • On the pricier end

Vermont-founded Ibex has been making merino apparel since 1997. After a short out-of-business stint (that then lasted 2 years), the Ibex brand is finally back. We’ve been testing a number of styles, including this 24-Hour Short Sleeve Tee ($90), which is made with 100% 18.5-micron merino wool and is just as soft and light as it sounds.

What we appreciated most about this tee: It regulates the body’s temperature in hot weather, is moisture- and odor-wicking, and is lightweight. Additionally, it feels nice against the skin, works as a standalone tee or base layer, and it’s easy to hand wash and hang dry, which is perfect for travel.

Our main warning with this tee is that it is more fitted than others. So, if you want a roomier fit or if you are in between sizes, be sure to size up.

If you want a tee that breathes, the 24-Hour Short Sleeve Tee is it. Synthetic performs by the numbers, but the feel of natural materials — merino wool in particular — is unparalleled. And no one does merino better than Ibex, so it’s great to see the brand in full swing!

And heads up: this Ibex merino tee comes in a tank (even lighter with 18.5-micron wool) and long-sleeve versions as well, giving you more options for style and fit.

KUIU ULTRA Merino 120 LT SS Crew-T

  • Material Nuyarn merino (70% 17.5-micron merino, 30% nylon)
  • Weight 4.3 oz.
  • Special feature Increased durability without losing breathability
  • Size Range S-3XL (men’s)

The Best Merino Wool Shirts of 2024

  • Nuyarn construction; increased durability and stretch over typical merino
  • Available in different camouflage prints
  • No women’s cut is currently available

One of the downsides of the plushness of merino wool is its fragile nature — not something that’ll fly when scrubbing around in the brush. Thankfully the KUIU ULTRA Merino 120 LT SS Crew-T ($79) makes use of a new fabric tech that pushes the strength of merino to new heights and makes it perfect for your next hunting trip.

Nuyarn takes the soft touch of merino wool and spins it around a nylon core, greatly increasing its durability and stability. And since the fiber is drafted as opposed to twisted, it retains all of the high-loft softness and breathability we love about merino.

We loved the feel of the ULTRA Merino 120 LT SS in hand, and during use, it felt like a fabric we wouldn’t be worried about moving around in the woods with. KUIU claims its fabric has a 35% increase in stretch over normal merino, and we believe it.

Currently, there isn’t a women’s version of the ULTRA Merino 120 tee — the closest you’ll get is the Women’s ULTRA Merino 145 LS Crew ($79), a version with a thicker 145 g/m² fabric weight. We would love to see the thinner and more breathable fabric of this tee brought to the entire lineup.

Since the temperature-regulating qualities of merino are allowed to shine through, the KUIU ULTRA Merino 120 LT SS Crew-T would make a perfect tee for anyone looking for a standalone hot-weather or base-layer cold-weather hunting shirt.

Unbound Merino Crew Neck T-Shirt

  • Material 100% merino
  • Sustainability certifications Woolmark-certified and WRAP-certified production
  • Weight 5.6 oz.
  • Special feature Sustainably sourced wool from independent, mulesing-free wool in Australia
  • Fit Classic

The Best Merino Wool Shirts of 2024

  • Classic design that can be dressed up or down
  • Soft to the touch
  • Excellent odor resistance
  • Ethically sourced wool
  • Can’t be tumble dried

Unbound Merino says, “We want you to pack and own less,” and the brand’s Merino Crew Neck T-Shirts ($88) make that vision possible. With a classic cut, versatile color pallet, and no visible logos, the 100% merino tee is the ideal travel shirt. 

Our tester Katie Griffith wore this top for 5 days straight while hiking, climbing, running, and going out for drinks. Even after working up a sweat several times in the sun, the Merino Crew Neck held very little odor, especially when compared to a cotton tee. We were also impressed by the wrinkle resistance after days of use. The 17.5-micron merino is so comfortable that our tester fell asleep in this shirt several times and just continued wearing it the next day. 

We also appreciate Unbound’s commitment to ethical production alongside quality, with wool sourced from mulesing-free wool farms in Australia. Mulesing is a controversial practice that removes skin from a sheep’s backside to prevent parasitic infections. Unbound’s production facilities are also WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified, and their merino is Woolmark certified. 

Unbound warns to “never tumble dry” this top, making it a little more high maintenance than some merino shirts. Though with its excellent odor resistance, you’ll rarely have to wash it. With its simple design, it can easily transition from sightseeing or hiking to an evening out. If you want to pack a single t-shirt for a week-long trip, look no further than the Unbound Merino Crew Neck .

Ridge Merino Solstice Lightweight Pullover Hoodie

  • Material (m)Force Merino – 87% 17.5-micron merino wool, 13% nylon
  • Weight 8.7 oz. (men's medium), 7.5 oz. (women's medium)
  • Special feature Loose drape aids in air movement through the hoodie
  • Size range XS-XL (women's); S-XXL (men's)
  • Fit Relaxed

The Best Merino Wool Shirts of 2024

  • Comfortable drop hem and loose fit
  • Helmet-compatible hood
  • Thumb loops keep sleeves in place
  • Not impervious to holes

Our Senior Editor Nick Belcaster donned the Ridge Merino Solstice Lightweight Pullover Hoodie ($85) for a romp on Iceland’s Laugavegur Trail last summer and came away sold. Long an adherent to using sun hoodies for hiking, this was the first merino wool cut he had tried, and reported “killer breathability, quick drying, and just a nice loose drape to the fit.”

Made with a 17.5-micron merino wool that’s been blended with 13% nylon for strength, the Solstice hits about the perfect ratio in our books when it comes to adding a little durability to the merino garment, without totally diluting the natural properties you’re looking to hold onto. Ridge Merino’s wool comes from the land of the long white cloud, and is sourced from Kiwis in the McKenzie Basin.

While sun protection typically isn’t a priority for hikes across Iceland’s highlands, our testing with this hoody yielded an out-of-character three full days of UV, and we were pleased to be able to tuck away under the voluminous hood.

The sleeves on the Solstice are also cut a bit on the longer end, and are finished off with low-profile thumb loops to keep the sleeve ends over the backs of your hands. Even breaking a sweat couldn’t overwhelm the Solstice, which moved moisture out of the hoody and kept the funk off us after the full 35 miles.

Alas, everything has a limit, and the end of our hike was marked by a small wear hole in the right sleeve. Not surprising after three days of hard use, but it goes to show that merino will need to be treated with extra care to ensure that it goes the distance. We put the estimated life span of this hoody at one good thru-hike — which for most folks will be plenty long. Our testing will continue with it until we find the true end of this hoody.

For those looking for the ultimate sun protection top that doesn’t inhibit breathability, the Ridge Merino Solstice sun hoody provides full coverage in a premium merino weave.

Smartwool Merino Short Sleeve Tee

  • Material 87% merino wool, 13% nylon
  • Weight 3.6 oz.
  • Specific feature Comes in plant-based tie-dyed options
  • Size range XS-3X (women's); SM-XXL (men's)
  • Fit Slim (women’s); Body enhancing (men’s)

The Best Merino Wool Shirts of 2024

  • Durability from nylon spun core
  • Moisture management
  • UPF 20+ protection
  • Slightly odd sizing

Smartwool doesn’t make just socks; it makes all sorts of apparel, like the Merino Short Sleeve Tee ($80). This moisture-wicking tee kept us cool on warmer-weather hikes but also offered good coverage.

This layer is a super-comfortable piece at a reasonable price and is now more sustainably made. In terms of construction, we like that it is made with 87% merino with a nylon-spun core, striking a good balance between soft, stretchy, breathable, and durable.

We also like that the layer was durable when packed, worn, and washed multiple times over the few months we tested. This tee has a lot to offer while still being reasonably priced, making it a great option for those who want a budget-friendly tee.

Despite loving that this tee runs taller for those with a longer torso, we did discover that the sizing for different body types was a bit trickier than other merino tees we’ve tested — possibly due to some versions of the tee being colored with plant-based dye.

However, after finding the right fit, we actually enjoyed the options of plant-based colors, which make this tee a unique departure from the standard black or gray hues we usually see in merino layers. And who doesn’t love tie-dye?

If you want to keep on the go while still remaining stylish, look no further than the Smartwool Merino Short Sleeve Tee .

Patagonia Capilene Cool Merino Shirt

  • Material 65% merino wool, 35% recycled polyester
  • Sustainability certifications RWS-certified wool and made Fair-Trade certified
  • Weight 3.1 oz.
  • Special feature Side vents with a subtle backdrop
  • Size Range XS-2XL (men’s & women’s)

The Best Merino Wool Shirts of 2024

  • Reasonably priced
  • Odor resistant
  • Good for various temperatures
  • Signs of pilling and snags after washing
  • Marginally rougher than 100% merino wool

Testing the Patagonia Capilene Cool Merino Shirt ($69) exceeded our expectations, especially for the price. This shirt is a blend of 65% RWS-certified merino wool and 35% polyester, which kept us cool — as the name suggests — while hiking in balmy summer temperatures. Yet when we added another layer, it kept us comfortable when the air got chilly.

Another thing we appreciated about this shirt is how lightweight, airy, and not quite as sheer it is as other merino tops — an easy standalone top for various activities. Additionally, after wearing it all day and underneath a pack while backpacking, it stayed surprisingly odor-free. In fact, it easily made it on our list of go-tos for multiple-day excursions.

Unfortunately, this top isn’t perfect. We found signs of pilling and snags after a couple of washes. However, given its reasonable price and the fact it requires fewer washes in between wears, we still like it. And since it has a sizable percentage of polyester, it’s not exactly as soft as other 100% merino shirts, but still, we think it’s pretty soft considering. For a budget merino shirt that has a higher percentage of wool, consider the Ridge Merino Journey and Wander shirts as excellent alternatives.

If you want a shirt that fits comfortably, doesn’t impede mobility, is versatile in both cool and warmer temperatures, and is reasonably priced, then the Capilene Cool Merino Shirt is a strong contender, in our opinion.

Ortovox 185 Rock’N’Wool Short Sleeve

  • Material 100% 19-micron merino wool
  • Sustainability certifications RWS and Ortovox Wool Promise-certified, Fair Wear produced
  • Special feature Slick asymmetrical design and long drape
  • Fit Fitted with long torso length

The Best Merino Wool Shirts of 2024

  • Snug fit for active use
  • Many different color/design options with asymmetric patterning
  • More durable weight of merino will last longer than lighter tees
  • Long drape can be a bit too long on some bodies
  • Pricier than many like tees

Billed as an all-around base layer for mountainous adventures, the Ortovox 185 Rock’N’Wool Short Sleeve ($100) is a 100% merino cut done up in a funky asymmetric design that we grew to love. The shirt clings close for active pursuits, and an extra-long cut hem means the tee won’t pull up when executing a tough move on rock or in the skin track. While wearing it this winter, we couldn’t even feel it beneath our layers.

Ortovox as a brand has been big on merino wool for decades, and that obviously hasn’t been a passing interest. The stuff is in nearly all the apparel they churn out, including the soft cheek inserts on their ski jackets, and it’s done just as well in the Rock’N’Wool — using a very fine 185 g/m² 19-micron weave.

This merino is fairly well scrutinized for sustainability, as well, having passed the brand’s internal Ortovox Wool Promise standard. These requirements ensure that their Tasmanian Merino comes from farmers who never practice mulesing, care for the land, and are entirely transparent about textile production.

That merino is put to work in a snug, athletic cut tee that slides effortlessly underneath our layering systems for winter wear. The asymmetric-sewn panels don’t seem to have much use other than aesthetics, but we liked the detail anyway, and with 7 colorways in both men’s and women’s (not to mention long-sleeve cuts ), it’s a colorful respite from the muted tones that many other merino tees are offered in.

The $100 price tag is undoubtedly owed to the 100% merino build (and the fact that Ortovox is a Swiss brand), but for a merino tee that we’d suggest wearing as base layer more than anything else, the extensive durability, and we feel good about the value on the Ortovox 185 Rock’N’Wool . Other fitness-forward slim merino cuts include the Smartwool Merino Short Sleeve Tee and Patagonia Capilene Cool Merino Shirt , which both cost a good bit less.

Minus33 Chocorua and Ossipee Crew

  • Weight 8 oz. (women’s medium), 9.6 oz. (men’s large)
  • Special feature UPF 50+
  • Size range XS-3XL (women’s) XS-6X (men’s)
  • Fit Standard with room to breathe

The Best Merino Wool Shirts of 2024

  • Super soft fabric
  • Comfortable, flattering women’s fit
  • Wide size range, especially in men’s model
  • Not ideal for active use in warm weather

When the temperature starts to drop, you’ll stay cozy in this 100% merino long-sleeved crew. With a knit of 235 g/m², this top is a bit heavier than others on this list, making it a great option for cooler weather. We mainly wore it as a low-profile mid-layer, but it could also be used as a base-layer during winter activities like skiing or snowshoeing. 

The Minus33 Ossipee and Chocorua Crew ($80) is loosely fitted, making it easy to pull on over a light layer. Tester and climbing guide Katie Griffith brought it along on cloudy cragging days to stay warm while belaying, and also wore it hiking during a typical overcast and rainy June day in the Pacific Northwest. Overall a big fan of the Ossipee, Griffith did note that when the sun came out, she quickly became a bit too warm while active in this mid-weight top. 

The 100% merino wool fabric is super soft against the skin; we forgot to take it off at night and ended up wearing it as a pajama top several times. The Ossipee crew can also join the rest of your laundry in the washer and dryer, making it a pretty low-maintenance wool piece. 

When you’re moving fast during warmer weather, Minus33 recommends its micro or lightweight wool tops. But the Midweight Ossipee and Chocorua Crew are perfect for winter sports or activities like belaying or fishing that don’t require high output.

Bombas Merino Wool Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt

  • Material 50% merino wool, 50% TENCEL Lyocell
  • Weight Unavailable
  • Special feature Thumb loops
  • Size Range S-3XL (men’s); XS-2XL (women’s)

The Best Merino Wool Shirts of 2024

  • UPF protection
  • Incredibly soft
  • Flattering color options
  • Tight-fitting in arms and chest
  • Lighter colors are see-through

Like Smartwool, Bombas is another brand known for making high-quality socks — but they also craft other apparel, like the Merino Wool Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($74). Right off the bat, we loved the silky-soft feel of this tee, which felt like a plush pajama top.

That’s thanks to its 50% merino and 50% TENCEL Lyocell blend, which not only makes it feel incredibly comfortable but also aids in its ability to dry quickly when sweating or battling light precipitation. It also contains cooling elements that are perfect for hiking in warmer temperatures. Other bonuses we admired were its UV protection properties and thumb holes for properly staying put underneath layers or under gloves.

Oh, and we can’t forget about the flattering colors this merino tee comes in — welcome additions to the otherwise standard black and gray merino shirts. Unfortunately, we would be remiss if we didn’t discuss a few of the tee’s shortcomings. For starters, we weren’t thrilled that this midweight top is quite see-through, especially in the lighter colors. Since it claims to be made for layering, however, it’s not a problem with that in mind.

Another issue was its odd fit. We found it a bit tight in the arms and bust area and too loose everywhere else. If you’re finding the sizing too tight as we did, we suggest sizing up.

After taking a moment to select a size that works for you, you will be happy to have this ridiculously soft and warm Merino Wool Crew Neck Long Sleeve for your cold-weather hiking, biking, or camping adventures.

Ottie Merino T-Shirt

  • Material 100% 165 g/m² merino
  • Sustainability certifications RWS-certified and Australian-made certified production
  • Special feature Longer cut doesn't ride up while wearing a pack
  • Size range XS-XXL (women's); S-XXL (men's)
  • Fit Relaxed (women's & men's)

The Best Merino Wool Shirts of 2024

  • Relaxed cut is airy and breathable
  • Australian-sewn
  • Affordable pricing for merino wool
  • Not the easiest to find available

We’ve only tested one item from Australia-born and bred brand Ottie Merino, but that one  Merino T-shirt  ($63) really knocked it out of the park. The texture is soft and light, but not too soft that it feels fragile and can’t handle abrasion or hiking with a pack on.

Managing Editor Mary Murphy brought this merino tee with her to Asia this past summer, and was thankful to have it on her back, even in 91 F heat. Compared to similar short-sleeved merino tees like those from Ibex or Icebreaker, the Ottie tee has a less feminine cut and tailoring and a more relaxed fit. It’s slightly longer in the hem, which she appreciated.

For more performance, hiking, and all-day use, we’d pick this tee in a heartbeat. For a more fitted and flattering town-to-trail look with similar quality fabric, we’d give the edge to Ibex’s 24-Hour tee. We found it didn’t wrinkle nearly as much when packed as some other tees we’ve tried. And unlike many brands, Ottie’s fabric is made in Melbourne, as is its products: 100% Australian local merino!

Another perk: The Ottie Merino T-Shirt rings in at a very competitive and low price (for merino) at $63. Being so affordable, why isn’t it the best budget pick? Availability. As a direct-to-consumer brand out of Oz, it can be a bit tough for Yanks to get our mitts on tees like this. But rest assured, if you snag one, you won’t regret it.

Voormi River Run Wool Hoodie

  • Material 100% 100 g/m2 merino
  • Weight 7 oz. (men’s large); 5 oz. (women’s medium)
  • Special feature Full-cover hoodie
  • Size Range XS-XL (women’s); S-2XL (men’s)
  • Fit Athletic (women’s); Relaxed (men’s)

The Best Merino Wool Shirts of 2024

  • Built-in thumb loops
  • Ultralight weight
  • Prone to snagging

The Voormi River Run Hoodie ($139) is made of 100% merino wool, but with a unique blend and construction. This USA-made hoodie uses an ultralight Precision Blended Wool, a fabric weighing under 100 g/m². That’s 30 to 50 grams lighter than the leading merino fabrics currently on the market, Voormi claims.

When packing and when wearing, we can attest that this hoodie is light. In fact, it’s so light and versatile that we’re not sure where we haven’t worn this Voormi layer — paddleboarding, camping, climbing, snowshoeing, kayaking, hiking, and running errands. And with the amount of time spent under the sun, the UPF 50-rated protection of this sun protection shirt is a welcome feature.

So what are our cons? It’s crazy ultralight and soft, meaning it’s prone to snag easily, which also doesn’t bode too well with the high cost. But ultimately, with the amount of wear this hoodie has gotten, it’s well worth the investment. If you’re after a merino sun hoody that’s got a longer lifespan (at a very slight weight ding), the Ridge Merino Solstice Hoody is highly comparable and a bit less liable to snags.

The River Run Hoodie was designed with everything from fly fishing day trips to multiday river trips in mind, which is one of the main reasons we love it so much. So, if you are heading up into alpine territory, or looking for a merino base layer for fall, it’s a good choice for that as well.

Merino Wool Shirt Comparison Chart

Merino Wool Shirts

How We Tested Merino Wool Shirts

Folks at GearJunkie have been dyed-in-the-wool fans of merino since well, forever . Merino wool has been the premium activewear textile of choice for many GearJunkie testers, and we’ve used shirts made from the material for years. In order to find the best merino wool shirts, we raided our closets, pulled out our most trusted tops, and put them to work.

On top of that, we also surveyed the market for the latest and greatest merino wool options — finding new technologies like Nuyarn — and added them into the mix. Our search for the best merino wool shirts available today began with eight woolen tops in 2021, which we selected for their broad appeal and availability, and then set about wearing them threadbare in our search for the softest, most breathable, and hardiest merino wool shirts out there today.

In 2022, our horizons broadened when Senior Editor Nick Belcaster and contributor Rebecca Ross brought in a new slate of five additional merino wool shirts and added an award-winning choice for hunters. Our most recent testing saw merino wool shirts used across the planet, from the backs of professional climbing guides in the granite crags of the North Cascades to the world-famous Laugavegur Trail in Iceland. Our awards once again expanded to include a merino wool sun hoody, as well as a handful of other exceptional shirts from upstart companies focused solely on merino.

Our testers included outdoors folk from across the country, who hit the hills and trails decked out in merino in order to test fit, comfort, style, and durability. We paid special attention to finding layers that had a perfect balance of the softness of merino while still maintaining some strength over the long run. Our longest-running merino pieces now have three years of use on them, and we’ll continue to test them to learn more about their ultimate longevity.

best men's long sleeve travel shirt

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Merino Wool Shirt

What is merino.

Merino wool is a natural fiber that is grown by Merino sheep, which are thought to be the oldest breed of sheep in the world and have adapted to thrive in harsh environments, such as the highlands of New Zealand, Australia, and South America. Their wool is much finer and softer than other strong wool breeds, and when woven into garments provides a number of other benefits that we all can appreciate.

For one, merino wool has a unique scale-like structure that aids it in wicking moisture away from the skin — something that synthetic fibers aren’t great at. These structures are also the reason merino wool is so good at temperature regulation, with sweat being transported away when it’s hot, and insulating air being trapped next to skin when it’s cold.

Merino wool also isn’t bogged down by the typical funk of synthetic garments, and is amenable to being layered over top of due to its breathability. There are some tradeoffs, however, which come in the form of overall durability (full merino weaves can develop holes over time), and price. It isn’t cheap to produce hard-working fabrics, and you’ll certainly fork over the dough for the good stuff.

Ridge Merino Solstice in Iceland

Sustainable Wool Sourcing

Merino wool comes from sheep, and since we want to treat our woolen friends with all of the respect they deserve, the vast majority of merino wool garment manufacturers are now demanding wool that has been produced in sustainable and ethical ways. One practice of concern has been mulesing, which removes skin from the hind end of sheep to limit infections, and has been banned in New Zealand. Thankfully, many manufacturers now guarantee their merino to come from mulesing-free farms.

Because of this demand for sustainable wool, a number of different non-profit entities offer certifications and audits of the merino wool supply chain. One such is the Woolmark Company , which is an Australian non-profit that tests merino wool to ensure quality, durability, and traceability. Another is the ZQ Program , which ensures that merino sheep under their certification are treated ethically, are never mulesed, and that the environment is taken into consideration at all steps of the fiber-production process.

Finally, the Responsible Wool Standard , or RWS, is another global certification that ensures that the entire supply chain from beginning to end upholds the tenets of animal welfare protection, land preservation, and working conditions, and is all audited by third-party certification bodies. It is important to note that while some companies may not advertise their tees to meet these standards, many still do — they just haven’t undergone the specific certification process.

Icebreaker and Allbirds Merino Wool Tees

100% Merino and Merino Blend s

The decision to go full-merino or with a blend will be a personal preference. That said, there are certain things that 100% merino wool is hands-down good at. First, 100% merino wool provides a more next-to-skin feel than a merino blend, especially those that have a higher synthetic content. Second, merino wool offers natural antibacterial, UV protection, and moisture-wicking properties that synthetics don’t naturally have.

However, when it comes to a merino blend, there are certain beneficial features, such as tending to be cheaper and easily outlasting their more fragile counterparts. Simply: adding smaller percentages of synthetics can help to shore up the deficiencies of merino, without totally stripping out the benefits.

If you want a merino layer for hiking, hunting, or just spending time outside, consider all the uses 100% merino wool has to offer. And if you’re investing in a merino shirt for, say, a rugged backpacking trip or rock climbing, or if durability is of high importance, then go for a merino blend.

Also, if you are brand new to merino and just want to try it out and see what all the fuss is about, a merino blend can be a bit more wallet-friendly the first time around.


Polyester: Polyester is a manmade material that has much better dry times than merino wool and resists shrinking in the wash — something merino wool struggles with. A blend can offer a textile with components that complement each other so you end up with a garment that works for many situations.

Most merino wool shirts tend to use as high of a percentage of merino wool as they can get away with while still receiving the benefits of polyester. We prefer at least 75% merino wool in our blended fabrics. In our testing, it was no surprise the 100% merino shirts were the softest of the bunch.

Nylon: Another manmade fiber, nylon can add impressive durability to fabric blends. Garments like the Ridge Merino Journey Merino Wool Shirt incorporate a percentage of nylon into their weave and gain strength in return. It doesn’t take much to move the needle in terms of added durability, and we found a 20-30% nylon blend to be preferable.

Technologies like the Nuyarn used in the KUIU ULTRA Merino 120 LT SS Crew-T draft merino wool around a nylon core in order to offer the benefits of nylon while avoiding compressing the merino wool. Many other brands also offer similar nylon/merino blends, all with the same effect.

TENCEL Lyocell: A branded fiber that comes from the pulp of eucalyptus trees, Lyocell is similar to rayon in construction but offers a highly sustainable process where both solvent and water are recycled during the weaving.

Garments that use Lyocell in their blends have high-strength properties due to the high tenacity of the fabric.

smartwool's performance hike light cushion ankle socks

Thickness and Weight

Another important aspect to consider when shopping for a merino wool layer is thickness and weight.

When it comes to weight, you’ll come across something written as GSM or g/m² — the weight of the material. Simply put, the lower the number, the thinner the material. For all-year-round layers, you’ll want something on the lower side, like around 120 to 180 g/m². And for extra warmth, you’ll want to go higher.

As for thickness, it’s all about the microns (µm) — the diameter of a single wool fiber. The lower the number, the thinner it is. It also means it’s softer and more expensive. In our opinion, the lower the micron, the more you’ll want to live in it, but you’ll need to take extra precautions due to its delicateness. For reference, the average human hair is about 70 microns thick, while the average merino wool fiber is between 15-20 microns.

Fine merino: Fine merino represents the division between true merino fibers and fibers that are sourced from merino sheep that have been crossbred with another breed for enhanced durability (but greater itchiness). These fine fibers are typically between 20 and 18 µm, and are the greatest portion of wool shorn from merino sheep. Durable shirts like the Ibex 24-Hour Short Sleeve Tee are made with merino in this tier.

Superfine merino: Superfine merino fibers take the softness up another notch, and are typically 16-18 µm. These fibers rival cashmere for its plushness, and will come with some additional cost for garments made with it. Some of our favorite merino shirts like the Unbound Merino Crew Neck and Ridge Merino Solstice Lightweight Pullover Hoodie are made with superfine merino.

Ultrafine merino: The most premium merino wool, these fibers are sub 16 µm and are rather delicate for true everyday wear for outdoors folk. But for the money ($$$), this is the best stuff you can get your mitts on.

KUIU, Icebreaker, and Allbirds Merino Shirts

Fit and Styles

We included a variety of shirts on this list: tees, long-sleeve tops, and even some hoodies. Each has advantages, depending on the type of activity you intend to engage in.

For those who need something for primarily cold temperatures, a layer that is tighter-fitting with loads of mobility that won’t feel restrictive under an extra one or two layers is recommended. Others who want something that can be worn all year, like our staffers, should go for something looser with a more relaxed fit.

However, we did not include all of the merino wool layers under the sun. We focused on shirts because they are versatile for a variety of weather conditions and activities. Some of the layers we tested are a little more sporty, while others, like the Unbound Merino Crew Neck , have a classic cut that’s a bit more versatile. If you are looking for winter-specific merino base layer sets , zip-up merino layers , or merino underwear (yes, it’s a thing), we’ve got separate coverage on that, too.


Layers that come in an assortment of colors are always welcome — they mix things up from the monotonous black and gray we often see. However, while we love mixing things up, our testers have routinely noticed layers that come in pastel colors tend to be sheerer than navy, black, and dark gray.

Keep this in mind if you don’t want your undergarments showing through, unless you strictly use them as a base layer and will always be covered.

Patagonia Cap Cool Merino

When you buy a merino wool shirt or garment, you aren’t just buying, you are investing. Investing in a higher-quality, naturally odor-wicking, and hopefully much longer-lasting layer. Synthetics are great, and there can be high-quality synthetic blends that have the same properties, but many folks swear by merino.

If you know you want a natural fabric that comes with all the soft, cooling, and wicking properties that merino has, keep the price in mind ($80 for a tee?!). It sounds ridiculous at first, but the price does truly reflect the quality of merino wool fabric.

Why the higher price in the first place? Merino wool is a more expensive fabric — more time-intensive to produce, expensive to import, and more fragile to work with compared to thicker synthetic yarns. So, we always weigh that factor when purchasing anything made with merino.

best men's long sleeve travel shirt

Merino wool is a natural material, meaning it doesn’t come from manmade plastics or synthetics. It’s lightweight and soft to the touch. It wicks away moisture and odors, and it helps regulate body temperature. All of that wrapped into a single fabric. No wonder humans have been using and wearing wool since 10,000 BCE.

However, because of merino’s great properties, it is in high demand and usually more expensive than other fabrics. The narrow sourcing and supply chain of merino wool also contributes to its market value. The majority of the wool on the market is produced in Australia, Argentina, and New Zealand .

Ridge Merino Journey Tee

In simple terms, yes. When it comes to exercising or spending lots of time in the outdoor elements, double yes. Merino is better in the sense that it is a natural and porous fiber. So, if you are sweating, that sweat can escape — this is what makes merino a natural at regulating moisture and body temp, wicking away odor, and cooling.

Cotton is an especially thick synthetic fabric, much different than lightweight or nano-spun synthetics, and much different than merino wool.

Heavy wool blankets or wool-lined slippers might evoke ideas of itchy, coarse fabric, but put those thoughts aside — merino wool is different. Merino wool is notoriously fine — with fine, fragile, and soft fibers.

Merino garments are even measured by the tiny diameters of the fibers, called microns. Most merino wool shirts we tested used merino wool that measured between 17.5 and 20 microns.

And the smaller the microns, the finer the fabric. If you are looking for the softest merino layer money can buy, you’ll want to look somewhere in the 15- to 17-micron fabric range.

Merino wool (wool from a sheep) naturally traps air and retains heat to keep you warm. But, thanks again to its porous fiber nature, it’s still breathable at the same time.

Icebreaker Tech Lite II

The fact that merino wool both retains heat and wicks away sweat — it works to both warm you up and cool you down — is one of its best properties. Wool keeps you cool by letting sweat escape through the fibers and away from your skin and body. This means you won’t get clammy or chills, and it also helps with wicking body odor.

Other fibers — synthetics or plant-based fabrics — are not as fine, porous, or breathable. They’ll do the job, but not as good a job. (That being said, our staff has a great time testing the latest in bio-based fabrics — unique layers sewn with everything from bamboo to hemp to corn.)

You’ll want to treat your merino shirts and layers with care. Because merino is a natural fiber, you also don’t want to use bleach, scents, or fabric softeners that can clog up the wool and prevent merino from doing all the things it does naturally.

Washing every few wears — sometimes even just once or twice a month — with cold or warm water and a mild soap is all you need. Even when we wear a lot of merino wool when outdoors, we try to wash sparingly. And we always air dry or hang it to dry.

The Best Men’s Flannels of 2024

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Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy is the Managing Editor of GearJunkie. She has been writing about hiking, running, climbing, camping, skiing, and more for seven years, and has been on staff at GearJunkie since 2019. Prior to that, Mary wrote for 5280 Magazine in Denver while working as an outdoor instructor teaching climbing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and mountain biking. Based in Denver, Colorado, Murphy is an avid hiker, runner, backpacker, skier, yogi, and pack-paddleboarder. Mary also serves as the leader of AllGear Digital’s DEI Committee.

best men's long sleeve travel shirt

Katie is a freelance writer and gear tester with GearJunkie. She has been writing about climbing, mountaineering, and backpacking for five years. In addition to freelance writing, she teaches clinics and runs women’s climbing events as a guide and instructor for She Moves Mountains. Based in Joshua Tree, CA, and Index, WA, Katie loves climbing splitter cracks in the mountains, riding her bicycle, and cooking yummy food for her friends.

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best men's long sleeve travel shirt

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The Best Wrinkle Free Travel Shirt for Men

The company that brought you the ‘best travel pants ever’ and the ‘ultimate travel blazer’ is doing it again with the only dress shirt you’ll ever need.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wrinkle-free travel shirt that you can shove into your carry on and don’t have to iron when you unpack it?

I’ve been packing the awesome Bluffworks travel blazer for years in my carry on and love that it doesn’t wrinkle at all. It’s practically indestructible. Once Bluffworks released their travel shirt, I was relieved. I transitioned all of my travel shirts to these wrinkle-free travel shirts, to make sure ironing was a thing of the past.

💲 Everyone loves a discount! GET 15% OFF your Bluffworks purchase, exclusive for Savored Journeys readers. Use code SAVJOUR1 5 at checkout. CLICK TO SHOP


This is the dress shirt that doesn’t wrinkle so much that it looked like I’d used it as a pillow on the plane; one that was breathable, comfortable, and easy to wash. The only company I know of who could pull that off is Bluffworks . Their fabric is superior.

Their Meridian dress shirt checks all the boxes. Because we’re so excited about it, we’ve negotiated a 15% discount when you use our coupon code (not applicable on sale items). If you’re looking for a shirt that really doesn’t wrinkle and looks good on the road, use our discount code above to save some money.

Table of Contents

A Wrinkle Free and Breathable Travel Shirt

Like the rest of the Bluffworks clothing line , the dress shirt is wrinkle-free, breathable, machine-washable and well-designed; Plus, able to blend into any environment and stand the test of time. As you can imagine, when I was asked if I’d like to review the shirt, I jumped at the chance.

By the time I received the shirt, it had made a week-long haul across the ocean in a box to reach me. I took it out of the box and did a once over. Could it really be so wrinkle-free? A week in a box didn’t do it much harm. It did have a crease near the pocket from the journey.

I have to admit that my skepticism set in and I immediately started putting it to the test. (Scroll down to see the tests I put the shirt through, and the outcome.) The shirt definitely passes the test for me. I’ve been wearing the shirt for a few months now and it’s one of my favorites. Not only is it wrinkle-free, it’s also breathable, so I don’t end up sweating as much.

Let’s face it, one of the worst part of wearing dress shirts is that they’re stuffy and restricting. When your shirt starts showing pit sweat, you’ve lost the battle. This shirt isn’t cotton, though. It’s made with a 98% technical, breathable quick-dry polyester. That means it’s more like a sports shirt than a dress shirt.

Bluffworks shirt upclose

A Stylish and Versatile Travel Shirt

If you didn’t think it was possible to have a shirt that combined all of these things into one perfect shirt, you’ve now been proven wrong. I definitely was. I have a closet full of shirts that don’t pass the test. Then I tried the Bluffworks shirt, and I changed my mind.

The classic fit shirt looks good on and provides a good range of motion. They have a tailored fit too. The pattern and colors of the shirt match both the Bluehour Classic Fit blazer and the charcoal Chino pants , that I have. Even though they’re all different colors, they look very nice together.

Perfect for a dinner date or a night at the theater. I thought the shirt might be a bit much for my casual office, but it wasn’t. We often go for a pint at the pub after work, and stand outside the pub while we drink.

It was warm out for long sleeves, but I just rolled up the sleeves and it was perfect. When I rolled the sleeves down later on, they weren’t crumpled from having been rolled up for so long.

Putting the Shirt to the Test

Bluffworks Performance Dress Shirt gets stuffed into bag

I stuffed it — literally balled it up and shoved it between some other clothes — into a packing cube and put it in my travel backpack . In order to be sure it wouldn’t wrinkle on me during a trip, I left it in there for a few days. I hate having to call the hotel front desk for an iron. I’m pretty sure there’s no way this thing comes out wrinkle free.

The Verdict

Travel shirt after being stuffed in bag

After a few solid days in the cramped backpack, I got the shirt out and hung it up for a look. The same crease was still there by the pocket. (Yes, I was hoping one of its super powers would be the ability to self-heal.) I didn’t find any other major wrinkles. The back tail had a few small wrinkles. But no iron needed, after 2 days stuffed in a bag.

If I was traveling with the shirt, I would take it out of my bag and immediately wear it to dinner. So I did that. The shirt is meant to be worn for 5 days, so I figured I’d also wear it to work the next day.

It works for both casual and dressier events, so I can go straight from work to an evening out without having to think about changing. It pairs really well with the Bluffworks Quilted Vest . The combination is perfect for an evening out on a spring or fall day.

The Bluffworks travel shirt is great for casual wear

By day 3 my coworkers were wondering why I was still wearing the same shirt. I don’t typically wear a shirt more than one day, to be honest. If I’d been on a trip, I probably would have continued wearing it the full 5 days to see if it could hold up.  

But at the risk of being ridiculed at work all week, I opted to throw the shirt in the wash and give it one last big test.

Bluffworks travel shirt in a sink

The real test of the 5-day dress shirt for me is whether it can be easily washed and dried while traveling. We tend to pack really light, so being able to replace 3 or 4 shirts with just this one would be fantastic. If we were on a trip, the shirt would have to be washed in the sink and lined dried, so that’s how I did the test.

I washed the shirt at around 9pm. By the time I got up for work, it was completely dry. Judging by how lightweight the material is, it couldn’t have taken long to dry. It didn’t come out entirely wrinkle-free, but it didn’t need to be ironed to look good enough for work.

I actually liked the feel of the polyester fabric better after being washed. Some shirts get stiff and uncomfortable to wear after being line-dried, but the Bluffworks shirt didn’t. It has a nice natural-looking weave to it, even though it’s a technical fabric.

If I’d done this test with any of my other dress shirts, it wouldn’t have turned out this well. So I’m very pleased. I don’t typically wash my dress shirts in the washing machine. I send them out to be dry cleaned. The Bluffworks shirt is meant to be washed at home.

It actually says “do not dry clean” on it. You can throw it in with the rest of the load, and even tumble dry it. It’s definitely a quick dry shirt, even if you hang dry it. The instructions say it may need a light ironing before wear.

Bluffworks shirt and pants

Get the Bluffworks Travel Shirt

As far as mens travel shirts go, you can’t find a better one than this. It pairs really well with the blazer, the Gramercy pants and the Chino pants, so you can mix and match. It completes the full suit, or you can just wear it on its own with jeans or other travel pants. The possibilities are endless. Check it out here .

» By the way, Bluffworks now has a travel t-shirt AND a polo shirt that are irresistible.  Visit Bluffworks online store to see their full line (Remember, you’ll get 15% off by using our coupon code SAVJOURN15, except on sale items.)

(Disclaimer: I received this shirt as a sample for the purposes of providing a review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own)

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Nick Lynch travels the world in search of great experiences, food and drink. While he primarily provides photography and website support, he occasionally writes about his journeys, too.

3 thoughts on “ The Best Wrinkle Free Travel Shirt for Men ”

Good review and nice looking shirt. How does it look if worn untucked?

Hi Gary, I’ve worn the shirt untucked a few times to more casual events. It looks fine. It’s a little bit longer than more casual button up shirts, because it’s meant to be tucked, but you can definitely pull it off. Be sure you measure to get the right fit.

The shirts are quite large and roomy. I ordered the slim fit model and that was WAY to big. Three inches below my armpit I am 97cm around my chest. The shirt measures 120cm at the same point. Way to big and baggy. I followed their sizing instructions exactly. They are sending a smaller size. Hopefully that will be better. Can’t speak to the actual quality of the fabric yet.

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15 Best Merino Wool Shirts for Travel and Everyday

Whether going to the desert or the rainforest, these Merino Wool shirts will help you be more comfortable and odor-free while saving water between washes.

15 Best Merino Wool Shirts for Travel and Everyday

So, you’re thinking about getting a Merino wool t-shirt. Whether this is your first or the final one to complete your travel clothing wardrobe, we’re here to help. Before we dive too far into the specific shirts we recommend, let’s talk about a few things that make Merino wool special. If you want even more detail than what we discuss below, we have a complete guide on Merino Wool clothing .

What is Merino wool?

Merino wool is a specific kind of wool that comes from a variety of sheep first bred in Spain. As time passed and selective breeding changed the sheep’s wool, Merino wool became a popular fabric for clothing.

It’s finer than standard wool, making it softer and more comfortable than what you’ll find in a cheaper shirt. However, the biggest selling point for travel is that the material has antimicrobial properties, meaning that it slows the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This means you don’t have to wash it as often, so you can cut down on the amount of clothing on your packing list. Plus, it’s solid at temperature regulation, making it a reliable option in warm, cold, and wet weather conditions. The best Merino t shirt will depend on your body and running temperature, so keep that in mind.

But wait, we aren’t done yet. Merino wool has natural elasticity, which adds comfort and strength long-term, offers sun protection, and is biodegradable. Seriously, this stuff is the real deal!

What is GSM, and how do Merino blends impact garment performance?

These properties are why Tom, our founder, started almost exclusively wearing Merino wool nearly a decade ago. We lean heavily on his experience and expertise in this post; thanks, Tom!

GSM, or grams per square meter, refers to the weight of the fabric. Typically, the higher the gsm, the thicker and warmer the fabric is. Not every shirt on this list is 100% Merino, meaning other materials are thrown in. Typically, these materials are nylon, elastane, or polyester. These are probably names you’re familiar with, but they affect Merino differently.

We talked to Mac Bishop, the founder of Wool&Prince , to find out how the production process impacts Merino's properties. According to Bishop, using a blend of synthetic fibers “significantly increases [the] durability of the fabric and lengthens the garments' lifespan.” This can come in the form of mixing it at the fiber level, wrapping the fiber around a Merino wool core, or even Wool&Prince's method of using “a filament-wrapped yarn with a wool core and two synthetic filaments” to reduce pilling and maintain a smooth feel. While all of that sounds very technical (because it is), most brands will explain the benefit of buying their blend—or lack thereof—directly on their page if you're torn between which Merino wool shirt to choose.

What are the different kinds of Merino wool shirts?

We’ve broken down Merino clothing into three categories based on our experience with different brands and fabric blends. Not every item on this list will fall into just one category, and some might not fit any of them perfectly, but it’s a general rule that will help us describe the clothing to you.

Daily driver: This is a casual shirt that can be dressed up or down, layered, and worn to work out in a pinch. These are the bread and butter of your packing list and will probably be your most worn shirt. We feel that these are the best Merino wool shirts for travel because of their versatility, but they may fall flat if your needs are more specific.

Athletic fit: These are meant to be used when you purposely push your heartbeat up, but they don’t stop there. We look for this style if we’ll be layering up because they’re usually more fitted, and sometimes we even prefer them for sleeping. While athletic fits can be worn casually, they often have more pronounced seams and hemlines, which looks more like a base layer than a casual t-shirt. Ultimately, it comes down to your preference.

Shiny shirts: Not all merino looks the same, and when you’ve tested enough of them like we have, you’ll start to notice that certain shirts have a sleek sheen to them. While polyester and nylon blends are incredibly common, they can impact the aesthetic of the shirt depending on if the Merino is on the outer or inner layer of the yarn, like we mentioned earlier. However, this isn’t always the case. These are generally versatile shirts, but we think the shiny look gives it more of an athletic feel even if the shirt is designed for casual wear. However, the material blend means they often last longer and don’t pill as fast, so that’s worth mentioning. If long-lasting performance is your goal, these might be the best Merino t-shirts for your next trip.

  • Outlier Ultrafine Merino T-Shirt
  • Wool & Prince V-Neck Tee
  • Unbound Merino Crew Neck T-Shirt
  • Woolly Everyday Crew Tee
  • Proof 72-Hour Tee
  • Duckworth Vapor Tee
  • Ibex 24 Hour Short Sleeve Crew
  • Smartwool Merino Short Sleeve Tee
  • Icebreaker Merino Sphere II Short Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Woolx Endurance Tee
  • Unbound Merino Compact Travel Hoodie
  • Western Rise Limitless Merino Button-Down Shirt
  • Wool & Prince Button-Down Oxford
  • Wool & Prince Heavy Crew Neck
  • Ridge Merino Aspect Midweight Merino Wool Base Layer Long Sleeve Shirt

Outlier Ultrafine Merino Review

Shirt type: Daily Driver

The Outlier Ultrafine Merino T-Shirt is one of Tom’s favorites, and for good reason. This 200 gsm shirt is made from 100% Merino wool, which gives you all of the benefits of the material. This means that it might not be as durable long-term as some of the blended options available, but we’ve been wearing this shirt almost daily for years and haven’t run into any issues yet. In fact, out of all the Merino wool shirts we’ve tested, this one has lasted longer than most and shows the least amount of wear. After years of use, there’s some pilling, but less than most 100% Merino options on the market, which we dig. Because of its durability, breathability, and pure construction, this is one of the best Merino wool shirts on the market.

There’s no women’s version available, so some readers might want to jump to the next item on this list. That said, the fit works well for most users, regardless of body type. It’s boxy without being oversized, so it makes a great everyday shirt and is easy to dress up or down.

  • In over a year of testing, there’s minimal wear to the material compared to other 100% Merino shirts
  • The 200 gsm material is comfortable for everyday wear and layers well
  • There’s no women’s cut available
  • We’ve noticed some pilling, although negligible

Wool & Prince V-Neck Tee In Use

Shirt type: Shiny

The Wool & Prince V-Neck Tee offers more durability than 100% Merino options because it’s a 22/78 Nylon/Merino wool blend, meaning that it’s just over three-quarters Merino. The nylon adds extra ruggedness, a little more elasticity, and helps slow the effects of pilling.

However, cutting out some of that Merino will come at a cost. This 160 gsm shirt is comfortable and has the same antimicrobial effects as others on this list, but it won’t be as strong in either aspect due to the nylon weave. We still feel that this is one of the best Merino wool t shirt options on the market because of its versatility, but if you’re after complete odor protection and the warmth and cooling properties Merino has to offer, look for a model that doesn’t have any filler.

If you’re looking for a feminine fit, check out Wool & Morgan V-Neck Tee, which is the women’s cut of this shirt. It has all of the same features and is made with the same material but is designed with a feminine frame in mind.

  • Minimal pilling after months of wear
  • It’s lightweight 160 gsm construction also does well as a performance shirt
  • It’s only 78% Merino, so you lose out on some Merino wool properties
  • It comes in other cuts if you’re not into the V-neck style

Unbound Merino Crew Neck T-Shirt Review

Unbound Merino is another brand that’s a household name for ultralight travelers and Merino-lovers alike. Overall, we’ve found that Unbound’s materials pill slightly more than Outlier, but that isn’t to say that this shirt doesn’t hold up. Outlier is one of the best in the business, and we’d place Unbound Merino just behind them in the rankings.

This shirt comes in at 190 gsm, so it’s a solid all-season option, and it’s crafted from 100% Merino. As we’ve covered, this will give you all the benefits the fabric offers, but it won’t be as durable long-term as some of the blends available. It does well concerning pilling, even if it can’t live up to the high standard Outlier has set for the Merino community at large.

Men’s and women’s versions are available, so everyone can find a cozy fit to travel the world, go to work, and exercise. Based on comfort, durability, and longevity, these are some of the best Merino wool shirts for travel.

  • It’s crafted from 100% Merino and comes in at 190 gsm, which is comfortable and breathable
  • There are men’s and women’s cuts available
  • We’ve noticed that the material pills slightly after a few washes
  • Soft material starts to feel a bit fuzzy after a while

Woolly Everyday Review

The Woolly Everyday Crew Tee comes in at a slightly lower price than some of the other 100% Merino wool options on this list, making it a solid budget option for those on a budget. Still, at roughly $65 a pop at the time of writing, we recommend you make sure this is the shirt for you before buying a whole travel backpack full of them!

At 175 gsm, this shirt does well year-round and can be worn casually or to work out. There are more colors available than we’re used to seeing from most Merino t shirts, which is a pleasant surprise. At the time of writing, there’s Black, Charcoal, Grey, Deep Sea, Kale, Burgundy, and a blend of Kale and Grey with a front pocket. Plus, there’s a feminine variety, too, so everyone can find a comfortable shirt for their next trip. There are even more colorways in that category, which is a nice bonus.

  • It’s one of the more budget-friendly 100% Merino options on this list
  • The price tag is lower than we usually see for shirts of this type
  • It will start to pill quickly, though it’s not unmanageable
  • The visible stitching on the seams gives it a more athletic vibe

Proof 72-Hour Tee

As the name describes, the Proof 72-Hour Merino T-Shirt is meant to be worn more than once between washes. That’s true for any Merino shirt, but this one is in the name, so it’s hard to get by without mentioning it.

There are two versions of this shirt—Performance and Classic. Both boast 87% Merino wool and 13% nylon, which adds durability and structure. You aren’t going to get 100% of the effects of the Merino wool, but an A- never hurt anyone, right?

At the time of writing, the Performance model comes in a mind-boggling 17 colorways, so all your shirts don’t need to be black, gray, and brown. We’re not hating on those colors, but a little originality never hurt. There’s no women’s version available at the time of writing.

  • The Merino/nylon blend adds structure and durability
  • There are 17 colorways to choose from, an oddity regarding Merino wool
  • It isn’t 100% Merino, so you won’t get all the perks
  • There’s no women’s cut available at the time of writing

Duckworth Vapor Tee Review

Shirt type: Athletic

We’re fans of the Duckworth Vapor Tee’s saturated colorways, which aren’t all that common, even for shirts with multiple color options. It’s crafted from 38% Merino wool, 50% polyester, and 12% modal. This isn’t a Merino majority, which may make it difficult to justify the near $70 price tag. That said, it’s a more durable option, making it ideal for travelers who are more rough with their gear. At 150 gsm, it’s comfortable and fairly lightweight compared to the other shirts on this list. It’s pretty thin, but it’s also very soft, so this is great if you like wearing shirts that walk the line between everyday and lounge.

We’ve noticed the shirt is starting to get a little fuzzy after a few wears, and we’re a little concerned about the neckline stretching out over time because of how it’s stitched together. That said, it’s holding up well overall.

We dig that there are men’s and women’s fits are available, too. For those looking for a durable option with Merino properties that take a bit of the backburner, this is one of the best Merino wool shirts.

  • At 150 gsm, it’s a comfortable shirt for working out and daily use
  • There are men’s and women’s fits available, both of which are comfortable
  • The shirt is only 38% Merino, which is on the lower end
  • The material started to get fuzzy after only one wash

Ibex 24 Hour Review

The Ibex 24 Hour Short Sleeve Crew offers a casual fit that works while traveling, working from home, working out, or hanging out with friends. You can layer it in a pinch to stay warm in cold weather, too. It’s crafted from 100% Merino, so you’ll get the full force of the Merino properties while wearing this shirt.

It comes in at 165 gsm, which is lightweight if you want to layer but more than capable of holding its own. There are four colorways available at the time of writing, which offer higher saturation that we’re used to seeing. Typically, 100% Merino shirts are base colors, so more colorful options are fun. There’s a women’s version, too, and while the neckline is a scoop, the rest of the shirt is a pretty similar cut, and there are a few additional colorways available.

Because of the breathability and versatility offered by the 100% Merino construction and lightweight nature of the fabric, this is one of the best Merino t shirt models on the market for active travelers who like to stay comfortable all day long.

  • With 100% Merino wool and 165 gsm of materials, it’s a comfortable fit that breathes and layers well
  • There are more saturated options available compared to the greys and blacks of other brands
  • The cut looks sporty, which takes away from a more everyday look
  • Some users note that the material is slightly scratchy

Smartwool Merino Review

The Smartwool Merino Short Sleeve Tee isn’t 100% Merino; however, the blend ensures that Merino is always touching your skin because of how the yarn is spun, enabling you to get the most out of the fabric while enjoying the extra durability offered by the 12% nylon thrown into the mix.

Men’s and women’s cuts are available, with eight colorways available for the former and seven for the latter at the time of writing. This is a daily driver that’ll take you where you want to go, from the office to the gym and the bar. Despite not being 100% Merino wool, the way it’s blended ensures you get the most out of the antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties, making this a solid choice as one of the best Merino t shirt models on the market.

  • Despite not being 100% Merino, the design of the yarn ensures that the good stuff is always touching your skin
  • The men’s and women’s versions have unique styles and colorways
  • At 88% Merino, you won’t get all the properties we’ve listed here
  • Because the Merino fibers are on the exterior, pilling still tends to occur after a few washes

Icebreaker Merino Sphere ii Review

The Icebreaker Merino Sphere II Short Sleeve Shirt was made to work out, but you can wear it for just about anything. It’s a 60/40 blend of Lyocell and Merino, which isn’t the most favorable on this list; however, the Lyocell adds durability and helps retain a soft feel for working out, hanging out, and traveling.

Men’s and women’s versions are available, and there are numerous colorway options, so you can find something that fits your packing list and the vibes you’re trying to attain from your clothing on your next trip. After all, everyone needs a shirt that matches their sling , right?

While this isn’t even close to being the cheapest shirt on this list, it’s a durable option with Merino capabilities, so you shouldn’t rule it out for your next trip. After all, the best Merino wool shirts for travel are different for everyone!

  • The Lyocell/Merino blend is durable and stretchy, making it a perfect option for comfort and working out
  • It’s incredibly soft for the blend of materials
  • The price is steep for a 60/40 blend shirt
  • The athletic cut won’t work for everyone, but it is comfortable

Woolx Endurance Review

If you’re looking for a shirt that can do it all, look no further than the Woolx Endurance Tee. There’s a women’s version, too, dubbed the Woolx Addie Short Sleeve Crew . It walks the walks, talks the talk, and is uber comfortable. Coming in at 150 gsm and an 85% Merino, 12% Nylon, and 3% Spandex blend. It’s pretty lightweight, making it comfortable to wear year-round; plus, the nylon adds durability, and the spandex helps keep the shirt wrinkle-free and stretchy.

Whether going to the airport, hitting the gym, or hopping between bars after a long travel day, the Woolx Endurance Tee will get you there and ensure you’re comfortable and look good when you get there. Considering the durability, Merino properties, and versatility, this has to be one of the best Merino wool shirts on the market.

  • The blend includes some spandex, which adds stretch and comfort
  • There’s a dedicated women’s cut
  • We’ve noticed pilling after a few washes
  • It’s only 85% Merino and the shirt is 150 gsm, which isn’t great as a baselayer


We know what you might be thinking: $250 for a zip-up sweatshirt? Seriously? We get that, but hear us out.

The Unbound Merino Compact Travel Hoodie is one of Tom’s favorites, and for good reason. It comes in at 250 gsm, thicker than most of the clothing on this list, so you’ll get more warmth out of it. It’s crafted from 97% Merino, which offers all the great qualities we’ve mentioned throughout this piece, and 3% elastane, which adds durability and helps the hoodie stretch more.

At the time of writing, there are five colorways available, all of which are sleek, so this will go with all the clothing you take on a trip. Thanks to the 250 gsm fabric we mentioned earlier, it has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio and is highly packable. However, if you’ve got heavy items in either of the pockets, we’ve noticed it’ll sag slightly, so we use them more for hand-warming than storage.

There isn’t a women’s cut at the time of writing, which will deter some travelers. That said, this thing is cozy regardless of your body shape, and we find the fit to be pretty neutral anyway. Despite only working in certain climates, this is one of the best Merino wool shirts for any season if you get cold easily!

  • The 250 gsm construction is excellent for layering and staying warm
  • Simple style is versatile for different weather and occasions
  • The cost is an investment if you’re a big fan of Merino wool, though may not be for you if you’re unsure
  • The materials stretch a lot, making the pockets look saggy with heavier items inside

Western Rise Limitless Merino Button Down Shirt In Detroit

Just because you want a Merino shirt doesn’t mean you should sacrifice looking professional for work or fancy for a date. The Western Rise Limitless Merino Button-Down Shirt solves that issue, as its button-down construction works for both scenarios.

This men’s cut is crafted from 53% Merino and 47% polyester, so you get a mix of Merino benefits with the durability and elasticity of polyester. There are five colorways to choose from, so you can get something that matches your favorite business or date night slacks.

We noticed pilling after a short time of testing, though it wasn’t enough to ruin the aesthetic of the shirt for us; it just isn’t as clean as it will be when you purchase it. Be sure to follow the washing instructions, as this can lengthen its life and how long it looks crispy. If you’re in the market for something Merino that’s fancier than the t-shirts on this list, this might be one of the best Merino wool shirts for you.

  • It’s comfortable and durable thanks to the polyester blend
  • It isn’t too fancy, so it can be dressed up or down
  • It’s just 53% Merino, minimizing the effects of the material
  • The pilling is noticeable after just two weeks of testing

Wool & Prince Button Down Oxford In Detroit

Most of the time, the biggest complaint about Merino wool is that it pills or isn’t very durable. Tom has been wearing the Wool & Prince Button-Down Oxford for over three years, and his original shirt still looks nearly as crisp and clean as it did the day he purchased it. Considering that, the variable price between roughly $130 and $150 doesn’t seem so bad.

There are multiple versions of this shirt available. You can choose between 130, 170, and 210 gsm models depending on how thick you like your collared shirts to be. There are regular, slim, and tall fits for different body shapes, and we’ve got five colorways to choose from at the time of writing. How’s that for customizability?

All three versions are 100% Merino wool, but a blend option with a 76/24 Merino/Linen construction is also available. Linen is typically softer and is natural, which are perks.

This shirt is comfortable and breathable and offers all the perks of wearing Merino wool you’d want for travel. It’s a little hot in warm weather, but apart from that, this is one of the best Merino wool shirts for those who need to bring a button-down on their next trip.

  • After over three years of testing, the materials are still holding up without pilling
  • There are 130, 170, and 210 gsm options available for every climate and preference
  • The price is higher than most of the shirts on this list
  • They tend to run warm when the temperature rises

Wool & Prince Heavy Crew Neck

Having a shirt that works as a base layer or can be worn as-is works well while traveling. If that shirt is crafted from Merino wool, you’ll have more reasons to pack it for your next trip. Enter the Wool & Prince Interlock Sweatshirt. Its 300 gsm construction adds warmth to your outfit as a base layer, and the exterior is polished enough to be worn without anything over it.

The sweatshirt has a 78% Merino 22% nylon blend, which won’t have the same qualities as a 100% Merino shirt but offers added durability thanks to the nylon. It’s a cozy offering from Will & Prince that will fit nicely into your packing list, no matter the destination.

  • The 300 gsm construction makes it a solid option as a base layer
  • You can wear it as a stand-alone shirt when push comes to shove
  • It’s only 78% Merino, which is on the lower end of some of the more expensive shirts on this list
  • The tighter fit won’t work for everyone

Ridge Aspect Midweight Review

For ages, Merino wool was known as a luxury item\, but after some brands began to offer budget-friendly prices for quality products, it opened the door to Merino wool for more travelers.

The Ridge Aspect Midweight Merino Wool is a solid baselayer, a great option for working out on chilly mornings, and comes in five colorways (at the time of writing). The material is an 84% Merino 16% nylon blend, which is durable and comfortable. The shirt comes in at 180 gsm, which is comfortable for most situations, though a little on the thicker side when it comes to workout shirts.

In addition to being comfortable and durable, this shirt offers UPF 50+ protection from the sun’s rays, which is ideal for warm climates. Plus, there’s a women’s cut, too, so everybody can find the perfect fit. If you’re looking for a base layer that can work as a workout or pajama shirt, this might be one of the best Merino wool shirts for you.

  • It’s one of the more budget-friendly options on this list and offers UPF 50+ protection
  • Some users have noted pilling after roughly a month of use
  • It isn’t the most stylish shirt, so it might be better as a base layer
  • It’s just 84% Merino, so you won’t get all the perks of some of the shirts on this list

So there you have it! Some of the best (and softest) Merino wool shirts that work well for travel. Whether you’re looking for a dedicated airplane shirt, something you can wear to work, or want to expand your clothing horizons; hopefully, you’ve added something to your cart already.

January 30, 2024


Author: Eric Hergenreder

Eric has been across the globe, but his favorite place to explore is his home state of Michigan. His love for photography has taken him all around the Great Lake State, often writing about his travels so that others can enjoy them, too. Eric loves messing around with analog photography, watching soccer, and searching for the world’s best burger in his spare time.

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21 Best Men’s Loungewear Sets for Long-Haul Flights and Long Weekends at Home

By Todd Plummer

Image may contain Clothing Formal Wear Suit Pants Coat Jacket Person Knitwear Sweater Footwear Shoe and Hoodie

All products featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Once upon a time, people used to get dressed up for planes. Luckily, that time is no more. While gentlemen used to dress accordingly for business travel in their tailored finery, that trend has long since waned. If you’re embarking on a long journey—whether it’s by air, road, or rail—cultural norms have literally and figuratively loosened up.

There is a fine line when it comes to the best men’s loungewear sets, though. You’ll want something that keeps you warm without overheating, covered without being constricted, and casual without looking slovenly. Thankfully, the category has come a long way—Gen Z might even argue that the right loungewear set looks downright snazzy. Here, we’ve combed the market for 21 such sets to add into your travel wardrobe . From sustainable bamboo fibers to luxe cashmere knits, they’ll be a worthy travel companion for wherever you’re heading next.

Often, the softest materials tend to trap heat, which can spell trouble for guys who run on the warmer side—but that isn’t the case with bamboo. This sustainable fiber is smooth, cool to the touch, and breathable for all-day, all-season comfort wherever you’re traveling. (The joggers also come in a Tall version for those with longer legs.)

Image may contain: Clothing, Long Sleeve, Sleeve, Knitwear, Sweater, Sweatshirt, and Coat

The soft hand-feel of this hemp and cotton blend is irresistible. It has that textured, vintage-y look of broken-in cotton, but with a much lighter, more breathable weight. Hemp is a sustainable, durable fiber, and this unisex style comes in a wide range of colorways that will suit any closet.

Image may contain: Clothing, Long Sleeve, Sleeve, Knitwear, Sweater, and Sweatshirt

Pro surfer Kelly Slater serves as the brains behind this eco-friendly and sustainable brand, so it should come as no surprise that this set telegraphs the perfect amount of California surfer cool. It’s made from a French Terry knit that has the perfect combination of comfort and heft—not too stiff, not too flimsy, but just right.

Image may contain: Clothing, Long Sleeve, Sleeve, Knitwear, Sweater, Sweatshirt, and Hoodie

When in doubt: cashmere. Seriously, who wouldn’t want a feathery-soft travel set to make those long travel days feel all the more comfortable? Quince does a great job of providing high-quality pieces at reasonable prices. This set, made from Grade A Mongolian cashmere, rings in at a fraction of what comparable designer or contemporary brands would cost. And it just feels fantastic.

Image may contain: Clothing, Knitwear, Sweater, Fleece, Sweatshirt, and Hoodie

Houdini Sportswear

Introducing the tech fleece set of your dreams. It’s made from a Polartec fabric that is built to last, with hydrophilic properties that pull moisture away from your body (read: keeps you dry and warm in cold conditions), as well as two zippered side pockets where you can leave your cell phone and passport with confidence. The fabric is Bluesign certified, meaning that its production is free from harmful chemicals.

Image may contain: Clothing, Fleece, Coat, Hoodie, Knitwear, Sweater, Sweatshirt, Hood, and Jacket

Leave it to Buck Mason—known for its dreamily soft fabrics—to create something that’s perfect for the plane. Inspired by midcentury sportswear, the quarter zip top has a collar that gives just enough of a put-together edge so you don’t feel like you’re wearing pajamas in public (even though this set is basically as soft as pajamas). They’re made from a classic loopback French Terry that is both moisture-wicking and insulates like a dream.

Image may contain: Clothing, Knitwear, Sweater, Sweatshirt, and Hoodie

Boston-based Tracksmith was born with runners in mind, but in recent years has segued into a lifestyle brand for anyone who enjoys getting their pulse up outdoors. We love this set because it is made from the same kind of high-quality, high-performance material that the brand is known for, but offers a more put-together look than your average sweat set. Whether you’re sprinting to catch a train or preparing for a marathon, this versatile set has you covered.

Image may contain: Clothing, Long Sleeve, Sleeve, Shirt, Fleece, Blouse, and Coat

As a more lightweight fiber, bamboo fabrics tend to be found in sleek, silky fabrications—but here, Free Fly uses a plush, fleecy one. This set has not only all those lightweight and breathable (and sustainable) properties that people know and love bamboo for, but also the added warmth of a brushed fleece interior.

Image may contain: Clothing, Knitwear, Sweater, Sweatshirt, Hoodie, Long Sleeve, and Sleeve


We’re going to be honest: It was the fun array of colors that first drew us to this set. But upon closer inspection, we really fell for its performance qualities. It’s made from a “peached” fabric that feels lived-in and cozy, and features UPF 50+ protection from the sun’s most harmful rays . It’s designed to be worn in sunny conditions, so if you’re looking for a set to wear on a frigid plane ride to a tropical locale, this is the one.

Image may contain: Clothing, Long Sleeve, Sleeve, Shirt, Adult, Person, Knitwear, and Sweater

This one is for our cold-weather destination lovers: An insulated matching set that’s warm, but won’t leave you looking like the Michelin Man. And unlike snow pants, they’re made from a fabric that resists wind and precipitation but won’t leave you sweating bullets when worn indoors.

Image may contain: Clothing, Coat, Jacket, Long Sleeve, Sleeve, and Lab Coat

Mack Weldon

The issue with many travel sets is they tend to be loose-fitting and unflattering. If you’re looking to show off all those gains you’ve been making at the gym, consider this matching set from Mack Weldon. Not only is it made from a micro-brushed French terry that is buttery smooth, but the hoodie features stretch rib side panels that flatter your figure without hugging, and the sweatpant comes in a tailored fit that feels more sophisticated than a standard pair.

Image may contain: Clothing, Knitwear, Sweater, Sweatshirt, Hoodie, Hood, and Fleece

Ten Thousand

Are joggers and sweatpants not quite your look? Consider this upgrade from buzzy athletic brand Ten Thousand. The brand’s “Tactical” range was inspired by and co-created with members of the United States Special Operations unit for an unparalleled level of functionality. The pants feature side tab adjusters for a solid yet comfy fit, a zippered rear pocket so your valuables stay secure, and engineered knee darts for an articulated fit that’s sleek but never skinny. Oh yeah, and they’re comfy as hell, too.

Image may contain: Clothing, Coat, Hood, Hoodie, Knitwear, Sweater, Sweatshirt, and Jacket

Reigning Champ

You know when you pick up an item of clothing and it just feels like great quality? That’s how we would describe this Midnight Fleece set from hip Vancouver-based brand Reigning Champ. The fabric is a soft-brushed midnight fleece that perfectly nails the warmth-to-weight ratio—warm enough for chilly plane rides, but comfortable enough that you won’t break a sweat walking across jumbo-sized airport terminals.

Image may contain: Clothing, Fleece, Coat, Jacket, Knitwear, Sweater, Sweatshirt, Hoodie, Long Sleeve, and Sleeve

Searching for a matching set that has that über-cool streetwear vibe? Search no more—this set from Mackage is made from a double-faced jersey that is smooth to the touch, but has a heft that lends itself to those oversized silhouettes that feel so on trend at the moment. The pants offer an effortlessly cool, elevated take on the cargo pant trend.

Image may contain: Clothing, Knitwear, Sweater, Sweatshirt, Hoodie, and Hood

Few brands give as much attention to its fabrics as high-end British brand Sunspel. If 007 had a matching set for the plane, it would be this one. It features an elegant slim but not skinny fit, ribbed cuffs, and an expensive-feeling zipper.

Image may contain: Clothing, Knitwear, Sweater, Sweatshirt, Hoodie, Fleece, and Hood

Eco-conscious brand Everlane is a smart option for travelers who seek sustainability at good value. The ReTrack matching set is made from a super soft blend of recycled cotton and polyester. The hoodie features a classic fit—neither relaxed nor slim—with contemporary details such as side panels with a hint of elastane, lending the hoodie a flattering silhouette and helping it maintain its shape after even the longest of travel days.

Image may contain: Clothing, Knitwear, Sweater, Sweatshirt, Hoodie, and Hood

Canada Goose

If you know and love Canada Goose for its expedition-caliber parkas and cold weather gear, you won’t be disappointed by its leisure apparel. The quality on this matching set is excellent, the insulation is real, and it features the brand’s signature logo disc on the hoodie sleeve and pant leg. Both pieces are made from a sturdy yet soft 100 percent cotton that has been selected for reduced water consumption and its overall sustainable footprint.

Image may contain: Clothing, Knitwear, Sweater, Sweatshirt, Fleece, and Hoodie

On behalf of all warm men everywhere, I would like to propose this matching set—a merino T-shirt and matching pant. Not all matching sets need to be hoodies! If you’re like me, even the lightest-weight hoodies can feel stuffy and restrictive once you start walking through an airport terminal. In fact, some of us are perfectly content wearing a T-shirt in most environments. This set is made from a performance blend of lyocell and merino, offering great temperature-regulating properties and softness for all-day comfort.

Image may contain: Clothing, T-Shirt, Sleeve, Adult, Person, and Shorts

It’s not hard to imagine outdoorsy types wearing this set en route to the mountains. This unisex crew comes in a super-soft recycled fleece material that provides insulation and moisture wicking, which not only makes it a comfortable option for travel days, but also a sensible mid-layer for cold-weather adventures outdoors, too.

Image may contain: Clothing, Long Sleeve, Sleeve, Knitwear, Sweater, Sweatshirt, Hoodie, and Fleece

If you’ve ever craved the sensation of wearing your pajamas in public, this might be as close as you can get without wearing actual PJs in public. Luxome is best known for its luscious bath towels and comfy bedding, and this matching set is a great complement to those bestsellers. It’s made from modal fleece that not only looks great and drapes beautifully, but also perfectly captures the sensation of being curled up in your favorite sheets.

Image may contain: Clothing, Long Sleeve, Sleeve, Knitwear, Sweater, Sweatshirt, Adult, and Person

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The 18 Best Long Sleeve Shirts for Men to Shop in 2023

An option for every occasion.

jael rucker headshot

Welcome to fall and winter gents. It's starting to feel a tab bit chilly outside now isn't it? That means it's time to start swapping your spring and summer pieces for fall and winter ones, and long sleeve shirts are an essential part of any capsule wardrobe during the cooler seasons. Not only does a quality long sleeve shirt keep you warm and comfortable when it's chilly, they also make for versatile clothing pieces that work very well with a number of options including jeans , chinos , sweatpants/joggers , and more. They even pair well with dress shoes and sneakers . Bottomline, there's no better clothing investment to make then a few long sleeve shirts, and depending on what kind of shirt you purchase, you may even find that it transitions well into the spring and summer. As such, we've put together a comprehensive guide on the best long sleeve shirts for men to shop right now.

These shirts take into account comfort and breathability first and foremost, while also checking the box of being stylish and versatile as well. Whether it's our best overall choice Everlane Premium-Weight Long-Sleeve Crew , ($60) or a super affordable option like the Hanes Mens ComfortSoft Long-Sleeve T-Shirt ($9.94), these will serve you well.

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The Best Long Sleeve Shirts, at a Glance:

  • Best Long Sleeve Shirt for Men, Overall - Everlane Premium-Weight Long-Sleeve Crew , $60
  • Best Affordable Option - Hanes Mens ComfortSoft Long-Sleeve T-Shirt , $9.94
  • Best Breathable Option - Eddie Bauer Men's Active Tee Long Sleeve , $17
  • Best Option for Comfort - Alo Yoga Triumph Long Sleeve , $58
  • Best UPF 50 Long Sleeve Shirt for Men - Lands' End Men's Long Sleeve UPF 50 Swim Tee Rash Guard , $44.95
  • Best Outdoor Long Sleeve Shirt - Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily Graphic Long-Sleeve Shirt , $59
  • Best Athletic Long Sleeve Shirt - Nike Men's Dri-FIT Slim Long-Sleeve Fitness Top , $35
  • Best Designer Long Sleeve Shirt - RHUDE Men's Desert Racing Jersey T-Shirt , $410

1. Everlane Premium-Weight Long-Sleeve Crew

Screen Shot 2023 11 02 at 12.28.06 PM

Best Long Sleeve Shirt for Men, Overall

  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Sizes: XS - XXL
  • Colors: Black, White, Mid Heathered Grey, Heather Oatmeal, Kalamata, Toasted Coconut
  • Neckline: Crewneck

Everlane is the stop shop for a long sleeve shirt that's loaded with quality and hits the mark of being sustainable. Made with 100% cotton, the Premium-Weight comes in an assortment of versatile hues that include Black, White, Mid Heathered Grey and more, is accompanied by a comfortable cozy neckline. While the fit is a slim one, there's still room for movement giving you plenty of flexibility and comfort as you go about your day. What's more, Everlane says the dense cotton material is one that allows the shirt to become softer over time, which is a bonus in our book. Sizing goes up to an XXL with the shirt currently being priced at $60.

2. Hanes Mens ComfortSoft Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Screen Shot 2023 11 02 at 2.06.52 PM

Best Affordable Option

  • Material: 100% ComfortSoft cotton
  • Sizes: S - 3XL
  • Fit: Regular
  • Colors: Deep Forest, Smoke Gray, White, Black, Deep Navy, Deep Royal, and 6 others

Who says you have spent dozens of dollars to get a quality long sleeve shirt? Not Hanes! The brand's ComfortSoft Long-Sleeve T-Shirt is made of a cozy ComfortSoft cotton that's pre-shrunk, with the material providing a optimal comfort that allows for plenty of movement and flexibility. There's over ten colors to choose from, and the affordability allows you the option of grabbing several shirts for the price you would normally pay for one with other companies. With an understanding that "clothes are an investment," Hanes has made sure through the shirt's construction that this is a product that can last you a good while. Currently priced at $10.76, sizing goes up to a 3XL on this bad boy.

3. Eddie Bauer Men's Active Tee Long Sleeve

Screen Shot 2023 11 02 at 2.18.46 PM

Best Breathable Option

  • Material: 93% Polyester, 7% elastane
  • Sizes: S - XXL
  • Fit: Classic
  • Colors: Black, Grey, Blue

A shirt that really provides the warmth and comfort is Eddie Bauer's Men's Active Tee, which is moisture-wicking and made with 93% polyester and 7% elastane. Designed with cool features such as a reflective heat transfer “signature” and motion icon, the shirt features a mid-weight material that is both heavy enough to keep you warm in the cool weather, but still light enough to be worn on a relatively warm day. The shirt comes designed in a classic crewneck style and is tapered to fit your body nicely. Three different colors accompany the shirt, which goes up to a 2XL and is priced at a very reasonable $17.

4. Alo Yoga Triumph Long Sleeve

Screen Shot 2023 11 02 at 3.48.49 PM

Best Option for Comfort

  • Material: 50% Polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon
  • Fit: Relaxed
  • Colors: White, Black, Athletic Heather Grey, Navy, Black Heather

Up next is the Alo Yoga Triumph Long Sleeve, which is a great option for comfort as it's made with sueded tri-blend jersey material. Offering a relaxed fit, the tee is functionally stylish with a great potential to become a centerpiece of your capsule wardrobe. The fabric is a breathable and sweat-wicking one which allows you to go about your day without any irritation and comfort, and there's plenty of room to move around without feeling constricted. Alo Yoga gives you five different colors, with sizing up to an XXL on this one.

5. Lands' End Men's Long Sleeve UPF 50 Swim Tee Rash Guard

Screen Shot 2023 11 02 at 11.09.54 PM

Best UPF 50 Long Sleeve Shirt for Men

  • Material: 84% Polyester, 16% spandex
  • Colors: Deep Sea Navy, White

Built with UPF 50, this long sleeve shirt from Lands' End will keep you protected from the harshest of sun rays should you be out and about while wearing. Seamlessly crafted with a polyester/spandex blend, the shirt is moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and super lightweight meaning you can also wear it in the warmer months if you wish. In case you doubted the power of this shirt's ability to protect you from the sun—the fabric it's made out of is recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation. Showcasing a classic crewneck, you get two different color choices at the affordable price of $44.95.

6. Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily Graphic Long-Sleeve Shirt

Screen Shot 2023 11 02 at 11.17.46 PM

Best Outdoor Long Sleeve Shirt

  • Material:  100% Recycled polyester jersey
  • Sizes: XS - 3XL
  • Colors: Belay Blue, Burl Red, Feather Grey, Sleet Green

Whether you're walking your dog on a nice fall day or plan to wear this underneath a vest to brace that winter weather you're going to have to take on, the Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily Graphic Long-Sleeve Shirt is one that is durable and holds up nicely. The Capilene fights odors with its HeiQ Pure odor control and miDori bioSoft (which is a plant that helps to increase wicking speeds) features, and also has other cool technical specs such as set-in sleeves for chafe-free comfort and flexible shoulder movement along with minimal stitching to also help reduce chafing. We've also got to give the Capilene bonus points for its sustainability as it's made with 100% recycled polyester jersey fabric.

7. Nike Men's Dri-FIT Slim Long-Sleeve Fitness Top

Screen Shot 2023 11 02 at 11.28.36 PM

Best Athletic Option

  • Material: 90% Polyester, 10% spandex
  • Sizes: S - 2XL
  • Colors: Smoke Grey, Obsidian, University Red, Game Royal, White, Black

When it comes to athletic long sleeve shirts, Nike is a surefire choice because, well, they're Nike. The Dri-FIT Slim Long-Sleeve Fitness Top is one built for the gym and outdoor workouts with its polyester and spandex makeup. Not only is it made with Nike Dri-FIT technology (which is designed to move sweat away from the skin for quicker evaporation), the knit fabric is one that feels luxuriously soft. The little bit of spandex in the shirt is what gives you the flexibility and mobility for your workouts, and it is laidback enough to wear casually should you not want to use it for workouts. Sizing goes up to a 2XL, with the asking price being $35.

8. RHUDE Men's Desert Racing Jersey T-Shirt

Screen Shot 2023 11 02 at 11.39.20 PM

Best Designer Long Sleeve Shirt

  • Sizes: S - XL
  • Colors: Brown

If on the hunt for a designer option, RHUDE's Men's Desert Racing Jersey T-Shirt is both easy on the eyes thanks to its colorful and design, and comfortably made with 100% cotton. Crafted in a crewneck style, the shirt is made to be breathable and keep you cozy as you go on about your day. The rich cotton also prevents excess sweat and stench from ruining the shirt, and overall loose fit means no clinging, sticking, or chafing. Banded cuffs are present on the shirt for a little extra finesse, with sizes ranging from S to XL. You can currently cop for $410.

9. Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Long-Sleeve Shirt

Screen Shot 2023 11 02 at 11.46.54 PM

  • Material: 53% Nylon, 40% recycled polyester, 4% elastane, 3% x-static nylon
  • Colors: Medium Forest

The Metal Vent Tech Long-Sleeve Shirt from Lululemon offers superior comfort and technology as it's built specifically for athletic/training purposes. Boosting a slim-fit and seamless chafe free construction, the Metal Vent gives you the nylon for comfort and sweat-wicking, the polyester for additional comfort, and the elastane for stretch and mobility. You won't have to worry about any ripping or tearing as you go about your workout, and neither will you have to fret about sweat/stinking as Lululemon claims the shirt "refreshes after every workout" through releasing heat while letting cool air in. Sitting at $59, the shirt goes up to an XL in sizing.

10. Apt. 9 Premier Flex V-Neck Tee

Screen Shot 2023 11 03 at 9.13.32 AM

  • Material: Cotton, spandex
  • Fit: Standard
  • Colors: Gray, Black, White, Burgundy, Dark Slate Heather, and 3 others
  • Neckline: V-neck

Apt 9.'s Premier Flex V-Neck Tee gives you luxury quality at under $10 price. Crafted with a breathable cotton/spandex blend that allows for a lightweight feel and seamless movements, the breathability and airflow of this shirt is bar none, along with its ability to stay odor-free throughout the day. The shirt is a standard fit that leaves enough room in the chest area, and multiple versatile colors are available. This is another shirt where due to the pricing you can pick up multiple for the price of one at other shops, and the sizing range is versatile as well, going from XS to XXL.

11. Vuori Long Sleeve Current Tech Tee

Screen Shot 2023 11 03 at 9.21.24 AM

  • Material: 95% Recycled polyester, 5% elastane
  • Fit: Athletic
  • Colors: Black, White, Lake, Shale

The Vuori Long Sleeve Current Tech Tee is another long sleeve shirts that checks all of the technical elements of what a long sleeve is supposed to provide. Breathable with the ability to be worn by itself or layered over, the Tech Tee will keep you both warm and cool with its recycled polyester and elastane make up. The stretch room is more than ample with 4-way stretch being incorporated into the fabric, with the knit material being responsible for its sweat and odor-wicking properties. The Tech Tee is another shirt on our list that gets bonus points for its sustainability as it's made recyclable materials, and the care process is quite easy. Sizing goes up to an XXL with the price tag being $68.

12. Mack Weldon Pima Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Screen Shot 2023 11 03 at 9.29.39 AM

  • Material: 100% Pima cotton
  • Colors: Moss, Mission Fig, Walnut Heather, Rainforest, Gulfstream Forest

High in demand and highly rated, Mack Weldon's Pima Long Sleeve T-Shirt has been a heavy hitter for the brand, making it one of the most popular long sleeve shirts for men on the market. Made with 100% pima cotton, the shirt features an easy pull-on style, is super soft to the skin, and has a decent amount of stretch room despite its slim nature. The tee itself is designed to be worn both solo, or layered under blazers/vests/jackets for extra versatility. Sitting at steal price of $28.99, an assortment of colors are available with the sizes ranging from S to XXL. Don't miss out on this one!

13. Banana Republic Soft Wash Henley T-Shirt

Screen Shot 2023 11 03 at 9.37.19 AM

  • Material: 100% Organic cotton
  • Sizes: M - XXL
  • Colors: Dark Charcoal Grey, Lyon Wine Red, Sheltered Earth, Heather Grey, Oatmeal Heather
  • Neckline: Henley

It you're searching for a long sleeve shirt that's slightly on the dressier side but still casual, Banana Republic has you covered with their Soft Wash Henley T-Shirt which is well-rounded and comfy. The on the front allow for cool customization options, and the tee is loaded with comfort due to its 100% organic cotton crafting that's made even softer through Banana Republic's special wash process. Multiple colors are available, you can sport by itself or wear it underneath a jacket, and once again, we've got to call out the comfort. You can currently cop for $45.

14. J. Crew Garment-Dyed Slub Cotton Long-Sleeve

Screen Shot 2023 11 03 at 10.30.10 AM

  • Colors: Pale Sun, White, Cabernet Rouge, Bright Begonia, Topiary, and 5 others

If you want a shirt with a soft material that provides an easy-to-layer slightly tapered fit, the J. Crew Garment-Dyed Slub Cotton Long-Sleeve Shirt is your guy. Built with a buttery soft cotton fabric and an aesthetic that works for multiple settings including the office and date nights, the rich texture and appearance makes this shirt a no-brainer in our books. Ten colors accompany this shirt giving you option after option, with sizing going up to an XXL. J. Crew also gives you the choice of selecting whether or not you want a classic, slim, or tall fit, which is also super helpful. You can cop for roughly $50.

15. AllSaints Mode Merino Crew Sweater

Screen Shot 2023 11 03 at 11.03.43 AM

  • Material: 100% Merino wool
  • Colors: Beetle Blue, Black, Grey Marl, Ink Navy, Mars Red Marl, and 6 others

This merino wool long sleeve shirt from AllSaints keeps it cool and simple with its supreme softness and enhanced crafting. A low maintenance easy-to-take-care-of build is the main drawing point with this tee, along with the overall versatility it offers. Boasting an easy pullover style and cool features that make it standout such as the Ramskull embroidery on the front, the Mode Merino Crew Neck is a must-have when it comes to luxury long sleeves. Sizes range from an XS to XXL, multiple colors are available, and the asking price is $159.

16. HUGO Boss Relaxed-Fit Cotton T-Shirt

Screen Shot 2023 11 03 at 11.14.13 AM

  • Colors: Black

While simple works with long sleeve shirts, you can get funky with it as well—it's always fun to play around with colors and patterns. HUGO Boss has a very cool long sleeve shirt worth adding to your collection if you want to mix it up a bit. Cut with merino wool and offering a streamlined comfortable fit that complements your shoulders, neckline, and tapered v, the shirt is reasonably priced at $98 despite its designer label, the care instructions are easy, and the sizing goes up to an XXL.

17. Alexander McQueen Logo Detailed Long-Sleeved Jumper

Screen Shot 2023 11 03 at 11.22.58 AM

  • Material: 100% Wool
  • Colors: Blue, White

Speaking of funky designer long sleeve shirts, this Logo Detailed Long-Sleeved Jumper falls in line with the 1970s trends we're seeing re-emerge in current fashion. Cut and crafted with a warm wool material, the shirt is breathable and sweat-wicking despite its furry construction, and has enough stretch room for you to go about your day comfortably. The brand gives you the choice of either a blue or white color, with a price tag of $537.20. Very comfortable and perfect for the winter season or any setting where cold weather dominates.

18. CUTS AO Long Sleeve Curve-Hem Tee

Screen Shot 2023 11 03 at 11.28.44 AM

  • Material: 62% Polyester, 33% cotton, & 5% spandex
  • Colors: White, Black, Sage, Mountain Mist, Heather Grey, Pacific Blue, and 10 others

CUTS has quickly become one of our favorite brands for not just technicality, but athletic style as they check both boxes with every single one of their products effortlessly. The Long Sleeve Curve-Hem Tee is made with polyester/cotton/spandex, and propped up by its wrinkle-resistant, anti-piling, and 4-way stretch properties. The fabric is slim-fitting, but still roomy enough for workouts/going about your daily activities, and comfortable for all-day wear. With over 15 colors to chose from and multiple sizes, this $44 shirt is another must-have—especially if you are into athletics/working out.

What we looked for in long sleeve shirts:

Here's everything we looked for with the selection of our long sleeve shirts.

Fit: Most of the options we selected for this list were slim fits with a bit of stretch room as we feel that's the best shirt for complementing your body while not being too tight at the same time. Classic/regular fits are also a solid choice for long sleeve shirts as they prevent chafing, give you breathing room in the chest area, and further hinder excess sweat through its sweat-wicking properties.

Material: Seeing as though most people wear long sleeve shirts in cooler weather, we primarily looked for cotton, polyester, and merino wool materials in the shirts we picked to provide warmth and comfort. For our slim-fit selections, spandex or elastane was an important material as well to provide the right amount of stretch needed to not make the shirt extremely tight. Nylon is also a good material for long sleeve shirts as well.

Neckline style: Most long sleeve shirts come automatically come in a crewneck style, which is why majority of our selections are in the crewneck category. However, we do have a few v-neck entries and a selection with a henley neckline in here for some added variety.

FAQs about long sleeve shirts:

Here are some frequently asked questions about long sleeve shirts.

How should a long sleeve shirt fit?

In our opinion, a long sleeve shirt should feel slightly snug without being tight as that is what best accentuates your shoulders, arms, back, etc. However, oversized looks are also in style (especially in couture), so it's definitely in line with current fashion trends to sport oversized looks as well. The key is comfortability. You should never feel discomfort while wearing your shirt.

Can you wear a long sleeve shirt when it's hot out?

You can wear a long sleeve shirt when it's hot out, but we recommend a shirt with polyester fabric. Regardless of material, any long sleeve shirt you wear in warm weather should have sweat-wicking and anti-odor properties, and it's even better if the shirt has technical features that allow it to adapt to your body temperature.

How do I layer a long sleeve shirt?

You can layer a long sleeve shirt by wearing it underneath a blazer, jacket, vest, or coat. You can even accessorize by adding a scarf to give the shirt a different look.

Why trust ONE37pm:

ONE37pm has been conducting style product reviews since it's inception in 2018. We've interviewed and worked with countless brands, have tested hundreds of products, and make it a point to personally research and read user reviews on every single product we include in our articles—even if we have not personally tested the product ourselves. No article goes live without hours upon hours of research.

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The Best Golf Polo Shirts, According To Pros And Serious Players

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The best golf polo shirt isn’t going to help you drive farther, putt better or get out of bunkers more easily, but it may help you feel more comfortable when doing those things. Our top pick, hands-down: Peter Millar Performance Jersey Polo . While you might be able to get away with a t-shirt or crew neck on some public courses, a polo shirt—which is collared and has a button-down placket—is a strict requirement at most clubs. Show up without one, and even if you’re let on the course, you’ll almost certainly look out of place. Don’t be that guy. Wear a proper polo.

The best golf polos add comfort, style and a little swag to your round.

But not all golf polos are made equally. While some are cool and comfortable others are made for chillier weather ; a few are cut from casual cotton and many rely on performance-blend fabrics . We talked to pros and serious players and did the research to find the best golf polo shirts for every type of golfer and budget.

The Best Under-Desk Treadmills And Walking Pads, According To Experts

The best clothing subscription boxes for women, according to our review, editors’ top picks.

  • Best Golf Polo Shirt Overall: Peter Millar Performance Jersey Polo
  • Best Performance Golf Polo Shirt: Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Polo Shirt
  • Best Comfortable Golf Polo Shirt: Bonobos The Performance Golf Polo
  • Best Affordable Golf Polo Shirt: Nike Dri-Fit Tour Jacquard Golf Polo
  • Best Stylish Golf Polo Shirt: Todd Snyder Fine Pique Polo
  • Best High-End Golf Polo Shirt: Peter Millar Soul Performance Mesh Polo
  • Best Golf Polo Shirt For Work: Brooks Brothers Supima Polo Shirt
  • Best Casual Golf Polo Shirt: B.Draddy Vin Polo
  • Best Classic Golf Polo Shirt: Ralph Lauren The Iconic Mesh Polo Shirt
  • Best Sweat-Wicking Golf Polo: Zella Driver Performance Polo

Best Golf Polo Shirt Overall

Comfort, stretch and performance.

Peter Millar

Peter Millar Performance Jersey Polo

Sizes: S to 3XL | Colors: 15 in total | Material: 92% polyester, 8% spandex | Placket design: 3 buttons | Fit: Classic | Weight: Light

This shirt looks like your typical polo shirt, but subtle performance features make it a practical—and stylish—choice for the golf course. The 4-way stretch, super soft fabric is antimicrobial, sweat-wicking, and offers UPF 50+ sun protection. “I have always only worn Peter Millar performance polos and love them,” says Michael DiMeglio, assistant golf professional at Woodway Country Club in Darien, CT. “They have a lot of polyester in them so they don’t wrinkle at all.” DiMeglio likes that the collar is the same fabric and color as the shirt (he’s not a fan of contrast collars) and this pick comes in a wide variety of shades, which explains why several golfers we spoke to have a whole wardrobe of these.

Best Performance Golf Polo

Great option for more than just golf, lululemon metal vent tech polo shirt updated.

Sizes: XS to XXL | Colors: 7 in total | Materials: 53% nylon, 40% recycled polyester, 4% elastane, 3% X-static nylon | Placket design:  3 buttons |  Fit:  Classic |  Weight:  Light

If you want a polo for golf and other workouts, Lululemon’s newest sport polo checks a lot of boxes with a sweat-wicking fabric, four-way stretch and the brand’s silver-infused fabric that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Whether you’re swinging a club or running up hills, this multipurpose polo serves you well in many workout situations. 

Best Comfortable Golf Polo Shirt

Performance combined with comfort and versatility, bonobos the performance golf polo shirt.

Sizes: XS to XXL | Colors: 14 in total | Materials: 88% polyester, 12% elastane | Placket design:  3 buttons |  Fit:  Slim, standard (classic) |  Weight:  Medium

Bonobos is mostly known for their formalwear—suits, shirts and the like—but their golf shirts are no slackers. Made from a performance-oriented blend of polyester and stretch, plus UPF 50 protection, their top-rated polos combine comfort with the brand’s excellent attention to fit: You can choose from both slim and standard fits, along with 14 colorways, which makes this polo a versatile option you can wear on and off the links. 

Best Affordable Golf Polo Shirt

No-sweat pick you can buy multiples of, nike dri-fit tour men's jacquard golf polo.

Sizes: XS to 4XL | Colors: 5 in total | Materials: 75% recycled polyester fibers | Placket design:  2 buttons |  Fit:  Classic |  Weight:  Medium

It can get hot out there on the green, especially in summer. Nike’s Dri-Fit polo is engineered to keep you cool, with the brand’s top-rated, golfer-tested moisture-wicking fabric. Plus, the stretchy polo is ventilated around the neck, adding extra breathability, and the price is great.  

Best Stylish Golf Polo

Slim-stretch fit and pique knit.

Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder Fine Pique Polo

Sizes: XS to XXL | Colors: 8 in total | Materials: 51% cotton, 47% Tencel, 2% Lycra | Placket design:  3 buttons |  Fit:  Classic |  Weight:  Medium

Made from a blend of soft, eco-friendly Turkish cotton-Tencel, this refined polo is stylish on or off the golf course. It has a structured collar that won’t lose its shape, a vented hemline for easy cooling and is super soft. Consider it worth the splurge for its high-quality details and versatile design.  

Best High-End Golf Polo

Tailored and sophisticated for dressy situations, peter millar soul performance mesh polo.

Sizes: S to XXL | Colors: 13 in total | Material: 92% polyester, 8% spandex | Placket design: 4 buttons | Fit: Tailored | Weight: Light

This is a more luxe version of the classic Peter Millar Performance Jersey Polo. It has many of the same technical features as the Performance Jersey Polo (4-way stretch, moisture-wicking technology), but it has a vintage-inspired collar and mother-of-pearl buttons that makes it distinctively dressier. “It’s made of old-school mesh but is still a performance fabric, and I like the longer placket,” says golfer Stu Katzoff, who lives in New York City. “It looks great under a sport coat or sweater.”

Best Golf Polo Shirt For Work

Reliable and polished in and out of office.

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Slim Fit Stretch Supima Polo Shirt

Sizes: XS to XXL | Colors: 12 in total | Materials: 98% cotton, 2% spandex | Placket design:  3 buttons |  Fit:  Classic |  Weight:  Medium

Work never ends, especially when you’re taking a meeting on the golf course. Brooks Brothers excellent, simple polo hits the right style and performance goals: It’s made from soft cotton with enough stretch to allow for easy movement, and the solid colors are just formal enough to set a polished tone. 

Best Classic Golf Polo

Always on par, in any situation.


Polo Ralph Lauren Custom Slim Fit Mesh Polo Shirt

Sizes: XS to XXL | Colors: 65 in total | Materials: 100% cotton | Placket design:  3 buttons |  Fit:  Classic |  Weight:  Medium

When it comes to polos, you can’t go wrong with Ralph Lauren. Their Iconic Mesh Polo is a tried-and-true classic approved for any golf course—as well as happy hours, work outings and vacation travel. Put it under a sportcoat for a date, even. It’s made from comfortable, woven cotton, so it’s ultra-breathable and naturally cooling. 

Best Casual Golf Polo Shirt

Easy, breezy cotton favorite, b.draddy vin polo.

Sizes: S to 3XL | Colors: 18 in total | Material: 92% Pima Peruvian Cotton, 8% spandex | Placket design: 3 buttons | Fit: Classic | Weight: Light

Any guy who plays in a lot of golf tournaments probably has a B Draddy somewhere in their closet. The most old-school of our list of winners, B Draddy is made of Peruvian pima cotton with a hint of stretch for added flexibility. But what the B Draddy lacks in technical features it makes up for in softness. It gets softer with every wash, but also more worn in, and the collar tends to get floppy. “Cotton is actually the best material for breathability. It is very soft and so comfortable. But cotton shirts can look old and faded quickly and show sweat,” says DiMeglio. All that being said, golfers like Cutshall still love them.

Best Sweat-Wicking Golf Polo Shirt

Lightweight and keeps you dry all day, zella driver performance polo.

Sizes: XS to XXL | Colors: 2 in total | Materials: 100% polyester | Placket design:  3 buttons |  Fit:  Classic |  Weight:  Light

Zella’s moisture-wicking fabric golf polo is one of the most comfortable ones we’ve ever tested. Its ultra-soft fabric gives plenty of stretch, so you can move and swing freely, but is soft enough that it feels great to wear all day. Plus, it’s made with sustainably produced materials—so you can feel good your purchase.

Best Cooling Golf Polo

Designed for hot, steamy weather, peter millar performance jersey polo knit-collar.

Sizes: S to 3XL | Colors: 5 total, including Navy and Iron | Materials: 92% polyester, 8% spandex | Placket design:  3 buttons |  Fit:  Classic |  Weight:  Light

Lightweight, breathable and stretchy, Peter Millar’s polo is designed for hot, steamy weather. It’s cut from a sweat-wicking fabric and has built in UPF50, so you don’t need to constantly reapply sunscreen. The knit collar is also lightweight and ensures you’re in proper form for clubs with strict dress code requirements. 

Best Versatile Golf Polo Shirt

Great basic with uv protection, footjoy pencil stripe lisle.

Sizes: S to 3XL | Colors: 14 | Material: Not listed | Placket design: 3 buttons | Fit: Classic | Weight: Light

This iconic golf brand may be best known for their shoes, but they also make a high-quality polo shirt. Their ProDry Technology offers built-in UV protection and keeps you dry and smelling fresh (or at least not bad) on even the hottest days. Golfer Brian Lopez, who lives in Needham, MA, loves how breathable and comfortable it is, and appreciates the flattering fit. FootJoy also thoughtfully added double-stitched seams for durability and an extended back shirttail to prevent the shirt from becoming untucked when you bend, crouch or swing.

Best Modern Golf Polo Shirt

Comfortable and stylish with personality.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Bad Birdie Infinity Polo

Sizes: S to XXL | Colors: 27 in total | Material: 88% Polyester, 12% spandex | Placket design: 3 buttons | Fit: Athletic | Weight: Light

This shirt is worn by serious golfers, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. “I like Bad Birdie for the non-traditional patterns,” says golfer Jeff Mellick, who lives in Charleston, South Carolina. Choose from fun prints like flamingos, palm trees, camo, and flowers—all in a palette of bright colors—and the bird logo on the placket adds an extra dose of personality. The polo is made out of lightweight performance fabric, and the fit is trim and modern.

Why Trust Forbes Vetted

Here at Forbes Vetted, we spend a lot of time thinking about and evaluating clothing, including activewear. We test and thoroughly analyze the best options on the market, whether you’re looking for the best golf shorts or workout shorts for men . As writers and editors, we know from experience that choosing the right athletic wear can make or break your workouts. Additionally, our team has published hundreds of product roundups and reviews that include meticulous research as well as rigorous firsthand product testing. Our content includes dozens of fashion stories , so we know a thing or two about what to wear for every situation.

How We Chose The Best Golf Polo Shirts

As an avid golfer, Forbes Vetted contributing writer Lesley Rotchord has experience in knowing what features to look for in golf clothes, and understands firsthand how important the right shirt is to your game. To find the best golf polos, she caught up with more than a dozen golf pros and serious golfers from around the country. She asked them to recommend golf polo shirts based on style, comfort, performance, durability and colors—and this list of winners represents their top picks.

What To Consider When Shopping For Golf Polos

A quick Google search for “men’s golf polo” shows 177 million results. With so many options, it can be difficult to know where to start when picking out a golf polo shirt. To help make your shopping experience a little less daunting, consider these golf shirt features:

Performance fabrics are even more important for golf polos than they are for regular shirts because of the sweat factor. Choose a fabric that combines polyester and spandex for a comfortable fit and unrestricted movement, and look for shirts that offer moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties to prevent sweat stains and body odor. Performance fabrics are also less prone to wrinkling than cotton golf polos, and they will hold their shape better over time—think: no tattered, misshapen collars.

Walk into even the most conservative golf clubs in the country and you will see a sea of bright colors and jaunty patterns: stripes, flowers, camo, small novelty prints like golf tees, corkscrews, martini glasses and so on. Really anything goes these days when it comes to golf polos—aside from enormous logos or anything potentially suggestive. Some brands are also offering more retro styles, with stiff collars and four-button plackets, which are even easier to dress up and look sharp under a sweater or blazer.

A classic fit—roomy but not boxy—is always a solid and appropriate choice. However, slimmer silhouettes are gaining popularity, and tend to look more stylish. Just make sure the shirt isn’t too tight, especially around the arms: not only will a tight shirt pull when you swing, but it will be more likely to show sweat. Also, make sure the shirt you choose isn’t too short. You don’t want to have to continually keep tucking it in while you play.

Golf shirts take a beating. They get covered with sweat, dusted with sand from traps, splattered with rain and mud, and balled up in golf lockers. And they spend a lot of time spinning around in the washer and dryer. For this reason, you need golf polos that hold their shape over time, and don’t fade or unravel. Look for durable fabrics like polyester, and sturdier collars that won’t curl up and wrinkle.

Compared to a standard cotton polo, a golf shirt is noticeably lighter. Piqué cotton polo shirts can chafe, and heavier weight polos sometimes feel a little restrictive, especially while driving and hitting on the fairways. Golf is a game of finesse, so a lightweight, breezy polo will allow for fluid movement.

What Is A Golf Polo Shirt?

While a golf polo might look similar to a regular polo at first glance, you’ll notice several key differences upon closer inspection. A golf polo is designed specifically for golfing. It’s typically made of a lightweight performance fabric that stretches, adjusts to your every movement, and wicks away sweat. The flat-lay collar is sometimes made of a ribbed knit, or could be made from the same shirting fabric. Some golf polo shirts offer additional golf-specific features like UPF sun protection, anti-microbial technology, flatlock seams to prevent chafing and looser fitting arm cuffs for increased mobility.

Can You Wear A Golf Polo Casually?

One of the best things about golf polo shirts is their versatility. In addition to wearing them on the golf course and around the clubhouse, you can wear them to work, lunch, dinner—or just hanging around your house. A golf polo can also be dressed up with a blazer for dinner at the club or a meeting. Younger guys sometimes like to wear their polos untucked in casual environments, but they should always be tucked in (and paired with a belt) during a round of golf.

Are You Supposed To Wear A Shirt Under A Golf Polo?

No. Some people may choose to wear an undershirt under their polo to absorb sweat and protect the golf shirt’s fabric from sweat stains—but it’s not a good look. If it’s warm and you’re concerned about sweating, consider a golf polo made of a moisture-wicking performance fabric to eliminate the need for an undershirt. On chillier days, add a layer over your polo instead of under it. Try a sweater, vest or light jacket for extra warmth.

How To Care For A Golf Polo Shirt

Golf polo shirts need some TLC to stay presentable. Follow these guidelines to keep your shirts looking good as new. Just remember to read the care instructions on your shirt before washing, as certain materials may require slightly different treatment.

  • Wash your shirts in cold water. Warm water causes color to leach from the shirt, which leads to fading over time.
  • Turn your shirts inside out prior to washing. This helps protect the collar from wear and tear.
  • Wash on a quick cycle. Every time your shirt goes through the wash, it loses microfibers which help keep fabric soft. Minimizing wash time will reduce microfiber loss, extending the life of your shirt.
  • Tumble dry on low. Once it’s dry, remove the shirt from the dryer immediately and fold it neatly. Letting a shirt sit bunched up in the dryer will give it time to wrinkle.
  • If you’re a stickler about perfectly smooth shirts , you may want to have cotton golf polo shirts dry-cleaned. But again, read care instructions before sending them out to the cleaners.

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Men's shirts & outerwear, sleeve length.

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Men’s Button-Up Shirts

It can be said that no article of clothing is more versatile than button up shirts for men. They can be dressed up for nicer occasions with chinos and dress shoes, or dressed down, worn with a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Button-up shirts also come in varying sleeve lengths. No summer barbecue outfit is complete without a men’s short sleeve button-up, and, for date nights out during cooler months, a long sleeve button-up is a classic closet staple. Wear these shirts on their own or layer them with other clothing and accessories. Not to mention the endless colors, materials and patterns men’s button-up shirts come in. There truly is a button-up for everyone.

We can’t talk about button-up shirts without mentioning the notorious flannel button-up , men’s greatest fashion statement. Before the flannel became signature looks for outdoorsmen and urban trendsetters alike, flannels were popular all over Europe as early as the 17th century. Warmth and affordability were huge factors in their growth and eventual worldwide spread. In the 19th and 20th Centuries, flannel button-ups for men were an integral part of military and workmen uniforms in the United States. These usages introduced the association of flannel with the “rugged man.”

Today, your favorite go-to silhouette takes on many forms. From casual to dressy, date night to just hanging with the boys, our men’s button-up shirts aren’t just for the rugged. This must-have staple is for men from all walks of life, including the rebel, the cowboy, the trendsetter, the gentleman and the hardworking man with a sense of style that can’t be denied. A good button-up shirt offers comfort and versatility you can wear just about anywhere. Wear yours buttoned up and tucked into your favorite pair of chinos for a sharp look you can rock at the office and happy hour. Or choose an oversized button-up you can layer over your favorite tee for a look that’s both casual and relaxed for a night around a campfire. Designed with utility pockets and a durable construction, your favorite men’s button-up is as reliable as your favorite pair of men's jeans .

Our men’s button-up shirts aren’t just a timeless fashion statement, they’re made with high sustainability standards to help improve the environment and better the lives of those working to craft the clothes we love. From using as many recyclable materials as possible in our garments to bettering the lives of apparel workers, we’re changing the game for good. Many of our styles are made using Water<Less® technologies to reduce usage during the production process. You can reduce your carbon footprint and get dressed with a clean conscience by shopping at Levi's®.

best men's long sleeve travel shirt

21 Best T-Shirts for Every Closet in 2024

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, Rolling Stone may receive an affiliate commission.

Great t-shirts have always been a wardrobe staple - essential for staying fresh while working out, keeping cozy while lounging, and, now, making a fashion statement. Well-dressed execs are rocking Everlane's Premium-Weight Crewneck with a suit, while hypebeasts sport Carhartt's Heavyweight Short-Sleeve to showcase grail-worthy sneakers and accessories. Everyone seems to be upping their shirt game.

The best t-shirts are made with premium fabrics that stay comfortable all day, with flattering and stylish fits. But don't count out that classic four-pack quite yet. When needing something fresh in a hurry, there's nothing better than putting on a crisp Hanes white tee .

There is one downside to the meteoric rise of t-shirts: shopping for great tees is now a serious chore. To narrow the search, we've rounded up some of our favorite t-shirt brands below. With a range of brands like Everlane and Hanes , and almost every fabric, hemline, neckline, and fit you can imagine, a t-shirt should suit every need. From classic cotton tees to performance shirts you can wear to happy hour, here are our favorite tees to buy right now.

Best T-Shirt Brands of 202 4, Editors' Picks

  • Top Pick: Premium-Weight Relaxed Crewneck Tee , $45 at Everlane
  • Most Durable: Carhartt Force Relaxed Midweight Tee , $34.99 at Amazon
  • Best Workout: Nike Primary Dri-FIT Short-Sleeve Top , $55 at Nike
  • Best Graphic: Elvis Presley Cover Tee , $40 at Rolling Stone
  • Best Quality for Price: Fear of God Black Bonded Tee , $40 at Ssense
  • Best Undershirt: Calvin Klein Cotten Crewneck Tee , $32.20 at Amazon
  • Best Quality: James Perse Combed Cotten Short Sleeve Tee , $80 at Mr. Porter
  • Most Comfortable: Rhone Element Tee , $54 at Amazon

1. Everlane The Premium-Weight Relaxed Crew

Buy Now on Everlane

Everlane has taken the clothing world by storm with hyper-minimalist essentials for men and women. The brand's Premium-Weight Crewneck T-shirt showcases Everlane's understanding of what we want from our basics. Boasting a durable, dense cotton construction, the tee feels and looks like a high-quality piece of clothing. It blends right in with designer slacks and dress shoes for the office but also looks excellent with straight-fit jeans and sneakers. (Available in men's XS-XL. Restock on soldout sizes coming January 23)


2. Carhartt Force Relaxed Midweight Tee

Price: $34.99

Buy Now On Amazon

Price: $18.74

Buy Now on Carhartt

You don't have to be a construction worker to rock a Carhartt T-shirt . Trendsetters are wearing Carhartt tees' durable comfort and workwear looks and making a statement. The shirt is made of a cotton-polyester blend and features an oversized, slightly boxy fit, so consider ordering a size smaller than usual. (Currently available in men's S-4X)


3. Nike Primary Dri-FIT Short-Sleeve Top

Buy Now on Nike

Nike makes some of our favorite fitness apparel, especially its workout tops . If you're searching for a breathable tee to wear running or lifting, look no further than this one. The underarm ventilation adds breathability during your reps, while the Dri-FIT technology helps keep you dry and comfortable. It comes in a few colors, but nothing compares to this sleek, dark red tee - it's a staple. (Currently available in men's XS-3XL)


4. Fresh Clean Threads Crewneck Tee

Buy Now on FCT

The name gives it away: Fresh Clean Threads promises high-quality, no-frills essentials, and they deliver. Specializing in a fitted look, the brand's t-shirts are incredibly flattering - whether under a button-up or solo. You also get a huge range of color options, so we suggest picking up a few if you like the fit. (Currently available in men's S-3X)

5. Elwood Core Oversized Tee

Buy Now on Elwood

Elwood Clothing is an excellent stop if you're looking for some oversized tees. The LA brand is nailing the droopy, Nineties-inspired vibe right now, and they're doing it in some versatile, unique colors too. Their Core tee comes in various muted, versatile colors - all of which have been hand-distressed for a soft, worn-in look. (Currently available in men's XS-XL)


6. Elvis Presley Cover Tee

Buy Now on Rolling Stone $40

Rolling Stone has been producing apparel for a few years now, one of the best sellers being the modern dad hat , which has been seen on musicians and groups like Blackpink. But (humble brag) our selection of tees is unlike anything else you'll find, featuring historic covers and talents like this Elvis cover tee . "The stage presence: the curling lip, the hooded eyes, the outrageous hair, the pink-and-black wardrobe - coupled with his sheer kinetic energy - were more than his audiences could take," Rolling Stone published a month after his death. This September cover tee not only honors the legacy of Elvis but also commemorates the "King of Rock ‘n' Roll."


7. Fear of God Black Bonded Tee

Buy Now on Ssense

If there's one brand that excels in high-quality basics, it's Fear of God. Their essentials line is affordable and doesn't compromise on quality, delivering you a high-end product for a fraction of the price. This mock neck bonded tee is great for transitional seasons, with longer sleeves vs. the traditional short sleeve and a higher neck that can be dressed up or down. (Currently available in men's XS-XXL)


8. Calvin Klein Cotten Crewneck Tee

Price: $32.2 (reg. $46)

You Save: $13.80 (30%)

Buy Now on Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has you covered if you're looking for plain, no-fuss undershirts (that can also be worn solo). This pack of shirts from Calvin Klein includes three crewneck tees with a classic fit and a soft, plain cotton build. They're a great simple basic – that's precisely why they're great. (Currently available in men's S-XXL)


9. James Perse Combed Cotten Short Sleeve Tee

Buy Now on Mr.Porter

James Perse has been synonymous with upscale loungewear and basics since the brand started in 1994. James Perse's T-shirts are one of their best-sellers because they balance laid-back and high-end with tees that work for everything from a beach stroll in Malibu to a boardroom meeting in Beverly Hills. This shirt uses Perse's signature jersey fabric and a slightly relaxed fit for an almost too-comfortable T-shirt. (Currently available in men's S-XL)

10. Under Armour Tactical Tech Tee

Price: $12.07 (reg. $24.99)

You Save: $12.92 (52%)

Price: $24.99

Buy Now on Under Armour

Workout tees offer a considerable upgrade over regular cotton T-shirts for exercise. Good examples, such as Under Armour, effectively wick sweat and fend off BO for a cleaner, less smelly workout. This tactical tee also has a flatlock seam construction that prevents chafing. (Currently available in men's XS-5X)


11. Rhone Element Tee

Buy Now on Rhone

With this Element tee , Rhone marries everyday style and exercise gear. The shirt utilizes SilverTech threads that keep BO in check while you're running errands or jogging. Rhone is a go-to brand for workout basics, and for good reason – their shirts keep you feeling fresh and moving comfortably all day. (Currently available in men's XS-XXL)

12. Hanes Ultimate Crewneck Tee

Price: $19.98 (reg. $42)

You Save: $22.02 (52%)

Buy Now on Target

You can't have a t-shirt roundup without mentioning Hanes, and we've been surprised at how the venerable basics brand has stepped up its offerings in recent years. Our current favorite is this Control Crewneck Tee , which features the same comfort you know and love from Hanes but with the company's "X-Temp" technology keeping you cool and their "FreshIQ" technology working to minimize any odor-causing bacteria. All the fancy lingo means you get a trim, comfortable T-shirt that won't stink or cause you to sweat profusely, even when working out or out in the sun. (Currently available in men's S-3X)


13. Buck Mason Slub Classic Tee

Buy Now on Nordstrom

Buy Now on Buck Mason

We've tried several T-shirts that aim to mimic a vintage tee's soft, "lived-in" feel, but we think Buck Mason does it best with this Slub Classic tee . The shirt is washed with enzymes and softener to give that ultra-soft feel. Better yet, Buck Mason created that thin look and lightweight feel that hangs better than stiff new tees. (Currently available in men's XS-XXL)


14. Sunspel Classic Tee

Most modern tees come from young, trendy brands, but Sunspel differs. The high-end English retailer was founded in 1860 but still competes with the new guys (think, quality materials, better construction, and a tailored - but not tight - fit). This Classic T-shirt is the evolution of Sunspel's first tee in 1908, which they say was the first luxury tee on the market. (Currently available in men's XS-XXL)


15. Outerknown Sojourn Tee

Buy Now on Revolve

For sustainably-minded shoppers, we recommend this Groovy Pocket tee from Outerknown . The shirt is made from organic cotton grown without chemicals, and the material feels incredibly soft and comfortable when wearing it. It's available in 10 colors, all complete with a surfer-inspired look (the brand is owned by surfing's greatest, Kelly Slater). (Currently available in men's S-XXL)


16. Velva Sheen Regular Tee

Buy Now on Mr Porter

Buy Now on End

Velva Sheen is an excellent brand for straightforward tees. Their T-shirts come in stylish solid colors, such as the olive hue, but classic white seems to be our go-to. Order your normal size for a slim fit or a size up for a more relaxed fit. (Currently available in men's S-XL)


17. J.Crew Broken In Short Sleeve Tee

Price: $36.5

Buy Now on J.Crew

Another great stop for simple, no-frills tees is J.Crew. The brand has a great selection of T-shirts, such as this broken-in tee . The shirt comes off the rack looking and feeling like your favorite old tee thanks to extra garment dying and a special wash. J.Crew also offers multiple fit options including slim, tall, and classic, so pick whatever works for your style - and body shape. (Currently available in men's XS-XL)


18. Kotn Essential Crewneck Tee

Buy Now on KOTN

What is it about KOTN's crewneck T-shirt that makes it just so perfect? It might be the silky-soft Egyptian cotton the brand uses that's sustainably-sourced and ethically-made (it's OEKO-TEX-certified, in case you're wondering). Or maybe it's the way the shirt hangs just right , relaxed enough to not feel constricted but not so boxy that you feel like you're drowning in fabric. Or maybe it's that the slightly longer sleeves and the hemline cut expertly at the hip make this shirt as great for a casual stroll as it is with trousers for a fancy night out. No, what makes KOTN's T-shirt so perfect is all of the above. (Currently available in men's XXS-3X)

19. Lucky Venice Burnout Crewneck T-Shirt

Price: $34.5

Lucky is known for their high-quality products and boho-chic appeal. However, of their selections, the Venice Burnout Crewneck Tee is a hero product. Speaking from experience, it's one of the softest tees on the market and feels like a second skin when worn as an undershirt. The tee comes in five distinct colors, with grey and white as good staples, but we recommend this rhubarb tone for a punch of color. (Currently available in men's S-XL)

20. Gildan V-Neck T-Shirt, Multipack

Price: $18.97

The Gildan V-Neck T-Shirt is one of the most highly sought-after tees on Amazon. With more than 120 thousand buyers and counting, and 4.5 stars, it's hard to ignore its popularity. It features 100% cotton with moisture wicking technology to keep you cool and dry, a tagless design to illiminate that back of the neck irritation, durable stitching, and a traditional length perfect for tucking. (Currently available in men's S-XL)

21. POLO Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Crewneck, 3-Pack

Buy Now on Amazon

Ralph Lauren is a legacy American brand best known for their elevated basics. So when looking for an elevated tee, whether donning it underneath a jacket or on its own, this is the place to the look. The POLO Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Crewneck is made of 100% combed cotton, which is softer than the traditional fabric and feels great on the skin, moisture wicking technology, and tag-free design. (Currently available in men's XS-XL)

Pride yourself on shopping only the best selections when it comes to  fashion ? Us too. We are tastemakers dedicated to bringing you the finest in clothing, shoes, and accessories.  Shop like a  Rolling Stone  editor  and check out more of our recommendations.

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This article may contain affiliate links that Microsoft and/or the publisher may receive a commission from if you buy a product or service through those links.

21 Best T-Shirts for Every Closet in 2024

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The Best Workout Shirts by Nike

Buying guide.

The top picks for the most versatile choices by Nike, for men and women. Sweat-wicking, quick-drying, flexible, soft, and stylish, they’ll keep you fresh and comfortable all year long.

What Are Nike’s Best Workout Shirts?

The best workout shirt is like 70-degree weather—so comfortable, you don't notice it. So, if you’re still wearing tops that stay wet, restrict movement, or tank your confidence, it’s time to toss them aside in favor of shirts that offer moisture-wicking qualities. Whether you're seeking out tank tops, short-sleeve T-shirts, or long-sleeve options, you’ll look and feel great in some of these choices by Nike—no sweat.

Top Qualities

Winning workout shirts have these traits in common:

  • They help keep you cool and refreshed , with design features such as mesh, open holes, and wide shoulder straps, and fabrics that enhance breathability. Polyester and modal are sweat-wicking and quick-drying, while cotton offers enhanced breathability. Avoid 100 percent cotton shirts though, since they hold on to sweat.
  • They let you move freely , with features like a relaxed fit, flexible fabrics (especially spandex and polyester), and four-way stretch stitching.
  • They’re comfortable , thanks to super-soft, smooth fabric.
  • They’re flattering, with on-trend style and your ideal fit.

The Best Workout Shirts for Women

These three workout tops will have you covered all year long:

The Most Versatile: Nike Sportswear Chill Knit Women's Tight Cami Bodysuit

The ultimate in versatility, this wardrobe staple is ideal both inside and outside the gym. Pair the black bodysuit with sweats, leggings, or jeans, and sport it solo or top it with a jacket or sweatshirt. The tight-fitting, stretchy bodysuit features thin straps and a flattering high-leg thong cut for a sleek fit. Thanks to its soft and smooth jersey fabric, you’ll swear you’re luxuriating in loungewear. But don’t get too comfortable: The gym is calling!

When You Want More Coverage: Nike Pro Women's Long-Sleeve Top

Reach for this long-sleeved shirt when you’re training outdoors on chilly days or inside gyms with the AC on full blast. Made of mesh and powered by Nike’s Dri-FIT technology, this breathable polyester and spandex pick is moisture-wicking . Thanks to its four-way stretch, you’ll be able to move freely. Plus, you’ll look and feel good while you lift or lunge, thanks to this durable shirt. The sleek and tailored top comes in black and white and is made of at least 75% recycled polyester fibers.

That Timeless Workout Top: Nike One Classic Women's Dri-FIT Short-Sleeve Top

Round out your top selection with a short-sleeved number. Featuring a standard, easy-fitting style, this pick, made with at least 75% recycled polyester is comfortable and timeless. While you work up an intense sweat, you’ll appreciate its fast-drying qualities (thanks to smooth, lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric). Plus, since it comes in six colors, you’ll have lots of options for varying your looks. Try smokey mauve or light armory blue for subtlety and sophistication and playful pink or hyper royal for traffic-stopping vibrancy.

The Best Workout Shirts for Men

You’ll be all set with these three choices of gym shirts and workout tops:

Best to Stay Fresh: Nike Ready Men's Dri-FIT Fitness Tank

This smooth, classic tank top will be the go-to in your collection of gym shirts. Thanks to Nike’s Dri-FIT technology and the breathable mesh fabric, sweat will move away from your skin more quickly to help keep you dry and comfortable. Plus, the relaxed fit and wide shoulder straps will help you stay cool while you work up some serious heat. Choose from classic hues such as black, gray, or white, or make a statement with bright yellow.

The Classic Choice: Nike Dri-FIT Legend Men’s Long Sleeve Fitness Top

Long-sleeved shirts are ideal when you want to get your blood pumping quickly or to exercise outside on cooler days. Fortunately, this top pick’s Dri-FIT technology and relaxed fit will help you stay fresh and cool while you move through your workout. Even if your muscles get sore, you’ll feel at ease in the soft, smooth recycled polyester fabric. Consider picking up multiples, since this top comes in 12 colors. Along with the usual black, white and gray, shake things up with maroon, light blue or olive.

The High-Tech Option: Nike Rise 365 Men's Dri-FIT Short-Sleeve Running Top

Talk about high-tech: this short-sleeved Dri-FIT top, which comes in nine colors, is an athlete’s dream. Inspired by data from hundreds of runners in high heat zones, it boasts open-hole knit fabric at the front panel to help you stay cool. Lightweight, soft, ventilated, and relaxed in fit, the 100% recycled polyester pick is brushed on both sides for softness. High in functionality, this winner is also tops in style. Its knit structure forms the iconic Nike chevron at the front.

Words by Dina Cheney

Originally published: January 19, 2024

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    7. RIDGE MERINO JOURNEY TEE. The Ridge Merino Journey tee is an awesome, travel-ready wool tee-shirt design for durability, hard use, and quick-drying comfort while still fighting funk. This Merino Wool shirt combines 13% nylon into the fabric, making it twice as durable as your average, 100% Merino wool t-shirt.

  2. The 13 Best Travel Shirts for 2021

    Ibex Journey Long Sleeve Crew. Ibex. Available in a men's and women's version, the Ibex Journey Long Sleeve Crew will be the most versatile shirt in your travel wardrobe. Made from merino wool ...

  3. The Best Men's Travel Shirts and Jackets for One-Bag Travelers

    Best Basic Travel T-Shirt. Woolly Ultralight Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee. Woolly was founded by three friends in Seattle who wanted to bring Merino wool to the masses. Their garments are made from certified Australian Merino and have a satisfaction guarantee. At $50, this is a fair price for a basic tee of this caliber.

  4. 12 BEST Travel Shirts of 2024 (For Men & Women)

    Best Long Sleeve Travel Shirt: Unbound Merino Wool Long Sleeve Crew Neck. Best Long-Sleeved Travel Shirt for Women: Icebreaker Zone Base Layer. Best Travel Button Down Shirt: Bluffworks Meridian 2.0. Best Travel Henley: Olivers Convoy Henley. Best Travel Polo Shirt: Icebreaker Merino Tech Lite II Short Sleeve Polo Shirt.

  5. The 22 Best Long-sleeve Shirts of 2024

    Best Sustainable: Fair Indigo Women's Organic Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-shirt at Amazon ($46) Jump to Review. Best Cotton: L.L. Bean Women's Pima Cotton Long-Sleeve Crewneck at L.L.Bean ($35) Jump ...

  6. The 17 Best Travel Clothes for Men of 2024

    Ministry of Supply Apollo Raglan Sport Shirt at (See Price) Jump to Review. Best T-shirt: Rhone Element Tee at Amazon ($54) Jump to Review. Best Sweater: NADAAM The Original ...

  7. The 16 Best T-shirts for Men of 2024

    These are the best T-shirts for men of 2023, from brands like Hanes, Mack Weldon and Ibex. ... The 10 Best Men's Travel Shoes of 2024, Tested and Reviewed ... The 22 Best Long-sleeve Shirts of 2024.

  8. Long Sleeve Travel Shirt

    Our collection of long sleeve travel shirts presents an excellent selection of options for you to choose from. ... Under Armour Men's Tech Long Sleeve Shirt. $17.97-$19.97. WAS: $30.00* ADD TO CART . ... Best Price Guarantee. Product Availability & Price. Promo Exclusions. Recalls. Brand Warranties.

  9. The Best Merino Wool Shirts of 2024

    Best Merino Wool Shirt for Travel: ... like the Merino Wool Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt ... (men's) Fitted with long torso length: Minus33 Chocorua and Ossipee Crew: $80: 100% merino wool:

  10. Long Sleeve Travel Shirts

    Mens Safari Shirts Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt Sun Protection UPF 50 UV Quick Dry for Hiking Outdoor Camping Travel. 183. $2999. List: $51.99. Save $2.00 with coupon (some sizes/colors) FREE delivery Mon, Jan 8 on $35 of items shipped by Amazon. +5.

  11. The Best Wrinkle Free Travel Shirt for Men

    MOTT & BOW: 10% Off Orders Below $150 or Free Beanie/Scarf With Orders $150+. The Perfect Jean: Get 15% off your order with our exclusive coupon code SJ15 at checkout. The company that brought you the 'best travel pants ever' and the 'ultimate travel blazer' is doing it again with the only dress shirt you'll ever need.

  12. Van Heusen Men's Traveler Stretch Long Sleeve Button Down Non Iron Shirt

    Achieve first-class style in this performance-enhanced men's shirt. Designed with added stretch for wear-all-day comfort, this essential features anti-wrinkle properties and a stain shield finish for a worry-free look that lasts from morning meetings to after hours.

  13. 15 Best Merino Wool Shirts for Travel and Everyday

    2. Wool & Prince V-Neck Tee. Shirt type: Shiny. The Wool & Prince V-Neck Tee offers more durability than 100% Merino options because it's a 22/78 Nylon/Merino wool blend, meaning that it's just over three-quarters Merino. The nylon adds extra ruggedness, a little more elasticity, and helps slow the effects of pilling.

  14. Men's Travel Shirts

    Men's Sun Protection Fishing Shirts Long Sleeve Travel Work Shirts for Men UPF50+ Button Down Shirts with Zipper Pockets. 1,397. $3899. Save 6% with coupon (some sizes/colors) FREE delivery Sat, Mar 16. Or fastest delivery Fri, Mar 15. +63.

  15. What to Wear on a Long Flight: Comfortable Essentials From Everlane

    Cozy Earth Men's Bamboo Jogger set. ... Other in-flight staples include the long-sleeve Witter T-shirt and Crosby classic hoodie. ... 32 Best Women's Loungewear Sets for Long Travel Days.

  16. 21 Best Men's Loungewear Sets for Long-Haul Flights and Long Weekends

    21 Best Men's Loungewear Sets for Long-Haul Flights and Long Weekends at Home Luxe cashmere knits, moisture-wicking fleece, and more comfy sets for every type of journey. By Todd Plummer

  17. Shop KÜHL Men's Travel Shirts

    Shop the official KÜHL store for men's travel shirts. Fold and pack your next favorite travel shirt built for the unmatched plane, train, and truck comfort. ... Men's. New Arrivals. Best Sellers. Pants. ... All Shirts Long Sleeve Short Sleeve Women's Sweaters Women's T-Shirts Women's Button Down Shirts Women's Athletic Shirts Women's Tank Tops ...

  18. We Put Together the Comfiest, Foolproof Airport Outfits for Men

    $15. Buy on Amazon . For ultimate coziness and quality, you can't go wrong with a quintessential top like the Hanes Men's Ecosmart Fleece Sweatshirt.The longtime best-selling men's sweatshirt ...

  19. Men's Long Sleeve Shirts

    Levi's® men's long sleeve shirts are a modern twist on classic styles that have defined generations. Shop men's long sleeve shirts at Levi's® US for the best selection online.

  20. 13 best men's running tops for 2023

    The best men's running tops to shop now. Kalenji Dry Men's Running Breathable T-Shirt. £6 at Decathlon. £6 at Decathlon. ... Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Long-Sleeve Shirt. £78 at Lululemon.

  21. The 18 Best Long Sleeve Shirts for Men to Shop in 2023

    Best Outdoor Long Sleeve Shirt - Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily Graphic Long-Sleeve Shirt, $59. Best Athletic Long Sleeve Shirt - Nike Men's Dri-FIT Slim Long-Sleeve Fitness Top, $35. Best Designer Long Sleeve Shirt - RHUDE Men's Desert Racing Jersey T-Shirt, $410. 1. Everlane Premium-Weight Long-Sleeve Crew.

  22. The Best Golf Polo Shirts, According To Pros And Serious Players

    Best Golf Polo Shirt For Work: Brooks Brothers Supima Polo Shirt; Best Casual Golf Polo Shirt: B.Draddy Vin Polo; Best Classic Golf Polo Shirt: Ralph Lauren The Iconic Mesh Polo Shirt; Best Sweat ...

  23. Button-Up Shirts for Men: Shop Long & Short Sleeves

    No summer barbecue outfit is complete without a men's short sleeve button-up, and, for date nights out during cooler months, a long sleeve button-up is a classic closet staple. Wear these shirts on their own or layer them with other clothing and accessories. Not to mention the endless colors, materials and patterns men's button-up shirts ...

  24. 21 Best T-Shirts for Every Closet in 2024

    Everlane has taken the clothing world by storm with hyper-minimalist essentials for men and women. The brand's Premium-Weight Crewneck T-shirt showcases Everlane's understanding of what we want ...

  25. Nike Sportswear Men's Long-Sleeve T-Shirt.

    New & Featured New Arrivals Best Sellers Customize with Nike by You New Neutrals Jordan Women's Collection Air Max Dn. ... Men's Long-Sleeve T-Shirt. $24.97. Discounted from $40. 37% off. Choose a Style Color. Select Size Size Guide. XS. S. M. L. XL. XXL. Add to Bag Favorite. Shift into sport mode, go fast and get there looking fresh. Fresh ...

  26. Yizzam- St Basils Cathedral Moscow -Tshirt- Mens Long Sleeve

    Buy Yizzam- St Basils Cathedral Moscow -Tshirt- Mens Long Sleeve and other T-Shirts at Our wide selection is elegible for free shipping and free returns.

  27. What Are Nike's Best Workout Shirts?.

    The best workout shirt is like 70-degree weather—so comfortable, you don't notice it. So, if you're still wearing tops that stay wet, restrict movement, or tank your confidence, it's time to toss them aside in favor of shirts that offer moisture-wicking qualities. ... Nike Dri-FIT Legend Men's Long Sleeve Fitness Top. Long-sleeved ...

  28. Men's Moscow Mul Round Neck Raglan Sleeve Long T-Shirt Blouse Tops

    Buy Men's Moscow Mul Round Neck Raglan Sleeve Long T-Shirt Blouse Tops and other T-Shirts at Our wide selection is elegible for free shipping and free returns.

  29. moscowU_2k_pix2 Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirt Moscow U Long ...

    Our men's long-sleeve T-shirt is designed to maintain its shape and softness and is perfect for layering. Show off his personality, humor and interests in casual, comfortable style. Soft and comfortable men's long-sleeve T-shirt made of 6.1 oz. 100% pre-shrunk ring spun cotton; Long-sleeve tee shirts for men feature ribbed sleeve cuffs

  30. RUIJIE Men's My Story Began in Moscow Long Sleeve T-Shirt

    Select the department you want to search in ...